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ABOUT THE SHOHALA SUANGA Suanga dand is primarily the theatrical performance of Danda Nata performed in the night. 16 types of suangas like Hadi-haduani, Parva-Parbhani, Hara-Parvati, Phakira –Phakirani, Bhalua-Bhaluani, Chadheya-Chadheyani, Kela-keluni, Jogi-Jogiani, Diara-Bhauja, Nabachhanka-Nabachhanki, Bidhana, Budhi-Budhiani, Sabar-Sabren, Sali-Bhenei, Patrasaura-Patrasuarani and Veenakara-Karuni. Each of the suangas contains dialogues, songs and dance numbers. Performers with the required make up and costumes which are very rudimentary in nature, perform the suangas one after another. The themes are drawn from the ordinary life events of the common folk. But very after the songs are derived from mythology. However, the steps of the dances are quite vigorous and emulate the birds and animals of the forest, and are performed at a very fast tempo. All these suangas form a complete structure of Danda Nata with their in built inter-connectedness enabling it to exhibit a dynamic theatricality. Chaudhuri Bibhar, Junior Fellow & Folk Art Researcher Subarnapur, Odisha, 09437760526

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