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Student reported on Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody.

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Betty Ferguson Moody Obituary Video

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Betty Ferguson Moody Obituary Video

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This is an account of her experiences in 1984–86, when she left Alpena, Michigan to go to Iran with her husband and daughter for what she was promised would be a short visit. Once there, she and her daughter were held against their will. It was made into a 1991 film starring Sally Field as Betty. Betty and her daughter became trapped in a nation that was largely hostile to Americans, a family hostile to her, and an abusive husband. According to the book, her husband separated her from her daughter for weeks on end. He also assaulted her and threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. She eventually escaped with her daughter. The book details her 500 mile escape to Turkey through the snowy Iranian mountains and the help she received from many Iranians. Upon returning to America in 1986, Betty filed for divorce in the USA.

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In 1986, Sayed Mahmoody took his wife Betty and their young daughter to Iran. In Iran, Betty and her daughter were held prisoner in the family home. Eventually, Betty decided it was time to escape. Subscribe to Quest TV for more great clips: Quest On Demand: Follow Quest on Twitter:

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An Iranian-American woman shares the story of her escape from Iran, growing up in fear, and learning to forgive.

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One would have thought that since the soundtrack recording of this movie was released on LP years ago (and included this song, listing it as an out-take) that this tune might actually be here on YouTube somewhere, but I'm not finding it. This song, simply titled "Moody," was written in 1944 by Mack Gordon (lyrics) and Harry Warren (music) for the Twentieth Century Fox film "Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe," starring leg-bearer Betty Grable and crooner Dick Haymes. This particular song, a stellar bluesy number, was written for Betty Grable to sing in this film, but it somehow ended up on the cutting room floor, probably because the tune is slow-tempo and likely slowed down the flow of the film. A somewhat lengthy middle instrumental section of the Betty Grable pre-recording was likely to be covered over with dialogue, but it is unclear where this tune could have been inserted in the finished film. Interestingly, I find this tune particularly more interesting than even the wildly popular "Serenade In Blue," though it is about equal in quality to Harry's "Me And The Blues" from 1946. This tune is notey and long, so perhaps that dampens its appeal. Another odd fact about this piece of music is that it was copyrighted, but no less than one year AFTER the release of the film, which is an uncommon occurrence. So here it is, "Moody." And heck, why not post the lyric, too? Enjoy! Chorus: Moody, you're gone from me and I'm moody; I send my mem'ries on their way And I'm feeling gay; Then the thoughts of you intrude, And I'm so moody; The spell of early spring Holds nothing for me, The moon's beginning to bore me, I make believe I'm having fun Fooling ev'ryone; But I guess I'm not so smart, For I'm still moody, Can't seem to fool my heart. And when I try to read a book, I pick it up, I lay it down, Because I find my mind is not on what I read; I listen to the radio, I turn it on, I turn it off, Don't want the news and music, makes me lonely, Yes, I'm so low and so lonely, The nights that used to hurry by, Drag along and I Don't know what to do with myself; You and you only Can end my misery; And I'll be moody Till you come back to me.

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Video played at the memorial service of Betty Moody.

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Donna Karan New York came to Orange County, but not just for fashion. Greer's Girl Kelley Moody spoke with a Donna Karan's Woman Who Inspires Honoree, Betty Huang. Betty is the Vice Chair of the Segerstrom Center of the Arts. Born in Taiwan, Betty lived her life in Hong Kong until coming to Orange County. This last year she chaired Segerstrom's 40th Annual Candlelight Concert and raised $2.2 million for arts education. The Center works with over 300,000 students across southern California. Betty accepted her honor while planning a philanthropic fashion show at AnQi in South Coast Plaza. Interviews with Betty Huang and Segerstrom Center President, Terry Dwyer.

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Moody's mood for love

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In August of 1984, Michigan housewife Betty Mahmoody went to Iran with her husband and four-year-old daughter Mahtob, on a two-week trip to visit his family in Teheran. However, once the two weeks were over, he refused to allow them to leave. Betty Mahmoody and her daughter became virtual prisoners of a man who had rededicated himself to the Shiite Moslem faith. Thus began an 18-month tour of terror in which Mahmoody lived in fear of her husband and secretly plotted her escape to freedom. Mahmoody's story is one of hope, courage, resourcefulness and action. If you are interested in knowing more about Betty Mahmoody and booking her to speak at your next event, please contact AEI Speakers Bureau. Visit us online at Connect with us!

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The Gourds - Mr. Betty @ ACL Live Moody Theatre, Austin TX 12/31/11 (NYE)

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Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector

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I've found this on the Website of a swedish TV Channel. The interview however is in English.


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