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A new animation and song from Dagames about Baldi's basics let's check it out :D The original link to this video - DAGames - Pictures I used in the video credits to owners I do not own these pictures links down below all the credits goes to their owners and I respect each and everyone of the creator thank you ________________________________________________________________ Join the Lads team - Subscribe Also Join Discord - Thank you for watching please leave a like and share Comment down below what do you think about it and also on what videos should I make a reaction -Subscribe - -Instagram - -Twitter - ----------------------Stay cool Lads---------------------- ________________________________________________________________ If you have some questions or want to ask me about something Comment under the video and I will reply as soon as possible See ya TOMORROW with a new VIDEO #BALDI'SBASICS #DAGames #BALDIS

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We watch "BALDI'S BASICS SONG (YOU'RE MINE) | LYRIC VIDEO | DAGames" made by a bunch of talented people! This project must have been amazing to make! So much derp and love and joy! Original video: CREDITS: ►ANIMATION/SONGWRITING (OblivionFall): ►PRODUCER (Aficionados Chris): ►TYPOGRAPHY (Sean W.): ►THUMBNAIL ARTIST (TiaPunky): #DAGames #BaldisBasics #Reaction -------------- Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, FAVORITE AND SHARE! - Subscribe: - Facebook: - Twitter: - Twitch: Toodeloo! _______________________________________

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More crappy posts :)

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Provided to YouTube by DistroKid You're Mine · Dagames You're Mine ℗ DAGames Records Released on: 2019-03-31 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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FUCK YOU BALDI! ======================================================== DAGames Credits: DAGames Music: ======================================================== GWMusika Twitter: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: ======================================================== #Baldisbasicssong #fanmadelyric #DAGames ======================================================== ~Thanks For Watching! ========================================================

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Baldi's Basics Song (You're mine) but it's Google edition every word is a picture from the Google Song by DAGames: Original: ______________________________________________________________ I hope you liked it! Subscribe to see more! Leave a like! ______________________________________________________________ Tags: 31, Baldi's, Basics, Song, Baldiu27s basics song, Baldiu27s basics song every door, Baldiu27s basics song remix, Baldiu27s basics song donu27t wanna learn, Baldiu27s basics song recording, :baldi's basics, Dagames baldi's basics, Baldi's basics song, Baldi's basics remix, Baldi's basics instrumental, Baldi's basics in education, Baldi song,Baldis basics in education and learning:funny, Baldi's basics, Baldi's field trip, Baldi's basics cg5, Baldi original song cg5, Baldi's basics game, Baldi's basics original song, Every door baldi's basics, Baldi's basics sfm, Baldi song sfm,Baldi's basics animation,Baldi's basics cg5 song,Baldi's basics caleb hyles,Caleb hyles song,Cg5 song,Cg5 original song,Cg5 sfmbaldi's basics download,Baldi's basics apk,Baldi's basics in education u26 learning sonic's schoolhouse,Baldi's basics in education and learning, Baldi's basics soundboard,Baldi's basics free download, Baldi, Comedy, Video game,Gaming, Gamer, Music, Singing, Aj pinkerton, Peter srinivasan,Learning,Education,Sweeping time,Gotta sweep,Play time,Live action,Real life,First prize,Nathan morse:funny,Nathan morse:cg5,Baldi cg5,Cg5 baldi,Every door cg5,Every door baldi,Sfm,Baldi sfm, Baldi animation,Caleb hyles baldi,Cg5 original,Baldi game,Nathan morse:basics in behavior,Baldis basics:minecraft.Flumpty's jam,One night at flumpty's,One night at flumpty's 2,Hard boiled mode,Flumpty,Birthday box blam,Piglet,Whinnie the pooh,Music (tv genre),It's time to die,I'm the purple guy,Not here all night,Dagames,Preview,eaction,Dagames baldi's basics,You're,Mine,Dagames,Youu27re mine dagames,Baldis basics in education and learning:dagames,You're mine trailer:baldi's basics,You're mine,You're mine baldi's basics song,Dagames you're mine,Vaporthegamer dagames,Vaporthegamer dagames you're mine,Vapor reacts #823 | baldi's basics song try not to laugh you're mine by dagames reaction!!:original,Games:dagames bendy,Dagames meet thy maker,Dagames build our machine,Dagames gospel of dismay,Dagames instruments of cyanide:diamond,Disney:dagames,Dagames bendy,Dagames watchmojo,Dagames watch mojo,Dagames top 1,Dagames mojoplays,Dagames mojo plays:baldi's basics,Baldi's basics song you're mine lyric video dagames reaction,Baldi's basics song you're mine,Baldi's basics song you're mine reaction,Baldi's basics you're mine,Baldi's basics you're mine reaction,Dagames baldi song:baldi,Dagames:baldi's basics,You're mine baldi song,You're mine dagames,You're mine dagames reaction,You're mine baldi song reaction,Baldi's baiscs you're mine,Cistreactz you're mine,Cistreactz baldi song you're mine,:baldi's basics,Baldi's basics song,Baldi,Baldi's basics remix,Baldi's basics instrumental,Baldi's basics in education,Baldi song,Baldi's basics,Derp,Song,Try not to laugh,Challenge,Vaporthegamer,Vapor reacts,Vaporthegamer baldi's basics,Vaporthegamer try not to laugh,Vaporthegamer reacts,Vaporthegamer reaction,Baldi's basics in education and learning,Music,Remix,1 hour,Hour,Extended,Loop,Loops,1 hours,Basics,Baldi's,You,Re,Lyric,Video,Troll,Da,Bendy,Meet thy maker,Build our machine,Gospel of dismay,Instruments of cyanide,Armada,Online,Diamondarmadaonline,Will,Ryan,Nursery rhyme (literature subject),Song (composition type),Jam (composition),Flumpty's jam,One night at flumpty's,One night at flumpty's 2,Hard boiled mode,Flumpty,Birthday box blam,Piglet,Whinnie the pooh,Music (tv genre),It's time to die,I'm the purple guy,Not here all night,Preview,Watchmojo,Watch mojo,Top 1,Watchmojo top 1,Mojoplays,Mojo plays,Baldis basics in education and learning,Skychrew,Skychrew reaction,Baldi song reaction,React,Reaction video,Cistreactz.

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BALDI'S BASICS SONG (YOU'RE MINE) | LYRIC VIDEO | DAGames IS TONIGHT'S REACTION FOLKS! THIS VIDEO IS... well just watch it, idk what to say. #baldisbasicsyourmine #dagamesbaldisong --------------------------------- Original Video - DAGAMES - ►ANIMATION/SONGWRITING (OblivionFall): ►PRODUCER (Aficionados Chris): ►TYPOGRAPHY (Sean W.): ►THUMBNAIL ARTIST (TiaPunky): ► 🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS🔔 - CistSquad - ---------------------------------- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA CISTERZ ► Twitter - @JustClickNWatch ► Twitch - ► Instagram - cistreactz_yt ► Patreon - ► iCist (Gaming Channel) - -------------------------------- (EPIDEMIC SOUND MAY BE USED IN THIS VIDEO) Custom Intro Was Made By - ► SimplyBoggsy (Check Him Out) - ► Intro Music - Ongoing Thing - 20syl, Oddisee

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Anteriormente subi esta wea...Pero tuve que arreglarle algunas cosas...Este si es el oficial Sub Español de esta canción... ------------------------------------------------------------ Mi chat de Discord: Mi Twitter: ------------------------------------------------------------ Video original: Canal de DAGames: ------------------------------------------------------------ Todos los malditos (digo...) derechos reservados para DAGames y Baldis 2019

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Here is the censored version I made. Seems like other ones didn't make a censored video yet. So I censored some bad words for you. People: Don't eat what in the halls?! Me: I didn't tell you a word that is blurry. It says "Don't eat um.... butt in the halls". Time Meme Joke: Filthy Frank listens to Pink Floyd Time Meme Joke Videos Used: Time - Pink Floyd (Music Video) It's Time To Stop Green Screen It's Time To Stop (Ricky Berwick) Time Meme Joke Song used: Time - Pink Floyd Original Video:

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My 1st Channel (Link02): My Discord: My Facebook: My Twitter: NO SPAMMING AND SWEARING!!! SUBSCRIBE TO ME AND HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON WITH Alll YouR MiGhT!!!! ========= FnAF World: ========= Original link (DAGames):

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Very..odd song but it’s funny 😅 Original song:

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Music and Video by DAGames Nightcore by Sparky Diamond X3

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BALDI'S BASICS SONG TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE "You're Mine" by DAGames/OblivionFall REACTION!! #BaldisBaiscs #TryNottoLaugh #YoureMine Original Video► DAGames► Animation by OblivionFall► Send me mail! Jake Kimmerer P.O. Box 1401 Uxbridge Ontario, CA L9P 1N6 *DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT 🔔 ICON TO GET NOTIFIED!* FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH!►► Get some dope merch with coupon code "VTG"► Stop by the VTG Merch shop!!►► Outro Card by BNAF► Intro by Sparbx► Join me on Discord NOW!► Subscribe to My Fiance's React Channel!► I UPLOAD EVERYDAY!: ►1-2 REACTION VIDEOS ►1 HORROR GAMEPLAY Thanks for all the support my fellow YouTubers! Please rate, comment, and subscribe to keep yourself updated on my latest content! -VaporTheGamer

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Cansion de DAgames

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This took longer than I expected

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Original: thx 500 subs lol

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i almost worked on this all night Song by DAGames ___ RULES FOR THE LIVE STREAM IF I'M STREAMING Please do not ask for request! PLEASE DO NOT SPAM IN CHATS Please do not talk about tracers Please don't ask for being a moderator! Please don't ask for Roblox friend request during the live stream! Mention me or the mods in the live chat if there's any fighting, rule breaker, or haters, we will put you in timeout! Please let Alexandra do things what she wanted to do. PLEASE DO NOT MENTION MY FULL YT NAME IN THE CHAT Please don't roleplay in the chat, people may not like it ___ Hello, I'm Alexandra! Thanks for watching and subscribe to see more videos! Please DO NOT copy, re-upload, edit, alter or reproduce my videos in any way without my clear, written permission!!! Video programs I used: Firealpaca, Medibang, Sony Vegas Outro music: #alexandratoons ___ Support me on Patreon: My Steam: My Tumblr: My Twitter: @AlexandraToons My Instagram: My DeviantArt: My Roblox: My Merch: My server: ___ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

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Original DAGames - MIDI Download - Credits IvanTheYouTuber - thanks dude for bass help IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE THAT SOMEWHERE CREDIT ME - NO CREDITS = STRIKE

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WTF DID I WATCH! The original link to this video - DAGames - SHOULD I MAKE MORE VIDS LIKE THIS???

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Hello, this is just a little something I wanted to do for April Fools Day. I saw the video yesterday, but I was to busy to upload it yesterday, so here you go. Also ALL credit goes to DAGames, OblivionFalls, Aficionados Chris, Sean W., and TiaPunky for coming together and making this awesome song!! -Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Discord -

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Today i reacted to BALDI'S BASICS SONG (YOU'RE MINE) it a weird song if you under the age 13 PLEASE DON'T WATCH. I Hope you enjoyed this video if you did hit the like button also turn on post notifications Also subscribe Follow me on all social media.. *Instagram Link - *Twitter Link -

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figure people wanted this to come out but none of them use phonicmind so here (if you use this credit me and will not one or the other or none) OG video join my discord if you want the acapella too

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BALDI THICCC (no homo) Credits: : BoomBox- Mike- OG Video: DAGames: OblivionFall: Aficionados Chris: Sean W: TiaPunky:

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Hope you guys enjoy! Like and subscribe to me and Will!! Will- Song-

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This is just a quick video I needed to get out there cuz I don’t really post that often, something great will happen soon tho, I have a game I’m working on and some nice animation skits ya know? Original by DAgames I didn’t add the cussing in it bcuz I don’t want trouble 🥴

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You're Mine (8 Bit Cover) [DAGames] - 8 Bit Paradise ► 8 Bit's of Dodgy Tension ► Original Song :: ► Arranged and Transcribed By :: 8 Bit Paradise and Ninter ► Programs Used :: FL Studio 20 and Adobe Premiere Pro ► Animator :: OblivionFall ► Equipment Used :: Alesis Q49, Akai LPD8 ► Enjoy & remember to like, share and subscribe to support me!

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I own neither of the videos used to make this. GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!! Made on RaveDJ at Make your own Mix/Mashup at Original videos Baldi’s Basics Song- Basics in Behavior [Blue]- The Living Tombstone feat. OR3O - BALDI'S BASICS SONG (YOU'RE MINE) | LYRIC VIDEO | DAGames -

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Happy April Fools Day! I didn't really have any pranks to pull on you guys so instead I have decided to map this song by DAGames instead. Original Video: WIP Beatmap Download:

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This song was.... definitely a Trip. Friends: Alex- Mike- CREDITS: OG Video: DAGames: OblivionFall: Aficionados Chris: Sean W: TiaPunky:

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Hey! I hope you enjoyed my first 8D Audio music, I tried my best to make 8D music. DAGames's channel: Official music video:

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Warning: baldi may be a f💐cking phedophile in this song and contains cussing that may not be suitiple if your younger than 12 be warned

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Viewer Discretion Advised. This song is great but man did I have some editing to do. Twitter Original Song (Beware) Check out DAGames The video in review is copyright of DAGames. I do not own any of the music or lyrics in the video.

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I know this animation is trash but i did i can

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I'm sorry I didn't post anything in a while I was busy with school, but I'm back with a new gacha life video I made, Original song made by DA games, Heres a link to his channel Link:

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April foolz bitches -w- DAgames beautiful music -

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BALDI'S BASICS SONG "You're Mine" by DAGames/OblivionFall REACTION!! Original Video► DAGames► Animation by OblivionFall►


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