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My emails with Philipp: The full argument is listed in the shownotes (bottom of description) if you want the list of evidence. Thanks to Johann Hari for letting me talk with him. I want to note that he isn't anti-Kurzgesagt. He likes their work, but thinks they clearly misunderstood him. Hari a lovely fellow. His website&book: Social Stuffff: Twitter: Reddit: Discord: Patreon: Music Lucas King - Dark Piano For Dark Thoughts Blue Wednesday - Middle School Joey Pecoraro - The Bishop Shownotes: My evidence for why Kurzgesagt didn't have this (entire) video planned beforehand, and why it was a shady attempt at damage control. Evidence #1: Philipp never says across 3 emails (Feb. 2, Feb. 7, Feb. 21) that he's making a video that exactly answers some of my questions. Because his video so obviously rendered my interview completely useless, why didn't he just disclose this? Evidence #2: Philipp said (paraphrasing) the video was good enough to stay up on Feb 2. On March 3rd it suddenly was deleted. Evidence #3: Philipp delayed me with an interview hanging over my head, early March. This was AFTER I told him I would wait on him before my video could come out. March 3rd was when his video was released. Evidence #4: His sketchy tweet that it was a "surprise video": Additionally he hints that this video was basically random in his ama where someone asks: "What encouraged you to make the trust kurzgesagt video? What about it was so important to you guys, that you actually took action and made a video on it?" Philipp says, "We made the video for a number of reasons. But the main one is that it was just time. I have felt uneasy about both videos pretty much since mid 2016." if he had been stalling on taking two videos down for almost 3 years, why was it RIGHT now, right before an interview and a critical video, that he took it down. That's a pretty wild coincidence, especially if you buy Philipp's answer that it was "just time". Questions I expect to be asked: 1. Did you reach out to Philipp to confirm this/privately solve this? No. I considered this for a while, but the more I looked at what had happened, the more I was convinced that he was operating in bad faith. In that case, going to him privately as I had done the first time would just let him preempt me again. 2. Is there ANY way that this is all a big misunderstanding? I don't see that as a possibility. There are a few possibilities and none of them are good, or honest. His story is contradictory no matter how you slice it. Here are the possibilities. A. [least likely] He already had the whole video planned----- he lied at least once, (again by omission) and manipulated a smaller creator once. He didn't mention his video response coming out so quickly(lie-by-omission), and TOLD me that the addiction video was going to stay up(lie). Not only that, he led me to believe I would be getting the interview and never mentioned most of my questions would be obsolete by the time we got to it(manipulation). B. [semi-likely] He DIDN'T have any of the video planned----- he lied when he stalled my research, and lied to his fans with quotes like it was "just time" as the reason for his video and completely ripped off my research as a PR move. C. [semi-likely] He had the video in the back of his head, and brought it to the front of his priority list when I reached out----- This would mean he manipulated me to stall my research, lied once (says he's keeping the addiction video up), stole my idea by quickly rushing out a video for damage control. So no, this wasn't a misunderstanding. There's no way it could've been, unless Philipp is totally disconnected with what his team is doing, but that seems unlikely given he recently said, "Being the main writer and editor for our scripts and doing creative and art direction for our videos and channel as a whole. This means everything in a video needs to pass me. Which also means every mistake we make is my responsibility." [AMA] 3. Why did you make this video? I saw this as a deep breach of not only professional trust, but also as a personal insult. I have been working on this video for 2 months, and to have a larger creator manipulate me and (from my perspective) lie to me, I can't ignore it. Not to mention it set my Pop-Sci video back considerably, and releasing videos is how I make a living. I also saw it as an affront when he gets so much applause from the community for essentially dodging questions and manipulating smaller creators.

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Please SAY something. Speak out. Share this video. Thanks to Postmates and for sponsoring this video. ALSO is where you can snag the pomade, lip balm, and candles I use, and the amazing beard oil I wish I could use. Watch Tuesday Morning’s News Deep Dive: Watch Yesterday’s PDS: Support this content w/ a Paid subscription @ ———————————— Follow Me On: ———————————— TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: ———————————— Today in Awesome: ———————————— Congratulations to the Beautiful Bastard Giveaway Winners, Christopher B. & Kristin Y! 2 Chainz Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection: Long Shot Trailer: Troye Sivan Explores ASMR: Are Dolphins OP? Airplane Trick Shots 2: Oscar Isaac & Pedro Pascal Answer Web's Questions: Secret Link: ———————————— Important Links/Sources: ———————————— Kurzgesagt VS. Coffee Break: College Admissions Scam Exposed: ———————————— Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg Produced by: Cecelia Applegate Art Director: Brian Borst Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton ———————————— #DeFranco #Kurzgesagt #OliviaJade ————————————

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Jonah Nilsson X 루카스(LUCAS)'s "Coffee Break" is out! Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music NCT Official Jonah Nilsson Official #STATION3 #LUCAS #CoffeeBreak #JonahNilsson #루카스 #조나닐슨 #STATION [STATION 3] Jonah Nilsson X 루카스 (LUCAS) 'Coffee Break (Feat. Richard Bona)' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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Download Dashlane to manage all your passwords for free here: If you then want to upgrade to premium, use the code coffeebreak for 10% off. Check out the followup video on the second channel! Follow: Twitter: Reddit: Discord: Facebook: Your Support Is Truly Appreciated: Patreon: The Best Music In The GAME: Hansag Big Band - The Opener ibrahim - the boy and the rocketship ibrahim - tinkering Edo Lee - Never Know Shownotes: BOOKS Jon Ronson - So You've Been Publicly Shamed Jennifer Jacquet - Is Shame Necessary Zeynep Tufekci - Twitter and Tear Gas ARTICLES Crime and Punishment: Shame Gains Popularity TRENDING NOW: THE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA WEBSITES IN PUBLIC SHAMING PUNISHMENTS (Summarizes the theory on why public shaming died out) Walter Palmer Had The Correct Paperwork Australian Article About Internet Shaming Vox's Take On Public Shaming of Kevin Hart FORBES Article On The Twitter Trial Of Kevin Hart Vox Article On Louis CK and Aziz Ansari VIDEOS Monica Lewinsky's TED Talk Zeynep Tufekci on The Power & Fragility of Network Protest Walter Palmer's House Is Vandalized Walter Palmer's Yelp

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Why we get offended online, but NOT in real life. Hint: It's in the thumbnail. Follow: Twitter: Reddit: Discord: Facebook: Your Support Is Truly Appreciated: Patreon: Second channel! The Best Music In The GAME: Ryo Fukui - My Favorite Tune Shownotes: Language Games - Stanford on Language Games Comedians taking up Cell-Phones (1) (2) (3) Louis C.K. Standup Set A few notes: 1: Wittgenstein mentions the example of a builders language game that would be opaque to an outsider, I see this as applying to almost every aspect of language. We're always playing language games, whether it be with a stranger, where we try to make our meaning as obvious as possible, or with a friend, where we use inside jokes, phrases known only to the other person. 2: There are many reasons comedy is walking on eggshells, I want to be clear, this isn't the only reason. But the other reasons have been beaten to death by everyone and this is one cause that I believe has been hardly explored at all. 3: I say comedians "used to be untouchables". I mean that in the context of the audience. Comedians weren't untouchable to police, who arrested the greats such as Carlin and Bruce, but comedians usually didn't have to fear the crowd. Now comedians aren't scared of the police for saying naughty things, they're scared of the online mob.

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Cheers for the million views, you guys are amazing! Big ups Zeds Dead for the free download, bass legends -

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Go to or text BREAK to 500500 to get a free book and 30 day free trial. After the collapse of the tobacco industry, casinos found themselves under scrutiny for engineering addiction. This is the story of how casinos learned to mislead the public using industry funded research on gambling addiction. The problem of industry funded research isn't unique to casinos however, it's widespread and devastating to serious academic inquiry. Your support keeps this channel making videos: Patreon: Follow Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Discord: Music in order of appearance: Blue Wednesday - Herringbone Blue Wednesday - Magnetic Blue Wednesday - Cereal Killer Blue Wednesday - Honey ibrahim - Watermelon Slices Shownotes: (1) Thank You For Smoking (2) Clarence Cook Little from the CTR (3) Slot Machines – The Big Gamble (4) Understanding Joy: The Devastation of a Gambling Addiction (5) Slot Machines: Addiction By Design (6) NCRG Funding Disclosure (7) NCRG, What is a Gambling Disorder (8) Salon – Gambling With Science (9) Addiction By Design – Natasha Dow Shull (10) HMS Funding Tied to Gambling (11) Exxon Misled the Public (12) How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame (13) Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame (14) Contesting the Science of Smoking (15) GAMBLING WITH AMERICA’S HEALTH - (16) How Purdue Used Misleading Charts to Hide OxyContin's Addictive Power (17) Managing Conflicts of Interest (18) Impact of the NCRG (19) Tobacco Influence (20) Coffin Nails (1957) Please note: there is a lot of nuance in the discussion of "what to do with conflicts of interest, it doesn't end at "prohibition or disclose" but for the sake of brevity I had to present the most fundamental approaches. For example, there are different types of conflicts of interest that differ in severity. At worst, you have tobacco researching lung cancer, but a less severe example might be someone has a consulting job for Coca-Cola while separately researching obesity's link to sugar. These are not the same level of problematic and should be treated differently. I'm for prohibition in cases like "big tobacco researching lung cancer" mostly because we've tried the whole mitigate-research-influence and it doesn't seem to work. Here's a study demonstrating that industry funded research directly affects the results: "Studies funded by organizations that are involved in exposing the environment to pollutants or their workers to hazardous materials are substantially less likely to observe an association that these exposures have or increase the risk for negative health consequences"

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Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - Coffee Break watch: "Omar LinX - Black Rose (Official Music Video)" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Follow Omar LinX Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Spotify: Produced by Zeds Dead Zeds Dead's Channel: Omar LinX is a Mexican-Canadian hip hop / electronic artist based in Toronto, Canada. Omar performs and writes songs in a variety of genres, through collaborations with electronic music producers, including frequent collaborations with production duo Zeds Dead, who combine aspects of electro, house, hip-hop, and drum and bass. LinX co-wrote songs for “Wake Up”, which was released by Zeds Dead in February 2010. LinX has since collaborated on a number of songs with the group, including their first official single re-release “Rudeboy” and “Out for Blood” which has been viewed more than five million times on YouTube as well as his collaboration with Marshmello with the single "Keep It Mello". The group has also released several projects which include his contributions, including the Living Dead EP on Ultra Records and music video and the Victor EP on electronic music label Mad Decent.

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Distribute your Music to Spotify, iTunes and more and Join Their YouTube Network: ------------------------------------------------- VITAL SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD: Subscribe to Vital EDM for new music daily! Melodic: Heavy: --------------------------------------------------- Free Download - More from Zeds Dead - Vital - Your premium free electronic music source. - Follow VFM Facebook : Twitter : SoundCloud : - More channels from VitalFM VitalDubstep // Dubstep Drumstep VitalDnB // Drum & Bass Liquid Jungle VitalElectronic // Electro House Moombahton

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Coffee Break thinks Kurzgesagt stalled an interview which criticizes Kurzgesagt so they could criticize themselves before Coffee Break can criticize them. Sources: Great Filter – Soundtrack (2018) by Epic Mountain Gashisoft 8 Bit Music Convertor Trust - In a Nutshell by Coffee Break Can You Trust Kurzgesagt by Kurzgesagt FULL Kurzgesagt & Coffee Break Emails by Coffee Break in case taken down To cut music to make smaller size so they can be converted to MIDI so I can make them 8-bit Used to convert MP3 files to MIDI Used to convert 8 BIt WAV music into MP3 so Windows Movie Maker could read music Used to edit video: Coffee Break admitting to not being stalled by Kurzgesagt: Satire Pronunciation on how to say Kurzgesagt: Song when video is sped up: CGP Grey Comment: Coffee Break confirms seeings CGP Grey’s comment: Coffee Break admits that he was late:

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First 500 people to go to get 2 months FREE. The Six Steps To Creating a Legal Pyramid Scheme 1. Find a Product 2. Make a payout structure 3. Sell a Financial Fantasy 4. The Three Key Groups 5. The Training, Attempt, Failure, Event Loop 6. Cut Off The Bad Apples FOLLOWUP VIDEO: visualizing the real odds of multi level marketing Follow: Twitter: Reddit: Discord: Facebook: Support: Patreon: Music: Lewis OfMan - Yes Edo Lee - Black Coffee ibrahim - enamored (w/Limes) Seneca B - New York Soirée - Flight Aesthesys Shownotes: [1] Hispanics being targeted: This is a well-documented strategy among MLMs/pyramid-shaped schemes. See companies like Herbalife. [1.1] If you’re interested in more of the specifics on this exploitation, I highly recommend BETTING ON ZERO. Catch it here if you have Netflix. [2] Survivorship Bias is the well-known fallacy that if you find yourself successful, you may falsely start believing that anyone can be equally successful, neglecting everyone who tried just as hard and didn't achieve the same things. This runs RAMPANT in pyramid selling. [3] Only 3/1000 make any money in pyramid schemes after the costs of doing business are added in. Based on analyzing 350 MLMs. See Dr. Jon Taylor's brilliant work here: [4] Regulatory Capture Something that didn't make it into the video explicitly but is worth mentioning. If you find yourself scratching your head, HOW ARE THESE THINGS STILL LEGAL?!, you should look no further than our lovely Federal Trade Commission who has been lobbied to for years and has kept never seriously acted on pyramid schemes except to slap them on the wrist. MLMs own an impressive amount of political power, EX: Amway has DIRECT ties to three (bush sr, clinton, bush jr) of the last 5 sitting presidents. More About MLMs The Dream Podcast - Dr. Jon Taylor – The Case (for and) Against Multi-level Marketing Robert Fitzpatrick – False Profits: Seeking Financial and Spiritual Deliverance in Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Schemes Christine Richard - Christine on QuoththeRaven Q&A: Are you actually talking about MLMs the entire time? Yes. MLMs and product-driven pyramid schemes are basically a distinction without a difference. And the word "multi-level marketing is a bit misleading which is why I avoided it. It's using terminology that was invented to obfuscate what is actually going on. The old word for MLMs was "pyramid selling." You can imagine why that was abandoned. Even now, the word "multilevel marketing" is being distanced from, the new new word is "direct selling". Look at the lobbying group Direct Selling Association who is heavily funded by MLMs. I couldn't find the words Multi-Level Marketing anywhere on the website. All this to say, don't let other people control the language of the discussion, otherwise you've lost half the battle. See my previous video on Industry Funded Research, where the gambling lobbying group calls themselves the National Center of Responsible "GAMING". It's the same trick being played. Why does the video get so dark? MLMs have an extremely predatory side to them that I wanted to explore. If you got upset or frustrated in this video, that is probably indicative that you having a working heart.

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Take a random walk down wall-street to see the revolutionary monkey-man who changed it all. Today we're talking game theory, investment strategies, the efficient market hypothesis and at the very end I have a special life announcement!!! Talk with the people: Follow the madman: Twitter: Facebook: Support the work: Patreon: Hear the music again: Cowboy Bebop OST jinsang - providah, gone Read the shownotes: Burton Malkiel - A Random Walk Down Wall-Street (PDF) Forbes: Any Monkey Can Beat the Market SPIVA 2017 Year End Score Card Marketwatch - How HedgeFunds got beaten again Does Past Performance Matter - Persistence Remains Elusive Index Fund Efficient Market Hypothesis Sink your teeth into more: RoboInvestors Tax Loss Harvesting Smart-Beta ETFs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ financial disclaimer: This video does not constitute investment advice. No one should make any investment decision without first consulting his or her own financial advisor and conducting his or her own research and due diligence.

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Christopher Hanke, Mary Faber and the cast of the 2011 Broadway revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

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you have the right to remain silent, but we know you won't... Patreon: Follow Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Reddit: Discord: Music in order of appearance: Witwicky The Final Problem The Bruce Partington Plans The Creeping Man Taosh Theme The Three Gables Coffee Break - Boys in Blue Shownotes: Don't Talk to the Police from a lawyer's perspective: Reid Technique Reid Technique 2 Reid Technique 3 Reid Technique 4 Reid Technique 5 (official teaching tool) Interrogation Room Q. Why didn't you talk about good cop bad cop? A. It seems that while good cop bad cop may be used, it isn't officially endorsed in an interrogation, and isn't part of official training. The presence of it in hollywood movies is way overblown, because it plays into their "high-adrenaline, highly visual" style. Q. Is this the only interrogation technique there is? A. No, the Reid technique is the main interrogation technique in America but it has recently come under fire for producing false confessions. See this great New Yorker article: []. Because of this, much softer interrogation methods have been looked at that don't try to pressure the suspect. The most popular of these techniques is called the PEACE technique. You can read about it here: [] Q. I'm still interested, is there somewhere else I can go to find more information? A. Besides the links I've placed which breadcrumb my research process, there is also a great NPR piece called Good Cop/Bad Cop, I think it's similar to this video, focused on the weird dichotomy between real interrogations and how they actually are carried out. [] Q. Does "lie detection" work? A. Not really. This is the reason a lot of people have given up the Reid technique. A huge part of it hinges on the idea that a cop can "tell" when you're lying, which is the justification for applying so much pressure during the accusation portion. In recent years this claim has fallen under a lot of scrutiny. Body language isn't as reliable of a signal of lying as we thought. This is one of many criticisms of the Reid technique. Q. Should I ever talk to the police? A. Only during a traffic stop, where the cops can let you off with a warning if you cooperate and they're feeling generous. In every other circumstance, talking to the cops can ONLY hurt you. Don't talk to the police!!!

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Website: Starring the multi award-winning international stage and film actor Daniel Radcliffe (Equus on Broadway, Harry Potter film series) and five-time Emmy® Award winner John Larroquette (Night Court, The Practice) in their Broadway musical debuts, this Pulitzer and Tony Award®-winning 'Best Musical' is the hilarious fable of executive dreams and office romance. With a magnificent score that moves to the rhythm of the city by Academy Award® and Tony Award® winner Frank Loesser (Guys and Dolls), this 50th Anniversary revival brings one of Broadway's funniest and best-loved musical comedies back to the stage in a spectacular new production from Tony® and Emmy® award-winning director and choreographer Rob Ashford (Promises, Promises). With the aid of a trusty self-help book "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", wily window washer J. Pierrepont Finch (Daniel Radcliffe) enjoys a riotous rise up the corporate ladder. Can he get the promotion, the corner office and the girl, or will he learn that balancing business and pleasure can be precarious -- but hilarious -- and oh, so much fun? Follow us! Like Us! For tickets call (212) 239-6200 or visit

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"Coffee Break" Available now: Performed by Jonah Nilsson Featuring Richard Bona Written by Jonah Nilsson, Andreas Oberg, Gustav Karlstrom, Deez Directed by Normann Bjorvand Filmed at Grand Music Group Stockholm Follow Jonah Nilsson: Management: Quincy Jones Productions

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come on in, we have coffee and live music ☕ 🎨 Want to download the Art in this mix? You can! Join us on Patreon for this & more 01 00:00 City Girl - Azure Glow 02 03:16 Sleepless - Shimmer 03 06:20 Konteks - If Only 04 08:14 Aphrow - Stroll (Ft. Organiks) 05 10:08 El 3ou العُ - Svar صبر 06 11:44 biosphere - freudian summer 07 13:54 Nicobox - Dreamy 08 17:12 Huey Daze - Garden 09 18:24 Funky DL - No Doubt 10 21:38 Saito & Lester, Nowhere - Meraki (Ft. Axian) 11 23:04 Dragon Roots - Blizzard. 12 25:34 Sleepless - Move Forward 13 27:10 ibrahim - glittering citrus sunset (ft. RYCE) *14 30:12 Pabzzz - Serenade 15 33:32 Unified Theory - Illmatic Pt.2 16 35:54 DJ ZID - State Of Mind 17 38:10 iD3 - Cod Pocket 18 40:04 neeks - fall in luuuuv *19 42:22 ICBM - Dimanches 20 44:50 Ginji - autumn scenery Tracks marked with an '*' are official releases from The Jazz Hop Café Records ( ☕ Follow The Jazz Hop Café on: • YouTube - • Soundcloud - • Spotify - • Bandcamp - • Facebook - • Instagram - Want to Submit Music? Contact us on SoundCloud or Email us at 👕 Grab some Merchandise at Follow ► The Artists • City Girl - • Sleepless - • Konteks - • Aphrow - • Organiks - • El 3ou العُ - • biosphere - • Nicobox - • Huey Daze - • Funky DL - • Saito - • Lester, Nowhere - • Axian - • Dragon Roots - • ibrahim - • RYCE - • Pabzzz - • Unified Theory - • DJ ZID - • iD3 - • Phlocalyst - • ICBM - • Ginji - 'Konteks - If Only' will be out on Hip Dozer's latest Compilation album soon Preoder Vinyl here: Design By: mB0sco • • • #coffeebreak #mix

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The dirtiest, sneakiest maneuvers politicians, public figures, and regular people use all the time to weasel their way out of apologizing. Let your voice be heard about the new changes to Patreon: Support Patreon: Follow Twitter: Facebook: Discord: Reddit: Music -------------------------------------------- ibrahim bandcamp: spotify: Mecca:83 Generic game show music Shownotes ------------------------------------- Books Sorry about that: The Language of Public Apology - Edwin Battistella Mea Culpa - A Sociology of Apology and Reconciliation Research Articles From the Harvard Buisness Review 1. The Organizational Apology By: Maurice E. Schweitzer, Alison Wood Brooks, Adam D. Galinsky 2. The Four Types of Ineffective Apologies By: Andy Molinsky Podcasts Apologies - Schmanners Videos Referenced: Spongebob Riot Bill Clinton I did not clip I don't care what the facts are Bill Clinton Speech Locker Room Talk Trump Inauguration Conor Apology Kanye West Sociopath Clip Weinstein Walking Rosanne Trump "war on women" Trump on Women Anthony Weiner Weiner 2 Cone of Shame Kathy Griffen Griffendor 2 Minions Approving Family Guy Long Con Clinton Talking Judge Judy Caitlyn Crashing

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Jonah Nilsson X 루카스(LUCAS)'s "Coffee Break" will be released on November 29th, at 6PM(KST)! NCT Official Jonah Nilsson Official #STATION3 #LUCAS #CoffeeBreak #JonahNilsson #루카스 #조나닐슨 #STATION [STATION 3] Jonah Nilsson X 루카스 (LUCAS) 'Coffee Break (Feat. Richard Bona)' 안방1열 라이브 ℗ SM Entertainment

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Coffee Break with Ace Tree and Sherbrooke Tree Service. These mature E.regnans were killed during the 2009 "Black Saturday" fire, which burnt out a large sections of Victoria, including previously unburnt old growth forests. A number of the fire killed Mountain Ash trees were removed along the road and picnic area in the Cambarville Historic area.The decision to remove the trees was due to the imminent danger they posed to the general public and local residents. Aside from the risk of the trees falling on people, when the trees block roads they pose a major logistical problem to authorities to clear. With the impending fire season and the increasing occurrence of failure, the highest risk trees were removed. For More information visit: Tree lopper - Graeme McMahon Tower operator - Mark Calvi Drone operator - Angus McMahon Ground Crew - Steve Pollock Song: Land Down Under - Men at Work (Chuck Norris Dub) Ace tree management and Sherbrooke tree service reserved all rights of all footage in this video and are protected by copyrights 2016 Laws

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some songs you'll like by some artists you should check out links, in order of appearance Joey Pecoraro - Warm Joey Pecoraro - Tired Boy Joey Pecoraro - Lazy On The River Jafunk - Up 2 U Mecca:83 - So Fine Mecca:83 - Soul Power Seneca B - Flowers Seneca B - What You Need Letskey - I'm Sick Letskey - DANCE MACRABE! Videos Referenced: iron giant tom & jerry Matthew McConaughey

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Forever the sickest kids Underdog Alma Mater full album

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I HAVE MADE A VIDEO IN WHICH I COVER THE VIDEO ANEW: PLEASE WATCH BEFORE DISLIKING. It seems as though what happened here is a clear example of what not to do. Never listen to only one source. I will make another video today, covering the situation in a better way, stay tuned for that. I'd appreciate it if you didn't dislike the video, but I do understand.

Channel Title : Coffee Break 2

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Published Date : 2019-02-25T14:00:09.000Z

leave a comment below guessing how Dan Lok makes 7 figures on Youtube without adsense, brand deals or merchandise! I can't figure it out! Today we explore Dan Lok's complicated past, including his stint as a woke guru. It didn't last long. Those penthouses are pretty damn expensive.

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Published Date : 2017-01-26T18:44:49.000Z Please feel free every one to visit my website for social media marketing 01. Cesar Martinez Ensemble - Que Mas? 00:00 02. Kusuma Orchestra - Vento dos Acontecimentos 06:07 03. Blue Wave - Closet 11:17 04. Arrojas - Occidente 17:07 05. Carlos Bonito - Chango Tango 23:27 06. John Soultek - Let the Music Talk 28:06 07. Silk Grooves - Las Vegas Affairs - Chillout Bar Mix 35:12 08. Mv Mars - Playa D' en Bossa - Beach Club Mix 40:19 09. Monroe Days - Carpathian Harebells 46:03 10. Chillo - Chillo Two - Snowflake Mix 52:08 11. Aqua Mundi - Beautiful Awaking 56:58 12. Light in Color - Expressing Feelings 1:03:01 13. Parker Thornhill - 22 Past 1:08:57 14. Tranquilo - Finalmente Danca (The Last Dance) 1:13:35 15. Daki 2000 - Helios 1:22:53 16. Roy Bennett - Once in My Life 1:28:21 soft jazz, jazz music, smooth jazz, soft jazz saxophone, todd rundgren, federer backhand, jazz soft instrumental, smoot christmas music, soft bossa, soft jazz trumpet, songbird kenny g, trumpet solo, relaxing meditation music, meditation music, relaxing meditation, meditation music relax, relaxing piano music, relaxation meditation, relaxing music ocean, relaxing music sleep, relaxing voice, relaxation music, guided meditation, spa, relaxing, thunderstorm, sleepy music, soothing relaxing music, guided sleep meditation, yoga meditation music, alpha waves, chinese relaxing music, meditations, music to study, jamaican music, mantra, mediation, classical music, classical music, relaxing music, relaxing classical music, relaxing piano music, classical relaxing music, piano music relaxing, classical guitar, classical music playlist, classical piano music, piano music classical, classical piano, michaelangelo piano music, soothing piano playlist, de fleur, classical piano soft, bach air, george winston, debussy, ballet, shine down, classincal orchestra, kenny g paradise, japanese songs, chill music, enya only time, christina aguilera, frank sinatra, instrumental classical music, harp music, christmas songs, true life, french music, get crunk, needtobreathe, puccini cars 2 james blunt, count censored deejay zen music enigma

Channel Title : Coffee Break Tennis

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Published Date : 2019-03-21T17:16:23.000Z

Matt goes through the 2019 Miami Open draw and talks about the court speed and conditions at the new location for this great tournament. Follow Matt on Twitter @CoffeeBreakTENS InstaGRAM @CoffeeBreakTennis

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Published Date : 2017-01-30T10:53:26.000Z

Fui convidada pela Regina Alcântara para montar esse coffee Break, amei passar mais uma vez por essa experiência, grata pela confiança em meu trabalho, que venha as próximas oportunidades. Espero que essas dicas sirvam como base se vc for montar uma mesa para 5 a 8 pessoas . 750grs de lua de mel de creme 750grs de sonho recheio chocolate 2 bolos fita cortados em 8 pedaços cada 15 unidades de pães de mel 1kg de mini pães de queijo 01 prato com frutas secas mistas 30 mini lanches com dois sabores 1kg de mini croissant 16 mini tortinhas 2 sabores 1 pedaço de queijo brie 1 bolo inteiro salada de fruta em potes individuais granola, sachês de açúcar e adoçantes 2 sabores de geleia Iogurtes, água, suco e chãs gelado. Garrafas com café e leite Qualquer dúvida só perguntar Para o Arranjo usei Folhagens e Gérberas . Agradecimentos a Padaria Maria Philó Atendente Cléya Av, dos Eucalipitos 683 Moema SP beijos da Vil minhas redes sociais instagram @boutiquededicas Snapchat vilgleniagodoy facebook/boutiquededicas

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Published Date : 2019-03-21T08:41:00.000Z

Il programma di approfondimento politico condotto da Andrea Pancani

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Published Date : 2019-01-09T00:36:37.000Z

"Coffee Break" Live Seoul, Korea - Park Music Festival Available now: Performed by Jonah Nilsson, LUCAS from NCT Featuring Richard Bona Written by Jonah Nilsson, Andreas Oberg, Gustav Karlstrom, Deez Follow Jonah Nilsson: Management: Quincy Jones Productions

Channel Title : CateringMentayLaurel

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Published Date : 2010-11-24T12:29:10.000Z

Vídeo de Montaje de Coffee Break Personalizado para empresa.

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Published Date : 2015-11-03T05:25:02.000Z

00:05 คิดถึง ฟอร์ด 04:19 รักฉันจะมีแต่เธอ ปาน ธนพร 08:24 รักคนอื่นไม่เป็น ดัง 11:07 ยอมตั้งแต่หน้าประตู 001 14:53 อยู่ห่างๆ อย่างห่วงๆ AMARY 18:54 อยากให้รู้ว่ารักเธอ JONI 23:47 แค่หนึ่งนาที D2B 27:48 ขาดความอบอุ่น AM FINE 31:56 ไม่อยากให้ผ่านคืนนี้ THE SIS 35:54 บอกรักในใจ โจ้ ธณรัฐ 38:59 เธออยู่ที่ไหน CINDERELLA 42:43 รักเธอหมดหัวใจ (Give My All) เจมส์ 47:02 ผู้หญิงวนซ้าย ผู้ชายวนขวา แหม่ม พัชริดา 51:51 ที่ที่เรารักกัน FILM 56:07 กลับมารักกันได้ไหม แอน มาแนง 01:00:05 ใจละเมอ ปลื้ม ติดตามข่าว ภาพประทับใจ จากศิลปิน RS ที่คุณชื่นชอบ Fanpage : สมัครรับข่าวจาก youtube RSFRIENDS คลิ๊ก : เพลงฮิตในอดีตที่หาฟังยากของศิลปินระดับตำนาน คัดเฉพาะศิลปินและบทเพลงที่ทุกคนยังประทับใจ และคิดถึง

Channel Title : TheSmartLocal

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Published Date : 2019-03-15T10:17:53.000Z

In this episode of Coffee Break, we discuss how secondary school streaming will soon be replaced by subject-based banding by 2024, with students taking a common national exam instead of 'O' and 'N'-Level exams. What are your thoughts on the abolishment of streaming? Let us know in the comments section below! Secondary School Streaming Will End In 2024; Say Goodbye To Normal & Express Streams Follow The Smart Local on Social Media! Featuring: Chris Soh- Charmaine Sew - Fauzi Aziz - Sebastian Tan - Elaine Oh - Produced by: Miguel Angelo - Charmaine Sew - Filmed by: Miguel Angelo - Naomi Low - Shih Ming Ong - Edited by: Miguel Angelo - Business Enquiries:

Channel Title : La7 Attualità

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Published Date : 2019-03-02T08:42:51.000Z

Il programma di approfondimento politico condotto da Andrea Pancani

Channel Title : La7 Attualità

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Published Date : 2019-03-08T08:39:01.000Z

Il programma di approfondimento politico condotto da Andrea Pancani

Channel Title : TheSmartLocal

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Published Date : 2018-08-20T10:00:00.000Z

In this episode of Coffee Break, we talk about the latest item on KFC's menu - KFC Signature Grilled Chicken, Malaysia's Internet ban for teens and a highlight on NDP 2018 which consist of Xiaxue critiquing one of the performance and Get Juiced's 53 'Influencers' national day video. Thank you, KFC for making this video possible! KFC's latest Signature Grilled Chicken is now selling at every KFC's outlet, so give them a try! Coffee Break is a new talk show series where we sit down and talk about trending news and topics in Singapore. In this episode, we talk about: 0:35 - KFC Signature Grilled Chicken 2:26 - Malaysia Mulls Internet Ban For Teens From 12am-6am Daily 6:00 - NDP 2018 Highlight 7:10 - Xiaxue Critiquing NDP 2018 Performance 11:19 - Get Juiced "53 Infleuncers" National Day Video Malaysia Mulls Internet Ban For Teens From 12am-6am Daily Xiaxue unapologetic after receiving flak for critiquing NAtional Day Parade 2018 Performance Get Juiced Music Video Filled With 53 'Influencers' That's Apparently A Tribute To National Day Comment below and tell us what topics you want us to talk about in the next episode! Also, here's a shout out to Wallhub ( for the wallpaper to pimp up our set! Featuring (in order of appearance): Alison Tan - John Lim - Jonathan Paul - Fauzi - Adria Elysa Tham - Produced By: Jeslene Chia - Additional Videography: Jeslene Chia James Rainier - Chloe Cara - Edited By: Jeslene Chia Set Design: Vanessa Eng - Business And Sponsorship Enquiries:

Channel Title : La7 Attualità

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Published Date : 2019-03-12T08:45:48.000Z

Il programma di approfondimento politico condotto da Andrea Pancani

Channel Title : Coffee Break Tennis

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Published Date : 2019-03-19T06:54:01.000Z

Matt breaks down the 2019 BNP Paribas (Indian Wells) Men's final between Roger Federer and Dominic Thiem. Follow Matt on Twitters @CoffeeBreakTENS INSTANTgram @CoffeeBreakTennis Any match footage is courtesy of ATP TennisTV and is FAIR USE !!

Channel Title : TheSmartLocal

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Published Date : 2018-08-29T11:06:52.000Z

In this episode of Coffee Break, we will discuss about the recently released film Crazy Rich Asians. Coffee Break is a new talk show series where we sit down and talk about trending news and topics in Singapore. Comment below and tell us what topics you want us to talk about in the next episode! Also, here's a shout out to Wallhub ( for the wallpaper to pimp up our set! Featuring (in order of appearance): John Lim - Jonathan Paul - Fauzi Aziz - Nicholas Yeam - Ra Krishnan - Produced By: James Rainier - Additional Videography: James Rainier Shih Ming Ong - Goh Bei Jun - Edited By: James Rainier Set Design: Vanessa Eng - Business And Sponsorship Enquiries: #crazyrichasians #cra

Channel Title : TheSmartLocal

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Published Date : 2018-09-03T10:14:48.000Z

In this episode of Coffee Break, we talk about SgInstaBabes and KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match. Coffee Break is a new talk show series where we sit down and talk about trending news and topics in Singapore. In this episode, we talk about: 0:44 - KSI vs Logan Paul 3:55 - SgInstaBabes KSI vs Logan Paul RECAP after YouTube boxing fight ended in controversial draw - plus undercard results: SgInstaBabes Starts Donation Page For Fans, Receives Backlash From Netizens: Comment below and tell us what topics you want us to talk about in the next episode! Also, here's a shout out to Wallhub ( for the wallpaper to pimp up our set! Featuring (in order of appearance): John Lim - Jonathan Paul - Fauzi Aziz - Nicholas Yeam - Ra Krishnan - Produced By: James Rainier - Additional Videography: James Rainier Shih Ming Ong - Goh Bei Jun - Edited By: James Rainier Shih Ming Ong Set Design: Vanessa Eng - Business And Sponsorship Enquiries:

Channel Title : Turkman Souljah

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Published Date : 2019-03-01T10:54:20.000Z

Kick back and enjoy a Cup of Coffee while listening to my Live Mixtape. A little musical getaway, I hope it will inspire you to make the World a better place. One Love. Link to Ep2: Video: Yusuf Othman Music: Turkman Souljah Feat. Artist: Zaki Youssef Contact: Follow Instagram: Thanks to

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Published Date : 2017-01-24T22:24:31.000Z Como começar a trabalhar com COFFEE BREAK? Se inscreva no canal, clique no símbolo do sininho e venha conferir todos os vídeos em 1º mão: COLOU ADESIVOS Oi Povo Doce, como vocês estão? Hoje falo sobre um assunto que foi sugerido nos comentários de outro vídeo: conto um pouquinho sobre como você pode começar a trabalhar oferecendo coffee break e aumentar sua renda financeira. Quer me enviar algo pelo correio? o endereço é Caixa Postal 9528 / CEP 80613-981 / Curitiba-PR Não esquece de avaliar o vídeo e compartilhar :D ----------------------------------------- Nas redes sociais: Facebook: Instagram: @deniseferreiraoficial SNAPCHAT: oficinadoacucar PERISCOPE: Oficinadoacucar e-mail: ----------------------------------------- Como começar a trabalhar com COFFEE BREAK?

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Published Date : 2018-09-26T11:20:29.000Z

In this episode of Coffee Break, we discuss about Nas Daily's videos of Singapore and the newly released iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. Coffee Break is a new talk show series where we sit down and talk about trending news and topics in Singapore. In this episode, we talk about: 00:31 - iPhone XR, XS and XS Max 04:35 - Nas Daily's videos of Singapore Nas Daily Says He Wasn’t Paid For Singapore Trip After Netizen Backlash Apple Fans Prep For Insane iPhone Xs Queues, 24 Hours Before Launch Comment below and tell us what topics you want us to talk about in the next episode! Also, here's a shout out to Wallhub ( for the wallpaper to pimp up our set! Featuring (in order of appearance): John Lim - Jonathan Paul - Joyce Yang - Leah Shannon - Alison Tan - Produced By: Jeslene Chia - Additional Videography: Chloe Cara - Derek Lou - Bei Jun - Edited By: Chloe Cara Set Design: Vanessa Eng - Business And Sponsorship Enquiries:

Channel Title : La7 Attualità

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Published Date : 2018-12-25T08:42:25.000Z

Il programma di approfondimento politico condotto da Andrea Pancani

Channel Title : TheSmartLocal

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Published Date : 2018-11-19T09:28:26.000Z

In this episode of Coffee Break, we talk about LTA installing metal detectors, BTS concert tickets, NTU and NUS dropping O-level grades. Coffee Break is a new talk show series where we sit down and talk about trending topics in Singapore. In this episode, we talk about: 0:29 - LTA Installs Metal Detector 5:09 - BTS Concert Tickets, Resold for up to $12,888 by Scalpers 9:25 - NUS and NTU dropping O-level grades 14:06 - Monkey sighting at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Netizens Aren't Keen On LTA's Security Screening Trials At MRT Stations Hundred of BTS Tickers Bought By Scalpers, Resold For Up To $12,888 NUS, NTU will no longer assess polytechnic students’ overall O-Level results from 2020, will rely on GPA scores for admission Monday morning monkey sighting at Changi Airport Terminal 3; animal captured by Acres Comment below and tell us what topics you wants us to talk about in the next episode! Also, here's a shout out to Wallhub ( for the wallpaper to pimp up our set! Featuring (in order of appearance): John Lim - Cheryl Chiew - Fauzi Aziz - Jereld Ang - Leah Shannon - Produced By: Shih Ming Ong - Alison Tan - Additional Videography: Chloe Cara - Jeslene Chia - Bei Jun - Edited By: Chloe Cara Set Design: Vanessa Eng - Business And Sponsorship Enquiries:


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