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For more DJ tips, subscribe: iTunes Tips & Tricks For DJs: How To Copy Music Out Of iTunes Do you use iTunes to organise your DJ music? Ever just wanted to quickly grab a playlist or even your whole collection from iTunes, and copy it all in a folder or on a USB drive? It's amazing how many DJs don't realise it's possible to do this little trick - I slapped my head hard when I figured out how simple this was a while back! So if you've ever wondered how to do it, you'll find out here. Want more DJ content? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on instagram: Subscribe to the site:

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Welcome to Double DJ. This video will show you the simple way to import your iTunes library into Serato DJ. Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoyed it or if it has helped you in any way. Be sure to share or videos and our channel. Double DJ is made of 2 young producers/DJ's from London - UK. 1. Brad Clark 2. Ben Selfe Check out Ben Selfe's soundcloud here: Check out Brad Clark's soundcloud here:

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DJ Creme explains how to use Itunes and Organize your music with smart playlist. follow us on twitter @inthemixschool and on instagram @inthemixdjschool

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Since the release of iTunes 12, there have been reports of iTunes no longer being visible in VirtualDJ 8. This video is dedicated to that issue and shows a very simple way to fix the problem with minimal effort required. More information can be found here: The My Library Tool video can be found here:

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For years now iTunes has been my preferred method of organizing my music, and in this video I give you some insight why! New content hits YouTube every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Buying something from Amazon? Use this link to help me out (w/ no added cost to you)! Buy the gear that I use: - Rane Seventy-Two: - Traktor Kontrol Z2: - Pioneer DJM-900NXS: - Ortofon S120 Single OM Style DJ Cartridge: - Rane Serato Scratch Live Control Vinyl 2.5 - Black: Follow me:

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As with all Reggaerica Tutorials, we get right to the point! If you have been given the run around when trying to fix your iTunes playlist issue on the forums and VirtualDJ site, look no further. This is the fix for all users of iTunes 12 and up since it uses .itl files instead 1. Make sure VirtualDJ is closed 2. Open iTunes. 3. From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen, choose iTunes then Preferences. 4. Click the Advanced tab. 5. Select "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications." That should do it!

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In this tutorial we dive into utilizing iTunes smart playlists to your advantage when DJing. Smart playlists makes organizing your music a breeze, and I'll show you how to do it!

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If you're spinning from a digital music library that you've had for a while now (mine is pushing past 16 years) there's a big chance that you've got duplicate songs sitting in your hard drive. Even if you're new to digital DJing, you probably already have a handful of duplicate songs and removing them can be a chore. However if you're using iTunes to manage your DJ library, there's a quick and easy method to get rid of those pesky dupes once and for all, and the great news is that it only take a few minutes to do. [Want more learn to DJ tutorials and free guides for beginners? Sign up here:] Read the article: SUBSCRIBE for more how to DJ videos form the world's biggest DJ school. Want more learn to DJ tutorials and free guides for beginners? Sign up here: Want more DJ content? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe to the site:

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It’s strongly rumoured that Apple is killing iTunes off in their next macOS. No big surprise - iTunes has become the Microsoft Word of the music world - everyone uses it, but few people love it any more, and streaming is far more important than downloads - outside of DJing, that is. So what are DJs to do about it? If you’re a DJ using iTunes to buy and organise your music, listen up! We’ve got some advice for you in this Tuesday Tips Live… Get your FREE copy of Phil's book "Rock The Dancefloor!" by joining here: Want more DJ content? Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe to the site: #djtips #itunes #music

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Wondering how to get your music ready to play on Pioneer CDJs? First time using RekordBox? This video is for you! Learn how to synchronize your iTunes playlists to RekordBox and export your songs to a USB flash drive . This video will guide you through the basics on how to use RekordBox to get your music ready to use in CDJs and other DJ decks. For more in-depth training, see part 2! (Includes tutorial on beat grids, cue points, hot cues, and loops) For more DJing tips and music, subscribe! And Follow:

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Show your appreciation below: This is a tutorial for people who want to copy their iTunes music to a USB or external hard drive.

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See how to load your music Libraries into SoundSwitch Intro Music: KATANA - Stay

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In this tutorial we'll take you through iTunes and specifically the setup you're going to need if you're going to use iTunes to DJ with and organize your playlists. We understand that not everyone likes iTunes but in our experience iTunes is one of the best programmes that helps centralise all of your playlists. This is particularly important if you're going to start with Serato and move onto Traktor then all of your playlists are in one central place. Read more about using iTunes for DJing on our blog: /// EQUIPMENT /// Head to for a great selection of kit + On The Rise DJ Academy students get a extra 10% discount! /// ABOUT ON THE RISE DJ ACADEMY /// Digital Management: Learn to Mix on Vinyl: Rekordbox: For more info → SubScribe → Like → Follow → Follow → Follow →

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A tutorial on music library management for DJs using Apple's iTunes and Native Instruments' Traktor Pro DJ software. This video explains a simple but powerful system for managing music via Smart Playlists and applying and searching meta data on your tracks. Background track: Fred V & Grafix - Forest Fires (Etherwood Remix)

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also i want to thank for 10,000 views i know that sucks but pls subscribe like and comment what my next video should be about thanks! :D i also am going to get a mic. for better tutorials and reviews. Click here:

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This a tutorial on how to get your iTunes library onto Scratch Live or Serato DJ!

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This guide shows you how to copy music from iTunes to an SD card to be played in your car

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Technical tutorial to integrate Mixed In Key with iTunes. Step by Step.

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Want to join the DJ business training program that is completely changing DJ's businesses by helping them book more gigs and making more money? Check it out here.. This is how I organize my playlists and crates in iTunes and Serato. Check out Tanner's official website here ⬇️

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Update : TiMP now also syncs the Genre tags is an interactive advisory tool for all things collection management and conversion for DJs. Select your current DJ software and where you want to convert into. The site will show you all relevant info including the apps you need and the tutorials videos. This is the tutorial of a new app adds any combination of iTunes folders and playlists into an existing Traktor collection. Tags of tracks that are part of the selected playlists can be sync'd as well. The Traktor iTunes Merge Playlists (TiMP) is currently in Beta. The full functioning version as beta is free to download. After October the 12th the Beta will expire and TiMP will become a free addition to the Traktor Cue and Key Tool distribution available for US$ 9,35 at . the free Beta download is at: 01:28 what I'm going to work with 01:55 TiMP in action 02:34 Selecting some Folders/Playlists for processing 02:49 Results in Traktor 05:07 2nd run modifying an existing playlist in Traktor using TiMP 07:24 Results in Traktor

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DOWNLOAD MY FULL DJ COURSE ► DOWNLOAD ABLETON COURSE ► SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS! ► In this weeks video, I teach you how to connect Spotify and Itunes to your Pioneer DJ Decks. (ddj-sx2) There are always times when you are DJing when you just want to play a playlist. The only issue with Serato is that there is no way just to have a playlist running. In these situations, it is good to be able to play a playlist from your Spotify or iTunes account. In this episode, I show you how to do that. Connecting iTunes to my DJ Decks. Connecting Spotify to my DJ Decks. Connecting Spotify to my DDJ-SX2

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Here's a iTunes tutorial on how to repeat a song on iTunes & how to repeat a playlist on iTunes. Apple as usual once again has hidden a common tool button from us in iTunes. If you want to know where it is and how to use it my iTunes tutorial for Windows 10 shows the iTunes beginner just how to go about locating it. At the same time you will also see how to shuffle songs on iTunes and how to shuffle music on iTunes in my video too. Would you call this video a iTunes tutorial for beginners and pros? Yes! Because anyone can follow my steps and easily see how to repeat a song or playlist within iTunes 12.

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Published Date : 2017-10-22T03:47:47.000Z


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On todays show I talk about if Apples future changes iTunes will affect DJs and their DJ library of music and Dj library organization. Itunes is the best software that works with all DJ software traktor, Serato, Rekordbox Virtual DJ etc... as well as has a complete store where you can find albums and radio edits reasonable cheap without joining a DJ Pool. So the question is if iTunes changes or ends will it hurt your library and what is a good alternative? ★ Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments! ★ Help me to get 15,000 subscriber ★ Twitter: ★ Instagram: ★ Minds:

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Like Share and Subscribe! Sorry for the low volume

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Copy iTunes Playlists to USB for Car Stereo for Windows & Mac - Download and Manage Directly Your Music with iMusic! *Free Download iMusic for Mac: *Free Download for Windows: Detailed guide: Visit Official iMusic Sites: English: Italiao: French: German: Spanish: Portuguese: Find more at aimersoft Official Sites: English: Customer Service Center: Subscribe to our channel for more tips on Music Downloader software: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook:

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The last few software updates from iTunes has caused a fair few issues for DJ's with it randomly deleting tracks from manual playlists. Check out this video to find out how to get around this and protect your library and playlists. WANT TO TAKE YOUR DJING TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Find out what we can do for you from our extensive range of DJ & production courses: Read more about using iTunes for DJing on our blog: /// EQUIPMENT /// Head to for a great selection of kit + On The Rise DJ Academy students get a extra 10% discount! /// ABOUT ON THE RISE DJ ACADEMY /// Digital Management: Learn to Mix on Vinyl: Rekordbox: For more info → SubScribe → Like → Follow → Follow → Follow →

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Want our free DJ training and guides for beginners? Sign up here: Mac question from our Digital DJ Lab member Chris who says: “If I want to listen to a song on my Mac laptop, when I click it to listen, it automatically adds it into my iTunes library. I am using my iTunes library only for my DJ music, not all MP3s, and the track is actually also added to iTunes when I do this, which I don’t want. What’s the solution?”

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Download the single on iTunes: Director- Daniels Producer- Judy Craig Co Producer- Jonathan Wang Executive Producer- Candice Ouaknine Commissioner -- Bryan Younce DP- Larkin Seiple Production Designer- Jason Kisvarday Stylist- Corban Poorboy Edit- Daniels + Paul Rogers VFX- Daniels + Zak Stoltz Colorist - Ricky Gausis (MPC) Production Company- Prettybird Starring - Sunita Mani, Aixa Maldonano, Paul Hatter, Allie Lemelle, and Daniel Kwan"" Music video by DJ Snake & Lil Jon performing Turn Down for What. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment Follow Lil Jon Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Listen to Lil Jon iTunes: Spotify:"

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I'm a big fan of organizing your music. I taught this stuff in the early stages of DJs requesting the best way to organize your music. It's not easy, but it's worth it! Keep it organized and you can back that up and move the library anywhere with ease. - DJ C-Zer

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How to organize your iTunes music library - For DJs 1. Normalize same musical genres 2. Normalize same album’s artists 3. Normalize artist's musical genre 4. Create playlists for moments 5. You now have your music organized (for DJing) Relevant Information: - Song’s title should be accurate and edited one by one. - Others song’s info are good to have: “Album Title”, ”Track No”, "Track Year”. - BPM and KEY are very important. Ensure to have it analyzed by your DJ software. - You can define others musical genres additionally to primary ones the most suitable for you. - Avoid using special characters that may not be recognized by some DJ softwares. - If any plan to use automation for library organizing, please take full backup before start.

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In this video, you’ll learn how to import your music and playlists from iTunes directly into Engine Prime. This video also demonstrates how to prepare your music and media device for use on Denon DJ’s Prime Series media players. Download Engine Prime: Further Support:

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Here are some great Music Production resources below! ➡For My Free 29 Video Ableton Essentials Course Click Below: ➡For My Bestselling Book on Music Production Click Below: ➡For In Depth Ableton Courses, Tools & The Ableton Master Template Click Below: (use Coupon Code: MST30 for 30% off your 1st purchase) ➡For The Ableton Producer's Playground Membership Click Below: ➡For The Monthly Music Production Transformation Station Membership Click Below: ➡For The Kick Drum and Bass Masterclass (Limited Time Promo): This tips will be huge for any frustrated iTunes users & a godsend for any laptop DJ's who have run into dead links when using Serato, Traktor, Deckadance or any other program that utilizes your iTunes library.

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More Info & Free Download: Mix and scratch iTunes music together on your Mac. Add special effects to individual tracks like reverb, delay, flanger, bitcrush and more to instantly spice up your DJ mix. Beat match your songs, set loops and cues, add samples, lock pitch and more to create the ultimate party mix that you can record directly from within itDJ. ItDJ's intuitively designed interface also lets you use iTunes playlists, queue up and rearrange iTunes songs for automatic crossfade transitions, and search through your iTunes library with ease. Visit us on the Mac App Store: Please LIKE this video on Facebook, tweet about it on Twitter and SHARE through other social media - share the knowledge. Thanks, Macroplant More Info & Free Download: Our software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. iTunes is for legal or rightholder-authorized copying only. Don't steal music.

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Should you buy your music on CD or from iTunes? Before I talk about that, I feel that it's important to mention a DJ's best source for music first: the DJ pools! When you join a DJ pool (for $10, $20 or $30 per month), you get unlimited access to large archives of multiple genres of music. This includes remixes, special DJ edits, clean and dirty versions, instrumentals, and sometimes even video. Check out my DJ pool video here: Of course there will be (older) songs that you can't get from a DJ pool. What is your best option to buy these songs? Some will prefer CD and others stick to iTunes. One is not better than the other. You can buy CD's and rip them or you can buy songs from iTunes and burn them on a CD. I do both. When it comes to genres that I hardly ever need, I just look for a good compilation CD or box set with the most popular songs from that genre. For instance, I wanted to add some Classic Rock to my collection (just in case) and I bought a 8 or 10 disc set with 200 songs for about $12! Now, whenever the time comes that I would need some Classic Rock, I can just rip those CD's and add that folder to Serato. Done ;) Enjoy the video and share the knowledge! djTLMtv Website: Twitter: Facebook: DJ TLM Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: http://www.instagram/djtlm For questions and requests, please contact For collaboration/business inquiries, please contact For bookings, please contact

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Published Date : 2018-09-21T00:01:56.000Z is an interactive advisory tool for all things collection management and conversion for DJs. Select your current DJ software and where you want to convert into. The site will show you all relevant info including the apps you need and the tutorials videos. My complete workflow from iTunes to Traktor, Mixed in Key, Rekordbox, Denon Prime and Algoriddim djay Pro. Time line index and more info in these remarks! I’ve recorded the broadcast of the stream of my workflow and edited the wait times out. I use: • iTunes as collection manager (for creating folders/playlists and basic id3 tags) • Traktor as my DJ preparation platform but you can replace that with Serato or Rekordbox. The procedure will essentially remain the same. • Mixed in Key for key analyzation and basic cue points. • All tracks are stored on an AppleShare file server (=external HFS formatted drive) and all of the DJ software I use utilise the tracks originated and/or stored on that server. my workflow covers: ▪ iTunes playlists/folders to Traktor including their iTunes assigned star ratings ▪ automatic selection of tracks from Traktor that have not been analysed by MiK yet and converting the MiK results to Traktor conversion from Traktor to: ▪ Rekordbox and syncing the info to a CDJ USB drive ▪ Denon Prime drive, which doubles as both the Engine Prime collection and can be connected directly to an SC5000(M) media player. ▪ Algoriddim djay on both MacOS and iOS. At each step I try to explain why I do things in a certain way. This video shows how the apps I’ve developed were intended to be used. The following apps are part of this workflow: • Traktor iTunes Starrating Sync (TiSS, bundled with the TCK distribution) • Traktor Cue and Key Tool (TCK • DJ Conversion Utility (DJCU • iTunes Rekordbox Collection Backup Tool (CBT, sold separate and bundled with the DeCU distribution ) • Denon Conversion Utility (DeCU 00:00:00 Introduction 00:01:44 Collection management in iTunes, all DJ prepping in Traktor 00:03:00 Brief introduction to file paths and why they matter 00:08:00 Duplicate tracks in a collection can be killing 00:11:00 Adding a few tracks to my collection 00:14:00 How my script avoids duplicates (the mechanics behind it) 00:16:00 Using media rage to convert filenames to tags 00:20:00 Adding the playlists I just edited in iTunes to Traktor 00:28:00 Star ratings & what you need to know 00:31:30 Setting star ratings in iTunes (using some the script included with TCK) 00:35:10 Getting the stars from iTunes to Traktor (TiSS) 00:38:40 Why I use Mixed in Key (MiK) and why the beat marker’s position is important 00:41:00 Using TCK for Mixed in Key pre and post analyzation 00:47:45 2nd run of TCK to get the MiK results in Traktor 00:50:00 Using DJCU and why I use modification date to select the tracks to be converted 00:55:00 iTunes Sync Manager in Rekordbox and import of the Rekordbox.xml 00:58:00 Conversion to Denon Prime 01:01:00 CBT to copy the tracks to my Denon Drive 01:03:00 DeCU initiates Engine Prime for analyzation 01:06:00 Results in Engine Prime and DJCU but this time with folder/playlist selection 01:10:00 Using CBT to get the Rekordbox.XML with the playlists on the Denon Drive 01:11:00 Starting DeCU and use the Rekordbox.xml on the Denon Drive 01:12:50 Rekordbox done importing the XML, showing results 01:14:00 Export from Rekordbox to CDJ USB 01:16:45 final results in Engine Prime 01:19:15 final results on the SC5000 01:21:00 Rekordbox done with the CDJ USB export 01:21:30 final results on CDJ 01:23:45 converting to djay Pro on MacOS and iOS 01:25:30 getting the djay collection from the iPad to MacOS 01:27:30 DJCU to djay conversion 01:29:30 analysing tracks in djay (required for tracks to receive cues & loops) 01:29:50 running DJCU so tracks receive their cues 01:30:30 showing results in djay MacOS and putting collection on the iPad 01:31:30 results on the iPad 01:34:30 I forgot to mention, why I use iTunes 11, the drawbacks and how I recommend the iTunes advanced preferences to be set.

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►Get 7% off DistroKid if you signup through my custom link → ►Updated VIDEO for 2018 : All steps are detailed below :) Hello and welcome back to another video. Today I'm going to talk about putting your music onto popular streaming and download sites, how we did it and how you can too. I'm going to break this down into three easy steps with a few Q&As below. 1- Pick a distributor You will upload you audio and art to this company and they will process it and deliver it to stores for you We use Distrokid which you pay monthly to upload as many songs as you want. You keep 100% of the streaming and purchase money. Other trusted sites are Tune Core ( pay per song) and CD Baby Get 7% off DistroKid if you signup through my custom link → 2- Ensure that your audio and art are in the correct format and that you own or have permission to post it. Article I mention about loudness equalisation : 3- Promote your music to reach a larger audience. Some common questions Q: How do I create and artist page like you have? A: A unique page will automatically be created for you when your music is sent from the distributor to the store. You can sometimes edit this page by using a tool such as "Spotify Fan Insights" ( That's just for Spotify obviously) when you have enough followers Q: How long before I get paid for my music online? A: It usually takes 2 to 3 months for earnings to be processed and delivered to you Q: How much do you get payed per stream? A: Anywhere from £0.004 to £0.008 per stream ▶The Kit We Use: Using these links won’t cost you anything, but it helps support our channel :) Thank you DAW (FL Studio 12) USA - UK - Microphone USA - UK - Midi Keyboard USA - UK - Audio Interface USA - UK - Get in Touch HERE ▶Instagram: @michael.inthemix

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as requested the fix for Serato DJ iTunes library issue!!!!!

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There are a lot of changes in iTunes 12. Some of them we love… and others not so much, but in this tutorial we’ll make sense of it all. In this class we'll cover how to create playlists, use the genius feature, tricks to store your tunes in the cloud (or off your computer), and a lot more. Take our live classes at

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More info: In the third and final installment of this video tutorial series, we bring to a close our exploration of Native Instruments Traktor DJ for iPad. Within the video, Dubspot instructor Mike Henderson (a.k.a. Endo) sheds light on one particularly powerful new feature you'll find within both Traktor DJ and Traktor Pro 2.6.1: Metadata Sync. This powerful function enables the automatic synchronization of metadata across your entire track collection; including tempo, cue points, loops, key information, etc - a massive timesaver for all of you iOS-based Traktor DJs! Just in case you missed the previous tutorials within this series, check out what's on offer within parts one and two.

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Published Date : 2012-01-11T22:13:08.000Z

Mr. V Reveals how his music is categorized and set in playlist's in Itunes before importing his collection in Traktor or Serato. A MUST SEE for those looking to have the entire Itunes library in order/organized or ready to be set up for Traktor Scratch Pro.

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Meditation Relax Music Channel presents a Relaxing Music Video with beautiful nature and calm Music for Meditation, deep sleep, music therapy. This relaxing new age composition can be used as Deep Meditation Music, Music for Yoga and Pilates , Music for Massage , Spa Music. Also this music is perfect as dream music, Healing music, Study Music, Sleep Music and Total Relaxation Music. ITUNES

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AMP Player version 1.5.2 Available for download: AMP player is the best alternative legendary Winamp on macOS. Player designed for DJ’s and other people who have a large collection of music. Author AMP player was a DJ, so emphasis has been placed on simplicity, speed and convenient sorting music collection. Using the unique sorting tracks on colors, you no longer have to spend time copying files into folders during the selection of music, everything is done in one click directly in the AMP, therefore, is unique in its kind. Link to DOWNLOAD in☝🏻 💛🧡 ❤️ #ampplayer #AMP #music #audio #soul #pop #rock #classic #romantic #audioplayer #macos #mac #apple #macbookpro #macbook #imac #macmini #macpro #macbookair #bestsong #winamp #developer #swift #objectivec #xcode #ilove90s #90s

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Como instalar e configurar o itunes no windows e utilizar no Rekordbox. Grupo DJS DO YOUTUBE

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Learn how to import music into your iTunes library. The video was taken using Windows 7 and iTunes 9.


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