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Now New 3D Sounds, on Visuals (Use your Headphones) Professional Creating Your Advertisement Promo Videos

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Lego bricks are being put to use in some seriously cool ways. In fact, people have been so successful at creating LEGO sculptures, it has become their profession. While some of the individual sculptures are amazing for their pure scale, some of these brick-builders have created entire collections which are admired for their true artistic merit. Here are the 20 most amazing LEGO sculptures and collections. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ►◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit: Intro : - 20 : - 19 : - 18 : - 17 : - 16 : - 15 : - 14 : - 13 : - 12 : - 11 : - 10 : - 9 : - 8 : - 7 : - 6 : - 5 : - 4 : - 3 : - 2 : - 1 : - Music credit: Deep Hat by Vibe Tracks(Youtube Audio Library), Licensed under CC0 Featuring... Eric Harshbarger’s LEGO paintings - Professional LEGO mosaic builder, Eric Harshbarger, creates representations of famous artworks. Harshbarger’s largest Mona Lisa mosaic required more than 30,000 bricks to create and stands at 6 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Human Sculptures by Nathan Sawaya - Nathan Sawaya’s human sculptures are truly original works of art. Each piece takes several days to create and begins as a drawing. LEGOLAND Swaps Volvo Car - Who doesn’t love a good prank? In 2011, the General Manager of LEGOLAND California, Peter Rochetti was astounded to find his parked Volvo had been replaced by a life-sized LEGO replica made of more than 200,000 LEGO bricks. Tower Bridge LEGO architecture and lego Sculpture - The Tower Bridge replica for Land Rover holds the world record for the largest LEGO sculpture with the most bricks. Futuristic Map of Japan - This Map of Japan was the result of 5000 Japanese students collaborating in 6 different workshops. Project ‘Build Up Japan’ was sponsored by LEGO to celebrate LEGO’s 50-year presence in Japan. Mike Doyle’s Amazing LEGO Houses - Man is no match for nature. Mike Doyle’s abandoned houses are a portrayal of nature’s destructive power. Kinetic Sculptures by JK Brickworks - Want to be even more amazed by LEGO sculptures? Check out these kinetic sculptures by JKBrickworks. This one is designed to simulate the fluid movements made by a real horse. LEGOLAND Windsor Pharaoh - Can you believe the LEGO Egyptian Pharaoh of LEGOLAND Windsor weighs more than 1 ton? It also consists of over 200,000 LEGO bricks. LEGO Statue of Jesus Christ - Based on the 19thcentury work ‘Christus’, this LEGO sculpture was used to mark Easter in 2009 at a Swedish church. LEGO Boardroom lego Table - Something we haven’t seen yet in this video of amazing LEGO sculptures is LEGO furniture. Well look no further, for this is a piece of LEGO furniture to behold. Abston Church of Christ by Amy Hughes - If you’re impressed by detail, you will be impressed by the Abston Church of Christ by Amy Hughes. Kennedy Space Center at LEGOLAND Florida - For a LEGO sculpture that is truly masterful, you can’t look past the LEGO Kennedy Space Center . A truly awesome lego space shuttle! LEGO Football Ground - Only one LEGO sculpture can compete with the LEGO Kenny Space Center that we just saw. Arthur Gugick’s Lenticular Images - Arthur Gugick specializes in amazing lenticular LEGO creations featuring themes from pop culture. USS Intrepid - One of the largest LEGO ships ever built is the USS Intrepid replica. It has been reproduced at a scale of 1:40 of the original WWII US Navy aircraft carrier. Animals by Sean Kenney - Sean Kenney’s exhibit of beautiful LEGO sculptures, Nature Connects, features animals of all shapes and sizes. Tallest LEGO Tower- Can you believe the tallest LEGO tower was built by thousands of Italian children? It reaches an incredible 114 feet. Lego House - James May’s LEGO House is both amazing and a little sad. The two-storey house used more than 3.3 million LEGO pieces! X Wing Fighter Jet - This lego star wars inspired X Wing Fighter Jet built by LEGO is a 1:1 scale model of the Star Wars aircraft. 35 builders constructed it with 5,335,200 bricks. Its amazing! Magic Angle lego Sculptures by John V. Muntean - Thought you’d seen everything that could be done with LEGO? Think again! John V. Muntean makes LEGO sculptures that are actually shadow art.

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Whether you play Minecraft or not, its a platform full of epic builds and creations we can all marvel at. Thanks to an array of master minecraft builders, creations including houses, cities and statues have been made. We're sure you'll be amazed at the minecraft build ideas that have made it into our top 10. These minecraft works of art include westeroscraft and a statue of king kong! Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ►◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Featuring: The Tower of Babel - There are many incarnations of the tower in Minecraft, but the minute details put into this circular structure make it one of the greatest. Each of the 7 million blocks and 90,000 lights come together perfectly to creature this unique, modern take. Credit: Working Cell Phone - Working closely with Verizon Wireless and using Minecraft’s assortment of blocks and Boxel, a web application that translates video and web pages to blocks, YouTuber CaptainSparklez brought the first working cell phone to the world of Minecraft. Credit: Babylonian City - Built by a team of player SwiftSampson and his girlfriend , this throwback to the Babylonian empire is rife with incredible details, such as the specks of color in the pillars to give the sandstone structures a little vibrancy. Nooks and crannies hide scattered plant life while every city light is purposefully placed to bring the metropolis to life come nightfall. Flanked by a nearby tower, the beauty and intricacies of the Babylonian call-back can either be viewed and admired from above or within the carved out streets. Credit: Minas Tirith - The Lord of the Rings is not without its unforgettable set pieces, among them the mountainside city of Middle-earth, Minas Tirith. The brains behind the beautiful rendering of the White City is “Legendary Creator” EpicQuestz. Almost a full year of work was put into bringing this J. R. R. Tolkien creation to life and features hundreds of unique buildings with customized interiors. Credit: Giza Necropolis - It’s not an incredibly colorful slab of blocks to explore, but the completed look of the Giza Necropolis is impossible to ignore. From the imposing Sphynx to the towering Great Pyramid of Giza, this project, finished by Robbiemar in just around 2 days, is a great recreation of what the Giza complex would have looked like before years upon years of wear and tear took a toll. Credit: King Kong vs. V-Rex Statue - Not every worthwhile creation in Minecraft has to be some in-depth city. In fact, it can even be something less interactive, like a monument to one of cinema’s greatest square-offs. This incredible statue plays highly detailed tribute to the colossal battle between the mighty King Kong and V-Rex . Credit: Imperial City - When you think of things built in Minecraft to impressive scale, one of the first creations that should come to mind is Rigolo and Comeon’s Imperial City. Credit: 1940’s New York - As you roam the streets of this modern, Minecraft take on 1940’s New York, you may start to feel like you’ve time traveled right into the heart of the city. Okay, so maybe the blocky look will bring you back to reality, but The Manhattan Project, helmed by C_B_John, is an inspired, 1:1 replica of the city as it stood during the 1940’s. Credit: WesterosCraft - Whether you watch the TV show or enjoy the books, WesterosCraft is the perfect marriage of Game of Thrones and Minecraft. The lands of WesterosCraft bring to blocky life George R.R. Martins’ visions of kingdoms and castles like The Iron Islands, The Crownlands, The Vale, Dorne, The Riverlands, and the Stark home of Winterfell. Credit: The Entire Country of Denmark - In some countries, Minecraft is used as a form of education, and one country, Denmark, took this concept to a whole new level when the members of the Danish Geodata Agency Geodatastyrelsen created a 1:1 scale of the entire country. Credit: Music Credit: The Big Beat 80’s – Kevin Macleod & Syrinx

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A strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life. *** Buy the sequel to The Maker from Amazon, Google Play, or Apple iBooks: *** The Maker has screened at over 60 festivals and won 22 awards. For the latest news and updates, visit, like us at or follow Contact Christopher Kezelos the Director of The Maker at The music score for The Maker is called 'WINTER' and was composed by Paul Halley. You can download it free from his website at * Please do not re-upload this film anywhere else online, thank you.

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CH short photo shoots

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Check our webstore! Share your very high quality MOCs for a chance to cooperate with us! Send your Fan MOCs for the next episode to: If you wanna submit your MOC for next Sunday's episode, here are some preferred guidelines: Maximum of 5 (FIVE) images per MOC / builder. Pick the best ones you have, DON’T send ALL of them! :) Please, do not send videos. -Try to ATTACH your files to the e-mail, do not embed them into the text field of the e-mail - NO links to your Ideas project website / Google pics gallery, etc. - pics MUST be attached to the e-mail. - Try to take you pictures with a good lighting and use the best camera at your disposal. - Do not embed any logos / titles / watermarks directing to your business / YouTube channel / etc. into any of the submitted pictures Friendly B-Wing by Tyler Sky Starman's Tesla Roadster by Adrian Drake Classic Mini by Pixeljunkie The City of Alaylon by Brother Steven LEGO STAR WARS X-Wing Kinetic Sculpture (Mini-Model) by Josh DaVid LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE) by Holger Matthes Filia's Bakery by Markus Rollbühler Hogwarts Express by Letranger Absurde Healthy Snack by Tyler Landspeeder Polie by Ciamosław Ciamek Music: Johan Lilja (DJ Quads) Subscribe for more Lego set unboxing! ► Instagram Twitter Facebook More Lego Videos! Lego Custom Builds MOC: Lego Star Wars Sets: Lego Batman Sets: Lego City Sets: Lego Ideas Sets: Lego DC Universe Sets: Lego Marvel Universe Sets: Lego How To: Lego Holiday Sets: list=PLHttrZC-uXId4mSi7xwisu0Ab9ZLgwB5z Lego Minecraft Sets: Lego Dimensions: Lego Technic Sets: Lego Ninjago Sets: Lego Minifigs: Lego Bionicle Sets: Lego Scooby-Doo Sets: Lego Creator Sets: Lego Jurassic World Sets: Lego Cars: Lego Ultra Agents: #Lego #MOC #top10 #brickvault #mocs #legomocs #bestmocs

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How to make a spring in nx 7.5 Tutorial. Tutorial Created By Parthiban Nannilam. if any clarification about this tutorial kindly Contact Cell : 8438493010

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Check out these seven crazy solar creations......... LINKS 1.''Pure Tension'' Volvo pavilion 2.MS Tûranor PlanetSolar , 3.Hot air Baloon , 4.GoSun Ovens 5.Solar reserve 6.Solar Impulse 7.Rawlemon Solar ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CREDITS PRODUCER & WRITER Wade Hutson NARRATOR Bob Darling BaerTaffy VIDEO EDITORS Robert Jackton Gismoxan Nazarov ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC Severe Tire Damage by Incompetech

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This video was made to enforce the rules of the Ch-Ch-CheckIt Fan Page Rules and so people are simply aware of the rules that are listed. RULES: 1) Be nice, don't swear, and make some friends :) 2) Post your own work, or credit the original author. 3) Don't advertise! We're here to share artwork with one another, not to try and get people to join your personal group or subscribe to your YouTube channel. Any advertising will get you banned* 4) No discussions about torrenting or cracking software is allowed here. Do so on your own terms.

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I do not own Spore or anything. But I do own the design. My creation updates from ch 1 to ch 4

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Eternal PEACE by knowledge of WORLD History, Future and Social, RESPECT Human Rights WORLD WIDE, 217A: 1 to 30, created 1948, Convention 1950, WORLD WIDE RATIFIED. MUST repeat them: Menschenrechte und Pflichten Art. 1 bis 30: Select YOUR language. Respect NOBEL Price and OTHERS Winners, see my suggestion of 40 books in tecnoboy I Sc. Page 2.

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Salad Creations Canada Christmas Sa;lads segment

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Block Barring Session

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Song: Gani Artist: Akhil feat. Manni Sandhu Music: Manni Sandhu Lyrics: Akhil & Vakeel Saab Album: Welcome To The Future by Manni Sandhu Female Model : Manpreet Kaur Video: Parmish Verma Project: Jazz Sandhu (Collab Creations) Produced By - Ruby singh, Dinesh Auluck & Ramandeep Singh Label: Speed Records/Collab Creations For CallerTunes Airtel Subscriber for Hello Tune Dial 5432115534822 Vodafone Subscribers for Caller Tune Direct Dial 5377979255 Idea Subscribers Dial tone 567897979255 Tata DoCoMo Subscribers dial 5432117979255 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 7979255 To 56700 Saavan- Itunes - Click to Subscribe - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

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Once upon a time a butcher and a TV engineer quit their jobs and decided to become candle makers instead. Dorette and Gérald Stoller opened a workshop in Fleurier, in the Val de Travers, called The Candlemakers in the Land of the Fairies. swissinfo visited them to find out what kind of magic goes into their wax sculptures.

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Hello everyone , KUNBI KING Please do like, share & subscribe our channel for more videos & press the bell icon for latest updates. VOCALS - RAHUL NAIK, DAKSHATA LOKHANDE MUSIC PRODUCERS - ANISH GAIKWAD, RAHUL VANMALI DOP & EDITING - SUYOG JADHAV , CHIRAG JADHAV MUSIC - SOUND SYNTH STUDIOS MEDIA PARTNERS - PATIL NETWORKS

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An unforgettable experience! 26 renowned chefs will use Nespresso coffee as an ingredient in their dishes during the Nespresso Gourmet Weeks (4-25 November 2018). Let yourself be amazed by their creations: a perfect combination between coffee and fine cuisine. For more information, visit:

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Silent Short Film by D.Ch Rangarao about wastage of power.

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Crochet tutorial for absolute beginners for making chain ( साखळी in Marathi )also known as foundation chain. Yes a foundation in true sence because almost att crochet stitches and crochet patterns develop on this foundation. The crochet experts know that !!! Marvel Creations -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Easy tutorial for Absolute Beginners How to Double Crochet DC (खांब) || by Marvel Creations" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Ch-Ch-Check It - Fan Creations.mp4

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BHMS BA culinary program students assignment was to "WOW" their guests with innovation, colours, flavours - with Umami and Kokumi. An "incr Edible" experience! If you like this movie, Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Check our website: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter:

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This clip is from the making of punabi song Mitti Pind Di by Gurpreet Chattha Video by Satth Creations. In this clip we are struggling to take the opening short of video . We have no equipments :)

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Nitin Banugade-Patil

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Quick Help video made for Rnl Cruz.

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Crochet tutorial that teaches you the very basics you need to know when starting to learn crochet. In this lesson we learn how to make a slip knot and how to hold your yarn and hook. Left Handed version For full Lesson Playlist - Or check out the series on my site FURLS HOOKs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are a fan of this channel and wish to support it in it's growth and resources. I would be grateful for anything you could give. I have a Patron channel set up where you can give as little as 1 dollar a month or if you prefer you could give a donation through Pay Pal Thank you for supporting this channel and keeping me around to do what I love! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find my site and social media links below! My Web Site with Patterns Facebook Page Twitter Instagram Tumblr Google+ Crochet Community Pinterest Title Music: Gnarly (feat. Devyn Rush) by David Amber Download for free at: End music brought to you by:

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Published Date : 2017-01-11T08:32:21.000Z chityala gopalapuram[m.D.L] west godavari

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Jeendy rahy ty milaan gy lakh waaari


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2018 June 32

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Joy To The World is God, Starts problem when you talk to Evil Creation: talking and making decisions to each others, Serpent, Woman, and Man.

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#Sona_babu_creations अगर मेरी VIDEO अच्छी लगे तो CHANNEL को SUBSCRIBE जरूर करे 🙏 and SHARE plz 👍 💞🌷LIKE | SHARE | CMOMENT | SUBSCRIBE 🌷💞 💞💖🌷sona babu creations 🌷💖💞 #Download link👇 ==================================== Song : Kudi Tu Pataka Singers : Prabh Gill, Ammy Virk, Ranjit lyrics : JSL Singh _______________________________________________ Kudi Tu Pataka Dil Ch Dhamaka Tennu Pattne Layi Asi Laya Ajj Naaka Han Door Jo Kahri Hai O Ta Meri FullJhadi Dekhi Yaaran Da Tashan Vaar Jaana Nahio Khali Chiti Jahi Kabootri Te Akh Hai Tikaali Jinne Fasa Layi Ohdi Eh Diwali ==================================== Respectfully original songs owner's credit by :- _______________________________________________ Kudi Tu Pataka Diwali Song ==================================== Disclaimer :- ____________ No copyright infringement intended for pictures music and video thate are used. All rights reseaved to the respective owners. I am used only for promotionel, entertainment, purpose only. If any of the owner have a problem with your picture and music used here, please contact us


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Ch Bhanu Prasad


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