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Published Date : 2013-02-01T23:07:38.000Z

The latest episode of the 'In Your Hands Rewind' series is here, and of course we saved the machine for last. Watch Sugarland perform a LIVE version of 'Incredible Machine' from the 2012 "In Your Hands" tour and buy the complete album here:

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Published Date : 2010-09-30T03:56:11.000Z

Incredible Machine - Sugarland Studio version From the album "The Incredible Machine" Track # 2 (C) 2010 Mercury Nashville Records Jennifer Nettles Kristian Bush

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Published Date : 2011-07-08T06:05:02.000Z


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On Oct. 19, 2010, Sugarland released their fourth album, "The Incredible Machine." The deluxe and iTunes LP versions of the album include "Blood Love Hope Lust and Steam," a 40-minute documentary directed, produced, and shot in HD by Valarie Allyn Bienas that takes fans inside the making of the record. In addition to the documentary, Sugarland also present "Living Liner Notes," a revolutionary twist on additional album content, available *exclusively* on the "Incredible Machine" iTunes LP. For the first time ever, liner notes come to life through track-by-track video narratives of each song's recording process. Also shot by Bienas, the Living Liner Notes are the story of how "The Incredible Machine" was built, as told by the people who built it. They offer unprecedented access to Sugarland's creative heart, and redefine the ultimate iTunes LP experience.

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Published Date : 2012-11-29T22:38:02.000Z

We have for you a LIVE version of Sugarland performing one of their classics 'Tennessee'. Relive the 2012 "In Your Hands" Tour right here with our rewind videos!

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Published Date : 2012-08-10T23:55:49.000Z

In Your Hands Tour Cincinnati OH 8/3/12 Riverbend Music Center

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We have for you a LIVE version of Sugarland performing one of their classics 'Fall Into Me'. Relive the 2012 "In Your Hands" Tour right here with our rewind videos!

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Watch the video above for a LIVE version of Kristian Bush's performance of the Bruce Springsteen classic 'Atlantic City' from the 2012 In Your Hands Tour!

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Published Date : 2010-04-27T16:36:29.000Z


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Published Date : 2018-08-08T09:30:45.000Z

Performing Incredible Machine in Nashville on Aug 2, 2018

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Published Date : 2018-09-11T02:38:38.000Z


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The amazing studio version of this song. It is on sale on Itunes so go buy it NOW!!! lol I couldnt help myself and added a picture of them with Penn State football jerseys lol what can i say i'm a penn stater FYI i dont really know where i got half my pictures but if you want credit on one of yours let me know These are only my guess, they are not official lol: Feels like I'm flying, Wings made of light Brand new and shining Like a shot rung out through the night A heart that beats, an Incredible Machine Made of blood and love and hope and lust and steam Calling, calling, calling Feels like i'm floating Weightless in flight Planets exploding as the soul and gravity fight A heart that beats, an Incredible Machine Made of blood and love and hope and lust and steam Calling, calling, calling Lifted higher mercury skies above (above, above) Calling, water fire burning a sign of love (of love, of love) A heart that beats, an Incredible Machine Made of blood and love and hope and lust and steam Calling, calling, calling, calling

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Published Date : 2018-09-11T23:03:24.000Z

Sugarland performing "Incredible Machine" on the Still the Same Tour at Denny Sanford PREMIER Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; August 16, 2018.

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Published Date : 2011-03-03T21:37:02.000Z

The 2011 Incredible Machine Tour is underway! We're kicking off this weekend in Houston, Little Rock, and Tulsa, and headed your way soon! For dates and more info, visit Video directed by Valarie Allyn Bienas

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Published Date : 2010-06-04T19:57:22.000Z

"Incredible Machine" - Sugarland; John Labatt Centre (London, ON); Thursday, June 3, 2010.

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Published Date : 2012-12-19T17:39:07.000Z

Another LIVE version of a Sugarland performance during the 2012 In Your Hands Tour! 'Stay Soundcheck' at the Atlanta, GA show with 'Duets' runner-up John Glosson.

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Published Date : 2011-10-25T17:47:09.000Z

After two amazing years on the road, the Incredible Machine Tour says goodbye, and THANK YOU FANS... for everything.

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Published Date : 2010-08-14T19:47:47.000Z


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Published Date : 2010-07-07T19:22:06.000Z

This week in review: Sugarland takes a break from the Incredible Machine Tour to celebrate women in music at Lilith Fair.

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Published Date : 2010-05-08T22:46:09.000Z

With Full set AMAZING!!!

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Published Date : 2010-09-07T21:04:48.000Z

This week in review: Sugarland production assistant Alison Elliott sings "Baby Girl" with Jennifer and Kristian in her hometown of Indianapolis, IN.

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Published Date : 2011-12-20T21:53:37.000Z

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland talks to Songfacts about her favorite songs from the album The Incredible Machine.

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Published Date : 2012-09-06T00:45:17.000Z

Incredible Machine - Sugarland In Your Hands Tour Tampa, Florida 7/27/2012

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Published Date : 2017-01-11T16:21:18.000Z

Telesonic 9000. "The Incredible Machine", performed at the Toledo Museum of Art. 2016. Filmed by Aaron Pickens.

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Published Date : 2018-09-30T21:18:15.000Z

Sugarland performs Trailer Hitch & Incredible Machine at Huntington Center in Toledo Ohio on 8/9/18

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Published Date : 2011-12-20T21:49:26.000Z

Jennifer Nettles talks about the Sugarland song "Incredible Machine" Her full interview is here:

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Published Date : 2010-09-22T16:56:14.000Z

Sugarland performs fan favorite "Stayin' Alive" on their 2010 Incredible Machine Tour.

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Published Date : 2010-11-25T16:43:08.000Z

Sugarland performs "Stand Up" off new album "The Incredible Machine," live in Savannah, GA, Tampa, and West Palm Beach, FL. Director: Valarie Allyn Bienas

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Published Date : 2011-09-19T01:07:23.000Z

Hey friends, I've been playing this song "Incredible Machine" for the past two weeks. Hmm, I've been playing the entire album really for the past two weeks really. This song is my favorite on Sugarland's album The Incredible Machine, and I love "Stand Up" also. It feels like it's been a while since I posted a video, so I wanted to post this. I hope you've been doing very well. And, to the fans of Sugarland, I met Kristian Bush last week. He's a very cool person. Keep striving for something greater in your lives friends :-) Best wishes, Charles Duke twitter: @charles_duke

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Published Date : 2010-04-27T16:48:55.000Z

The Incredible Machine Tour is headed your way! Are you ready?

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Published Date : 2010-05-05T17:03:50.000Z

Performed @ Cricket Wireless Pavillion Phoenix, AZ 05_02_2010

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Published Date : 2011-05-31T11:53:53.000Z

Sugarland performs "Incredible Machine Interlude" and "Stand Up" in San Antonio, TX on 5/27/11.

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Published Date : 2011-06-03T19:48:43.000Z

Sugarland's Incredible Machine Tour says goodbye to openers Little Big Town and Matt Nathanson with one final cover: Queen's "Somebody To Love" [Last Day of Summer Camp Remix]. Watch Jennifer, Kristian, Karen, Kimberly, Jimi, Phillip, Matt, guest vocalist Aaron Tap, and the Sugarband rehearse backstage; plus, the group shares what they'll miss most about being on the road together. We're sad to see the Little Big Friends go, but can't wait to make new memories with incoming tour partner Sara Bareilles. Keep it right here on Sugarland TV and at for all the action, and thanks, as always, for supporting what we do!

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Decided to do something different today, mostly upon discovering an instrumental version of this amazing Sugarland song buried in the belly of the special edition album. All copyrights and all my respect belong to the amazing, talented, Sugarland. Enjoy.

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Published Date : 2011-02-11T01:14:48.000Z

Jennifer & Kristian head overseas to promote the UK/Ireland release of 'The Incredible Machine.' Their third stop: The Hospital Club in London's Covent Garden, where they played an acoustic showcase for industry folk... and a few lucky Facebook fans!

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Published Date : 2010-05-03T18:04:05.000Z

Their new song Incredible Machine. Awesome outfit and effects

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Published Date : 2010-11-18T03:12:09.000Z

Our Building the Machine series rolls on with a visit inside Jennifer's dressing room! Meet the Glambassadors -- the trio of experts who help Ms. Nettles create her look in hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Plus, the women answer YOUR questions about style! For more Building the Machine and everything else Sugarland, visit us at

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Published Date : 2012-04-28T06:13:27.000Z

Sugarland Conseco Fieldhouse Indianapolis IN October 2011

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Published Date : 2011-06-20T21:36:45.000Z

This channel feeds directly into our mobile app. For full content from Sugarland, please visit!

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Published Date : 2010-10-22T15:35:55.000Z

Sugarland performs "Little Miss" from their fourth album "The Incredible Machine" on the Today Show on October 22, 2010.

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Sugarland incredible machine live

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Published Date : 2011-10-23T21:50:00.000Z

Sugarland's "Everyday America" Remix gets some special guests as the Incredible Machine Tour pulls into Atlanta for a hometown show, and Sara Bareilles and her band prank us bigtime. NOTE: No actual celebrities were harmed in the making of this video. ALSO NOTE: Despite this prank, Sara Bareilles and her Band of Hooligans were outstanding tour partners for the second half of 2011, and we're going to miss them terribly. FURTHER NOTING: What we did to her:


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