1953 Chrysler Fluid Torque Drive How To Operate....!

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A quick description of how to operate the Mopar Fluid Torque Drive in my 1953 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe. Edit Nov 2018. I am mildly amused at the number of views this video has received. I am wondering why? Is there anything else you folks would like me to review on my Chrysler? I'd be happy to share another video. Comments appreciated. Thanks. - K

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A fluid coupling is a hydrodynamic device used to transmit rotating mechanical power. It has been used in automobile transmissions as an alternative to a mechanical clutch. It also has widespread application in marine and industrial machine drives, where variable speed operation and/or controlled start-up without shock loading of the power transmission system is essential. This video produced by the Department of Defense demonstrates how fluid couplings work.

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See Chrysler's on the road demonstrating Fluid Drive. According to Wikipedia. Fluid Drive is the trademarked name that Chrysler Corporation assigned to a transmission driveline combination offered from 1939 through 1953 in Chryslers, 1940 through 1953 in DeSotos, and from 1941 through 1954 in Dodge models. The fluid drive element was a hydraulic coupling inserted in place of the flywheel, and performed the same function as a modern torque converter, only without torque multiplication. A conventional clutch and three-speed or four-speed manual transmission was installed behind the fluid coupling, although a semi-automatic was optional from 1941 for Chrysler and DeSoto and from 1949 for Dodge. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluid_Drive

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Vintage Mopar Fluid Drive M6 transmission. This semi-auto transmission was used across many models of Mopar cars for many years. This is my take on it, after disassembling one and researching it. The Mopar cars had a dry clutch and fluid coupler. Later model years had a true torque converter.

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MTSC - 1951, Volume 5-1 Fluid - Torque Drive Chrysler is a registered trademark of Chrysler LLC. Master Tech series training manuals and videos are the property of Chrysler LLC.

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Chrysler Master Technician Service Conference - 1952, Volume 5-9 Fluid Torque Drive Mopar is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. Master Tech series training materials are the property of Chrysler Group LLC and are used with permission.

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MTSC - 1949, Volume 2-11 Inside The Hydraulically Operated Transmission Chrysler is a registered trademark of Chrysler LLC. Master Tech series training manuals and videos are the property of Chrysler LLC.

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Chrysler Master Tech - 1954, Volume 7-7 Airtemp Car Air Conditioning Chrysler is a registered trademark of Chrysler LLC. Master Tech series training manuals and videos are the property of Chrysler LLC. MyMopar.com

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this is my 1951 dodge coronet and showing the shift pattern of a gyro-matic transmission

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Demonstration video of the 1951 Chrysler Windsor. Cold start, ridealong, how to operate the Chrysler M6 semi-automatic transmission with Fluid Drive, and some driveby shots.

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MTSC - 1949, Volume 2-12 How To Service The Hydraulically Operated Transmission Chrysler is a registered trademark of Chrysler LLC. Master Tech series training manuals and videos are the property of Chrysler LLC.

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This is my 1950 dodge coronet and this is how you shift it

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Compared to a modern car, the controls on a 1950 Chrysler seem very basic but they were the state of the art in 1950 . I try and explain what they are on my 1950 Chrysler New Yorker two door coupe

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Here Jim explains a little about a 1946 Dodge D24 Fluid Drive with a 3 speed transmission.

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Very Rare One-Year only Desoto Woody Wagon 1 of 850 in 1949 Fewer than 12 are believed to still be left. This car won the 2017 National Desoto Club Meet in San Diego in its class 1941-1949. This car is in Concours Condition. Car will be on eBay starting on October 15th for 10-days.

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Get ready for 67 Years of Chrysler Automatic Transmission Fluid History! Also, learn when to change your "Lifetime" transmission fluid Video Timeline: Introduction at 0:12 1938 Chrysler Fluid Drive at 0:40 Mopar Fluid Drive Fluid at 2:20 The 1954 Chrysler PowerFlite Automatic Transmission at 7:00 1953 Mopar Type "A" fluid at 9:00 1957 Mopar Type "A" Suffix "A" fluid at 11:33 1966 Type MS-3256 fluid at 13:58 1968 Type MS-4228 / Dexron fluid at 14:39 1973 ATF+ Type MS-7176 / Dexron-II fluid at 17:07 The "NEW" Chrysler Corporation at 20:53 1980 ATF+2 Type MS-7176D fluid at 24:25 1993 ATF+3 Type MS-7176E fluid at 2620 1998 ATF+4 Type MS-9602 fluid at 30:25 2006 CVTF+4 fluid at 33:44 2008 ASRC fluid at 35:14 2013 8 & 9 Speed ATF at 37:45 MUST SEE: When to change your transmission fluid at 38:58 Aftermarket Fluid Warning at 41:48 Video wrap-up at 44:29 See https://www.centerforqa.com/chrysler-about/ for a list of licensed Mopar ATF+4 fluids. This is the fourth of a five part series on the History of Automatic Transmission Fluids. See the complete series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIn3FrDiB1lwMQK1BilB7FraTpyf3TJQ2 Weber State University (WSU) - Department of Automotive Technology - Ardell Brown Technology Wing - Transmission Lab. WSU is a leader in Advanced Vehicle Systems education. This topic is taught as part of our 2-year Associate degrees and our 4-year bachelor's degree program. For information joining the Weber Automotive program, visit: http://www.weber.edu/automotive Donate to the Department of Automotive Technology at Weber state University here: http://advancement.weber.edu/givetowsu This video was created and edited by Professor John D. Kelly at WSU. For a full biography, see http://www.weber.edu/automotive/J_Kelly.html

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I take a look at the simple driving controls of a 1949 Dodge

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To purchase this car or for more information: https://www.gatewayclassiccars.com/ATL/834/ To view 3000+ classic or exotics, For Sale: https://www.gatewayclassiccars.com To sell your classic or exotic - 678-894-4833 or visit: https://www.gatewayclassiccars.com/sell See this beautiful brown 1953 Chrysler New Yorker on display in our Atlanta, GA showroom. For sale in our Atlanta showroom is this 1953 Chrysler New Yorker. This amazing vehicle will absolutely make your jaw drop with its stunning restoration. Probably one of the nicest ’53 New Yorker you may ever see. This beautiful ride is powered by an amazing Chrysler Fire Power Hemi V8 power plant and an automatic transmission that glides like the day it did when it was new. It is equipped with the original AM radio, power steering and power brakes, a beautiful brown and cream vinyl interior, white wall radial tires and beautiful wire wheels. If this car doesn’t capture the attention of everyone who puts their eyes on it, then you aren’t driving it enough. You have to see it before it is gone, or make it yours. Come in and see it for yourself today. To view the car in greater detail, including 100+ HD photos and HD video, please visit www.gatewayclassiccars.com. For more information please call the Atlanta showroom at 678-894-4833 or e-mail us at Atlanta@GatewayClassicCars.com. See more at: http://www.gatewayclassiccars.com/ATL/834/1953-Chrysler-New-Yorker

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Starting the engine on the 1951 Chrysler Imperial Club Coupe. The car was last used on the road in 1969. Since then, it has been stored in a garage. The last time the engine was started was in the 1970s. To get it started, I replaced the battery, battery cables and spark plugs. Also, cleaned the ignition points with fine sandpaper, topped off the coolant, power steering oil and engine oil. Initially, I added some gas to the carb through the bowl vent tube. After a bit of cranking over, the engine sprang to life. Later, I added a few gallons of gas to the empty gas tank and the engine ran on gas from the tank. The engine started today, on a cold start with just a few pumps on the accelerator. The Fluid-Torque Drive transmission goes into forward and reverse gears. I drove the car out of the garage, into the driveway and backed it back into the garage. The foot brake does not work, but, the emergency brake works fine. For more info, just ask.

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1952 DODGE CORONET GYRO. The Coronet is an automobile that was marketed by Dodge as a full-size car in the 1950s, initially the division's highest trim line but, starting in 1955, the lowest trim line. From the 1965 to 1975 model years the name was on intermediate-sized models. First generation (1949–1952) The Dodge Coronet was introduced with the division's first postwar body styles. Lower trim lines were the Wayfarer and Meadowbrook, with the Wayfarer being built on a shorter 115 inch wheelbase. The only engine for Dodge was a 230 ci (3,800 cc) flat-head straight six cylinder engine with a single barrel Stromberg carburetor, producing 103 horsepower (77 kW) (gross). The stock Dodge Coronet was a smooth running car, and the six-cylinder engine could power the car to 90 miles per hour (140 km/h)+ . A limited production model was a four-door, eight-passenger limousine, an extended version of the stock Dodge Coronet. One of the most notable features of the first-generation Coronet was a three-speed, fluid-driven transmission that was operated by a foot pedal on the floor. It required no shifter. Dodge received yet another facelift in 1951 but this time the cars remained virtually unchanged for two model years. Busy manufacturing military vehicles for use in Korea, they chose not to dedicate valuable resources to completely redesign civilian vehicles. Still divided into Wayfarer, Meadowbrook and Coronet lines through 1952, by 1953 the Wayfarer line had been discontinued. The grille of the 1951–52 model was similar in shape to the 1950 grille, but with the elimination of the thick vertical center bar and the addition of six vents running horizontally between the top and center bars, a whole new look was achieved. The Coronet Diplomat was Dodge's first hardtop-convertible, featuring a pillarless steel roof styled after the contemporary Chrysler Newport. The speedometer was now circular, and the other four gauges were rectangles. Powertrain Engine 230 ci (3.8L) 103hp I6 Transmission "Gyromatic or Fluid Drive" Body styles 2-door coupe 2-door hardtop 4-door sedan 4-door limousine (8 passenger) 4-door station wagon 1946–1953 M5/M6 Presto-Matic — 4-speed (2 gear manual with electric overdrive) with clutch and fluid coupling (Fluid Drive) or torque converter (Fluid Torque Drive); also known as Tip-Toe Shift, Gyro-Matic, Fluid-Matic, Gyro-Torque The M6 Presto-Matic was a Chrysler Corporation transmission produced from 1946–1953. It was a special manual transmission with a fluid coupling. Although it had just two forward gears, an electric overdrive unit was attached and useful in either gear for a total of four forward speeds. The driver would use the clutch pedal any time when selecting low, high, or reverse gear. Once underway, the accelerator could be eased and the car would engage the overdrive. With the Fluid Drive coupling, the car could be brought to a halt in gear without releasing the clutch and would creep like an automatic. Registered CC rating: 5,735cc 350ci (5.7L) NZ First Registration: 05-Feb-1960

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Chrysler Master Technician Service Conference - 1952, Volume 5-5 Automotive Overdrive - Operation Mopar is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. Master Tech series training materials are the property of Chrysler Group LLC and are used with permission.

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A short discussion of the General Motors Hydra-Matic Drive as it applied to a 1953 Pontiac. Several GM advertising posters are included.

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1947 dodge fluid drive. What a nice daily driver. Suicide doors, sun shade visor, tinted windows,front and rear wing windows, all exterior chrome in great condition along with mostly original interior. Looksas if seats and door panels where refurbished in the past most likely during pervious ownership. Paint is in good shape with some expected blemishes being a daily drive through out its live. Well mainted undercarriage, and refurbished I-line 6. Car fires right off and shift smoothly. Brakes are in good functioning order. Lighting works with a on and of speedo. Seems to work but does move around. Older speed cable posible original. Windows are functional, doors open and close smoothly. White wallsTires have good tread and hold air, skirts are in good working order and can be easily taken on and off. Trunk has minor surface rust bit is still solid with no holes. Body is in solid condition and has been well preserved over the decades. Engine compartment has been cleaned and touch up along good fluids. This one is ready to enjoy and personalize to your liking. For the collector out there adding to their collection, What a great Unique piece. Will send videos and addition pictures once we have made Verbal contact. Thanks for check out this 1924 DB. Brian Wilson. 425-931-6448 Visit: http://ccaddiction.com/

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What a ride! This beauty is equipped with power steering, power brakes, semi-automatic "Fluid-Matic Drive" transmission and a aftermarket a/c. This Saratoga drives like a brand new car. Everything is working - even the 6 volt bulb radio. I'm still impressed...

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Dr. Mel Giberson of TRI Transmission & Bearing Corp. explains some of the history and operating considerations for fluid drives and boiler feed pumps. For more info: http://www.turboresearch.com

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THIS VEHICLE IS FOR SALE. Check out our inventory of 250+ other cars! http://www.motoexotica.com/ Call us - 636-600-4600 Visit our Showroom - 2340 Cassens Dr., St. Louis, MO 63026 E-Mail us - sales@motoexotica.com http://www.motoexotica.com/ WE BUY CARS! If you’re not crazy for a Cadillac and you’re not lusting for a Lincoln, would you consider a Chrysler? MotoeXotica Classic Cars hopes you would and offers this extremely rare, 1953 Chrysler Custom Imperial Six-passenger Limousine; it is one of just 243 examples made in 1953, complete with the original Presto-Matic, four-speed, semi-automatic transmission and a power-assisted, glass divider for the cabin. More at: http://www.motoexotica.com/inventory/listing/1953-chrysler-custom-imperial-six-passenger-limousine This example hails from the very dry state of Arizona. It was built in Detroit, Michigan on the 86th day of production in 1953 and was the 1,590th vehicle assembled on that day. Finished in black (code 1), the car’s paint and trim are in overall excellent order. Its bodywork is excellent condition, its engine bay is extremely tidy, the battery appears in good order and the car’s chrome bumpers look fantastic. Imperials had Solex heat-resistant glass, too! This big Chrysler rolls on Remington Cushion-Aire wide whitewall tires, size L78-15, at all four corners. Each tire is wrapped around a custom wire wheel. The original wheels and factory wheel covers are located in the trunk. The tires are in good, original order while the custom wheels are in excellent condition. You can answer the Got Hemi question affirmatively in this car for under the hood is the original 331 CID FirePower Hemi V-8. So-called for their hemispherical combustion chambers, FirePower engines were oversquare. Behind the Hemi is its original, and unusual transmission, the Presto-Matic. Presto-Matic was a special manual transmission with a fluid coupling. Although it had just two forward gears, an attached electric overdrive unit used in either gear gave it a total of four forward speeds. Attached to the transmission was an “underdrive” with a reduction gear of 1.75:1. The driver had to depress the clutch pedal every time he moved the gear shift lever. For Presto-Matic to work without gear clashing, it contained a freewheeling device (in Underdrive, Low and High), and the owner’s manual cautioned drivers not to use first or third gears when descending hills, because there was no engine compression braking in those ranges. Generally, most drivers started in High and accomplished the shift to direct drive somewhere between 13 and 25 mph by releasing the accelerator pedal and waiting for the “clunk” that signaled the disengagement of the underdrive. These cars would automatically shift from High down to underdrive high when car speed dropped below approximately 11 mph. With the Fluid Drive coupling, the car could be brought to a halt in gear without releasing the clutch and would creep like a fully automatic transmission. Inside, the car’s blue cloth interior (code 20) is in overall very good order. The front and rear bench seats are in excellent shape, while the matching carpet is in very good order. Note the cord or rope across the top of the front seatback. The car’s three-spoke steering wheel is present, complete with its hub-mounted, 15-jewel, Moparmatic clock made by Swiss manufacturer Benrus. To wind the clock, one simply turned the steering wheel during normal driving for eight days. The wool, inner door panels and padded instrument panel, with its full array of gauges, are all in very good condition. The Presto-Matic column shifter is in good, original shape and a factory AM radio completes the interior. If you’re looking for a comfortable, big cruiser to added to your collection or if you want something from the early ‘50s that you seldom see, you could hardly go wrong with this 1953 Chrysler Custom Imperial Limousine. Do yourself a favor and visit MotoeXotica Classic Cars to check it out, today! VIN: 7767607 EIN: C53829776 This car is currently located at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Current mileage on the odometer shows 83,526 miles. It is sold as is, where is, on a clean and clear, mileage exempt title. GET OUT AND DRIVE!!! #MotoeXotica #GetOutAndDrive #MotoX #carporn #carsofinstagram #instagood #coolrides #vintagecar #classiccar http://www.facebook.com/stlclassiccars http://www.instagram.com/motoexotica https://www.twitter.com/motoexotica636 Music by Meydän: Story http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Meydan/Havor/10-_Story_1090 Chalet http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Meydan/Havor/11-_Chalet_1254 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

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Chrysler Master Tech - 1953, Volume 7-1 Powerflite Automatic Transmission (Mechanical) Chrysler is a registered trademark of Chrysler LLC. Master Tech series training manuals and videos are the property of Chrysler LLC. MyMopar.com

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Barn find 1953 Chrysler Town and Country New Yorker 331 V8 engine 2 speed fluid Drive automatic power windows

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This is Chrysler's 1953 Desoto Powermaster in street action, enjoy. SUBSCRIBE & Follow me on : Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/samspace81/ Blog - http://samspace81.blogspot.com/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/samspace81 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/samspace81/ 1950s, 1960s, 70s, 80s, musclecars, classic cars, old school, retro rides, road tests, reviews, test drives, project cars, barn finds, sports cars, GTs, R/Ts, big blocks, small blocks, Mopar, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, AMC, you name it. All about CARS, filmed in 4K UHD in Texas

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I take a short drive across Bury St Edmunds in my 1947 Dodge after talking about the way the gears work

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#6471 For sale in our St. Louis showroom is a beautiful 1948 Chrysler Windsor C38 7P. The Chrysler Windsor was produced from 1939 to 1961, save for the war time gap of 1943 to 1945. The Chrysler Windsor made up to 62.9% of the company sales from 1946 to 1948. This black on black Windsor C38 7P was actually featured in the 2006 John Travolta film Lonely Hearts. The 7P in the title refers to the 7 passenger ability, there are 2 jump seats directly behind the front bench seat that unfold for 2 additional passengers. Options for this 1948 Chrysler Windsor C38 7P include: AM Radio (inoperable), Hub Caps, Seat Belts, Cloth Interior, and Wide White Wall Bias Ply Tires. Powering this awesome suicide door classic is the original 250 CID L-Head Inline 6 cylinder engine, which produces 114 horsepower. The unique Fluid Drive transmission was rebuilt in 2002, it has a clutch and torque converter, and is remarkably easy to operate. It features a high and low range to accommodate all driving conditions. This post WWII production is full of chrome, from the front grille and bumper, to the rocker panel chrome trim, and back to the rear bumper and tail light bezels. Open the suicide doors, when you enter the back seating area you will feel like royalty with all the room you have to move about. The real pleasure of this beautiful car though, is behind the wheel. The Fluid Drive transmission is unlike anything you will drive again. Simply put the transmission in the high range on the column shifter let out on the clutch and the torque converter does the rest. Once moving press the gas pedal as needed, at 25-30 MPH let off the gas pedal and it will shift automatically into the high gear of the high range, and you are set for highway travel. To down shift simply slow the car with the brake, once the car reaches 10-15 MPH it will automatically down shift. This is a real gem, and you will have several onlookers no matter where you take it, be it to a car show or just down the street to the grocery store. The wide white wall bias ply tires help to cement the classic late 1940's appearance. To view this 1948 Chrysler Windsor C38 7P in greater detail including HD pictures and an HD video visit www.GatewayClassicCars.com or St. Louis showroom. For more information please call 618-271-3000 or email STL@GatewayClassicCars.com Want to connect with us? Here’s how: Website: http://www.GatewayClassicCars.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GatewayClassicCars Google+: https://plus.google.com/117279883240095539866/posts Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/gatewayclassics/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gatewayclassics YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/GatewayClassicCars Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to see more videos of some of the greatest classic, collectible, and exotic cars the world has to offer

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There was a lot of communality of design for Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler during this immediate post-war period. Each make had its own engine lineup, flathead 6's and 8's. Dodge just offered a flathead 6. This Dodge had Fluid Drive, and according to the owner, Gyromatic, Dodge's name for its semi-automatic transmission. There were 4 forward gears, two ranges, and shifting between the two speeds in each range was accomplished by letting up on the gas pedal. You had to use the clutch to select the range, so it wasn't totally clutchless driving. You can see that this car has really been well restored, and the upholstery really has that luxurious look! You'll notice how big a part the grille played in vehicle identification...you could quickly tell the difference among the makes at Chrysler Corporation by getting a quick look at the grille...and of course, the tailights helped!

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Chrysler Master Tech - 1951, Volume 4-1 Hydraulic Transmission Maintenance Mopar is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. Master Tech series training materials are the property of Chrysler Group LLC and are used with permission. MyMopar.com

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Chrysler Front Wheel and Rear Wheel Drive Torque Converters and Steering Columns Production. Subscribe.

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Anna´s new imported car!

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Detroit built. L6 flat head engine.

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Gateway Classic Cars of St. Louis is proud to offer a very unique 1950 Chrysler Windsor. The Windsor was a full sized vehicle which was positioned 1 level above the entry level Chrysler Royal. The Windsor was offered in several body styles throughout the years, from coupes, to wagons, and even limousines. This 1950 model is a two door which has a really attractive roofline. The exterior is finished in a great royal blue which seems to suit the car well. This is from the 1950s, so of course, there is a liberal amount of chrome. Massive chrome bumpers front and rear plant the vehicle as well as a huge chrome grill, chrome side trim, and fender trim. This car was designed for style, not to be lightweight. Under the hood is a Flat head inline 6 cylinder. This one displaces 250 CI, and it good for about 116 HP. The Fluid Drive transmission is rather unique. This is a standard manual transmission, however with the addition of Fluid Drive, the car can be slowed to a complete stop and take off again without using the clutch and without stalling. The gear changes are complete as a typical manual would be, but stopping at stop signs and setting off again is much simpler. Inside this one has the typical 1950s treatment: a huge steering wheel with horn ring, metal dash, and big comfortable cloth bench seats. This car has a ton of style, and really is a joy to drive. Take this one to the next car show, parade, or drive it to work to stand out from the crowd. You can see this 1950 Chrysler Windsor in our St. Louis showroom, or at www.GatewayClassicCars.com. Please contact 618-271-3000 or stl@gatewayclassiccars.com with any questions. Want to connect with us? Here’s how: Website: http://www.GatewayClassicCars.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GatewayClassicCars Google+: https://plus.google.com/117279883240095539866/posts Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/gatewayclassics/ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gatewayclassics YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/GatewayClassicCars Don't forget to subscribe to our channel to see more videos of some of the greatest classic, collectible, and exotic cars the world has to offer.

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1936 DeSoto Airflow

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Published Date : 2018-08-30T23:59:12.000Z

Just a little update: The owner of the Chrysler called me to state he sold it (November 2018), due to a viewer of my video seeing it, and wanting to buy it. It's a really cool car, so I am glad someone is going to save it. Tom & I did a couple hundred mile road trip, to check out a 53 Chrysler. Needed more work put into it than I wanted to do, so I passed on it. After the video of the Bruce Mansion, I show two more cars, a 1966 Chrysler 300... it is for sale at $5900, and a 61 Chevrolet Bel Air, that was not for sale, and the owner insisted it was a 1962, but the body was all 1961! Also looked at a vintage early 70's street rod build, a 40 Ford, powered with a late 50's Oldsmobile Rocket V-8. No video of it, as the owner did not want me to video it. It was super nice! I didn't even see a nick or scratch anywhere on it. It was really dirty, but clean enough to see the Metallic Blue paint was still super nice. Even the engine still looked super nice. I will buy it for sure, if the original owners son does not want it any more. It was a Autorama winner back in the early 70's. It's been parked since 1979, in a clean old barn, covered up...next a really clean late 70's Corvette. Saturday evening I hope to upload my 1000 subscriber giveaway video questions. If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, and thank you for watching.


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