Darth Vader You Have Failed Me For The Last Time....!

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Darth Vader - You Have Failed Me For The Last Time

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A video of all the people that Darth Vader/Annie chokes. Please tell me if I missed any or if you have any video requests. Rate + Comment!

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Darth Vader's attack plan required the Imperial Fleet to pull out of hyperspace away from the Rebel Base as to not be detected by scanners. However Admiral ozzel came out of lightspeed too close to the system and the Rebels quickly detected the Imperial presence

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Darth Vader "You have failed me for the last time" - Full Scene HD Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/BMzUdj Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #darthvaderfictionalcharacter

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This is what i want to happen

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Download Full movie in HD here: http://ow.ly/Ntxk30agaXu

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ESB vader dialogue An edit of Empire strikes back with Vader and his dialogue provided by James Earl jones, For the 501st Sith Lords Detachment. “You found something?” “That’s it! The Rebels are there.” “That is the system. And I’m sure Skywalker is with them. Set your course for the Hoth system. General Veers, prepare your men.” “What is it, General?” “The rebels are alerted to our presence. Admiral Ozzel came out of lightspeed too close to the system.” “He is as clumsy as he is stupid. General, prepare your troops for a surface attack.” “You have failed me for the last time, Admiral. Captain Piett. Make ready to land our troops beyond their energy field and deploy the fleet so that nothing gets off the system. You are in command now, Admiral Piett.” “Yes, Admiral?” “Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral. I want that ship—not excuses.” “No Captain, they’re alive. I want every ship available to sweep the asteroid field until they are found.” “Yes, Admiral, what is it?” “Move the ship out of the asteroid field so that we can send a clear transmission.” “What is thy bidding, my master?” “I have felt it.” “How is that possible?” “He’s just a boy. Obi-wan can no longer help him.” “If he could be turned, he would become a powerful ally.” “He will join us or die, Master.” “There will a substantial reward for the one who finds the Millennium Falcon. You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive. No disintegrations!” “Apology accepted, Captain Needa.” “Alert all commands. Calculate every possible destination along their last known trajectory.” “Don’t fail me again…Admiral.” “We would be honored if you would join us.” “You may take Captain Solo to Jabba the Hutt after I have Skywalker.” “He will not be permanently damaged.” “They must never again leave this city.” “Perhaps you think you’re being treated unfairly?” “Good. It would be unfortunate if I had to leave a garrison here.” “This facility is crude, but it should be adequate to freeze Skywalker for his journey to the Emperor.” “Good. Monitor Skywalker and allow him to land.” “I do not want the Emperor’s prize damaged. We will test it--on Captain Solo.” “The Empire will compensate you if he dies. Put him in!” “Well, Calrissian, did he survive?” “He’s all yours, bounty hunter. Reset the chamber for Skywalker.” “Good. See to it that he finds his way in here.” “Calrissian, take the princess and the Wookiee to my ship.” “I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.” “The Force is with you, young Skywalker…but you are not a Jedi yet.” “You have learned much, young one.” “Your destiny lies with me, Skywalker. Obi-Wan knew this to be true.” “All too easy.” “Perhaps you are not as strong as the Emperor thought.” “Impressive. Most impressive.” “Obi-Wan has taught you well. You have controlled your fear. Now release your anger. Only your hatred can destroy me.” “You are beaten. It is useless to resist. Don’t let yourself be destroyed as Obi-Wan did.” “There is no escape. Don’t make me destroy you.” “Luke, you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict, and bring order to the galaxy!” “If you only knew the power of the dark side.” “Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.” “No. I am your father.” “Search your feelings—you know it to be true.” “Luke, you can destroy the Emperor. He has forseen this. It is your destiny. Join me, and together, we can rule the galaxy as father and son!” “Come with me. It is the only way.” “Alert my star destroyer to prepare for my arrival.” “Did your men deactivate the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon?” “Good. Prepare the boarding party and set your weapons to stun.” “Luke.” “Son, come with me.” “Luke, it is your destiny.” Edited with final cut pro x All material copy write of Disney/ lucasfilm Get social with me Twitter - https://twitter.com/chefhawk Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/chefhawk Instagram - https://instagram.com/chefhawk/

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Interesting how he also says it nearly exactly the way Vader did, in tone, particularly the word ''last''.

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Power walking is more important than not getting shot

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Jason plays the voice of Admiral Ozzel in the Annie nominated animation from Lego Star Wars, "The Empire Strikes Out".

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In Star Wars Return of the Jedi we have the most emotional scene between Father and Son (Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker) where he sees his son for the first time with his own eyes as the mask comes off. What were his thoughts? What were his regrets? Order 66? Younglings? Sand? Padme? Obi-Wan? Yoda? Palpatine? All of his more interesting thoughts are revealed in today's Darth Vader video. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think of Vader in this scene!! May the force be with you, alwyas!!! HIGH GROUND T-SHIRT - https://teespring.com/high-ground Gaming Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMI5ojH8j_CqftUjCjfgd-A LIVE CHAT/FORUMS/WEBSITE - https://www.StarWarsTheory.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/starwarstheoryToos/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/SWTheory66 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/star.wars.theory/?hl=en Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/StarWarsTheory Merch -https://shop.spreadshirt.com/SWTheory ************************************* Darth Vader ANNIHILATES Clone Troopers After Order 66 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV2N-RUOajo How Darth Vader Went to the Jedi Council’s Secret Prison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13_CYZMt-y8&t=15s Why Didn't Obi-Wan Remember R2-D2? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoLZ6xzLjuY&t=2s How Darth Vader Found Out The Jedi Council's BIGGEST Secret - https://youtu.be/2bFPYAC4xUA How Darth Vader Saved Palpatine From Death https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QLCGUc55XA ALL of Darth Vader’s Injuries and His Thoughts About Them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjT4M... What if Anakin WAS Granted the Rank of Master - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiL_w... Anakin's Thoughts While Being Burned on Mustafar and Turning Into Darth Vader - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GydVi... 8 Jedi Master Who Became Sith Lords - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RRc7... How Did Anakin Kill All Jedi at the Temple During Order 66? Revenge of the Sith -Star Wars Explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkD2P... What if Order 66 Failed? Star Wars Theory https://youtu.be/Vt4lFLRsK9w THANK YOU LUCAS KING Music - Lucas King - https://www.youtube.com/user/LucasKingPiano

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Storm Trooper meets Shit Kickers.....guess who wins

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In this behind-the-scenes clip from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, cast and crew alike discuss how Darth Vader's presence affected them. Visit Star Wars at http://www.starwars.com Subscribe to Star Wars on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/starwars Like Star Wars on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/starwars Follow Star Wars on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/starwars Follow Star Wars on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/starwars Follow Star Wars on Tumblr at http://starwars.tumblr.com/

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Darth Vader destroys my hockey net! You have failed me the last time.

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You're gonna believe what just happened.

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Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader (Whole Fight) Enjoy :)

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Make your own video on video meme of Darth Vader. It takes a few seconds. Not just adding text ... much better: http://videostir.com/merge-video/star-wars-darth-vader-meme-generator?page=funnydv Replace the background of Darth Vader video with any video or image - automatically without the need of a green screen. Let your friends and customers know what Darth Vader means when he says: "You have failed me for the last time" Source video was taken from "Free Stock Footage Green Screen Darth Vader Attack" by Free Stock Footage. "Released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike license". Be sure to mention it when publishing your generated video online.

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One of Darth Vader's most famous quotes from Star Wars IV: A New Hope

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"You have failed me for the last time..." Created with Action Movie FX http://bit.ly/DownloadAMFX

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ROGUE ONE Movie Clip - Krennic Visits Darth Vader Scene |4K ULTRA HD| Star Wars Movie 2016 SUBSCRIBE for more Movie Clips HERE: http://bit.ly/2jEla63 Clip Description: Director Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) pays a visit to Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) in order to discuss the Death Star and who shall take credit for the achievement. Cast: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen, James Earl Jones, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, Ben Mendelsohn Order ROGUE ONE on Blu-Ray & VOD Here: http://amzn.to/2qFJKpE Check out our specific genre movie trailers PLAYLISTS: SUPERHERO/COMIC BOOK TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/SaiXSI ANIMATED TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/l6bXaU SEXY TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/oX8yNT HORROR TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/Ue0mot The JoBlo YouTube Network covers all the latest movie trailers, movie clips, TV trailers, hottie clips, TV spots, videogame trailers and so much more! Check out our other channels: TV TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/IoWfK4 MOVIE HOTTIES: https://goo.gl/f6temD VIDEOGAME TRAILERS: https://goo.gl/LcbkaT MOVIE CLIPS: https://goo.gl/74w5hd

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Thanks for Watching!

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Visit my videos : https://www.youtube.com/user/cunadoful/videos

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Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, director! Side by side! By Workshop lego animations The scene of meeting of Darth Vader and director Krennic is now on our channel in high quality. Star Wars: Rogue One. We recreated the scene one to one in LEGO. 30 fps Darth Vader was incredible in Star Wars: Rogue One. We couldn’t just ignore it. Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi. We have a lot of plans on this movie. We’ll obviously shoot the LEGO version of the Last Jedi Teaser-Trailer. It will appear on our channel as soon as the original trailer comes. Princess Leia. The new videos in memory of Carrie Fisher will appear on our channel in two weeks. There will be two clips. We love Carrie Fisher very much. And it’s going to be a wonderful video. Workshop Lego animations has returned and we are not going to leave you alone again. New projects are coming. Star Wars: Rogue One. Darth Vader scene will appear on our channel with two alternative endings. You can see the Darth Vader scene both in English and Russian languages. Animation and film Director: WLA Voice: Valery Nechay Postproduction: Karass movies Сomposer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ZI... The Force Theme (piano cover + sheets) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3gwX... official channel group in Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Workshop-LEGO-Animations-301975830241148/ official channel group in Twitter https://twitter.com/WLA_Lego official channel group (RUS) http://vk.com/workshoplegoanimations Additional Tags: "Lego Star Wars Episode VIII" "Star Wars Episode 8" "Episode Eight" "Star Wars" "Rian Johnson" "Bad Robot" "Disney" "Walt Disney" "New Star Wars Film" "Star Wars Sequel" "Star Wars VIII" "Star Wars 8" "Lens Flare" "Anamorphic Lens flare" "Cinematic Trailer" "Teaser Trailer" "Teaser" "HD" High Definition" "Lens Flares" "J.J. Abrams Flares" "Star Trek" "Star Trek 12" "Star Wars Star Trek" "Enterprise" New Star Wars" "George Lucas" "The Old Republic" "Knights of the Old Republic" "PC Game" "Trailer" "Star Wars new film trailer" "unseen footage" "Leaked" "leaked trailer" "never before seen footage" "Star Wars movies" "Star Wars cinematic movie trailer" "itunes" "new trailer" "brand-new" "HD first trailer" "Harrison Ford" "Han Solo" "Leia Organa" "Mark Hamill" "Peter Mayhew" "Chewbacca" "Anthony Daniels" "C-3PO" "Kenny Baker" "R2-D2" "Adam Driver" "Daisy Ridley" "John Boyega" "Oscar Isaac" "Andy Serkis" "Domhnall Gleeson" "Max von Sydow" "May the forth" "may the force be with you" "the force" "Darth Vader meets director Krennic" "Dart Vader and director Krennic" Frame to frame.

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SUBSCRIBE HERE ►► http://bit.ly/1IQB3kh Due to a stack of requests here's the 16-Bit recreating of Darth Vader's scene from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Just to be clear, I absolutely did not make this, check out John Stratman who can be found here: https://twitter.com/stratmasterj. Rogue One Deleted Scenes ► https://goo.gl/JXAo82 George Lucas' Force Awakens ► https://goo.gl/L03k1k Twitter ► http://twitter.com/mrsundaymovies Facebook ► http://facebook.com/mrsundaymovies Patreon ► https://patreon.com/mrsundaymovies T-Shirts/Merch ► https://www.teepublic.com/stores/mr-sunday-movies The Weekly Planet iTunes ► https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-weekly-planet/id718158767?mt=2&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 The Weekly Planet YouTube ► https://goo.gl/1ZQFGH The Weekly Planet Direct Download ► http://weeklyplanetpod.libsyn.com

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Just got out of Rogue One a Star Wars Story. Review and Analysis of Darth Vader's scenes with some little animations. Did you see the movie? What'd you think about it? Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/starwarstheoryToos/ Check out - https://www.starwarsnewsclub.com What if Order 66 Failed? Star Wars Theory https://youtu.be/Vt4lFLRsK9w The Story and Reason Behind Darth Maul's Double Bladed Lightsaber https://youtu.be/oKkY1FGbnOw Count Dooku's Reaction to Qui Gon Jinn's Death https://youtu.be/L6SHpuDAze8 What If Qui Gon Jinn Trained Anakin Skywalker? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDAyJSEE114 What if Darth Maul Trained Anakin Skywalker? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqUc5tuvvVI What if Padme Survived? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvTylWO-5I0 What if Mace Windu Killed Darth Sidious? https://youtu.be/aSdW1e2USAM Music by: William Maytook

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Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka return to the Jedi Temple on Lothal, seeking to learn how the Inquisitors continually track them. Each has a different experience, and nothing will ever be the same.[5]

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(tafi fanboys)

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A humorous scene involving an imperial officer's obvious failure. This video uses the following sound Nostromo by Fectoper ( http://www.freesound.org/people/fectoper/sounds/59/)

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James Earl Jones delivers a gem of a line, which will remain to be one of the most infamous lines in modern cinema. Let the insignificant religious debates and arguments begin below. R.I.P Richard Le Parmentier.

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This is where Darth Vader hangs out to meditate.

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darth vader's advice don't fail me again... photo by: gonzavision sound by: darth vader/star wars/lucasfilms parody/fair use act.

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go for hd


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