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Lady Gaga – ARTPOP: LADY GAGA / JOANNE NEW ALBUM / OUT NOW iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Google Play: Amazon: FOLLOW LADY GAGA: EMAIL LIST: Music video by Lady Gaga performing "G.U.Y." ©2014 Interscope

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Buy ARTPOP on iTunes

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Lady Gaga performing ARTPOP live on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. (C) 2014 Interscope Records

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Thank you for listening, I hope you will have a good time here :) 🎼 Listen to the radio offline with my Spotify playlist → 👕 ChilledCow shop → 🎧 My secondary channel → 🎧 ChilledCow → → → → 📌Update - 20/11/2018 New beats added 🎶 Full playlist/support beatmakers → 🎨 Illustration & Animation by Juan Pablo Machado → → → 📝 Submissions → Artwork : → Music :

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Buy Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' now on iTunes: Lady Gaga performing ARTPOP live at #VEVOartRave in Brooklyn, NY on Nov. 10, 2013. © 2013 Interscope

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Listen to brand new music from Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga from the 'A Star Is Born' Soundtrack: Follow Lady Gaga: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Spotify: Email List:

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Lyrics for ARTPOP by Lady Gaga. From the album ARTPOP. Share this to help my channel grow :) Support Lady Gaga!

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Lady Gaga -- ARTPOP: Music video by Lady Gaga performing "G.U.Y." (Broadcast edit). ©2014 Interscope

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ENJOY! Love Yanis xx

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Made with Apple Motion 5

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing ARTPOP (Music Video). © 2014 Interscope This movie is directed by Polish little monsters and it is our tribute to you and your masterpiece - album ARTPOP. In this project we wanted to show your feelings and sadness that you had to overcome while doing your hard work. We hope that you will not give up on your dreams and in Czech Republic we will see you full of strength, power and with a big smile on your face. Paws Up!

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My reaction to Lady Gaga - Artpop Album Let's just say there was lots of fist pumping

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Twitter: Instagram: Lady Gaga is and will forever be one of my all time favorite musicians and performers, and I’ve been wanting to make a megamix for a while but wanted to wait until Joanne was released, and then started work to rearrange things once ‘The Cure’ came out as well, so this has been a long running project. As for the timing of this mix, I will be seeing Lady Gaga perform live in a few short days for the second time and can’t wait to experience another show! I hope you all enjoy this megamix! ~David P.S. I resisted calling this the “MeGaGaMix” so much guys you have no idea. Thank you to my friends Caitlyn, Conor, and DylanGLC for additional help on this mix! Lyrics: Alejandro - Lady Gaga Just Dance ft Colby O’Donis - Lady Gaga Poker Face - Lady Gaga Born This Way - Lady Gaga Applause - Lady Gaga Judas - Lady Gaga Bad Romance - Lady Gaga Telephone ft Beyoncé - Lady Gaga Million Reasons - Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga G.U.Y. - Lady Gaga Do What U Want ft R Kelly - Lady Gaga The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga Yoü & I - Lady Gaga Lovegame - Lady Gaga Marry The Night - Lady Gaga Speechless - Lady Gaga Paparazzi - Lady Gaga A-YO - Lady Gaga (Video: Apple Music Commercial) John Wayne - Lady Gaga Aura - Lady Gaga Dancin’ In Circles - Lady Gaga The Cure - Lady Gaga ARTPOP - Lady Gaga (Video: ARTPOP Album Teaser) Scheiße - Lady Gaga (Video: Calvin Klein Commercial) I Like It Rough - Lady Gaga Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

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ARTPOP (Acoustic Vídeo)

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Lady Gaga ARTPOP (Album) 8.Artpop 2013

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Dear friends who speak English, the free "Secrets Of Abstract Painting" DVD is only available in French for the moment. If you wish you can join my full training course to become an abstract painter which is available in English. --------------------------------------------------------- ஜ۩PAINTINGLESSON.TV۩ஜ Do you enjoy my painting classes and wish to learn about abstract painting in more detail, from the comforts of your own home? Discover PaintingLesson and get access to painting classes with audio explanations --------------------------------------------------------- ஜ۩SUBSCRIPTION۩ஜ Thanks for watching ;) If you have enjoyed this video, subscribe to support me and automatically receive future videos. Click here for subscribe: If you prefer to receive an email each new video: If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments ;) --------------------------------------------------------- ◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈Links☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈☻◈ You can follow me here: My Website: ▲ My Website : ▲ My painting lessons website: ▲ Ask John Anything: Social Network ▲ Facebook : ▲ Twitter : ▲ Youtube Channel : ▲ Pinterest: ▲ Instagram:

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Buy Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' now on iTunes: LADY GAGA / JOANNE NEW ALBUM / OUT NOW iTunes: Apple Music: Spotify: Google Play: Amazon: FOLLOW LADY GAGA: EMAIL LIST:

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ARTPOP; an era of theatrical performances and savagery. Lady Gaga owned the entire era, although at times it may have been messy...Gaga still pulled through with them vocalllsss I do not understand the people who did not like ARTPOP. I don't own any of the music or clips...all rights go to owners I guess... I don't know how that works but ok slay k bye thanks for watching. Songs in order: Applause Do What U Want Dope Artpop ----Special Mention---- Cover of 'What's Up' by 4 Non Blondes

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ARTPOP the Album - AVAILABLE NOW: Directed by Inez & Vinoodh APP available now for iOS and Android

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Lady Gaga - ARTPOP (Lyrics) Lady Gaga ARTPOP is the title track from her third studio album. Free my mind, ARTPOP You make my heart stop Come to me, in all your glamour, and cruelty Just do that thing that you do And I'll undress you Give it time, sometimes the simplest move is right The melody that you choose Can rescue you? A hybrid can withstand these things My heart can beat with bricks and strings My artpop could mean anything [Chorus] We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) ARTPOP, ARTPOP Come to me, without a sub-tech and fantasy Just do that thing that you do For my love is you Love is fly, I've flown my beaches with lover's side Look at the better you choose And profit you A hybrid can withstand these things My heart can beat with bricks and strings My artpop could mean anything Could try to sell you out or I Could show all the reasons why my artpop could mean anything [Chorus] We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) ARTPOP, ARTPOP [Chorus] We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) ARTPOP, ARTPOP Brushing your darkness won't help you create your destiny of super Artpop could mean anything Anything I try to sell myself, but I am really laughing Because I just love the music not the bling Music not the bling [Chorus] We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) ARTPOP, ARTPOP [Chorus] We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) We could, we could, belong together (artpop) ARTPOP, ARTPOP Free my mind, ARTPOP You make my heart stop

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All Demos from the Artpop álbum. 💙

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Pintando un retrato con pintura acrílica , de tamaño 50 x 50 cm, en Madera de 12 mm, aquí podrás ver todo el proceso de como se realizo este cuadro de Art Pop de Carolina. Si te a gustado este vídeo, Suscribete dale al like, y si quieres estar siempre informado de nuevos vídeos activa la campanilla, graciassssssss. SI TE GUSTA MI TRABAJO PUEDES SEGUIRME EN: MI WEB: INSTAGRAM:

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The first time I heard a Lady Gaga song or in general about Lady Gaga was in fourth grade - the song in question was Poker Face, and I didn't know about the existence of Just Dance for a long time. Honestly, Poker Face is a much better song than Just Dance and should have been the first single, but I digress. My entire class went onto a school trip where, for 7 days, each night we did some activity, and we were divided into groups based on who our roommates were in the hotel we were in. One night, the activity was doing one person's hair, and my group consisted of me and 4 other guys, one of them who had gorgeous black long silky hair, so of course, he was the one getting his hair done. Poker Face made me think of doing something where we would take cards and put them into his hair the way you'd put extensions in, but back then I didn't know exactly how this was done, so I just instructed the other 3 guys to take some hairpins and just put the cards on top of his hair - it did not look good, and we did not win, and at the end of the trip the entire class was in a bus crash where I got a cut on my leg and bled out a lot. What is the point of this story? Do not leave your children with Lady Gaga!

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Lady Gaga's ArtRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour (Live from Paris Bercy) Acto 1.

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-uploaded in HD at

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Listen: Art Pop is easily Lady Gaga's most eccentric and colorfully produced album yet. However, she still doesn't go far enough to keep her very radio-friendly band of pop interesting for an entire album--especially when it comes to lyrics. What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh? Follow TND on Twitter: Like TND on Facebook: Support TND: Our podcast: Join our forum: FAV TRACKS: AURA, VENUS, G.U.Y, SEXXX DREAMS, APPLAUSE, FASHION! LEAST FAV TRACK: GYPSY LADY GAGA - ART POP 6/10 Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

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Twitter: Instagram: Intro/Outro music by Curtismith:

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Learn about pop art icon Andy Warhol and emulate his mass-produced, colorful, silk-screened portraits -- on clay! This lesson teaches a unique transfer method onto clay as well as how color can convey different sensations. Students can use their own image to create a personalized pop self-portrait. For step by step instructions, a complete materials list and the national standards for visual arts, follow this link to the Blick webpage-

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Lady Gaga — artRAVE VEVO HD Full Show

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Popular, witty, sexy, glamorous – pop art exploded onto the cultural scene in the early 1960s. A new generation of artists rebelled against ‘high art’ to embrace the world of advertising, television, film stars, pop music and consumerism. Pop art shocked many but inspired even more.

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Published Date : 2015-03-19T13:27:40.000Z


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In life, Roy Lichtenstein was one of the biggest names in pop art. Now, more than a decade after his death, his paintings still get double takes and are worth seven figures. Erin Moriarty reports.

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She is fame, she is Artpop, she is Lady Gagy. Watch the whole interview. Is she an angel? BILD MUSIK ABONNIEREN:

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Pop-art/comicbook look inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's and Andy Warhol's art. Subscribe for more! Greek Channel:κλαιρηδημοπουλου Instagram: Products used: Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation Mac Pro Longwear concealer Kryolan Aquacolor Plus (Black) Mac Boot Black liquid liner Mac Fascinating eye kohl Mac Cyan Pro Performance HD Airbrush Makeup (pro product) Illamasqua Scribe liquid liner Maybelline Colossal mascara Mac Viva Glam I lipstick Bioderma Sensibio H2O Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video, all products were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.

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Published Date : 2013-07-22T18:05:18.000Z

Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to quickly and easily make an Andy Warhol, pop art portrait from a photo. Photo: Subscribe to Blue Lightning TV!: Become a Channel Member: Support Blue Lightning TV on Patreon for as little as $2/month! You'll receive early access to watch my new tutorials ONE WEEK BEFORE the public can see them on YouTube. AND, you'll receive 10% off all of my merch sold at Redbubble, TeeSpring & Society6! BLTV MERCH: Website: Facebook: Twitter:

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Want to learn more about the legendary Andy Warhol? This episode of Artrageous will not disappoint! From cats and wigs to mad skills, Marilyn Monroe, Campbell's Soup, and how Andy made a living as an artist, Nate pulls back the curtain and gives a quick history of this famous master of pop culture. ***************** SUBSCRIBE to more Artrageous content: FOLLOW US Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

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Published Date : 2016-03-19T00:41:49.000Z

What is Pop Art and how can we better understand it? This episode is inspired by the Art Gallery of Ontario's current (2016) exhibition - SuperReal: Pop Art from the AGO Collection. If you'd like to help support ARTiculations - feel free to leave something in the tip jar: Watch part 1 - Colour Field Painting: For more videos and blog posts - visit: You can also follow me on: Tumblr: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Sources and Further Reading: Stock images by: Steven Goodwin - Dave Smith - Keywords: pop art, pop, popart, pop culture, popular culture, modern art, modernart, mass produced, celebrity culture, mainstream, andy warhol, claes oldenburg, james rosenquist, jim dine, mel ramos, corita kent, richard hamilton, jean michel basquiat, commercial art, art as a commodity, interdisciplinary art, Robert Rauschenberg, the velvet underground, jeff koons, lady gaga, floor burger, arts, Art, ArtEDU, Education, youtube EDU, art explained, fine arts, visual arts, art history, arthistory, history, finearts, visualarts Help us caption & translate this video!

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mobil link: Yaratıcı ekibim 内 (Uchi) ile Lady Gaga İstanbul konseri öncesi bize rüya gibi bir sene yaşatan albüm ARTPOP'a veda etmeye hazırlanıyoruz. Bizim ARTPOP'umuz da her anlama gelebilir. Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Bisiklet Topluluğu (BUsiklet) tarafından görme engellilerle birlikte bisiklet sürmek amacıyla yürütülen Bipedal Projesi'ne ait tandem bisikleti görsel olarak kullanmamıza izin verdiği için BUsiklet'e teşekkür ederiz. BUsiklet'e katılmak ve Bipedal Projesi'nde gönüllü olmak için adresindeki topluluk grubuna üye olabilirsiniz. Sosyal ağlarda MADIR ÖKTİŞ facebook: twitter: instagram: Referanslar -ARTPOP film konsepti the original ARTPOP Film: G.U.Y. - An ARTPOP Film: -Venus Sailor Venus / Venusaur / Venus as a Boy -Heavy Metal Lover -Aura iTunes Festival: -Swine SXSW Festival Doritos Bold Stage 2014: -Sexxx Dreams the original artRave: artRave @ Uchi: -Donatella #MerhabaBen: Donatella @ artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour: -Fashion & Mary Jane Holland GAGA PLEASE BRING THEM BACK TO THE artRave! -Applause Lady Gaga live @ VMA 2013: MADIR ÖKTİŞ returns for your Applause: MADIR ÖKTİŞ live @ Hormonlu 2014: -Partynauseous -Gypsy

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-V no copyright infringement intended all Rights Administered by Lady Gaga ¡Twitter!

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00:00 - Áries 00:18 - Touro 00:37 - Gêmeos 00:55 - Câncer 1:13 - Leão 1:31 - Virgem 1:49 - Libra 2:06 - Escorpião 2:24 - Sagitário 2:41 - Capricórnio 2:58 - Aquário 3:17 - Peixes

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Hey Dawlings!Hope you have FUN with this POP ART Look! I'm not a professional makeup artist so please forgive any mistakes:) Please SUBSCRIBE | Comment | Share & Thumbs up if you'd like more vids! PRODUCTS USED: MAC Painterly Paint Pot: MAC Loose Pigment 'Old Gold': NYX Lip Liner 'Respect the Pink' ELF Liner: Laura Mercier Setting Powder: *Started Look off with my foundation already applied* S H O P MY C LOS E T Follow Me=] I N S T A G R A M: F A C E B O O K: T W I T T E R: S N A P C H A T: msjackyoh RANDOMNESS but some people may be curious: -Blue Wig from @HairTenders made by @ChristinaChyvonne -Makeup Headband from Marshall's Business Inquiries: Music By: Sugar Vibe Tracks


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