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How to get people to like you immediately? You never get a second chance to make a first impression, right? Whether it is about securing a dream job or forming a lasting relationship, getting off to a great start can easily be the foundation of a life-changing situation. This is why making a good first impression is extremely important. But how exactly can you make people warm up to you right off the bat? Bright Side collected 11 important things to help you interact with someone you have never met before. You better keep these in mind if you are going to smash it. TIMESTAMPS: Control the way you speak 0:54 Use body language 1:49 Find common ground 2:50 Dress to impress 3:41 Treat others like they're already your friends 4:18 Maintain eye contact 5:01 Put your phone away 5:43 Don't be afraid to show your imperfections 6:18 Listen 7:20 Smile 8:16 Keep a positive attitude 8:56 #firstimpression #becharming #bodylanguage Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - The best thing you can do is speak clearly and make the tone of your voice steady and even. Don't get too loud as this can sound annoying rather than powerful. - Try to avoid closed postures. Don’t cross your arms or legs, ball your hands into fists, or hunch over your seat. Instead, slightly lean in during a conversation to show that you're interested, but don't overdo it. - Vivian Zayas, a professor of psychology at Cornell University, says that we tend to like people who are at least a little bit similar to us. So if you wanna bond with somebody, you have to find something that excites both of you! - Dress appropriately but still follow your vision and style. So put on the clothes that make you feel authentic and confident, and enjoy yourself! - If you want to leave a lasting impression on somebody, try to imagine that you 2 are already friends. - Eye contact accompanied by casual movements like head or hand motions makes people more memorable and noticeable to others! - In today’s world of social media's total domination, it's completely normal to see 2 friends in a restaurant both spending time on their phones. But when you're trying to make a nice impression, that is the last thing you should be doing. - We all love real people, people who aren't afraid to be funny, sound ridiculous, and tell the truth. And that's one of the ultimate secrets of leaving a long-lasting first impression. - The next time you're meeting somebody that you want to make a nice impression on, focus your attention on them. Ask questions, and listen carefully. - You can never go wrong with a smile! It lightens up the mood and relieves tension between people who’ve just met. - Optimistic and positive people always catch the attention of others and never go unnoticed. Plus, it's incredibly fun and inspiring to have a conversation with someone who sees the glass as half full, right? Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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What do we expect from a good film? Some movie directors surprise us with their attention to detail, which can affect our perception of the film. These hidden details in movies, known as “Easter eggs,” may be suggestive winks from a film’s directors and editors. We've found 21 unexpected movie details that viewers usually overlook. Have you noticed them before? TIMESTAMPS: Zootopia’s nod to Keanu Reeves 0:45 Deep Blue Sea’s nod to Jaws 1:25 The mountains in Cars 1:54 Dragons acting like cats 2:21 The Pursuit of Happyness’s quick cameo 2:46 The Matrix’s camera trick 3:19 Gladiator’s fashion faux pas 3:47 Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' history lesson 4:27 The Godfather’s cryptic messages 5:01 Up! shows great attention to detail 5:29 When universes collide 6:01 Spider-Man takes the Marvel Universe seriously! 6:18 Aladdin’s carpet is alive and well 6:44 Coco’s shoutout to The Incredibles 7:05 Costume shortages 7:30 Jurassic World gets cheeky! 7:55 Blade Runner 2049’s era identity crisis 8:22 The Lego Movie’s nod to reality 8:45 Big Hero 6’s Baymax vacations in the Polynesian islands 9:06 Monsters vs. Aliens exists alongside Shrek 9:27 An editing blunder in Frozen 9:47 #moviesecrets #moviedetails #eastereggs Preview photo credit: Frozen (2013 film): By Disney, Animation is created by Bright Side. Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - If you’ve seen both Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner, you may have noticed that both sets of characters use the same computer interface. This has led many fans to believe that the movies take place in the same universe. - In a scene from 2017’s Spider-Man, you can see a wall of famous scientists in a physics classroom. Among these famous faces you can see Bruce Banner, played by Mark Ruffalo, the scientist that can turn into the Hulk in the fictional Marvel Universe. - Remember the famous magic carpet from the movie Aladdin? Well, you might have seen it in other movies as well. In 2016’s Moana, you can see the same magic carpet boasting the same beautiful design. - A sequel to 1993’s Jurassic Park, Jurassic World provides a little bit of humor during its fast-paced, high-intensity scenes. In one frame, you can see one of the characters standing in front of a T-shirt for sale that shows a cartoon T-rex uttering the words, “I’m back.” - Much of the movie Coco takes place in the afterlife where everyone looks like skeletons. In one scene, you can see a movie poster on the wall of an alley featuring The Incredibles — except they’re drawn as skeletons! - If you’ve seen both The Indian Runner and Captain Fantastic, Viggo Mortensen wears the same shirt in 2 different scenes — nearly 25 years apart! - In Blade Runner 2049, Ryan Gosling’s character writes on a tablet in one of the first scenes of the movie. But this tablet is actually a plate holder belonging to a camera used in the 1920s! Looks like these 2 eras got a little bit confused. - In 2014’s The Lego Movie, one of the little astronauts has a crack in the lower half of his helmet. If you ever had this kind of LEGO in the past, you may remember experiencing this with your own little astronaut! Talk about keeping it real. - If you look closely in one of the scenes from Moana, you’ll see that one of the pirate gang members of Kakamora bears a striking resemblance to the character Baymax from Big Hero 6. Coincidence? Probably not. - If you look closely, the general in Monsters vs. Aliens is wearing a little Shrek pin! Either ogres exist in their universe or they’re big Shrek fans! - In films like Frozen, it’s easy to see that a lot of hard work went into animating the film. However, if you look really closely, there’s a scene where you can see that Kristoff’s finger disappears into Anna’s side as he lifts her up! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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What is acupressure? It's a Chinese massage that can improve your daily life physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s been used as a method of healing for over 2,000 years! Traditional medicine takes advantage of these pressure points to stimulate different areas of the body. While there are literally hundreds of these points all over your body the following 10 points will hopefully change your life for the better. After watching this video, you’ll learn how to ease anxiety, pain, and other ailments thanks to different pressure points! But it’s important to seek professional help if you have trouble finding certain pressure points or are in pain at all! TIMESTAMPS: Relieve cold symptoms 1:27 Press your temples to relieve headaches and stress 2:05 Ease nausea 2:52 Relieve menstrual cramps 3:40 Help sinus pressure 4:25 Stop painful toothaches 5:04 A simple move to relieve acid reflux and heartburn 5:56 Get energized! 6:42 Get rid of joint pain 7:16 Help with anxiety and depression 7:47 #acupressure #acupuncture #chinesemedicine Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - According to acupressure practices, you can massage the area from the tip of your thumb to the base of your wrist 10–15 times to make your cold symptoms less severe. - There’s a pressure point on your head that, when manipulated, can relieve you of that awful banging in your skull. Not only does a temple massage work wonders for your headaches, but it’s also a great stress reliever! - By pressing your wrist in just the right spot you can potentially ease nausea and vomiting. - If you’d like to opt out of taking painkillers, the pressure point just above your ankle can be a godsend! This pressure point is known in acupressure as San Yin Jiao. - There are a couple of different pressure points you can hit to relieve your sinus pain. One of the points is located directly between your eyebrows. - Toothaches are seriously the worst! If you can’t get to the dentist and need some relief, there’s a pressure point on your ankle you can try! - Put your thumb on the top of your foot in the space between the first and second toe, down toward the bridge of your foot. Press this point pretty firmly, and your heartburn should subside. - Instead of turning to caffeine, try getting a burst of energy from acupressure! Simply find the spot between your 2 tendons on the top of your forearm, about 3” down from your wrist. - Reflexologists believe that putting pressure on the upper-middle part of the ear can help ease joint pain. - There’s a pressure point on your chest that may make you feel better. This pressure point is referred to as the Sea of Tranquility. When manipulated, it can help balance your nervous system and make you feel more emotionally stable. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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When was the last time you played detective? Probably investigating the classic “where’s the other sock” case. Well, surely your brain needs a little more stimulation than that! Riddles and quizzes are great for that, they force us to use our imaginations and think outside the box. Our brain is certainly not a muscle, but it also needs constant training in order to be sharp, toned and ready to react quickly to whatever life throws at it. Here at Bright Side, we love little challenges and we’ve prepared these simple but sneaky riddles for a bit of brain exercise. TIMESTAMPS: 1. Whose rendezvous? 0:41 2. The watering cans 1:56 3. Kids on a hike 2:40 4. The train 3:25 5. What’s wrong in this picture? 4:41 6. Stranded 6:30 7. Father and son 8:27 8. Find 8 differences in these 2 pictures 9:53 9. Who is the cat’s owner? 10:26 Bonus 11:03 #riddles #detectiveriddles #puzzles Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - 1. Which of them is Jane, and which is Alice? Where is the girl with a bob haircut going? - 2. Two elderly ladies go to the river to fill up their watering cans. Which of them will bring more water back? - 3. Here we have 5 young friends going on a hike in the woods. The question is: what order are they walking in? - 4. Where is the train going: from Munich to Salzburg or back? What time of year and month is it? What does the girl in the picture do? - 5. What’s wrong in this picture? - 6. How many people live in the camp? How long have they been here? Is the river near the camp deep? Are the cranes flying north or south? The picture shows 4 people. What is each of them doing? Who else lives on this island? Is the ship going with or against the current? What month is it? - 7. What’s the father’s job? What country does this family live in? What season and month is it? Are there any more kids in the family? What year is it? - 8. Find 8 differences in these 2 pictures. - 9. Who is the cat’s owner? Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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When watching detective movies, you probably guess the criminals’ names before the detectives do, exclaiming, "Come on, it’s easy!" We all love detective stories where policemen investigate the most challenging cases. And we bet you dreamed of catching criminals in your childhood. If you're a fan of detective stories, here’s your chance to try on Sherlock Holmes's deerstalker! Bright Side gives you the opportunity to feel like a real detective by solving cases using just a few hints. You'll have just 10 seconds to crack each of these bloodcurdling crime riddles. But no pressure! If you need more time to figure out the answer, you can always pause the video. TIMESTAMPS: A missing wife 0:42 A mysterious murder 1:37 A bad omen 2:43 A gas leak 3:35 A rural mystery 4:53 A tragic camping trip 5:53 An escape route 7:01 Wonder Woman 7:55 A train crash 8:36 Hostages 9:09 A hijack 10:06 #detectiveriddles #mysteriousriddles #murderriddles Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Mr. Brown's wife had gone missing. A detective came to investigate this case. Mr. Brown told him the following: “The last time I saw my wife was in the morning. When I returned home at 6 p.m., her breakfast was still on the table, but she had disappeared.” After these words, the detective immediately arrested Mr. Brown. Why did he do so? - It was a cold and rainy day. Mary decided to invite some friends over. But 30 minutes after their arrival, she was found murdered. The police questioned her friends. Who murdered Mary? - A rich businessman once had to fly from France to Italy. At one point, his bodyguard came up to him and told the businessman that it would be better to go to Italy by car. It turned out that he’d had a terrifying dream about their plane crashing. The businessman fired the bodyguard right away. Why did he do this? - There was an attempt on Ethan's life. Somebody had organized a gas leak in his apartment. Luckily, Ethan survived, but he was taken to the hospital and was still unconscious. The police examined his apartment and found a glove left by the criminal. Which policeman was right? - The police discovered a dead man in a barn in the countryside. Apparently, he had hanged himself. There was nobody around except for several sheep in the barn. When the man was found, he was hanging 4 ft off the ground. The nearest wall was 15 ft away. There was no way he could have climbed up. How did he manage to hang himself? - A group of friends went on a camping trip. 3 of them went to pick up some brush. When they returned, they found Lucy near a burning fire — dead. The policemen immediately knew who the murderer was. Do you know? - A man was trapped in a dark room. His only source of light was a candle. There were 3 doors leading out of the room. Behind one of them was a tunnel that would lead him outside. Behind the other 2 doors were concrete walls. The man had a key that opened any of the doors, but he could only use it once. Still, the man managed to escape. How did he do this? - A girl was standing on the windowsill washing a window in her apartment on the 43rd floor of a skyscraper. She finished washing the inside part and suddenly...jumped out of the window! Why did she do this, and how come she not only survived but didn't even have a scratch? - There were 2 trains heading toward each other. They were going along the same track, and it was 7 o'clock on the same day. Still, the trains didn't crash. How is it possible? - Michael and his family were held hostage by a criminal in their own house. Suddenly a phone started to ring. The criminal let Michael answer the phone, but he couldn't ask for help. Otherwise, the criminal would kill someone from his family. How did Michael manage to ask his father for help? - A terrorist hijacked a plane. There was a lot of gold and 10 passengers on board. As soon as the criminal laid his hands on the gold, he demanded 11 parachutes. When he got what he’d requested, he took one parachute and jumped off the plane. Why did he ask for 11 parachutes if he needed just one? Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Our subconscious is a very dark place that takes years and years of psychoanalysis to understand. And it can reveal, among other things, our deepest fears. Imagine, you’re home alone on a dark stormy night, and the power’s gone out. What could possibly be running through your head right now? All those creepy sounds you hear in the dark? A lightning bolt catching the house on fire? A home intruder breaking in? No? None of this? Well, don’t worry. We all have a fear deep down inside, so let’s find out yours! TIMESTAMPS: Question #1 0:55 Question #2 1:45 Question #3 2:33 Question #4 3:15 Question #5 4:08 Question #6 5:02 Question #7 5:56 Question #8 6:54 Question #9 7:42 Question #10 8:34 #hiddenfears #personalitytest #yourfears Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - If you got 100 to 170 points, losing your loved ones is your deepest darkest fear. Your family means the world to you, and you can’t even imagine what your life would be without them. Yep, that’s certainly a terrifying thought… - If your final score is between 180 and 250 points, it seems that you fear natural disasters most of all. You realize that our planet is in a crisis, and you’re afraid that one of those crazy earthquakes or tsunamis you see in the news or in movies may strike your hometown any day. - Did you get 260 to 320 points? Well, it looks like you’re afraid of ruining your reputation. You really love your lifestyle and are proud of what you’ve achieved so far. What others think about you means the world to you, and you feel pretty uneasy at the thought of those opinions turning negative. - In case you scored 330 to 400 points, you must be fearless! Sure, like anyone else, you probably have some pet peeves and things that creep you out a little. But there’s nothing that’s really bugging you all the time. Way to go! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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You obviously know that going to bed too late, smoking, and eating too much is unhealthy for you. But sometimes even the most harmless habits can present danger to our health. Did you know you could end up in the hospital if you stifle your sneeze? Or that chewing gum can make you feel less focused? Or that while reading in bed, you’re putting your eyes and spinal cord? Bright Side has compiled a list of habits that seem harmless but actually pose great danger to our health. TIMESTAMPS: Stifling a sneeze 0:54 Using toothpicks 1:57 Sleeping facedown on your pillow 2:27 Shelling seeds with your teeth 3:11 Chewing on something solid 3:40 Postponing a trip to the bathroom 4:04 Washing your hair with hot water 4:39 Touching your face and rubbing your eyes 5:06 Chewing bubble gum too often 5:32 Reading while lying in bed 6:14 Licking small wounds and blowing on them 6:48 Whispering 7:25 Using a phone while in the bathroom 7:51 Bonus 8:29 #badhabits #harmlesshabits Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Imagine what would happen if you tried to shoot a gun when the barrel was covered. The same happens inside your nose — the entire power of the sneeze goes back and can hurt your hearing, increase your blood pressure, and damage your esophagus. - Dentists don’t like toothpicks. They are quite harmless to the enamel, but the gums are in danger. - It's pretty harmful to sleep facedown on your pillow. In this position, breathing is hard, the neck is in an unnatural position, blood circulation worsens, and your neck vertebrae are in danger. - Do you like sunflower seeds? If so, do you shell them with your teeth? If you answered yes, your teeth and gallbladder might be suffering! The proper way to shell seeds is with your hands — never with your teeth. - People who love chewing on pens, pencils, paperclips, and other solid objects usually have huge enamel problems as they are hurting their teeth, gums, and mouth. - In June 2018, a 10-year-old gamer from Great Britain was hospitalized after he spent 8 hours playing a game nonstop. His intestines and bladder were so bloated that doctors thought he had a cancerous tumor. - If you love taking a shower in very hot water, it’s high time you stopped doing so. It’s damaging for your brain vessels and can give you a bad headache and dizziness. - If you touch your face with your hands fairly often, you can get a whole variety of different skin infections like acne, herpes, and many more. - If you chew gum before eating, you can get gastritis and possibly an ulcer. Chewing gum is also harmful to your teeth. - Never read lying on your side. The distance to the book will constantly change, and your eyes will have to do more work. - Back in 2002, scientists from Harvard University calculated that more than 600 species of microorganisms live in people’s mouths. Blood on a wound is the perfect place for them to thrive. - Most people strain their vocal cords when whispering. This increases the chances of micro injuries of the larynx, which is especially dangerous for people who have to talk a lot. - Sitting on the toilet for more than 5 minutes increases the pressure in your veins. - When you need to wash your nose with a solution, you don’t want it to go too deep. Soak a cotton swab in the solution, and cover the inside of your nostrils with it. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Can you change your nose shape? Lots of people all over the world spend tons of money on cosmetic surgeries to get a perfectly shaped nose. These surgeries are expensive and may have unexpected complications. But you can change both the shape of your nose and its length with some really simple exercises! Of course, you should remember that these exercises won't replace the immediate effect of surgery. The results from your workouts may seem subtle at first. Your reflection in the mirror will still look like you, but your nose will have a better shape, and your face will look more toned. And don't forget that the more often you do these exercises, the more effective they are. TIMESTAMPS: Nose shortening 0:39 Nose shaping 2:01 Slimming down your nose 3:02 Nose sharpening 3:34 Breathing exercises to keep your nose in shape 4:07 Making your nose more narrow 5:05 Making your nose look more refined 5:37 Eliminating smile lines around your nose 6:08 #noseshape #nosurgery #naturalbeauty Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - The bones, muscles, and cartilage of your face bear the brunt of getting older as well. As a result, your facial features may change, and your nose may start to look longer. This exercise can help to shorten your nose. On top of that, it will prevent the deterioration of the cartilage. - The second set of exercises is perfect for those who keep complaining about the shape of their nose. Such a workout will help you to sculpt this body part and make it look more elegant. - If you want to make your nose slimmer, the third simple exercise will help you out. It's kind of a variation of the previous workout. - By smiling and pulling your nose upward, you train and build the muscles on the sides of your nose. This prevents sagging and, therefore, makes the shape of your nose sharper. - If you've ever had a serious gym workout or tried yoga, you know that the way you breathe is extremely important. Deep breaths can help you do exercises in the most efficient way. But inhaling and exhaling deeply can also help you shape your nose! - To make your nose more narrow, you should try a nose massage. You will see the best results if you massage your nose for 5 minutes every day. You can split this time into several shorter sessions. But the main thing is to do this exercise regularly. - There are 2 lines that run from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth. These lines have the official name of nasolabial folds, but most people call them smile lines. But you can get rid of them. - If you do these exercises several times a day, for example, in the morning and evening, you'll see the results pretty soon. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Most people can't even crack half of these puzzles! The last time many people tried to solve a riddle or a puzzle was back in school, and sometimes we all want to check our abilities. Are you ready for some challenging riddles? Then let's see how many of these puzzles you'll manage to get right! After each riddle, you'll get 10 seconds to figure out the solution before you’re shown the right answer. If you need more time to think, you can always pause the video. You all set? Great! Then let’s get it started! TIMESTAMPS: 1. What’s the missing letter? 0:47 2. Why not? 1:23 3. Family ties 2:03 4. Time travel 2:38 5. Which letter is missing? 3:04 6. The man who was robbed 3:39 7. Life is unfair 4:42 8. How about a date? 5:22 9. Ann's weird food preferences 5:54 10. A missed birthday 6:38 11. What letter is missing? 7:13 12. Who will Thomas like? 7:57 13. A problematic parrot 8:52 14. A cryptic location 9:51 15. The island on the lake 10:24 Bonus: 11:18 #riddles #puzzles Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - W, L, ... And then what? Use your lateral thinking to find the connection -People in the Arctic may have extreme difficulty finding food and even starve to death if they can’t. But they’ll never ever eat a penguin. Why is that? Can they be that protective of these cute waddling birds? - If I'm the only brother-in-law of your mother's brother, who am I? How good are you at family connections? -What is yesterday's tomorrow and tomorrow's yesterday? A, B, C, D, _ Do you remember your ABCs? Hey, hold on now. The answer isn’t as straightforward as it seems! - A man walked into the police station. He said that he’d been robbed on his way to the bank. - After a particularly heavy snowfall had let up, Daniel went outside and discovered that there was twice as much snow in his yard than in his neighbor’s. But Daniel didn't look surprised at all. How come? - If the day before yesterday was the 16th, then what date will the day after tomorrow be? - Ann likes tomatoes but not potatoes. She eats grapes but not lettuce. She loves peas but can’t stand onions. She can eat cucumbers but avoids carrots. So, can you figure out if this picky girl prefers apples or pumpkins? - A girl was 10 on her last birthday, but she’ll be 12 on her next birthday. How is it possible? - Can you figure out what letter should be between “F” and “A”? Thomas likes jeeps but not vans, apples but not pears, tennis but not hockey, and Jimmy but not Nick. So, can you figure out if he’ll like Hannah or Lisa? - The owner wouldn’t make the deal because he claimed that he’d never lied about the parrot. How is it possible? - You leave this place without ever having entered it. What is this location? - Mary is stranded on an island in the middle of an enormous deep lake. Mary can't swim, she doesn't have a boat, and the nearest town is on the shore 5 miles away from her. All she has is 3 ropes, each of them being 2 feet long. - Here’s another sequence of letters: M T W ... F S S. Which letter is missing in the middle? Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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How often have you been watching detective shows or movies and thought “Elementary, my dear Watson”? We all love detective stories where policemen investigate the most challenging cases. And we bet you dreamed of catching criminals in your childhood. These riddles give you the opportunity to be like the famous Sherlock Holmes and check your logic and ability to pay attention to tiny details. We at Bright Side have selected them for you to ponder over and play the part of the detective. TIMESTAMPS: Find the code 0:18 Save the princess 2:16 Help them escape 3:18 What’s the right question? 4:19 Find the winner 5:42 Who is the killer? 6:49 #detectiveriddles #brainteasers #logicalriddles Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - A serial killer kidnapped a man. The victim was told that if he could figure out the secret code, he can walk away unharmed. There is a plate with liquid poison, a matchbox with only one match, a glass, and a slice of lemon. The code is written under the poison and the victim must remove the poison to find it. He only has one minute to get it right. But he cannot touch or move the plate. How can he do this? - A princess got locked in a 50-m-high tower. She has a rope but it’s only 25 m long. Somehow, she managed to escape. We know that she cut the rope in the middle. How did she escape? - 3 men were kidnapped and locked in a room. The only way to escape is out of a window up above them. If at lease one of them can escape, he can call the police. The men stand on each other’s shoulders, but the one who is on the top is a few in short of the window. What should they do? - Prisoners were told that they have a chance to be free. There are 2 doors and a security guard near each door. One guard is a liar and the other one always tells the truth. One door leads to freedom, while the other door will lead the prisoners to the execution room. The prisoners can talk to only ONE guard, and ask only ONE question. Which question should they ask to find the door that will take them to freedom? - Once upon a time, there was an old king and he had only one daughter. Many princes wanted to marry her and she asked that they pass a test. She gave a seed to each prince and said that the prince who grows the largest plant would become her husband. 3 months later, all the princes came back with their plants. One prince had an empty pot. Surprisingly, the princess chose him. Why? - There are 4 friends, Anne, Dan, Bill, and Josh. One of them is a serial killer. Anne and Dan met 2 months ago and fell in love at first sight. Last night Bill went for a walk with one of the innocent ones. Anne and Josh celebrated Christmas together. Dan knows the killer from school. Last month the killer was paralyzed from the waist down. Who is the killer? Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Do you want to see the Titanic? There are many reasons why people are so captivated with this ship. Whatever the reason, if you’ve ever wanted to see the wreck, you’d better do it soon because it’s being eaten away as we speak. TIMESTAMPS: When the wreck of the Titanic was discovered 1:14 What’s happening to it now 1:58 Trips to the wreck 2:47 What the journey to the wreck involves 3:36 What you can see there 4:40 How much the trip will cost you 7:06 What else might be interesting for the Titanic fans 7:52 #titanic #visitthetitanic #titanicwreck Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - The Titanic struck an iceberg on April 14, 1912. Just a few hours later, the ship split in 2. It was last seen at 2:20 a.m. on April 15, 1912. That was the last time people would see the marvelous boat afloat. - Many expeditions tried to find the wreck of the Titanic, trying to estimate where it would have landed, but none succeeded. It wasn’t until 1985 that oceanographer Robert Ballard accidentally discovered the ship while on a US Navy mission. - To this date, only a few people have had a chance to see the Titanic. One of them is the director of the Hollywood movie, Titanic, James Cameron. He brought pictures back from the wreck that showed further deterioration. - In a matter of 20 to 50 years, the bacteria will have eaten so much of the ship that the wreck will be unrecognizable. - As the window of opportunity to see the site closes, American company OceanGate offers trips to the wreck. The first trip carrying tourists was supposed to head down in 2018, but the weather wasn’t favorable, so it was pushed back to 2019. - The journey to the wreck involves an 8-day trip, which leaves from Newfoundland, Canada. Once inside the sub, you’ll descend a distance of 12,500 ft to the ocean floor. - A big concern is whether companies like OceanGate and The BlueFish would be disturbing what’s essentially a burial site. Both companies insist that the dives are made respectfully and that they don’t retrieve any artifacts. - What’s certain is this — when the trips do take off, only a lucky few will be able to see the wreck since the subs can only take about 9 passengers at a time (in addition to the crew). - If you are interested in seeing it before it disappears, the time is now. In 100 years, the site of the Titanic might have just a few remnants strewn on the ocean floor. - A trip to the site will cost you $105,219 per person. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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There’s only one thing you need for flawless skin, outstanding memory, and no more stress. No, not sorcery, a pomegranate! A research team at the UK’s Queen Margaret University discovered that pomegranate juice works wonders for lowering the stress hormone cortisol. The research also proved that pomegranate has a great effect on heart health too since a lot of cardiovascular problems are connected to cortisol one way or another. This colorful fruit will totally transform your mind and body. TIMESTAMPS: You'll have no more joint pain 0:38 Your hair will grow faster 1:25 Your blood pressure will stabilize 2:14 Your stress levels will decrease 2:52 Your system will be protected from cancer 3:30 Your teeth will be healthier 4:15 Your exercise performance will be top-notch 4:54 Your skin’s condition will improve 5:39 You'll lose weight 6:53 Your memory will improve 7:28 How to pick your fruit 8:12 #pomegranatediet #loseweight #growtaller Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - This fruit is a source of crucial antioxidants called flavonols that act as anti-inflammatory agents to reduce the swelling that causes joint pain in the first place. - Pomegranates contain a very important element called punicic acid. The best of its effects is its ability to enhance circulation and, consequently, improve blood flow to the scalp. - A daily intake of about 5 oz of pomegranate juice can reduce blood pressure levels in just 2 weeks! - Pomegranate extract slows down the reproduction of prostate cancer cells. - Pomegranate fruit has impressive anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can really benefit your teeth in the best way possible. - If you go to the gym regularly, you know that good and stable exercise performance takes time, patience, and dedication. However, if you want to get to your desired result quicker, pomegranate can help you with that. - By eating pomegranate every day, you’ll see fewer bumps and skin irritation. What’s great about this is that it works from both the inside and the outside. - Among all the other things, pomegranates are also a great diet food that should be on your menu if you wanna lose a couple pounds. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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How to deal with teens? Being a parent isn’t easy, especially when your child reaches puberty. And adolescence is no walk in the park for teens either! That’s why this can be a turbulent time for both parties involved. What can make the situation better and help you both come out with your relationship intact is if parents avoid saying the following things to their kids. Do you know, for example, that what looks like a harmless compliment can actually do some real psychological damage in a teen? Dr. Timothy Gunn, a licensed clinical psychologist, says that these sorts of compliments put extra pressure on your child, making them afraid that if they do something wrong, you'll see that they're not so smart, talented, and pretty after all. As a result, they often avoid risky situations because of a fear of failure! TIMESTAMPS: #1: “Don't do that!” 0:51 #2: “As long as you live under my roof, you'll follow my rules!” 1:37 #3: “Come on, don't be sad!” 2:31 #4: “How could you do this to me?” 3:26 #5: “Find your passion.” 4:17 #6: “You're getting kinda fat.” 4:59 #7: “You're so smart!” 6:06 #8: “What's wrong with you?” 7:17 #9: “Why can't you be more like...?” 8:10 #teens #teenagers #teenageproblems Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Whenever your teenager proposes another crazy scheme to you, don't yell “No!” right away. Just offer them another idea with a casual “And what about...?” - “You live under my roof and you’ll follow my rules!” The first thing that’ll go through a kid’s head after that is, “Great, then how can I get outta here?!” During this period, they want to make their own decisions. - This is a time when their hormones are doing all kinds of crazy things to their body and emotions. That’s why you should be their safe haven, where they can come for support and understanding. And, of course, your door is always open, the loving parent that you are! - Gregg Chapman, a psychologist and clinical manager at Strategic Psychology, explains that teenagers rarely do something out of a sense of obligation to their parents. And that's why this argument will most likely not work on your child. - Jeff Leiken, a motivational expert and author of “Adolescence Is Not a Disease,” says that the pressure to find this one thing that they would love to do for the rest of their lives only makes teens more stressed and anxious of making the wrong choice. - Weight is a sensitive topic for pretty much everyone, especially teenagers. This is an extremely confusing time for your child since their body is changing, and they don't really understand what's happening. Almost every teenager becomes self-conscious during this time, and they certainly don't need any comments about their looks from others, you included. - Just speak honestly and directly about everything that’s concerning you, making sure that they understand that it’s their behavior you’re bothered by, not them as a person. This method will help you meet each other halfway and keep your relationship open and trusting. - If you wanna find common ground with your teen, remember one thing: never ever compare them to somebody else. It just hurts and slowly but surely ruins your relationship with your child. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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How to avoid becoming the victim of an offender? It takes an experienced burglar between 90 seconds and 12 minutes to take everything they need and leave a house. Often break-ins happen when at least one member of the family is at home. In this video, you'll learn what to do if you spot a cookie under your doormat, what white pebbles on your driveway mean and what measures you can take to defend your home. #burglarproof #protecthouse Timestamps: The ploy with a cookie 1:50 What white pebbles left near the house means 3:29 Why you should pay attention to any flyers stuck in a bunch in your entrance door 3:51 One more thing that helps criminals check if a house is empty 4:22 How criminals pass along information to their accomplices 5:06 When you are planning to go away on vacation, be cautious of social media 6:13 Leave the TV and radio on when you're going away 7:45 Make sure somebody comes to pick up the mail 8:23 Music: Summary: - One of the tricks thieves use to gather information about your routine is so simple that you may not even give it a second thought. But the next time you hear a quiet crackle under the sole of your shoe, stop and check what it was. The chances are high that you'll find yourself face to face with a crushed cookie. - Pay attention to any flyers stuck in a bunch in your entrance door. There are 2 reasons why burglars may leave this stuff in your door: they mark your daily routine, and they also mark houses that are empty at the moment. One more thing that helps criminals check if a house or apartment is empty at that moment is something as innocuous as a simple match, a hair, or a piece of thread. Burglars fix these to the door in a way that makes it easy to determine if somebody has entered the house. - Broadcasting your vacation plans may not be the wisest move. Be cautious of social media. You won't believe how many criminals today use it to gather information about their potential victims. - Get to know your neighbors. If you create a community, it will be much harder for thieves to conduct their criminal activity. - There are several things that can discourage burglars from breaking into your home. Use the TV and radio. Leave them on when you're going away. The sound of voices will most likely scare criminals away. Another thing that may help you is to keep some lights on in the house. - One of the most obvious telltale signs that the owners of a house have gone away is a pile of newspapers and mail mounting up at the front door. Ask somebody to stop by regularly and pick up any accumulated correspondence. Before going away, hire somebody to mow your yard regularly and keep the lawn tidy. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Why is it dangerous to stand near a dead whale? Whales are truly fascinating creatures. They are so big, that you could easily walk through a blue whale’s arteries. That's why a beached whale so easily gathers crowds of onlookers. But you shouldn't come too close... TIMESTAMPS: Why dead whales tend to explode 1:10 How to avoid this 4:19 The most terrifying whale explosion ever 5:30 What happens to a whale when it dies at sea 7:24 Music: Cold Funk - Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist: SUMMARY: - The hazardous thing about dead whales is that they tend to... explode. It happens, because after a whale dies, its insides start to rot, giving off methane, a highly explosive gas, as a byproduct. That means innocent bystanders risk not only getting covered with disgusting vile-smelling goo but also getting injured by a whale's enormous heavy guts flying out of its body at high speeds. - This process of decomposition happens in the body of pretty much any dead creature. It’s just that whales explode like a volcano due to the sheer size of these mammals. The bigger an animal is (especially one with tough skin and a thick layer of fat), the more gas and pressure build up in its body. - But so far the most spectacular and terrifying whale explosion happened in Oregon in 1970. A large sperm whale washed ashore in Florence and soon turned into a huge smelly disaster. The blast was so powerful that it rocked the beach! Chunks of rotting flesh and internal organs flew into the air and started to fall on the horrified crowd. - When a whale dies at sea, its carcass eventually sinks to the seafloor. It's too massive for predators to tear it apart, so the dead animal typically arrives at the bottom in one piece. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Doesn’t it feel like 24 hours in a day seem to be getting shorter and shorter? No, our planet isn’t spinning any faster, we’re just getting busier! Keeping up with your school, work, and home responsibilities means there’s no time left for you to take care of yourself. Well, don’t sweat it! All you need is 1 minute a day to totally transform your physical and mental health! So, what does this “1 minute a day” involve? The answer is simple: just one easy-to-do exercise. No, it’s not your traditional jumping jacks, squats, or planking. All you have to do is put your legs up on a wall! TIMESTAMPS: Put on something comfortable 1:17 Choose the right place for the exercise 1:41 What changes in your body you can expect 2:19 Improvement in your mental health 4:51 Other benefits 7:01 Precautions 8:12 #legsupthewall #yogaposes #mentalhealth Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - You’ll strengthen your leg and abdominal muscles as well as improve mobility and flexibility in your hips. - Your blood circulation will improve. Elevating your legs like this increases the blood flow to your upper body, enriching it with oxygen. - The 1-minute legs-up-the-wall exercise will prevent the development of varicose veins. - This exercise will help you get rid of leg heaviness and fatigue that usually appear after an especially busy workday. - For women who are menstruating, elevating your legs like this will help reduce the pain of menstrual cramps. - You’ll see improvements in your digestion and gastrointestinal health. Again, this has to do with combatting fluid retention and getting things circulating in your body. - You’ll feel more relaxed, both physically and emotionally. Putting your legs up the wall drastically improves breathing. It allows you to inhale more air, and, as a result, your breathing becomes calmer and more rhythmic. - Do this exercise, and you’ll have no problems getting some sleep each night. - You’ll feel a noticeable improvement in your mood. With all the physical and mental changes that come, you’re bound to just feel better overall. - Please remember to consult your doctor first before trying this exercise, especially if you have back problems. It should also go without saying that one minute of elevating our legs per day doesn’t replace a full exercise regimen. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Today, nails are mostly regarded as a purely aesthetic feature of our bodies. In fact, it is estimated that the global nail polish market will reach up to $15.55 billion by 2024. However, it turns out that your nails may not just be a platform for contemporary design but also a mirror of your general health status. Sometimes, a problem with nails can show a serious medical condition. A change in the color and texture can be the sign of a lung, heart, or nervous system disease. We at the Bright Side believe that it is always easier to cure an illness if you can spot it early. Your nails are not just a beauty accessory. They are closely connected to the systems of your entire body. Here are some signs that the state your nails could be signaling health problems. TIMESTAMPS: The color of your nails 0:49 The texture of your nails 2:28 Nail growth 3:40 Other nail features 4:51 Bonus 5:55 #nailshealth #personalitytest #manicure Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - In most cases, yellow nails indicate a fungal infection. If not treated in time, this condition can worsen, and your nails can even acquire a greenish tint and become crumbly. - White nails with a strip of pink at the top (“Terry’s nails”) can be a sign of congestive heart failure, kidney failure, diabetes, and some liver problems such as hepatitis or cirrhosis. - Dark red nails may indicate that you have heart disease. If the redness extends to the sides of your nails and cuticles, this might be a sign of an autoimmune disease called lupus. - Brittle, split nails are usually linked to hypothyroidism, a condition in which your thyroid works too slowly. - Vertical ridges are usually a normal sign of aging, just like wrinkles on your face. But if they become prominent at a young age, this might mean that you’re suffering from a vitamin B12 or magnesium deficiency. - Nail pitting may indicate skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. It can also be an early sign of connective tissue disorders such as inflammatory arthritis, a disease that affects your joints. - Spoon nails (“koilonychia”), a phenomenon whereby your nails look like a spoon with raised ridges and a scooped-out depression, may be a sign of hemochromatosis. - Nail clubbing appears when your fingertips become enlarged and your nails curve downward. This kind of nail growth can be a sign of low oxygen in your blood, which is usually caused by lung disease. - Dark vertical lines extending from the cuticle to the tip of the nail may be a sign of subungual melanoma, a really dangerous type of skin cancer. - Although most people believe that white stripes (“Mees’ lines”) signal a calcium deficiency, that’s not actually true. Those white discolorations on your nails usually indicate an imbalanced diet lacking in protein. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Where did we come from? Where are we headed? What is our world? Are we alone in the universe? When the mental gears really start moving, people can come up with theories that are downright terrifying! In this video, you'll learn about 13 of the scariest theories that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about your reality. TIMESTAMPS: The Great Filter 1:28 Higher dimensional beings 2:33 False Vacuum 3:23 We're living in a black hole 4:10 White Holes 4:50 The Multiverse Theory 5:25 Brain in a Vat 6:03 Roko's Basilisk 6:48 The Transcension Hypothesis 7:21 The Terror Management Theory 8:00 The Sixth Mass Extinction 8:35 The Fermi Paradox 9:17 The Simulation Theory 10:00 Music: SUMMARY: - According to The Great Filter theory, somewhere out there exists a Great Filter. The main purpose of this Filter is to stop those civilizations that advance to the level of star colonization. - What if a 4D being was looking at you from their four-dimensional world? Just like a 2D person, you wouldn't be able to notice this creature in your 3D world. - The False Vacuum theory says that our universe exists in a false phase state, which means that it's just a temporary thing. What's more, it's only a small part of a larger universe. - You’re probably well-aware that black holes suck in everything around them. But what happens to the stuff it engulfs? What if a black hole already swallowed us up long ago? Surprisingly, some physicists deem this theory pretty plausible. - While black holes engulf all matter so that even light can’t escape, white holes are quite the opposite. These formations are believed to spit out everything that black holes suck in. - The Multiverse theory claims that there might be countless other realities besides our own. - The Brain in a Vat theory says that you very well could just be a brain in a jar. Something is feeding you false impulses, and you're hallucinating your whole life and reality. - Roko's Basilisk is a hypothesis that some future super-powerful artificial intellect can retroactively punish people who struggled against it in the past (which is our present) or even those who did nothing to help bring it about. - The Transcension Hypothesis states that a civilization eventually gets to a certain intellectual level. - According to the Terror Management theory, everything we do comes from the fear of death. Our wishes and motivation are based on just one thing, and it’s the idea that one day we will stop existing. - The Sixth Mass Extinction theory is probably the most horrifying. Yet, unfortunately, it’s the most probable scenario. Some biologists believe that humanity is headed for or already passing through the sixth mass extinction - The Fermi Paradox theory explains why we probably wouldn't recognize an advanced alien civilization even if it was right under our nose. - According to the Simulation theory, we all live in an incredibly complex computer game. #spacefacts #blackhole #greatfilter Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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If you’ve ever wondered whether your reaction time is quick enough, then put it to the test right now! You’ll see 20 pictures with one or several objects that don’t belong. The tasks will get trickier the further you go, and you’ll have only 15 seconds to find what is off! Ready? Then let’s go! Music: TIMESTAMPS #1 Find the letter “C” among a sea of “O”s 0:33 #2 Find the emoji that differs 1:03 #3 Find which square doesn’t square up 1:32 #4 Find the figure that doesn’t belong 2:02 #5 Find the letter “F” among all the “E”s 2:32 #6 Find the “N” hiding in the “M”s 3:02 #7 Find a bus in all these cars 3:31 Level Up! #8 Find an odd umbrella 4:02 #9 Find an open lock 4:32 #10 Find the “g” among the “6”s 5:02 #11 Find the letter “V” hanging out in the “U”s 5:32 #12 Find something out of ordinary 6:02 #13 Find the “4” in these straight “A”s 6:31 Master level! #14 Find “609” among these “890”s 7:02 #15 Find “786” hiding in these “732”s 7:32 #16 Find “VKY” among the “VXX”s 8:01 #17 Find 2 “UO”s among these “OO”s 8:30 #18 Find 2 hidden “B”s 9:00 #19 Find 5 hidden “Y”s 9:30 #20 Find six “PR”s among these “RR”s 10:02 Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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At times we all get surprised at what we just said or did, as if there was some hidden force leading us. What is that hidden power? It might be your soul animal. You wanna know what yours is? Then take this fun test to find it out! TIMESTAMPS: Pick a color you like most of all. 0:56 Where do you feel most comfortable? 1:38 What’s your favorite food? 2:21 What are you best at? 3:00 Are you a good team player? 3:46 What’s your biggest fear? 4:29 You just won a million dollars in the lottery! What do you do with it? 5:20 You’re trapped on a desert island with a group of people. What’s your role in this situation? 6:04 You have a chance to send a message to the future generation. What would it be? 6:46 If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? 7:40 Music: SUMMARY: - If your final score is 100 to 170 points, your spirit animal is a Wolf. Wild, free, and independent, you’re the lone wolf type that doesn’t stick with the pack. - If you scored 180 to 250 points, there’s a Panther hiding deep down in your soul. You have some extraordinary skills and potential. - If you ended up with 260 to 330 points, then your spirit animal is a Giraffe. You’re nothing like the others. - Finally, if you got 330 to 400 points, you’d be a Bear in the animal world. Some people make others feel happy and warm, and you’re definitely one of those individuals. #soulanimal #personalitytest #spiritanimal Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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I look at the youtube channel BRIGHT SIDE. Not a good channel. GRAB SOME MERCH Twitter ► Instagram ► Facebook ► Subreddit ► BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER: Outro song ► Wilbur Soot - Clean Water Bandit

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Is tea good or bad for your health? Maybe you got into the habit of drinking tea every day without really knowing what it does for you, and now you aren’t sure whether you should continue. Before you make any changes, here’s a chance for you to find out how a simple thing like stopping drinking tea can cause drastic changes in your weight, how well you sleep, your energy levels, and your digestive system. For example, when you fill up your belly with tea, it means there’s less space in your stomach for late-night snacks and fatty foods. Tea affects so many systems in our bodies. If you pick your tea according to your needs, you will have access to a multitude of health benefits. There are over 3,000 types of tea, and there’s bound to be a perfect tea for you. TIMESTAMPS: Your weight can go down 0:47 Your weight can go up 1:40 You might struggle to concentrate 2:28 You’ll miss out on antioxidants 3:16 It’ll change how you sleep 4:15 You might feel less energized 5:01 You might feel more anxious 5:56 Your digestive system will struggle 6:52 #tea #stress #weightloss Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - If you currently drink your tea with milk and 3 packets of sugar or honey and the tea itself isn’t zero calories, then you’re adding a lot of liquid calories to your diet — even more so if you drink more than one cup of tea a day. If you suddenly stop, it will make you lose weight! - If you’re in the habit of drinking a zero-calorie tea every night before bed and then you stop, your body might come to expect a treat at that time of night. If tea isn’t an option, it can make you reach for a high-calorie snack instead. - The vincamine compound in periwinkle tea can increase blood flow to the brain; the combination of caffeine and catechins in green tea can improve your reaction time and memory: ginseng tea combined with ginkgo can, in the short-term, improve concentration. - Teas are known to pack a punch of antioxidants, particularly green and black teas. They protect against cell damage from free radicals, promote good heart health, and reduce the risk of infection. - Certain teas like chamomile, valerian, decaffeinated green tea, and passionflower contribute to a good night’s sleep. Chamomile and the L-theanine compound in green tea can also reduce stress. - A lot of teas contain a good amount of caffeine. If you’ve been drinking one of them, perhaps green tea, oolong tea, black tea, or white tea, then you can expect to go through caffeine withdrawal for starters. You might experience fatigue, headaches, irritability, and depression. - The menthol in peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant; lemon balm can reduce the stress hormone cortisol; the flavone chrysin compound in passion flower tea has been shown to have anti-anxiety effects. - Many herbal and unsweetened teas are good for digestion. If you’ve been drinking chamomile, dandelion root, ginger, fennel, licorice root, and peppermint tea, you’ve probably seen their powerful effects in reducing bloating, treating upset stomachs, reducing nausea, and easing stomach cramps. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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What are the benefits of eating eggs? Do you wanna know what eating just one boiled egg a day will do for you? We're about to tell you about that! In fact, this product is balanced by nature itself. It contains a whole slew of vitamins and important elements. Egg yolk contains healthy fats that help cells function properly, and this includes the ones in your immune system. With a boost in your immunity, you’ll see yourself getting sick a lot less often! TIMESTAMPS: What does an egg contain? 0:46 What does the eggshell contain? 4:50 How eggs can benefit your mental health 5:26 Why eggs are the perfect product for those wishing to lose weight 6:02 Beauty benefits of eggs 6:18 How to keep eggs correctly 7:42 #eggs #benefitsofeggs #healthydiet Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Since the whole purpose of an egg is to provide the embryo with vital nutrients, then this product is balanced by nature itself. - Egg yolk contains healthy fats that help cells function properly, and this includes the ones in your immune system. - Got used to eating one egg for breakfast every day? You’ll soon notice that your mind is becoming sharper and sharper. - Vitamin D can also be found in eggs. This vitamin helps your body absorb calcium. - The unique combination of selenium and zinc found in eggs plays the role of an effective antioxidant that will remove harmful substances from the body. - Eggs are also recommended to those who are planning pregnancy. They contain Vitamin B9 (or folic acid), which is vital for the health of a fetus. - Due to a high content of phospholipids, eggs help the liver cope with toxic substances, including alcohol! - Eggs can benefit your mental health and put you in a good mood. They contain tryptophan, which boosts the production of the “happiness hormone” serotonin. - Eggs are easily digested and contain few calories, making them the perfect product for those wishing to lose weight. - Eggs contain B vitamins, which will give you this au-naturel makeover! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Once upon a time, coconut water was only to be found in health stores. Now, this drink is so mainstream that it can be purchased from almost every grocery store. If you’re in the habit of chugging down a sports drink before or after working out, then here’s a better option for you! Sports drinks are usually packed with sugar, but you can find coconut water with a very low sugar content and get the same benefits that you would from a sports drink. Coconut water is designed to replenish the nutrients lost from sweating and physical exertion. TIMESTAMPS: It’s a good source of potassium 0:43 It’s a better choice than a sports drink 1:28 It packs a ton of electrolytes 2:02 It acts as a diuretic 3:00 It has antibacterial properties 3:34 It keeps your heart healthy 4:17 It can help you keep hydrated 5:14 Negative side effects 6:00 #coconutwater #helthydiet Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - One cup of coconut water contains about 17% of the recommended daily intake, making it a great source of potassium. - If you have diarrhea, are vomiting, sweat too much, or simply have an inadequate diet that doesn’t give you your minerals, you could suffer from an electrolyte imbalance...but not if you drink coconut water every day! - It also helps to cleanse the urinary tract, thus reducing your chances of getting a urinary tract infection. - Coconut water carries tannins, which are phytochemical components known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects. - According to a 2014 report in the journal Stroke, potassium can “ward off stroke and prevent early death in women.” - Coconut water shouldn’t replace regular water but should be used to keep you even more hydrated. - If you drink 2 large bottles, you’d be getting almost all of your sodium intake just from that drink. - Coconut water isn’t going to be good for you if it’s packed with sugar and adds to your calories. - Drinking it every day can definitely put you over your recommended daily calorie intake. - Be careful not to confuse coconut water with coconut milk! They’re both delicious, but coconut milk is extremely high in coconut fat and should be drunk as an occasional treat to maintain a healthy weight. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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What are the scariest books ever written? Stephen King, Scott Smith, Shirley Jackson: these are the writers who can scare the hell out of you! You'll probably agree that the scariest types of books are psychological horrors. The ones where fear is evoked from inexplicable mysteries and paranoia. You can't sleep with the lights off days after reading such a book! If you’ve never enjoyed the thrill of this sort of reading, Bright Side has got some recommendations for you! And don’t worry, no spoilers ahead! TIMESTAMPS: Misery by Stephen King 1:03 Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs 2:00 Pet Sematary by Stephen King 2:50 House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski 3:54 The Ruins by Scott Smith 4:53 The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson 6:00 The Shining by Stephen King 6:50 We'll Never Be Apart by Emiko Jean 7:48 A Brief Lunacy by Cynthia Thayer 8:38 IT by Stephen King 9:35 Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn 10:36 #scarybooks #horrors #stephenking Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - When Paul Sheldon, an author of Victorian-era romance novels, gets into a road accident during a snowstorm, he doesn't have a clue who his seemingly kindhearted rescuer really is and what she’s capable of. - On a remote island far away from the mainland, there are the charred ruins of a building that was once an orphanage. But when 16-year-old Jacob explores the crumbling construction, he finds out that this wasn’t your typical children’s home, and its inhabitants were anything but usual. - There’s a special cemetery in the small town of Ludlow where locals bury their pets that’ve passed away. This cemetery hides a terrifying mystery: whatever is buried there soon comes back to life! - When a young family moves into a house on Ash Tree Lane, they don't know that this will be the worst decision of their life. After that, the children’s voices start to narrate horrible tales about an ever-growing abyss behind a closet door, about creatures born by the darkness. - A group of young people is searching for an archeological site in Mexico. A friend of theirs has set up camp somewhere in the jungle. Eventually, they come across the location. Lonely and looming over the trees, an ancient pyramid is standing in the heart of the forest. - Eleanor, the narrator of the story, seems reliable and relatable enough for the reader to trust her. But this only evokes a false sense of security. And since the woman's descent into the abyss of claustrophobia and insanity progresses slowly and almost unnoticeably, this story may affect you more than you’d expect! - Jack Torrance, a writer who suffers from alcoholism, gets a new job as an off-season caretaker of a hotel in wintery Colorado. Everything seems to be going smoothly, at least until all the guests leave and Jack's family remain the only inhabitants of the hotel. - A 17-year-old girl named Alice has had it rough in life. But despite her family troubles, she manages to find some normalcy and even love! Now, she's locked in a psychiatric hospital, driven crazy after her arsonist twin sister killed her boyfriend. - Carl and Jessie Jensen have been together for 40 happy years. But their cozy peaceful life comes to an abrupt end when they let a stranger into their home. - Seven kids live an ordinary life in Derry, Maine. That is, until the tranquility of their existence is interrupted one day. After that, nothing is ever going to be the same again for this group of friends! - After a short stay in a mental hospital, reporter Camille Preaker is sent on a troubling trip. She has to go back to her hometown to write about a local tragedy that’s recently happened. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Optical illusions have always been a favorite subject of the Bright Side team. Do you like optical illusions? 🤓 How are they created? Those who do that use combinations of colors, lights, or particular patterns that can really trick the brain. So get ready to check your visual perception with this fun challenge! Some of these illusions were interpreted a long time ago, while others will challenge your brain and still won’t give a logical explanation. These awesome pictures will mess with your eyes and mind, making you believe things aren’t what they seem! TIMESTAMPS: Creepy 0:40 Hidden faces 1:37 A fair lady 2:35 Café wall illusion 3:22 The impossible triangle 4:57 Bicycle 6:00 Rubic’s cube 7:04 Chessboard 8:28 Upside down Steve Buscemi 9:14 Hermann Grid Illusion and Scintillating Grid Illusion 9:58 Boxes 12:20 #opticalillusion #visualillusion #vision Music by Epidemic Sound Soy cantante no reconocida: By Dyan´s - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, SUMMARY: - This is a famous drawing created in 1892 by Charles Allan Gilbert called "All Is Vanity." And depending on what you see first, it can come off as a little creepy. - If you found 10 faces hidden among the branches, then you're an extremely observant individual. Some say that these faces are actually those of famous public figures! - This gorgeous lady must be a ballerina. Otherwise, how does she keep rotating like that, with that much grace? But, we are here not to discuss her artistic skills. - The name of this illusion was inspired by a tiled wall of a café in Bristol. But I will tell you no more for now. Can you tell if the dark lines are parallel to each other or inclined? - The impossible triangle, also known as Penrose Triangle is called so because it could never exist in reality. If it did exist, it would be absolutely contrary to the rules of Euclidean geometry. - What makes the bicycle move? Obviously, the fact that the spokes in its wheels are rotating. Nah, it can’t be that easy when it comes to optical illusions. - It’s a Rubik’s cube! This optical illusion is based on anamorphosis. It is a form of perspective. - You can’t play any chess with this board because it’s moving all over the place. Or is it? You have 15 seconds to decide if the lines are rotating. - Can you tell what’s wrong with Steve Buscemi? I mean I hope Steve is perfectly fine, but can you tell what’s wrong with the second picture? - Look at this black square crisscrossed with perpendicular white lines. The white dots situated at the intersections of the grid shift their color from white to gray and back. - It takes one large box and one little box and some magic to make this illusion possible. How is it possible for the little box to be outside, inside and part of the large box at the same time? Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Do you know why successful people are early risers? By taking time in the morning, they’re able to take care of their bodies physically and prepare themselves mentally for the day. Their early routine allows them to establish daily goals and avoid following a monotonous routine at work Maybe you once had to wake up before 6 a.m. for an early flight and think you could never do it regularly. But trust us — it’s totally worth it! This habit can be the wake-up call you need to get out of a monotonous routine. It can make you more self-aware and increase your confidence. TIMESTAMPS: Time for exercise 0:49 Meditation time 1:54 Better sleep 2:54 It can be empowering 3:44 Unlock your creative power! 4:46 Time shared with other family members 5:46 Successful people do it 6:38 How to change your sleep schedule 7:39 #morningroutine #wakingupearly #earlybird Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Biologically, testosterone reaches its highest levels in men in the early morning. So if you exercise at the crack of dawn, you can be more efficient at building muscle. - Everybody needs some time to themselves. If you can’t fit it into your schedule, you can achieve it by waking up early. - Heading to bed early and rising early is also good for your sleep. If you rise early, you expend your energy from the beginning of your day onward, and your energy meter, so to speak, would become lower and lower throughout the day. - Waking up before 6 a.m. can give you that time and the sense that you are in control of your life. This quiet time will allow you to hear your own opinions on how you feel, what you want to do for the day, and if you want to accomplish something really special. - If you work in a creative field like drawing, writing, painting, or filmmaking, rising early can be beneficial to you. - If you want to be closer to your family but don’t know where to fit it into your schedule, the morning is a great time to check in with everyone and agree on how the day’s gonna go. - Start going to bed early. Don’t skimp on the recommended sleep hours in an effort to wake up early because it will be counterproductive. - The circadian clock operates based on daylight, so getting a bit of sun when you wake up will help it reset and make it easier for you to wake up early. - Don’t oversleep on the weekends. If you rise early on weekdays but sleep until 10 a.m. on the weekends, you’ll end up feeling terrible. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Get ready for a new portion of mind-blowing riddles to solve which you'll need to apply all your logic and detective skills? That's a tough challenge but if you are up to it, let's start! After each riddle, you'll have 20 seconds to find a solution. However, if you need more time, don't be too shy, simply pause the video. Music: Boo Boogie - Dougie Wood The Farmer In The Dell (Instrumental) - The Green Orbs Splashing Around - The Green Orbs Rodeo Show - The Green Orbs TIMESTAMPS Riddle #1 0:38 Riddle #2 1:52 Riddle #3 3:16 Riddle #4 4:28 Riddle #5 5:30 Riddle #6 6:33 Riddle #7 7:59 Riddle #8 9:12 Riddle #9 10:13 SUMMARY -Your task is the following: empty 1 jar of milk and 1 jar of water into a bowl. -Guess how John managed to stay under the water for two minutes longer than the magician. -How is it possible that Sam shot himself with real bullets but stayed alive and unharmed? -If we select 40 random people from the phone directory, how many of them will have unlisted numbers? -Can you figure out how to slice a cake into 8 absolutely equal pieces with just three cuts? -Why did the blind man commit suicide even though his surgery was successful? -What one thing can you buy to have something to eat, something to drink, something to feed a cow with, and something to plant in the garden? -Which death did the smart man choose to save himself? -Is there a possible way for one of them to survive if one of them can be shot with a gun and the other one can fall into abyss? Who will actually die? Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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We tend to think that we know our own bodies perfectly. We know how they work and what kinds of changes and processes are occurring in them every second of the day. But in fact, the human body is one seriously complex and mysterious mechanism that sometimes confuses even the most qualified specialists — doctors and scientists. For example, did you know that you can eat garlic through your feet or that kids grow faster in the spring? Bright Side collected the most interesting facts about the human body. We bet you haven’t even suspected many of them. TIMESTAMPS: #1: Humans and slugs have a lot in common 0:40 #2: Humans can have an extra rib 1:16 #3: ATMs and public restrooms are equally dirty 1:46 #4: Your fingernails grow faster than your toenails 2:35 #5: Botox deprives a person of emotion 3:20 #6: We inherited hiccups from our ancient ancestors 3:56 #7: Most heart attacks happen on Mondays 4:29 #8: You can eat garlic through your feet 4:59 #9: One human can feed over a million mosquitos 5:42 #10: People lie more convincingly when they have to go to the bathroom 6:25 #11: When kissing, most people bend their head to the same side 7:07 #12: The higher your IQ is, the more interesting your dreams are 8:00 #13: People perceive information printed on paper better 8:31 #14: Your hearing gets worse after having a good lunch 9:08 #15: The appendix is beneficia 9:56 #16: Children grow faster in the spring 10:35 #17: Your right lung is bigger than the left one 11:05 #18: The resolution of a human eye is 140 megapixels 11:29 #19: People's and sharks' corneas are very similar 12:02 #amazingfacts #humanbody #humanbodyfacts Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - At first glance, it seems like slugs couldn't be further from humans. However, every single person's DNA is 70% identical to the DNA of slugs! - Some of us (1 in 200, to be exact) are born with an extra rib! It's called a cervical rib, and it’s located just above the collarbone. - Tests conducted by British scientists confirmed that ATMs are just as dirty as public restrooms. Swabs that were taken from ATM keyboards showed the presence of health-threatening bacteria! - According to a study conducted at Barnard College in New York, your facial expressions directly affect your emotional state. This means that if you have Botox, you can't really express your emotions fully, both physically and mentally! - One study that was published in The European Journal of Epidemiology found that the risk of having a heart attack increases by 20% for men and 5% for women every Monday. - Craving some garlic? Just rub it on your feet! If you don't believe me, try it yourself! Cut a piece of garlic in half, and rub it on the soles of your feet. After about 30 minutes, you'll feel its smell and taste in your mouth! - A strong desire to go to the bathroom makes a person concentrate on self-control and, therefore, telling lies becomes easier. - Scientists claim that people with a high IQ experience really captivating and long-lasting dreams as opposed to others. - Have you ever had ringing in your ears after a full meal? It happens because drinks and foods affect the fluid levels in the inner ear and, therefore, cause noise. - The appendix basically stores helpful microbes that can “reload” the bacterial system in the intestine and populate it with new useful bacteria when need be. - Kids tend to grow way faster in the spring than in any other season because of the sun activity during this period. So, yeah, kids are basically like flowers! - Due to the location of the heart, the volume and size of our lungs are absolutely different. And your right lung easily wins this round since it's larger and heavier than the left one. - If the human eye was a digital camera, its resolution would be about 120-140 megapixels. Only, these pixels wouldn’t be evenly distributed. - Speaking of the human eye, it has an almost identical cornea with that of a shark. In fact, a shark’s cornea could even be transplanted into a human! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Have you ever had to use psychological tricks to get what you want? There are a lot of psychological tricks and neuro-linguistic programming tips and there are millions of books and articles written about them. Many of these tricks really help professionals manipulate people and avoid being tricked by others. But are there tips that non-professionals can use on a daily basis? Psychology is a science with certain laws one cannot ignore. Modern marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, and even swindlers realize that. Bright Side offers a few psychological tricks you can use in everyday life to make it much easier and more exciting for you to reach your goals. TIMESTAMPS: #1 0:29 #2 0:58 #3 1:18 #4 1:46 #5 2:03 #6 2:17 #7 2:40 #8 3:06 #9 3:21 #10 3:36 #11 3:55 #12 4:20 #13 4:49 #14 5:19 #15 5:51 #16 6:04 #17 6:19 #18 6:38 #19 7:04 #psychologicaltricks #psychologicaltips #changelife Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Never start your request with the words "Could you..." It can cause the other person to subconsciously assume that this is a theoretical question - If you ever want someone to feel uncomfortable, look at the middle of their forehead during the conversation. - If someone you're talking to is trying to avoid answering a question, just make a pause in the conversation while still keeping eye contact. - When asking a question that you want an affirmative answer to, try to nod subtly as you make your request. This trick is often used by restaurants employees to make guests buy more food, and it’s pretty effective! - If a person is really concentrated on a task (let's say they're in the middle of a serious phone conversation), you can extend your hand to them and get anything they’re holding at the moment. - If you want somebody to do something for you, casually say how they probably wouldn’t even be able to do it. Most people will try really hard to prove someone wrong when it comes to doubting their capabilities. - Here’s a good one for negotiations. If you like a person's offer in general but would like to get better conditions, pretend to be a little bit disappointed. - As soon as your alarm clock goes off, sit up, make two fists, and yell "Yeah!" as if you’re a soccer player who's just scored a goal. It sounds bizarre, but it really does help you easily get out of bed feeling refreshed. - If a person tries to pull you into an argument or some drama, say something nice to them. The ol’ “kill ‘em with kindness” trick really does stop them in their tracks. - If you have that one lazy person on your team that slows the whole work process down, don't give them tasks by saying "Do this." It’s better to say "Start with this." - If someone is staring at you in the subway (happens all-too often, right?), just look at their shoes. Don't give up, keep gazing! It’ll drive them crazy! - If someone has done something wrong, but you don’t wanna sound too accusing, change the way you construct your sentences. - If you didn't get a good night's sleep, tell yourself that you did. I know, it sounds like nonsense, but it does work 100% if you say it with meaning! - People are better at remembering what happened at the beginning and end of the day. As for anything that went on in between, it gets blurry. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Did you know that the “okay” sign means “money” in Japan, “zero” in France, and is even considered a sexual insult in Brazil? Yikes! That's definitely not a situation you wanna find yourself in! Culture and location sure can make a difference when it comes to appropriate behavior and gestures. Every country has its own laws, traditions, rules, and specific features that might seem strange and even shocking to the people of other cultures. For example, did you know that in Denmark, people have picnics in cemeteries? Or that Tibetans show their tongue to greet others? Or that the Vietnamese consider crossed fingers offensive? Our world is amazing and unique and that’s what Bright Side keeps reminding our readers. The following 16 facts confirm this statement. TIMESTAMPS: In Demark, people have picnics in cemeteries 0:47 People in Thailand don't let others touch their head 1:32 In many Muslim countries, the left hand is considered the “dirty” one 2:13 In Norway, people don't compliment others to their face 2:43 People in Malaysia point with their thumb 3:15 Koreans don't write names in red 3:43 In Australia, sitting in the back of a taxi is rude 4:20 Tibetans show their tongue to greet others 4:55 People in China celebrate their birthday according to the Lunar calendar 5:35 The Vietnamese consider crossed fingers offensive 6:09 Indians don't say “thank you” too often 6:35 Maasai tribe members spit at each other to show respect 7:11 #strangetraditions #foreigncountries #strangerules Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - For most of us, a cemetery is reserved for grieving families and an overall gloomy atmosphere. But believe it or not, it's not that uncommon to see a happy Danish family having a picnic or a young couple sunbathing there! - In many countries, patting someone on the head is a sign of approval and care, but that’s not the case in Thailand. Thai people strongly believe that the head is the most sacred and important part of the body where your soul resides. - Muslims usually use their left hand to clean themselves after going to the bathroom. You must use your right hand for greeting people and eating meals. - People in Norway are way more subtle with their compliments than, say, Americans are. They don't really like to put others on the spot and make them feel embarrassed by their words. - In Malaysia, pointing at someone with your index finger is considered really rude and offensive. You can kinda get away with this if you point at an animal or an object. But when it comes to people, Malaysians use another hand gesture. - In a lot of countries, it’s perfectly fine to use red ink to make someone's written name even more noticeable. In South Korea, though, locals would never do something like that. This superstition goes back to the times when red ink was used to write deceased people's names on the family register. - In the U.S., sitting in the front passenger seat next to the taxi driver would be really weird. That’s why it’s more common in America to sit in the back of the taxi. But in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands, sitting in the back can be considered impolite. - If you go to Tibet, you're guaranteed to have fun every time you meet someone simply because Tibetans often stick their tongue out to say “hello”! This strange tradition originates from past times. - People in China add one year to their total age on their Lunar New Year's Day. That's why people in China can be one or even two years older in their age-counting system than in the international one. - In Vietnam, crossing your index and middle fingers over each other represents genitals, obviously making it an incredibly offensive gesture to show someone. - Indians take “thank you” way more seriously! If you say it in the wrong context, where it’ll sound insincere, it may even get you into trouble. - For the Maasai people of Kenya and northern Tanzania, spitting at one another is seen as a sign of blessing and respect. They also often spit on their palms before shaking hands. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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You probably think it's impossible, but I can easily figure out your name in just a couple of steps. Get ready for the most unbelievable and shocking trick ever. No magic involved here, just some simple math. Music: Splashing Around TIMESTAMPS What you should do 0:27 The results 1:56 Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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There are lots of amazing outdoor swimming areas in the world. Some of them are safe and protected with lifeguards watching over you while you swim, bathe, dive off rocks, and play in the water. But some beaches are not just unsafe — they’re outright dangerous! Here are 8 places where you should never attempt a swim if you treasure your health and life. TIMESTAMPS: Blue Holes 1:03 Colorful Pools 2:15 Laguna Caliente 4:18 Nyiragongo Crater's Lava Lake 5:16 Pink Lake 6:19 New Smyrna Beach 8:12 Frying Pan Lake 9:22 Eagle's Nest Sinkhole 10:22 Music: SUMMARY: - Most blue holes are open to the public. However, some of the biggest ones have acquired a really bad reputation among divers. - It's hard to believe that nature created something as colorful as the thermal pools located in Yellowstone National Park. They look like something from another world: bright, beautiful...and deadly. - Laguna Caliente is located in Costa Rica and differs dramatically from its sibling, Botos Lake. These 2 bodies of water are crater lakes of the Poas Volcano. - Mount Nyiragongo, which is situated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is an active volcano. Its last eruption took place in 2002. In its crater, there's a lake. But it’s not your typical lake. - Lake Hillier in Western Australia is indeed as pink as it looks. This is a shallow salt lake that’s beautifully edged with white salt formations and surrounded by eucalyptus forests. - New Smyrna Beach has been called the “Shark Capital of the World” by the International Shark Attack File. In 2008, almost 40% of all shark attacks on the planet happened in this region. - If you look at the photo of Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand, you might think that there's fog hanging low over the water. Similar fog (or, more precisely, steam) forms over warm water on a cold morning. - Eagle's Nest Sinkhole is a body of water in Florida that looks like an ordinary pond. It’s only when you get into the water that it gets dangerous. Beneath the lake, there's a huge system of underwater caves with rooms and passages that spread for miles. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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How to solve the plastic pollution problem? Bacteria that munch on plastic: could this be the answer to the humanity’s environmental crisis? After all, we’re drowning in tons of plastic, and it’s hurting our oceans, the creatures in them, and even our own health! This microscopic plastic-eater isn’t your average bacteria. Scientists actually found a way to mutate this microorganism and boost its planet-saving superpower. It can make the world a better place by eating away all the plastic waste. And with about 20,000 water bottles being bought every second around the world, it’s got a big job to do. TIMESTAMPS: What plastic-eater is 0:52 How much plastic end up in our oceans every year 1:41 How long it takes for plastics to biodegrade 4:03 What it all started with 4:37 Enzyme technology 6:55 How you can reduce your use of plastic 7:14 #plasticeatingbacteria #pollution #savetheplanet Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - A staggering 19 billion pounds of plastic end up in our oceans every year. Once it’s there, it gets ingested by the animals that humans eat, which means our health gets affected too. - Plastic can disrupt ecosystems and create more and more areas where nothing can survive. - Plastic is all around us, and (get this) it’s even inside of us! Plastic is used so extensively that it’s been found in human stool! - It takes around 400 years for some types of plastic to fully biodegrade, like the ones used in water and soda bottles. - Japanese researchers discovered a strand of bacteria that’s evolved to eat a particular type of plastic called polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as PET or PETE. - According to them, the bacteria could break the plastic down into smaller pieces but not fully eat it away. It took about 6 weeks for the bacteria to eat through a thin layer of plastic. - Enzyme technology could be used to help humanity’s trash problem, but it’s still in its early stages. The researchers are continuing to tweak the enzyme in hopes that they can improve upon it even further and use it on a larger scale. - The creation of this super enzyme is a great way to kick off a solution to plastic pollution. But this enzyme, despite its mutant nature, can’t undo all the pollution that’s currently in the world. - As long as people keep buying and using it, companies will continue to manufacture plastic. The cycle will keep on going until the consumer is willing to break it. - Don’t give into the lazy convenience of plastic plates and utensils. Use porcelain dinnerware, and just do the dishes afterwards. Just make it fun and turn on some music or your favorite show! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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What habits damage your eyes? Many people take their eyesight for granted, but there are a lot of things — your makeup, swimming pools, eye tattoos — that can cause irritation and even make you lose your eyesight! Take, for example, eye tattoos. Like regular tattoos, they last forever. But they come with higher risks! They can lead to chronic inflammation of the eye, eye pain, blurry vision, and even total blindness, especially if done by an untrained person. Maybe you think it looks cool! But is it worth risking losing your eyesight over a tattoo? TIMESTAMPS: Staring at digital screens without pause 0:37 Using expired makeup 1:26 Not knowing how to wear fake eyelashes 2:22 Wearing cheap contacts 3:04 Sharing makeup 4:00 Touching your eyes after you blow your nose 4:49 Getting eye tattoos 5:37 Opening your eyes while swimming 6:33 #healthyeyes #badforyoureyes #goodeyesight Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Even if you really need to get that work project done, it’s best to take a small break to give your eyes a break. Take a quick break every 20 minutes. - If you aren’t in the habit of keeping track of your makeup’s expiration date, you could unintentionally be putting your eyes at risk. Many people don’t even know that makeup comes with expiration dates, and they use it for years. - Since you’re using glue to put the fake eyelashes on, it creates a perfectly moist environment where bacteria can grow and dirt can get trapped. This can lead to pink eye, irritation, and swelling. - Nonprescription lenses, like the ones you can buy at a grocery or fashion store, can fit a person’s iris poorly. A poor fit can chafe, cause surface damage, and even cause tears to the cornea. - You might mean well, but when you share eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow, you can pass on your bacteria to the other person — and they can pass it to you. Besides, if you have an eye condition that you’re just developing, the other person will very likely get it too. - Staphylococcal bacteria is a bacterium that lives in your nose, and it's easily transferred to your eyes if you rub your nose, pick it, or blow it, don’t wash your hands afterward, and later touch your eyes. - According to Cleveland Clinic, chlorine can cause your eyes to become “red, teary, and sensitive to light.” But chlorine shouldn’t keep you from getting your swimming exercise on or enjoying a lazy day at the pool. Simply wear swimming goggles! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Test your survival skills as you make really hard choices. This mind-blowing test requires all your attention – choosing the right option in critical situations in reality can save your life one day. Escaping form the top floor of a skyscraper, getting out of a cave, picking the right door to freedom, running away from a haunted castle and breaking free from a mad scientist’s lab – let’s see if you can do it all. TIMESTAMPS Elevator Escape 0:33 The Cave Crisis 2:16 The Door to Freedom 4:24 The Haunted Castle 5:26 A Dangerous Game 7:13 SUMMARY -You have to pick one elevator to get out of the building before the demolition starts. -Which of the five tunnels will you choose to get out of the cave crisis? -Decide which of the three doors will set you free from prison. -Escape from a haunted castle on Halloween by picking the right door. -Outsmart the mad scientist and win your freedom back. All you have to do is choose one of the three doors to go through. #hardchoicegame #wouldyouchoose #hardtest Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Never Google there 10 things. There is an important reason why you should never search for yourself on Google and why most people don’t like doing it. In most cases, Google can be a great help in finding something you need. However, sometimes it can work against you. Moreover, at the end of the video, we will show you which information you can google safely. But first, here’s a list of things you should refrain from googling. TIMESTAMPS Never google your symptoms 0:47 Never google anything criminal 1:25 Never google information about cancer 1:56 Never google bedbug infestations 2:32 Never google skin conditions 3:05 Never google smokers’ lungs 3:39 Never google dangerous animals 4:11 Never google your name 4:43 Never google blackhead removal 5:34 Never google giving birth 6:00 What to google then? 6:39 What Can You Google? However, instead of looking for the unpleasant things in this list, you can always have fun with Google. Just try searching for anything starting with “why,” “how,” “do,” etc. The most popular searches will show up, and you will be surprised by what many people are interested in. SUMMARY - Looking up the meaning of your symptoms on the internet will not help you. Quite the reverse — it will make you feel worse and panicked. - Keep in mind that security and drug control services always track these kinds of searches and your IP address can appear in such a database. - There are so many types of this disease, and most of them occur with symptoms that could be very common for many other harmless conditions. Most people experience such things as dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc., so you’ll probably mistake something else for cancer and start panicking. - Have you ever thought what bedbug infestations look like? If you want to continue sleeping at night, you won’t look it up. - There are many diseases connected with the skin, and most of them look really bad. For some reason, you can find online images of almost all of them. However, it’s much better to stay ignorant because this kind of content can be disturbing. - The web is full of images of the abnormal lungs of heavy smokers, which you could take too seriously and freak out. You can, of course, try googling this if you need a strong motivation for quitting, but it’s better not to. - There are a lot of really terrifying animals on our planet, and some of them will probably turn out to be in your region. Moreover, such a phobia may discourage you from traveling. - . If you try to google your name, most probably you will stumble upon some unpleasant results. Bad photos of you, outdated information, irrelevant content — we take such things way too seriously. - It’s so weird that blackhead removal causes such visual satisfaction for many, but it sure does. So we advise you to stay away from this. - The process of giving birth is a hundred times more disturbing than we see in movies. It’s especially dangerous for women to watch and may even discourage them from having children at all. So don’t even try to search for this. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Do you like visiting aquariums? They are loved by many. They make it possible for people to get acquainted with marine creatures they would otherwise never see. Unfortunately, not everything is so bright about the very concept of aquariums and marine parks. When the documentary "Blackfish" came out, the image of such entertainment establishments underwent a serious damage. Visitors often have a misconception that trainers in aquariums are specialists in marine biology. After all, they have such extensive knowledge about these creatures! Totally wrong. People who interact with animals and participate in shows are only performers. They have no professional credentials about orcas or other marine animals. They’re simply hired to entertain the crowd. TIMESTAMPS: Orcas are starved 0:45 People who work with orcas get killed 1:07 Orcas live shorter lives in captivity 1:51 Orcas have to live in tiny tanks 2:27 A collapsed dorsal fin isn't normal 3:17 Drugs are used on killer whales 3:52 Killer whales have problems with their teeth 4:25 Employees paint over the whales' sunburns 4:46 The trainers are not marine biologists 5:23 Captive orcas injure other animals 5:51 They artificially breed killer whales 6:20 Orcas are hurt by chlorine 7:08 Gelatin is used to keep orcas hydrated 7:37 Preview photo credit: Killer whale and trainer during a Shamu performance at Seaworld in Orlando, Florida: By Loadmaster (David R. Tribble), CC BY-SA 3.0, Animation is created by Bright Side. Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Giving a treat is a typical approach while training an animal. But unfortunately, these treats seem to serve as usual food. Employees are instructed to keep the orcas hungry. - In the wild, male orcas live for 70 years, while the females’ lifespan is even longer: 100 years. But in captivity, orcas don't have a chance to enjoy a long happy life. In most cases, they die as teenagers, usually after they turn just 13 years old. - The tanks these animals live in are immensely small for them. In fact, the length of one tank is one-millionth of the distance an adult orca can cross a day in the ocean. - In the wild, only 1% of all orcas suffer from problems with their fins. And if they do, it means they're sick or injured. - If orca misbehaves or gets too excited, trainers force-feed it sedative drugs. - To prevent the public from asking questions about the change of color on the whales’ skin, trainers cover their sunburns with zinc oxide. This substance is black and does a good job at masking the horror. - People who interact with animals and participate in shows are only performers. They have no professional credentials about orcas or other marine animals. - When orcas live in captivity for prolonged periods of time, they become extremely aggressive. But they don’t just hurt the trainers; they fight each other and other animals as well. - Chlorine levels in tanks are way too high and damage the health of the animals kept in them. As a result of all the chlorine, killer whales have mucus running from their eyes and problems with their vision. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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When we say our actions are a result of only our own decisions, we lie a bit. Our brain is constantly tricking us, impairing our perception of reality. Are you one of the many people who wonder why they get their best ideas in the shower? The answer to this eternal question might seem confusing as it’s one of a number of paradoxes you've probably never thought about. TIMESTAMPS: The more effort you make to impress people, the less impressed they are 0:37 The harder you try to achieve your goal, the harder it will be to get there 1:09 The more honestly you speak about your mistakes, the more perfect you seem to other people 1:43 The more you dislike something about another person, the more likely it is that you have this character trait yourself 2:11 People who don't trust others can't be trusted either 2:39 The more failures you've had, the more likely you are to succeed in the end 3:22 The more you fear death, the less you enjoy life 3:55 If you care little about others, you don't care enough about yourself 4:18 The more friends you make, the more lonely you feel 4:41 The more you argue, the less likely you are to convince people of your point of view 5:13 The more options you have, the less happy you are with each of them 5:40 The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know 6:05 Overconfident people are rarely right 6:23 The harder you try to keep a person close, the more you push them away 6:46 The less available something is, the more you want it 7:13 The best ideas come to you in the shower 7:33 #psychology #psychologicaltricks #psychologicaleffects Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - When you are trying too hard to impress people, you aren't likely to show your true self. Subconsciously, people will feel your insincerity and won't fall for your performance. - Your mind can play some pretty cruel tricks on you! For example, if you expect something to be difficult, you unconsciously overcomplicate things. - Vulnerability is an amazing thing. When you aren't afraid to demonstrate it and feel comfortable about not being ideal, people tend to think that you’re perfect. - According to Carl Jung, a famous psychologist, if there's a trait that bothers you in others, it reflects those parts of you that you deny or feel insecure about - Those who feel insecure about any kind of connection they have with others often use this tactic. - There's nothing wrong with trying again and again. You'll succeed eventually! - Any fear you have paralyzes your desire to be happy and enjoy your life. And since the fear of death is one of the most potent fears a person can have, it doesn't let you live your life to the fullest. - You might not notice it at first sight, but be sure that those who are rude, uncaring, and impolite to other people are just as negligent to themselves. - If you really want to convince someone, stop arguing. Give the other party time to come to the same conclusion on their own. - This is the famous “paradox of choice,” where people who are presented with more options feel less satisfied with the one they make. When you make your choice, you automatically reject other alternatives. - The more convinced a person is that they are right, the less likely they are to know the subject. The problem is that many facts change over time. But an overly confident person isn't likely to check the truthfulness of something they think they know. - When you try to be as close as possible to another person, that's mostly your jealousy speaking. Such behavior can only make your partner feel obliged to love you and be loyal. And that's not a healthy relationship. - A relaxed state of mind can help you turn your focus inward. Thus, your mind will be more likely to make insightful connections. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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2,600,000 years ago, megalodons terrorized the seas and oceans, and they were believed to be the largest sharks to ever live on Earth. They were also the largest predators in vertebrate history. What if this enormous marine carnivore had never become extinct? It isn’t a fun scenario to imagine, but, hey, we’ve also been toying with the idea ever since we saw fossils of dinosaurs and other beastly creatures that once roamed our planet. These gigantic animals ruled Earth millions of years ago, and we can’t help but wonder what our life would have been like if we’d coexisted with them. TIMESTAMPS What the megalodon shark was like 1:17 The only remains of a megalodon to be discovered 3:20 How did they attack their victims 5:06 The main reason for the extinction of this great predator 6:10 What if megalodons didn’t become extinct? 8:04 Other huge prehistoric animals and birds 9:12 Music: SUMMARY -Megalodon shark lived during the Neogene period, was between 52 ft and 59 ft, and its weight could vary from 70 to 100 tons. During the Renaissance period, the megalodon’s teeth were mistaken for the fossilized tips of the tongues of dragons and snakes. -The only remains of a megalodon to be discovered were its vertebrae and tooth. They were found around the continents of Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North and South America. -Back in 2016, researchers at the University of Zurich’s Paleontological Institute and Museum found that the real reason the megalodons became extinct was due to competition over food. -The megalodon immediately clamped its teeth onto the body of its prey, which resulted in pulverized ribs and a ruptured heart and lungs. The second attack method of the megalodon was to rip its prey’s fins to immobilize it before chow time. -Had the megalodon shark survived, the aquatic biodiversity could have been rich if that had happened. However, the super predators that existed along with megalodons would also still be alive. -Other species that have caused terror on Earth were the Aegirocassis benmoulae, the Sarcosuchus imperator, the Megatherium americanum, the Titanis walleri, or “Terror Bird”. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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How to flirt correctly? Attracting someone you like can also be challenging. And furthermore, every nation has a unique approach to everything, and flirting is no exception! In France, you can use pick-up lines to have a laugh; in Germany, it may be considered rather off-putting. If you want to impress a Swedish person with your own flirting skills, don't go too far by asking too many personal questions. Russian people, on the contrary, often try to see into the soul of somebody they like and really get to know as much about them as they can. TIMESTAMPS: France 0:45 Spain 2:09 Germany 3:24 Japan 4:38 Sweden 6:05 Italy 7:00 Russia 7:55 #flirt #flirting #howtoflirt Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - If you're going on a date with a French woman, don't forget that it's often the man who takes care of the check in France, so be prepared for that. It's OK to give your date a small peck on the cheek when you meet. - While flirting, Spanish people tend to show interest in a person's life, hobbies, job, and personality. So, once again, asking about exes or talking about something heavy like politics is a big no. - Women from Germany aren't big fans of pick-up lines as they often perceive them as lacking in imagination and creativity. - So what if you like a Japanese person? The most important thing is to take it slowly. Japanese flirting is very respectful and unhurried. In Japan, people usually meet through mutual friends, add each other on social media, and start messaging one another. - People in Sweden are the true kings and queens of effortless and natural compliments like, “Your eyes are such a beautiful shade of blue!” or “I love your brooch!” - Show genuine interest in your date's life, and give occasional compliments about their appearance and look. Don't be afraid to express yourself and say what's on your mind — your Italian crush will certainly appreciate your honesty! - Pick-up lines aren't the best way to a Russian’s heart. Assertiveness, dirty jokes, and unkempt appearances are huge negatives as well — the more well mannered you are, the better. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Watch the official music video for "Bring Me To Life" performed by Evanescence Music video by Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (C) 2004 Wind-Up Records, LLC #Evanescence #BringMeToLife #Vevo #Rock #OfficialMusicVideo

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يمكنك إنقاذ حياتك أو حياة شخص حولك من الاختناق إذا كنت تعرف بعض القواعد المهمة. انتبه جيدًا إلى كل ما سنعرضه لك حتى تعرف بالضبط ما يجب فعله في جميع أنواع حالات الاختناق الطارئة. أولاً، ستحتاج إلى تحديد ما إذا كان انسداد مجرى الهواء جزئيًا أو كليًا. إذا كان الانسداد جزئيًا، اطلب من الشخص أن يسعل. فالسعال هو الطريقة الأكثر فعالية لفتح المجاري الهوائية ودفع قطعة الطعام العالقة خارج القصبة الهوائية. أما إذا كان الشخص لا يستطيع السعال، فإن أول شيء يجب عليك فعله هو الوقوف خلفه، وإمالته للأمام وتصويب 5 ضربات قوية بين عظمات الكتف باستخدام يدك. إذا كان الشخص لا يستطيع التنفس، قم بإجراء حركة هيمليك. الهدف من هذه الحركة هو إخراج الهواء الموجود في الرئتين الذي لا يستخدم في التنفس. وتقوم هذه المناورة بإخراج الجسم العالق بشكل فعال. سيتعين عليك إجراء التغييرات الصحيحة عند محاولتك مساعدة نفسك، أو شخص سمين، أو امرأة حامل، أو طفل. في حال فقد الشخص وعيه، مدده على ظهره. واجلس على وركيه مواجهًا له. ادفع بطنه بقوة نحو الحجاب الحاجز. وإذا لم يبدأ الشخص بالتنفس بعد إزالة الجسم، فقد حان وقت الإنعاش القلبي الرئوي. يمكنك أيضا إنقاذ كلبك من الاختناق. إذا فتحت فمه وشاهدت جسمًا يسد مجرى الهواء، قم بإزالته بعناية باستخدام كماشة. وإذا لم ينجح ذلك، جرب ضربات الظهر. وفقط في حال لم ينجح ذلك أو أي شيء آخر في إخراج الجسم، قم بإجراء حركة هيمليك. الموسيقى: الطوابع الزمنية: قيّم الموقف 0:33 شجع الشخص على السعال 1:13 إذا كان الشخص لا يستطيع السعال، اضربه على ظهره 1:55 إذا كان الشخص لا يستطيع التنفس، قم بإجراء حركة هيمليك 2:46 مساعدة شخص فاقد الوعي 3:39 مساعدة نفسك 4:22 مساعدة الحوامل والبدناء 5:24 إنقاذ رضيع يختنق 5:58 إنقاذ طفل يختنق 6:38 إنقاذ طفل فاقد الوعي 7:11 إنقاذ كلب يختنق 8:03 الملخص: • حدد ما إذا كان انسداد مجرى الهواء جزئيًا أو كليًا لمعرفة ما يجب عليك فعله للمساعدة. • السعال هو الطريقة الأكثر فعالية لفتح المجاري الهوائية ودفع قطعة الطعام العالقة خارج القصبة الهوائية. • صوّب 5 خبطات قوية بين شفرات الكتف باستخدام كعب يدك. • قم بإجراء حركة هيمليك لدفع الجسم العالق للخارج. • إذا فقد الشخص وعيه، مدده على ظهره، وادفع البطن بقوة نحو الحجاب الحاجز حتى ينفتح المجرى الهوائي مرة أخرى. • ابدأ بالسعال، وإذا لم يساعد ذلك، قم بإجراء حركة هيمليك على نفسك. • ضع يديك بالقرب من البطن قدر الإمكان، أعلى من المعتاد، وقم بحركة هيمليك. • إذا كان عمر الضحية أقل من سنة، مدده على ساعدك مع جعل وجهه مواجه للأسفل، وصوب خمس بضربات سريعة بين عظمات كتف الرضيع بالضبط باستخدام يدك. • قف خلف الطفل أو إذا كان صغيرًا جدًا، اجث على ركبتيك. كون قبضة بيد واحدة وضعها بين الأضلاع و سرة البطن مع جعل إبهامك في الداخل، ثم ضع مرفقيك على الجانبين واضغط على بطن الطفل. • إذا كان الرضيع أو الطفل فاقدًا للوعي، حاول تمديده على ظهره أولاً ثم حاول إزالة الجسم العالق بأصابعك. إذا كان لا يزال لا يتنفس أو إذا كنت غير قادر على إخراج الجسم من البداية، ابدأ بالضغط على الصدر. • افتح فم الكلب بيد واحدة على الفك العلوي والأخرى على الفك السفلي، ثم أخرج الجسم العالق بعناية باستخدام كماشة. وفقط في حال لم ينجح أي شيء آخر في إخراج الجسم، قم بإجراء مناورة هيمليك. إشترك في قناة الجانب المُشرق : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- وسائل التواصل الإجتماعي : حِرف إبداعية في 5 دقائق على موقع يوتيوب :

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Do you know anything about the Black Demon? While oceans cover more than 70% of our planet's surface, people have explored only 5% of the ocean floor. So it's no wonder that the incredible depths hide some pretty terrifying secrets! For example, there’s the Black Demon, a legendary shark said to equal the prehistoric Megalodon in size. According to the legend, the Black Demon resembles the infamous Megalodon. This terrifying creature was first noticed not far from Mexico's Baja Coast in the Gulf of California. People started to report a huge black shark whose size could be compared with that of the Megalodon. It resembled the great white shark but for its massive tail and dark coloring. The creature got the nickname “El Demonio Negro” (which is Spanish for “The Black Demon”). This shark treats humans extremely aggressively. According to several reports, the creature systematically attacks boats. TIMESTAMPS: How big was the Megalodon shark? 1:36 Where the Black Demon was first noticed 3:21 How the Black Demon looks like 4:01 Why is the Black Demon black? 5:37 What researchers think about Black Demon 5:58 Which other creatures live in depths 7:17 #megalodon #sharks Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - Megalodon was a prehistoric predator that lived from 23 to 2.6 million years ago. It was a truly massive creature. It could grow up to 60 ft, which is longer than a school bus, and its weight could be more than 70 tons, which equals the weight of 10 elephants. - The Black Demon was first noticed not far from Mexico's Baja Coast in the Gulf of California. People started to report a huge black shark whose size could be compared with that of the Megalodon. - In 2008, fisherman Eric Mack stated that a huge black shark rocked his boat. He also mentioned that the shark had large sharp teeth and a huge tail that stuck out of the water for no less than 5 ft. The animal looked like a great white but was much more massive. - In 2012, a real great white shark was caught in the Sea of Cortez. It was more than 20 ft long and weighed a whopping 2,000 lb. However, it was white and didn't resemble the shark described in the legend. - Some scientists think that if the Black Demon really exists, it's probably an oversized great white that suffers from melanism. - Other researchers hope that the mysterious animal might be a new species of shark that evolved from the Megalodon. Naturally, there are also skeptics who are sure that the Black Demon is a whale shark. - There's no real proof of its existence except for the testimonies of eyewitnesses. At the same time, nobody can claim that the creature doesn't exist, even if it hasn't been found. - In those depths live the most bizarre animals ever known. Ghost sharks, demon cat sharks, deep-sea dogfish. Some of them look like characters from a low-budget horror film. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Sun just suddenly stopped shining? The first thing that probably comes to your mind is that it would get a whole lot darker and colder. True, but that doesn’t even begin to describe what kind of catastrophic event it would be because eventually humankind would meet its eminent demise. In the first few minutes after the Sun stops burning, life goes on as usual here on Earth because the sunlight itself is still traveling towards the planet. But after 8½ minutes, the skies go black, as if someone just flipped a switch. After an hour, once everybody has realized the situation they’re in, panic ensues on the side of the planet where it's supposed to be daytime. The temperature across the globe drops by several degrees and just keeps going down. One of the worst things is that photosynthesis stops within 24 hours. Within a week or so, the average temperature on the planet falls below zero. Most plants have already perished due to the cold, and heat-loving animals start to disappear shortly after. People build shelters and try to survive the cold and lack of food. They might be more successful in areas with a lot of geothermal activity, such as Iceland. After just one year, the planet might host some types of bacteria that can survive even in unbelievably low temperatures. But other life forms on the surface have been wiped away. Just remember, though, this scenario was just a hypothetical “what if?”. As for the real future of the Earth, it’ll stay firmly “tied” to the Sun. Music: TIMESTAMPS The first minutes after the Sun stops burning 0:54 An hour after the Sun went out 2:21 A day after the Sun went out 3:27 A week after the Sun went out 4:14 A year after the Sun went out 5:36 What happens to planet Earth itself? 6:26 The real future of the Earth 8:35 SUMMARY Summary: -8½ minutes after the Sun stopped burning, the whole entire planet would be plunged into darkness. You wouldn’t see the Moon either since there’d be no sunlight for it to reflect. -An hour after the Sun went out, people would start to fall into the depths of depression. The temperature across the globe would drop by several degrees and keep going down. -If the Sun didn’t return after one day, the planet would fall in utter chaos. Every living creature on Earth would start having difficulties due to the diminishing oxygen. -A week after the Sun went out, the temperature all over the world would drop below zero. Most plants would have already perished due to the cold, and heat-loving animals would start to disappear shortly after. People would build shelters and try to survive the cold and lack of food. -After a year without the Sun, the surface of the Earth would become as cold as 100° below zero. The top layers of the seas and oceans would have frozen over by this time, the only survivors among people (if any) would be on the ocean floor, near geothermal vents. There would be no life on the planet. -If the Sun stopped burning, its gravitational pull would vanish, and the Earth would fly away into outer space at the same speed. After 43,000 years, the Earth would near Alpha Centauri, the closest star to us. -As for the real future of the Earth, it’ll stay firmly “tied” to the Sun that will increase in size in several billion years. Hopefully by that time humanity will have found ways to explore and colonize other planets orbiting younger stars. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:


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