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Yaarian Parmish , Gitaz Baanka First Hand Production Also Available on itune

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Published Date : 2016-11-26T13:12:41.000Z


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Channel Title : First Hand Production

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Published Date : 2017-12-13T02:49:06.000Z


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Singer ● Maan himatpuriea Lyricst ● Maan himatpuriea Hii frndz plz support my frnd and keep share this video

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senting video of the song JATT DA MUQABALA sung by Sidhu Moose Wala. The music of new song is given by Snappy and lyrics of this new song are also penned by "Sidhu Moosewala".Enjoy and stay connected with us !! Song: Jatt Da Muqabala Singer/ Lyrics:- Sidhu Moosewala Music :- Snappy Video :- TDOT FILMS  Director/ DOP / Concept :- Rahul Chahal Assisstant Directors :- Jaskamal Saini Taran Bali Editor :- Sagar Kanda / Taran Bali Starring :- Sonakshi Sharma Publicity Design :- Luckee Bains Tdot team :- Sukaran Pathak , Vishal Banger , Inder chahal, Inder Janda

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Nafrat Parmish Verma Manindar First hand Production Available On Itune New Punjabi xclusive Song Like/Comment/Share

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Song - Load Singer - Parmish Verma Music - Desi Crew Label - First Hand Production available on itune Like/Share/Comment

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Published Date : 2018-08-25T04:33:19.000Z


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A SIX STAIR PRODUCTION Video by Coan Buddy Nichols This is the intro part from a "First Hand" episode featuring skate legend Lance Mountain- 2009.

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Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group First Hand · Steven Curtis Chapman First Hand ℗ 1987 Sparrow Records Released on: 1989-01-01 Producer: Naishing Teeth Production Producer: 19th Street Productions Composer: Niles Borop Composer: Phil Naish Composer: Steven Curtis Chapman Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018 Vailpuna (Full Video) Parmish Verma | Harf Cheema | Deep Jandu | New Punjabi Song 2018

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Published Date : 2015-11-29T04:59:23.000Z

Had a quick look of the highly anticipated AUTOart Mercedes 6x6 model which was shown at their stand during the 2015 Essen Motor Show. I was told that as this was just a hand sample, the production model will vary, for example the suspension, stance, fit and finish etc. Either way, it looks huge in person for a 1:18 scale model! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Photography: Instagram:

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I'm of the belief that if you work in video production (, your vacation videos better be at least a little unique... This past summer, we took a trip to Newfoundland, spending 10 days, traveling over 1600 kilometers and taking over 900 video clips. Over a month later, I've finally managed to compact that into 214 shots, in 180 seconds for your viewing pleasure. As a side note, 10 days was not nearly enough time to explore this amazing part of Canada.

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Published Date : 2011-04-23T10:13:39.000Z

Four-part biographical documentary series about Diana Princess of Wales, looking at her life, marriage, relationships and death. GB. Brook Lapping production for ITV Network Centre. TX. ITV. Sun10Jun - 01Jul2001. Documentary that provides first-hand accounts of Diana Spencer as she was before, during and after her marriage to Prince Charles. Interviews with her nanny, cousin and teachers reveal that Diana was a happy young woman, who was thrilled to marry royalty. When her "fairy tale" marriage turned sour. Documentary that provides first-hand accounts of Diana Spencer as she was before, during and after her marriage to Prince Charles. Interviews with her nanny, cousin and teachers reveal that Diana was a happy young woman, who was thrilled to marry royalty. When her "fairy tale" marriage turned sour, Diana had an affair with Army officer James Hewitt, her riding instructor. The program features the most in-depth and extensive interview with Hewitt about his five-year affair with Diana and her unhappiness in the royal family. Also, Hewitt's mother, Shirley Hewitt, provides another perspective of the relationship and of Diana's role in her family. The program also explores Diana's charity work and features interviews with Diana's financial advisor, her royal biographer, her astrologer and her friends.

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Head Above Water out now: #HEADABOVEWATER FIGHT LYME CHARITABLE T-SHIRT: To find resources on Lyme Disease PREVENTION… Educate yourself on doctors and TREATMENT…. Learn more about the most current scientific RESEARCH… And JOIN OUR FIGHT AGAINST LYME, Visit Directed By: Elliott Lester Executive Producer: Ted Robbins Line Producer: Eric Watson Video Commissioner: Melinda Kelly Production Company: Chromista I’ve gotta keep the calm before the storm I don’t want less I don’t want more Must bar the windows and the doors To keep me safe to keep me warm Yeah my life is what I’m fighting for Can’t part the sea Can’t reach the shore And my voice becomes the driving force I won’t let this pull me overboard God keep my head above water Don’t let me drown It gets harder I’ll meet you there at the altar As I fall down to my knees Don’t let me drown Don’t let me drown So pull me up from down below ‘Cause I’m underneath the undertow Come dry me off and hold me close I need you now I need you most God keep my head above water Don’t let me drown It gets harder I’ll meet you there at the altar As I fall down to my knees Don’t let me drown Don’t let me drown Don’t let me drown Keep my head above water above water And I can’t see in the stormy weather I can’t seem to keep it all together And I can’t swim the ocean like this forever And I can’t breathe God keep my head above water I lose my breath at the bottom Come rescue me I’ll be waiting I’m too young to fall asleep God keep my head above water Don’t let me drown It gets harder I’ll meet you there at the altar As I fall down to my knees Don’t let me drown Don’t let me drown Don’t let me drown Keep my head above water above water

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Welcome to the Morgan Motor Company in Malvern, England where happy designers, craftsmen and women lovingly create cars for enthusiasts by hand every day.

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Giorgio - From Here To Eternity (1977) Track: First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love Vocals: Giorgio Moroder Artists: Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte, Gitte, Lucy and Betsy Recorded in Munich, Germany Digitally remastered from the mastertapes for superior audio quality. (C) Oasis, Casablanca Records, 1977 Follow: Giorgio Moroder

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Whats up every body! This is just a little review video I made up for you guys of my new toy. This is my first hand gun. Ive been wanting a hand gun for awhile, and really liked revolvers. I also wanted a hand gun that had the power and accuracy to hunt large game animals with, and nothing out there better than this S&W 500 Magnum with the 8 3/8 barrel and muzzle break for the job! This gun is awesome! If you are into hand gun hunting, or have been looking into getting a hand gun to hunt with, this is the gun that can do the job, from whitetail in North America, to Elephants in Africa! This gun is supper awesome and recommend it into anyone looking into the sport of hand gun hunting. I hope y'all enjoyed this video, hopefully will be getting some deer hunting videos with it soon for you guys. Please Comment, rate, and subscribe for more reviews, and one of a kind hunting action!

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Published Date : 2016-02-17T21:00:09.000Z 1 Aim - to conduct fermentation of glucose and monitor mass changes 2 Materials - Reaction mixture contains: • 100 mL of 10% glucose solution • 0.5 g of salt • 3 g of dried yeast • 150 ml of limewater in the other vessel. 3 Method • Mix the components of the reaction vessel and weigh it along with the stopper. • Also weight the limewater vessel along with the stopper and delivery tube. • Limewater is a saturated solution of calcium hydroxide • Set up the apparatus so there no gas leaks. • The hose from the reaction flask must connect to the top of the glass tube in the limewater side-arm flask. • The glass tube must be fully immersed in the limewater. • Separately weight the reaction flask and the limewater flask daily for one week. • Record and tabulate the changes to the mass of each vessel. • Notice the physical change in the limewater from transparent in colour. For accuracy: • Maintain the temperature of reaction mixture at 30 oC throughout fermentation, to optimise the rate of fermentation. • Create a control reaction mixture without the yeast, to ensure there are no changes in mass of the apparatus. For reliability: • Use the collected data from other groups who also conducted the experiment and take the average of the trends in mass. 5 Results • The loss of carbon dioxide from the fermentation flask should lead to a drop in mass. • This increase in mass of limewater flask is due to the absorption of CO2 and precipitation of calcium carbonate (the white cloudy matter observes) • Theoretically, the mass decrease from the fermentation flask should equal the mass increase in the limewater flask. • Air leakage to and from the system and existing atmospheric carbon dioxide being absorbed into limewater may distort expected mass changes.

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Published Date : 2016-02-18T13:30:30.000Z Heat transfer considerations • The wick of the flame should just touch the lower surface of flask. • The setup should be shielded from drafts. • Stir the water constantly to uniformly distribute the heat. Variables to be controlled For each alkanol tested: • The vessel being used as the calorimeter must contain the same amount of water and be at the same initial temperature. • The distance between the calorimeter and the flame of the sprit burner must remain the same. • The burner must be centred. Method • Measure the initial mass of the spirit burner with the alkanol and the initial temperature of the water. • Ignite the wick and heat the water flask until it increases by 10 oC. • Extinguish the flame and weight the alkanol and the spirit burner. • Repeat the procedure for other alkanols. Validity • You could use an electronic thermometer or a thermometer with smaller scale divisions to improve accuracy. • Repeating the procedure several times would ensure reliability.

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A sneak peak at a new puppet mechanism I'm designing. © Barnaby Dixon

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Published Date : 2018-06-22T04:06:22.000Z

The ultimate one-handed card production from the middle of the deck! This looks unbelievable! "Takumi has surpassed me" - Lennart Green, World Champion Close-up/Card magician Prepare to learn card magic like you have never imagined! Really! You will swear that these are camera tricks! You might know Takumi Takahashi as a student of the legendary Lennart Green. However, Takumi has created his own unique style of magic which is super visual, which he will reveal in this exclusive tutorial! For the first time ever, Takumi teaches you refined routines that come from his own personal repertoire!! Don't expect to master these techniques in 30 minutes. These effects WILL require practice. But it will be so worth it! Download the video and start learning now!

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Presenting the official music video of the new song "Nikle Currant", This latest track is in the voice of "Jassi Gill & Neha Kakkar", composed by "Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz " and the lyrics of this new song is penned by "Jaani". Enjoy and stay connected with us !! SUBSCRIBE 👉 for Latest Hindi Songs 2018!  ♪ Available on ♪ iTunes : Hungama : Saavn : Gaana : Apple Music : Amazon Prime Music : Google Play : Wynk : JioMusic : _______________________________________ For Caller Tunes : Nikle Currant Nikle Currant - Jide Te Likha Ke Nikle Currant - Sachi Sach Idas Set as Caller Tune: Set "Nikle Currant" as your caller tune - sms NKCR1 To 54646 Set "Nikle Currant - Jide Te Likha Ke" as your caller tune - sms NKCR2 To 54646 Set "Nikle Currant - Sachi Sach Idas" as your caller tune - sms NKCR3 To 54646 ________________________________________ Song – Nikle Currant Singer – Jassi Gill, Neha Kakkar Music –Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz  Lyrics and Composer– Jaani Video By - Arvindr Khaira Editor: Adele Periera Colorist: Nadeem Akhtar Choreographer: Hitesh, Sahaj Singh & Shreoshi Steadicam: Amninder Syan DOP: R Dee & Shinda Singh Hairstylist - Ali Music Label - T-Series  ________________________________________ Operator Codes:  1.Nikle Currant Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53710692432 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116608889 Idea Subscribers Dial 5678910692432 Tata DoCoMo Subscribers dial 54321110692432 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 10692432 To 56700 BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 7168208 To 56700 Virgin Subscribers sms TT 10692432 To 58475 MTNL Subscribers sms PT 10692432 To 56789 2.Nikle Currant - Jide Te Likha Ke Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53710692437 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116609757 Idea Subscribers Dial 5678910692437 Tata DoCoMo Subscribers dial 54321110692437 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 10692437 To 56700 BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 7168209 To 56700 Virgin Subscribers sms TT 10692437 To 58475 MTNL Subscribers sms PT 10692437 To 56789 3.Nikle Currant - Sachi Sach Idas Vodafone Subscribers Dial 53710692433 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116609344 Idea Subscribers Dial 5678910692433 Tata DoCoMo Subscribers dial 54321110692433 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers sms BT 10692433 To 56700 BSNL (North / West) Subscribers sms BT 7168210 To 56700 Virgin Subscribers sms TT 10692433 To 58475 MTNL Subscribers sms PT 10692433 To 56789 ___________________________________________ Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to T-Series: ► Like us on Facebook: ► Follow us on Twitter: ► Follow us on Instagram: http

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Retailers - you can learn more here: The TOP 3 Rules of Magic My Top 10 recommended Magic books Who are the top 3 magicians? Follow me: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website:

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Step into the world of a Vietnam Veteran. Listen to the stories from those who lived the nightmare and survived. A truly moving production that will first hand show you the truths about war.


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Published Date : 2017-10-21T21:39:42.000Z at Minister Louis Farrakhan Separation Or Death Speech In this segment Bro James Muhammad shares first hand stories of Malcolm X & Elijah Muhammad... Thoughts Contact Bro. Herman Smalls at Help us grow Please Share, Comment & Subscribe To Our Channel!!! The Team Follow - C.E.O. Knowledge The God Follow - VP Rude Reid For Original Content Daily Visit - Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Instagram -

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Every wonder what it is like being a twin? Well wonder no more as you watch this video and see first hand how twins live their lives

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The first of our production garden is going in; now hopefully we can sell all this corn once it grows! Please check us out at Find recommended products on Amazon - and follow us on.... Daily Beetle by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Country Cue 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Any links here may be Affiliate links

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Thanks to all who made this little film possible. I hope to make far better Unicycling films in the years to come.

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Published Date : 2016-02-16T19:15:33.000Z Aim: To compare the reactivities of an alkene and the corresponding alkane in bromine water. Materials: Test tubes, cyclohexene, cyclohexane, bromine water Procedure: 1 Place 1 mL of cyclohexene in a test tube and 1 mL of cyclohexane in another test tube. 2 Add 3 drops of bromine in an organic solvent to each test tube 3 Measure the time taken to decolourise the red-brown colour of bromine. Results and discussion: The red-brown colour of the Br2 disappeared virtually straight away in the test tube containing cyclohexene, while the colour disappeared very slowly in another test tube containing cyclohexane. Cyclohexene undergoes an addition reaction with brome. Cyclohexane can undergo a substitution reaction, which requires UV light otherwise the reaction is very slow. Cyclohexene is more reactive than cyclohexane, since it contains a double bond. If you use bromine water, the equations become: Reaction of cyclohexene with bromine water. Reaction of cyclohexane with bromine water. Control variables To ensure fair testing and control of variables, the same volume of cyclohexene and cyclohexane should be used in each test tube. Equal numbers of drops of bromine should be used. The amount of light should be the same when the two liquids are tested. These two liquids are available to schools and are ideal as they have a similar chemical structure. Safety considerations: Bromine water is toxic by all routes of exposure. Cyclohexene and cyclohexane are toxic by all routes of exposure and highly flammable. Therefore this experiment must be carried out in a fume cupboard and protective clothing, gloves and safety glasses must be worn. Minimal quantities should be used in well-ventilated Laboratories. Discard all materials into Labelled waste containers and not into the sink.

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Published Date : 2018-04-04T13:13:37.000Z

Consumed by her addiction to opioids and heroin, Tari Thomas says her life was once a "roller coaster to hell." In this interview, Thomas shares a gripping, first-hand account of her struggles with substance use disorder, as well as the peace and inner strength she has found through treatment at the NRVCS Recovery Dojo program.

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Published Date : 2018-10-18T20:15:24.000Z

“Mama’s Hand” is the latest single from Youtube star Queen Naija’s self-titled debut EP. Featuring production from ClickNPress and Rob Grimaldi, the song is dedicated to Naija’s son, CJ. The music video has struck a chord with her fans, earning over 1.5 million YouTube views within the first two days of its release. Read more on Genius: Read all the lyrics to "Mama's Hand" on Genius: Watch the official music video for "Mama's Hand": Subscribe to Genius: Genius on Twitter: Genius on Instagram: Genius on Facebook:

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Published Date : 2013-02-22T11:51:26.000Z

Materials Council visited the central Herning factory of Danish carpet brand Ege, one of Europe's largest carpet manufacturers, to see first-hand the advanced technology employed in the production of their carpets.

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Rare home movies chronicle the first Corvettes going into production. Each one is built by hand at the GM factory in Flint, Michigan. Only 300 Corvettes were built that first year. All 1953 Corvettes were white with a red interior, all had Powerglide automatic transmissions mated to 150 HP, six cylinder engines with three carburetors and dual exhaust. Of those 300, 255 survived. Source: S081

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The guys get gorgeous nail extensions for the first time and experience the struggle first-hand. Will they nail it and survive wearing them for an entire night? Support us! Join our Patreon to get videos a day early, plus, livestreams, chatrooms, BTS footage, exclusive merchandise, and more! SUBSCRIBE TO AND FOLLOW THE TRY GUYS FOLLOW THE GUYS FEATURING Michelle Won SPECIAL THANKS Nail Swag Aprés Nail Gel-X Soft Gel Nail Extension System Instagram/FB/Youtube: @apresnailofficial THE TRY GUYS The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys. MUSIC Licensed from AudioNetwork SFX Licensed from Audioblocks VIDEO Licensed from Videoblocks Official Try Guys Photos By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto 2nd Try, LLC STAFF Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang Producer - Rachel Ann Cole Production Manager - Alexandria Herring Production Coordinator - Emily Corsini Editor - YB Chang Editor - Devlin McCluskey Assistant Editor - Will Witwer Production Assistant - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye Production Assistant - Miles Bonsignore

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This is a video from GeeksandGamers.Com. Enjoy! Please like, subscribe, comment and share with your friends and family! Star Wars News Net - To Contact Jeremy - Twitter - @DDayCobra ►WEBSITE: ►SUBSCRIBE: ►FACEBOOK PAGE: ►FACEBOOK GROUP: ►TWITTER: ►INSTAGRAM:

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feel the wrath of smeltingtanks first hand

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Published Date : 2017-02-10T12:13:37.000Z

Unisg students have the opportunity to combine theoretical classes with first-hand learning experiences in the world of food production. These are the study trips, a new form of experiential study that enables future gastronomes to use their five senses to learn in the field, following food production and supply chains and gaining a practical understanding of biodiversity. Learn more:

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Published Date : 2012-10-15T13:51:58.000Z

Core magazine and Mark EG present the first hand review of the Electrix Tweaker Performance controller at the BPM NEC DJ/Production Show 2012. Visit the Core website ► ◄ for the latest news and reviews. The Electrix Tweaker was one of the star players at the BPM 2012 DJ/Production Show and Music Conference @ The NEC in Birmingham. A performance MIDI controller, it can be used with all your favourite music software whether you're DJing or more involved in music production. Users of Ableton, Traktor, Serato and many other popular DAW's can control all their favourite parameters with this unit. It features a 32 button grid, velocity sensitive pads, push encoders with LED rings and a two channel DJ mixer-style interface. It's also USB powered and comes with it's own editor software as well as ingenious 'overlays' that you can swap and change dependant on the software you're using. Core Magazine's Editor Mark EG interviewed the guys from Electrix LIVE at the BPM music conference, as they talked through all the main features. Arkaei (winner of the National IDA Championship) was also at hand to show us its main capabilities. Here are the main features from the Electrix website: ✫ Features: • 2 Channel DJ mixer style interface • 32 Button grid with multicolor LED feedback • 8 Backlit velocity sensitive pads with aftertouch • 6 Push encoders with LED rings • Intuitive navigation controls with 5-way selector and large push encoder • USB bus powered • MIDI In and Out ports • Removable height extension legs • Plug and play on Mac and PC • Dimensions: 11" x 10.5" x 1.75" (279mm x 267mm x 44.5mm) ✫ Includes: • Traktor LE 2 DJ Software with overlay • Ableton Live Remote Script with overlay • Traktor Pro and Serato Scratch Live mappings • Tweaker Editor Software • Removable legs • USB cable The Electrix Tweaker is a performance controller for Ableton users, Traktor users, and music producers and performers of all genres. Gathering a wide variety of controls elements in a compact portable design, the control surface includes a 32-button grid, velocity sensitive pads, push encoders with LED rings, in a 2 channel DJ mixer style interface, with super bright multi color LED feedback. The intuitive, compact layout is well suited for the studio, the stage, and the DJ booth. Use it as your main DJ controller or as an add-on to any setup. Removable legs are included to match traditional DJ gear. With the legs installed, the Tweaker is the same height as DJ turntables and mixers. The Tweaker is USB Class Compliant in both Mac OS and Windows, and does not require any MIDI drivers for either platform. An additional set MIDI I/O ports are provided to connect other devices. Although highly customizable, this universal MIDI controller includes a bundle of software and mappings to get you going right away. ♫ Traktor Tweaker ships with Traktor LE 2 and includes mappings for Traktor Pro 2, so you can start mixing records in minutes using just a Tweaker and your laptop. Use the velocity pads for expressive effects control, the grid to trigger hot cues and loops, and the multi function encoders for EQing, beatjumping and much more, all with extensive multicolored visual feedback. ♫ Ableton Live A Remote Script is included to enable Live to natively support the Tweaker. Tweaker has two session views for independent control and navigation of clips and the mixer. The button grid enables launching and stopping clips, and features a session shift button for an additional layer of control. The drum pads are mapped to the drum rack and can be transposed to access up to 64 drum rack pads. The Mixer controls Volume, EQ and Devices, Solo, Arm Recording, Crossfader A/B Assign, and the Crossfader. ♫ Serato Scratch Live Add Tweaker to your Serato rig for the ultimate control. The navigation section is used to browse the crates and library, load tracks, and create instant doubles. The button grid is used to trigger hot cues and loops. The velocity pads control the SP6 sampler and the encoders control the DJFX unit. The two vertical faders are used as pitch faders for internal mode. Combined with instant doubles, it enables you to mix a set with just one turntable and a Tweaker. ♫ Tweaker Editor The Tweaker Editor provides a complete interface for modifying the settings and controls of the Tweaker. While the Tweaker provides a lot of capability without ever changing its settings, many users will want to explore its full potential as a controller for various software and hardware platforms. The editor also creates preset files that are stored on your computer, to extend the preset possibilities and share setups with others. Please remember to comment, like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: ✯ Manufacturers website: ► ◄ Visit Mark EG's website HERE ► ◄ _

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14k Studios Production - Our director's in-laws grew up in Poland. Two of them were born before the war. So our team sat down and listened to their firsthand stories about their childhood. Growing up in a war zone is unimaginable, so listen to these eyewitness stories of two children who lived during World War 2. Website: Facebook: KelloggShow:

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Watch as Michael goes deep into the heart of Canada's lentil growing region where he experiences farm life first-hand with the Nagel Family.

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We drove up to this sheep rest in Klepalo, took a walk, saw cheese being made and had an incredible lunch. Read all about our visit via the link:

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Gordon heads to Spain to visit a sustainable sturgeon farm, and experiences first hand how much caviar Can be produced from just one fish. He then whips up a lobster and potato salad with truffle mayonnaise and caviar to top it all off. Indulgent. Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: Subscribe for weekly cooking videos. If you liked this clip check out the rest of Gordon's channels:


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