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MR A k

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Pradeep ka sadi

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Mr. Maurice Fernandez of USA addressing on "Reincarnation in Astrology" at 28th International Astrological Conference (IVC Conference) 2018, Organised by Institute of Vedic Culture for Public Welfare & Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology, Founder & Director of KIA & IVCPW is Sri Gopal Bhattacharjee.

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Song: Tumar Premot Majoni. Singer: Diju. Tune Traditional/Re-composed by Diju. Lyrics: Diju. Rap Vocals:Bastav Nath. Music: Bablu Sharma Mix n Mastered by: Diganta Bordoloi. *ing: Diju, Bimal, Nami, Diplina. choreographer: Dhanjit Das(Ddc). Cinematographer: Krishna Shah. Editor: Moni Rajkonwar. Mack-up: Dipshikha.

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For Live Shows Call 7035893659 , 8723881073 PEARL FILMS Presents NINE Arts Video Production Song- Mitha Kotha Singer/Composer- Savvi Sabarwal Making Shot By- Amlan jr. Rajkhowa Making Edited by- Biman Boruah Axomiya Follow him On. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube new assamese song latest assamese song dance assamese song bihu special song 2017 Assamese Style best song hit bihu dance Rap bihu song best song of the year behind the scene

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Future of Shri Amit Shah in coming Elections in 2019. Dr. Shanker Adawal's Profile Visit: Dr. Adawal's research work and articles Visit Join Dr. Adawal's Facebook group for free Astro Quries

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Jai Ho Malik jagtham rishi

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50th Wedding Anniversary of My Parents on Cruise Ship MV Riviera in Kolkata on Hugli River. Celebrations on : 04th July, 2015

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✴✴✴✴✴ 🙏नमस्कार दोस्तों🙏✴✴✴✴✴ || Welcome to in My YouTube Channel || 👉ıllıllı🔥Satya Entertainments🔥ıllıllı👈 || Rasra || 👉 दोस्तों, अगर आपको ये Song पसन्द आया हो और जो नयें लोग मेरे इस विडियो को देख रहे है, तो Plz, पहले आप इस channel को Subscribe & Like जरूर करे | ताकि ऐसी ही और Videos Link आप तक पहले पहुंचे और आप ऐसे ही विडियों का आनन्द उठा सकें, और अच्छा लगें तो , अपने दोस्तों को भी शेयर करें | ✴ Friends - Don't Forget ✴ || Subscribe , Like , Share , Comment || * Subscribe to this Channel Now. 👇 👉 :---------- Thanks For Watching ----------:

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Divya Ratan was established in 1992 by Jyotirvid Pandit Arvind Tiwari. This organization was established to provide high quality lab tested certified gems to its clients for the betterment in life. We provide premium astrological and high quality gems across India & outside India which activates and energizes as needed and provides desired results to its bearer Visit Our website : Visit Our Facebook: for latest video Subscriber Our youtube channel 109, MC Complex, Naya Bans, Sector 15 Noida 201301, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 Phone: 0120 474 0000

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Dr. Dennis M Harness of USA addressing on "Vedic Transpersonal Counselling & The Astrologer's Shadow: Challenges in the Consulting Room" at The 28th International Astrological Conference (IVC Conference) 2018, Organised by Institute of Vedic Culture for Public Welfare & Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology, Founder & Director of KIA & IVCPW is Sri Gopal Bhattacharjee.

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Pintoo bhrigu asharam ballia. (9598927244 8423858406 )


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Presenting the latest Bihu song 'Sonowal Kachchari' by Dimpy Sonowal & Chandan Das. A perfect song to celebrate Bihu . Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video: CREDITS: Album : Sonowal Kachari Singer : Chandan Das & Dimpy Sonowal Lyrics & Composition : Tradition Special Music Arrangements : Chandan Das Cast : Chandan Das , Dimpy Sonowal and others Language : Assamese Video Directed by Samujjal Kashyap Label : Times Music Download / Stream from the below links. Watch our videos on Dekkho - Times Music - Gaana - Wynk - Saavn - Hungama - For Caller Tunes, dial the below codes. Airtel Users For Hello Tunes Dial 5432116203331 (Toll Free) Vodafone Users For Caller Tunes Dial 537942473 (Rs 0.30/Min) Idea Users For Dialer Tones Dial 567899424731 (Toll Free) For more updates: Facebook: Like us On G+: Tweet us your favourite videos on: Visit Our Website:

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Keep Watching यूपी की बदहाल स्वास्थ्य व्यवस्था का सामना होते ही बलिया के भाजपा विधायक सुरेंद्र सिंह ने अपनी सरकार के स्वास्थ्य मंत्री को दी चुनौती। .. कहा स्वास्थ्य मंत्री के इलाके में हुआ होगा विकास बलिया में सरकार की हनक नहीं ! साथ ही काम ना करने वाले अधिकारियों को दी धमकी तीन दिन तक चेमबर में रखूंगा बंद ना खाऊंगा ना खाने दूंगा ! यूपी की बदहाल स्वास्थ्य व्यवस्था पर आम आदमी रोये तो क्या हुआ। .... मरीज बन चुके अस्पतालों की दुर्व्यवस्था पर जनता झुँझलाये तो क्या हुआ ! पर जब अपनी ही सरकार और सरकारी व्यवस्था की दुर्व्यवस्था का सामना सत्ता पक्ष का विधायक करे और चिल्लाये तो लगता है की कुछ हुआ है ! जी हां बलिया जनपद के बैरिया विधानसभा के भाजपा विधायक सुरेन्द्र सिंह अपने इलाके के अस्पताल में महीने भर से एंटी रैबीज इंजेक्शन ना होने की शिकायत लेकर बलिया जिला चिकित्सालय पहुंचे ! मगर सीएमओ को गैरहाज़िर पाकर आगबबूला हो गए !फिर आव देखा ना ताव और धमकी दे डाली की बलिया के भ्र्ष्ट सीएमओ जैसे अधिकारी नहीं सुधरे तो उन्हें तीन दिनों तक चेमबर में रखूँगा। .. ना खाऊंगा ना खाने दूंगा !अपनी बेबाक टिप्पणी के लिए मशहूर भाजपा विधायक यही नहीं रुके उन्होंने अपनी ही सरकार को कटघरे में खड़ा करते हुए कहा की योगी और मोदी के अपने क्षेत्रों में विकास हुआ होगा पर बलिया में कोई असर नहीं दिखता ! यही नहीं उन्होंने अपनी सरकार के स्ववास्थ्य मंत्री पर भी आरोप लगाते हुए कहा की उनके अपने क्षेत्र इलाहाबाद में हनक दिखती होगी पर बलिया में उनका कोई असर नहीं दिखता ! और उनके विधानसभा में जो सरकारी चिकित्सालय की व्यवस्था है वो स्वास्थ्य मंत्री की वजह से नहीं उनकी वजह से है !

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A little effort... ( 9463117433 )

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जरूर सुने ॥ मृत संजीवनी मंत्र ॥ सुनने मात्र से हरेक प्रकार के रोग एवम कस्ट दूर हो जाते है ! आचार्य राम कुमार तिवारी ( काशी विद्यापीठ वाले ) निर्देशक - राजेश कुमार सिंह Copy Right || Cine Prime World Shakti Cults of goddess worship are ancient in India. The branch of Hinduism that worships the goddess, known as Devi, is called Shaktism. Followers of Shaktism recognize Shakti as the power that underlies the male principle, and Devi is often depicted as Parvati the consort of Shiva or as Lakshmi the consort of Vishnu. She is also depicted in other guises, such as the fierce Kali or Durga. Shaktism is closely related with Tantric Hinduism, which teaches rituals and practices for purification of the mind and body.The Mother Goddess has many forms. Some are gentle, some are fierce. Shaktas use chants, real magic, holy diagrams, yoga and rituals to call forth cosmic forces Saiva Saivism is the Hindu sect that worships the god Shiva. Shiva is sometimes depicted as the fierce god Bhairava. Saivists are more attracted to asceticism than adherents of other Hindu sects, and may be found wandering India with ashen faces performing self-purification rituals. They worship in the temple and practice yoga, striving to be one with Siva within. Vaishnava Vaishnavism is the sect within Hinduism that worships Vishnu, the preserver god of the Hindu Trimurti ('three images', the Trinity), and his ten incarnations. It is a devotional sect, and followers worship many deities, including Ram and Krishna, both thought to be incarnations of Vishnu. The adherents of this sect are generally non-ascetic, monastic and devoted to meditative practice and ecstatic chanting.Vaishnavites are mainly dualistic. They are deeply devotional. Their religion is rich in saints, temples and scriptures.

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Video from 🚩ब्राह्मण 🗡नीरज उपाध्याय👈🏻 बागी बलिया

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अमरनाथ गुफा का ऐसा रहस्य जानकर हैरान रह जायेंगे आप... Watch This Video :- There is a different faith in the Hindu for Amarnath's Mahadev. Today we will tell you about the same Muslim family, who has invented India Baba Blissy. Belonging to the Puranas, Bhrigu Rishi first discovered the Amarnath cave. But after the passage of time people forgot him. After which a man named Buta Malik discovered Baba Amanatha's cave. It is being told that Buta Malik discovered Amarnath cave 500 years ago. In one report, it has been claimed that the descendants of Buta Malik still live in Barak, and are directly related to Amarnath Yatra. But the ancestors of Buta Malik still give a hand in the care of Amarnath Yatra. It is claimed that a man named Buta Malik, 500 years ago, went out into the forests to feed the goats. Suddenly due to bad weather, Buta took refuge in a cave, where a monk was already present. The sage gave a bag full of coal to the Muslim boota. When Buta returned home, and when he opened the brood of a sage, instead of the coal it was filled with gold coins. Buta ran away ran to the cave, so that he could meet a monk. There was no monk in the cave but Shiva Baba was present in the form of bliss. According to the claim, Gadari came out of the cave, and told the people in the village that Lord Shiva is in the cave. Ghulam Hassan Malik, a member of the same family, points out that, his ancestor, Buta Malik, has only discovered the cave of Baba Blissi, it sounds like stories in listening, but it is absolutely true. They tell us that our ancestors used to feed past sheep. Subscribe Us for Latest News & Updates ► Stay Connected with Us : Follow Us On Facebook ► Follow Us On Twitter ► Follow Us On Google plus ► HJ NEWS !! HJ NEWS outbreaks the conventional news reading and brings to you the real face of every information at one click! Latest news from India and the world, politics and nation, entertainment, sports and science. Witness the panoramic vision of the state on every aspect you can think of! It is easy for every person to watch the news in form of video rather than reading every sentance.. So, Friends Please Watch , Like , Share & Subscribe HJ NEWS

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Gems of Eazyways-Mr.Dilip Kumar (3Aug2017)

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Jay hind

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I'm also gonna go back to my hometown to attend college there! Kevin Xiong November 15, 1995 11:50 PM Eau Claire, WI This video is an entry for Penny's (whackowitch) contest to win a free reading!

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Disclaimer- This video is found on internet. I reupload this so that more viewer can see it.

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Song-Radhar Darpo Surno. Singer-Hirok jyoti Sarma & Tribeni Bujarbarua.

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Video ছোৱাৰ আগত Please please please Subscribe আৰু Like কৰিব নাপাহৰিব | কাৰন মই আপোনালৈ নতুন নতুন Video Upload কৰি থাকিম | পাৰিলে Bel “🔔” button টো click কৰি দিয়ক, যাতে মোৰ Video first আপুনি পায় | 🙏ধন্যবাদ 🙏 Download Links Below 👇 Kinemaster Pro.apk : My new Hindi Channel, (Djdul Assam Hindi Videos ) please Subscribe The Channel... and Enjoy the latest hindi videos... link below 👇 Aai O Aai by Babumoni Nice sd song. I hope U also like this song. Links Below 👇

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Prof. Prem Kumar ' Nazar ' (May 2016)


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Website - Join us @ Subscribe us @ Follow us @ Email - Contact - +91- 9818300146, +91- 9990724131 Weekly Horoscope, Zodiac Prediction (28 June To 5 July), साप्ताहिक राशिफल 28 जून से 5 जुलाई, Saptahik Rashiphal.......Know What The Coming Week Holds For You & How You Can Make The Coming Week Successful...... जानिए कैसा रहने वाला है आपका आगामी सप्ताह और कैसे व कौन कौन से सरल उपाय कर के अपने सप्ताह को बना सकते है सफल और लाभकारी.......इस पूरे सप्ताह आप क्या करे और क्या ना करे जिससे आपको मिले हर दिन का अधिक से अधिक लाभ |

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Published Date : 2016-08-22T06:44:14.000Z

Song: Ekajoli Maan Singer: Neer Dipankar & Neena Music/Tune: Anuraag Saikia Lyrics: Bishnujyoti Handique Produced by Dulal Gogoi Video Director: Tridip Lahon Editor: Moni Rajkonwar Cinematographer: Krishna Shah Staring: Neer Dipankar & Triveni Baruah Make-up: Debashish 22 Aug 2016 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "UXAHOT TUMAR NAAM by Sarmila Mahanta & Simanta Shekhar ! New Assamese Music Video ! 2017" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Heerok kashyop, Zubeen garg, hot girls, neel akash ,

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Gyan4you, दोस्तों इस चैनल पर आप देखेंगे "आध्यात्मिक देश और दुनिया वास्तुशास्त्र और "घरेलु चिकित्सा" के कुछ अचूक गुणकारी उपाय गज और ग्राह की वो कहानी जिसके हीरो भगवान विष्णु थे, हम उम्मीद करते है की आप को इस चैनल के माद्यम से रोचक जानकारियां दे सके! आप अपने सुझाव हमे कमेंट में भेजिए और अगर आप किसी कहानी या तथ्य के बारे में जानकारी चाहते है तो वो भी हमे कमेंट बॉक्स में भेजिए! और हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करे! धन्यवाद! News Theme 2 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Bluehosting discount -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Gulshan Kumar Presents Bhushan Kumar's T-Series Mixtape Punjabi powered by Hungama, Music Instruments Partner Furtado Brings to you the video of the 11th Romantic mashup of "Layi Vi Na Gayi/Sadde Naal Yaariyan" in the voice of Jashan Singh & Shipra Goyal from #TseriesMixTapePunjabi only on T-Series YouTube Channel. ♪ Available on ♪ iTunes : Hungama : Saavn : Gaana : Apple Music : Google Play : Wynk : Song- Layi Vi Na Gayi / Sadde Naal Yaariyan Singers – Jashan Singh and Shipra Goyal Music By - Abhijit Vaghani Produced By: Bhushan Kumar Directed By: Ahmed Khan Conceptualized & Developed By - Shivam Chanana & Sonal Chawla Editor: Nitin FCP & Sachin Tiwari DI & Gfx – Nadeem Akhtar & Satish Prajapati Creative Assistance & Project Coordinator to Abhijit Vaghani : Parmita Mathur Creative Designs By – Sunil Sharma Ashish Sharma - Stylist For Caller Tunes : Layi Vi Na Gayi Sadde Naal Mithe Mithe - Layi Vi Na Gayi Sadde Naal Sacha - Layi Vi Na Gayi Sadde Naal Set as Caller Tune: Set "Layi Vi Na Gayi Sadde Naal" as your caller tune - sms PMIX30 To 54646 Set "Mithe Mithe - Layi Vi Na Gayi Sadde Naal" as your caller tune - sms PMIX31 To 54646 Set "Sacha - Layi Vi Na Gayi Sadde Naal " as your caller tune - sms PMIX32 To 54646 ________________________________________ T-Series Production Team Beer Singh Adaa Ghai Nikhil Gupta Andrew D'Souza Ravi Chaturvedi T-Series Digital Team Prashant Shetty Andrew D'Souza Vahishta Bharucha T-Series A & R Team Shivam Chanana Sonal Chawla Varun Arora Raj Chanana Vivin Sachdeva Team AV Gurashish Singh Saurabh-Jay Gaurav Kumar Bhrigu Parashar Aniket Kharatmal Tanveer Singh Additional Music Credits: Music Programmed By - Abhijit Vaghani Rahul Pandirkar – Electronic Drum Kit Harshit Jain – Grand Piano Yashvardhan Prasad – Bass Guitar Suryakant Shrikant Sharma – Percussion Ravi Kumar – Acoustic Guitar Pushpak Trivedi – Electric Guitar Nitesh More – Percussion Sandesh Kadam – Dholak Avinash Lamba – Dholak Sam Haldar- Mandolin Errol Momerote- Violin Raju Padhiyar- Violin Amol Astunkar- Violin Manoj Jawda- Violin Arjun Jawda- Violin Suraj Thakur- Violin Ravindra Attra- Cello Surendra Jawda- Cello Saarrah Ali – Vocalist Muskaan Khan - Vocalist Sadiya Shaikh – Vocalist Anam Pathan- Vocalist Arfath Shaikh- Vocalist Fazl Khan - Vocalist Rehearsed at- T-SERIES Studios Recorded By - Surajit Ghosh Mazumdar, Dattaray Narvekar Mixed and Mastered by Aftab Khan at Headroom Studio Mix Assistant: Dhron Galiyawala Original Song Credits: Song - Layi Vi Na Gayi Singer - Sukhwinder Singh Lyricist - Pappu Dhillon, Babu Maan Music - Aadesh Shrivastav Song: Sade Naal Yaariyan Singer: Nachhatar Gill Music: Gurmeet Singh Lyrics: Dalvir Bhullar ________________________________________ Operator Codes: 1.Layi Vi Na Gayi Sadde Naal Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53710117262 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116463443 Idea Subscribers Dial 53710117262 Tata DoCoMo Subscribers dial 54321110117262 Aircel Subscribers sms DT 6958750  To 53000 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 10117262 To 56700 BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 6958750 To 56700 Virgin Subscribers sms TT 6958750 To 58475 Telenor Subscribers dial 500110117262 MTNL Subscribers sms PT 10117262 To 56789 2.Mithe Mithe - Layi Vi Na Gayi Sadde Naal Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53710117255 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116463442 Idea Subscribers Dial 53710117255 Tata DoCoMo Subscribers dial 54321110117255 Aircel Subscribers sms DT 6958751  To 53000 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 10117255 To 56700 BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 6958751 To 56700 Virgin Subscribers sms TT 6958751 To 58475 Telenor Subscribers dial 500110117255 MTNL Subscribers sms PT 10117255 To 56789 3.Sacha - Layi Vi Na Gayi Sadde Naal Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53710117264 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116463107 Idea Subscribers Dial 53710117264 Tata DoCoMo Subscribers dial 54321110117264 Aircel Subscribers sms DT 6958752  To 53000 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 10117264 To 56700 BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 6958752 To 56700 Virgin Subscribers sms TT 6958752 To 58475 Telenor Subscribers dial 500110117264 MTNL Subscribers sms PT 10117264 To 56789 ___ Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to T-Series: ► Like us on Facebook: ► Follow us on Twitter: ► Follow us on Instagram:

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The writer and filmmaker, Dheeraj Sharma, takes a walk at Connaught Place, Delhi and reveals the truth of extreme drug addiction in homeless kids. The kids are introduced to intoxicated solvents those ate later turned into the quagmire of heroine addiction. Clip from the film - Nashebaaz - The Dying People Of Delhi explores the underrated topic of drug abuse prevalent in the homeless people of Delhi. Kamlesh From Bhopal | Solution Boy | Solution Guy | Kamlesh Solution | Solochan

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Singer - Rupjyoti Nath & Neelam Nayana Lyrics/Tune - Rupjyoti Nath Music - Anupam Saikia


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