Bioshock Big Daddy Freakin Amazing Action Figure Collectible By Threezero....!

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#Bioshock #BigDaddy #Threezero

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#Threezero #Bioshock #BigDaddy Me and Jo Review the new Big Daddy and little sister by Threezero from: Music from the amazing Breadhenge (sub to him) Music from Youtube Creative and Derek Fiechter Photoshoot Music by Ross Budgen

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An unboxing and overview of the BioShock Big Daddy (bouncer) & Little Sister figures by ThreeZero. Three Zero: Eternal Frost:

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ThreeZero Bioshock Big Daddy Bouncer & Little Sister 1/6th Scale Figure Review _________________________________________________________________ Thanks so much for watching and hope you enjoy! Be sure to subscribe to my channel for more videos!

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Totally geeked when I saw this thing, left it in the video! This video was done in two different videos related to not having any batteries. This is a review of the recently released ThreeZero 1/6th scale Bioshock Big Daddy with Little Sister figure. No detail is spared and it shows!

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Unboxing , Bioshock Action Figures , Collectables.

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Hey guys the last of my Big Daddy action figure review! The third Big Daddy that was released by NECA was a LED version that could switch between three different lights. Red, orange and green were the three colors that were on the figure. While the LED's add a ton to the figures coolness, some downgrades had to happen to get there. The body is hollow to fit the lights and batteries, so now you get a lighter weighing figure, that just doesnt feel and solid as the originals. The articulation and joints also took a hit, compared to the original and elite version, you lose out on some range on the thighs, knees and boots, and the contacts from the limbs to the body just feel bad to use. For a figure with little articulation, and below average possibility because of how the figure model just is, a lot of these problems aren't too much of an issue for me personally, the Big Daddy Bouncer figure wasn't going to get into any dynamic poses anyways, and the LEDs make him a nice show piece to display, but not play with. I'm fine with that personally. He's probably one of the more rare versions of the big daddy, as he was produced much later in the Bioshock series toy line. If you can find one for cheap id recommend him, just make sure the lights work! Keep up to date with my videos by subscribing to my channel, or checking out my twitter or instagram for toypics. Twitter Instagram

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Novedades sobre Blitzway, ThreeZero, 3A y Star Ace en SDCC2017 Videos de Mario Alquiza: Hannibal: Ecto-1: Seguime en Facebook: Grupo de Fb: Mercado Libre: Instagram:

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In this collectible unboxing and review, Ains takes a look at the long (and we mean long) anticipated Bioshock Rosie Exclusive Edition statue from Gaming Heads. You can find SG's other content below! Site: Twitter: @SeasonedGaming @Porshapwr @Treb_SG @drodriguezwdsc Facebook: Itunes/Google Play/Soundcloud: Seasoned Gaming

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Hey guys, got a classic figure from the Bioshock Video game series. NECA released a Big Daddy bouncer, and he's a big figure. Not the best articulation, but the paint job and sculpting makes up for it with all the detailed rust and grime. Doesn't come with any other accessories, other than his two tanks, but those will be on permanently and you can't really interact with them. Overall he's just a huge and heavy figure of one of the most iconic enemies in video games. NECA really did a great job on this figure, hes stood the test of time and holds up great. The articulation is a bit lacking on the figure, but for me it's a pass, i honestly don't see any other way of getting more movement out of a large and heavy diving suit. The leg articulation could have been better, but for this action figures needs, its good enough. Other Variants of the BIg Daddy Bouncer from NECA includes the Elite Bouncer and the Light up LED bouncer, and those ill be reviewing in the coming days. I've seen that ThreeA is releasing there own version of the Big Daddy Bouncer for $280! Thats a huge bite to swallow, and personally i'll be passing on it, seeing as well, these NECA figures pretty much do the same thing, at a smaller scale that fits in with the rest of my figures. But for the hardcore collector, it might be an option for you. Keep up to date with my videos by subscribing to my channel, or checking out my twitter or instagram for toypics. Twitter Instagram

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Production: TOYSTV Production Team Program host: Toyswalker-Dick.Po, Joe Facebook: Weibo: Youku: 本節目只反映節目主持人及個別參與節目人士的個人意見,與本網站立場無關。

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sorry if its a bit bad first vid =) Im gonig to make a gaming videos

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This video is about Bioshock Big Daddy And Little Sister Figure By Threezero 1/6th Scale Figure

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Hello eBay and seller. In this video i will show that i received the Big Daddy figure broken. It is a unboxing.

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Like and subscribe to me Song:tag your it Art:gifs and fan art and things from the game

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Toda we talk about the new BioShock figurines available from ThreeZero! The new Subject Delta BioShock 2 figure is available for preorder now! Get them here if you want them: Subject Delta: Big Daddy: If you haven't already, make sure you subscribe! Also, if you enjoy the video, hit that like button and leave a comment down below on what you want us to do next!

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I created this video using my Logitech webcam software.

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Published Date : 2013-07-19T20:23:22.000Z


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Unboxing dos action figures baseados no game Bioshock 2, modelo: "Lights up" Big Daddy Bouncer, c/Led e o modelo: Big Daddy Rosie, da linha Bioshock 2 da Neca. ( Se gostou clique em: Gostei Inscreva-se no canal para acompanhar mais vídeos: Compartilhe e adicione aos favoritos para ajudar na divulgação! :) Siga também no twitter:

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Some fan art of Bioshock to experiment with Photoshop and my new tablet! Not the best but a good stepping stone. SUBSCRIBE LIKE RIGHT NOW: {Music used} Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker Suite - 08 Waltz of the Flowers Program used was Photoshop Download here: (It costs money, this is not a torrent download.) Download the image here: Get updates and previews of my drawings, vote for what to draw next, and other stuff on my twitter:

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Bioshock - "FIGHTING BIG DADDY!" - Part 4 - Mevoda Hey guys join me as I revisit one of my favorite game of all time, BIOSHOCK! For some of you it will be a nice trip down memory lane and for those of you who haven't played this, your in fro a pretty great game! Hope you enjoy! Bioshock Playlist : SUBSCRIBE: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram:

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Big daddy figure from Bioshock

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well I finally got my tablet!! it actually took me like 3hr and 30 minutes

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New figure 4 Fallout for $400 At the beginning of the year, the company threezero, specializing in the production of collectible figurines and figurines, presented an amazing model of Power Armor for $400. And not just armor, but a real modular version with a man inside — just like in the game. Now threezero has created a version of Power Armor, T-60, with a female inside. The company will offer two versions: one for $398 — with a fiery coloring, a gun and a nuclear Bazooka. The second version, for $380 with a gun. The sums are large, but collectors of such works threezero will be dealt with pleasure. Especially considering the ability to detach armor pieces.

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From Bioshock.

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This video is about The Walking Dead 1:6th Scale Figure of Daryl Dixon By Threezero.

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An art peace I made from the first intoduction of the big daddy. When he destroys a splicer. Link to more photos is here on my DA

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Big Daddy's super pissed - BioShock digital short 08-20-07

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I chose the song "Cry Little Sister" but youtube was an ass hole and made me change it so it says in the credits Cry Little Sister by Carfax Abbey when I changed it to Bring me to life.

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Published Date : 2017-09-21T16:00:00.000Z

“Return to Rapture” played host to an incredible display of BioShock’s crazed splicers, schemers, and saviors. Take a look at the amazing cosplay from the PAX party, and find out who took home the night’s top honors. For the latest news, would you kindly follow the BioShock social channels? Twitter: Facebook:

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Thank you for watching! This was part of a birthday present for my boyfriend Jordan. The character is from the game series Bioshock. Thanks again for watching!! Connect with Me!! Twitter: Instagram: Twitch:

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Will and Daniel discuss bioshock gear in this week's collectibles! Full Episode: T-Shirt - Statue -

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lol owned

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Published Date : 2016-05-17T06:02:30.000Z


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First Big Daddy fight in the game, first Ps4 playthrough of Bioshock. Liking it so far. I should say that I do have the platinum on the Ps3 versions so it's not my first first, only first time on Ps4 with the collection. BIOSHOCK COMPLETE (BIOSHOCK 1 & 2)!/en-fi/tid=CUSA03985_00

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The dioramas in the lobby of Ryan Amusements are kinda fun, telling a romanticised verson of the founding of Rapture. I thought the speeches could have been more bombastic, though, given Ryan's colourful speechs in the first game with his "parasites" and "great chain" and "man" and "slave" and all that. Not too much else going on; just looting and hacking our way to the next quest objective, which is the first Big Daddy battle. As with the first game, at this point early on you don't have a lot of fancy weapons or plasmids, so it's just a basic shoot-it-until-it-dies.

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Bioshock Big Daddy Figure Call of Duty WWII tshirt Gears of War plush Gears of War Pin Wolfenstein II whistle Wolfenstein II poster

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Song by Animeme


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