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Interviewed by Mark Benoy on Bournemouth Pier on 23 July 1985.

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Watch on Commodity TV,39139,Edelmetallmesse_Munich_November_2018/?v=298721 Aurania’s CEO, Dr. Keith Barron is interviewed by Mr. Jochen Staiger, of Swiss Resource Capital during the International Precious Metals conference in Munich, Germany. Dr. Barron discusses the Company’s recent high-grade copper results and how exploration results to date indicate that the Cutucu region could be a multi-mineral belt similar to the adjacent Cordillera de Condor that contains large gold, copper-gold and copper deposits.

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Aurania's CEO Dr. Keith Barron takes us on a tour of some special treasures our exploration geologists have discovered in the jungles of Ecuador.

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Credits:Text from Wikipedia,video auto-generated by Turn your text into video -

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Tony Marchant's critically acclaimed BBC drama stars Keith Barron, Maggie O'Neill, Reece Dinsdale, and Annette Crosbie. A love story in three parts, it's a frank, tenacious and tender drama about passion, adultery and greed in a changing Britain of the 1980s. Tom, a middle-aged married man, picks up a distraught young woman in in his cab. They strike up a friendship and over time they fall into an obsessive affair. Tom's marriage to Liz (Annette Corsbie) is mundane, and Kathy is married to a controlling man who cares for little else other than his career with a tech giant. Tony Marchant pulls no punches in this gripping tale of adultery and ambition set in Thatcher's Britain.

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the funniest moment :)

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Episode One of Telford's Change. Enjoy!

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Actor who appeared in three series of the sitcom and as Dennis Potter’s socially mobile working-class hero Nigel Barton has died after short illness Tune: Friday Morning by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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Dr. Keith Barron, Aurania Resources CEO and Chairman, presenting at the Mines and Money mining conference in Toronto, Canada on October 4th, 2017.

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© 1983 & 2009 BBC, starring Peter Davison and Keith Barron, written by Barbara Clegg, directed by Fiona Cumming. One of the best scenes in all of 50 years of Doctor Who. Just count the reasons: 1. Never has a canon universe been expanded so swiftly 2. The compact dialogue also carries some heavy philosophy 3. Striker wields an RP British accent with devastating effect 4. The Fifth Doctor is looking picture-perfect

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Starring James Bolam, Keith Barron and Richard Wilson, Room at the Bottom is John Antrobus's outrageous satire on the bullying, rivalry and corruption rife within the commercial television sector; co-scripted by Antrobus and Steptoe and Son/Hancock's Half Hour's Ray Galton, the series casts Bolam as a luckless light-entertainment producer and Barron as his tyrannical boss. - See more at:

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An episode of the popular TV series from 1975, starring Simon Ward and Clive Swift. On a remote Cornish coast, a small group of scientists at a research laboratory delve into the mystery of what happens at the moment of death.. *This is currently unavailable on DVD.

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'In Memoriam' is about Bernard, a lonely old man trapped in the past since the death of his wife. His only purpose in life now is to give others solace in their grieving but at what cost? Starring Keith Barron and Margi Clarke. Directed by Nas Malik

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With guests Roy Kinnear, Pat Coombs, John Junkin, Kirsten Cooke, Keith Barron and Wendy Richard.

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Keith Barron (August 1934 - November 2017) Rest in Peace ● Pay Your Tribute ● Share Your Thoughts Remember Us → Follow Us: Twitter → Facebook → Google+ → Soundtrack: "At Rest" Kevin MacLeod (, Licensed under CC BY 3.0, Bio source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (, Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported,

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Keith Barron Duty Free and Coronation Street actor dead aged 83

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Dad abseils down the UK's highest building authorised for the general public to abseil, raising over £900 for BLISS.

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Red Cloud Klondike Strike’s President & CEO, Mr. Chad Williams in conversation with Dr. Keith Barron of Aurania Resources Ltd., about its recently acquired Lost Cities Project. This presentation was filmed live at Red Cloud KS' 5th Annual Pre-PDAC Mining Showcase in Toronto on March 3, 2017. More info at &

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In tribute to the late Keith Barron, here's a compilation of PIFs with his disapproving voice on the soundtrack. This is nowhere in the same galaxy as exhaustive, he did loads, mostly in the late seventies to early eighties golden age of audio crackle and grainy film. His voice was perfect for PIFs because he had the ability to sound disappointed, resigned, and like he was barely repressing his rage at your stupidity. The first one is about smoking in bed. Barron starts by admonishing you for smoking at all in the first place, you prick, before adding that if you're dumb enough to do it in bed it will inevitably kill you. No two ways about it. And it'll be your own fault. Don't do it. The second one is aimed at farmers, so we used to see it on TSW sometimes. I've seen city-dwellers scoff at the supposedly narrow focus of a PIF like this, but COI weren't daft, they picked their targets. This would have been relatively little seen on, say, Thames or even Granada. Anyway, Barron murders a doll a la the episode one cliffhanger to Robots of Death in order to demonstrate one of Apaches' many lessons: if you like it, you better put a grid on it. Barron was also the voice of the first concerted anti-Drink Drive campaign, "Don't take your Car for a Drink". Mostly this amounted to him reading out the tagline in a voice glistening with contempt; the one I've included here (featuring the time-honoured technique of a montage of despair with unfitting music) also allows him to spit out a depressing statistic. More cars next, and the dangers of overtaking at junctions. Keith narrates this one in the second person, so you're in no doubt whatsoever that you personally are an idiot who should feel bad. Ends with the same gambit as the smoking in bed one, with almost identical delivery. That's what they teach you at the Sheffield Playhouse. Or did. Finally, my favourite, the one where a family is murdered by their own dog and Keith Barron shows no sympathy whatsoever. From the mid-eighties; I saw it a few times in my childhood, mostly on Channel Four during the afternoons when TSW couldn't rustle up any advertising. (There was a brief period in the early 90s when Sundays on Four before about 4pm were exclusively advertised with PIFs from the 70s and 80s). Needless to say, it put the wind right up me every time. It was just so arbitrarily cruel - though not as cruel as Barron's closing line. Now that's a zero-sum game. So. Farewell then, Keith Barron. God loves a character actor, and so did the COI. Don't do it.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Moments Of Keith Barron Life (R.I.P) Actor Keith Barron was born in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, and learned his craft at the old Sheffield Playhouse, where he met his wife, the stage designer Mary Pickard. The couple now live in London and their son, James, is also an actor. Keith Barron Was Amazing Men And Many Peoples Fans Of Keith Barron Because He Was Azaming Actor And This Time Keith Barron Fan Very Sad Because Keith Barron Is No More...Yes! Keith Barron Dead Agged 83... Keith Barron Rip Keith Barron (RIP) Keith Barron Born: 8 August 1934, Mexborough, United Kingdom Keith Barron Died: 15 November 2017 Keith Barron Spouse: Mary Pickard Keith Barron Children: Mark Dawson, Jamie Barron So Friends Today My Video About Keith Barron And I Wish Yor All Like This Video.... Thanks

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« Last Dance », le nouvel album événement de Keith Jarrett et Charlie Haden, 4 ans après le succès de « Jasmine ». Album disponible sur... Fnac : Amazon : iTunes : Qobuz : Google Play : Double vinyle sur... Fnac : Amazon : Pour recevoir l'actualité discographique de Keith Jarrett ou du label ECM, inscrivez-vous à... . .

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In 1974, Britain's BBC was looking for a starring vehicle for actress Rita Tushingham. They decided to pair her with actor Keith Barron in a sitcom about two single people trying to share the same flat. The series was called NO STRINGS, and six episodes were filmed and broadcast in Oct-Nov 1974. But before the series could be approved for production, a pilot episode was filmed and shown to audiences on 16 April 1974. The pilot was telecast as an episode of the COMEDY PLAYHOUSE series, which was an anthology series consisting of such one-off pilot episodes. This is that pilot episode. Sorry about the frame counter in the lower part of the screen. It's part of the original image and can't be removed.

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Please Note... Youtube has blocked the rest of these episodes. I am now uploading all the episodes to: Daily Motion under the username: Horny_Seanie_1 ....It is free to sign up to...cheers..

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At the Munch Museum - Oslo - Norway July 18th 1. Bleecker Street Theme- comp-Cedar Walton 2. Introductions 3.Alias Buster Henry- Billy Higgins 4. Interview 5. The Maestro - Cedar Walton 6. Interview 7. One For Amos- Sam Jones 8. Interview 9. Bleecker Street Theme Billy Higgins- Drums Sam Jones- Bass Cedar Walton- Piano Clifford Jordan- Tenor Saxaphone

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Faith Temple Church of God, Wauchula - Captured Live on Ustream at

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Evangelist Keith Barron ministered at Faith Temple Church Of God 701 N. 7th Ave Wauchula 33873 Pastor Wendell G. Smith - Captured Live on Ustream at

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FAITH TEMPLE MINISTRIES - Captured Live on Ustream at

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My Event Description

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George Strait Net Worth, Lifestyle, Biography, House and Cars. 'Amazing Superstars' Branding And Present All The World Superstars ══════════════════════════════════════════ Subscribe "Amazing Superstars" Channel ══════════════════════════════════════════ Most Popular uploads of our channel : - Nicole Scherzinger Net Worth & Lifestyle Brian Chesky Airbnb (CEO) Net Worth – Lifestyle Jack Ma Alibaba Story - Luxurious Lifestyle, Net Worth, Alibaba Revenue, Cars, Privet Jet Barron Trump Lifestyle - Donald Trump's son, Facts, Autism Information Hwang Chul-soon (Korean Body Builder) Life Style, Girlfriend, Success Story Mariah Carey's Net Worth, Dated, House, Cars, Luxury Lifestyle, Family ══════════════════════════════════════════ Music Credit : Vexento ══════════════════════════════════════════ Image Collected : Google.Com Most Of Image Courtesy of Respectfull Owners Information Collected : & Hope You Like This Video. Enjoy !!!

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Very bad news to his fans.. He as 83... reason duty free

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Dec 4 – Jim is pleased to welcome Keith Barron PhD, an exploration geologist who co-founded Aurelian Resources in Ecuador in 2001 and ultimately discovered the colossal Fruta del Norte gold deposit in 2006. Keith and Jim cover the gold industry, how it has changed, and why so many mining companies have struggled to survive.

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Tributes paid to ‘generous and charming’ duty free star keith barron Like / Share / Comment / Subscribe !! Thank you !!!

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Keith Barron, the star of long-running ITV comedy Duty Free, has died at the age of 83A statement from his agent said: He had a long and varied career which included The Nigel Barton Plays by Dennis Potter of which he was immensely proud, a Hollywood film The Land That Time Forgot, the television series Take Me Home, written by Tony Marchant and three series of Duty Free, the Yorkshire Television classic sitcom written by Eric Chappell in which he played David Pearce. He is survived by his wife Mary to whom he was married for 58 years and his son, Jamie, also an actor. The Yorkshire-born actor starred in a number of roles in British television but was best known for the sitcom Duty Free, in which he placed David Pearce between 1984 and 1986.The comedy drama involves two married couples meeting in Marbella and Keith's character conducting an affair with the other wife.It was filmed almost entirely in Leeds despite being set in the sunny Spanish resort.The actor and comic also starred in Dennis Potter's The Nigel Barton Plays and 1975 Hollywood film The Land That Time Forgot.We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. For the latest news and breaking news visit Get all the big headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion and video on the stories that matter to you.

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Enjoy an exclusive interview with Gwen Taylot Starring in Beauty and the Beast this Christmas in Derby. Hear 100's of exclusive interviews and reviews with Alex Belfield at

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Hear Beverley's experience of LOROS, after they looked after her husband Keith, who was battling lung, tongue and throat cancer. To find out how you can support people like Keith visit:

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An Evening with Eddie Gomez is the latest release in the Thirty-Six Walker Street Prods./David Gage String Instruments Masterclass Series. Produced in collaboration with Telling Pictures and filmed live at David Gage's shop by Academy Award-Winning Director Rob Epstein, this DVD is a landmark venture in instructional/performance video for bass. Eddie Gomez is one of the most recognized names in jazz bass. His solo works, as well as his collaborations with luminaries such as Bill Evans, Chick Corea, and Paul Bley are an important part of the canon of jazz music. In this video he engages a live audience of professional bassists, amateurs, students, and enthusiasts. Rob Epstein won Best Feature-Length Documentary Oscars for The Times of Harvey Milk (1984) and Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt (1989). His work on this project is both subtle and sure. He leaves Mr. Gomez the room he needs to express himself while maintaining a compelling perspective on the music and spontaneous discussion. Mr. Gomez lectures and invites the audience to ask questions about his life, his playing technique, and his overall musical concept. When describing his ideas, basic principles are given the same care as the most complicated techniques. He not only demonstrates technical aspects of bass playing, but he lends insight into the life of a professional bassist. The performances on this disk are spontaneous and heart-felt. Mr. Kramer's sensitivity at the piano is unparalleled; he truly understands the bass and is conspicuously comfortable playing with Eddie Gomez. The bass playing is sensuous and lyrical, as is to be expected from Mr. Gomez. In this live setting, however, the improvisation is uniquely fluid. This DVD marks a new era in videos for bassists and music enthusiasts alike.

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Coronation Street actor Keith Barron has di*d #Like Our Fanspage Click here : #Follow Our Twitter, click here : #Visit Our Blog, click here : The well-known actor has passed away aged 83. Keith Barron rose to fame in the 1960s in Granada TV series The Odd Man. And his star studded career would later reach dizzying heights when he took on the role of Nigel Barton in Stand Up, Nigel Barton and Vote, Vote, Vote, Nigel Barton on Granada TV. More recently, Keith appeared in the Coronation Street cast as George Trench. George was introduced to Weatherfield in 2007 as one of Angela Hawthore's ex-husbands. Later in 2009, Keith starred as the Deputy Mayor in ITV's Benidorm alongside Steve Pemberton and Sheila Reid. He was involved huge romance storyline in November of that year when his character – and Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) and Ivor Priestley (Paul Copley) - proposed to Doreen Fenwick (Barbara Young). While Norris retracted his offer, George's hopes for a wedding were soon dashed when Doreen changed her mind about getting married altogether. But Keith is best-remembered for his character David Pearce in Yorkshire Television sitcom Duty Free. The three-part series was set in Spain and followed two Brit couples – who met on their holidays – clash over class divides. Keith also starred in the likes of Holby City, Doctors, DCI Banks, Casualty and My Family during his mammoth 50 years on telly boxes. A statement from his agent said: "He is survived by his wife Mary to whom he was married for 58 years and his son, Jamie, also an actor."

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This episode of Everything Music is called Mehldau, Barron and Esen - High Information Lines. This is an in-depth analysis of the lines of three of the greatest jazz piano players alive today Brad Mehldau, Kenny Barron and Aydin Esen. If you are looking to improve your ideas or just looking for some inspiration, this is the video to check out. It is fascinating to see how each of the uses their own sophisticated line playing over charges or static pedal tones. Links To Follow: BUY THE BEATO BOOK HERE → BECOME A PATRON → SUBSCRIBE HERE → Skype Lessons are available on a limited basis. If you are interested please write me at If you would like to support my video creation, you can hit the SUPPORT button on the sidebar of my main page YouTube - Artist Facebook - Personal Facebook - Instagram - Follow On Twitter - @rickbeato

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