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Prime Time today discusses the methodologies used in giving accreditations and rankings for institutions of higher learning in India. Professor Krishna Kumar of Delhi University says that the 'whole system' of higher education in India is in a deplorable condition and that corruption is 'widespread'. He adds that given none of the top institutions of higher education being able to make it to the top 250 ranks at the international level is itself an indication that our universities are 'not eligible to be evaluated' and ranked on any parameter. A countrywide ranking of educational institutions was released by the Ministry of Human Resource Development on Monday in which Indian Institute of Science was ranked as the top university in India. (Audio in Hindi) Watch full video: NDTV is one of the leaders in the production and broadcasting of un-biased and comprehensive news and entertainment programmes in India and abroad. NDTV delivers reliable information across all platforms: TV, Internet and Mobile. Subscribe for more videos: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Download the NDTV Apps: Watch more videos:

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The Education Minister of Punjab, Aruna Chaudhury has announced the declaration of results for the class 10 and +2 class within 15 days. Krishan Kumar, Secretary School Education, said, "Instead of 168 centres, the Board has decided for 400 evaluation centres this year. To curb malpractices during exam, 217 exam centres will be equipped with CCTV cameras." SAN Jain Model Senior Secondry School's (Ludhiana) Principal Mrs. Meena Jain welcomed the Board's decision.

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Website: Facebook: Living India News is 24x7 satellite Hindi News channel having head office In Tangori (Mohali). Living India News Is serving in News, Bollywood & Driving Shows. Living India News is available on Following Cable Networks: Fastway (Channel Number 177) Digi Cable (Channel Number 195(Pan India)) Hathway (Channel Number 222(Pan India)) Channel is also available on 7 Star Cable Network (Mumbai)

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This is first lecture I know that in english conversation something error. Pleage like subscribe my channel. Next time I improve this.

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Ultimately the teaching of Krishna and Balrama ends. Now it is time to depart and Guruji gives his last advice about how to use the knowledge On asking about dakshina or fees, Guruji's wife tells about their son who drowned in the sea. On listening the story, Krishna makes a oath to bring back Parvadutt, the lost son of Guruji and then only go to his own house. See it in Ramanand Sagar's Krishna serial.

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Kanhaiya Kumar went to jail last month as a student arrested on charges of sedition, he returned to JNU today as a symbol of the campus’s struggle for free speech — and at the vanguard of what he called was a renewed struggle against the government. - See more at:

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Smart Money Seminar organised by Pune Independent Financial Advisors Association (PIFAA) on 24th Of February 2017 PIFAA is a professional body of well educated and constantly updated independent financial advisors base in PUNE. For more details about smart investments contact


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Kaun Banega Crorepati me pucha gaya Modi Nagar ke baare me Pucha Gaya ki Mori Nagar Sahar Kisne basaya Rai Bahadur gujarmal Modi 1933 main village sugar mill #School Of Learning - 1 #HISTORY OF MODICARE #Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi was a Visionary and Nation Builder. - Started his business with Rs.400. - Bought Begumabad in 1933 to set up sugar mills: this was the birth of Modinagar. - Between 1933 to 1972 established 27 industries. - Pioneered the supply of dehydrated food to the army during world war II. - Set up charitable trusts, hospitals, Colleges, Schools to help people. - Title of Rai Bahadur bestowed by the government. - Awarded PADMA BHUSHAN in 1968 for his contribution in the field of industry. Social service, Education and singular contribution to the development of an integrated industrial township - Modinagar. Later his son took up the business to forefront Sri.K K Modi. - Took the vision of his father to greater heights. - Expanded geographically within India. - Collaborated with the best companies in the world. - Made its presence in over 90 countries in the world. - Was the first to bring many new concepts, services and products in India. - Has been single handedly responsible for groups success. - The group has tied up with many International players and brought them to India - Xerox, Ester Lauder, Disney, Olivetti, SR Johnson, Stratford University, Philip Morris. - K K Modi has been a stalwart and icon for Industry. - Served as the President of FICCI, PHD chamber of commerce and CACCI. Modi Enterprises has : - Over 28000 employees. - Exports to 90 countries. - Multi dimensional business. - Known as pioneer. Like Grandfather , like Father The great son Mr.Samir Modi - Continued the family business tradition of nation building into the third generation. - Lives by one motto: NO ONE CAN STOP AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME. - Believes that those who dream big can change the world around them. - Innovative and enterprising leader. - Motto of giving back to society. - Launched India's first Direct Selling Company; MODICARE on 30th March 1996 to give financial Azadi and the best opportunity to all Indians and to make their dream come true. Wishing you a very happy, healthy & wealthy year 2018 through Modicare. Thank you. Team Modicare Contact :- 8051175772 #In 1932..... $400 से शुरू हुई इस कंपनी की पूरी हिस्ट्री आप लोग देखना ना भूलें इस वीडियो को अवश्य देखें जिससे आपको अपने काम करने में बहुत ज्यादा मदद करेगा साथ ही आपके बिजनेस को बहुत ज्यादा आगे बढ़ाएगा और इस वीडियो को अधिक शेयर करें ताकि मोदी केयर केयर कंपनी की पूरी हिस्ट्री हर एक मोदी के रियान तक पहुंचे ! #Dear friends my channel #Modicare_Junoon subscribe my YouTube channel for more updates Modicare business Contact:- 8051175772

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Actor-Kishan Kumar Tiwari How the students are prepare for last time of exam.

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This song is melodiously sung by Vikram Hazra of Art Of Living. Click Below for More Peaceful & Religious Music Videos :- -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "GOVIND BOLO HARI GOPAL BOLO | VERY BEAUTIFUL SONGS - POPULAR KRISHNA BHAJANS ( FULL SONGS )" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Krishan kumar gym time

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‘Satyamev Jayate, Mr Prime Minister’ Kanhaiya hits out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He says,Our prime minister has tweeted “satyamev jayate”. I disagree with him ideologically but today, I will say it too, “satyamev jayate”. And yes, in the end, those who are honest will be victorious. He also accused the system of using sedition as a political tool against students in the country. Kanhaiya Kumar takes a dig at Modi after release from Tihar, says 'Satyamev Jayate' Released on bail from Tihar Jail, JNU students union president Kanhaiya Kumar on Thursday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a celebratory speech at the campus. "I have many differences with the Prime Minister but I agree with his tweet Satyamev Jayate," Kanhaiya said. The tweet, incidentally, was the one in which Modi lauded HRD minister Smriti Irani's speech defending the Centre's stand in the sedition case against Kanhaiya and other JNU students. "I am not asking for freedom from India, but freedom in India," Kanhaiya said in reference to allegations that he raised anti-India slogans at a campus event in memory of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru. In a fiery speech which lasted over 30 minutes Kanhaiya took potshots at the Centre and the RSS while narrating his experience in custody. "I come from a village where there are magic shows. People show magic and sell rings that they say fulfill all wishes. We have some people like that in the country who say things like development for all." he said. And then to laughter from the crowd he added, "We Indians forget too soon but this time the drama is too big and these joomlas ( gimmicks) won’t be forgotten." Indirectly referring to the videos used to incriminate him he said , "If you speak against the government then their cyber cell will send your doctored videos and count the number of condoms in your hostel." Calling the attack on JNU an organised one, Kanhaiya it was done to delegitimise the UGC protests and to prevent justice to Dalit PhD scholar Rohith Vemula. Students' Union President Kanhaiya Kumar at JNU campus In his speech, he attacked the Modi-government. ... “Indian Politics' Latest Startup” to “New Leader of Indian Politics”, ... on #KanhaiyaKumar will be RTed 200 days later as a joke. Kanhaiya Kumar Jokes on PM of India Modi ‘Satyamev Jayate, Mr Prime Minister’ This 15-year-old girl challenges Kanhaiya for an open debate on PM Modi Kumar did call for a “revolution”. He cannot help it, he is from the Communist Party of India. He reminded me of my encounter with the executives of Hewlett-Packard over 10 years ago. HP, like the communist party, was trying to become cool, which it was not, and the executives were showing off a new camera and a scanner to a bunch of journalists. But no matter what their gadgets did what the executives wanted to demonstrate was how they can be connected to a printer. HP was primarily in the business of printing and all they could think of was printing. ‪#‎JNU‬ student ‪#‎KanhaiyaKumar‬'s arrest, may have catapulted him into an icon of the right to free speech, but a student much younger than him, ‪#‎JhanviBehal‬ feels he's markedly undeserving of that status. The communist parties are in the business of promising revolution and everything they do has to lead to this obsolete activity nobody wants anymore. May I suggest a more popular and contemporary word to comrade Kanhaiya — ‘disruption’. "The more you try to suppress us, the more we rise," he said before concluding his speech and breaking into JNU's signature 'azaadi' chant against poverty, casteism and communalism.

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Krishan Kumar funny videos

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Shri Krishna tells Arjun that mind is only the issue creator which leads you to wrong places based on your senses but you have to control it to live a good life, if you will not control it, it will always leads you to wrong places.

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The 5th edition of Bhubaneswar Urban Lectures in shape of a two day visioning workshop on ‘Art in the Smart City’ was organized on 3rd & 4th November 2017. The discussions were helmed by eminent artists, thinkers, urban planners, architects and city officials with the vision of developing art and culture community spaces which should be inviting, interactive, safe, inclusive, and child friendly. It was organized jointly by Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA), Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) and Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) through Bhubaneswar Urban Knowledge Centre (BUKC) of BDA in collaboration with Bhubaneswar Art Collective, an art advocacy forum comprising of Ila Panda Centre for Art (IPCA), Utsha Foundation and Jatin Das Centre of Art (JDCA). --- A MediaLearning Web Production. Produced for 'OdishaLiveNews', a partner web channel of OdishaLive Network. Web Channel: (A Web Initiative of Academy for Media Learning Private Limited) M-6, Samanta Vihar, Near Kalinga Hospital, Bhubaneswar-751017 (Odisha). Email:, Tel: +91-674-2303311 Produced and broadcast in public interest. Copyright Statement: All rights reserved 'Academy for Media Learning Private Limited'. This content is available for mass viewing only through this platform or through any other platform as presented by Academy for Media Learning Private Limited from time to time. Any unauthorised download of this content for any personal or commercial use is restricted. Unauthorised use of the content or any part of the same for mass viewing or broadcast or use in other productions without written permission of the producer is illegal and may violate copyright laws.

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Presenting the official trailer of Dinesh Vijan and Bhushan Kumar's upcoming Bollywood film "Hindi Medium", Directed by Saket Chaudhary. Produced by Dinesh Vijan, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar. Starring Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar and Deepak Dobriyal, Vijay Kumar Dogra & Jaspal Sharma In Cinemas 19th May. ► Click to watch Hindi Medium video& audio songs: ___ Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to T-Series: ► Like us on Facebook: ► Follow us on Twitter: ► Follow us on Instagram: ► Circle us on G+: ► Find us on Pinterest:

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Actor par excellence Irrfan Khan talks about his new venture, Hindi Medium. The stalwart gives us an insight on the level parents go to get admission for their kids, the values system that seems lost in today's day and age, his Pakistani co-actor Saba Qamar, his Hollywood learnings & why Slumdog Millionaire will always be a special film that brought a change in his career. An honest interview. A must watch! Dinesh Vijan and Bhushan Kumar's upcoming Bollywood film "Hindi Medium", Directed by Saket Chaudhary. Produced by Dinesh Vijan, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar. Starring Irrfan Khan, Saba Qamar and Deepak Dobriyal ,Vijay Kumar Dogra & Jaspal Sharma #HindiMedium Watch the Full Episode : ------------------------------- Download Our App ------------------------------- Android:- iOS:- ------------- Website ------------- --------------------------------------------- Connect us on Social Media --------------------------------------------- Facebook:- Twitter:- Instagram:-

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MD, Emkay Global Financial Services, Mr. Krishna Kumar Karwa talks about Earnings, Long Term Capital Gain Tax and Budget 2018

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Watch Dr Krishnan Kumar, IAS who was posted in Kandhamal, Odisha at the time of Kandhamal riots, 2008

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EDUCATION SECTOR IN PUNJAB SET FOR MAKEOVER PADHO PUNJAB PADHAO PUNJAB, SMART CLASSES & EXAMINATION REFORMS REVAMP TO BE UNDER FOCUS: ARUNA CHAUDHARY "The education scenario in Punjab is well on course of a revolutionary makeover with innumerable novel initiatives undertaken by the Department of School Education with a further commitment of carrying them forward to give boost to the educational sector in the State in keeping with the demands of modern era." Disclosing this in Chandigarh on January 2, 2018 while having an interface with the media-persons and elaborating about the achievements and futuristic vision of the department, the Education Minister, Punjab, Mrs. Aruna Chaudhary said that the Punjab Government is fully geared up and duty bound to provide quality education for all perfectly in keeping with the vision spelled out by the Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh. Disclosing further, the minister said that changes have been made to 16 rules thus paving the way for reduced litigation and saving precious time, money and resources of both the respondent as well as the defendant. On the occasion, the Secretary, School Education, Mr. Krishan Kumar made a powerpoint presentation regarding the achievements and future plans of the department. ... Read More:

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Vikas Krishan Assures Another Boxing Medal for India Gold Coast 2018 For More Update Please click on Subscribe button. for more other videos Babita Kumari breaks to Final Indian Wrestlers won medals in Gold Coast commonwealth 2018.- PV Sandhu in commonwealth game 2018 - Saina Nehwal in CommonWelth Game : Mary Kom Enters 48 kg Category Final : Yadav was born in Singhwa Khas village in Hisar district.[2] His father Krishan Kumar Yadav is an employee in the Electricity Department. In 1994 he came to Bhiwani along with his father, who was transferred to this city. In 2003, at the age of 10, Yadav joined the Bhiwani Boxing Club. Later, he received training in the Army Sports Institute at Pune.[3] After his premature exit from the 2012 Olympics, Yadav took a year off from boxing and focussed on completing his education at the Kurukshetra University and his training with the Haryana State Police.[4] Presently, Yadav is an employee of the Haryana State Electricity Board.

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GULSHAN KUMAR, T-Series and Virendrra Arora presents, A Film by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures. In Association with Anil Kapoor Film & Communication Network. Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Anil Kapoor, P.S. Bharathi, Rajiv Tandon, Krishan Kumar, Kussum Arora & Nishant Pitti Fanney Khan is directed by Atul Manjrekar. The film is all set to release on ► 3rd August 2018 A story of a middle class family man, who in his younger days, dreamt of becoming a singer and songwriter. It was more the lack of opportunity than talent that never realised his dream. Pinning his hopes on his teenage daughter, he takes her to singing contests where the awkward and overweight girl struggles to belt out a tune, leaving one wondering if she really has the talent to be a star singer. In a chance meeting while job hunting, he runs into Baby Singh, India’s biggest pop star. The story takes a comical turn when in the spur of the moment he decides to kidnap her. Will things go as planned? Told in a most hilarious and heartwarming way, the film tells us how far a father would go to make his daughter’s dream come true. ___ Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to T-Series: ► Like us on Facebook: ► Follow us on Twitter: ► Follow us on Instagram:

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--- A MediaLearning Web Production. Produced for 'OdishaLiveNews', a partner web channel of OdishaLive Network. Web Channel: (A Web Initiative of Academy for Media Learning Private Limited) M-6, Samanta Vihar, Near Kalinga Hospital, Bhubaneswar-751017 (Odisha). Email:, Tel: +91-674-2303311 Produced and broadcast in public interest. Copyright Statement: All rights reserved 'Academy for Media Learning Private Limited'. This content is available for mass viewing only through this platform or through any other platform as presented by Academy for Media Learning Private Limited from time to time. Any unauthorised download of this content for any personal or commercial use is restricted. Unauthorised use of the content or any part of the same for mass viewing or broadcast or use in other productions without written permission of the producer is illegal and may violate copyright laws.

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Personality, Relationship, Understanding Each Other, Couple Chemistry, Husband Wife relationships, Business Deals, Temperaments, krishan Gaur

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Join us by telegram Link of videos for upcoming test Online free video lecture for IIT/NEET/AIIMS/Jipmer/Bitsat By Krishan Sir 👉Link to my 12th free solid state 👉Link to my free GOC 👉Link to my free atomic structure course 👉Link to my free Function course 👉Link to my free inverse trigonometric functions 👉Link to my free Matrices course Join our Telegram group for Neet/AIIMS/Jipmer/IIT 2019/2020 👉 Daily free 3 classes 👉Free PDF Material 👉 Free doubt clear 👉Free guidance & support For more chapters follow me on Unacademy Subscribe for more videos 👇🏻 Follow me on Facebook WhatsApp no in about section 👉Copyright disclaimer under section 107 of "Copyrighting Act 1976" , allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, research.Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing, non profit, educational,or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. Best of luck for your upcoming exams!

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Kanhaiya Kumar is a leader of the All India Student Federation (AISF), the student wing of the Communist Party of India (CPI). He was elected president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union in 2015. In February 2016, he was arrested and charged with sedition on the charges of raising anti-India slogans in a student rally against the 2013 hanging of Mohammed Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri separatist convicted over the 2001 Indian Parliament attack. On March 2, 2016, he was released on interim bail. After completing his post graduation, Kanhaiya Kumar moved to Delhi and joined JNU where he is currently pursuing a PhD in African studies at the School of International Studies.[7] In 2015 September, Kanhaiya Kumar became the first AISF member to become president of the JNU students’ union, defeating the AISA , ABVP , SFI and NSUI candidates. Kumar's friends and spectators describe him as a great orator. A speech he made the night before his election is credited as the reason for his victory. On 12 February 2016, Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested by the Delhi police. A case was registered against him on Feb 13, under Indian Penal Code Sections 124-A (sedition) and 120-B (criminal conspiracy). He was charged over an event organised by some students at the Jawaharlal Nehru university campus against the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, following complaints by Bharatiya Janata Party Member of Parliament Maheish Girri and the ABVP. Kanhaiya Kumar denied the charges and said that he was neither shouting any slogan nor saying anything against integrity of the country. He said in an interview that "I dissociate myself from the slogans which were shouted in the event. I have full faith in the Constitution of the country and I always say that Kashmir is an integral part of India”.[citation needed] During his interrogation Kanhaiya insisted that he did not say anything that was seditious. Kanhaiya Kumar's arrest soon snowballed into a major political controversy and has drawn sharp reactions from opposition parties, teachers, students and academics. Students at Jawaharlal Nehru University went on strike over Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest, effectively paralysing the University.[10] On 2 March 2016, Kumar was granted bail by the Delhi High Court, conditional on a 10,000 rupee bail bond and an undertaking that he would not "participate in any anti-national activity."[16] Justice Pratibha Rani noted that there were no recordings of Kumar participating in anti-national slogans. Going beyond the immediate issue, the judge also held that the alleged slogans threaten national integrity and cannot be considered as free speech. She characterized them as a form of "infection," which can either be treated or, in some cases, "amputationi is the only treatment."[2][17] The judge issued the bail on the condition that Kanhaiya should not participate “actively or passively” in such anti-national events. Referring to the anti-national slogans the judge said “the thoughts reflected in the slogans raised by some of the students of JNU who organised and participated in that programme cannot be claimed to be protected as fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression”[18] A separate magisterial investigation appointed by the Delhi Government did not find any evidence of Kanhaiya Kumar participating in anti-national slogans. Out of the 7 videos of the event sent to forensic lab, three were found to be doctored including a clipping of a news channel. On 3 March 2016, Kanhaiya Kumar gave a speech to a packed auditorium in the JNU campus, during which he said he was seeking, not freedom from India, but freedom within India. He appealed to his fellow students to free the nation from the clutches of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which he said was trying to divide the nation. Referring to the ABVP(right wing student organization), whose members were instrumental in bringing about his arrest, he called them his "opposition", not his enemy. He urged his supporters to keep raising the slogans of azadi (freedom). ------------------------------------------ Subscribe to our channel: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Watch more videos at: © 2015

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#Tumbin #Tumbin2 Enjoy Film Tum Bin Blockbuster Songs On [[T-Series]] Company And Enjoy Blockbuster Songs. Tum Bin 2001 Cast.[[Priyanshu Chatterjee]], [[Sandali Sinha]], [[Himanshu Malik]],[[Rakesh Vashisth·]], And [[Amrita Prakash]]. Release Date:13 July 2001(India) Director By: [[Anubhav Sinha]] Produced By:[[Bhushan Kumar]] And [[Krishan Kumar]] Written By: [[Anubhav Sinha]] Music Director: [[Nikhil-Vijay]] Film Label: [[T-Series]] . $Different countries have different rules about when it’s okay to use material without the copyright owner’s permission. For example, in the United States, works of commentary, criticism, research, teaching, or news reporting might be considered fair use. Some other countries have a similar idea called fair dealing that may work differently. Courts analyze potential fair uses according to the facts of each specific case. You’ll probably want to get legal advice from an expert before uploading videos that contain copyright-protected material . © Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Manjit Singh Khatkarkalan was invited ot the launch ceremony of mid day meals for nawanshehar. School education minister Bibi Upinder Kaur, Director of education/ex DC Krishan kumar, Neel Kanth Current DC Jatinder Singh Kareeha were all present part 2

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Subscribe for More Biographies - Raaj Kumar (8 October 1926 – 3 July 1996), born Kulbhushan Pandit, was a Hindi film actor. He worked as sub-inspector of Mumbai Police in the late 1940s before he turned to acting with the 1952 film Rangeeli. He appeared in the Oscar-nominated 1957 film Mother India. Click Here ► to find out more about your favourite stars. ► Like us on Facebook: ► Follow us on Twitter: ► Circle us on G+: ► Follow us on Pinterest: ► Website:

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Education minister. 30.7.2017

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Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram - Krishna Bhajan - ( Full Song ) Achyutam Keshavam Lyrics & Video The Art of Living Krishna bhajan 'Achyutam Keshavam' is sung by singer Vikram Hazra and there are total 8 tracks in this album. All the words in lyrics are praising of lord Krishna. Achyutam means immortal -- living forever and Keshavam is also another name of Sri Krishna -- who has long and beautiful hair. Information: Title: Achyutam Keshavam Album: Krishna Singer: Vikram Hazra Lyrics: (With slow rhythm) Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram, Ram Narayanam Janaki Vallabham Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram Ram Narayanam Janaki Vallabham Kaun Kehte Hai Bhagavan Aate Nahi Tum Meera Ke Jaise Bulate Nahi Achyutam . . . Kaun Kehte Hai Bhagavan Khate Nahi Ber Shabri Ke Jaise Khilate Nahi Achyutam . . . Kaun Kehte Hai Bhagavan Sote Nahi Maa Yashodha ke Jaise Sulate Nahi Achyutam . . . Kaun Kehte Hain Bhagavan Nachte Nahi Gopiyo ki Tarah Tum Nachate Nahi Achyutam . . . Ram Narayanam Janaki Vallabham Click Below for More Peaceful & Religious Music Videos :-

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The Smart Cities Mission is a bold new initiative by the Government of India to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local development and harnessing technology as a means to create smart outcomes for citizens. Shortlisted as one of the selected Smart Cities in the country by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, Bhubaneswar embarked upon its journey to prepare the BBSR Smart City Proposal on September 15, 2015. The next two months will entail an extensive citizen engagement process to collaboratively define a vision for the future of Bhubaneswar leading up to the culmination of the final Smart City Challenge round in December 2015.

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