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Enjoy this Mr. Blue Sky meme. Love you Wings. Lyrics: (Warning: today’s broadcast calls for a side of fries) Wings is streamin' let’s drop by There ain't a mod in sight He starts ragin' Everybody saves the clip And now we’re banned Make a new account next day, hey hey Get up for that thing you threw Walk to the “‘frigerator“ For a pepsi Back to streaming for the pity Mister Wings Please just tell us what you weigh, hey hey Mister big guy, please tell us why You haven’t cracked a smile in so long (so long) Where did you go wrong? Mister big guy, please tell us why You haven’t played with Kyle in so long (so long) Where did you go wrong? Hey you, why don’t you donate I’m not here to conversate Look here and listen Mister blue shirt’s right there layin' into you Wings go on an rage some more (ooh-or) Mister big guy, please tell us why You haven’t cracked a smile in so long (so long) Where did you go wrong? Hey there mister wings We're so pleased to pull your strings Look around see what you do Everybody laughs at you Hey there mister wings We're so pleased to pull your strings Look around see what you do Everybody laughs at you (Mister big guy x3) Mister Wings, please no more lies Why not just take the fight, it’d be funny Lose the weight and make the money Never mind, eat a banquet meal Eat a banquet meal instead Mister big guy, please tell us why You haven’t played with kyle in so long (so long) Where did you go wrong? Hey there mister wings (why) We're so pleased to pull your strings (why) Look around see what you do (do) Everybody laughs at you

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TESTO ORIGINALE Let's go chasing rainbows in the sky It's my invitation Let's all take a trip on my ecstasy I'm Mr Bad Guy Yes I'm everybody's Mr Bad Guy Can't you see I'm Mr Mercury Oh spread your wings and fly away with me Your big daddy's got no place to stay Bad communication I feel like the president of the USA repeat chorus I'm Mr Bad Guy They're all afraid of me I can ruin people's lives Mr. Bad Guy they're all afraid of me It's the only way to be That's my destiny Mr. Bad Guy, Mr. Bad Guy, Mr. Bad Guy It's the only way for me It's my destiny I'm Mr Bad Guy Yes I'm everybody's Mr Bad Guy Can't you see it is my destiny Oh spread your wings and fly away with me TESTO TRADOTTO Andiamo a caccia di arcobaleni nel cielo È un mio invito Facciamo tutti una gita sulla mia estasi Sono Mr. Cattivo Soggetto Sì, sono per tutti Mr. Cattivo Soggetto Non vedi che sono Mr. Mercury? Spiega le tue ali e vola via con me! Il tuo vecchio non ha nessun posto dove stare Cattiva comunicazione Mi sento come il Presidente degli Stati Uniti Sono Mr. Cattivo Soggetto Sì, sono per tutti Mr. Cattivo Soggetto Non vedi che sono Mr. Mercury? Spiega le tue ali e vola via con me! Sono Mr. Cattivo Soggetto Hanno tutti paura di me Posso rovinare la vita della gente Mr. Cattivo Soggetto Hanno tutti paura di me È il mio unico modo di essere Quello è il mio destino Mr. Cattivo Soggetto, Mr. Cattivo Soggetto, Cattivo Soggetto È l'unico modo per me È il mio destino Sono Mr. Cattivo Soggetto Sì, sono per tutti Mr. Cattivo Soggetto Non vedi che è il mio destino? Oh, spiega le tue ali e vola via con me!


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Mr. Just Do It - Bad Guy (unofficial video) @moneystrongtv dir.labrian dunkin

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Music video by Alice Cooper performing No More Mr. Nice Guy. (C) 1990 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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Watch the official music video for "Mr.Brightside" performed by The Killers Music video by The Killers performing Mr. Brightside. (C) 2004 The Island Def Jam Music Group #TheKillers #MrBrightside #Vevo #AlternativeRock #OfficialMusicVideo #Indie

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Thanks to Epic Games for sponsoring this video! Download Fortnite: BECOME A MEMBER - LT.SOUNDS iOS - LT.SOUNDS ANDROID - LT.ARMY APPAREL - LT.ARMY DISCORD - TWITCH - Social Media! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Sponsors GFUEL - (Code LT for 10% off) Elgato - KontrolFreek - (Code LT for 10% off) Submit Your Friend/Enemy To Be Trolled By Me What's up guys! LT.LICKME here! Today I present Mr Steal Your 13! Hope you enjoy and if you did smash the like button for me. Track list: (credit to rightful owners) Intro Beat Keith Ape x Rich Chigga Type Beat 2018 Vic Grimes - Hammers Instrumental Grizzly Beatz - The Force Hatred- Storytelling music Travis Scott Type Beat || "Mayhem" - Ocean G-Eazy - The Beautiful and Damned (Album) (Type Beat)

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Whatever happened to all the real men? Oh, we see plenty of masculine imagery in movies and TV. Healthy, successful, attractive guys with gorgeous women hanging all over them. We yearn to be those men – but these images don’t tell us how to become like them. Maybe we try to fake it by buying a nice suit or an expensive car – but deep down, we know we’re just pretending, so nothing really changes. I used to be a guy like that too – faking my way through life, bored at my job, always in the “friend zone” with the women I wanted… dreaming big and hoping next year would be different but living all too small. That all changed when I found out where the REAL male mentors are… built strong friendships with them… and let them teach me how to take back my masculine power once and for all. These powerful men told me things my father never told me… about women, finance, physical health, and how to become the strongest version of myself. And after a decade of intensive mentorship, I now want to pass this knowledge on to you. It’s time to shatter your chains, and start living the life you know you deserve – as a strong grounded man. I’m offering my exclusive 90-minute, 30-video training course on becoming a strong, grounded man… absolutely FREE, for a very limited time. Just click here to get your copy, and take control of your life today → ----- I’m Marni the wing girl, and I’ve spent the last decade helping tens of thousands of men go from being Mr. Nice Guy to Mr. Holy S&*T, I Want Him!!! Every product I create, every conference I put on, every coaching call I make, I have one simple mission. . . give the good guy the edge. You are about to learn everything you need to know about women. Including the things that women would never want you to know. Early Challenge Marni used to be all the guys she worked with. She was intimidated by beautiful women, put women on pedestals and could never be her self in front of pretty women. And at age 20 Marni had a stroke from all the social anxiety and pressure that she put on her self. This affected her confidence, self esteem and the way she presented herself to the world. Ah-Hah Moment While at a party that was very dull Marni decided to mix the group together by introducing men to women. She created an experience for the guests at the party and felt she was responsible for the positive outcome of the party. Marni went home and the idea came to her: to help men meet women and become their best selves. =================================== Engage with Knowledge For Men: W E B S I T E: F A C E B O O K: I N S T A G R A M:

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In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. talks about how men can stop being mr. nice guy. He discusses why nice guys often finish last with the ladies. New videos every day at 4PM Eastern discussing men's lifestyle topics such as men's style, men's fashion, grooming, and dating. Subscribe Contact

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I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY ACCEPTED THE PENNIES!!! SUBSCRIBE FOR A FREE CAR ---------------------------------------------------------------- ► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS! • Twitter - • Instagram - --------------------------------------------------------------------

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parody of the classic song. written by ethan himself! here's our cover of the actual song! (subscribe while you're at it? ;)) hope hurricane harvey just goes away so that everyone in my lovely hometown htown can be safe & so that we can see more mr. blue sky. Percy: Annabeth: Nico: Jason: Piper: Leo: Hazel: Frank: Reyna: Calypso: Rachel: Thalia: Drew: Clarisse: Ashley: Travis: Connor: Katie: The Great Us: DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PERCY JACKSON HEROES OF OLYMPUS CHARACTERS! WE DO NOT OWN THE STORY LINE. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN AND DISNEY HYPERION PUBLISHING.

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Level 8 Music:

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Randy Marsh looking for a fight You got to put these cult people in their place

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Undead responds to a used up THOT

Channel Title : FarFromAverage

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Find out how to stop being a nice guy and learn the steps you need to take to unleash the alpha male within you.

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Welcome everybody to Life The Game! Life: The Game is a little flash game where it's your job to solve puzzles during many of lifes major moments! Marriage, Birth, Death, Puberty, Dating it's all there in Life the Game. I don't normally play the simple little flash games so let me know what you think. Thanks once again for all of your support :). Life The Game: ☆2nd Channel: ☆Support me on Patreon: ☆Facebook: ☆Twitch: ☆Twitter: ☆Instagram: Intro: Jamie Berry - Out of My Mind Outro: Jamie Berry & Paul Naylor - This Is For Everyone Original Mix

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Published Date : 2016-08-29T21:51:02.000Z FTO Logan McFarland & Patrolman Matthew Brown - Amarillo Police Department When FTO McFarland and Patrolman Brown pull over a vehicle for a traffic violation, they find a tell-all character who's experiencing a turning point in life. After reconciling with his mistreated ex-girlfriend, he's begun a mission of kindness. He has a beer he claims is being taken to a complete stranger and officers suspect he may be DUI. After a few sobriety tests, it's decided that with his car legally parked he can continue his pilgrimage, just on foot.

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Well this guy Donald Trump is President in 2016... Mr President is a game. I aint making fun of Trump. Its just a game. Also Ninjas... MR President Gameplay and Funny Moments - ► SUBSCRIBE! - ► FOLLOW ME! - ►How I Make Videos! ►ASTRO Gaming! Awesome Headphones and Gear! ►Bloody Legend Merch! - ►Follow me on Twitch - Social Media! ►Twitter - ►Facebook - ► Instagram - ►FAQ! Who Designed Your Intro? What is Your Intro Music? What Headphones/Chair do you use? Razer Headphones ( go to the site youll see) DXRacer Chair

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Watch the official music video for "The Saga Begins" performed by "Weird" Al Yankovic Music video by Weird Al Yankovic performing The Saga Begins. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 8,874 (C) 1999 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC #WeirdAlYankovic #TheSagaBegins #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo

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You wont find an other man like me

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This casanova guzzles down a healthy dose of reality when he realizes he has made a big mistake.

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Published Date : 2016-02-26T17:01:17.000Z


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Mr. Hand asks Mr. Bill to help him tell the story of the Dead Beat Guy. Mr. Bill is a great actor, but it's just his luck that his character owes an arm and a leg! Based on Matthew 18:21-35. Brought to you by The Bridge Church. Visit us online at

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Published Date : 2012-01-25T20:48:58.000Z

Not your ordinary Orton video. Ever since YouTube-star "Nigahiga" released this song, I had this MV concept stuck in my head. After some while I just made up my mind and thought it might be some nice contrast to all the other random and generic Orton videos I had edited before. And believe it or not.. I actually tried to improve my visual effects this time lol. Some people might think this song is a bad choice for Orton, but in my humble opinion I consider it as pretty fitting. I know my editing wasn't clean a hundred percent, but I'm quite proud of the final outcome. So let me know your likes and dislikes! Songs used (in order): "Nice Guys" by Ryan Higa feat. Kevjumba and Chester See "Song Of Storms Dubstep Remastered Remix" by Ephixa Credit: CV for the signature

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JOIN THE CREATIVE WEIRDO FAM! SUBSCRIBE!: Thanks to HP for sponsoring this video! #Ad #ytunboxed #reinventgiving Learn more about the Spectre at: Head over to the YouTube Holidays Unboxed channel at to check out the latest and greatest unboxings this holiday season PIN PICTURES FROM THIS ROOM: LET'S GET SOCIAL: Snapchat: MrKate Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: MORE INTERIOR DESIGN CHALLENGES: $300 BEDROOM MAKEOVER: $300 LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER: ROOM MAKEOVER FOR CATS: MORE MAKEOVERS! OMG WE'RE COMING OVER: ADELAINE MORIN’S YELLOW BEDROOM: LIZA KOSHY’S DREAM OFFICE: LIZA KOSHY’S GUEST BEDROOM: 10K GIVEAWAY ROOM TRANSFORMATION: ALISHA MARIE'S BEDROOM: HOLY TRINITY OFFICE: JESSIE PAEGE'S RAINBOW ROOM: _________________________ Creative Credit: Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: A Mr. Kate Production Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri and Tiro Rose Edited by: Vianne Robitaille Sound: Rafael Montiel

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"Hi Sandman, I recently got turned on to your MGTOW videos and I'm hooked. You have opened my eyes to the maniacal and diabolical ways of women in ways that I cannot describe. Thank you! I would like for you to discuss this article that I've attached, entitled, "Dear Girls Who Are (Finally) Ready To Date Nice Guys: We Don't Want You Anymore." It was written in April 2014, but it's still relevant today, and definitely has a profound MGTOW message. Thanks again for all you do." Well Black Crow thanks for the donation and article. I've put the link in the description so everyone knows what the hell I'm talking about. Anyways I just want to clear something up before I analyze this article about so called nice guys turning down women. When women say they want nice guys they don't mean guys that treat them well. They mean guys that looks nice and is sexy and has money. That's what they mean by nice. So many guys tell me but I was a nice guy and took her to dinner, bought her flowers and assembled her Ikea furniture. That's not a nice guy, that's a damn fool. I'll tell you what a nice guy would do in that situation. He'd take her out to dinner, force her to pay for half take the receipt and claim it as a tax write off for his business. And still go home with her and get her in the sack. Why is he a nice guy you ask? Because he turns her on physically and is her soul mate because he treats her the way that she would treat a man. She would use him and insult him so when he does this to her it just makes sense. The bad boy insults a woman and still gets her. The nice guy is weeny begging for it and nothing turns women off like a needy man. This article is mostly talk from blue pill men that are just dying to become provider mules for women. At least they were until they had the idea that they were the prize and not her. For that I have to applaud the author Leo Steven for. But he only gets it half right. Here's a short section of the article from the point of view of a nice guy so you be the judge and I quote: "I was wonderful to you, I was a gentleman. I treated you with respect, like a lady deserves to be treated. I enjoyed your company and you had my full attention. I didn’t expect anything in return except a chance to win your heart. I’m stable, I’m a good provider, I want marriage and kids in my future. I’m the man of your dreams, but you couldn’t see that. Or maybe you just didn’t care. You were pretty preoccupied with your texting. But now you’re ready to date me? Really? You’ll excuse me if I’m not jumping for joy. You’ve dissed me, rejected me, took advantage of me, dodged my goodnight kiss and couldn’t wait to get away from me. Now suddenly you want me? Sorry, I’m not buying it. In your twenties you barely gave me the time of day. Meanwhile you were jumping in bed with any guy with a neck tattoo or a prison record. Why would I date you?" So there you have it folks a blue pill man realizing that the woman was not worth the squeeze in her thirties and is now a sour lemon compared to the sweet nectarine she used to be in her twenties. She didn't give you the best years of her life but now she expects the best years of your life. Dear Girls Who Are (Finally) Ready To Date Nice Guys: We Don't Want You Anymore 10 pictures paid for and licensed through (In order of appearance) 1. rdrgraphe - bad boy with a black leather jacket 2. alphaspirit - Boy leader of a gang of slum 3. Ulianna - School Boy In Businessman Suit 4. studiostoks - Spam phone bad call business communications businessman work 5. Duplass - Angry Young Black Adult Male with Handguns 6. olly2 - Fighting Hard 7. olly2 - portrait of young man grimacing 8. Minerva Studio - Man listening to the angel and devil self to make a choice 9. Luna Vandoorne - Young handsome problematic boy looking up 10. rdrgraphe - the victory - handsome bad boy

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Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS Mr. Right Guy · Elias & The Wizzkids Mr. Right Guy ℗ Hybris Released on: 2009-06-23 Artist: Elias & The Wizzkids Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Just hit 100 likes *AWESOOOOME* :D

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WOODSTOCK available now! Official video for "Feel It Still" Go to for the full interactive version of the video. There you'll find 30 tools of #theresistance to fight apathy and injustice hidden in the film. Download/Stream: Follow Portugal. The Man Website: FB: IG: TW: SC: YT: Tumblr: PRODUCTION COMPANY: PRETTYBIRD Director: Ian Schwartz Executive Producer: Derek Richmond Director: fourclops ;;) Executive Producer: Candice Dragonas DP: Michael Ragen Line Producer: Judy Craig 1st AC: Eric Macey Production Coordinator: Richard Theisen 2nd AC: Peggy Knobel AD: Javier Vargas DIT: Guy Wagner 2nd AD: Dylan Morris Steadicam: Sam Naiman Location Scout/Mgr: Tucker Wysong Production Designer: Jonny Fenix Truck PA: Josh Pino Art Director: Dave Koenig Pass Van PA: Ben Arnold Set Dresser: Nate Smith Set PA: Chris Barga Art Shopper: Emily Weck Set PA: Michael Diallo Stylist: Elena Crowson Set PA: Keaton Suskie Wardrobe/Stylist Asst.: Rebecca Therkelsen Set PA: Jared Wong Hair/Makeup: Jessica Needham Key Grip: Fro Waters Gaffer: Jake Lyon Best Boy Grip: Keegan Larson Electric: Michael Weiss Grip: Clay Caldwell Best Boy Electric: Justin Ward Medic: Lucas Buckhardt Swing: Cory Standridge TALENT Dancers: Jungwho Kim, Daisy Lim, Westin Kmetz Activist: Chidozie Urom Whig Senators: Craig Kennedy, Angus Viera Rapper: The Last Artful, Dodgr Couple: Hailey Henry, Levi Appelton POST Editor: Ernie Gilbert Graphics/FX: Eugene McMahon On-Set Editor: Nic Adenau Telecine: Greg Reeves at The Mill Telecine Producer: Thatcher Peterson, Diana Valera INTERACTIVE Video Technology: WIREWAX Head of Development: Jose Rego Lead Developer: Jennifer Mah Javascript Developer: John Flockton

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"No, he's just dead." Season 7 Episode 13: Sleep cycle

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Published Date : 2018-01-07T08:17:28.000Z

We criticise politicians for being dishonest but the truth about life is that, most of us are driven by self interest and greed. It might be hard to acknowledge that, but thats the reality we live in. This video explains Machiavelli's ideas and argues why you should learn the dirty tricks in life, not necessarily use them but to be careful not be taken advantage of. Why A students work for C students: You Will stay poor if think like this: Get 2 Free Audio Books: For More Great Content: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Music by Kevin MacLeod

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I ACTUALLY FLEW THIS TIME OMG SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG ---------------------------------------------------------------- ► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS! • Twitter - • Instagram - --------------------------------------------------------------------

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Published Date : 2014-11-07T20:12:34.000Z

In this video I talk about the ODS (Oxygen depletion system). I show how the pilot system is the key to the safety function of the heater. You can see that the ODS system is a simple mechanism that is used to control the output from the propane bottle. It is like the greatest thing since sliced bread. When you take out the complexity of anything and bring it to it's bare operating needs, it appears to work more reliably and requires less maintenance. This is why this system appears on pretty much all propane burners. Why mess with perfection. I feel secure with the system. OK well not enough to forgo the CO/2 detector but comfortable enough to sleep with it on, and a CO/2 detector strapped to my forehead (lol). When the pilot light burner become coated with carbon you will notice that the flame will spit orange. This means it is time to clean the nozzle out with a q-tip and some fluid ( isopropyl alcohol is a good choice). If you store the unit in the summer in a clean dry area and place it in a plastic bag you will most likely eliminate the need for the autumn cleaning. You know the compressor or can of compressed air. IMPORTANT! This is something I meant to mention in the video but for some insane reason forgot to. FACT! For every ounce of propane you burn you put two ounces of water into the air. So if you are planning to use this in a non insulated area expect to create rain. The moisture will condensate on the cold walls. Think of that ice cold bottle on that hot hummid day. remember how the bottle got all wet on the outside. Well thats what will happen to the interior of where ever you put this heater. I used it on a night when the temperature was around 35 degrees Fahrenheit and the windows on my van had moisture on the inside. Easily taken care of with the defroster on high for a couple of minutes. This could be more of a problem than it is worth and I will be watching it carefully. I also noticed a sent of spent propane. I don't believe it is dangerous, but it can make you feel nervous. Propane just smells like that when it is being burnt. It is always important to follow the manufacturer's instruction and warnings. I hope this info helps ya out and gives you the a better idea of if a heater like this will work for you. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, AND LIKE. It will help this video's ranking and it will allow you to keep up with any new input to this video. CHEERS MATES! Affiliate links: Amazon: U.S. U.K. Banggood EBAY

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Dumbest reaction I've ever heard

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There's only one logical explanation... They Came Together.

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Published Date : 2017-07-30T16:59:10.000Z


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Music video by Mr. C The Slide Man performing Cha-Cha Slide. (C) 2000 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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This is the first episode of mr random guy, it will be a series released were i interveiw random people about just about anything. enjoy SUBSCRIBE

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viewer discretion is advised

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Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой. Оригинальный клип. Исполняет Эдуард Хиль.

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just me, having fun and fooling around


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