Jamie Wagner Band At The Gallery Cabaret January 23 2015 Performing The Song Walkin New....!

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Published Date : 2015-02-04T18:36:51.000Z

Jamie Wagner Band live at The Gallery Cabaret on Friday, January 23rd, 2015. Performing Jamie Wagner's original song "Walkin'" from his upcoming new release. Band featuring Tim Menard, Joe Adamik, Justin Loftus, Mathew Tyler Wilson, Mike Przygoda and Brian Wilkie.

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Published Date : 2012-01-08T23:07:58.000Z

Miss Honey and the Combs at Martyrs' in Chicago. December 22, 2012.

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Published Date : 2017-09-23T15:15:12.000Z

Kalman Strauss - composer, arranger, vocals, piano, violin. Mike Przygoda - bass, drums. Written by Kalman Strauss at the Lyric Opera Chicago Voices Student Songwriting Workshop 2017. https://chicagovoices.lyricopera.org/Songwriting. Recorded by Sam Fishkin at Mix Kitchen. Soundcloud version can be found at: https://soundcloud.com/lyricopera/everyone.

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Published Date : 2015-02-15T18:20:31.000Z

KEN S. hits an amazing shot at GALLERY, CHICAGO, IL!

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Support more: https://www.patreon.com/ladyjackentertainment Buy the song: https://stephaniemarieschultz.bandcamp.com/ Presenting the newest music video from Lady Jack Entertainment, "The One" featuring our folk cabaret arrangement of "Sally's Song" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"! Just in time for Halloween... This project was developed as a collaboration between Lindsey Marks of Lady Jack Entertainment, fellow concept creator and singer Stephanie Marie Schultz, director/editor Andy Ramsey and photographer Greg Inda with all hands on deck for all elements. Curious about our process? Ask about it! Special thanks to: Jessica Lynn who created the makeup design for the ghost bride character, colorist Matt Filipek and Joanne Inda for opening up the Inda Farm to our shoot. Music produced by: Jamie Wagner, Lindsey Marks & Stephanie Marie Schultz Arrangement by: Mike Przygoda Drums/Percussion: Larry Beers Violin: Felipe Tobar Clarinet: Miles Tesar All Other Instrumentation by: Mike Przygoda Lead vocal: Stephanie Marie Schultz Engineered by Jamie Wagner Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Strobe Recording, Chicago Illinois

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Published Date : 2016-06-07T03:27:22.000Z

Filmed Joe Adamik's band's album, filtered through footage to produce a one minute promo video for one song.

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More live goodies from WAGNER 3000 at SUB-CAT STUDIOS

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Published Date : 2009-01-10T16:24:44.000Z

Oregon Coast Marching Band Heather Brandy Dan Davis

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Published Date : 2014-10-03T22:51:15.000Z

Ten years after cover

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The duo performs "Mexican Dracula" at The Hideout, July 19, 2012.

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Published Date : 2010-07-14T22:30:08.000Z

Performed live at Martyr's for Kevin O'Donnell's Summer Spectacular on 7/13/2010. Featuring the lyrical miracle, Mike Przygoda.

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Published Date : 2007-01-31T21:09:15.000Z

Footage from a wonderful live performance by the experimental post-rock band, Califone. This clip features the opening number, 'Our Kitten Sees Ghosts', from the album 'Roots & Crowns'. Lineup; Tim Rutili (vocals, guitar, keyboards) Joe Adamik (drums) Jim Becker (guitar, banjo, violin)

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band was from Youngstown, OH. SInger went on to be in the Left End -Video Upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com

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Bob Dogan Quintet! This LIVE MUSIC event was on Monday, March 11, 2013 from 9 pm until 1 am. The Bob Dogan Quintet played at Green Mill Jazz Club, 4802 N. Broadway, Chicago! (773) 878 -- 5552 and there was a $6 cover. On stage performing were Bob Dogan on piano and vocals, Ryan Shultz on bass trumpet, Juli Wood on saxes, Joe Adamik on drums and on upright bass, Dan Delorenzo. Visit these BOB DOGAN websites: http://bigfootjazz.com/ and http://bobdogan.com/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/chicagostudioclub/sets/72157633019954057/ , has a set of photos from this special night, CHECK THEM OUT! Visit our Chicago Studio Club LIVE MUSIC calendar (powered by GOOGLE) on every page of both of our music websites: http://www.chicagostudioclub.net/ and http://chicagostudioclub.com/music/

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Published Date : 2009-07-10T04:54:11.000Z

One man's quest to deactivate his Facebook account. Created by The Pagemasters at Georgia State University in 2007 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world's largest student film festival. Burning the Book Cast & Crew : mike przygoda - Captain with David Morgan Andrew Lawrence McClure Nathan Elder Russell Kiel Shani Augustin Tania Lamothe John McDuffie III ---------- Become a Fan of CMF on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/campusmoviefest Follow CMF on Twitter: @campusmoviefest http://www.twitter.com/campusmoviefest Subscribe to CMF on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/campusmoviefest To learn more about CMF please visit: http://www.campusmoviefest.com More info - CMF Campus MovieFest movie short film festival fest five minutes '5 minutes' 'short film' 'one week' university college coed student 'film festival' 'world's largest' Georgia State University 2007 '7 days' seven

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Dan Billu and the band performs live "Eliya" for Euro-PA Berlin / Germany - 16.6.16 Recorded live in Schöneweide Berlin  Dan Billu- Guitar and Vocals Liron Yariv- Cello Merav Goldman- French Horn and Vocals Ran Nir- Bass and Computer Join us: Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/danbillumusic/ Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/danbillu Recorded, mixed, filmed and edited by Luc de La Selle After effects by Raphael Carmeli

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This video is about SPANISH PROJECT MIKE

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Performers: Patera Kori- Soterios and Elissa Metropoulos, Mary Socall, Renee Serritella, Shauni Schechter, Mike Przygoda. Video: Derrick "D" Cortes

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Portland Oregon based band "SBS" is an experimental power trio that will take you from deep toe gazer textures all the way up to extended Gibson les paul frenzy jams. Vocal humor meets Robert Fripp meets Neil Young x 10. The rules are there are no rules, this group started as an outlet for pure experimentation and to get away from the band structures that each member already participated in with other projects. This group started exploring all kinds of ways to play the bass drums and guitar using power tools, effects and anything else they could get their hands on. The outcome was a rich sonic wall of textures reaching new creative heights. Mike Spicer, Brian Baker and, Jeff Strawbridge have been playing together for 25 years. They have recorded over 15 albums. Art rock for musicians and artists that enjoy free expression. Check it out http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SBS2

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MadMike guitar live act


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