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Best of Rick Ross: Subscribe here: Music video by Rick Ross performing B.M.F.. (C) 2010 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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SMACK DVD 8 BMF Bleu Davinci Big Meech Fabolous Young Jeezy Baby Bleu

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Young Jeezy Speaks On why He Cut Ties With Bmf & Big meech. Click Here For More Beef videos Try Our Hip Hop Coffee Blend Here ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** The Latest Hip Hop News, Viral Headlines, And Breaking stories. News Updated Daily! ********************************************************************** SUBSCRIBE TO HIP HOP UNCENSORED HERE: ********************************************************************** Check Out Our Website: Follow Us On Instagram: Follow Us On Twitter: Like Our Facebook Page: COPYRIGHT TAKEDOWNS: Intro Music: By @kingtoro84 On Instagram For More Beats! * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended.

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THE BLACK MAFIA FAMILY explores the story of the 15-year investigation that resulted in 41 defendants across the country being charged in one of the largest drug conspiracy cases ever.

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Published Date : 2015-06-05T14:33:14.000Z - While many relationships would have been torn apart while facing an indictment as large as the one thrown at BMF, Bleu DaVinci revealed to VladTV that around 70% of the people involved remained loyal and didn't snitch. He added that "there were quite a few of real live snitches involved in that situation." Bleu also spoke about seeing a guy in jail named Omari who was supposed to be testifying against Big Meech, but the rapper said the guy never went through with testifying. Other than Omari, Bleu admitted that he's never run into any other snitches. During the conversation Bleu also spoke about prison life and being away from his family, which you can hear more about above.

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The son of the "legendary" Big Meech seems to be living well. Lol Subscribe here: For music promotion on our YouTube/Website/Social Media contact: ➤ Instagram: ➤ Facebook: ➤ Twitter:

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Upon A Burning Body // Straight From The Barrio // OUT NOW iTunes: Amazon: GooglePlay: VINYL pre-order: CD/MERCH: -- B.M.F. //LYRICS I don't got a problem with the way I'm living When I look around at what the world's becoming Stay the fuck out the way 'cause it's my way My way or the highway All of the money, just problems All of the problems, I solve them All of the shit you've been talking You don't want problems you walking I'm living life on the wild side Fuck you Tattooed middle finger to the sky Fuck you Bad boy 'til the day I die Fuck you Feel the heat when I come alive Step up All that hype you been spitting going to get you knocked down Another level put down Y'all wanna tear this place up give me a "Hell yeah!" Y'all wanna burn this place down let me hear "Hell yeah!" Everybody else just looking for attention and mentions But your intentions are to go the extra mile to troll my profile You are the punch to my lines Your nights don't come close to mine You wish that you could live this Your vacation, that's my whole life I'm living life on the wild side Fuck you Tattooed middle finger to the sky Fuck you Bad boy 'til the day I die Fuck you Feel the heat when I come alive Step up All that hype you been spitting going to get you knocked down Another level put down Y'all wanna tear this place up give me a "Hell yeah!" Y'all wanna burn this place down let me hear "Hell yeah!" Fuck the ones who doubt me, talk shit about me You're just a bitch and I'm a bad motherfucker Y'all wanna tear this place up give me a "Hell yeah!" Y'all wanna burn this place down let me hear "Hell yeah!" Y'all wanna tear this fucking place up give me a "Hell yeah!" Y'all wanna burn this place down let me hear "Hell yeah!" -- Directed by: Ramon Boutviseth -- FOLLOW SUMERIAN FOLLOW UPON A BURNING BODY

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Published Date : 2010-07-22T00:37:44.000Z HOT NEW MUSIC BY RICK ROSS-B.M.F OFF THE TEFLON DON ALBUM

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Back in 2012 during the press run for his album TM 103, Jeezy stopped by and shared some wild times he had with BMF leader Big Meech. BMF's story has made it to a few documentaries, while the head honcho is still serving time in prison, 50 Cent is currently working on a series about the Black Mafia Family.

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Bleu Davinci shows a couple BMF Cars, summer of 2003 in Atlanta. Plus drops a freestyle "We got them Birds" off the BMF Blackout tape.

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BMF(Black Mafia Family) Big Meech Interview On Smack DVD Speak On The Fam

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copyright : i dont own this song Follow me on twitter @_aAllen

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A Former BMF member name T-Rod claims Big Meech snitched on and is using his name to get his sentence reduced. Documentary(Educational reasons/public records information based on wikipedia)Video is for educational reasons.. “BMF” is the largest and most iconic urban narcotics gang in American history. The highly-structured organization sprouted up in the Southwest section of Detroit in the early 1990s and by the start of the New Millennium had spread across the entire country, maintaining administrative and distribution hubs in Michigan, Missouri, Georgia, Texas, California and New York.BMF was founded in Detroit by Demetrius Flenory a.k.a known as "Big Meech". BMF biography source:wikipedia and wikileaks According to third party media resources T-Rod claims have been a former member who served 2 years for possession of cocaine charge.However he said due to his affiliation to the BMF organization he was convinced. He claimed BMF founder was the one who told on him to get a pardon and handed information during his court proceedings. Eventually T-Rod took a guilty plea and served a prison time from 2015-2017. Source: mediainfoleakers, urban news and hiphopconnect tv Video released is meant for the public to gain educational reasons on urban life style,we hope at the same time our viewers can also learn how those who didn't obey the law eventually were locked up due to the mistakes in life.The news commentator expresses his views/opinions and also feels it is always wise to teach the public and educate the public on American urban history.At the end of our video we also want our audience to make sure to learn knowledge and education is powerful and the way to succeed in life by going to school ,getting grades and obey the great laws and policies of our great nation our Four Funding fathers created.We hope our viewers can gain insight by watching our video and other videos,like always drop us a comment and let us know please be positive.Thank you. Note:All information released are public records and meant for the public to view for educational reasons.Zone X Entertainment & Wali Da Great are news commentator and are providing educational news based on media outlet and third party resources.In no shape or form do we claim any responsibility or accuracy of the information being viewed.Wali Da Great also will express his FREE speech and opinions on topics that he feels are necessary to educate the public.Our views and news commenting fall under Freedom of the press which is the First Amendment of the Constitution. Disclaimer: The video is for educational purposes along with entertainment purposes. They are made under the context of satire, parody, and comedy and are created under the guidelines of fair use for criticism purposes.In no shape or form do we claim any responsibility of the information said .All our videos are meant to obey and follow guidelines for youtube and other platform for news purposes reasons.. All information is credited to third party media outlets,we hope our viewers can understand and enjoy the content of the news video as a form of expression.Zone X Entertainment & Wali Da Great is no way related or have any direct relationship with any of the individuals mentioned in the video. Freedom of Press or Freedom of Media Gives Zone X Entertainment and all other media outlets the legal protection under U.S. Constitutional law.All our videos comply with youtube guidelines and other platform guidelines. For questions or comments,we encourage to comment on the comment line and let us know,thank you.. Subscribe to my channel!Go to For business or bookings call 404-590-3474 or email Follow Wali Da Great Official Website

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The Black Mafia Family party onstage at club Crobar in Miami. Big Meech, JBO, Tito Dash, Bleu Davinci and his cousin Ras Kass party it up!

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Black Mafia Family member Baby Bleu shows the BMF lifestyle on south beach, Miami.

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Freeway Ricky is known for being one of the biggest drug kingpins of all time, and he shared his thoughts on Big Meech and his Black Mafia Family empire, which was busted for drug trafficking in the mid-2000s. After pointing out that Big Meech used to write to him after starting his sentence, Freeway Ricky told us that he believes that BMF's downfall came when they got too flashy. Speaking more on the downfall of BMF, Freeway Ricky told us that despite Big Meech and crew being flashy, he added that the government is paying top dollar to informants, with the top earners making millions each year. Check out more of what Freeway Ricky had to say in the above clip, including winning a case for being abused by police.

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Gift From The Ghetto 🎁 Created with

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Juelz Santana - Big Meech's Goon Fleming 'Ill' Daniels (BMF) Had Niggas Trying To Kill Jim Jones

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Atlanta BMF Arrest Footage Four More Arrest; FEDs Close To "Shutting Down" BMF!? [Video]

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Published Date : 2018-04-17T22:23:13.000Z

Lil Meech sat down with Vlad to speak on a variety of topics including his dad Big Meech getting 30 years, the upcoming BMF TV series, and more. Watch the full interview above.

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Tán gái cho Con - Tập 3 | Phim Hài Mới Nhất 2018 - Phim Hay Cười Vỡ Bụng 2018 - Chiến Thắng Hài Tết 2018: Phim Hài 2018 Mới Nhất: Hài Chiến Thắng 2018: Hài Tết 2017 Mới Nhất : Đăng ký Xem PHIM HÀI 2018 Mới Nhất : Fanpage Bình Minh Film: Hỏi Đáp: ========= Bản Quyền Thuộc Về BH Media

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*I Do Not Own This Video* They started on the streets of Detroit and spread out across the country landing in Atlanta. The Federal Government alleged they control a narcotics distribution network that netted them over 300 million dollars. Authorities claim Demetrious Flournoy, AKA Big Meech and his brother Terry Flournoy AKA South Side T operated over a fifteen year period The Black Mafia Family influenced the music industry artists and even created the ever popular "Making it Rain" move emulated by everyone from Lil Wayne to R. Kelly Witness the true story of an abbreviated organization not controlled by the government but governed by the rules of the game. The principals and respect instilled in this organization were reminiscent of the Italian Mafia, only one thing, they were black, they were rich and they were under Big Meech!

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NOWWUT.COM Vintage footage of BMF at club Prive in Miami. Showing how they had things on lock. Big Meech, Bleu, No one did it like they did in Miami, NO ONE!

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HOOD AFFAIRS GOES AND CAPTURES THE NEW BMF CAMPAIGN Subscribe To The Hood Affairs Channel: Shop @ The Hood Affairs Store:

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CURSO GRÁTIS DAY TRADE: ESTÁ COMEÇANDO DO ZERO? CLIQUE AQUI: INSCREVA-SE NO CANAL: Quer testar a ferramentas de gráficos que usei no vídeo por 30 DIAS completamente de graça? Acesse ----------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Mais informações sobre como operar o mercado aqui: ---------------------- Negociar ações ou comodidades envolve riscos substanciais e você pode perder um monte de dinheiro, e, portanto, não é adequado para todos. Para ler os termos na íntegra acesse o link:

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14 Year old PeeWee Roscoe let's everybody in the club know the world is BMF's - Big Meech, Bleu Davinci, celebrate Jadakiss birthday

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Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Cyhi the Prynce opened up to VladTV about growing up in Georgia and getting kicked out of school in the 9th grade. Cyhi explained that after his parents kicked him out of the house he went on to live in a trap house with a friend. When asked about the most dangerous situation he encountered, Cyhi opened up about getting into a shootout after some guys tried to rob him. During the conversation, Cyhi also spoke about having to leave the club within three minutes of BMF and Big Meech entering the club, due to Feds watching them. To hear more, hit the above clip.

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Rick Ross on tour in the UK hitting Hammersmith Apollo in London with a legendary performance! Blowing Money Fast. NOT TO BE MISSED!

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LINK DE INSCRIÇÃO PARA A PRÓXIMA TURMA: Nesse vídeo falamos as diferenças e qual melhor mercado que o iniciante deve começar a operar. Site: Facebook: Instagram: email:

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Für mehr Information Hersteller von verlässlichen Forstmaschinen. Rückewagen, Rückewagen mit Kran, Rückezange ect.

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Published Date : 2017-04-06T06:24:27.000Z


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Published Date : 2015-03-23T14:29:08.000Z - BMF affiliate Bleu DaVinci recently sat down with VladTV to chat about his early days with the group, partying with the crew, and the notorious BMF billboard that used to tower over Atlanta. The 'Angels & Demons' emcee recalled being first introduced to BMF co-founder Big Meech by DJ Pooh, saying that at that time, the group had yet to come together. "There was no BMF when I started rocking with Meech, and there was no big crew," DaVinci recounted. "It wasn't until after we got real cool and I started bringing my people in...and he brought more people in, until we had enough people that you could actually call a crew." DaVinci then revealed that the group was initially referred to as "Meechie's Boys," a label that Meech was not fond of. It wasn't until later that one of DaVinci's cousins suggested calling the crew BMF. Moving on, DJ Vlad brought up an instance back in 2004 when BMF flew him out to Atlanta to hang out and party. "The level that you all partied at was something that I had not seen before or after," Vlad said to DaVinci's amusement. "We just like to have fun, we just like to have a good time," he explained. "At the end of the day, that's what we did," he added, saying it was "all love." Wrapping up, DaVinci weighed in on the infamous "The World Is BMF's" billboard that formerly stood in Atlanta. Despite what many believed at the time, he says the signage was simply marketing for a mixtape of the same name. Check out the clip to hear more about the group's hard-partying lifestyle and story behind the billboard.

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B.M.F is Mafia organisation - Black Mafia Family Big Meech was leader (Drug Lord). He sponsored young rappers Now "Big Meech" (Demetrius Flenory) and his younger brother (Terry Flenory) are in prison until 2031. 2004 copyright BMF Entertainment

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Ny Joddski-shit! remix på rick ross' nye hit "BMF" instrumental

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Die Forstarbeit ist hart genug. Deswegen macht unser Rückewagen und Forstkran die Forstwirtschaft einfacher und komfortabler. Mehr Inforamtion unter

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Drum Kit Download -


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