Dear Pewdiepie This Is What India Has To Say About Tseries....!

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Get Your Merch: & Join The Strongest Family on Youtube, BROSENA MAN! 2nd Channel: ADD ME ON: INSTAGRAM: Twitter: Facebook: Support This Channel: Buy Anything Amazon: Flipkart: Gear That I Use MIC: Interface: Laptop: Lenovo T420 Headphones: VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE: Vegas13,14 SOUND RECORDING: Audition, Audacity Intro Designed: Hardik Singh DISCLAIMER: This video is just for entertainment purpose only. Please take this video in lite humor

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Thank you Felix, very cool! This was the final chapter in my T-Series vs Pewdiepie saga. Relive the critically acclaimed trilogy by subscribing to my channel ok thanks. Pls follow - #Tseries #Pewdiepie #India Btich lasagna instrumental - Piano music -

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CLICK THIS TRACKABLE LINK TO SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE ► (if it doesn't work GO SUBSCRIBE MANUALLY, we'll still see your click) Join the movement. Be a Maverick ► SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS! ► Watch Previous Vlog ► ADD ME ON: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: I’m a 23 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life. The Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation aims to normalize the conversation around mental health, wellness and suicide prevention. Through the funding of specific programs and activities they aim to achieve this: •development and design of campaigns that generate public awareness about the causes and prevention of suicide •educational curriculum commissioned for youth to learn about brain/mental health and suicide prevention •research on evidence-based storytelling program(s) that save(s) lives and help heal loss and attempt survivors •professional and educational training programs suicide prevention, resilience, brain health and wellness for military and community organizations READ MORE ABOUT THE FOUNDATION:

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PewDiePie, the biggest Youtuber in the world with 63 million subscribers, has made 2 videos in which he makes fun of Indian people, because they are from India! PewDiePie shows a whole range of Indian people in videoclips, pictures and memes, and tries to make Indian people look as foolish as possible. I know PewDiePie will tell us this was just a joke. But I think these kind of jokes are insulting to India and can damage the friendship between Europe and India. Although I am just a small Youtuber, I call out on PewDiePie, hoping he will see this video and that he realizes, that certain types of jokes are just offensive. Sorry, I prefer not to give the link to the videos of PewDiePie because and don't want to help spreading these insulting videos any further. The title of the first video is "You India You Lose". The second video is called "She's angry because I made fun of her". Both videos are still on the Youtube channel of PewDiePie and have been watched a grand total of over 14 million times! I think that someone with such a huge media influence should be careful when talking bad about an entire country like India. But PewDiePie says he doesn't care about insulting people...

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Dear Indians : Please STOP Hating On PewDiePie For T-Series My thoughts on why Indian people shouldn't be hating on PewDiePie regarding You Lose You India video, in this T-Series situation. Also the response regarding his recent charity, and some Indian YouTubers hating on him. Plus the hate towards YouTubers supporting him, such as Mr.Beast and Saiman Says etc. I'm not supporting PewDiePie because T-Series is an Indian company, but because it's not an an individual creator. INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Music By: Dj Quads @

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PewDiePie is one of my favorites so I thought it would be fun to rap a diss track in my Indian accent to reply to the T Series diss track that he made. PewDiePie vs. T-Series is the ultimate and final YouTube showdown. I have no affiliation to T series other than being Indian xD Subscribe: Donate to my GoFundMe: Chang (Guy who made the beats. Check him out!): #PewDiePie #Tseries #DissTrack #BitchLasagna Discord: Twitter: Instagram: Lyrics: Array Array Have you seen this she man? This PewDiePieGuy Dropped a Diss Track on me T series man No Affiliation Though I am Indian I was waiting till we got number one before I dropped this sick track on him But now Pewds needs to know That I'm gonna take the throne India Number One, PewDiePie get owned son T series that is me So get on your knees and kiss my feet If you think you are hot, then you are a liar Eat my food. you'll be sitting fire Can't even handle my curry, man Thats because you Swedes are just so bland Better not call me Bish lasagna Otherwise, I'll be serving it to Marzia Ayyy okay that wasn't cool Okay I like Marzia Let's keep her out of this I respect the wahmen But I can't let you get away with calling me Bish Lasagna So let me serve you some Bish Masala, Bish Masala PewDiePie is such a Saala Bish Masala, Bish Masala PewDiePie is such a Saala Wait, that isn't original but then again you are the king of being unoriginal Because What you do is meme review Make kids content for YouTube Except it's not original stolen from a nine year old Sit down I'm giving out free lessons listen closely this will be your salvation scrap your next topic for meme review because the best topic would be about you Array get it? because every meme you review, dies like your reign at least you aren't doing as bad as RiceGum that is guy is uh, pretty irrelevant Welcome to India where the cows eat hay and we ride moto-rickshaws everyday wait hold up I pulled a PewDiePie Ran out of ideas had to steal some lines after gaming, you tried comedy and found out, that you weren't funny so bad, a matter of fact that the not sees thought you had their back cuz your not so funny, not so funny the WSJ thought you were a not see cuz your not so funny, not so funny the media thought you were a not see Which you aren't but they reported it anyway because, gotta get those clicks They took your series took your show denounced you and threw you to the road hare ram, hare krishna nobodys gonna pho king miss ya when your down down not wearing the crown people wanna take you down when you got the throne so let me save you, and your soul and allow me to steal it for my own array we all know you're still the number one youtuber because i'm just a faceless corporation but thats the world we live in tweet at me bro brofist! This is just meant to be a funny meme mixtape of a diss track on pewdiepie. t series is an indian corporation that has the fastest growing channel on youtube that is going to pass pewdiepie This is the part where I talk a lot so hopefully, YouTube knows more about this channel and starts to recommend it. I am an Indian American Software Engineering professional that quit my job on the Xbox Engineering team to try and be a YouTuber. I have done many things from gaming to animation, to now doing funny educational commentary videos. I like memes and teaching people. I try to be myself and encourage other people to be their best self. I like to teach people about science, math, computer science and whatever else. I also talk about Indian and Asian culture a lot, so that is a lot of who I am. I like Game Theory, Phillip Defranco, Boogie2988, PewDiePie, John Oliver, and so many other entertainment YouTubers that do gaming, memes and make other popular culture content.

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There are many Indians out there who supports Pewds and not TSeries ;) Sub2Pewdiepie - Sub3Pewdiepie - Sub4Pewdiepie - Sub5Pewdiepie - Sub6Pewdiepie - SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE - The end part of this video is a bit sensitive and I did not mean to hurt anyone from those words. But I had to say what really was happening around the internet. Thank you for hearing me out :) ►Instagram: ►Twitter: ►Facebook - #SUB2PEWDIEPIE #SUBSCIBE2PEWDIEPIE #SUBSCRIBETWOPEWDIEPIE Hi, Welcome To My Channel. My name is YaZeen and I upload Funny entertaining videos And Thats it About me... Thank You For watching!! Bye Guys :D

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Pewdiepie vs T Series This video is a reply to Ethan from H3H3Productions YOUTUBE Channel. He hurled some insulting comments on Kamal Hassan without doing proper research. Even youtube Jaby Koay made a video on this issue. This is no hate this video. I hope Ethan realize his mistake and get rid of his prejudice views and become a better person. "Pewdiepie vs T Series" is not something that needs to be taken seriously. But seeing that people using this opportunity for hurling hates towards each other will only make things worse. The real victims here are the artists. They and their work suffer due to people being spreading hate for no reason. #pewdiepie #t-series

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This is my open letter to YouTube. Watch until the end. Subscribe to Pewdiepie. Peace and Love from Indonesia. Background Music :

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No offense, Just doing it for fun and yeah also for self satisfaction XD An Indian guy replying to Pewdiepie diss track on behalf of T-Series, Logan, Paul, Motu, Patlu, Chota, Bheem, Ekita Kapoooor, Mussadir, Salmaan, Azam, Asif and yeah Bob. LOL. "Bobs and Vegana. "Motu and patlu" "You India you lose." "India vs Pewdiepie"

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PROMOTING Pewdiepie at T-Series Studio in INDIA! _ ►Download the Limited Edition Pewdiepie Poster Free- ►Subscribe to Pewdiepie- ►Cinematography & Video Editing by Pro Edits- _ ►Map Effect Credits-Ryan Nangle ►Music- "Bitch Lasagna"-Pewdiepie _ ★A roles shot on the Panasonic Lumix G7 ★B roles shot on the Iphone 7 w DJI Osmo Mobile 2 gimbal ★Editing Software-Vegas Pro 14 _ Since,I live in Mumbai,India (India's Bollywood Hub) and am a huge Pewdiepie fan,I decided to seize the opportunity in a pursuit to help my favourite youtuber grow his fan base against the ever-growing sub bot army of t-series.In this video I troll around promoting pewdiepie verbally and visually through the means of posters and verbal communication around the t-series main headquarters/office/studio vicinity.The prank/meme on t-series goes wrong when the t-series guard catches me pasting a pewdiepie promotional poster on the walls of t-series studio.A few other hilarious things I do in this video include making Indians dance to "Bitch Lasagna" and subscribing "Pewdiepie" from a t-series employee's account.What do you think about the whole beef between t-series and pewdiepie? I'm eager to know your opinions on this subject.Whose side are you on? Pewdiepie or T-series? _ ★Disclaimer★- This video is for entertainment purposes only.Don't repeat any actions performed in this video.The creator of this video is not to be held responsible for any unwanted circumstances. _ Use #SupportDJ to support me! _ If you enjoyed this video and would like similar high quality content in the near future,make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on my future uploads.Comment about what do you think about this video in the comment section below. _ Social Media ★Instagram- ★Twitter- ★Photography Account- _ Deep Jain,Signing out,Peace. _ Tags pewdiepie,pewdiepie reacts to mrbeast billboards,pewdiepie billboards,pewdiepie india,bitch lasagna,tseries,t-series,t series,t-series vs pewdiepie meme,t-series vs pewdiepie diss track,t series vs pewdiepie,t series vs mr beast,mr beast,mr. beast t-series,india reacts,pewdiepie vs t-series,pewdiepie vs t series,pewdiepie diss track,pewdiepie diss track india,i bought every billboard in my city for this,indians react to pewdiepie,india,trolling t series PROMOTING Pewdiepie at T-Series Studio in INDIA | Almost Caught!! --------------------------------------------Peace out------------------------------------------------

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So ethan from h3h3, h3 podcast disrespect indians and pakistanis. i would love if ethan do some research before talking smack ! JABY'S video ! : JABY'S THOUGHTS ON T-SERIES VS PEWDIEPIE! Follow me on : INSTAGRAM : mkjourney1 Facebook : malikjourney Twitter : @malikjourney Snapchat : mkjourney1

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Create the Website You always Wanted, Click on the Link: Draw My Life : T-Series , In this video I have covered everything from the birth of T-Series to its growth to the point where it rivals PewDiePie. Also I have covered all the repercussions and consequences of T-series VS PewDiePie and let me tell you it’s mostly positive for both parties.A lso another major fact that I am sure most of you don’t know is that , T-series is not a single channel they have like 28 more channels in their disposal. They really have blood to spare we need some backup here , I think we need to call Elon Musk.

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KSI says "Subscribe to T-Series" KSI recently uploaded a paid shoutout video . Someone named James paid him $1 to shoutout pewdiepie for defeating T-series. Instead of shouting Pewdiepie Ksi says "Subscribe to T-Series" . Also he says pewdiepie hates Jewish people. Original full length video link : I just cut the Pewdiepie's section from the video so you can't watch the remaining shit.

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Dear PewDiePie | This is What India Has To Say - PewDiePie Diss Track (Parody of Bad) Make Pewdiepie vs t series memes or upload your own images to make custom memes Remix Pewdiepie India Pewdiepie India Remix Trap Remix Meme Remix Pewdiepie trap remix Pewdiepie music Damn pewdiepie owns youtube in a way Nume, : Dear PewDiePie | This is What India Has To Say About Tseries Listen to Tseries Diss Track now Lyrics for Pewdiepie Go Die (Pewdiepie Diss Track) by Dax India Remix Trap Remix Meme Remix Pewdiepie trap remix Pewdiepie music Damn pewdiepie owns youtube in a way I love you tho if you read this far Listen to Tseries Diss Track in full in the Spotify app Thank you for watching. Please subscribe, like and share. Thank you for helping the channel grow. Dear PewDiePie | This is What India Has To Say about you pewdiepie Dear PewDiePie | This is What India Has To Say, Tseries, Dear PewDiePie This is What India Has To Say About Tseries, Tseries diss track reaction Pewdiepie vs t series reaction, T series vs pewdiepie YOU WANT TO MAKE SOME MONEY?????????? PLAYING VIDEO GAMES?????????? CLICK THE LINK Translated titles: Estimado PEWDIEPIE | Esto es lo que INDIA tiene que decir-ALT BALAJI-NINJA reacciona Lieber PEWDIEPIE | Das ist was INDIA muss sagen-ALT BALAJI-NINJA Reagiert Cher PEWDIEPIE | C'est ce que INDIA a à dire-ALT BALAJI-NINJA Caro PEWDIEPIE | Isto é o que INDIA tem a dizer-ALT BALAJI-NINJA Reage Dragă PEWDIEPIE Aceasta este ceea ce INDIA trebuie să spună-ALT BALAJI-NINJA reacționează -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Blackout Win Glitch - Bo4 Glitches *Blackout* How To Get On Top Of Skybarrier Using This Glitch! " -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Also watch this video.. (love with porn) Let us win for once more goddamnit. on screen-honey rathore follow me on insta @honey_rathore__ About PewDiePie & T-Series: PewDiePie is a swedish Youtuber that uploads funny videos and videogame commentaries and has been the most subscribed Youtube channel for more than four years. T-Series, an Indian music record label and movie production company, has recently started gaining more than 100,000 subscribers everyday and is about to surpass PewDiePie. ALSO CREDITS TO JASREIGN PEWDIEPIE IF YOU ARE REAL INDIAN THAN SUBCRIBE OUR CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE T-SERIES ALSO

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#Pewdiepie #Tseries #H3h3 Enjoy! SOCIAL: ◻️Instagram - ◻️Twitter - __________________________________ Hit the notifications bell to get notified whenever I upload a new video. _________________________________ BUSINESS ENQUIRIES : _________________________________ Subscribe for more! Leave a like if you liked it ☺️

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Subscribe to Sorabh Pant. Only 80 million left to cross PewDiePie. This video shot on 22nd December :). #SorabhReviewsAnything #NoRules #WilliamLawsonsScotch Subscribe to this channel. See me do LIVE standup: On Twitter: On Facebook: On Snapchat: @hankypanty. On Instagram:

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Follow FMF on Instagram - ( ) Follow FMF on Facebook - ( ) Follow FMF on Twitter - ( ) Join FMF Updates on Telegram - ( ) Follow FMF Army on Instagram - ( ) Follow FMF Fan Club on Instagram - ( ) Check out these two videos on PewDiePie dropping Red Pills - 1) PewDiePie dropping Redpills - Compilation #1 ( 2) PewDiePie dropping Redpills - Compilation #2 ( Rajiv Malhotra's Lecture on "25 Years Research on Mind Sciences"- ( #PewDiePie #Tseries #PewDiePieVsTseries

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T Series is not the only channel to take over Pewdiepie and become Worlds Biggest Channel. Watch The Video To Know More! --------------------------------------------- Hashtags ► #PewdiepieVsTSeries #PewDiePie #India --------------------------------------------- Please Like this video just to show some support. Subscribe this channel along with that bell icon which will notify you whenever I will upload any video. --------------------------------------------- Follow Me On Social Media ➤ ➤ ➤ --------------------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'Fair Use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research, Fair use is a permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing, Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. --------------------------------------------- Credits Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: Download link: Character Drawn By: --------------------------------------------- -Bye!!

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PewDiePie is locked in battle with Indian channel T-Series to retain his status as the most subscribed to YouTube channel. PewDiePie vs T-series, the epic youtube battle, can't be described any better, but with memes. Who would win? Hmm... while we wait for the answer, let's enjoy some hilarious PewDiePie vs. T-Series memes and subscribe the one who you think is the best. 🔥 Pls Share & Subscribe for more ! 🔥 🙈 Thumbnail @ 01:25 & 03:33 🔊 Music: Mike Chino - Collapse • Mike Chino: © For copyright matters please contact : ✪ PewDiePie VS T-Series Memes 👊 ✪

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PewDiePie vs T-Series. This has been going on for a long time. PewDiePie has been getting a lot of hate from Indians. T-Series is good? #PewDiePievsTSeries #Tseriesvspewdiepie #Pewdiepie #tseries subscribe. ok? okay SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE SHIZ LIKE THIS -------------------------------------- MY SOCIAL SHIZ- Facebook - Instagram - @humortman Twitter - @humortman My meme page - @2edgy2me --------------------------------------------- *halo theme starts playing*

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PEWDIEPIE VS T-SERIES || INDIAN REPLY TO PEWDIEPIE || SUPPORT T-SERIES SUBSCRIBE TO MY GAMING CANNEL (ROASTDUDE) ► Follow Me on Social Media :- Instagram► Facebook ► Twitter ► LIKE------------------SHARE-----------------COMMENT-----------------SUBSCRIBE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER :- Please don't go out of your way to or hate on anyone I talk about in my videos, this channel is to entertain people and I usually focus on joking about what the people are doing not the individual themselves, please don't go spreading hate it's all for laughs. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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T Series has basically dethroned PewDiePie as the most subscribed YouTube channel. In this video I talk about the factors that went into T-Series, and Indian Music and Film channel from Bollywood to overtake Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg as the biggest YouTube Channel. I do this in the Game Theory style of MatPat. The battle for YouTube was valiant, but the loss was inevitable. Felix will continue to be the number 1 individual creator on the platfrom. #PewDiePie #TSeries #YouTubeNews Subscribe: Be my Sugar Mama & give to my GoFundMe: CHAT WITH ME ON DISCORD! CHECK OUT MY MEMES AND PHOTOS! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IS STUPID! This is the part where I talk a lot so hopefully, YouTube knows more about this channel and starts to recommend it. I am an Indian American Software Engineering professional that quit my job on the Xbox Engineering team to try and be a YouTuber. I have done many things from gaming to animation, to now doing funny educational commentary videos. I like memes and teaching people. I try to be myself and encourage other people to be their best self. I like to teach people about science, math, computer science and whatever else. I also talk about Indian and Asian culture a lot, so that is a lot of who I am. I like Game Theory, Phillip Defranco, Boogie2988, PewDiePie, John Oliver, and so many other entertainment YouTubers that do gaming, memes and make other popular culture content.

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INDIANS VS PEWDIEPIE | REPLY TO PEWDIEPIE | PEWDIEPIE VS T SERIES This video is all about pewdiepie vs t series drama. Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - My website - Background music is provided by Kevin MacLeod DISCLAIMER: Please don't go out of your way to or hate on anyone I talk about in my videos, this channel is for entertainment purpose and I usually focus on joking about what the people are doing not the individual themselves, please don't go spreading hate it's all for laughs.

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Subscribe PewDiePie T-Series Spotify ► iTunes COMING SOON Track made by Party In Backyard ► Edit & shot by: fakemarzia 🔺🔺SUBSCRIBE🔺🔺------- Technotice Today Like ,Share, Subscribe DISCLAIMER: This Channel DOES NOT Promote or encourage Any illegal activities , all contents provided by This Channel is meant for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY .

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Hi guys, subscribe ke channelnya Alan Suryajana disini ya : Dan ini link untuk ke website dimana alan suryajana bisa menghasilkan uang : Yah semua video ini soal T-Series vs Pewdiepie, cek this out! Liattt videonya screen junkies. Gw terinspirasi dari ini : Musik yang gw gunain : Jangan lupa mampir ke channelnya Pewdiepie ya : T-SERIES : Mr. Beast : Sahrulkan : Pandoev : Ewing HD : Rapyourbae : Tara Arts : Siboen Misteri : Indian Memes : Meme Grandayy : Pewdiepie vs t-series meme : Penjelasan knapa t-series bisa nyusul pewdiepie : drama alert : Okehhhh, Terima kasih :D Yang mau lebih kenal dekat sama gw bisa ke instagram di @rayrestufauzi For Business Only :

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PewDiePie vs t-series is going worldwide... we are supporting T-series because PewDiePie say you India you loose and etc etc....Bitch lasagna of PewDiePie exposed.. #pewdiepie #T-series Saiman was also exposed so now we want T-series to be the number 1 channel in the world..... plzzz support T-series and share this video as much as you can.... thank you... nd subscribe to T-series and us too.....,❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Pewdiepie will soon be the second most subscribed to channel on Youtube. Here's how Tseries is taking over the number one spot, why MrBeast stepped in to help Pewdiepie (and it worked) and why YOU should care about the growing global landscape of Youtube. Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads! | Twitter: | Follow the stream, Raynstorm! ► Grab a free Audiobook with - sponsored by Amazon. Pewdiepie is the most subscribed to channel on Youtube as of October 2018, but Tseries is closing in soon. The huge company from India has been garnering an insane 2.7 BILLION Views a month in comparison to Felix's 200 Million (these numbers are ridiculous, btw) and have been growing at an electric 4.7 million subscribers monthly. PewdiePie is holding the record by less than a Million Subscribers currently, and that title can only last so long. The effort of MrBeast and his fanbase has been incredible however, as he has taken out ads, billboards, purchased radio time and adamantly supported Pewdiepie Thanks for being a part of the channel ladies and gentleman, friends and families! It means a lot, and that's why I'm committed to bringing you fun and entertaining content you can enjoy anyplace, anytime. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments, or just share what is on your mind. Keep growing, keep moving forward, and may the blessings of life be with you! Never Give Up, Never Stop Gaming!

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A few days back I released a diss track on Pewdiepie with not much effort that I should've put into the lyrics but that got some viewer attention. I usually not get even a thousand views, and also a lot of people started reacting by commenting a lot of stupid shit that I was copying Eminem, while I was just trying to mention his view towards modern hip hop using 2 of his lines. Some said that T-series was my favorite channel, but my favorite channel is “The school of life”. I'm not serious about this diss track, just replying to Pewdiepie and those comments using strong words, just trying to show how good of a diss track Indians can make, considering they're all ESLs. Consider it a joke, don't be serious. I don't hate nobody. Dissing him for I don't like him making fun of India, that's it. He can make fun of those bobs and vagene. But he attaches the word Indians to these people. People think that most Indians do that, but if you keep in mind that we got 1.3 Billion people here, you would understand that you might actually find hundreds or thousands of perverts which is not even a percent of the entire population. Please don't hate on me;) I also watch his gaming videos and I really like him. Recorded this on mobile phone so sorry for the poor audio quality, I'd buy myself a studio in the future. SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR: ➡New rap songs, 2018 ➡Desi hip hop, ➡New Indian rapper, ➡Motivational rap songs, ➡Sad rap songs, ➡Angry rap songs, ➡Funny rap songs, ➡Deep meaning rap songs, Based on real life. Note: You may upload this video on your channel but credit me. Social Media: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Facebook: Email: CREDITS: Prod. By Im Savage Link to his channel: Rapper: rhythm/ Rhyth M(till the day I get noticed ) #Rhyth_M Share with as many friends as you can. Don't forget to eggscribe, I mean subscribe.

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hame bhi pewdiepie ko piche karna chahiye or uska virodh jese unhone kiya t series ka agar aap ne bhi abhi tak t series ko subscribe nahi kiya hai to kar lijiye #tseriesvspewdiepie #T-series #pewdiepie

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Subscribe pewdiepie and show your love this is time how much you love your pewdiepie

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Hi Dear Family Is Video pe Hum Baat Karne wale hai T-Series ar PewDiePie ke baare Mai To Video Ko pura jarur dekhna #T-series #pewdiepievstseries #pewdiepie #GamerNilu Please like and share this video __***********___ ⏩ Social Media ▶️ Facebook- ▶️ Instagram- Thanks for Watching ♥️

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So Dharmendra Sir released a video which is the worst video on youtube right now. In this video I'm trying to tell you some logical things. neeche hai video ka naam Biggest Boycott Pewdiepie Movement in India Started ! Support T-Series ! Social Message follow me on :- Facebook:- twitter:- Instagram:- You can support me on Patreon:-

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You all know T-Series. At least, if you're from India, T-Series might very well be your favorite entertainment company. T-Series produces huge quantities of music videos, movies and tv-shows, most of them in Hindi. The productions of T-Series are extremely popular in India and beyond. T-Series of course has a Youtube channel and that has been growing steadily. Every day thousands of new subscribers from India and all over the world join the Youtube channel of T-Series, and now, T-Series has come to a point where it could very well become the biggest Youtube channel in the world. India getting the largest youtube channel in the world would be an amazing event! There is only one Youtube channel with more subscribers than T-Series, and that is Pewdiepie. As I am making this video, Pewdiepie has 66 million subscribers. T-Series has 61 million subscribers. There is an interesting connection between Pewdiepie and T-series. In the past, Pewdiepie has made several videos in which he ridicules India and the Indian people. And now, an Indian Youtube channel is about to take over his position as the largest Youtube channel in the world. To many of you, that might feel great! And it is. But T-Series is not there yet. They can only become the biggest Youtube channel in the world with your support. Many of you are already subscribed to T-Series. But if you're not, I am asking you; let's all subscribe to the Youtube channel of T-Series and give India the largest youtube channel in the world. Let's make India a Youtube superpower! Do you think this video was interesting? Then please show your appreciation by giving this video a thumbs up. Do you want to contribute to a more balanced and positive approach towards India, then support me by subscribing to this channel so that I can make more videos with a positive approach towards India. As always, thank you so much for your support and see you at the next video!

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T-seres is Crusing Pewdiepie Shit (We Indians are Supporting T-series) #TseriesvsPewdiepie. This video is about ongoing controversy with Pewdiepie vs T Series and and i have shared my views on this controversy. I was closely watching on this topic and find that lots of bad things are going on about India and our country. Let me know in the comment box what you guys thing about on this topic. Follow me on insta for more updates:

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T series diss track is out and it's lit PewDiePie. But shut up now

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PewDiePie Billboards in India : Hey Saiman Says and mad lads! you don't wanna miss this. I am doing my part with PewDiePie Ads in India to keep our king and other comrades like Saiman Says on top of this TSeries VS PewDiePie India and after all the support on my TSeries Diss Track Indian Reaction this was a thrilling experience. For Promoting PewDiePie in India I put PewDiePie Posters in INDIA , PewDiePie Billboards in INDIA , PewDiePie Ads in India and so much more so that he stays relevant. in this TSeries vs PewDiePie India situation. this video was largely inspired by I Bought Every Billboard In My City For This by MrBeast and PewDiePie Billboards in INDIA | T-Series vs PewDiePie by Saiman Says And also, a few days back Saiman Says reacted to me and this is my response to that and i will be so called "exposing" him ;) so please watch the video till the end so that we can rise on top, and kindly please share this with pewds using the PewDiePie subreddit. and Dear Indians, please don't get offended by this.. this is a joke. just because i support him and i like watching his content, doesnt mean that i don't respect my country. i believe in Individual freedom across our country rather than a single corporation which effects our country's development. the only people from india who make our country look bad are the people who act dumb and verbally abuse others. in front of the world. so please don't get offended.

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Pewdiepie vs India. It got personal when you said Lasagna! pewdiepie vs tseries war is on. pewdiepie disses india. heres the answer.

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Indian pewdiepie shows up in front of the audience waiting for The results of pewdiepie vs t series. The Last Chapter of pewdiepie Vs t series . Have Fun My instagram : Its Mr. Beast of India music : Pewdiepie

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Full Video link:

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Top 8 YouTubers Who Got CUSTOM Play Buttons Subscribe to Top 10s ► Description: Charlie from Top 10s counts down the #top10 #YouTubers #PlayButton 8 YouTubers Who Got CUSTOM Play Buttons! From PewDiePie's ruby bro fist play button to T-series new glass crystal play button here are some of the biggest youtube channels that got and made custom play buttons! These are very different to the standard silver gold and diamond youtube play button awards! For issues or inquires please email or message via YouTube. Subscribe to TheCrafty ► Social media: Subscribe ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Snapchat ► Facebook ► Google+ ► Intro music: MRVLZ - Never


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