Bat Romance Parody Of Lady Gaga Bad Romance....!

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The full song - Like us - Follow us - Subscribe us - Bat Romance: Gotham's Sexy Vixens Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn compete for Batman's Love in this parody of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" Directed by OA Skywalker or Lyric by ERICH LANE Catwoman played by RAINA HEIN!/RainaHein Poison Ivy played by JESSICA SERFATY!/JessicaSerfaty Harley Quinn played by NIKKI BREANNE WELLS!/nikkibreanne Batman played by MIKE KALINOWSKI Joker played by ROB RUSH Harley Quinn sang by LISA EASLEY Poison Ivy sang by LEAH MCKENDRICK Media and marketing strategy: TAGS: "Dark Knight Rises" "Bad Romance","Lady Gaga" "Lady Gaga Music Video" "Lady Gaga Bad Romance" "One Direction" "Comic Con" SDCC "Comic Con International" "Preview Night" "Dark Knight Rises" Batman "Batman Comic con" "The Dark Knight trailer" "Batman Music Video" "Comic Con Preview Night" "Comic Con Saturday" "Comic Con Friday" "IGN" "Machinima" "Christopher Nolan" "Dark Knight Rises Comic Con" "Christian Bale" "Anne Hathaway" "Raina Hein" "Jessica Serfaty" "America's Next "Top Model" "Nikki BreAnne Wells" "OA McCombie" "Star Wars" "Rob Rush" "Mike Kalinowski" "Lisa Easley" "Leah McKendrick" "Batman Trailer" Dark Knight Trailer" "Dark Knight Teaser" The Dark Knight Rises Official Movie Trailer" trailer Dark knight rises "dark knight rises" "Christian Bale" "Anne Hathaway" "Tom Hardy" "Marion Cotillard" "Joseph Gordon-Levitt" "Michael Caine" "Gary Oldman" "Morgan Freeman" "christopher nolan" bane batman catwoman "selina kyle" movieclips, Live While We're Young, One Direction, Little Things, Cover "Keys of Awesome" " "X Factor" "The Voice" "Women of LA"

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LADY GAGA / JOANNE NEW ALBUM / OUT NOW iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: FOLLOW LADY GAGA: EMAIL LIST: Music video by Lady Gaga performing Bad Romance. (C) 2009 Interscope Records #VEVOCertified on January 31, 2010.

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BATMAN SINGS LADY GAGA’s FAMOUS HIT BAD ROMANCE PARODY COMICS GO POP! BY FABIO NANIA (MUSIC PARODIES) ▶ INSTA ▶ FACEBOOK ▶ Instrumental Track – Lady Gaga Bad Romance (Instrumental). HQ Fabio Nania Youtube Channel: BATMAN SINGS LADY GAGA’s FAMOUS HIT BAD ROMANCE PARODY STARRING FABIO NANIA Written by Fabio Nania Lead Vocals Recorded by Fabio Nania Editing by Fabio Nania Original Song: Song played in the TITLE: THE GREAT SMILE by FABIO NANIA: WATCH ALL THE PARODIES Leave a comment and subscribe my Youtube channel and never miss a video!! See ya! :)

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Bad Romance. (C) 2011 Interscope Records

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YOU CAN SEE ALL MY VIDEOS ON http://WWW.SHERRYVINE.COM a video parody of Lady Gaga's hit Bad Romance. Starring Sherry Vine. Directed by Blake Martin. This is just for fun - I love love love Lady Gaga!!

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Decided to upload this one here too

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Paying tribute to Alice Paule & suffragists who campaigned for the passage of the 19th Amendment.

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A video Homage to a popular Parody. From Margo. And

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I drew 3 of the pics and synchronized them all to music to see the real video visit oaskywalker's Chanel

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I came across a bad romance parody called bat romance and well this is how this came about. I was originally going to have Demi play Harley Quinn, but decided not too, I still might do another version and have Demi play Harley Quinn. I was up all night doing this, but I think it came out pretty well. Let me know Characters: Taylor: Harley Quinn Selena: Poison Ivy Miley: Cat Woman Entertainment purposes only! No copyright infringement intended

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Requested by: SuperVillain11 ! Song is a Parody of Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) here's the original (non-nightcore) verison By OA Skywalker: Re-uploaded from main channel. Previous Video info included.

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Bat romance will be up tomorrow.

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Lady Gaga original song - Lyrics on screen

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One of my favourite parodies I have ever heard! Enjoy everyone! Video Time: 4:55 Time To Make: Half A Day Made With: Cute Cut Pro [•My Social Media’s•] I am mostly very active on these sites. DeviantART: Facebook: Wattpad: ___________ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Lady Gaga Bad Romance Parody

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Ever think to yourself, "Wow, there just aren't enough pop parodies filled with nothing but memorable quotes from the 1990 John Hughes classic "Home Alone?" Lucky for you, Lady MaMacaulay Culkin is on the case! Performed by: Anthony Suppa & Heidi Brander Written by: Heidi Brander & Lady GaGa

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It's very cold out this winter and Tea Lady Gaga wants her hands to be lovely and warm...

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Written by me and Joe!! ^___^ hope you likey

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This is Lady Gaga - Bad romance PARODY!!! subscribe me!!!

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Royal Romance Parody - Bad Romance !

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cat woman..

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Hi guys the link to the song i used is here

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The hot and bulger bodys,,, the best man/ Lady Gaga- Bat Romance JPGarci Mix

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my daughter dancing bad romance in a funny way

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La mejor parodia de ese video XzD

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Song: Nightcore - Bad Romance Artist: Lady Gaga Original song: Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

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Connecticon Karaoke

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Some shit is around the house ¬¬ Music rights belong to: Interscope Records, 2009

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‘Wearing Pants’, a spoof of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ – Full Lyrics Below!! Written and Performed by Catherine Paver , who also writes writes serious songs: Sing along to this spoof song with the lyrics here: WEARING PANTS – (BAD ROMANCE SPOOF by CATHERINE PAVER) 1. Ra, ra, ah ah ah! Roma, rum ma ma! Ga, ga, oh la la! This is a crap dance Ra, ra, ah ah ah! Roma, rum ma ma! Ga, ga, oh la la! Still a crap dance 2. I write shit lyrics, I haven’t got time, But they sound clever, ’cos some of them rhyme And I’ve got fans. Fans, fans, fans, Yes I’ve got fans. 3. I have a talent – it’s made me star, My clothes are funny and wherever you are You’ll see my pants. Pants, pants, pants, yes see my pants. 4. I sound like Madonna, in this little bit here, I want them - faaans, faaans, faaaans! 5. I just want fans, I don’t want to write songs So I’ll just do this little cra-ppy dance. I just want fans, I don’t want to write songs So I’m caught in a cra-ppy dance. 6. Woh oh oh oh oh...Caught in a crappy dance Woh oh oh oh oh...But at least, I’ve got nice pants! Oh, oh 7. Ra, ra, ah ah ah! Roma, rum ma ma! You don’t need lyrics, if you’ve got nice, pants 8. I am a horror, I’m like a disease, ’Cos I get everywhere, yeah I grow on trees And I’ve got pants. Pants, pants, pants Yes I’ve got pants. 9. I win awards, for my design, Though I’m a criminal, waste of time I still get fans. Fans, fans, fans, Yeah still get fans. 10. I sound like Madonna, in this little bit here, I want them – fans! fans! fans! 11. You know Madonna? I wish I was her ’Cos she can dance instead of just doing this. Her songs are better, her English makes sense, Though she’s Italian-French-Canadian too. 12. Woh oh oh oh oh...Caught in a crappy dance, Woh oh oh oh oh...But at least I’ve got nice pants! 13. Ra, ra, ah ah ah! Roma, rum ma ma! You don’t need talent if you’ve got nice pants 14. Blah, blah, keep repeating Stupid words that fit the rhythm Blah, blah, Lady Gaga I’m a freak but strangely boring 15. I want more fans, I don’t wanna write songs I just want fans, I don’t wanna write songs I put strange things on my body and feet So it’s quite an achievement when I stay on the beat! 16. I don’t wanna write songs, I don’t wanna write songs! Words are for losers! And I’ve got nice pants! 17. You know Madonna? I wish I was her, ’Cos she has talent, and I just have pants. She’s won more Grammies I’ve got no Golden Globes, But I’ve got more Twitter fans, so fuck her! 18. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh....This is a crap, dance! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh....Words are for losers! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh....And I’ve got nice, pants! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh....Look here’s the label! 19. Ra, ra, ah ah ah! Roma, rum ma ma! You don’t need talent, If you’ve got nice, pants.

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Recorded by Diego Miyagi Undertown, Santa Fé Argentina 2013 Harley Quinn - Mai Hexe (Lingenfelder) Joker - Heru Poison Ivy - Amalia Mustillo Riddle - Huka Cross Catwoman - Debbie Black Penguin - Saki Sama

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Tanulmányi vadászat egyik pillanata.....

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Music Parody Lady Gaga performing Bad Romance. (C) 2009 Interscope Records Watch the movie too see how the sad truth is revealed.

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Apenas uma brincadeira de uma paródia da música Bad Romance da Lady Gaga. - Clipe original da paródia: Espero que gostem, se gostou, deixa um like ou comenta ai.

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Bad Romance in Nanyang Business School. No more Lord Gaga.

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Our cosplay team, BAT ROMANCE (batman villians) Joker- Heru Poison - Amalia Mustillo Catwoman - Debbie Black Penguin - Saki Sama Riddle - Huka Cross Harley - Mai Hexe (Lingenfelder) I dunno own any rights from the music, Lady Gaga is the owner. Undertown 3, Santa Fé 17/nov/2013!


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