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Mafiya Gang... Mafiya Gand.. Mafiya group.. Mafiya Group

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পৃথিবীর শীর্ষ দশ মাফিয়া গ্রুপ Top 10 Largest Mafia Groups in the world 1.Los Zetas 2. Sinaloa cartel Mexico 3. Solntsvskaya Brata 4. Yamaguchi – gumi 5. D-company 6. Camorra 7.M s 13 8. Tai hue chai 9. United Bamboo 10. Hell's Angels ▶ Join us our facebook page - ▶ আমাদের চ্যানেলকে "Subscribe" করতে একদম ভুলবেননা please Subscribe our channel - ▶ আমাদের ইউটিউব চ্যানেলকে "Subscribe" না করলে আমাদের পরবর্তী ভিডিও গুলো আপনি কখনোই দেখতে পারবেননা, সেজন্য বলছি একটু কষ্ট করে আমাদের চ্যানেলটাকে "Subscribe" করুন, ফেরিওয়ালা থেকে যেভাবে আকিজ গ্রুপের প্রতিষ্ঠাতা- ১টি মাত্র ট্রাক থেকে যেভাবে ১২০০ বাসের মালিক হানিফ এন্টারপ্রাইজ দেখুন! ভন্ড পীর দেওয়ানবাগী রাস্তার ফকির থেকে যেভাবে সুফী সম্রাট হয়ে - পৃথিবীর সবচেয়ে শান্তির ১০ টি দেশ-

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Yakuza: Japan's violent organized crime syndicate that believes they're descendants of samurai. Learn more about this Japanese mob / mafia from Tokyo! Subscribe for new videos: 8: Cutting off pinkies When entering a terrifying organization like the Yakuza, you should expect to be exposed to a lot of harm, not just from enemy gangs, but from your own members as well. Failure is often not tolerated, and you should expect more than just detention. The Yakuza practice plenty of bizarre rituals, but are most known for Yubisume, or the act of cutting off a section of one's little finger. This is done as a form of penance, as a means of apology, or punishment. The transgressor will then present their severed pinky to their 7: Full body tattoos Another bizarre and painful Yakuza ritual is full body tattoos. This practice is known as "Irezumi", and has a rather long standing in Japan’s history. It evolved from being used for ritual and status purposes, to becoming a form of punishment in order to brand criminals. Tattooing was eventually outlawed in the Meiji period as the Japanese governmentYakuza. Tattooing 6: Corporate Blackmail The Yakuza are known for all sorts of crimes ranging from human trafficking, rigging sumo matches, and firearm deals. But one of their biggest fortes is corporate blackmailing. Compared to Italian mafias who usually extort small businesses for "protection money", the Yakuza practices their own unique extortion method, with a specialized faction known as the sokaiya. The sokaiya would typically blackmail large corporations and conglomerates, usually focusing on stockholder meetings. They would obtain the rights to attend the meetings through stock purchases, and then scare other stockholders with their presence. The sokaiya also dig up all matter 5: Heirs to the samurai Some people actually consider the yakuza as the true heirs to the no longer existing warrior class of feudal Japan known as the samurai. The reason for this theory is due to some obvious similarities between the two groups when compared side by side. Both yakuza and samurai are organized into a strong hierarchical system that is based on honor and subservience. They have a strong sense of tradition and great pride 4: Political involvement The Yakuza have always been involved in Japanese politics, and the two have a long intertwined history. The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan which has dominated the country's politics for over 60 years is said to have received ridiculous amounts of donation money from the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's largest yakuza organization. This is due to the organization's leaders supporting the nationalist right wing party. It is also said that a number of high profile politicians have been proven to have had links with the 3: Their true size One of the most terrifying things about the Yakuza is their true size and extent of influence. After the second world war, it was reported that the total number of yakuza members had increased exponentially to about 184,000. This equates to about 1 yakuza member for every 2 police officers. This is the most members to have been in the organization at any one point, and was perceived as a threat by the American forces following their occupation of Japan 2: They hate being ridiculed It is quite a well known fact that the greatest mafia film of all time, the Godfather, never once had the word "mafia" mentioned throughout the entire film. This is mainly as an attempt to not upset the real mafia, who initially opposed the making of the film. At the Japanese side, the Yakuza also doesn’t take things lightly when it comes to being depicted badly on film 1: Yakuza wars The yakuza is known for violent rivalries between different gangs, and these rivalries would sometimes spiral out of control into full-on gang wars. The worst yakuza gang war ever was the Yama-Ichi war that took place in Japan from 1985 to 1989. It stemmed from a succession dispute in the Yamaguchi-gumi, which is Japan's largest and most dominant yakuza clan. A splinter group named Ichiwa-kai was formed by a disgruntled lieutenant who failed to inherit the Yamaguchi-gumi's top position. The Yamaguchi-gumi vowed revenge, igniting a bloody four year war. Things got so terrible that a daily local newspaper started putting together a score card listing down the deaths and injuries inflicted upon the 2 gangs on their front page. In the end, the Yamaguchi-gumi

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Majlis Ayahanda Fahmie International Army

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These criminal gangs are notorious for their crimes. Murder, drugs, prostitution and extortion are their usual activities. Subscribe to our channel: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: When it comes to gangs, everyone knows that they are quite dangerous. There are often intense initiations when it comes to wanting to join these gangs that usually involve beatings, sex, and drugs. Many of these gangs make their income from illegal activities such as drug dealing, prostitution, and drug trafficking, murdering people, and stealing. Some of the most notorious and dangerous gangs have hundreds of thousands of members, and are lurking around every corner of the United States. Plus, some have even gone international (that alone should disturb you). Gangs have also provided inspiration for numerous movies, television shows, and music. Many gangs recruit their members while they are very young, even at elementary school age. There is a lot of speculation as to why someone would want to join a gang. Perhaps they came from a rough home life, or they don’t have a family, and they’re looking for some sort of acceptance. Or they are rebelling against their parents. It is hard to determine one good reason for anyone to join a gang. Sure, it may seem great at first. But the first time you break a rule or mess up, it could mean that you’re in for a beating that may leave permanent scares, or worse, you could be killed. Thousands of people have come out with their stories of their struggle of breaking out of the gang life, and it’s much harder than putting in your two weeks’ notice at work. Many times, these people have to move and even assume new identities to avoid any backlash from their former lives. Some of the most dangerous gangs in history have included the Crips and the Bloods, two rival gangs that were formed in the mid twentieth century and are considered to be ruthless in their dealings. These two gangs primarily make their money from illegal activities, usually drugs. What is even more disturbing is that the Crips has over 30,000 members. Many people are familiar with the Hells Angels, who ride their motorcycles across the country wreaking havoc on innocent lives. Hells Angels operate worldwide and are heavily involved in the prostitution scene. Other gangs include the Latin Kings, which is the largest and the largest Hispanic street gang. Vagos has over 4,000 members in Canada, Australia, and the United States. The 18th Street Gang started in Los Angeles in the 1960’s and recruit young children. The MS-13 is worldwide and focuses on Central Americans and involved in human trafficking, Cosa Nostra founded in Italy in the 1800’s and have 250,000 members worldwide, and finally Yakuza is a transnational gang formed in Japan. Ironically, Yakuza looks down on dealing drugs, but human trafficking is an acceptable practice of money making. Many gangs were formed in prison, such as the Aryan Brotherhood, which is a Neo Nazi prison gang responsible for a high about of deaths in the prison system. They are identifiable from their shaved heads and numerous tattoos that are reminiscent of Nazi Germany. In closing, wherever you go, and whatever you do, tread carefully if you ever find yourself on a gang’s turf. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Featuring: Latin Kings The Crips The Bloods Vagos 18th Street Gang Hells Angels MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) Cosa Nostra Aryan Brotherhood Yakuza ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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What Are The World's Most Powerful Militaries? » Subscribe to NowThis World: After World War 2, many countries moved away from military conscriptions. How many countries still use the draft? Learn More: Lithuania to reintroduce conscription over security concerns "Lithuania is to reintroduce conscription over concerns about "the current geopolitical environment" in the Baltic states, President Dalia Grybauskaite says." Military Conscription Policy by Country "This map shows the status of Conscription Policy by country." Switzerland referendum voters to keep army conscription "Swiss voters want to keep the country's compulsory military service, exit polls from the latest national referendum on the topic have suggested." Music Track Courtesy of APM Music: "Concentration" _________________________ NowThis World is dedicated to bringing you topical explainers about the world around you. Each week we’ll be exploring current stories in international news, by examining the facts, providing historical context, and outlining the key players involved. We’ll also highlight powerful countries, ideologies, influential leaders, and ongoing global conflicts that are shaping the current landscape of the international community across the globe today. More from NowThis: » Subscribe to NowThis News: » Like NowThis World on Facebook: » Connect with Judah: Follow @judah_robinson on Twitter – Facebook: » Connect with Versha: Follow @versharma on Twitter – Facebook: Special thanks to Jules Suzdaltsev for hosting TestTube!

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La Mafia is a four-time Grammy Award-winning musical group. It has its roots in the Northside neighborhood of Houston,Texas.La Mafia was founded in 1980 in Houston, TX. Vocalist Oscar De La Rosa & producer/keyboardist/accordionist Armando Lichtenberger Jr. created an original style that survived various changes in the music industry. La Mafia received Grammy Awards for its CDs Un Million de Rosas and En Tus Manos and Latin Grammy Awards for its CDs Para El Pueblo and Nuevamente. It also has received eight Premio Lo Nuestro Awards and 12 Tejano Music Awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award from the latter, numerous Billboard awards and was listed in the top 10 Billboard Latin Artists for the entire decade of the 1990s.

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Watch Part 2: -------------------------- In this clip, Shoreline Mafia sat down with VladTV to give their backstory to how they all met and how the group originally formed. Coming from different parts of Los Angeles, Shoreline Mafia talked about doing graffiti prior to music and how their hit "Musty" reached 14 million views.

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10 biggest mafias in the world. This list contains ten of the worst and most dangerous mafia organizations around the world | planet earth. Do you know more famous and powerful mafias | mob groups? Let us know in the comments... 10. Jamaican-Yardies - England 9. Albanian Mafia - Albania, US, Europe 8. Serbian Mafia - Serbia, US, UK, Europe 7. Israeli Mafia - Israel, Worldwide 6. Mexican Mafia - US 5. Yakuza, Japan - Japan, US 4. Triads, China - Asia, US 3. Drug Cartel - Colombia, Worldwide 2. Sicilian Mafia "Cosa Nostra" - Italy, Worldwide 1. Russian Mafia - Russia, Worldwide Second Channel: Listing 10 - Top 10 compilations : Music: teknoaxe ( Top 10 Lists. On our top 10 channel we bring you top lists on various topics - top tens all time. The most shocking, weird, scary, funny, fascinating, interesting and amazing facts in the world. We appreciate any feedback on our top 10s and we thank you for watching our top 10 videos. Subscribe for more top list videos! Video categories you can find on our youtube channel: animals & nature, crime, geography, history & people, computer & technology, science & education, games, music, myths & conspiracies, comedy & entertainment, sports, movies

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I'm soo sort that this is short and the next episode will be longer than this I promise it will.Later my lovies😍😘😘

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Shoreline Mafia are one of the hottest up & coming rap crews out of Los Angeles over the course of the last year. Their two biggest songs "Musty" and "Bottle Service" have been going crazy on YouTube and their fanbase has been growing quickly. I got the gang in the studio for an interview and we had a great time. Let's go ---- CHECK OUT OUR NEW ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly:  Follow us on Soundcloud: and iTunes: and follow us on Social Media: follow Adam22 as well: and follow adam22hoe on Snapchat

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An Italian-American group has expressed its disapproval of how a Beaver County advertising agency is portraying the stars of its ?You Got A Problem With That ? Motors!? commercial spots.

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Mafia Group Boys

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group rajkot

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Hihahe Nerf War: Episode 3 - Martial Arts Nerf Guns Mafia Group . Watching more Nerf videos: Hihahe Nerf War: Episode 2 - Female Spy Nerf Guns Bandits Group Rescue Mission: . subscribe this channel: . Nerf Friend : . Hastag: #HihaheNerfwar , #VinaNerfWar , #BattleNerfWar

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Battle Nerf War: Elite Warriors Nerf Guns Mafia Group Wanted Rescue Boss Nerf. Watch the next episode: Battle Nerf War: Army Force Nerf Guns Alien Group Rescue Minions Nerf: . Subscribe for More: . Tag: #BattleNerfWar , #NerfWar , #Nerf

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Battle Nerf War: Secret Agent Nerf Guns Mafia Group Thief Truck Mega Nerf. Watch the next episode: Battle Nerf War: Special Navy Nerf Guns Fighting Team Robbery fishing Nerf: . Subscribe for More: . Tag: #BattleNerfWar , #NerfWar , #Nerf

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বাংলা বিনোদনের সব খব পাবেন আমাদের চ্যানেলেঃ আর কিছু খবর দেখুন এখান হতে। দেখতে নিচের লিঙ্ক এ ক্লিক করুনঃ- ⏭কেমন আছে মনির খানের অঞ্জনা ? কোথায় আছে সে ? ⏭হৃদয় খান ৩য় বিয়ে করলেন ? কে এই সুন্দরী ? ⏭"মান্নার ছেলের জন্য ৫ কোটি টাকা বাজি ধরতে পারি " -একি বললেন পরিচালক? ⏭কে এই সুলতান সুলেমান? কি তার পরিচয় ? জেনে নিন ⏭ঢালিউড কাঁপাবে মান্নার ছেলে সিয়াম -শাকিব খানের দিন শেষ ⏭ঠিক এই মুহুর্তে কতগুলো বিমান পৃথিবীতে উড়ছে ? জানলে চমকে উঠবেন ⏭"শাকিবা খান এখন অচল " একি বললেন ডিপজল ? ⏭সর্বকালের সেরা ১০ বাংলা ছবি -দেখে নিন কে আসল ঢালিউড কিং ⏭পৃথিবীর নিষিদ্ধ ও ভয়ংকর জায়গা- কি আছে এখানে ? জানলে চমকে উঠবেন ⏭দিঘী 'র লাইফ স্টাইল এবং অজানা কথা যা জানলে অবাক হবেন

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☺☺☺Friends Masti☺☺

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Battle Nerf War: Combatant Forces Nerf Guns Mafia Group Robbery Snack Nerf. Watch the next episode: Battle Nerf War: Warrior Forces Nerf Guns Fighting Team Robbery Ice Cream Nerf: . Subscribe for More: . Tag: #BattleNerfWar , #NerfWar , #Nerf

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Mafia group boys

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Hihahe Nerf War: SWAT & Power Man Nerf Guns Mafia Group Rescue Schoolgirl Nerf war. Watching more Nerf videos: Hihahe Nerf War: SWAT & Seven Samurai Nerf Guns Assassin Rescue Boss Nerf war: . subscribe this channel: . Nerf Friend : . Hastag: #HihaheNerfwar , #Nerf , #Guns

Channel Title : Nerf War Movies Hihahe

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Hihahe Nerf War: SWAT & Marines Force Nerf Guns Mafia Group Rescue Maiden Nerf. Watching more Nerf videos: Hihahe Nerf War: SWAT & Special Commando Nerf Guns Bank Robbery Rescue Gentleman Nerf: . subscribe this channel: . Nerf Friend : . Hastag: #HihaheNerfwar , #Nerf , #Guns

Channel Title : Nerf War Movies Hihahe

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Hihahe Nerf War: SWAT & Military Force Nerf Guns Mafia Group Rescue Brother Nerf. Watching more Nerf videos: Hihahe Nerf War: SWAT & Marines Force Nerf Guns Mafia Group Rescue Maiden Nerf: . subscribe this channel: . Nerf Friend : . Hastag: #HihaheNerfwar , #Nerf , #Guns

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Vipan Cobra The Bad Guy

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Islamabad kabza Mafia Group Report BY Target News HD

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Mairala Group Hacked By Mamun Pranto Ceo Mafia

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About this Video :I describe full story of Mafia Mundeer. Why Mafia Mundeer Splits and All About Mafia Mundeer Members. Mafia Mundeer - Full Story of Fight | Records | Songs | Members | Start to End ★ Facebook : ★ Instagram : ★ Twitter : ★ Some Playlists that you have to see : ►Desi HipHop: ►About iRap World: ►How to become Rapper: ►Top 5 Rappers: ►About Honey Singh vs Raftaar vs Badshah vs Bohemia: ►About Underground Rappers: ►About Ikka: ►About Bohemia: ►About Raftaar: ►About Yo Yo Honey Singh: ►About Badshah: ►Disclaimer : Please don't spread hate against anyone. This channel is only for purpose of provide news and make you up to date with indian Rappers and Punjabi Singers. ★Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. ★ All the Images/Pictures Shown in the video belongs to the respected owners and not me. I am not the owner of any picture that showed in video. ★ Thanks YouTube to Provide the world's largest Platform to show our talent. ‌

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Going deep.

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Blink Blink - Candy Mafia [Official MV] ▼ iTunes : ♫ Deezer : ♫ KKBOX : More about Candy Mafia MV เพลง Blink Blink [Official MV] จาก 5 แม่มดสาวขาแดนซ์ Candy Mafia Thailand Girl Group MONO MUSIC 02-502-0700 ต่อ 7726 หรือ 080-395-7878

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Is Video Mai Ek Bahut Badi Galti Ho Gayi Hai Mujhse Uske Liye Mujhe Aap Log Maaf Kar Dena And Wo Galti Ye Hai Ki Maine Video Mai Bataya Hai Ki Badshah Ne Honey Ko Contact Kiya Tha Magar Wo Galat Hai Sahi Ye Hai Ki Honey Singh Ne Badshah Ko Contact Kiya Tha Honey Ke Maneger Ne Badshah Ko Phone Karke Bola Tha Sath Kam Karne Ke Liye Aur Honey Ko Badshah Ka Coca Cola Whisky Song Pasand Aaya Tha Usko Sunke Badshah Ko Bulaya Tha Maf Karna Mujhse Bahut Badi Galti Huyi Hai Thanks for u watching this video pls share mafia mundeer Story and subscribe channel comment pls

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Cardinal Daneels refers to his membership to a certain St Gallen club or "mafia" (his term) that met together to forge support for the election of Pope Francis (and perhaps for the pre-mature resignation of Pope Benedict). Dr Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon (author of Catholic Republic discuss the origin of the St Gallen Mafia, who were members, and the role especially of Cardinal Daneels and Cardinal Martini in the theological agenda of their self-labeled "mafia." The election, support, and theology of Pope Francis make sense as we come to understand this St Gallen Mafia - especially after the Vigano testimony against American Cardinals and Pope Francis.

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