Damandeep Singh Rajouri Rosh Pardarshan Against Rss Chief Mohan Bhagwats Controversial Statement....!

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Published Date : 2014-09-08T20:10:06.000Z

Damandeep Singh Rajouri : Rosh Pardarshan against RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat's Controversial Statement

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Published Date : 2014-09-07T20:16:04.000Z

Rosh Pardarshan against RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat's Controversial Statement on 6-9-2014 by SHIROMANI AKALI DAL DELHI

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RSS's Agenda Of Wiping Out Sikhism From India With The Help Of Badals - Gurcharan Singh Babbar (Journalist - Delhi) ਭਾਰਤ ਵਿਚ ਸਿਖਾਂ ਦੀ ਹੋਂਦ ਨੂੰ ਖਤਰਾ! ਬਾਦਲਾਂ ਦੀ ਮਦਦ ਨਾਲ ਆਰ.ਐਸ.ਐਸ ਸਿੱਖੀ ਦੀਆਂ ਜੜਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਕਮਜ਼ੋਰ ਕਰਨ ਤੇ ਲੱਗੀ

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Published Date : 2014-08-05T20:46:04.000Z

Interview with Harpreet Singh (Toronto) on RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat's Statement - Sikhs are part of Hindus

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Published Date : 2014-09-07T10:45:51.000Z

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Sikhs For Human Rights (SFHR) held a discussion at Kisan Bhawan Chandigarh on February 22, 2016 on this topic of "Rise of Fascism in India". This video clip is part of views shared by Sikh Historian Advocate Amar Singh Chahal during this discussion. Watch Detailed Video Report and more speeches made/views shared by other speakers/personalities during this functions at ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJWa0ndF7E0

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If inhabitants of England are English, Germany are Germans and USA are Americans then why all inhabitants of Hindustan are not known as Hindus, came a poser from RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday.

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Join The Dal Khalsa UK Facebook Page for updates THIS FAT SHIV SENA HINDU TERRORIST . Join The Dal Khalsa UK Facebook Page for updates SIKHS WERE ATTACKED BY POLICE . Join The Dal Khalsa UK Facebook Page for updates Hindu Terrorists of the Shiv Sena,RSS . Join The Dal Khalsa UK Facebook Page for updates The Sikh Nation's message to the Hindu .

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Published Date : 2015-09-22T09:46:07.000Z

New Delhi, Sep 22 (ANI): BSP President Mayawati on Tuesday threatened to call for a nationwide protest if the central government does not act against RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, who has called for a review of the government's reservation policy. She said that the central government has not cleared its stand on the RSS chief's statement. Mayawati said that Bhagwat's comment has led to a lot of anger among the Dalit community. She also blamed BJP and Congress for being anti- Dalits and minorities.


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Sikhs are not Hindus. Sikh believes in 1 God, but they are not Hindus or any other religion, we Sikh have our own identity. This video was not created to hurt anyone but to reply Mohan bhagwat.

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sangrur dhuri -dukandaro ka vijay inder singla ke khilaf rosh pardarshan

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Ki ida hi hundia rehngia vadikia ......Nanak sahi calander ....modi interfere .....RSS chief said if Obama will be here ho sakde hai fr tu Sikh virodi action

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Published Date : 2016-07-11T16:21:08.000Z

United Sikh Mission Celebrate The success of Eye Operation Camps and Rose Parade Sikh float. In Diamond palace Diamond Bar California .

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Published Date : 2014-09-08T13:31:02.000Z

There was no let-up in the flood fury in Jammu and Kashmir with incessant rains feeding the already overflowing rivers and streams. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the State on Sunday. The rivers Jhelum in Kashmir and Tawi in the Jammu region continued to flow far above the danger mark, swallowing houses along the embankments and submerging more villages and towns. Authorities struggled to rescue thousands of trapped villagers as rain continued to lash the state and officials ran out of boats to reach the marooned. At least nine Army personnel, including an officer, got trapped in the strong currents of Jhelum as their boat capsized during a rescue operation in Pulwama district. Seven were later rescued. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh visited Srinagar on Saturday and later conducted an aerial survey of the flood-affected areas of Rajouri and Poonch in Jammu. He said the worst floods in six decades had affected 2,600 villages, 1,600 in Kashmir and the rest in Jammu, with 450 completely submerged. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said South Kashmir was inaccessible with rescuers unable to reach the affected villages because of torrential rains. “We are waiting for a break in the weather,” he said. Mr. Abdullah briefed Mr. Singh at the Srinagar airport and later himself drove the Home Minister through the waterlogged roads of the city. Revenue and Relief Secretary Vinod Koul said 50 bridges were damaged and hundreds of kilometres of roads were washed away. Power installations units had broken down and the state urgently needed 25,000 tents and 40,000 blankets, Mr. Koul said. Large parts of Srinagar went without power on Saturday. There was no water supply, too, and residents said they had run out of drinking water. There were no reports so far of food and essential commodities running out, with people stocking up for the worst. The city resembled a ghost town with schools, colleges, shops and offices shut. Most of the people were moving their belongings to the second floor as flood waters had entered their homes.

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Bajrang Dal Protest Against NC Leader Dr. Farooq Abdullah JKupdate Spot News

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INDIA TODAY , INDIA NEWS, NEWS 24 , NEW DEHLI , INDIA,VISIT INDIA,INDIAN REAL LIFE India officially the Republic of India (Bharat Ganrajya)[c], is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the south-west, and the Bay of Bengal on the south-east, it shares land borders with Pakistan to the west;[d] China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north-east; and Burma and Bangladesh to the east. In the Indian Ocean, India is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka and the Maldives; in addition, India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a maritime border with Thailand and Indonesia. Home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation -- one of the world's earliest -- and a region of historic trade routes and vast empires, the Indian subcontinent was identified with its commercial and cultural wealth for much of its long history. [12] Four world religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism—originated here, whereas Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam arrived in the 1st millennium CE and also helped shape the region's diverse culture. Gradually annexed by and brought under the administration of the British East India Company from the early 18th century and administered directly by the United Kingdom from the mid-19th century, India became an independent nation in 1947 after a struggle for independence that was marked by non-violent resistance led by Mahatma Gandhi. eros,bollywood,hindi,films,2002,devdas,songs,dance,tracks,sanjay,leela,bhansali,musical,romance,adaptation, shahrukh,khan,madhuri,dixit,aishwarya,rai,jackie,shroff,smita,jaykar,manoj,joshi,ananya,khare,milind,gunaji,kirron, kher,radhika,singh,universal,music,shreya,ghosal,rashmi,sharma,udit,narayan,vinod,rathod,saroj,full,bairi,piya,chalak, dola,re,hamesha,tumko,chaha,kaahe,chhed,mohe,maar,dala,silsila,ye,chaahat,ka,woh,chand,jaisi,ladki,Silsila,Ye,Chaahat, Ka,Eros,Now


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