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Published Date : 2008-09-06T18:48:50.000Z

One of the cool remixes. Here are the lyrics, I claim no rights to this song or this picture.

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Published Date : 2008-09-01T22:57:17.000Z

A video I made from one of my favorite Sugarland songs Keep you. I claim no rights to the song or the picture. I just found a good picture that I thought matched and added the lyrics. Please enjoy!! And be sure to post if you want me to add lyrics to a song you like.

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Published Date : 2017-05-10T13:25:14.000Z

If you're looking for motivational content, this is not it; I'm sorry. this is a question that's been on my mind for a while now. I don't mean to sound negative here... this is just my thought process being brought to light. After a few bouts of "depression" and a few existential crisis's I've found that the purpose of life (for me anyways) is to be of service to others... Nothing gives me true happiness and fulfillment like helping others does. When I read emails and comments from some of you telling me how I've helped you in some way - that makes me feel ALIVE. It makes me feel that I'm living my life's purpose: enriching the lives of people of the world in the only way I know how... by talking words of hope and inspiration. I am not sad or depressed, so don't get me wrong. There are definitely times where I will sit and ponder this question, but I think it's pretty normal to think these thoughts... Thinking this really challenges me and forces me to step foot outside each day and FIND meaning and purpose. By doing this it's gotten me to LIVE more than I ever have.. Traveling the world, meeting new people, forging new relationships... Anyways I'm getting off track..... thanks for watching! Hoodies + T-shirts here► SHIPS WORLD WIDE// my instagram►

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Ryan's info: Spill The Truth ▶ StayAway Music ▶ Nurface Games ▶ Get a beautiful watch! Use code "LAHWF" for 25% OFF ▶ ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS ▶ #ad "The flat Earth model is an archaic conception of Earth's shape as a plane or disk. Many ancient cultures subscribed to a flat Earth cosmography, including Greece until the classical period, the Bronze Age and Iron Age civilizations of the Near East until the Hellenistic period, India until the Gupta period (early centuries AD), and China until the 17th century. That paradigm was also typically held in the aboriginal cultures of the Americas, and the notion of a flat Earth domed by the firmament in the shape of an inverted bowl was common in pre-scientific societies." - wikipedia "Modern flat Earth societies consist of individuals who promote the idea that the Earth is flat rather than a sphere. Such groups date from the middle of the 20th century; some adherents are serious and some are not. Those who are serious are often motivated by pseudoscience or religious literalism. Flat Earth societies have long been criticized, due to scientific observations that have disproved and discredited the belief. This includes photographs showing the Earth as a sphere." - wikipedia Subscribe for Weekly Videos ▶ Follow My Instagram ▶ Extras & Vlogs ▶ Follow My Twitter ▶ Like the Facebook page! ▶ Creep on my snaps! ▶ Send Fan Mail (and anything else!) to: 5419 hollywood blvd. ste. C825 Hollywood CA, 90027 Chatting with a flat earther interview

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Buy "The Dynospectrum" 20th Anniversary Remastered 3xLP Vinyl Now: Subscribe for more: Rhymesayers Entertainment celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Dynospectrum by finally releasing the full-length album on vinyl, for the first time ever! We dug through the basement archives and unearthed the original reel-to-reel recordings. After blowing off the dust, we transferred the audio and sent it back to mixing, making sure that every eerie note and skull-snapping snare sounded crisp before it was fully remastered, truly bringing the darkness to light. For those unaware, The Dynospectrum is a long-standing fan favorite in the RSE discography. The short-lived supergroup was comprised of MC's Slug (Atmosphere), Musab, I Self Devine (Micranots) and Mr. Gene Poole, and it was produced entirely by Ant. This 20th anniversary edition includes 3xLP vinyl pressed on black & cream side A/B effect records, with an illustrated 8-panel accordion fold-out poster, all housed in a gatefold jacket with original artwork re-touched by the brilliant visual artist Aaron Horkey. This special release also includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded during the original studio sessions, plus a free digital download card that also includes the album instrumentals (also made available here for the first time ever!) The Dynospectrum 20th anniversary vinyl is available now! For more info on The Dynospectrum: Video Credits – Directed by Wasaru Song Credits – Written by: Slug, Musab, I Self Devine and Mr. Gene Poole Produced by: Ant

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© 2006 WMG I'd Give Anything (Video Version) Subscribe for more official content from Atlantic Records: Follow Atlantic Records The official Atlantic Records YouTube Channel is home to the hottest in hip-hop, rock, pop, R&B, indie, musicals and soundtracks. With over 70 years of global recorded music history, Atlantic Records’ legacy and passion for artistry continues with Top 40 hitmakers like Wiz Khalifa, Sean Paul, Trey Songz, Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Janelle Monáe, and B.o.B. Atlantic Records prides itself for working on Motion Picture Soundtracks, such as “The Greatest Showman”, “Suicide Squad” and “The Fate of the Furious.” As well as Musical Soundtracks including “Dear Evan Hansen,” and Grammy and Tony Award Winning “Hamilton”. It is home to world-renowned record labels representing music from every genre, including Asylum, Big Beat, Canvasback, Elektra, Fueled By Ramen, Rhino, Roadrunner, and Sire. Subscribe for the latest official music videos, official audio videos, performances, bts and more from our artists and projects. #AtlanticRecords #Atlantic

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Lyrics: Sleepwalking (Shake Me Awake) This town is flipped upside down and I can’t turn it back around Everything looks so different So what’s the point in anything if everything’s always changing I’m just drifting and watching As the world frays at the seams we can’t control the pull of anything Now this all feels like a dream so shake me awake from my sleepwalking I feel the weight that silence brings it's pulling me right back down So I’ll take this time, I’ll try to slow it down But am I clean enough, will I see it now? So I’ll take this time, I’ll try to slow it down My hands stare back at me and that’s all I’m left with now This town is flipped upside down and I can’t turn it back around As the world frays at the seams we can’t control the pull of anything Now this all feels like a dream so shake me awake from my sleepwalking Pre order our EP titled, "The Things We Leave Behind" at Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: @FuturesNJ

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Published Date : 2008-09-06T16:21:08.000Z

I love this song and decided to make lyrics to it. This is the new journey singer not steve perry. I claim no rights to this song or this picture.

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Published Date : 2015-10-01T17:33:34.000Z

This is my niece climbing around on stuff in the hotel. My brother is a good father. He knows when to lend a helping hand and when to let her do her thing. After all, no one learns anything if everything is done for them.

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Published Date : 2009-02-22T15:33:08.000Z

This is a song by Kate Voegele, I just bought her album not to long ago and fell in love with it. She is not very well known but has an amazing voice and I recommend this album. I love this song and it can be taken many different ways. Hope you enjoy!

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Published Date : 2008-09-01T22:54:17.000Z

This is just a video with lyrics to sugarland's song already gone. The picture and song are not mine and I do not claim any rights to them. I hope you enjoy.

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Published Date : 2008-10-04T23:41:14.000Z

This is a beautiful song that you can relate to Christ, a best friend, a parent or somebody who has always been there for you. Please do not put any negative comments, I am really not interested in reading them and they will be deleted, so it is a pointless effort.

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Published Date : 2008-11-28T21:29:20.000Z

This is a beautiful song by Shania Twain that is called It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing. Enjoy and it is sponsored by our website so check it out. The link is on our youtube homepage.

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Published Date : 2008-12-14T14:32:42.000Z

Pretty song by Sting, one of my favorites and I thought I'd upload it. I don't know why I chose this certain background, so please don't post on it. I don't care that there should be cards in the background, the song is not about playing cards.

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Published Date : 2017-06-13T11:49:04.000Z

(8 Jun 2017) LEADIN High end luxury accomodation has arrived in downtown Havana. Luxury doesn't come cheap though and guests can expect to pay up to $2,500 a night to stay in five-star comfort at the Gran Hotel Manzana. STORYLINE : Cuba's latest luxury hotel has opened next to Havana's revitalised luxury Manzana de Gomez mall. The "Gran Hotel Manzana," part of the Swiss group Kempinski Hotels, is situated in the heart of the Cuban capital in front of the Parque Central and the grand Alicia Alonso theater, home to the Cuban National Ballet. Guests in each of the hotel's 246 rooms, 50 of which are suites, have the pick of four bars and two restaurants and can take a swim in the rooftop infinity pool. The hotel, jointly owned by Kempinski and the military-controlled Cuban tour operator Gaviota, charges between $440 and $2,485 a night. Local historian Eusebio Leal dismissed criticism the luxury hotel is a glaring contrast to the country's socialist principles, with prices no ordinary Cuban would be able to afford: "I think we have to fight for as much justice as possible, there will always be criticism, everybody has a right to their opinion, but we would never do anything if everything was subject to criticism." Leal says the renovation of the 19th century building is part of a broad project begun decades ago to restore Old Havana, and the hotel and luxury arcade of shops below is part of that effort. "The doors that have been opened, keep opening and opening, this is not the time for walls, or closed doors, this is the time for open doors." The multi-million dollar project to restore the building housing the hotel, which was built in the 19th century, is part of a broader trend in Havana that is seeing buildings and homes under renovation to meet the growing tourism market. Markus Semer, CEO Kempinski Hotels says the entire city is improving. "I have been here six months ago, six months ago the neighborhood looked completely different than it looks today, I am happy to see that the development that took place for this hotel, is not just a unilateral renovation, in fact you see that the entire city is actually on an upward move." But critics and some visitors see luxury as an unwelcome development for a country that has prided itself on its socialist principles, and say few Cubans can afford such high-end products, which they say is aimed at attracting affluent Europeans and Americans. Visitor numbers from the U.S. have grown 74 percent over the last year, and are expected to continue surging in the coming years, unless the Trump Administration puts the brake on American travel to the island. American air carriers and cruise lines provide regular service to the island, bringing U.S. visitors to a country many fear could change from a land frozen in time to a more modern and traditional Caribbean destination. To accommodate the growing numbers of visitors, the Cuban government hopes to build 2,000 more hotel rooms this year, to add to an existing stock of 64,000 rooms and 21,000 private homes providing lodging. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:

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Published Date : 2008-09-07T15:02:34.000Z

A song I really like by her with lyrics. I claim no right to this song or to the picture. Please enjoy!

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Published Date : 2016-11-03T15:50:40.000Z

See me play by clicking here: Hello Beautiful. Oh I was so close to this video being what I envisioned. those little changes in the picture sizes -.- ah well, my fault. Thank you for checking out this video of, did you notice anything? If everything went correctly this video fits the youtube screen. Ol BD with his guru sagely advice helping out. This game is weird, like eating the white stuff in a pomegranate weird...... By the way I looked up what Joie De Vi-vre meant and I am going to blame the lack of a hyphen for not knowing while recording :D. Have a good day.

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This is a song about working during a vacation, it's got a cool beach theme to it. Again don't post rude comments, they will be removed. I got all the pictures from the following sites: aboututila gooahucard silversoftime common.csnstores and many more websites

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This is a song by Shania Twain called Nah! Sorry if it is a little bit jumpy, it is hard to fit the verses exactly right but it is still good.

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My favorite song of all time. I love this song and The Goo Goo Dolls. I hope you enjoy it. I think it is very true to life and I hope you enjoy the lyrical version.

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This is a song really about a bunch of different topics. It could be how you feel after a loved one dies or when you break up with someone you love. Or in love as friendship terms, how you can't seem to stop being friends with someone. Again don't post any rude comments, nobody cares if you don't like Sugarland, all rude comments will be removed.

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Sad but beautiful song with lyrics. I claim no rights to this song or it's lyrics.

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Cool song by them, here are the lyrics. I claim no rights to this song or this picture.

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Published Date : 2009-01-10T17:10:06.000Z

This is song by LeAnn Rimes and Elton John. I fell in love with song. I tried a new approach to my movie making. I know first is was just one image and then it was an image slideshow switching with the words of the song. This time it is an image slideshow telling a story with the song.

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Published Date : 2008-12-20T21:40:59.000Z

I really good song by Coldplay, one of my favorites. I don't know why I have some of those quotes there, I just decided to put them there to match some of what the song was talking about. Happy Holidays! Hope to bring you more soon. =)

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Just a few more tweaks added to the good video by AnythingIfEverything

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Really pretty song by Akon about gaining freedom with a couple of quotes that I find blended. I hope you enjoy it and expect more songs soon!

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Published Date : 2008-08-23T21:29:21.000Z

I just put some pics of Tokio Hotel together. Please check out my website

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Published Date : 2008-09-06T21:23:45.000Z

This is one of my favorite songs by them. It is the lyrical version. I claim no rights to this song.

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Published Date : 2014-10-05T03:27:22.000Z

In this first novel on social vice caused by public crimes, author Eung Sang Park comments, “who would work hard to achieve anything if everything you worked hard for is taken from you in an instant by those with more power? A society that forgives those that had taken advantage of the less powerful has no future.” ‘Dream of Lantern Festival ’ calls to attention the uncomfortable reality that public crimes persist while also relaying a love story of the youth that hold their dreams close to their hearts. The accomplices of the public crime, not to mention the entire country, had kept mum even when the intellectual property of citizens, the result of several decades of efforts was just taken away in an instant. Mayor Wonsoon Park, a former civil rights activist argued at the investigation by the National Assembly that there were no legal issues with taking the property rights of other citizens. A culture where everything is forgiven if one becomes successful still lives on in this country, to the lament of the citizens. The act of Mayor Park of Seoul, of ripping off the JinjuNamgang Lantern Festival to create a Seoul Lantern Festival is nothing less than a plunder that makes a mockery of the efforts poured into the original Festival. Mayor Park’s act is an example of a heinous public crime that led people on, averted genuine co-existence and took advantage of citizens. Conflict was triggered by basically discriminating against Jinju people and pitting them against the people of Seoul. Yet, such public crimes continue on, with the social costs they inevitably incur, amounting to a whopping 300 trillion Won, being pushed onto the citizens. The city of Jinju kept hanging in there, to uphold the city’s unique tradition and heritage. Yet, the fact that this horrible public crime was the result of letting the culprit and his accomplices run wild cannot be ignored. At a time when even government authorities, who should be serving as good examples of citizenship, are mocking the law, public crimes are unsurprisingly prevalent and social conflict at its worst. And yet the entire country stays mum about these developments. Eung Sang Park’s novel ‘Dream of Lantern Festival ’ addresses the issue of public crimes that go unnoticed by the public a real social evil but are often committed by deeply rooted practices of administrative bodies. It is a story about courageous citizens who face head-on the realities of politics. “A civil rights activist that turns his back to those with less power does not have a right to stand in front of citizens.” They felt disgusted at the fact that he had used his track record as a former civil rights activist just to bask in the status and power the world granted him. “Public crimes that pit citizens against each other will never be forgiven. How dare you talk of co-existence when you are ripping off citizens? You will pay for this dearly, Wonsoon Park!” - Excerpt, at the scene of the Seoul Lantern Festival held at Cheonggyecheon –

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Published Date : 2008-10-21T20:13:54.000Z

This is a very inspirational story of a family that has to hold on through extreme troubles. Song is If We Hold On Together by Diana Ross.

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These are lyrics to breakaway. I claim no rights to this song or this picture.

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Published Date : 2009-01-02T20:33:09.000Z

I love this show called "What I like about you" on ABC family. This is a video I dedicated to Rick and Val. First Val thought she was in love and then found out that Rick called his ex-fiance that he left on the altar and lied to her about it. She ended up calling off the wedding. You may have to turn your volume up to hear the beginning and end part. Sorry about the image quality it is hard to record things off a TV. By the way so I don't get a million questions about this, the black haired girl is Rick's ex-fiance.

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Published Date : 2008-09-07T21:42:09.000Z

This is one of their best songs. Here are the lyrics. I claim no rights to this song or this picture.

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Published Date : 2018-04-29T14:01:09.000Z

Are You Sure You Want To Quit? Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost. (First draft) Siddiq Islam MENU - QUIT 'Are you sure you want to quit?' Well, life's a laugh, a joke, a game, And we're all pixels, chunks, 8 bits: An arm, an arm , a leg, a leg, A skin, a heart, a tongue, a head. Ahead is the hole through which to leave, (Your sublimbs shrivel up your sleeves) But if you leave this make-believe, Then who is left behind to grieve? Well, that's not a problem; Grieving is game you can play at school. Life is a game, a taunt, a jest. Life is a mocking scarlet gaze. Life is a scruffy tennis ball With hardly any green stuff left, Thrown without aim Into the nocturne's blackened haze. But what goes up, it must come down. A circle always circles round. The circle sun, a bitter frown, Gives up on mortal days. Dazed, a head might wonder where to start, So pick a problem from the heart, Since problems seem to fall apart When picked at, Like a rose. Whatever thorns may long to delay, The roses wilt, their petals fade, The tables tilt, and lemonades Sink to flat Coke zeroes. Rose is the skies When the sun shortly dies. Black is the night When even the moon decides to wane. Life is a kitchen sink, full of pain That's swimming in the brine of uncooked grain, And for every grain you wish to cook, Three others deepen down the drain, Borne by the salty tide. Tied the taxman to evil, in my mind. I ties the trashcan to the lemon rind, And all those mental knots I've knotted Shan't be loosened when I die, Just decomposed in my cold, black grave By mindless, merciless fungi. Guys, life is a circle, a loop, a band, Or is it a flatline, without a peak? Well, if circles always circle round, Then why must Monday start the week? Why must an introduction begin an encounter? Hello, my name's Siddiq. And you must be... sure you want to quit. Are you sure you want to quit? Are you sure you want to quit? Are you sure you want to quit? Why do my fingers slip past yours? Why does it feel I'm losing grip? Give me a hug. I want to be the closest to you. I want to feel your pulsing blood scrape against my skin. Nurture me in the kiln of your heart. I want to burn up inside you. I want to feel my ashes line the lining of your lungs. I want to hold hands, and intertwine, So slowly and so serpentine. I want to be your arms and legs. I want to breathe your every breath, To smell your nose, To lick your tongue, To beat your heart To death. I want to rip out all your teeth and string them into fairy lights to hang on a dentist's tree. What's the good of dentistry, if teeth are never flossed? What's the use of memory, if minds are never crossed? What's the point of anything, if everything is lost?

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Published Date : 2008-09-06T13:29:20.000Z

This is one of my favorite songs by Tokio Hotel. I claim no rights to this picture or this song. This movie shows the lyrics.

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Published Date : 2008-11-20T02:02:11.000Z

SORRY ABOUT THE BAD IMAGE QUALITY. I still think the vid is good though.

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Published Date : 2009-10-29T21:59:44.000Z

call of duty kicks the ass of world of warcraft and Gman dies (not really) I NEVER PLAYED WORLD OF WARCRAFT SO DON'T SAY ANYTHING IF EVERYTHING ISN'T ACCURATE

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Published Date : 2008-10-19T16:48:59.000Z

With music by Hillary Duff (I don't care if I spelled her name wrong). All pictures are from dancing with the stars seasons.

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Published Date : 2014-09-26T02:59:17.000Z

With such a great masterpiece, I refuse to upload the rest of the album because I want you to show more support to them directly. If you want to hear the rest (Believe me, the others are just as amazing as this), listen to it on their terms. @ iTunes Spotify: - For my subscribers, I bring forth one of the greatest bands ever made. One of a kind album and members at the age of only 18 and 19 years old. Band: Arion Song: Seven Album: Last of us Track: 3 Lyrics: Be still my bleeding heart For we have come so far And life's about to change While home it was so near The road became our trail of tears Where hope will die and fade away Is there anything that's permanent Why everything that's beautiful must end I'd give anything if everything came back again But now I have to face reality and though All the years and all the tears were worth the pain I rule the ruins of what we had For seven days heaven will cry your name Once written in the stars This tale was only ours but now We've reached The End of our tragedy A funeral of dreams A future tearing at the seams It's time to say our last goodbyes All there's left to do is take a bow But when I leave I want my scars to show -------- Members: Viljami Holopainen - Vocals Iivo Kaipainen - Guitars Topias Kupiainen - Drums Arttu Vauhkonen - Keyboards Gege Velinov - Bass ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I do NOT own any music or image(s) included in this video. It was created solely for entertainment purposes.

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Published Date : 2018-02-21T14:59:03.000Z

Why does this problem occur when viewed with soapy water that it starts to loosen? With some films we bought from China, we order it works, but some hydrofilm have the same problem as with hydrofilm from you. What can the problem be like? I'm starting to feel tired, hard to do most of the time. Dipped yesterday the last bracket after 30 minutes after painting with blackmatt paint, smaller flags became loose. But it will not solve anything if everything is correct. Should dip parts of carbon on my Harley, started with the hood. But dull acrylic paint as it should be applied 2K clear coat, does it work better, or is the problem with paint on spray can?

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Published Date : 2016-04-24T21:18:59.000Z

Join us as we discuss our next generation and how we are raising them. How can our children learn anything if everything is handed to them? Why do we raise our children this way? How do we break this habit? All that and more... call in and join in on the discussion (657) 383-1155. www/

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Published Date : 2017-08-25T17:47:04.000Z

Steven Ladd Horan Companies, Inc 315-635-2095 Question #19 in the 100 insurance questions in 100 days series. By Steve Ladd of Horan Companies, Inc. in Baldwinsville, NY. is “Is it always cheaper to bundle my auto and homeowners insurance?” The answer to that question is no, not always. Oftentimes in our office, we have to take an auto policy and put it with one company and then take a homeowners or a renters policy and put it with another company. That can be for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s simply about price, and the price is cheaper by splitting them up by keeping them together because, for some reasons, perhaps the home premium through the company that would do the bundle was much more expensive and the cost exceeded what the multi-policy discount would have been. So, we split them up. As long as we’re not losing any coverage or reducing anything, if everything is at least the same or better and the price is less, then oftentimes we’ll go ahead and split them. It doesn’t really make much of a difference one way or another. It’s still us managing the policies for you. So, in that case, there’s really nothing different, other than you just making a payment to two places as opposed to one. Otherwise, everything else is the same. Then you can move one if you have to and not have it affect the other policy from a pricing standpoint. Other times, it is cheaper to bundle everything, so we’ll go ahead and look at everything at one to make sure that we’re getting the best rate with the best coverage. 6 Oswego St Baldwinsville, NY

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Published Date : 2014-05-05T19:21:10.000Z

Question from audience was "If everything is pre-ordained, then what is the point of doing anything?" This Q&A followed the UC Davis SSA talk "Challenging our pre-conceptions of Sikhi Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an educational charity dedicated to spreading the wisdom of the Sikh Gurus. Please support our work - - Whether its £5 a month or £50, all will go towards parchar and NOT building funds. Vaheguru Simran in the Intro and Outro is how Sikhs chant Gods name. You can download it for free from (Jam 2, track 6). Follow us online fb page @­.basicsofsikhi twitter @everythings_13 Instagram @basicsofsikhi MP3s­hi

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Published Date : 2014-06-13T06:59:25.000Z

Novel 'Dream of Lantern Festival' by Eung Sang Park - 'Dream of Lantern Festival' calls to attention the uncomfortable reality that public crimes persist while also relaying a love story of the youth that hold their dreams close to their hearts. Mayor of Seoul Wonsoon Park, a former civil rights activist argued at the investigation by the National Assembly that there were no legal issues with taking the property rights of other citizens. A culture where everything is forgiven if one becomes successful still lives on in this country, to the lament of the citizens. The accomplices of the public crime, not to mention the entire country, had kept mum even when the intellectual property of citizens, the result of several decades of efforts was just taken away in an instant. In this first novel on social vice caused by public crimes, author Eung Sang Park comments, "who would work hard to achieve anything if everything you worked hard for is taken from you in an instant by those with more power? A society that forgives those that had taken advantage of the less powerful has no future."


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