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Jag wala mela yaaro thodi deir da - Punjabi (Muhammad Rafi) Film: Lachchi

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Mohammad Rafi's soulful song.Thumbs up for this

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Song :Aaye bhi akela jaaye bhi akela... Film : DOST (1954). Lyricists: Varma Mallick, Music:Hansraj Behl, Cast :Usha Kiran, Suresh, Majnu, Randhir, Ramesh Thakur, Khairati, Uma Dutt, Kammo, Mohna, S. Kapoor, S Nazir Producer: Kuldip Sehgal, Director: Rajendra Sharma, Lyrics:- aaye bhi akelaa jaaye bhi akelaa do din ki zindagi hai do din kaa melaa do din kaa melaa aaye bhi akelaa jaaye bhi akelaa do din ki zindagi hai do din kaa melaa do din kaa melaa teri zindagi mouj hai do ghadi ki ye baaten hain nadaan sab jeete jee ki sab jeete jee ki ye duniya hui hai naa hogi kisi ki wohi ek manzil hai har aadmi ki har aadmi ki jahaan sabko jaanaa padegaa akelaa do din ki zindagi hai do din kaa melaa do din kaa melaa aaye bhi akelaa jaaye bhi akelaa do din ki zindagi hai do din kaa melaa do din kaa melaa ek baar saath de ke saath na chhodnaa jaan jaaye to jaaye dosti na todnaa dosti na todnaa nazren na pher lenaa munh ko na modnaa duniyaa ko chhod denaa yaar ko na chhodnaa yaar ko na chhodnaa dekho Mansoor kaise jaan pe khelaa do din ki zindagi hai do din kaa melaa do din kaa melaa aaye bhi akelaa jaaye bhi akelaa do din ki zindagi hai do din kaa melaa do din kaa melaa Aaye bhi akela, jaaye bhi akela Do din ki zindagi hai, do din ka mela Do din ka mela........................ Teri zindagi mauj hai do ghadi ki Ye baaten hain naadaan, sab jeete ji ki Sab jeete ji ki Ye duniyaan hui hai, na hogi kisi ki Vahi ek manzil hai har aadami ki Har aadami ki Jahaan sab ko jaana padega akela Do din ki zindagi hai, do din ka mela... Ek baar saath deke saath na chhodana jaan jaaye to jaaye dostii na to.Danaa dostii na to.Danaa nazare.n na pher lenaa, mu.Nh ko na mo.Danaa duniyaa.N ko chho.D denaa, yaar ko na chho.Danaa yaar ko na chho.Danaa dekho manasuur kaise jaan pe khelaa do din kii zi.ndagii hai, do din kaa melaa ... Dost (Devanagari: दोस्त; Nastaliq: دوست; translation: Friend) is a 1954 Hindi film produced by Kuldip Sehgal for Kuldip Pictures and directed by Rajendra Sharma. This film stars Suresh and Usha Kiran in lead roles with Om Prakash, Kammo, Khairati, Mohna, Majnu, Ra Jag wala mela yaaro thodi deir da - Punjabi Singer : Muhammad Rafi, Film: Lacchhi ,ਲੱਛੀ 1949, Lachhi (Punjabi: ਲੱਛੀ) is a 1949 Punjabi film. The film was a big hit.[1] Hansraj Behl composed the music and Mulk Raj Bhakhri penned the lyrics.[1] Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and Shamshad Begum are the lead playback singers. Its songs, naale lammi te naale kaali, ve channa raat judaaian wali' sung by Lata Mangeshkar and meri laggdi kise na vekhi, te tuttdi nu jagg jaanda[4] sung by Shamshad Begum were big hits. A duet, kali kanghi naal kale waal paee wahuniaan, sung by Lata and Rafi was also a hit.

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Jag Wala Mela Yaaro Mohammad Rafi Film Lachhi Music Hansraj Behl Lyrics Prem Dhawan

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Provided to YouTube by saregama Jag Wala Mela · Mohd Rafi Lachhi Pnj ℗ Saregama India Limited Released on: 1949-12-31 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Jag Wala Mela Yaro Mohd Rafi Music Hansraj Behl..

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Movie. Lachhi 1949. Music. Hansraj Bahl.

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Mere Geet https://www.youtube.com/c/MereGeet Song: O Mela Jag Wala Singer: Mahendra Kapoor Movie : Dastaan - 1972 Lyrics: Sahir Ludhiyanvi Music Laxmikant Pyarelal Dastaan - 1972 Anil and Sunil are identical twin brothers. They have a friend named Meena who likes Sunil. As a child, Sunil gets separated from his family. None of the trio remembers the incident. Sunil is found by a man named Sahay, who renames him Vishnu. Vishnu Sahay (Dilip Kumar) grows up to become a reputed Judge. He has everything, money, fame, happiness and a seemingly devoted wife Mala (Bindu). However, he is blissfully unaware that Mala and his best friend Rajen (Prem Chopra) are having an affair behind his back. Meanwhile Anil ( also Dilip Kumar) has grown into a Don Juan. He is involved with a dancer and also flirts with Meena (Sharmila Tagore), who, however, wants nothing to do with him. One day, Anil accidentally kills a man and runs to Mussoorie to hide from the cops. Judge Vishnu Sahay comes to the same hotel as Anil. When Anil sees Vishnu, he observes that they look alike. If Vishnu's facial hair and spectacles are removed, even the police will have a hard time distinguishing between him and Anil. Vishnu does not realize this. Anil spikes Vishnu's coffee and knocks him out. After removing Vishnu's facial hair and glasses, he checks out of the hotel as Vishnu. However, his plan turns out to be disastrous as Vishnu's car suffers an accident, killing Anil on the spot. From the look of things, the police assume that Vishnu has died. Meanwhile, the real Vishnu is taken into custody as Anil after he gets up. He is, however, proved innocent in court. He sets out for home, expecting to surprise his wife. However, he is shocked to see that his wife and friend are celebrating his death. He learns of their adultery and leaves, distraught and dejected. Mala and Rajen are unaware of his return. Vishnu comes back to Anil's house. Meena recognizes that he is in fact Sunil, but he cannot remember anything. She is perplexed as to why he is not responding to her. Vishnu re-enters the lives of his wife and her lover as Anil, and befriends them. One day, he invites them to see a play staged by himself. As they watch the play, they realize in horror that it is their own story. After realizing that Anil is Vishnu, Rajen attacks him. However, Vishnu has already placed some policemen on the spot and they promptly arrest Rajen for attempt to murder. Vishnu runs to his home, knowing that Mala would have gone there. He finds her sitting calmly in a chair. He asks her to choose between death and the ignominy of living the rest of her life as an unfaithful wife. She says that she has already made a choice and shows an empty poison bottle in her hand. She dies in front of Vishnu. Just then, a sad Meena comes from behind him and places a hand on his shoulder, indicating that she knows everything now. Cast: Dilip Kumar...... Anil / Sunil a.k.a. Vishnu Sahay Sharmila Tagore...... Meena Bindu...... Mala Prem Chopra...... Mala's lover Rajen Music : Laxmikant Pyarelal Lyrics: Sahir Ludhiyanvi Soundtrack: 1 "Na Tu Zameen Ke Liye Hai" Mohammed Rafi 2 "Na Tu Zameen Ke Liye Hai (version 2)" Mohammed Rafi 3 "Woh Koi Aaya" Asha Bhosle 4 "O Mela Jag Wala" Mahendra Kapoor 5 "Maria My Sweetheart" Asha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor 6 "Hay Main Ki Kara" Asha Bhosle

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Onkar Singh singing live, Jag wala mela yaaro thodi der daa.

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This song is from Film Lachhi that was released in 1949 the same tune was used in 1954 Madhubala Zaveri gave her voice for the song in Film Dost

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Asian Live Aid 1980's

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Another rare gem from the Punjab.

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Heres another rare gem from the punjab.A song from the film 'Sassi Punoo'.

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Itz beautiful song Muhammad rafi saheb amazing lines and hope u like ths and subscribe YouTube channel #share

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O Mela Jag Wala - Dastaan (1972) Full Songs Lyrics By http://www.lyricsbogie.com/movies/dastaan-1972/o-mela-jag-wala.html Movie: Dastaan (1972) Lyricist: Sahir Ludhianvi Music Director: Laxmikant - Pyarelal Music Compucer: Laxmikant - Pyarelal Singer: Mahendra Kapoor Mood: Motivational

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Jad mukhda vekhiya yaar da -punjabi (Asha Bhosle, Muhammad Rafi) Film: Sassi Punnu (1982)

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jag wala mela habib khan mangla

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maqbool abbasi

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maqbool abbasi

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Jagwala Mela Film Lachi

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Tribute to Rafi Saheb from Punjabi film Lachhi , Singer Mohd Rafi License Standard You Tube License.

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Punjab De Rang...

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This rare Punjabi clip is from film 'Sassi Punoo'. Abit of Mirza style by Rafi.

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DoctorKC's Free Songbook - Lyrics and Karaoke links ukmall.net/songbook You may view online or download Global Malls Yellow Pages Free listing, Free profile, Free website - Any country, Any business

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Kuldeep khurmi sachin khurmi

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maqbool abbasi

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Tribute to Rafi sahib...originally sung by Rafi Sahib

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wow wow wow powerfull and so true mohammed rafi sings punjabi

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it is the first song of music director sardool kwatra'scareer, that time he was an assistant of master hans raj behl. kwatra ji but became a music diretor over night when lyricist nazim panipai gave him a song to compose in absence of master hans raj behl ji,who was out of mumbai.,

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Provided to YouTube by Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited Jag Wala Mela · Kumar · Kamal Kant · Kulwant Jani Yaari Jatt Di ℗ Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited Released on: 1989-05-25 Producer: Kamal Kant Auto-generated by YouTube.


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