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Please watch: "make of joke expose आवाज़ के पीछे जाने पूरा सच" --~-- this video fun purpose if a seriouse ok this video credit by Presenting the biggest turn around in the Bhojpuri Music Industry done by Rapper Gangster Yadav. He is the man who introduced Rap in Bhojpuri music (way back in 2015). After getting support from the audience of U.P. Bihar and Jharkhand he is again back with Gangster Rap song. You will love the every bit of Hindi Rap / Bhojpuri Rap. Song Tittle - Gangster Yadav Haan Mein Gangster Yadav Rapper - Gangster Yadav Lead Artists - Jadu Jatt, Karan Dogra Director - Amninder Ammy / Kadil Khan Music by -Micky P Video Editor - T-Jay &roasted by amit for fun ok friends bye bye thanks for watching pls like share subscrie &grow to my @your channel ~~~~~~~JAI HIND~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~WANDEMATRAM~~~~~~

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Gangster yadav is first rapper of bhojpuri industry

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Gangster Yadav Bhojpuri Rapper Is Back With Another Bhojpuri Rap Song "Soorma" with Micky.....After getting remarkable success from the song Gangster Yadav Here is another track which is mind blowing track SOORMA.. It is blend of Hindi, Bhojpuri and English Language. You will gone a definitely enjoy the track...If you do so then don't forget to LIKE SHARE & COMMENT Here is The More Details Of Soorma Video Bhojpuri Rap Song : Song Tittle - Soorma Rapper - Gangster Yadav Featuring - Karan Dogra Lead Artists - Jadu Jatt, Karan Dogra, Micky , Baba G, RDX, Priety Chauhan Director - Nitish Raizada DOP - Mintoo Plaha Music by - Micky Still Photography - Kevin Thakur (FLASHBACK) Post Production - T Jay Creations Online Promotions - Youth Heaven Hostings (Mr. Namit Kapoor) Soorma Song Lyrics : Dekho Paida Hogail Egori Soorma Logon Mein Phechan Bhojpuri Rap Ka Badshah.. Dekho Paida Hogail Egori Soorma Logon Mein Phechan Bhojpuri Rap Ka Badshah.. Gangster Yadav Rap Verse - 1 Kalyug Mein Baap Beta Dost Bhai Bheedey Aapas Mein Jaise Ho Kasai Sab Mein Ba Paise Ki Maramari Rishtey Ke Naam Pe Mili Enha Gadaari Londia Chorian Eknike Ka Na Parwaah Karu Kali Raat Ke Baad Naya Shuruwaat Karu Soch Humaar Badi Aage Aage Hum Badhu Kahe Ki Kaam Hi Esa Hum Lajwaab Karuu... Dekho Paida Hogail Egori Soorma Logon Mein Phechan Bhojpuri Rap Ka Badshah.. Dekho Paida Hogail Egori Soorma Logon Mein Phechan Bhojpuri Rap Ka Badshah.. Gangster Yadav Rap Verse - 2 Baba G RDX Jadu Jatt Humra Saath Tain Rokk Dekhawatani Tor Abhi Aukaat Mood Humar Aaj Full Ba Garam Samne Mat Ayihe Onhi Chedd Dem Jhaad Dem Ghusaad Dem Sab Tor Dadagiri Gangster Chordi Na Jaun v Aaj Bheedi Dhuan Nikaldem Pichwaade Se Nikaldem Khoon Jaan Se Maardem Fer Aai Humra Sakoon.... Karan Dogra Rap - Verse 1 You see in this city, I have an authority Ever since 1996, I've been a prodigy Flowing words, into rap like an odyssey Unlike y'all kids, Haha Run back to your sorority .. Yo Micky Oye! We gotta fill em in ... Karan Dogra Rap - Verse 2 These guys are children, nothing but civilians And I'm a predator just like a reptilian Yes! I'm the hype, I'm her type and I'm gonna bite! Try and give a clash, I can be a tough fight! Karan Dogra Rap- Verse 3 I'm always back with the game like I never left KD is my name and I'm always blessed From my fam to my friends, I'm giving it my best You! Read my name on the title, forget the rest .. ! Dekho Paida Hogail Egori Soorma Logon Mein Phechan Bhojpuri Rap Ka Badshah.. Dekho Paida Hogail Egori Soorma Logon Mein Phechan Bhojpuri Rap Ka Badshah.. Do support by likes, shares and comments. Don't forget to subscribe our channel to enjoy new & latest Bhojpuri rap songs by Gangster Yadav. Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to Gangster Yadav : ► Like My Facebook Page: ► Follow Gangster on Instagram: ► Download Song Here : ► Visit My Official Website : ► Micky Official Fan Page - ► Nitish Raizada Fan Page - ► T Jay Video Editor - DOWNLOAD SONG MP3 - LIKE | | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE

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Rap song gangster yadav yo yo honey singh

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A lunch chat turns tense when one of the diners confronts the other about his annoying and awkward conversation habits.

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Gangster yadav boys memory of the tour

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Gangster yadav bhojpuri rapper full biography First rapper yadav jaddu jatt karna dogra

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Yadav songs

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Dir. - Bittu yadav Camera - sonu Yadav Editing. - bittu yadav Date. - 4/3/18

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Chedi basmass

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Krishna yaduvanshi UP 82

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Nice songe

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Atul Khatri talks about the trauma of attending the Justin Bieber concert in Mumbai with his wife and children. Follow him on: Twitter: @one_by_two Instagram:@one_by_two Snapchat: @hornysindhi

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Stylish kinG Suman

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Raj sharma Azamgarh

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Gangster yadav video songs by yadav gaining pic

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User_1536927059748:Gangster Yadav

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Gangster yadav

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Aman club mohali| phase1 mohali| contact here :9646208843

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Full... Yadav churaaa😝😝😝

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Vishal Kumar yadav

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NK Gabbar reply to Gangster Yadav Hindi Bhojpuri song latest new song 2017 punjabi songs 2 inch inch dunge

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song= Bhojpuri rap song by gangster yadav bhai Group= Musicka khjana Note- This video is just for entertainment purpose plz Like subscribe and comment Follow me on instagram= Facebook = facebook like = VIDEO LINK=

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