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This videos shows step by step instructions on how to make Sri lankan fish buns at home. And gives clear instructions how to fold the fish buns properly. So you'll get a professional looking fish buns just like in the bakery. ගෙදරදී මාළු පාන් හදමු ✔ Fish Buns Like "Apé Amma" fan page.

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To get the recipe click here

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Fish buns (Maalu bun) are a great snack when hungry suddenly strike you.The fish bun is one of Sri Lanka's most beloved short-eats. Facebook Page: INGREDIENTS, Filling ____________ Onions Tomato Garlic Curry leaves Capsicum Coriander leaves Mint leaves Boiled Fish 150g Boiled Potato Salt Pepper Chili powder Turmeric Pepper Dried chili Tomato sauce Sesame Bread Dough ______________ Yeast 1/2 tsp Sugar 1 tsp Warm water Flour 250g Egg Butter Cold water

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Fish buns are an ideal option for breakfast on the run, can also fulfill it's purpose as a all day snack. Here I've used canned tuna fish but you can substitute with other fish like mackerel, sardine or salmon. Its not only the taste but it's light & healthy with its fresh filling ingredients. For the complete recipe: Ingredients: **For the dough** 500 Grams Plain flour 10 Grams Yeast (dry) 50 Grams Sugar 1 Teaspoon Salt 110 Millilitre Water (lukewarm) 110 Millilitre Milk (at room temperature) 2 Medium Egg 50 Grams Butter (melted) **For the filling** 4 Tablespoon Oil 1 Medium Onion (chopped) 5 Clove Garlic (chopped) 1 Tablespoon Chilli flakes 1 Teaspoon Ground pepper 1 Teaspoon Curry powder 5 Small Curry leaves 2 (200 Grams) Can Fish (400g - mashed) 500 Grams Potato (boil and mashed) 4 Medium Spring onion (chopped) 1/2 Teaspoon Salt (or to taste) Music courtesy of YouTube ----------------------------------------­---------------------- Website: ----------------------------------------­---------------------- Follow Daily Food Recipes ----------------------------------------­---------------------- Facebook: Pinterest: Google +: Twitter: ----------------------------------------­----------------------

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Ingredients 500 g potatoes 1 onion green chillies 2 cans tuna salt and pepper ================================== Music used: Sunrise by Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 Unported License |

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Everyone's Favourite classic Treat !!! It's time for Fish Buns. Official: Facebook: Email:

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මාළු පාන් Fish Buns එදිනෙදා කඩයෙන් මිලදී ගන්නා පාන් බනිස් වර්ග රැසක් නිවසේදීම ඉතාම පහසුවෙන් සාදා පවුලේ අය සමඟ රස විඳින්න දැන් ඔබට පුලුවන්. මෙම වීඩියෝ එක ඇතුලුව වීඩියෝ රැසක වීඩියෝ මාලාවක් මම ඉදිරිපත් කිරීමට බලාපොරොත්තු වෙනවා. එළවලු රොටි - Vegetable Roti බිත්තර පාන් Egg Bread පාන් Bread වැල් පාන් Half loaf එක පිටි මෝලියක්- පාන් බනිස් රැසක් Amazing dough for many breads ……………………………………………… Special thanks for the Background Music :-) Provided by the composer Jonny Easton Title: Morning Walk - Soft Piano Music ……………………………………………… Please Subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you get a personal notification of new videos from me. Then you won’t miss a video, It’d mean a lot to me 😎

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Super soft bakery style seeni sambol buns by Apé Amma සීනි සම්බෝල බනිස් Like "Apé Amma" fan page.

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PULSE Cooking with Aunty D.

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Steamed Fish buns by Apé Amma Like "Apé Amma" fan page.

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Like "Apé Amma" fan page. Sri Lankan Bakery Style Kibula by Apé Amma

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Like "Apé Amma" fan page. Homemade Egg buns by Apé Amma

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Sri Lankan Fish Buns Ingredients Flour 1kg Medium heated water 600-700ml Sugar 4tbs Olive oil or butter Salt Lime juice Egg separated white york and egg york Margarine 100g Yeast 2tbs Salmon 280g Potato 400g Onion 3 big Onions Cardamom 4-5 Garlic Curry leaves Rampe leaves Cinnamon Oil Pepper Chili Powder Curry Powder Turmeric Powder

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What - Maalu Paan (Fish Bun) Where - Around Colombo When - Breakfast and Tea Time This week, WTF we took a ride around Colombo to find a decent Maalu Paan. It’s a signature meal for us all, and finding the best one is always a challenge, and it's very sad when someone gives me a teaspoon full of curry (stuffing) to eat one big bun with. How sad is that? So today I did my survey, and here is the rundown. 1. Sumanadisi Bakers (Rs.40) I loved it, and the flavour was rich. I met Ranga who was enjoying breakfast there, and he said that this was his favourite place in Wellawatte. Rating - ***** 2. Royal Bakery, Colombo 6 (Rs. 40) This is my childhood place, and I love the buzzing atmosphere at anytime, crowded and ever so full of a push-and-pull situation to buy anything off the counter. I met the owner Mr. Dudley Perera, and this is what he said “We had to increase the price from Rs. 35 to Rs. 40 as things have gone up in price, and we did it just last week. We didn't want to, but we had to!” And I met a regular visitor Jehan who said that he loved everything from there. "I'm quite content with these items," said one happy customer. Rating - **** 3. Sen-saal (Rs. 50) Before I walked in I met the cutie Einstein, who was getting his treat in the car while Raj, the very talented music composer was buying lunch. It was an expensive and small fish bun, and I felt that the flavour was a bit too strong and someone had put a lot of black pepper into it and forgotten the fish. Rating - ** 4. Perera and Sons (Rs. 45) I can just say that it was BAD, with no flavour! It was made with no love whatsoever, and just a potato bun. I regretted spending the Rs. 45 on this bun. And the service was bad, even if it was to buy just one bun. Rating - * And the WINNER is Sumanadisi Bakers (Rs. 40), which is the best and I love the flavour. So there, we have answered the question for the year, “Where to buy a good bunis with fish?” Today on WTF Hair and makeup - Capello studio& saloon Creative Partners - You're My Favorite Transport Partner - PickMe Photographs and video- King Outfit- JUMP clothing

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Get the full recipe here: How to make Homemade Bread (麵包製作) and we all loved it. 24~60 hours Cold rise the dough for super soft and fluffy texture of the bread with the chewy mouth feel. As long as the time, let the dough at low temperature slow fermentation, can produce different delicious bread fully released barley malt it had a strong smell of alcohol. A natural preservative and they sure don't stop the yeast from fermenting a strong smell of beer flavour. this will make us satisfy with these appetite choices. ©Yummy treats from Josephine's Recipes Happiness is Homemade with Love

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In the semi-annual maalu paan taste-off, we at YAMU tried some of Colombo's top contenders for the doughy throne. You should really read the whole thing:

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To get the recipe click here.................

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Malu Paan is one of Sri Lanka's favorite shorteats, enjoyed at tea time or as a snack. They are oven-baked triangular buns stuffed with tin fish. The tanginess of lemon juice with the spicy blend adds a mouth-watering taste to the stuffing. Try it today, and enjoy! Part 1 - To make the filling for the buns Part 2 - To make the dough and stuff the buns

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Like "Apé Amma" fan page. අපේ අම්මා හදන සුපිරි ‍බේකරි පාන් Super bakery style bread by Apé Amma

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Click here to get the recipe......

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Official: Facebook: Instagram: Email: Subscribe & Join the family Love you all ROAST PAAN These two uniquely Sri Lankan flat breads with the right balance of thick chewy outside and soft inside are good for breakfast with jam/jelly or coconut sambal, or at any time with dahl or fish curry, or simply dipped in tea. The following procedure can be used to bake these two types of bread to about 80% of authenticity and with some uniqueness. The recipe for the bread dough is at the end of the procedure. For the novice, it is however convenient to use a 400 -500 g or 1 pound of frozen bread dough purchased from the grocery store. Both breads are baked sideways. A side of the loaf actually rests on the bottom of the pan during baking. How to make Sri Lankan Devilled Soya Meat | Simple & Easy Biryani recipe sri lankan How to Make Sri Lankan fried fish (Bedapu Maalu) බැදපු මාලු How to Make Sri Lankan Fish Curry ( Spicy Village Style) Gal hurulla How to Make a Simple & Easy Smooth Chocolate Batter. How to make a simple spicy omelette | Anybody can cook How to make Sri Lankan Devilled Soya Meat | Simple & Easy

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Malu Paan is one of Sri Lanka's favorite shorteats, enjoyed at tea time or as a snack. They are oven-baked triangular buns stuffed with tin fish. The tanginess of lemon juice with the spicy blend adds a mouth-watering taste to the stuffing. Try it today, and enjoy! Part 1 - To make the filling for the buns Part 2 - To make the dough and stuff the buns

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For the recipe visit

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The perfect snack to accompany your evening tea! Check out how to make some delicious tea buns below. Happy cooking!

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To get the recipe click here.........................

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Some people need to go to Scarborough Others to Dandenong but me...I just gotta go down stairs :)

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This is really nice and soft. And try to serve them warm. Always goes well with a nice hot cup of tea.

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Homemade bun with fish curry

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2015.10.25 - Rasa Saraniya Rasa Saraniya is a aired every Sunday from 06:00pm-07:00pm. Subscribe - Swarnavahini TV production. For Latest News Papers Updates Like us on FB@ Like us on FB@ Visit Our Web Site - To Watch Swarnavahini Tele Drama Log on to Programme Name : Rasa Saraniya Executive Director : Buddhika Kulasekara. Producer : Anura Waraniyagoda. Director : Prageeth Demore. Camera : Manjula Indrathissa , Chanaka Gunasekara , Tilina Damruwan Vimalaveera. Editors : Kasun Sirimaanna , Kasun Priyanaath Maaragala.

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Visit for the recipe.........................

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