Nooran Sisters Akhiyan Nu Chain Na Aave....!

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Watch the sufi music duo Jyoti and Sultana Nooran perform a live session for the BBC Asian Network and BBC Radio 3.

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Akhiyan nu chain na aavey (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

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one of the best punjabi song ever :'( i miss my baby :'(

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Subscribe My Channel | Only On Crazy Videos Live

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Presenting the official music video of Rab Da Karam featuring Nooran Sisters. Song - Rab Da Karam Album - Kamli Music - Jassi Nihaluwal Singers - Nooran Sisters Lyricist - Vijay Dhammi Video Director - Gaurav Jang Producer - Vijay Dhammi Arrangers/Programmers - Jassi Nihaluwal Set Rab Da Karam as your caller tune - SMS KAMLI7 To 57575 Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116187201 Vodafone Subscribers Dial 5379402419 Idea Subscribers Dial 567899402419 Reliance Subscribers SMS CT 9402419 to 51234 DoCoMo Subscribers SMS SET 9402419 to 543211 BSNL (South / East) Subscribers SMS BT 9402419 to 56700 BSNL (North / West) Subscribers SMS BT 6612364 to 56700 Aircel Subscribers SMS DT 6612364 to 53000 Connect with us on : Twitter - Facebook - YouTube -

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Nooran sister England tour 2017 new studio performance Akhiyan nu chain na awa sajna ghar aja

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Nooran Sisters Live | Live Mehfil In Singapore 2017

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Shot on IPHONE by M.A

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Hola My Happy People! 💕 Well !! I am much more than excited to share with you all, this video which is basically special to me because- 1* Its a family production :) We (my sister, bro in law and myself) shot this last month while we were on a family vacation. PS -Its the first time for them at shooting a music video and first time for me on the edit. Therefore really excited to share with you all✌️ 2* I am a massive fan of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab (Ankhiyan nu chain na aave.) & the legendary Gurdas Maan Sahab (Challa) and this Mashup gave me yet another beautiful opportunity to explore their worlds.☺️🎶 Hope you all like it as much I do.😍 PS- Please put your headphones on for this version and DON'T forget to SUBSCRIBE if you like it.😊 Thanks For Watching! For business inquiries, please reach out to: Email - or CONNECT with me @ Email - YouTube - Facebook - Instagram : Twitter : *All rights belong to the Original Music labels. No copyright infringement intended.

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Khawar Nawaz Qawal Of Pakpatan Sharif...a Musical Meeting With Him...

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This Sound Is Copyrighted Akhiyan Nu Chain Na Aave By Nooran Sisters Sufi Lines On Our Youtube Channel Mirza Writes #MirzaWrites,#Nooran Sisters,#NFAK If You Want To Watch More Videos You Must Have To Visted Our Youtube Chanel Facebook Page : Youtube Channel : Subscribe Our Channel New Naat Whatsapp Status Video Allah Hi Allah : -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Mujhe Dar Nahi Lagta | New Sad Whatsapp Status | Mirza Writes" Subscribe Our Youtube Channel For More Videos, Like Video ,Share With Your Loved,And Leave Your Comments Thanks For Watching.. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Facebook Page :

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ho (akhiyaaN nu chain na aave, sajnaa ghar aa jaa haradam teri yaad sataave, hun pheraa paa jaa) -2 dardaaN di maari, ro ro ke haari taangaaN teriyaaN ne mainu maareyaa, pyaareyaa akhiyaaN nu chain ... ho (sajnaa mere dard vanDhaa meri ujDi jog vaDhaa apnaa ban ke ghar nu aa hun takadi nu seene laa) -2 chhad ke tu tur gaion door ve keDi galle hoyaaN majaboor ve takadi hai raah tere muk jaaNde saa mere aajaa mere dil de saahaareyaa akhiyaaN nu chain na aave... teri yaad saton di hai raati neend na ondi hai doori bahut ravondi hai kalee jind kurlondi hai kise daa ve hij naion kareedaa sajnaa ve rab kolon Dareedaa karaaN tenu yaad ve sun fariyaad ve jhuTeyaa ve be-aitabaareyaa akhiyaaN nu chain na aave ... ho aa (sukh tere to vaare ne ronde nain vechaare ne tere jhuTe laare ne karade galaaN saare ne) -2 hove na je akhiyaaN ton ole ve keDaa bai ke dukh sukh phole ve kadaraaN na paayaaN tu toD na nibhaaiyaaN tu tere pichhe sab kuchh haareyaa akhiyaaN nu chain na aave ...

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After a very long time, the studio brings forth a series filled with experimental music that includes, mashups, covers, renditions and reprises along with a few added surprises. In this video, Abhishek, Hrijoy, Kashi, and Rohan embark on a musical journey where they mash up ED SHEERAN's hit "Shape Of You" with DESI LIFESTYLE's "Akhian Ni Chain Na Aave". A mindless concoction to something weridly musical. The team hopes that you guys like it. All Copyright belongs to the respective owners of the music.

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i hope you will stay strong for ever

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A Remake Video Of Ankhian Nu Chain Na Aave Edited By DBCreation

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Raja Hasan Bollywood Cover Song : Akhiyan Nu Chain Na Ave (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saheb) SHOOT : NIDHI RAAJ EDITOR : AJAY GUPTA MUSIC PRODUCER: RIDDHIMAN CHETTERJEE. Special Thanks : The Original Song Writer And Music Composer. Disclaimer : This video uploaded after got permission by Original up-loader. Cheers..!!!

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Akhiyan Nu Chain Na Aave By Rza Heer

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Best of nusrat fateh ali khan

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A Remake Video of Akhiyan Nu Chain Na Aave Edited By Unwal Ke Chhore

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Watch the sufi music duo Jyoti and Sultana Nooran perform a live session for the BBC Asian Network and BBC Radio 3.

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Nusrat fateh Ali khan sahb.#. Bandid queen#faviritesong

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( Jyoti and Sultana Nooran) Subscribe and get updates of all new videos of nooran sisters

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-={ पुष्पराज }=- शोएब , वसीम , अमन,

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New Punjabi Songs 2018 , Latest Punjabi Songs 2018 , New Punjabi Sad Songs 2018 , New Punjabi Romantic Songs 2018 , New Punjabi Romantic Songs 2018. Akhiyan Nu Chain Na Aave | Ps Tomar | Yuvraj Thakur | Latest Punjabi Songs 2018 | Sonotek Punjabi Sonotek Present "Akhiyan Nu Chain Na Aave" A Film By "Sonotek " a Latest New Punjabi Song 2018. Sonotek Punjabi presenting Song by "PS Tomar" Directed by " Ps Thakur " . Song : Akhiyan Nu Chain Na Aave Singer : PS Tomar Artist : Yuvraj Thakur, Deepak Gautam, Krati Sharma Lyrics : PS Tomar Music : PS Tomar Directed By: TK Cinematographer : Rahul Sharma & Jitu Production Manager : Ps Thakur Producer : Yuvraj Thakur Makeup Artist : Ashu Sanatta Hair Stylist : Hashi Haroon Editor - Tushar C. Bisht Spl. Thnx. : Jaswant, Satish, Sonu & Hemant #Sonotek Onwer :- #Hansraj Railhan, #Leela Krishan Railhan , #Rajesh Thukral, #Ankit Vij #Office Number:- 011-23268079 #Music Label & Copyrights :- Sonotek Cassettes #Mail Us Company Contacts :- Leela Krishan Ji +91-9212183337 Ankit Vij +91-9899429419 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy and stay connected with us!! Subscribe Sonotek Punjabi channel for unlimited entertainment :- Like us on Facebook :- Circle us on G+ :- Follow us on Instagram :- Follow us on Twitter :- Follow us on Dailymotion :- Follow us on Pinterest :- Follow us on Tumblr :- akhiyan nu chain na aave,ps tomar,yuvraj thakur,latest punjabi songs 2018,sonotek punjabi,new punjabi song,punjabi songs,punjabi music,punjabi latest songs,punjabi romantic songs,punjabi,koun hoyega punjabi song,chain na aaver ps tomar,yuvraj thakur new punjabi song,ps tomar new punjabi song,punjabi romantic song,deepak gautam,krati sharma,akhiyan ni chain na aave ps tomar,yuvraj thakur & krati sharma,ps tomar punjabi song,latest punjabi song,songs,2018

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Aman khan

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Dhola chadi na Nooran sister's new 2018 song Punjabi song Super hit song Indian punjabi song Song : Mahiyan Chhadin Naa Movie : Saggi Phull Singer : Nooran Sisters Music : Daljit Singh Lyrics : Miyan Bakhtawar Mix & Master: Mohamed Hassan Siddiqui Director / DOP : Shivtar Shiv Editor : Naresh S Garg Producer : Amitoz Shergill

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DiL se 💓💓💓💓


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