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Published Date : 2018-04-04T15:12:18.000Z

5:23 baby Donny is alone, he lay down on the rock look so pity, however baby Jessie is running to comfort his friend. Donny meet his mother Dana now. Donny to find mom and relax a little while near big female monkey Merry, he seems need nurse because his mom leave him alone so long. Jessie always want to comfort him and he finally meet his mother. Donny then continue walking to another destination, mom not care much about him. Thank you for watching and subscribe us Nature Monkey

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Very poor baby Heidi so hungry&hurt on eye&nose coz bad adult monkey make fall down, Thank you for watching our video please like and subscribe By Nature Monkey,

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Popeye Weaning Baby Polly, What Will Happen When Weaning Time Come. Now just the a bit weaning and it will be more for the monkey stop make their baby milk. Please subscribe the channel to get more fantastic video and thanks for watching , Share and Like the short films.

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This is a continue story from part 1 3:26 Big monkey Possum is dragging baby and run so fast, he really attempted to make baby hurt. Everyone know he also did the same on Amara, Charles and other baby monkey. Bad guy :( 4:05 mother Connie is staying around her baby, Belley arrive and Connie suddenly hit little monkey Belley, little monkey scare and call his mom for help. His mother run and try to kick off Connie for warning her baby. 9:25 Connie cry and so hurt to see her baby painful and terrified but she could not help or do anything to stop Possum from his bad habit. 11:26 Connie, Possum and Chikis are sitting very close to each other, baby Chikis is running from Possum to catch his mother. He could reach his mother's hand, baby is so happy and hope that his mother will save him. Unfortunately, it was not what he expected. His mother did not even take any action, mother did not help but instead eating. I don't understand why she is so coward, she did not even try when she could. I think this is very good chance for her to get her baby back - but nothing is work for her to change her mind to be stronger. Baby Chikis is still stay with Possum which he does not like at all, this is become his bad dream ever. Thank you for watching and your kind support :) Please subscribe us if you like our video and want to see more updated. Sincerely yours, Nature Monkey

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Congratulation to newly mother, she is finally give birth to her baby, baby is not really good since the first sign as mom dose not know how to nurse, carry and feed baby. Newborn baby monkey repeat falling down as mom does not know how to carry. Baby look weak but hopefully his/her could learn quickly how to nurse baby in the right way. to be continued.. thank you for watching and please stay turn for update video Nature Monkey

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Part 2: Pity baby Chikis is crying again and again because of bad female monkey Possum. There is no word to describe how cruel she did on baby monkey. Baby is suffer until 5:12 mom is grabbing her baby and run away, Chikis is back to mom. Connie feed him milk and put him to nap. Thank you for watching and subscribe us Nature Monkey

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Pity baby Jessie today got hit and bite by female monkey Amari because of mother Sasha left baby alone. Baby is scare without mom, so she go to Amari for help to find her mother, baby is riding on her back but Amari got so angry then bite baby Jessie. Jessie is crying so loudly call mom. After heard her baby is crying, she decided to come and take her baby to nurse. Jessie got a breastfeed now.

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This is all about the information of group amber,, most of the baby monkey are together and play so happy. Mothers meet each other and sharing how to take care baby. All babies are busy making friend and play. Baby Micah and Rey are coming to visit old monkey Eugene, they both don't want to leave him and stay close to him. Rey and Micah seems to have the same blood of Eugene. Eugene remain quiet even a lot of baby monkey playing surrounded him until ... 9:45 Little monkey come to play with Micah and Rey, she/he play bite baby Rey, Eugene angry and bite him/her into the ground but he act so rude on little monkey. Thank you for watching and subscribe us! Nature Monkey

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0:44 all babies monkey are following their king Achap make him boring then hit one of the baby monkey, poor Donny got hit down. 4:18 What baby Donny doing? this is so funny reaction, did you? 4:38 baby Donny then come back to mom but mom try to escape, See what baby Donny doing after mom not care about him. Donny try to get mom groom as much as possible, he is growing big and big everyday. Thank you very much for watching and subscribe us! Nature Monkey

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Poor baby Milto cry until exhausted then fall asleep, he is trying to escape from everyone to find a place he could relax. He is missing his mom so much. We hope you will be alright and by that time arrive we will bring you to meet your mother. Be strong, Milto. Thank you for watching and subscribe us for more.. Nature Monkey

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0:46 What wrong with king monkey Achap, why he bite baby Sweetie until fall down on the stone like this? Poor Sweeties does not know anything why Alpha bite her. 1:38 small monkey Kari go down, i think she want to groom baby Sherri but her mother Merry bite her so mean. Kari is screaming and run so far, Merry attack Kari. Small monkey DeeDee run to save Kari. So Merry need to fight with 2 small monkeys now. Good that DeeDee come to save Kari. Merry is so mean today, she even want to continue the fight, All monkeys are separate and Merry take her baby to relax near by, female monkey Sasha try to comfort Merry after a hot fight. Thank you for watching and subscribe us for more.. Nature Monkey

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Today we had a new young pigtail monkey join the group of Amari. That young pigtail monkey has been released to have a freedom and they way she should live by his owner. The owner bring her live in the group area. Owner remove the chain out of her neck, very unfortunately around her neck still remain the shape of chain. She look skinny and used to human then her own nature monkey. She is pretty close to her owner, she learn how to ride mother, hug, kissing, running and she was so happy to see the big world in the forest. She try to climb and jump on the tree very happy for her new life. Even though she happy with the nature, she still does not want to leave her owner, she try to hug and stay near her owner every time. Her owner try to go many time but she always run to his owner which is very emotional to watch her face impression and her action. This guy give some holy water and blessing to her new life, be healthy and smart. Pigtail monkey will going to miss her owner so bad. No matter how hard she try to get her owner, he finally left her in the group and hoping she could start her new life as she should get. Young pigtail monkey is very sad, she try to run and looking around her owner, but He Gone. I hope Teresa could rescure her and accept to take her to family and hopefully she not get attack by big monkey. Please give her love and pray for her new life. I do hope the group leader could accept her to stay in his group.. Thank you for watching and subscribe us Nature Monkey

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Oh No! Popeye hit Her baby monkey Polly,poor polly cry seizure and lay on the Ground,Hi everyone after watching please kindly leave your comment here And share with your friend Also like and subscribe For more videos everyday, Have a good luck everyday,

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0:55 Jessie want to play with baby Brutus Jr, Jill bite Jessie until fall down from the stone, Jessie is screaming. Jessie stop cry and continue to play with her friends like Sweetie, Sherri, Aiden and Donny so happy. However, today everyone seems not welcome Jessie to stay close to Brutus Jr as Jill, Ashley and Merry try to push her out. Thank you very much for watching and subscribe us for more.. Nature Monkey

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1:22 Mother Big Bertha seem does not want her baby for milk 4:38 - 6:42 Baby Patty is hungry and try to take his milk, mother Grace slap her baby and start WEANING her baby. Baby Patty cry so much loudly. Patty crying and screaming so much. Your voice is breaking my heart, why Grace become so self-fish and nasty like this on her baby, poor you baby. 7:56 Grace push on baby Ginger make Big Bertha angry and screaming at Grace, Grace try to comfort her. Thank you for watching and subscribe us for more video update everyday, See you on Nature Monkey

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Hello everyone, how are you today? Big monkey Eugene got a lot of baby monkeys and little monkey are coming to visit him. He just relax and sleep and other baby and little monkey are playing around. There is one of the baby monkey is sleeping on him, oh watch what little monkey Pipper doing? he act like .. ? i will let you answer for this part. The highlight of the video start at 1:32 Eugene wake up and he try to warning little monkey Pipper for being mess at baby monkey. Pipper is beseeching and run away. 4:08 What little monkey Micah is trying to play on Pipper? 4:57 Eugene is getting mess with one of the baby monkey and he suddenly kick baby and pluck baby hair being so nasty. Baby monkey is scaring a lot. 6:12 All monkeys are running included Eugene because of dog is coming. Monkey scare dog. It is nice to see April, Violat and Daisy are together, have a great evening. Thank you for watching and subscribe us for more. Nature Monkey

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Published Date : 2008-11-05T13:42:34.000Z When monkeys left the forest and began living in open grasslands, they had to adapt. Baboons, for example, became more aggressive and predatory. Baboons will move around in groups of about 80 individuals for defense. Often, the larger males will go on offense as well -- chasing away predators or taking down a young gazelle. "Clever Monkeys" airs on PBS Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 8 p.m. (check local listings). Narrated by F. Murray Abraham, "Clever Monkeys" is part of the 28th season of the Peabody and Emmy award-winning series produced by Thirteen in association with WNET.ORG for PBS. Major support provided by Canon U.S.A. Inc. For more information, visit

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Very good Mom Duchess clean baby Duke dirty place for good health,Baby Duke so happy Mom nurse Thank you for watching our video please like and subscribe By Nature Monkey,

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Poor old mother Tima shout very loudly scare of Amber Group invader her place. All babies are screaming to welcome their king Achap. Brutus Jr is one of the baby who try to get closer with Achap, however it is not what he expected. Achap fight baby Brutus Jr no reason, baby scare and run away to meet big male Marcus. All baby try follow Marcus. It is time for Amber Group invader Amari group again today. Thank you very much for watching and subscribe for more.. Nature Monkey

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Thank you for watching our video please like and subscribe By Nature Monkey,

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The Bandit Diaries - Entry #2 - A view into the life of the Bandit troop of wild Vervet monkeys here at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. On this episode you will meet Tripod a one armed bandit monkey who is a legend here at the VMF. Han Solo fights Robert troop through the fence. I introduce you to Eyebrows and her family and friends. Also poor Greg can't find his favorite plate and goes home sad. The Vervet Monkey Foundation is a wildlife rehab center for Vervet monkeys in South Africa. The idea behind this monkey videos is to present you with the ability to simply observe a troop of wild Vervets in this unique monkey habitat in South Africa. Animal rehabilitation is very important to us, so are animal rights. I hope that you enjoy viewing this peaceful nature documentary HD. The shows intention is to be like a National Geographic or Planet Earth style wildlife documentary. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments below. Please remember to like, subscribe and share this video with your friends. :) Donate to help the monkeys - How to volunteer in South Africa at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. I suggest you download the PDF, it's got prices and all sorts of info - If you’d like to purchase photos or wallpaper packs of the baby monkeys visit - Instagram... @Vervet_Forest - for photos and videos of the babies, updated a few times a day - Twitter - @Vervet_Forest - to keep up with all the happenings throughout the day at the Vervet Monkey Foundation - To learn more about the Vervet Forest wildlife reserve project visit - Official Facebook of the Vervet Monkey Foundation - Official Facebook of the Vervet Forest - The Gear Used to Create the Show and Links to Purchase... Sony Fs700 - Canon 7dmk2 - Canon 24-70mm Lense - Canon 100-400mm Lense - Benro S8 Tripod - Feisol Mini Tripod - Tascam DR-10L Microphone - Memory Cards - Light Stand - Light for Filming Babies - Interview Light 1 - Interview Light 2 - Drone DJI Mavic Pro - Suggested Reading To Learn About Monkeys, Animal Behavior and A Plant Based Diet... Nicko, the tale of a vervet monkey on an African farm - Facts About The Vervet Monkey (A Picture Book For Kids - How Monkeys See the World - Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals - Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel - The Emotional Lives of Animals: A Leading Scientist Explores Animal Joy, Sorrow, and Empathy ― and Why They Matter - The Rise of Conservation in South Africa: Settlers, Livestock, and the Environment 1770-1950 - The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals - The Forks Over Knives Plan: How to Transition to the Life-Saving, Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet - Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret - Recommended Vegan Documentaries... Food Matters - What The Health - Forks Over Knives - Cowspiracy - Food Inc. - Vegucated - If you've got any more questions, suggestions or things you'd like to see in future episodes please leave us a comment, we'd love to hear from you. **These animals are not pets they are rescued wildlife undergoing a rehabilitation program at a vegan animal rescue and rehabilitation center called the Vervet Monkey Foundation in the Limpopo province of South Africa**

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Thank you for watching our video please like and subscribe By Nature Monkey,

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Hello beloved subscribers and visitors!! Here's video about Monkey Sok Love human baby and she want to carry baby up..and she always take care baby don't allow anyone closely with baby

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In the frigid valleys of Japan’s Shiga Highlands, a troop of snow monkeys make their way and raise their families in a complex society of rank and privilege where each knows their place. Their leader is still new to the job and something of a solitary grouch. But one little monkey, innocently unaware of his own lowly social rank, reaches out to this lonely leader, forming a bond with him that manages over time to warm his less than sunny disposition. It is a rare and remarkable gesture that alters both their lives. Changing seasons bring new babies to care for, a profusion of insects and blossoms to eat, family disagreements to squabble over and tragedies to overcome. Mating season brings competition for females as the days grow shorter and colder in a rush toward winter. But with their now confident leader to guide them and their families to shelter and care for them, this troop of snow monkeys is ready to face the world.

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Published Date : 2018-06-17T14:53:41.000Z


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Published Date : 2017-09-27T16:21:57.000Z

Subscribe to Love Nature: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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Sick baby monkey Lori crying loudly to nature, Poor baby monkey losing mom for awhile Hello ladies and gentle men. welcome to Amazing monkey zone. Hope all of you love and feel happy with all of this monkey. Thank for watching please drop like,comment and subscribe to get latest videos : Follow: Official Facebook: Official Youtube: Official Twitter: Official Pinterest:

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Very lovely monkey Sok is happy to play with baby human - she like baby alot, Sok talk and teach baby how to play. Sok lay down and play with baby look very lovely. Thank you very much for watching and subscribe for more.. Nature Monkey

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Lovely to see all of these monkey are well and safe. Mother is taking care her baby and baby is busy playing around. Babies are so pretty and adorable. But then they are no so well because of the present of Donkey, he is a bad king. no one love him. 6:46 what baby is thinking of? why he sleep on the land like this? Where is your mom? Thank you for watching ! Nature Monkey

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PS: My apologize for the bobble to mentioned baby Rose but it was not Rose after figure out. He look completely the same as Rose, but he is a male monkey and a new monkey. So you may heard my calling remain call Rose This is another poor baby pigtail monkey has been released to the Amber group today, very unfortunately baby pigtail got attack by king Achap, he got a deep wound on his left leg because by Achap bite. We are not sure this baby pigtail background yet but said by the other people that he is a new monkey. We will find it out tomorrow. Baby now so weak and hurt his wound, we rescued him and bring him home to clean his wound with antibiotic Betadin. He a bit screaming but has no power to move and screaming loud. We put baby to sleep and hopefully he will not wake up and hurt at midnight, poor you. To be continued.. Thank you for watching and please subscribe us for more.. Nature Monkey

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1:05 cute baby Aiden follow Sweetie to meet Dolly, but Dolly bite baby, Aiden cry and run to mom, Maria comfort her baby. Sweetie is scare to ask mom for grooming, she usually come to see Maria and ask her sometimes to groom her. Lori is also walking alone without mom. Lori is coming to play with Aiden and also try to cling on Maria to get warm. I feel so sad to see Both Sweetie and Lori lack of warm Thank you for watching and subscribe us for more Nature Monkey

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Pity baby Nanda now is wet and shaking cool after Donkey attack his mother Diamond and fall into water. Diamond help to comfort her baby next to her chest and give him breastfeed to warm up his body. Mother bring him to nurse on the tree and baby now is sleeping. Thank you for watching and subscribe us for more.. Nature Monkey

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Amari is not a lucky day, she got choke her food-poor mother Lori Lori stay close to her mother most of the time and cry if Amari try to leave her. PS: my apologize about the quality of the video is not so clear as it was getting dark, hope it is okay. Have a wonderful weekend ! See you soon on Youtube Channel-Nature Monkey

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We let monkey go out with nature monkey love bathing. Monkey gets a bath, funny intro monkey bath playtime with nature We are sorry if we have any mistakes Please Like, Share & Subscribe my channel: Facebook; #bibimonkey #mitmenly

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Hello everyone, how are you doing? As you all know female monkey Duchess's bad habit is to kidnap other baby monkey from their mother and today he is chasing around his little brother Solo from mom Queen. Baby Solo try to run to mom for help. Solo is back to Queen and Queen try to keep her newborn baby away from Duchess, too. There are so many monkey meeting today like Daisy & Rey, Violat & Lino, Mona & Luna and Selly & Vino. Baby Vino still hungry because he could have enough milk everyday. Selly always like to keep baby hungry before give her baby a milk. Baby Vino learn how to eat the real food now and he try to survive by himself. 7:35 our cute baby Vino like female monkey Teresa very much, he run very quick to hug Teresa and request for milk as he start to hungry. Very unfortunately, Teresa could not have a milk for him. Anyway, Vino still like to be nursed by Teresa. 8:12 Mother Selly walk closely to her baby, she sit next to them for a very short time then she get mess and attack Teresa. Teresa run a bit further. Female monkey Queen try to comfort Selly. Thank you very much for watching and subscribe us for more.. Nature Monkey

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1:38 Rojo try to stand and walking to play with the puppy- it is so funny reaction and interaction between monkey and dog. 9:15 it rarely see Donkey play with King Kong, i hope they could help each other to protect the group. All babies monkey are trying to play with Donkey even though he not really easy going monkey but he try to play with babies monkey, too. Donkey love Bronco the most and Kingkong like to catch and play with Micah then anyone. Let grow the happiness and peaceful ever.. Thank you very much for watching and subscribe us for more.. Nature Monkey

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Watch the full-length program at (US Only) As winter months fade away, the forest becomes a nursery for this troop of snow monkeys: The newborns are full of energy and curiosity, and are blissfully unaware of dangers or troop politics. Snow Monkeys airs Wednesday, April 23 at 8 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings). For more, visit

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Published Date : 2012-09-20T14:20:48.000Z

This troop of Macaque Monkeys battle to protect their Indian temple home from a rival troop. While they defeat their enemies one poor baby monkey is lost in the fight. Watch as the mother and rest of troop mourn for the loss of the baby in combat. For more great nature and animal videos from Love Nature make sure to follow us at or at any of our other socials: Facebook - Instagram - Twitter -

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Capuchin monkeys swing from the trees and forage for food in this clip from the acclaimed BBC TV series, 'Wild Caribbean'. Subscribe: WATCH MORE: New on Earth: Oceanscapes: Wild Thailand: Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of astounding, entertaining, thought-provoking and educational natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this. Want to share your views? Join our fan panel: This is a channel from BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes. Service information and feedback:

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Funny monkeys in this funny monkey videos compilation. Cute baby monkey and funny adult monkeys videos. Orangutan, chimp, capuchin monkey and more. Thanks for watching! Here's our Facebook page: And be sure to subscribe and join the fun :)

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Nature Life Vivi Ep 12 - Baby Monkey And Mom Selly. The monkey mom and baby is now finding food by waiting tourist come to give them but baby is love to move and walk play with friends. So please watching the video right now and if you like my video please share this to your friends. Thank you so much for watcing the video. For more social media is here SP BBlover Facebook SP BBlover Bloger SP BBlover Tumblr SP BBlover Twister SP BBlover Google+ SP BBlover Reddit

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Marvel at this epic story, seen through the eyes of the king of the resident golden baboons in the Luangwa Valley, one of the last true wildernesses in Africa. It appears to be an idyllic setting, but below this tranquil scene, is a concentration of animal drama found nowhere else in Africa. Click here for more documentaries: For exclusive clips, follow us Facebook: Any queries, please contact us at: Content licensed by Sky Vision

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Poor skinny male monkey so scare of young male monkey from Amber Group. He is very scare want to escape as soon as possible. Young male monkey try check on this skinny male monkey. Thank you for watching and subscribe for more, Nature Monkey

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The crew follow a troop of Monkeys as they survive in the forest. A series that demonstrates the remarkable diversity of six animal families: the colobus monkey, the one-horned Indian rhino, the zebra, the bowhead whale, the grizzly bear and the Baikal seal. Through breathtaking photography, we gain an intimate understanding of the rich family life of these fascinating animals. Click here for more documentaries: For exclusive clips, follow us Facebook: Any queries, please contact us at:

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Very poor Skinny monkey look so exhausted no power sit,Our team try give more food him Thank you for watching our video please like and subscribe By Nature Monkey,


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