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Who are some of the playboys out there with the most insane playboy lifestyles?! You guys know all about Dan Bilzerian, but do you guys know about the playboy ways of the new King of Thailand? Or what about Prince Jefri, brother to the Sultan of Brunei? Find out about how these guys live their life and spend their money in unimaginable ways in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! In no particular order, here are a few of the most insane millionaire playboys! 8 - Jefri Bolkiah, The Prince of Brunei Have you guys ever heard of Prince Jefri Bolkiah? No? Well, he’s the playboy brother of the Sultan of Brunei. Anytime your title is a Prince, you most likely have a ton of money, or at least have access to a ton of money. Prince Jefri isn’t an exception, and he looooved to spend that money. At one point, he was reportedly spending an estimated $50 million dollars a month. That’s……..just insane! So what are some of the things he’s doing to spend that much money a month? Well, let’s start off by mentioning he owned a collection of over 2,300 cars that was composed of Bentleys, Ferraris, and Rolls-Royces . That collection of cars make his collection of five boats and eight private jets seem small by comparison! But uh, let’s talk about his fleet of boats real quick. One of his yachts is named pits, with its tenders named Nipple 1 and Nipple 2. This guy sound insane to you guys yet? Another example of him blowing through money was him paying $17 million for Michael Jackson to perform for his 50th birthday. Oh wait, that’s not really THAAAT ridiculous right? But wait. In order to have Michael Jackson perform, he needs a stadium. So he had a stadium custom-built for Michael to perform at! At least he was nice enough to make the concert free for people in his country. We can go on and on with some of the more “typical” purchases rich people make, such as thousands of custom made Versace and Armani suits or the over 150 homes he owned in 12 different countries. But what takes the cake has to be the um…..custom statues he’s built of himself and his wives performing let’s just call it “morning cardio” that he put on display at one of his houses. Seriously, who does this?! However, Prince Jefri probably had to rein back the spending just a little after authorities discovered that Jefri had personally blown through $14.8 billion from a government oil investment fund he was overseeing. But if you’re asking us…..he’s probably still doing what he’s doing! 7 - Dan Bilzerian If you’ve been on instagram for 5 minutes, you’ve probably seen Dan Bilzerian floating around. Dan is probably the most famous male Instagram celebrity who plays poker, shoots guns, and hangs out with a bunch of strippers! He’s been given the unofficial title as “Instagram’s Most Interesting Man.” If you hop on his account, you’ll see anything from him making big bets in casinos, or he may be boxing at the gym with Floyd Mayweather! His net worth is estimated at around $150 million dollars, but who knows what that figure actually is. Who even really knows how that money came to be because even though he claims to have made his money from poker, people that play poker in the nosebleed stakes like to call Bilzerian’s claim a bluff. However and wherever he got his money, we don’t care, because we do enjoy seeing his crazy antics on Instagram. He’s thrown an adult film actress off a roof, breaking her foot. He’s wakeboarded with his cat on his head. He’s biked from Vegas to LA just to try to win a prop bet against his friend Bill Perkins. Some people like to hate on his lifestyle and try to say that he pays for all his women, but you know what? We don’t care. Keep the crazy antics coming because at least they’re entertaining and do more than just show off money! Is there a more fitting “King of Instagram”?! Let us know in the comment section!

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What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found out about someone close to you? Imagine finding out that you were dating your brother or sister! Or imagine that your parents actually AREN’T your parents! Find out about some of the strangest things people could find out about each other in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few of the stranger things people have found out about someone they knew! 9 - All in the family Dating your sibling is probably one of the worst things we can think of. Well…….some parts of the internet will have you believing it’s all the rage, but we’re pretty sure all those scenarios are just make believe! One couple from South Africa are probably wishing they had met each other’s parents a little bit earlier into their relationship! The unnamed couple met while attending the same university, fell in love at first sight, and started a five-year long relationship before finally deciding to get married. This couple wanted wanted their single parents, his dad and her mom, to meet each other, just like most any other couple. Unfortunately, that meeting wasn’t as joyful as they’d all had hoped! When each of their respective parents met, they quickly realized they already knew each other very well. They used to be married! Their parents had split up decades ago because their mom was cheating on their dad. The dad took care of the son on his own, and the mom raised the daughter on her own. But really though, why wouldn’t the parents at least tell the kids that they had a sibling?! Especially if they were supposedly only living 50 miles apart? As if a 5 year relationship with your sibling isn’t bad enough, the girl was already pregnant and they were expecting their first child the next month! They eventually decided to split up….but I mean…..would they tell their kid? What would you guys do?! Let us know in the comments! 8 - Rich man, poor man Imagine being born to a rich family. Buuuuuut the twist is, you never knew about it until you’re 60! In what sounds like an outrageous movie plot, the baby of a wealthy Japanese family was switched with a poor Japanese family, causing the two babies to swap very different lives. What’s more, the mistake wasn’t uncovered until 60 years later in 2013, after both babies had grown up in completely opposite life circumstances. The Japanese man who ended up living with the rich family grew up with a personal tutor and went on to run a successful real estate company. The rich family’s actual child was instead raised in poverty. He had to go to night school while working in a factory before eventually becoming a truck driver. He never married, and instead focused on taking care of who he thought were his real brothers, one of whom had a stroke.The mix up was only discovered after the other siblings of the wealthy family noticed that their oldest brother looked nothing like any of them. They had a DNA test done, which finally revealed the truth. Tragically, the parents of the family passed away before the test was performed, so their actual biological brother never got to meet his real parents. His only compensation for missing out on the chance to meet his parents, and to live an entirely different life, was the $350,000 dollars the Tokyo Disctrict court ordered the hospital to pay for their mistake. The one happy takeaway from the story: the man was pleased to learn that his biological brothers wanted to build a relationship to make up for all the years together they’d missed! 7 - Lying doesn’t pay When most people win the lottery, they take it as an opportunity to go on a dream vacation or buy a new car. But for one woman in California, it was time to… divorce her husband? After winning the California state lottery, Denise Rossi quickly filed for divorce from her husband Thomas of 25 years, but forgot to mention one tiny detail, which was the $1.3 million dollars she had just won! Denise didn’t tell anyone about her $1.3 million dollar win, which she won just 11 days before filing for her divorce. Her ex-husband Thomas didn’t find out about her win for two years. He found out by getting a letter addressed to Denise from a company that pays out lump sums to lottery winners, and he basically put two and two together. After he figured it out, he took her to court.

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Did you know that the Egyptians basically worshiped cats?! Learn more about why they love cats and other amazing facts you didn't know about ancient Egypt! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are the most amazing facts you probably didn’t know about ancient egypt! 9 – Equality has been around, I told you! Seems like the society of ancient Egypt was well ahead of its time on this issue, because men and women were equal under the law! That meant women were free to live without a legal male guardian and could make their own decisions. There were however, certain limits in occupations. For example, a woman wouldn’t be allowed to hold a position in the army nor would a man be expected to be in charge of a household. However, everything else was equal. For example, women could marry whomever they wanted and later on divorce if things didn’t work out. Women could also buy and manage their own property, meaning a woman could inherit things down the female line in her family. Another fun fact was that neither six was favored when it came to childbearing, as both sixes were seen as equal. The Ancient Egyptian gods and goddess are another proof of how far the equality went, as each six was determined to be as important as the other, and that each six had a unique set of skills. Hey, that makes total sense to me, I KNEW men and women are different! Also, you might be surprised to learn that both sixes wore make-up, something that was more of a social norm rather than gender right. 8 – Who really built the pyramids? The pyramids are as grand and mesmerizing as they can be. Majestic establishments of up to 455 feet built in order to offer shelter for the part of the dad king’s soul that stayed behind. Let’s just keep in mind the different technology available at the time, so it’s just utterly amazing how these structures were built. Having structures as grand as pyramids proves just how advanced of a civilization existed on earth back in those times. If you try and think about the construction process, you probably get instant flashes of that Cleopatra movie where sloves are laboring their lives away while a supervisor slashes his whip on their backs. As it turns out, that is an extremely common misconception, and the one responsible for conjuring the myth is the Greek historian Herodotus, all the way back in the fifth century BC. While it is true that there were sloves in ancient Egyptian society, they were mostly used for domestic labors or for field work, tasks fairly easier compared to the tiring construction of the pyramids. Actual construction workers who were rather skilled were used for the pyramids – it was considered a huge honor to work on the pyramids and workers took pride in their work. Most of them were paid workers who took two or three-month shifts at the construction site and used to sleep and eat near the building area. In fact, they were entitled to so many rights, that they actually could do labor strikes if they didn’t get paid on time. One method of payment included beer, meaning that a day of work was worth almost a gallon and a half of beer! Hey, I think I know a few people nowadays who’d still sign up for this agreement! 7 – Hair?! Get outta here!! In many paintings and hieroglyphs dating back from Ancient Egypt, Egyptians are depicted with thick black shoulder-length hair, very often garnished with some golden details. However, don’t get it twisted, because it turns out that they actually despised hair! In fact, they hated hair so much that they removed every single hair on their bodyes except for their eyebrows. Fun fact, they even removed their eyebrows in times of great grief, such as the occasion of a beloved pet cat dying! Ancient Egyptians, especially those in the upper layers, shaved off their heads and wore wigs instead. A pharaoh didn’t allow for anyone to see him without his what are called ‘nemes’ on, a headpiece that covered his hair. Some data suggests that Egyptians shaved off their hair and opted for wigs instead in order to protect their head from the blazing sun.

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Who’re the lottery winners who aren’t exactly the brightest people?! You guys hear about Michael Carroll and his antics? Or how about one of the biggest winners ever, Jack Whittaker?! Find out about the spending habits of lottery winners who went broke in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! Follow me on Instagram here: New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are lottery winners who went completely broke! 9 - David Lee Edwards Can you guys imagine being on both ends of life? A life where you’ve been in jail, but where also you flew in a private plane between your homes? Well, that basically describes David Lee Edwards, a convicted felon from Ashland, Kentucky, who won a $27 million dollar lottery jackpot back in August 2001. But his ridiculousness free-spending ways left him and his wife broke and living in a storage unit within just FIVE years of winning 27 million dollars! If you’re wondering how someone can blow 27 million in 5 years, you’re definitely not alone. Let’s do some really quick math here. In his first year as a millionaire, Edwards spent TWELVE MILLION. SOMEone didn’t do their math right! So yeah there goes almost half his money right there. Edwards bought a $1.6million, 6,000-square-foot house in a private tennis and golf community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He spend $600,000 on another home nearby. He paid $1.9 million for a LearJet, bought three losing racehorses, and bought a fiber optics installation company and a limo business for $4.5 million. I’m gonna guess he probably didn’t exactly to do the discounted cash flows for THOSE acquisitions. Oh yeah, he also bought his daughter a $35,000 Hummer golf cart to drive around because she couldn’t actually drive at the time. At one point, he had a million dollars in vehicles parked in front of his house. His neighbors complained that his house in the upscale community started to look like a car dealership! You guys know the end. Because of his reckless YOLO spending, he lost every last penny of his $27 million fortune and died owing thousands of dollars to friends. 8 - Callie Rogers Callie Rogers was just a 16 years old kid living in foster care when she won 1.9 million pounds in the lottery in 2003. As you guys can expect, her spending spree began prrrretty much immediately! Callie forked out £11,500 pounds on not one, but TWO boob jobs, £300,000 pounds on clothes, make-up and tattoos. Well, at least she only spent £85,000 pounds on sports cars. Buuuuut hold up, she did spend a quarter of a million pounds on uh….nose candy. Callie spent an additional £250,000 pounds on vacations around the world, and get this, she also spent £118,000 pounds on gifts to her former boyfriends! I mean…..who and what DIDN’T she spend on her money on? Basically, as expected, she spent all her money, and in 13 years, she just has around £2,000 pounds left in the bank. She actually called her win a curse, because she said that she felt the pressure of having to live it up with the expectation of having a party lifestyle after winning the lottery. More money more problems I guess, because she now lives with her three kids and says she’s “happier than ever”. 7 - William Post Way back in 1988, William “Bud” Post III was the winner of a Pennsylvania Lottery jackpot worth $16.2 million dollars. On the day he won the jackpot, he had just two dollars and forty six cents in his bank account! I guess when you have that little money in your bank account, you feel like a little over 16 million In the two weeks after Post collected the first of his 26 annual payments of almost $500 thousand dollars, he spent more than 300,000 dollars on gifts and investments. Those investments included things such as a liquor license, a lease for a restaurant in Florida, and a used-car lot. He also bought an airplane to fly around in, even though he didn’t have a pilot's license. Well, at least it wasn’t a private jet. In just three months, his debts totaled $500,000 dollars! That’s a million dollar turnaround in the wrong direction! But listen to this story. I guess he and his brother weren’t exactly on friendly terms, so his brother actually had it out for him. His brother actually hired someone to go after him and his SIXTH wife!

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What are some things that people just don’t see coming? Would it be the mugger in Brazil who thought he had an easy target? Or would it be an old lady who all of a sudden found a stranger in her house? Find out what happened and some more unlikely outcomes in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few situations that didn’t go exactly as planned! 9 - This Isn’t How This Works? When you post rewards to catch criminals, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. However, the way criminals get turned in is starting to get pretty wild! Mohammad Ashan is a taliban fighter. He was suspected of coordinating IED attacks against U.S and Afghan Troops. He was dangerous enough to warrant those “Wanted” posters with his picture going up. The reward for his capture was $100 bucks. That may not seem like all that much money, but apparently over in the Middle East it’s plenty enough. Enough money to the point that Ashan turned HIMSELF in to Afghan troops at a checkpoint! The troops were truly baffled that this guy went in and demanded $100 bucks for turning himself in. US Army Specialist Matthew Baker asked him “IS that you?” Ashan replied, quote “Yes yes, it’s me. Now can I have my money?” Whew, a terrorist and impatient! Probably not the best profile fillers on Tinder, but hey, that’s just a hunch. A biometric scan proved he WAS the guy they were looking for. U.S officials weren’t impressed and ended up not him any money. One official claimed that this guy was the Taliban equivalent of the ‘Home Alone’ burglars”. To be honest, we think Harry and Marv were just a bit smarter than this guy. But c’mon, the US government should have at least held up their end of the bargain! What do you guys think?! 8 - Dude Where’s My Car There are coincidences. Then there’s karma. There’s also irony. Then there are things that fall into their own category, because frankly, they just make no sense, like this story. Mauricio Fierro had just finished robbing a pharmacy in Sao Paulo Brazil when he realized his getaway car had been stolen, along with some things inside the car. The thing was, the car he had was actually stolen. And it’s the same story with the stuff he had inside the car. He had left the car running to make a quick getaway. As he was robbing the pharmacy, another robber saw the running car and jumped in and took off. And THEN, as he’s coming out of the store to discover his stolen car was gone, ANOTHER thief comes by and grabs his stolen cash! This whole chain of events was actually captured on surveillance footage. However, there’s yet another bizarre twist to this saga. Rather than accepting the karma that fate had dealt him and just call it a night, Fierro decided to go to the police station to report that his car had been stolen! Seriously. At the station he bumped into the owner of the very pharmacy he had just robbed. The police arrested him on the spot. Strangely enough he even went on the news to whine about his uh…….bad luck? He complained about the amount of crime in Sao Paulo and claimed that the car cost him a lot of quote, “blood, sweat and tears.” In the same interview he also revealed he had stolen the car just the day before. We understand that Brazil is a tough place to live and sometimes you do what you gotta do, but if someone’s out robbing people, they really shouldn’t cry about it when it happens to them! 7 - Free Karate Chops Sometimes we all just have to take a loss, but some people just don’t know when to do that. 47-year old August Williams was extremely determined to mind map someone in Charlotte, North Carolina, but he made a number of errors in his botched mind mapping. The first obviously, was deciding to mind map somebody. His second error was chasing the woman he was trying to mind map into a building filled with people. People who were practicing karate! This woman had the luck to run into Bushikan Karate Studio! That’s where Randall Ephraim, a black belt and head instructor of the dojo was waiting. Williams obviously doesn’t watch Karate films because after being confronted by Ephirim, he tried to force his way past him to get to the woman. Maybe he saw that Walker, Texas Ranger episode where Chuck Norris took on a whole dojo?

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What are some of the most interesting social experiments that’s been done? You guys hear about the artist who sent some of her subjects out in Hong Kong and New York City wearing just body paint below their waist? Or what about the way our memory actually works….with just the influence of a few things? Find out about these interesting findings and more in this video! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few of the strangest results from social experiments! 9 - Class Division The year was 1968 and the Dr. Martin Luther King tragedy had just happened. A primary school teacher, Jane Elliot, decided to teach her students about how bias worked. In 1968, Elliot was teaching third grade, so this meant her classroom was full of eight-and-nine-year olds. Not only that, but her classroom was white-only. She didn’t have a single student of color. So how did she make them understand racism? She designed a little activity. She divided her class into two groups: green eyed children, and brown-eyed children. Just a note, the kids actual eye color didn’t matter. The kids had construction paper armbands that represented their group’s eye color. That first day, she told the blue-eyed children, in front of the brown eyed kids, that they were special. She knew that the children weren’t going to buy her pitch unless she came up with a reason. She told her students that eye color, hair color and skin color are caused by a chemical called melanin, and it’s what causes intelligence. The more melanin, the darker the person’s eyes, and and the smarter the person. She also added that blue-eyed people sit around and do nothing. She give them something nice and they just wreck it. She could feel a chasm forming between the two groups of students. Right afterwards, the blue-eyed kids started behaving differently; they became arrogant and disrespectful towards the brown eyed kids. At the same time, the brown-eyed children began to accept their position. They showed signs of deep stress and their academic performance suffered! However, the next day, Elliot reversed the roles in the classroom. Now, she told the brown-eyed group they were superior. This time, results were slightly different. As they knew what it felt like to be discriminated, brown-eyed children were more sensitive to the suffering of the other group. Jane Elliot’s exercise is controversial still to this day, and sometimes it’s cited as a landmark of social science! 8 - Majority Rule Would you say you’re a conformist or a non-conformist? Most people want to say they are undoubtedly non-conformist, and they believe they could stand up to a group when they know they’re right. Unfortunately, one researcher was able to show that people are willing to give the wrong answer just to conform to the rest of the group. In 1951, Solomon Asch conducted a series of conformity experiments. Imagine this scenario: after you volunteer to participate in a psychological experiment, you’re led to a room full of other participants. You don’t know that these other people aren’t actual participants, they’re in the experiment as actors, and their behavior is carefully scripted. You and the rest of the participants are shown a line segment drawn on a piece of paper. Then each person is asked to choose the line segment that’s the same length from a group of three lines. Easy enough, right? Each person gives their answer out loud, and they all chose the line you thought was shorter than the original. What do you do? Do you keep your original answer, because you know you are right, or do you start to doubt yourself? The Asch experiments reached the conclusion that a person will tend to agree with the majority if they believe they’re among equals. No matter what you think you’ll do, according to Asch, at least one-third of the time you’ll just conform to the group! 7 - The Hawthorne effect The Hawthorne effect refers to the tendency of pretty much all participants in any psychological experiment to perform according to the expectations of the experimenters. It was first observed in an electrical factory in Hawthorne, Illinois, in the 1950’s. The owners hired a team of psychologists to determine how the productivity of the workers could improve. When they did their research, they found a very strange phenomenon.

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Who are some of the animals who are evil geniuses out there?! Did you guys know about dolphins messing with puffer fish essentially so they can get high off of their toxins?! Or what about assassin bugs who are essentially ninjas?! Find out all about some of the most devious animals out there in this video! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are animals who are basically evil geniuses! 12 - Male Cuttlefish These days if you’re single, meeting a potential partner is easier than ever before. There’s Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, and there’s even Bumble Bff, where you can find people just to hang out! No more of the old fashion way of just meeting people through your friends or people who just happen to be around you. Essentially, be thankful you’re not a male Cuttlefish. Granted,you’d have pretty cool camouflaging skills if you were, but check out what some of the guys have to do in order to find a partner! Some male cuttlefish are too small to fight for a mate, so they have to have a sneaky plan if they wanna get the ladies. In order to fool their fellow larger males, male Cuttlefish will disguise half of his body to look like a female to the male cuttlefish, while he’ll keep on displaying his male patterns to the female cuttlefish! The larger male therefore thinks he’s in luck with two females! As long as the smaller male avoids being grabbed in the typical cuttlefish mating embrace, the smaller camouflaged male cuttlefish is safe. Meanwhile, the actual female, who isn’t too picky, mates with the smaller, sneaky male right in front of the large male! The eggs she now lays will contain a mixture of sperm from both fathers, giving her eggs the best possible chance of success! How do you guys feel about this mating strategy?! What would you guys do if you found out some lady you hit on weren’t actually female?! Let us know in the comment section! And oh yeah, do us a big favor and hit the like button, right here! 11 - Pacific Striped Octopus You know that old trick where kids reach around and tap someone on their far shoulder to try and make them look the other way? Well, in the ocean, the Pacific Striped Octopus employs that exact same strategy in order to catch food! Anytime they get hungry for shrimp, these octopus swim right up to them, reach their tentacles around and tap the shrimp on the back. This pretty much freaks the shrimp out, who think there’s some threat right behind them. So they swim to get away….right into the trap of the clever Octopus. Not only is this very sneaky, it’s also an unusual hunting method for an octopus. Whereas other Octopus species tend to just snag their dinner with their long tentacles, the larger, and perhaps less agile Pacific Striped Octopus prefers this sneaky approach. Wanna hear something else that’s weird? Of course you do! When mating, the males keep their mates at tentacles reach to avoid being eaten. Welcome to the weird and wacky world of a Pacific Striped Octopus! 10 - Boxer Crabs Boxer Crabs have teamed up with sea anemones to form one of nature’s most interesting symbiotic relationships. Armed with stinging tentacles that can wreak some serious havoc, the sea anemones provide a useful weapon to the boxer crabs. The crabs literally use the aneomes as weapons to fend off predators. While it may look like the crabs are just waving around colorful pom poms, it’s actually a very effective survival tactic. And for their efforts, the anemones get fed…...for free. The boxer crabs, grateful for the services provided by the anemones, help them collect food. So it’s a classic case of “if you let me use you as a deadly weapon, I’ll help you use your tentacles to collect and eat food.” Hey wait a minute, this isn’t evil at all!!! Maybe they’re great friends!

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Aqui vemos a pablitos way tosiendo como un podrido.

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What are some of the most ridiculous things only rich people buy? You guys ever see the Ferrari that was made for a kid?! Or how about luxury ice that cost a few hundred bucks? Find about all about some of the most ridiculous things rich people buy in this video! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few of the most outrageous things only rich people buy! 10 - Luxury Ice Ahhh good ol’ ice. It keeps our drinks cool and makes plenty of drinks that much more refreshing! If there’s luxury water sold out there, why can’t there be luxury ice sold either?! Oh but wait, there is! For some people, simply relying on the icemaker from your freezer or filling up one of those trays with tap water is far too simple. Instead, there’s Glace Ice, a luxury line of ice cubes that come in pouches. Inspired by a 19th century entrepreneur named Frederic Tudor, the folks from the Luxury Ice Club will mail you pouches of fancy ice for close to a thousand bucks so you can have special ice for your drinks. Apparently they have a proprietary manufacturing process that creates a zero-taste profile ice which, unlike regular ice, allows the consumer to maximize the beverage experience. They say that their design provides quote, “minimum dilution and maximum cooling, greatly enhancing enjoyment at the point of consumption.” All for a few hundred bucks….must be nice! Hey, do us quick favor and hit this thumbs up, right over here! 9 - The Glider Yacht You know how the saying goes that you should show something rather tell something to someone? I bring this up because, I could try to explain the Glider Superyacht to you. But words can’t really do this thing justice. According to its website, the Glider Yacht quote “Redefines standards in high performance luxury superyachts.” It’s like if you take the speed of a speedboat and combined it with the comfort of a luxury yacht, as well as give it a design that looks like something from Star Wars, only then can you begin to paint a picture of what it’s all about. It’s unique design allows it to zip through the waters at speeds of 55 knots, while still being comfortable for those aboard. Of course, this puppy comes with a pretty steep price tag. The company began selling their first yachts for $1.3 million dollars. Glider’s website features a video of this thing in action, complete with cinematic music and girls in bikinis. I guess if someone is on the fence about paying seven figures for something they don’t need, the fact that it attracts women in bikinis is probably a big selling point! You gotta to admit….these things do look pretty fun! 8 - Batman Tumbler Let’s face it. All of us have wanted to drive something Batman drove at some point in our lives. Of course, most of us have also realized that actually owning a Batmobile is a pipe dream. That is of course, unless you’re super rich. For the hefty price tag of around a million bucks, those with a large discretionary income can own this street legal Batmobile. The “Tumbler” is a replica of the Batmobile from The Dark Knight. 44 inch tires, custom rims, rear wheel drive are just a few of the things that make this crazy looking vehicle actually come to life. Also, the inside comes fully loaded with a stereo that has bluetooth capabilities and can connect to your iphone….ya know, in case you get bored driving the Batmobile. Back in 2014 the guys who made the Tumbler made a total of five of these, so they’re probably all gone….even if you could drop a million bucks on a car. 7 - The Wu Tang Clan Album You guys know Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli fright? Even if you don’t have an opinion about him raising the prices of drugs, or defrauding investors out of millions of dollars, just know he bought the only copy of The Wu Tang Clan’s album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” for $2 million. And refused to share it. The former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals purchased the album in 2015, to the dismay of pretty much the entire hip hop world. Not only were fans mad, but even members of the Wu Tang Clan such as Method Man weren’t crazy about how things unfolded.

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What are some of the toughest species on earth to get rid of once they invade YOUR area?! Find out about the most horrific invasive species on earth in THIS video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few of the most horrific Invasive species on Earth! 6 - Snakehead Fish A fish with shark-like teeth and the ability to walk on land probably sounds like the things of nightmares. But the Northern Snakehead is all too real. Just ask Maryland natives who discovered the fish in a pond in 2002, when they quickly annihilated the other species in the pond. Native to Asia and Africa, Snakeheads have spread to waters all over the globe over the past century. This is bad, because when they’re introduced to unnatural habitats, they have no natural predator and basically have free reign to eat whatever they feel like, which can really throw the ecosystem out of order. Dubbed “Fishzilla” by National Geographic, this freak-like fish can survive on land for up to 4 days, and the average female can produce about 150,000 offspring during her life, making the population impossible to control. The fish were legally imported into the States to display in aquariums and to eat, since they look kinda cool and they’re considered a popular dish in Asia. But their presence has really disrupted fishing trade as their population has spread all across the Potomac River System. They’ve even been spotted in Florida, North Carolina, California, Hawaii, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. So you can see why a fishermen in the Americas might hate these things so much. That’s why it’s now illegal to own live Snakeheads in most U.S states who consider them to be a destructive invasive species. The real question is, how has there not been a really bad B-movie made about this? If Sharknado gets five movies, why hasn’t there been a film called “The Invasion of Fishzilla?” Fish that can live on land, bite the crap out of you and mess up your ecosystem? C’mon let’s make this happen!! 5 - The Cane Toad Although the Cane Toad is native to the Americas, it has spread across island nations in the Caribbean and Oceania, and has even managed to weasel its way up into Northern Australia. By no stretch of the definition is this an awesome thing. As an invasive species, Cane Toads often wreak havoc on native species when they are first introduced to a new ecosystem. In the more than 20 countries the cane toad have “invaded”, many of the countries saw a pretty serious decline in biodiversity. In Australia for example, after these pesky toads moved on in, the populations of Northern Quolls, which is a tiny little creature that roams the Northern Territory of Australia, were greatly reduced. They’ve been in rapid decline thanks to the Cane Toads invading their territory, and are currently classified as an “endangered species.” Merten’s Water Monitors, a small lizard that calls Australia home, have also seen a huge decline in their ranks thank to these annoying toads. Cane toads were introduced to Australia from Hawaii in June 1935 in an attempt to control the native grey-backed cane beetle and Frenchi beetle. These beetles are native to Australia and they’re detrimental to sugar cane crops, which are a major source of income for Australia. Cane toads were to replace the use of pesticides such as arsenic and copper. The cane toads bred immediately in captivity, and by August 1935 more than 102 young toads were released. Since their release, toads have rapidly multiplied in population and now number over 200 million and have been known to spread diseases affecting local biodiversity! Unfortunately, the introduction of the toads has not only caused large environmental detriment, but the toads didn’t do much to stop the beetles, but instead became pests themselves. Let’s just say it didn’t work out too well to say the least.

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Can you guys imagine living off the side of a cliff? There are some insane places that people actually live! Have you guys heard of the hanging temple in China? It’s called the hanging temple because it’s actually hanging off the side of a cliff! This place was supposedly built by just one monk before it was expanded. Find out more about the hanging temple and other insane places in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are 10 of the most insane places people have actually lived! 10 - Meteora Monasteries, Greece The Meteora is a rock formation in Greece where you can find one of the largest and most dangerously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries. The name means "lofty", "elevated", and as you’ve probably guessed by now, the name is also related to the word “meteor”. In the 14th century, monks seeking a retreat from the expanding Turkish occupation found the inaccessible rock pillars of Meteora to be the ideal refuge spot. More than 20 monasteries were built but only six remain standing today. The six monasteries are built on immense natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders that dominate the local area, with some of them stretching up to more than a thousand feet in the sky! Since the access to the monasteries was deliberately made difficult, it required either long ladders lashed together or large nets to haul up both goods and people, until the 17th century. This required quite a leap of faith because legend has it, the ropes were replaced only quote "when the Lord let them break". Yeah…….doesn’t sound that inviting to us! 9 - The Paro Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan The Paro Taktsang is a popular Buddhist monastery located on the side of cliffs in the upper Paro valley in Bhutan. The monastery hangs on a precarious cliff about 3,000 feet above the Paro valley, at an elevation of 10,240 feet! The rock slopes are very steep, stretching out almost vertically, with the monastery built into the rock face. The temple complex was first built in 1692, around a cave where a guru supposedly meditated for three years, three months, three weeks, three days and three hours, back in the 8th century. The monastery consists of four main temples and caves, as well as residential buildings built solidly into the rock. Out of the eight caves, four are comparatively easy to access. All of the buildings are interconnected through steps and stairways carved into the rocks. There are a few rickety wooden bridges along the paths and a few stairways to cross over certain points. Each building has a balcony, which provides scenic views of the Paro valley down below. Although it looks insane, it turns out that the monastery complex can be accessed fairly easily in several different ways. You can access it through a forest path, through a path used by religious devotees, or by passing over a rocky plateau called the “Hundred Thousand Fairies”. Hey, that doesn’t sound too bad! 8 - The Solvay Hut, Switzerland The Solvay Hut is located on the northeastern ridge of the Matterhorn, near Zermatt in Switzerland. Located at a little over thirteen thousand feet, the Solvay Hut is the highest mountain hut owned by the Swiss Alpine Club, the largest mountaineering club in Switzerland! The hut is named after Ernest Solvay, who donated funds to build the hut back in August 1915 as gratitude for his time spent in the mountains. So how was the Solvay Hut built? All the building material was brought up with the help of animals to the Hörnli Hut, which, by the way, is a bit over ten and a half thousand feet. From there, a temporary cable car was used to transport the materials all the way up to the building site, and the actual hut was finished only within five days. The hut was rebuilt in 1966 and in 1976, an emergency telephone was finally installed. You’d think that would be one of the first things they would have put in, right?! Mountain huts are intended to provide food and shelter to mountaineers, climbers, and hikers, and the Solvay Hut isn’t any different as it’s meant to be used in a case of emergency. However, plenty of Matterhorn climbers have rested on the small ledge outside the hut admiring the spectacular view of all the Monte Rosa summits. And of course, it’s been used for emergencies!

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Did you know that the mimic octopus is known to mimic up to 15 species of other local marine organisms?! Find out all about the mimic octopus and other animals with the best camouflage ever! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! In no particular order, here are some of the best camouflaged animals in the world! 8 - Leaf tailed gecko A few animal species already know how to go unnoticed by looking like a leaf among millions of other real leaves, but the Leaf Tailed Gecko might be the master of them all. This reptile has built the best leaf disguise, which it’s done by clever coloration and light-reflecting body modifications. Some species become indistinguishable from decaying leaves and others simply blend right into the tree bark. At night leaf-tailed geckos move around the rainforest to feast on insects. They’re native to Madagascar and the many little islands surrounding it. Just like their name suggests, these geckos have a flat leaf-like tail that might even have notches to further give the illusion of a decaying leaf. This full costume gives the gecko excellent camouflage when they’re basking in the branches during the day. One cool trick they have is that they can voluntarily shed their tail in order to trick a predator. I guess if something’s got them by their tail, then it’s pretty handy to just let the tail go. Leaf-tailed geckos come in a variety of colors, including purple, orange, tan, yellow and most commonly brown. But they also have another trick up their sleeves! Much like chameleons, they can change their skin color to match the background. 7 - Mimic octopus This guy might be the biggest trickster of the animal kingdom! The amazingly talented mimic octopus dupes predators with its extraordinary ability to camouflage itself as one of the many toxic fish or sea snakes that share its habitat. This animal impersonator often uses a daredevil strategy to make itself look like a predator, such as the lionfish or the sea snake, by adapting their movement and colors. The octopus' natural color is light brown/beige, but it usually takes on a more noticeable hue of striped white and brown to scare off predators by imitating poisonous animals and vicious, territorial sea creatures. Its ability to change shape is the reason it was named the "mimic" octopus, and that’s its main defense besides camouflage. Even when motionless, octopus are still camouflaged, and take the form of small sponges, tube-worms, or colonial tunicates. If they’re in need of a quick bite, they’ll also use aggressive mimicry to approach wary prey, such as mimicking a crab as if they were a possible mate, only to eat it once it’s close enough. The mimic octopus is known to mimic up to 15 species of other local marine organisms. So, how exactly do they do that? They have special cells called chromatophores, which reflect light in a special way. That skill, coupled with their ability to take the shape of various objects and animals, helps to make the mimic octopus one of the best magicians in the animal kingdom! 6 - Arctic fox When you think about foxes, the first thing that possibly comes to mind is the soft and furry brown or red coat a fox has. Well, the arctic fox is also furry and soft, but I’m sure you figured it out now, its fur is pretty much as white as the snow it lives around! Well, at least during the winter anyways, because its fur actually turns brown in the summer. The arctic fox is another master of disguise. This little guy is like a chameleon. The arctic fox has an uncanny ability to change colors with the seasons, making it blend in with its environment. In most populations it’s white in the winter to blend in with snow of course, while in the summer it’s a greyish-brown or dark brown to blend in with the darker background of rock and vegetation when the ice and snow from the winter have melted. Some populations, however, aren’t quite as colorful as they have a steely bluish-gray coat in the winter and a paler bluish-gray coat in the summer.

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So what exactly would happen if President Donald Trump actually built "The Wall"?! Learn all about the possible effects of a giant wall separating the United States and Mexico! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday, Tuesday, and Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are 9 things that could happen if Trump builds “The wall!” 9 - The Wall becomes a tourist attraction According to Donald Trump, the wall will be at least 35 feet tall and 2,000 miles long. That’s not nearly as long as the Great Wall of China, which is 13,000 miles, but it would be higher. The Great Wall was only 26 feet tall at its highest points, a good 10 feet shorter than the Trump Wall. And still, it’s one of the great tourist attractions of China. Another popular wall- turned-attraction was the Berlin Wall, which was around 12 feet tall and ran about 66 miles. Anytime you build something so massive, people are going to want to get a look at it. Two things that make the Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China better tourist attractions are their accessibility. You can walk on the Great Wall, and West Berliners could walk right up to the Berlin Wall and paint on it. That might not be the case for the Trump wall. Americans may be able to get close, but they sure won’t get to walk on it. Although, with the cost of maintaining the wall, Customs and Border Protection may start offering paid tours. In areas like Tijuana the wall will go through urban areas. Right now there’s an ugly corrugated metal wall, but a shiny concrete wall might attract the kind of artists that decorated the Berlin Wall, maybe on both sides. 8 - The Wall goes way over budget Trump estimated that the wall would cost anywhere 4 billion to 12 billion dollars; the numbers keep changing. Well, the wall will be 35 feet high and 2,000 miles long. Building experts estimate 10 billion dollars for the concrete panels, 5 billion for steel columns to hold the panels (including labor) and another 1 billion for concrete footings and foundation. That’s 16 billion dollars before taking transportation costs into account. You also have to build new roads to accommodate trucks hauling concrete and steel to remote desert areas. Let’s say that costs 2 billion dollars. Now add 30 percent for the management costs, engineering, and design. That makes 23.4 billion dollars if everything goes according to budget. Now, when’s the last time any major government project came anywhere near the budget? And that’s just building the wall. It also has to be maintained. The Congressional budget office estimates the costs of maintaining the wall would exceed the building costs in 7 years. Oh, and you have to staff it. Even with only one person per mile, that takes 2,000 officers per shift - all federal workers with pensions and everything. Whew. 7 - The Wall Only Stops Half What do we mean when we stay it only stops half? Around half of the people that are in the United States illegally came into the country through an airport or official border crossing, all perfectly legal. They just didn’t leave when their thirty day visa ran out. A wall won’t stop these people. Obviously, there’s no guarantee that a wall would stop every illegal person coming from Mexico either. During the Cold War, over 1200 people directly escaped East Germany every year, despite a massive wall, shoot to kill orders, and a secret service system keeping tabs on everybody and their dog. People are pretty ingenious, and if there’s a will, there’s a way. The sheer length of the US border will make it hard to control the entire stretch, and you can take a short boat trip around either end. And there are always tunnels. Israel, another wall building nation, has detected at least 30 tunnels under walls in its Gaza strip. Some of the tunnels have been miles long, 60 feet underground, and big enough to ride a motorcycle through. Hey, there may be job openings for Palestinian tunnel diggers in Mexico!

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Published Date : 2009-03-28T23:49:50.000Z Motion Man & KutMasta Kurt flexing from their Pablito's Way Album. Directed by Brandon Crummet, and shot in downtown LA.

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What are the weirdest new creatures out there walking around on Earth?! Watch this video to see the weirdest and strangest new animals that scientists have found! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! Click to watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! 25 Photos That'll Make You Look Twice! Craziest Girls of Tinder! 20 Amazingly Genius Redneck Inventions! Top 5 Most Amazing Human Beings! 19 Animals That Are Totally Awesome! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are the most interesting animal discoveries! 13 - Dementor Wasp The dementor wasp, or ampulex dementor, is a terrifying little creature. The most terrifying thing about this little thing, and the reason for its sensational name, is its behavior towards its favorite food: cockroaches. It actually injects a paralyzing toxin into its prey's belly before eating the roach alive. The cockroach is only paralyzed by the toxin, not grilled, and has to watch as it’s being slowly devoured by the dementor wasp. Researchers named the newfound waspAmpulex dementor, or "dementor wasp" for short: The name was inspired by Harry Potter's dementors, ghostlike creatures that suck away a person's happiness and will to live. In May of last year, researchers described the pacified, poisoned roach to Live Science Magazine as a “passive zombie” that submits itself to being eaten alive. Ugh!! 12 - Goliath Birdeater Here’s another truly, terrifyingly weird entry to this list of assembled weirdos from the animal kingdom. This species was officially discovered in 2006 during an expedition to Guyana. It’s a burrowing spider, feeding primarily on invertebrates, though it’s also been observed eating small mammals, lizards, and venomous snakes. Wait, what? Yes, it even eats snakes. Fully grown specimens can reach a horrific weight of around six ounces. An almost half a pound spider!! Thankfully for us – and for any other creatures too large for this spider to eat – the Goliath Birdeater is a species of tarantula that has relatively weak venom, which only causes mild swelling and pain for a few hours. The only thing that poses the biggest threat to us humans is the goliath’s ability to expel hairs from its body. These tiny, nearly invisible hairs float through the air – and have an awful tendency to stick to the eyes and on the skin! 11 - Louisiana Pancake Batfish The Louisiana pancake batfish is a bizarre looking creature native to the Gulf of Mexico. The species was discovered in 2010, during the cleanup process following the infamous oil spill in the gulf, one of the most devastating ecological disasters. The Louisiana pancake batfish’s name comes from its shape, which quite closely resembles that of an unfortunately prepared pancake. The strange manner it has of moving along the ocean floor is described as being similar to the way a bat crawls. Like other batfish it has pectoral fins which resemble limbs. It uses these fins, together with their smaller pelvic fins, to 'walk' along the ocean floor. The pancake batfish feeds on invertebrates, which it captures using chemical lures. 10 - Acrobatic Arachnid This little guy is definitely not about to help anyone get over their arachnophobia. Forget about crawling up your leg or onto your pillow. This spider does gymnastics. This spider lives in the Moroccan sand dunes. The spider hides from predators in its own little sandcastles; towers made of silk and sand that also serve as a little bit of relief from the sun. When threatened, though this spider does something really weird: It breaks into a run that soon turns into a tumble. The spider basically starts cartwheeling at 6.5 feet per second up and down the dunes. 9 - Sea scorpion One of the most terrifying things in popular imagination since the Jaws movies has been the mystery of what lurks in the depths of the deep blue ocean underneath us. Sure, sharks are pretty terrifying, but during an excavation of an ancient meteorite impact crater in the Upper Iowa River, researchers uncovered the fossilized remains of human-sized sea scorpions with both pointy and paddle-shaped limbs. The sea scorpions likely ate bivalves and squishy eel-like creatures during their day, roughly about 460 million years ago. Giant scorpions crawling around the floor of the ocean? Let’s just hope they’re as extinct as scientist say and you don’t bump into one next time you’re on the beach!

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Unbelievably ridiculous animals that actually exist! From creepy insects to mysterious mammals, here are some of the strangest, most ridiculous wildlife found in nature. Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! Follow me on Instagram here: New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are unbelievable animals that actually exist in real life! 10 - Giant Weta A giant cricket that eats carrots? No way! That sounds more like something from a children’s cartoon than something that mother nature could actually produce. But that’s exactly what the Giant Weta is, a ridiculously big cricket that can eat vegetrables. Found in New Zealand, they’re often considered to be among the biggest insects in the world. In 2011, a park ranger named Mark Moffett found what might be the biggest living insect on this planet. While exploring a tiny island near New Zealand called Little Barrier Island, he came across a massive weta with a wingspan of seven inches that weighed 71 grams! While they once populated the New Zealand mainland, they’ve since been found on small islands such as Little Barrier. Rats that came over from Europe, brought by accident of course, nearly wiped out the Weta population entirely, to the point where they’re almost never found on the mainland anymore. 9 - Hairy Frog When you first hear the name “Hairy Frog”, you might think of a hipster dive bar that your friend’s garage bands plays at. Or maybe it sounds like some sort of twisted fairy tale for kids. But no, we’re actually talking about a real frog here. The Hairy Frog is also known as the Horror Frog, or the Wolverine Frog. Like many of the world’s most fascinating creatures, the Hairy Frog makes its home in Africa, primarily central Africa, to be a bit more specific. These things probably have one of the coolest and most bizarre defense mechanisms ever. When threatened, Hairy Frogs actually BREAK their OWN bones, and extend them through their own toe pads to fend off their enemies!!! Now how badass is that?! According to New Scientist dot com, they pull off this amazing feat by contracting a muscle that connects the bones to connective tissue. When they flex that muscle, the bones break off and jut out through the toe pads. Then they go ahead and unleash h*ll on their attacker! But obviously, they’re not too powerful for us, because apparently they make for a good snack. Hunters in places such as Cameroon are known to hunt them down with spears and knives, probably to avoid those scary claws, and sell them. Those who eat them, like to roast them and have them served up as a snack or h'orderve. But still, these horror frogs, wolverine frogs, hairy frogs, or whatever nickname you wanna give them, aren’t to be messed with. 8 - Panda Ant Pandas and ants don’t have all that much in common, so the name is kinda interesting. But the truth is, they aren’t even technically ants. They’re actually a member of the wasp family....and by that I mean the winged creatures that have a painful sting. Not the rich family down the street who drive a Lexus and hang out at the country club. Anyway, Panda Ants are some feisty SOB’s that can inflict a SUPER painful sting. Growing up to 8 millimeters in length, they have such a powerful sting, they’ve been known to take out cows and other creatures that are infinitely bigger than they are. In fact, they’ve even garnered a pretty morbid nickname…...the cow killer. Found mostly in the Southwestern United States and Mexico, Panda Ants aren’t known for being all that aggressive, so that’s good for us at least. You’d still want to avoid them though, since they WILL sting when threatened and if they can take out a cow, then we’re probably no match for them. Their stings rank as a 3 out of 4 on the Schmidt Pain Index, which roughly translates to “painful as f*ck”!

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What are some strange things that actually happened?! Have you ever heard of a jelly rain that fell over the town of Oakville? Or what about crop circles…..that happen underwater?! Find out about all the most interesting things that actually happen in this video! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few of the strangest things that actually happen! 9 - Glowing Sand Vacationers in destinations such as the Maldives are sometimes treated to a natural phenomenon that turns the night-time ocean into a field of glowing stars. As much as that sounds like an exaggeration, it’s really not! If waves break on the shore or bare feet step into the wet sand, a bright green-blue glow appears. This really cool looking effect is caused by bioluminescent plankton that often appears in warm coastal waters. Scientists have only recently discovered that this type of plankton glows when they’re moved because of stress, which is sorta unfortunate when you consider how relaxing the sight of the shimmering waves are when it’s completely dark out. Bioluminescence is used as a defense mechanism to draw predators towards the whatever it is trying eat the plankton. The tiny flashes of light also disorientate and surprise the predator. The plankton produce light using a chemical called luciferin. The process of creating a bioluminescent light, which is simply light produced within a living creature, differs between organisms. Some need a particular food or another creature for the effect to happen. But this type of plankton produces luciferin on its own. The light the tiny plankton emit is called ‘cold light’, because less than 20% of the light actually generates heat. Huge areas of the ocean can become populated by glowing plankton but the effect is especially common in warm-water lagoons that have narrow openings to the sea. 8 - Surreal Spider Webs If you hate spiders, you probably wanna skip forward for the next couple minutes. You’re about to hear about the silent army on the move in flooded New South Wales. At first glance, it looks like the fields have been blanketed with snow - but this ghostly white landscape in Australia is the work of MILLIONS of spiders! As flood waters raced past the town of Wagga Wagga, in New South Wales, the spiders were forced to clamber up trees and bushes, spinning their webs as they climbed. The result was this amazing panorama - glistening sheets of web covering just about everything in sight. Most of the branches were cocooned in the sticky webs, while the tall grasses looked as if they were covered in silk. When the residents of Wagga Wagga returned to their evacuated homes, they were obviously extremely surprised to find the fields surrounding their houses transformed, with their green grass covered in webs. So how’d the spiders do it? This is how the process actually goes: They throw out a thread of spider web from their body, they extend it into the air, the wind catches it and they take off and use it as a parachute. So the spiders literally floating on a parachute of their own body silk. The spiders then just jump off the web and go onto the ground and hide, so they use their web as a way of migrating. 7 - Underwater Crop Circles They’ve been called the crop circles of the ocean floor—seven-foot diameter patterned circles that were first spotted in 1995 off the coast of southern Japan. But their origin was a mystery, and local divers just basically called them “mystery circles.” The mystery persisted until 2011 when the artist finally emerged. A male pufferfish just five inches long, was finally caught in the act. So why do male pufferfish actually do this?! Apparently, female puffer fish are attracted by the grooves and ridges. After the male pufferfish make these circles for their ladies, they get down to business and then she lays her eggs in the center of these undersea circles. The research team observed a total of 10 construction events carried out by somewhere between 4 and 8 males.

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Wonder who the dumbest lottery winners are? Learn all about the most fortunate people in the world and how they squandered away the millions of dollars they won! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday, Tuesday, and Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are the dumbest lottery winners in history! Here are the dumbest lottery winners in history! 6- Abraham Shakespeare The fact that someone with the last name Shakespeare would live a modern day tragedy, is perhaps, one of the best ironies imaginable, however unfortunate. Unlike the more famous Shakespeare, Abraham was toiling as a truck driver’s assistant. But when he won a THIRTY MILLION DOLLAR Florida jackpot in 2006, his life actually got even worse. Rather than doing the math and deep diving into discounted cash flows, Shakespeare decided he was smart and could beat the guaranteed rate presented to him and instead opted for a lump sum of $16.9 million, significantly less than the $30 million annuity he was entitled to. Never mind the fact that he’s a truck driver and if he was actually good at finance he’d be in the industry. ANYWAYS, after buying a Rolex and making major mistake #1 with $1 million home, Shakespeare didn’t seem to go on any drug binges, or spending sprees. But like many before him, he had tons of people coming around asking for money. In particular, he started a business with a woman named Dee Dee Morgan called Abraham Shakespeare LLC, with the goal of writing his life story...or something vague like that. Just a tip guys, you have to have accomplished something in life to sell an interesting story…...not just win the lottery. What ended up happening was that Moore took full control of the firm’s money, withdrawing $1 million from the bank, buying cars and may have even managed to buy Shakespeare’s home for something like $665,000...which is less than he paid for it. A later investigation suggested she didn’t even pay anything for the house...which is way more of a ripoff! Oh yeah, tip #2. Never ever ever ever let someone else control your actual money! I don’t care if it’s your wife or husband. Unsecured liabilities, such as a company credit card with a fixed limit? Sure. But not your actual cash money. By April of 2009 he went missing, with his friends and family unable to find any trace of him. Investigators were soon able to locate him at one of Moore’s homes...sadly he was bread and buried under a concrete slab. Moore was arrested and charged with the killing, though she offered up a few different defenses. It was drug wait she killed him in self defense...she even went so far as to blame her 14-year old son. Investigators didn’t buy any of that, and she was charged with the crime. She’s currently serving a life sentence. His story was featured on E!’s “The Curse of the Lottery” as well as an episode of American Greed. In the end, Abraham Shakespeare will be a tragedy that will hopefully serve as a cautionary tale for those who happen upon a great fortune in the future. 5 - Vivian Nicholson In 1961, a British woman named Vivian Nicholson was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Her husband Keith managed to win more than 3.5 million pounds, a pretty big amount back then factoring in inflation. Her husband won the money off football pools….pretty much another popular form of gambling. She told the press that her plans were to “spend spend spend.” And she wasn’t kidding. For the next few years she bought all kinds of stuff. Expensive cars, fur coats, lavish vacations, a huge ranch style home and a spectacular lifestyle that quickly caused their fortune to dwindle. When Keith flied in car crash in 1965 she was left with an enormous tax bill. On the top of that, the banks determined that what remained of Keith’s winnings belonged to his estate...not Viv! She ended up bankrupt.

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Are you tired of wasting time? Are you trying to be as efficient as possible? What are some of the best techniques out there that makes our lives better? Find out the ways to get the most productivity out of yourself in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are some of the best techniques to be as efficient as possible! 11 - OHIO With the average person sending and receiving 124 work emails every day, or 620 emails every week, we're spending on average a bit more than two hours per day on emails! Honestly, that’s a lot of time! So what’s OHIO? OHIO means, Only Handle It Once. The “OHIO” method is an easy way to be more efficient and productive in the way you handle your inbox. This tactic requires more of an active mindset when using email. No more taking five minutes to mindlessly check your messages on your phone – the OHIO method requires you to get through your emails efficiently. To maximize time-saving, you turn off email notifications and you only check your mailbox twice a day, and responding immediately to any emails. Responding later means you take three times longer to get through your email than taking care of it the first time you read it, because responding later means you have to waste time rereading that email... or even worse, the time wasted reminding yourself over and over to get to that message. 10 - Pomodoros for everyone Want maximum efficiency? The Pomodoro Technique is a time management philosophy created by Francesco Cirillo that aims to achieve maximum focus and creative freshness. It allows you someone to complete projects faster with less mental fatigue. The process is simple: for every project throughout the day, you budget your time into short increments and take breaks periodically. You work for 25 minutes, then take a break for five minutes. Each 25-minute work period is called a “pomodoro”, named after the Italian word for tomato. Francesco Cirillo used a kitchen timer shaped like a tomato as his personal timer, and that’s how he got the name. After four “pomodoros” have passed, which is 100 minutes of work time with 15 minutes of break time, you then take a 15-20 minute break. The constant timing of your activities makes you more accountable for your tasks and minimizes the time you waste procrastinating. 9 - Texting This one may totally annoy the recipients, but hey, at least it saves you time and it’ll probably give you a longer time to respond! Text messaging is the most used data service in the world. The average American adult over 18 spends almost 3 hours on their smartphone every day. That’s about 86 hours a month! But really, the worst part of texts is how texting disrupts your workflow. Constantly switching from one task to another, or in this case, from your phone to whatever else you’re supposed to be doing, eats away your productivity and slows you down. If you’re trying to be productive, really, just put away the phone. Next time you want to talk to someone, a time-saving alternative to texting are voice messages. It’s sort of a win win if you think about it. Because people hate listening to voice messages, they take longer to get back to you. And of course, talking is way faster than typing. But really, just put down the phone! 8 - Social media Several different studies show that the average American adult spends somewhere between 2 to 4 hours on their smartphone every day using apps. And what do people do on their phones? They’re most likely using social media apps, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. The solution? Limit the time you spend mindlessly using social media! Or really, just get rid of social media, because c’mon….what’s the upside? Turn off notifications so you’re not tempted to open them. Turn on airplane mode to avoid any distractions. Hide social media icons from the home screen so you’re not mindlessly opening them up the next time you unlock your phone. Set deliberate timeframes for social media use throughout the day – for example, half an hour in the evening and stick to it. You’ll be surprised how much time you end up with!

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How cool does a professional tag league sound?! Did you guys know that it existed? How about chess-boxing?! Who’s up for a chess-boxing match?! Find out about these actual leagues and more in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are some of the most interesting competitions people get together for! 10 - Chess boxing If you think about it, boxing IS like chess, except well, in chess, you don’t get punched in the face. Usually anyways. However, there’s a way for you to do both! Chess boxing combines two of the more demanding disciplines found on Earth. Chessboxing was invented by Dutch performance artist Lepe Rubingh as an art performance and it’s grown into a competitive sports league since then, known as World Chess Boxing Organization. Although at first glance, chess boxing seems like a fairly straightforward combination of chess and boxing, but it's more of a test of physical endurance and mental concentration that just happens to combine boxing and chess. Competitors go through 11 alternating rounds of boxing and chess. There are 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing. Most opponents are exhausted by the third time they have to go back to the chessboard! A competitor can win by a knockout in boxing, or a checkmate in chess. Obviously, a chess boxer better have strong skills in both chess and boxing in order to be allowed to compete. The current minimum requirements to fight in a Chess Boxing Global event is an Elo rating of 1600 for chess and a record of at least 50 amateur bouts fought in boxing or another similar martial art. Hmm, what happens more often, checkmates or knockouts?! 9 - Yukigassen Who doesn’t like snowball fights?! It definitely makes sense that something as fun and simple as a friendly snow fight has now turned into a sporting event that's popular all around the world! Just like many popular traditions that started in Japan, Yukigassen is a sport that began a little over 30 years ago that’s been adopted by the western world. Literally translated into “snow battle”, Yukigassen is now so popular, that several countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and some cities in Alaska are holding Yukigassen competitions of their own! We know what you might be thinking: so, they just throw snowballs at each other? Well, no, it's a little bit more than that. Yukigassen is a game between two teams with seven players each.The game is played within a specified area and the game is very similar to capture the flag. Players are eliminated when they’re hit with snowballs. Each team has access to 90 snowballs, which they use to nail the other team. Do we really need to say that the team that manages to nail all of the other teams players and captures the flag wins? Yukigassen is a tactical snowball fight that’s watched by more than 25,000 people each year during the world championships held in Hokkaido, Japan! Yeah, we’d definitely be down to play! 8 - Man VS Horse Humans have always had a strange fascination with comparing ourselves with other species, even though it’s clear we’re severely lacking in the physical department. A clear example of this is the determination of two men creating an event that pits a man against a horse. Back in 1980, a small town in Wales called Llanwrtyd Wells was merely known as an unpronounceable place. But two men at a local pub started a discussion about whether or not men could run faster than horses. One of them suggested that over a significant distance across country, man was equal to any horse. The pub owner took matters into his own hands – he created the first ever Man versus Horse race. Over time, the event actually became an annual occurrence that’s garnered international attention to the point that certain Olympic athletes have even taken part! Spanning a distance of 22 miles, the race has increasingly grown year by year. Since 1985, cyclists have been allowed to take part in the action, and in 1989, Tim Gould was the first cyclist to beat a horse for first place! And, believe it or not, in 2004, the first runner was finally able to win against a horse! Another great part is that he was able to collect the prize of 25,000 pounds, which had been growing by 1,000 pounds each year until claimed by a winning runner.

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Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Pablito's Way · Motion Man Featuring KutMasta Kurt Pablito's Way Maxi Single ℗ 2006 threshold recordings, LLC Released on: 2006-05-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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What would you do right after you just robbed someone's house? I'm guessing it wouldn't be take a nap right afterwards in the same house! Learn about this story and more in this video chronicling 9 of the DUMBEST criminals ever! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few of the dumbest criminals who just aren’t good at their profession! 9 - James Washington James Washington was already behind bars when he made a bad situation way worse. While serving a prison sentence for another crime, Washington suffered a heart attack in 2012. After being rushed to the hospital, Washington must have thought it was all over. Assuming he was on his deathbed, he confessed to a gruesome murder 17 years earlier to a prison guard stationed in his room. Washington told the prison guard that in 1995 he stabbed Joyce Goodener, lit her on fire, and then savagely beat her to de*th with a cinderblock. Much to his surprise, he survived the ordeal, though it was hardly a new lease on life. Washington must have provided some pretty self-incriminating evidence as he was charged with first degree murder. Of course he tried to take it back, but since he was already a person of interest in the 1995 cold case, prosecutors needed very little additional evidence to convict him. In addition to whatever sentence he was already serving, Washington had a 51 year to life sentence tacked on. 8 - The Alaskan Bear Suit Menace In August of 2015, a very unusual story about a man in a bear suit began to circulate. Police in Anchorage, Alaska were searching for a man dressed in a “fairly realistic” bear costume who had been harassing actual bears. The bizarre incident occurred near an artificial dam in the Chilkoot River, when a crowd of people formed to watch a mama grizzly bear and her cubs feast on Salmon. See, that’s the cool thing about Alaska. People can enjoy wildlife and nature, the way God intended it to be. It was probably a lovely moment that all these people got to witness together. Then out of nowhere some guy decked out in a “fairly realistic” bear costume dashes through the crowd and got “dangerously close” to the Grizzlies. Now, without dissecting all the potential psychological issues at play here, let’s just focus on how stupid it is to harass a MAMA GRIZZLY BEAR while her CUBS ARE FEEDING!!! Either his costume was convincing enough to fool the bears, or mama bear did an on the spot evaluation of this crazy guy and determined he was a bigger threat to society than he was to her or her cubs. Regardless of the reason, she chose not to maul him to death. According to the Associated Press, the dude was confronted by Wildlife officers. After refusing to give them his name, he told them “You have the license plate number, you figure it out” before hopping in his car, and driving away...still in costume. Police investigated the incident, and this guy could face wildlife harassment, though it’s not clear what kind of results this investigation was able to yield. The AP put it best when they noted “It wasn’t immediately clear what he was trying to accomplish.”

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motion man pablito's way Papoose- A Fair One (Fat Joe Diss) *New* 3/08 rap hiphop beef battle papoose punches fat joe elephant in the room in the sand g-unit cassidy miss jones interview kayslay remy ma martin altercation situation street brawl fight hit hurt hot 97 funk master flex happened really music new york phili 1 max b problems jim jones radio interview the gomez brothers plan max b's funeral beef battle diss harlem casket flowers coffin dead die news world rap hiphop umma do me love me nomore dipset jr writer camron juelz byrdgang money Max B Disses Jim Jones On Air 3/2/08 Shade 45 prt 1 sorry yaw i been a lil late cause ive been busy so late or not i got yaw :) rap hiphop beef harlem battle diss umma do me million dollar baby 1 2 love me nomore biggavelle wavy g-unit radio caller says fuck jim he neva came to da block oww el barrio dipset jr writer camron juelz santana Trina Ft Lil Wayne Plies Rick Ross-Single Again Rmx*New*3/08 remix weezy f baby the carter young money lollipop rap hiphop official plies shawty thang for you keyshia cole byrd man beef battle khia remy ma martin lil kim jackie o shawnna nicki minaj fl florida tpain Cassidy Speaks Pap Punching Fat Joe Interview 3/08 miss jones in the morning ms jones hot 97 rap hiphop papoose fight beef fat joe 50 cent g unit elephant in the sand in the room b.a.r.s phili ny hit kick punch beat phili hotel room lil wayne ft static major weezy lollipop full new single rap hiphop the carter the drought is over 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 the come up edition r i p rest in peace static major nicki minaj cd quality young money rap hiphop r&b rnb baby cash money carter 3 shit jr writer umma do me imma freestyle dipset Rocko Da Don Umma Do Me diplomats harlem jim jones camron juelz santana writers block 1 2 3 4 5 lil wayne the carter the drought is over shegotswag Lil Wayne- Speaks to nicki minaj about His Stalker,New york and Reality Tv *New* 2/08 thecomeup 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 midget mack lil wayne knows midget mack frank lucas american gangster beef battle diss wayne weezy f baby souljah boy chris brown trey songz jay-z hello brooklyn concert i love new york flavor of love rap hiphop interview stalker slang talk exclusive wayne interview xclusive young money freestyle the carter the drought is over new orleans Remy Ma (Whoo Kid Interview)prt 1 NEW (Remy Goes @ Kim Again) shade 45 g unit radio shesus kryst bx savior ms g.o.a.t queen bee lil kim rap hiphop fat joe battle diss beef interview radio remy ma ft jackie o and shawnna stop frontin no this track isnt new its from 07 rap hiphop femcee female rappers chicago the chi bronx nw fl femcees femceez beef battle diss foxy brown lil kim nicki minaj foxy brown interveiw 50 cent jay-z camron fat joe big pun Remy Ma Ft Papoose-Chubb Rock Treat Em Right Freestyle *3/1/08* rap hiphop beef battle lil kim diss nicki minaj female rapper freestyle fat joe terror squad big pun cassidy swiss beats swizz whoo kid kay slay interview remy martin when i see her that thing dat thing papoose bx shesus khryst jay-z lil wayne foxy brown uncle murda beef who shot ya the come up smack dvd 50 cent mary j blige just fine swiss beats remix lil wayne Remy Ma-That Thing(Lil Kim And Fat Joe Diss) NEW (1/20/08)ms g.o.a.t rap hiphop beef battle diss femcee female rappers Doo Wop Doo Wop Ylauren hill the miseducation of queen bee shesus khryst bx savior fat joe biggie big pun souljah boy YOUNG CHRIS GOSSIP FREESTYLE RAP HIPHOP DEF JAM JAY-Z STATE PROPERTY 1 2 YOUNG NEEF YOUNG GUNZ NICKI MINAJ WARNING THE COME UP BIGGIE SMALLS NOTORIOUS B.I.G P DIDDY PUFFY PUFF DADDY THE LOX LIL KIM DJ BIG MIKE FENDI PLAY TIME IS OVER JADAKISS NAS REMY MARTIN LIL KIM TRINA FEMALE RAPPERS FEMCEE JACKI O SHAWNNA LIL WAYNE MACK MAINE YOUNG MONEY NEW YORK QUEENS

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What are some of the oldest animals that haven’t changed much in millions of years and are essentially living fossils? Did you know that the Giant Chinese Salamander is the world’s largest amphibian, and it breathes through its skin?! Find out more about this giant salamander and other living fossils in this video! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few of the most fascinating living fossils! 10 - Pig Nosed Turtle With a nose like a pig and flippers on their feet, Pig Nosed turtles look like no creature we’ve ever seen before. Although a few studies have been done in the wild, Pig Nosed Turtles in captivity have been known to show aggression. This might suggest they’re more territorial than many of their turtle peers. They’re the last surviving member of their family making them a living fossil. The term living fossil is a loosely defined term that’s generally associated with species that haven’t changed much at all, and at least closely resemble other species that we otherwise only know as fossils. Living Fossils are pretty important for a few reasons. Mostly, they provide a window into an ancient biological world that we’d otherwise only know through fossil records. Also despite the appearance of a lack of evolution, Living Fossils provide a tangible example of Stabilizing Selection, an important stage in the evolutionary process. These interesting turtles are found mainly in freshwater streams, rivers and lagoons in Northern Australia and In New Guinea as well. Because of their bizarre appearance, they’ve become popular among exotic pet traders. Even though laws in places such as Indonesia prohibit the trade of these turtles, authorities have confiscated some 10,000 turtles from smugglers back in 2010. Do us a big favor and hit that like button! 9 - The Purple Frog The Purple Frog has almost a cartoonish like appearance. Kinda like a Pokemon character or something! In 2003 when researchers discovered the species, they described it as looking like a bloated doughnut with stubby legs and a pointed snout. As unflattering a description as that is and as odd as they may be to look at, national Geographic dubbed their discovery an “Once in a Century” occurrence in 2003. It’s believed they’re the successors to an ancient frog lineage that evolved roughly 130 million years ago along with dinosaurs. Found in the Western Ghat Mountain range in India, these frogs were only distantly related to a group of frogs living in the The Seychelles in Africa. Other than that, they have no living relatives. But we do know that they’ve been around for at least 100 million years! 8 - Vampire Squid Vampire Squids are one of those creatures you have to see to believe. Aside from having a pretty cool name and a crazy appearance, they’re also biologically significant. Scientifically they’re known as Vampyroteuthis infernalis which translates to “Vampire squid from hell.” That’s a bit extreme if you ask me. They pretty much just float around eating these floating particles called “Marine Snow.” Not much is known about the behavior as they have trouble surviving in captivity, and an artificial environment makes their non-defensive behavior unreliable anyways. They’re hard to observe in their natural environment because of where they live. Given their low metabolic rate, vampire squids have to use some interesting tactics to conserve energy while avoiding their predators. They’ll eject a sticky cloud of bioluminescent mucus that are essentially orbs of blue light. This probably acts to daze predators and allows the vampire squid to disappear into the blackness without the need to swim far. Combine that with the writhing of glowing arms and erratic movements, vampire squids make it difficult for its predator to identify a single target. Now, as far as the living fossil business goes. The Vampire Squid can date its lineage back to ancient Octopi some 165 million years ago. Pretty impressive to live that long while being tired all the time right?

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What are the scariest animals that could actually be found in your backyard?! Watch this video to check out what people have found near where they live! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday, Tuesday, and Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are the scariest that just may be lurking around you! 9 - “Yuuuuge” Spider It’s just like a terrifying scene straight out of a Harry Potter movie, except this time, it’s real. Photos of a giant huntsman spider that was rescued in Queensland, Australia in 2015 went viral — and people couldn’t believe their eyes! A local animal sanctuary that rescued the spider confirmed that the spider definitely wasn’t a Photoshop. Though alarmingly large, huntsman spiders — with leg spans of up to 12 inches — are generally known to be gentle, harmless creatures. So if you find one wandering in your back yard…try not to panic. The spider from the viral photo, who’s since been named Charlotte was discovered in an old farmhouse. Normally, when Betty from Barnyard Betty’s Rescue tries to catch a spider, she pops a glass over them on the wall and then slides some paper underneath. But when she saw the size of Charlotte, she knew she needed a new plan. Charlotte was the size of a dinner plate, so she needed to grab a broom and “convince” the spider to climb on to the head of the broom. After snapping the photos that went viral, Betty released the spider into an old shed where she knew she’d be safe from people and predators. Yeah, how about disclosing the location of that shed? Yeah, Charlotte is kind of cute. Kind of. Pfffft yeah right!! 8 - Lion in the Streets One of the most frequently used stereotypes that people from Africa have to deal with, is the ridiculous idea that there are lions walking around the streets. South-Africa is well-known for its wildlife, so whenever a South-African finds themselves abroad, they often have to deal with the following: “Ah! No, way! You’re from Africa?” Because, you know…Africa has to be the same everywhere right?! “That’s crazy man. So…are there, like, lions walking in the streets and stuff?” These questions are absurd. Of course there aren’t lions walking around on the streets. Well…until last year when one Sunday night, photos started circulating on social media about a lion walking around the streets of Johannesburg. The photos were all 100% real, and there really WAS s a lion walking around the streets, even getting on top of some cars and sniffing around some dumpsters. BUUUT, it turns out though, that the lion was trained, and was walking the streets as part of a movie shoot. Still, the locals all made very sure to lock their doors and stay inside till the shoot was over. H*ll, I know I would! 7 - Snakes on a plane in a wall Can you imagine what Samuel L Jackson would have said if he ever went to go visit the Brooks family in their dream home here? Snakeskins and droppings became commonplace in the house. As did actual black rat snakes, which ranged from small hatchlings to full-grown seven-footers. By April, the family had evacuated the premises and filed a $2 million lawsuit against their real estate agent. The good news for most of us is that such snake infestations are pretty unusual. For some reason, the snakes had settled on this house as a congregation point. Snakes are ectothermic, which means their body temperature fluctuates with their environment. When it gets cold, these guys find a cozy place to curl up and wait out the winter. That could be anything from a tree stump to a rocky crevice to—well—the Brooks’ house. Even if such instances are rare, the house in Maryland isn't the first report of a house that would make Indiana Jones squirm. In one house in Idaho, garter snakes were crawling through cracks in the house's foundation and using it as a place to spend the winter. It's probably likely the snakes had always used the area as a hibernaculum, and the house was simply built on top of their hangout. Scientists have also found wild places where snakes congregate, including the Narcisse Snake Dens of Manitoba, Canada, where 75,000 garter snakes mate in great, writhing masses. It's the world's largest known gathering of snakes. Snake orgy….…yeahhhhhh.

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What are some of the strangest things that’s targeted at rich people?! Would you ever buy gold STAPLES for over a hundred bucks? Or what about a remote controlled hot tub?! Find out all the craziest and strangest products out there made for rich people in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are some of the strangest things created for rich people to buy! 9 - Midas Touch Have you guys ever had the urge to light money on fire? Well, instead of doing that, you can just buy gold staples! Yes! Gold staples for over a hundred bucks is a thing! 118 bucks to be exact. I guess rich people still stuck in the 20th century sometimes really need to impress people whenever they staple their papers together. I mean, how do bosses feel whenever they see some TPS report with a gold staple up on the left corner? Oh wait, rich people often are their own bosses so it’s probably the other way around. But really though, how often would gold staples be useful to show off as a status symbol. Maybe it’s useful to staple some tattered designer clothing together or “just about anything,” as the website suggests. If solid gold staples are a thing, then why hasn’t anyone started working on gold staplers? Who wants to use gold staples for our regular old stapler? Oh wait, they already do! Sigh. Anyways, the gold staples are or were created by Assembly New York, as we can’t access nor find their site anymore. Is this a good thing for the world? Probably! What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen someone do to try to show off? Let us know in the comment section! 8 - Luxury Teeth Yeah, we get that there are some toothpastes that work better than other ones out there. But is there really a 95 dollar or so difference between a standard toothpaste and this luxury toothpaste? That’s what Theodent wants people to believe! Theodent 300 sells for almost $100 bucks for a 3.4-ounce tube. This toothpaste has a patented ingredient called “Rennou”, which is a non-toxic proprietary blend of a naturally-occurring extract found in cocoa plants blended with other minerals. Supposedly it helps to strengthen the enamel surface of teeth! Somehow, this substance actually helps to stimulate the growth of new enamel. If this is true, then it’s worth the price…...maybe! Do we need to say that paying a hundred bucks for a paste that you rub against your teeth and then spit out seems a bit extravagant? Does it actually work? Well, It looks like there’s been only one clinical trial - a double-blind study of 80 patients that was funded by Theodent - and a few smaller studies, also funded by Theodent. Yeah, this product’s effectiveness isn’t exactly proven beyond a doubt. Conflict of interest anyone? 7 - Expensive Bubbles Does anyone actually NEED a crystal bathtub? That’s the question we’d like to ask Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of the British billionaire and former boss of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone. She spent over a million bucks to get a custom-made crystal bathtub! Yes, there are crystal bathtubs out there. This particular bathtub was made by the Italian company Baldi. Baldi is known for its use of precious and semi-precious stones in their bathroom collections. They use materials such as aquamarine, tiger’s eye, amethyst, and rock crystals. Baldi sculpted the three-person rock crystal bathtub with diamond cuts but the tub’s edges were left partially rough to enhance the natural elegance of the crystal. Tamara said that the reason it cost so much wasn’t only because of the materials, but also because of the labor involved in creating the tub. She justified her spending by saying that she took a ton of baths. Somehow, in the same breath, she also wanted to speak on the attitude she and her sister have toward money. She said that her dad raised her and her sister to appreciate money…….and to not take it for granted. Hey, if that’s not self-awareness, then what is?!

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What are the oldest animals ever on earth?! Did you know that the goblin shark has been unchanged for the last 40 million years? Find out all about animals that has been around millions of years! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are animals that have been hanging around for millions of years! 7 - Horseshoe crab Horseshoe crabs are ancient-looking creatures with hard shells on their backs. They almost look like they don't belong in our time period, as if they somehow skipped evolving along with the rest of the species on our planet. However, it's not that they didn't evolve. Rather, it was really that there wasn’t any outward pressure from a competitor causing them to leap forward, so they evolved at a slower rate. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? Ehh, I’m always for improvement but that’s just me. Anyways, fossils of horseshoe crab ancestors can be found dating as far back as 500 million years, but they’re recognizably different from the horseshoe crabs that can be found today. On the other hand, fossils from roughly 150 million years ago look extremely similar to modern day horseshoe crabs. This means that for the last 150 million years, horseshoe crabs have found a comfortable niche to fill in the animal kingdom. Hey, they can’t complain about that nice little run. Fun fact, these days we actually harvest horseshoe crab blood for medical purposes. The blood of a horseshoe crab is blue, because of its use of hemocyanin to carry oxygen instead of hemoglobin, the stuff that makes our blood red. 6 - Duck-billed Platypus The duck-billed platypus looks basically like a real-life cartoon, with a duck-like bill for a mouth, an otter-like body, and a beaver-like tail. Coming in at nearly 2 feet long, these mammals hunt small prey very effectively underwater, by scraping up insects, larvae, shellfish, and worms from the seabed. The platypus is a nearly unique mammal, in that only itsef, and the spiny anteater, lay eggs to reproduce. Not only that, the platypus is also one of very few mammals that produce venom! Male platypus have spurs on their heels that secrete venom. Their glands only produce venom during mating season, leading many scientists to believe that it's primarily for competition between males, rather than protection from its predators. In the event that you're unlucky enough to get into a fight with a male platypus while it's trying to mate, here are some things you should know about the venom. It's not lethal to humans, but it causes intense pain almost immediately. If you ever get stung, there will be swelling, and following the swelling, the area will develop hyperalgesia for up to a few months, meaning that it’ll be more sensitive to other sources of pain. Yeah, just a few months? I’m good on that. While it seems that the platypus can only be described as strange, but how DID they exactly end up this way? Approximately 160 million years ago, mammals were still evolving from reptiles. Platypus are a member of a group of animals called monotremes, one of the earliest offshoots of the mammalian family. Because of its early divergence from the other mammals, it still retains many traits similar to reptiles and birds, such as laying eggs, and having a beak. Monotremes are a great example of the randomness of evolution. If a certain trait helps an animal to stay alive, obviously it'll pass on its traits. Somehow, all these strange parts of the platypus combined to form an animal that was successful enough to survive for hundreds of millions of years. 5 – Crocodiles Crocodiles are truly terrifying animals, as they have jaws capable of delivering a bite of up to 3700 pounds per square inch of bite force. They hunt efficiently by hiding until prey comes in range, then lunging faster than you could blink. Once they have a hold of their prey, there's pretty much no chance of escape, as crocodiles are able to hold on with the strongest bite force of any animal on the planet. Once they have their prey in their jaws, they then pull their prey underwater to drown it. While the crocodiles you know of today have remained relatively unchanged for millions of years, their ancestors have actually been around a lot longer than that.

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What are some of the cutest animals out there that are actually really dangerous?! Did you know that the wombat, although looking so cute and innocent, is known to charge at people in order try to knock them over?! Or that Pandas have one of the strongest bite forces for a carnivore and they'll definitely bite a human?! Find out all this and more in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are ten of the cutest animals that are actually dangerous! 9 - Leopard seal If you’re the type of person with a sense of adventure that takes you on an Antarctic cruise, you may just be lucky enough to cross paths with a leopard seal. They’re amazing creatures to observe in and out of the water, and let’s face it, leopard seals would be cool to see since they look so cute! Leopard seals play a unique role in Antarctic ecosystems and there are many interesting aspects to them as one of the Southern Ocean’s most fearsome predators. The ends of the leopard seal’s mouth are permanently curled upward, creating the illusion of a smile. However happy they may look, they’re actually aggressive animals that’s always keeping an eye out for their next meal! In the rare occasion that they go on land, they’ll defend their personal space by issuing a warning growl at anything that comes too close. Leopard seals have been known to be aggressive towards humans. Most recently, a marine biologist working with the British Antarctic Survey drowned after being dragged nearly 200 feet below the surface of the water by a leopard seal. It’s unclear if the leopard seal intended to drown the biologist, but one thing to remember is that at the end of the day, no matter how cute something looks, it’s still a wild animal! 8 - Dolphins Everybody loves dolphins, but not many people know that these guys actually have an evil side. Maybe it’s just a few bad apples in the bunch, but dolphins are known to be more than just playful. Dolphins are often models of animal wisdom, with stories of protecting shipwrecked sailors and spending their days just having fun in the waves. But scientists that study dolphins, know that dolphins are more than just the happy, peaceful creatures we think they are! Growing evidence shows that dolphins are capable of terrorizing other fellow mammals in droves, wielding their beaks as clubs and slashing away with rows of sharp teeth. Dolphins have been known to bully porpoises for seemingly no reason at all. Unlike most other animals that hunt and eat their prey, dolphins seem to have urges unrelated to the need for food. In most cases, dolphins aren’t a danger to us unless they’re provoked or agitated. In fact, most dolphins actually are curious with humans. They’re approachable and friendly and get along very well with humans, so there’s really nothing to worry about if you ever encounter one. But just know that dolphins aren’t the absolute angels most people think they are! 7 - Giant anteater Okay, we’ll admit it, a giant anteater is gonna be a hit or miss on the cute scale for most people, but they made it in our book! You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but this large creature feeds only on ants and termites. Its size is part of what makes it a bit dangerous, but their true weapons are their powerful, sharp claws. At almost 4 inches long, the claws can do quite a lot of damage. They’re normally used to tear apart ants’ nests when needed, but they’re also the reason you almost never hear much about the anteater's predators. If threatened, an anteater can maul someone or something with just one swipe. Giant Anteaters aren't all that aggressive, but they will fight back fiercely if they’re cornered. A threatened, cornered anteater will rear up on its hind legs, while using its large tail for balance. Then, it’ll lash out with its claws! The giant anteater is ferocious enough to fight off animals as big and as aggressive as jaguars and pumas. 6 - Duck billed platypus Every strange animal is cute in its own way but the Duck billed platypus is as weird as they come. For one, as adorable as they look, they’re able to inject venom through a hollow bony growth on their heel called a spur. Not all platypuses have these venomous spurs — only the males do. The male platypus is one of only a few venomous mammals, along with some shrews, moles, and vampire bats.

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Who are the pets out there that are living the best lives with their humans? Did you guys know that there are cats who rock climb out there, such as Simon, a cat who loves to go on hikes? Or that there’s a world traveling pig named Christopher?! Find out about all the cutest pets out there who are living their best lives possible! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are pets who have the best adventures with their owners! 9 - Abdullah and Mulan What first started out as a simple job for Abdulla Sholeh, turned into an amazing friendship between him and one of the best predators on Earth. Years ago, Abdullah became a “nanny” for a 3-month-old tiger cub. Let’s just say Abdullah had no clue that their relationship would become what it is. He and Mulan Jamillah, a Bengal tigress, eventually became so close that even after she became fully grown, they would spend almost every minute of the day together! They’d sometimes even sleep in the same enclosure! Now that……….just sounds ridiculous and amazing at the same time! Mulan’s previous owner was unable to take care of her, but Abdullah was more than happy to dedicate most of his time to his new friend. What started out as a temporary job eventually turned into a full-time friendship. The pair are so inseparable, Mulan supposedly gets anxious whenever Abullah isn’t around. They play and eat together, but despite the affection that Mulan shows him on a daily basis, he says that he’s always aware of the risks he takes every time he gets close to the roughly 400-pound Bengal tigress. Would YOU sleep with a giant tiger even if its your best friend?! Do us a favor and hit that like button! 8 - Craig and Millie Did you guys know, there are currently almost 95 million pet cats in the US! Only a small percentage of cats are "outdoor" cats, or even "indoor/outdoor" cats. Most American cats spend their days in the lap of human luxury. This is a good thing! The average lifespan of an indoor-only cat is around 17 years, while the average lifespan of cats that are allowed to roam freely outside? It’s only…….three to five. Yeah that’s a big difference. However, this doesn’t mean that cats shouldn’t be outside. A properly trained and supervised cat can go just about anywhere. Just ask Craig and Millie. Craig Armstrong and Millie are avid desert explorers in Utah. Millie is quite adventurous, but Craig is always there to keep her safe. Ever since they met at the adoption center and Millie climbed right up Craig’s shoulders, he knew they’d be a great team. Apparently, Millie loves to climb and explore, just like Craig. However, Millie required a little practice and training to get ready for her new life of mountain climbing. Sometimes she leads the way, sometimes she’s just following along. Armstrong refers to their trips as "catting" instead of hiking or climbing. His hiking experience is often dictated by where Millie wants to go. It’s given Craig a new appreciation for the same old trails because he has a climbing partner who apparently never complains, no matter how hard it gets! 7 - Christopher, Jonathan, and Marilyne Christopher the Pig is a world traveller, and not only that, he also has a social media following! Christopher the pig has had some big adventures since he was adopted by Marilyne and Jonathan Duguay. Since the couple adopted Christopher, he's become very much part of the family. Christopher has amassed a substantial social media presence — he has over 50 thousand followers on Instagram as well as a growing Facebook page and YouTube channel. Marilyne takes the lead editing videos and posting on Christopher's feed. Apparently she's the reason Christopher came into their lives in the first place. Christopher was a gift for Marilyne from her husband because, well…...she just wanted to have a pet pig! The main thing that drives social media users to Christopher's pages are the photos and videos depicting his passion for travel. Christopher has been all over the place, as he’s been in cities such as New York City and Las Vegas. He’s also gone to Canada, such as Edmonton and Montreal! And oh yeah, he’s also been to France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland! Really? You’d think that it’s hard to bring a pig along to travel.

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You guys ever think that there’s just too much trust in certain things? Do you guys trust a large company’s advertising? Corporations won’t just flat out lie…..right?! Or what about glass bridges? Do you guys completely believe that the glass will never fail? Find out more about whether or not you should trust things completely in this video! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few reasons to never put too much of your trust in anything! 9 - Hoover’s “Free” Flights In 1992, the Hoover Company came up with what they thought would be a brilliant marketing campaign. Hoover’s British division was approached by a now-defunct travel agency called JSI Travel with an idea. The idea was to offer two free return flights to Europe with every purchase of any Hoover product worth more than 100 pounds, all arranged through this travel agency. Those who tried to redeem the flights had to jump through many hoops to actually get the tickets, and the agency would attempt to upsell additional services such as travel insurance and hotel packages. JSI Travel also thought it would provide a long term benefit for their small company as it would introduce tens of thousands of people to their travel agency’s services. Initially, the campaign seemed like a success, as the surplus inventory began to go down, AND not that many customers actually used the vouchers at first. But Hoover decided to expand the offer to include destinations in the US! Bad idea, because at this point the consumer response increased enormously, as Hoover was offering around 600 pounds worth of airline tickets for a purchase minimum of just 100 pounds! Who approved THIS marketing idea?! Some customers paid for the appliances and then just left them in stores because they didn’t even really need it. Overall the 30 million pounds in increased sales that the promotion attracted was completely dwarfed by the 50 million pound cost to pay for all the airline tickets! And that’s not counting legal settlements against Hoover for trying their best to not honor their end of the bargain on the tickets! 8 - “Rare” Diamonds How many of you guys know that the diamond engagement ring came to be only because back in 1938 De Beers decided that they wanted to sell diamonds at a higher price? Simple as that. Prior to a stunningly successful marketing campaign in 1938, Americans occasionally exchanged engagement rings, but it wasn’t a traditional occurrence.De Beers masterfully created demand for diamonds by hiring a marketing agency that eventually created a campaign called ‘A Diamond Is Forever’, which became the official motto for De Beers. Not only is the demand for diamonds just a marketing invention, but diamonds aren’t actually that rare. However, the diamond is the most popular gemstone. The myth that diamonds are rare continues to be believed by so many. The thing is, De Beers controlled most of the diamond supply until around the year 2000. They had created an artificial scarcity by limiting the amount of diamonds that were listed on the market. The result? By 1979, De Beers diamond sales in the U.S. had reached over 2 billion dollars, compared to only 23 million dollars in 1939. That’s almost 100 times more in only 40 years! The industry banks on the fact that you won’t go selling your diamond ring, because, as the motto states: “Diamonds are forever.” 7 - Fine wine? We all enjoy a nice glass of wine, especially after a long day at work. But are you 100% sure that the bottle wine you just bought is actually what it is?! Wine industry experts say that approximately one in every 20 bottles of fine wine sold today is actually not “fine”, and is merely a relabeled cheap wine. Of course, unless you happen to be a vintage wine collector, that likely isn’t a concern for you. In the vintage wine collecting world, bottles are traded and sold for many thousands of dollars. Even so, wine scams certainly can trickle down to the ordinary consumer. In a recent famous case, one of California’s biggest producers was duped into buying bulk quantities of French “plonk”, otherwise known as cheap wine, which it unknowingly bottled and re-sold under a popular label on supermarket shelves.

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What are the policies that we can expect from President Trump during the start of his term? Watch this video to learn all about the different changes that most likely will be coming to America! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday, Tuesday, and Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Policies That Most Likely Will be Enacted by President Trump! 9. Even Tougher Immigration President Trump talked a lot about illegal immigrants, in one speech saying “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Trump’s plan to slow down immigration from Mexico is to build a giant 35 foot concrete wall. People weren’t sure if he was serious, seeing what a large and costly endeavor that would be, but since taking office, Trump has already taken the first steps, and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has assured the people that the wall will be in place within two years. Another group that President Trump took aim at during the campaign were Muslims, although he did say he was against radical Islamic terrorists and has stated many times that he has great Muslim friends. During his campaign, Trump wrote that he would institute a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what the h*ll is going on.” During the Presidential debates he said his belief of a Muslim ban morphed into him wanting an extreme vetting process for Muslims. He wasn’t kidding. On Jan. 27th 2017, President Trump signed an executive order that kept out visitors from 7 predominately Muslim countries and banned all refugees from those countries for 120 days. A lot of people were angry; airports all over the US were filled with protesters against the ban. The quickness in execution of the temporary ban left certain people sad when their hopes were crushed when the ban went into effect while they were in the air. But there are plenty of Americans out there who are happy that President Trump put up the ban. The President hasn’t backed down, showing his tough stance on illegal immigration and doing what he thinks is best for the US by enacting a temporary ban to keeping America safe. Maybe the temporary ban could be extended even longer. What do you think? Let me know in the comments! 8. Pulpit Politics In the United States, churches and religious organizations don’t have to pay Federal Taxes. Back in 1954, Senator Lyndon Johnson, later President, changed the tax code so that it prohibited non-profit organizations such as churches, colleges, charities from endorsing or opposing political candidates. It’s called the Johnson Amendment and it basically says that if you preach about politics, you lose your tax exempt status. The IRS has never strictly enforced this rule, but churches tend to take it seriously. That’s why you usually don’t hear the church weighing in on who you should vote for. On February 2, at the National Prayer Breakfast, Trump declared that he would quote "get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson amendment and allow our representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear of retribution." He didn’t say exactly how he was going to do it. Congress still has to vote on it. But Trump has been pretty good at leaning on Congress and this seems to be important to him. So in the future we may get even more annoying campaign ads, “We are the Church of Scientology and we support John Travolta for President.”

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Who are the dumbest criminals ever? Is it the two dudes who used just a permanent marker to disguise their faces before breaking into an apartment? Or the two dudes who tried to park a stolen car at the police station?! Watch this video to find out who the dumbest criminals are! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are 10 of the dumbest criminals who actually exist! 10 - Here’s a better photo Many people don’t like bad pictures of themselves floating on the internet, hence the reason Facebook allows people to delicately handle tagging privileges. However, how vain can someone actually be? A man suspected of arson and vandalism actually sent a better looking selfie to police because he found the photo of himself on his arrest warrant ugly. Donald "Chip" Pugh texted the police another photo and ACTUALLY wrote these words: "Here is a better photo that one is terrible". Seriously. This happened in real life! Police in Lima, Ohio, posted the photos to their Facebook page and asked for help in locating Pugh. The police department thanked him on their facebook page for “being helpful” but asserted that they really needed him to turn himself in! When asked by a local radio station why he sent the photo, Pugh said that they just did him wrong. Apparently, in his words, he looked like quote “Thundercat… or James Brown on the run” in the picture provided by the police. Is it just me or do most people look a lot different in real life than they do in their social media profiles?! Let us know in the comments! And oh yeah. Do us a quick favor and hit this like button, right here! 9 - Interview? Sure why not! If someone’s gonna be doing a life of crime, you’d think they’d cut back on the social media. And especially any public TV appearances! Eric Rivers was arrested in connection with a spree of bank robberies in Lawrenceville, Georgia after he appeared in an on-camera interview with a local news station for an unrelated story about public transit. Police said that Rivers was suspected of having just robbed a Chase Bank and was believed to be in the middle of robbing several other banks when he agreed to an impromptu interview with a TV reporter! The thing is, when you do an interview, they ask for your real name, which you don’t have to actually give, but this guy decided to anyways! The job for the police was a piece of cake afterward. In fact, Rivers even removed his hat and du-rag for the interview, which he wore during the robberies based on security footage! Police say that after the interview, Rivers proceeded to scope out a Fidelity Bank in the area. As police investigated the reported robberies, a bank manager said the suspect walked towards the news truck after leaving the building. Police followed up the lead and simply asked the reporters for his name – and of course, the reporters were happy to help. Sigh. Please. Let’s get these people outta the gene pool! 8 - Nosebeers for no one You guys ever ingested something you thought was something else? Wellllll this was essentially what had happened here! Burglars snorted the cremated remains of a man and two dogs in the belief that they had stolen ummmmmm nosebeers I guess. The ashes were taken from a lady’s house in the central Florida town of Silver Springs Shores. The thieves took an urn containing the ashes of her father and another container with the ashes of her two Great Danes, along with some electronics and jewelry. The guys thought the ashes contained different types of drugs somehow. What are these guys, rookies?! It was later discovered that the burglars were actually dumb enough to actually snort the ashes! Once they realized their error, the guys were supposedly nice enough to think about returning the remaining ashes. Well that was a nice thought I guess, because they ended up throwing it in a lake instead because they thought their fingerprints were on the containers. SIGH. Police divers were trying to recover the ashes but let’s be for real – how do you recover ashes from a lake?!

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Who's left the meanest comment of 2017?! Find out who's the naughtiest commenter from this year! Merry Christmas to you and your fam! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather!

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Would you do the same things as these guys did? These people essentially have balls of steel! Would you be able to collect debt like Shaun Smith, someone whose called UK’s scariest debt collector? Or would you guys be able to rescue people out of a bus sinking to the bottom of a river? Watch this video to find out people with some of the biggest balls! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are people who basically aren’t afraid of anything! 8 - Shavarsh Karapetyan Imagine being a world champion. Then imagine being a 17 time world champion. Now imagine it in a sport that most people have never heard of, but somehow, some way, you’ve perfected THE skillset to rescue many people when you’re in the right place at the right time. That’s essentially the story of Shavarsh Karapetyan, a 17-time World Champion Soviet Armenian finswimmer! Finswimming is an underwater sport that involves snorkeling, wearing tail fins, and swimming like an insane mermaid One day, while he was finishing up a 12-mile run, Shavarsh heard a crash and saw a trolleybus with 92 passengers sink 80 feet to the bottom of a reservoir! He decided to spring into action. In zero visibility because of the silt, Sharavash swam to the sinking bus, broke the back window with his legs, and single-handedly rescued 20 passengers. Is that insane, or is that superhero insane?! The multiple wounds he received from this rescue and the fact that he was unconscious for 45 days afterward effectively ended his sports career. Subsequent sepsis, because of the presence of raw sewage in the lake water, and lung complications prevented him from going back to finswimming whatsoever. However, he decided just to become a superhero, because, ten years later, he ran into a burning hospital and saved people trapped inside! Once again, he was badly hurt (severe burns) and spent a long time in the hospital. He was later awarded a UNESCO "Fair Play" award for his heroism. Seriously, we need more guys like this around in the world. 7 - The Robin Hood gang Steal from the rich and give to the poor?! This sounds familiar doesn’t it? Back in April 2006, a group of activists dressed as superheroes burst into a gourmet supermarket in Hamburg, Germany. Wearing carnival masks and calling themselves uh….special names such as Spider Mom, Multiflex, and Sante Guevara, this gang made off with a shoppy cart loaded with luxury goods.Some $2,000 worth of fancy groceries were stolen out of the store before employees realized they'd been robbed by a gang of cartoon characters. Really? People dress up in costumes all the time while shopping at this store?! How would you not notice people like this?! Anyways, the group, known as the Robin Hood gang, stole the groceries and vanished into the houses and gardens overlooking Hamburg's Elbe River. Within hours of looting the expensive grocery store, the Robin Hood gang posted pics of themselves with the loot on the internet! With the pics it posted, the gang said that it had distributed the food among Germany's new underclass. The underclass being people such as interns who worked for months without being paid, low-wage nursery assistants, and moms with part-time jobs as cleaning ladies. The gang said it didn't merely object to capitalism. Instead, it was making a stand against the uncertainty facing millennials as they try to navigate their way through Europe's gloomy jobs market. Well….that’s one way of ummm….sticking it to the man… stealing high end groceries. Of all the German cities, Hamburg has the highest number of millionaires, while at the same time, there’s a growing number of people who struggle to make ends meet. Does this seem worthwhile to you guys?! Let us know in the comments! 6 - Rescue Divers Remember the boys that were stranded in a cave for weeks during the monsoon season in Thailand? The Tham Luang cave is the fourth biggest Thai cave system, stretching for miles beneath the mountain range that separates Thailand and Myanmar. Once the monsoon season starts in July, the cave goes from being relatively harmless to extremely dangerous. On June the 23rd 2018, 12 boys went exploring the cave with their soccer coach, a decision that made national headlines as the group ended up trapped deep inside the mountain.

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What are the weirdest animals from the deep sea?! Is it the crazy looking jellyfish that pretty much looks like Medusa?! Or is it this crazy giant wolffish that was caught off the coast of Japan?! Find out about the weirdest and craziest looking animals from the deep depths of the sea in this video! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are a few of the weirdest animals from the deep sea! 10 - Frilled Shark This guy’s probably been all over your news feeds lately, and for good reason. I mean, anytime scientists discover a prehistoric dinosaur roaming the oceans, it’s a newsworthy event. Scientists in November 2017 encountered a frilled shark living off the coast of Portugal. These sharks date back some 80 million years; by scientific standards, that makes the Frilled Shark a living fossil. Scientists are pretty sure that this shark has stayed the same both on the inside and outside. That means it survived conditions that proved to be too much for the once mighty T-Rex and Triceratops! Despite having existed for so long, humans never knew about them before the 19th century, mainly because they dwell at depths of 4,200 feet! Not only are these sharks rarely seen and super old, but they’re way different than other sharks….and they definitely look a LOT more intimidating. Growing up to 6 feet long and sporting 300 teeth and a snake like head, it’s no wonder they’ve survived all these years. Their quick speed and razor sharp teeth allow them to lunge at squid, octopi, \other sharks, sink their teeth into em, and chow down. The encounter was actually a total accident. A group of Scientists from the EU were exploring the Atlantic Ocean trying to minimize unwanted catches by commercial fishes. Ironically, they accidentally caught a shark they had no intention of finding. The good news is that it shed more light on a creature we know very little about and it’s a good reminder that there are many fascinating creatures in the sea who’ve lived on this earth far longer than us! 9 - Giant Isopods Dwelling at the muddy bottom of the ocean floor is one of the strangest creatures in the deep sea - the Giant Isopod. Typically found in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan and in the South China Sea, these guys prefer to burrow up in the mud for shelter. As their name might suggest, they’re pretty big as fars as Isopods go. They can reach sizes of up to 2.5 feet! And not only do they look really weird, they have some unusual behavioral characteristics as well. Despite their size and carnivorous diet, most Giant Isopods only eat a few times per year….in one bizarre case, a Giant Isopod went five years without eating! That’s FIVE YEARS! Talk about some crazy intermittent fasting! When they DO eat, their meal of choice is mackerel, and they’re known to absolutely pig out on it when they do finally decide to chow down. To cope with their lack of eating, they use their energy sparingly by living in a state of perpetual semi-hibernation. They pretty much just sit around unless they’re eating….which actually sounds some people that I MAY know! 8 - The Clown Frogfish First off, there are lots of different frogfish and they all have pretty cool names. For example, there’s the hairy frogfish, or the painted frogfish, just to name a couple. Frogfish blend into their surroundings and wait to ambush their prey, using a built in lure. So basically, they’re a fish that fishes for other fish. Yeahhhh. But our focus here is the clown frogfish. Also known as the warty frogfish, these guys are usually relatively small, typically growing up to about 6 inches long. One really crazy thing they do, aside from just looking kind of odd, is emit biofluorescence. Anytime blue or ultraviolet light shines on these guys, they turn red! This is just one of their many methods of camouflage to fake out would be predators or one of their desired meals. By human standards, they behave rather erratically. Opting to live alone and hiding under rocks and corals, they only gather for… guessed it, mating. In the event that a male fish lingers too long, the female frogfish actually may eat him. I guess there isn’t any cuddle time for these guys!

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What are the steps you’re supposed to take once you win the lottery?! I mean, everyone knows about getting someone who knows about money, but who EXACTLY are you supposed to get, and who else should be on your team?! Find out about all the proper steps you should be taking in case you’re one of the super lucky ones to hit a huge jackpot! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are the steps to take after you win a huge lottery! 9 - Pick the Lump Sum or Annuity Sometimes a little bit of self discipline can go a long long ways. That’s especially true for people who win the lottery. I mean, let’s say you win a crap ton of money, like 200 million dollars….cue up the Dr. Evil laugh. But seriously, that qualifies as a life changing event. And while it would be tempting to cash the winning ticket for for 200 million dollars, well considerably less once the government takes their cut. Depending on who you are, it’s wiser to take the annuity rather than a lump sum. Why? Basically, it’s to protect yourself…….from yourself. Why do so many lottery winners go broke? Why do so many professional athletes go broke? Basically it’s just the fact that they spend more than they earned! The cash isn’t forever. Basically, if you can’t keep the same lifestyle after life-changing money, well, the annuity is probably the best option to take. It sounds like it’s an easy concept, live below your means, but it’s harder than it sounds. An annuity is basically like letting the government hold onto your winnings for a while and invest it for you, without taxing the return on the said investment. The annuity also continues AFTER you lie, assuming you pass on to the afterlife within 30 years of your winnings. So it becomes a part of your estate, and once you die, your estate can take out a lump sum so the IRS can only tax the estate once. Of course, if you have insane self-discipline and you understand finance pretty well, then yes, taking the lump sum makes much more sense because, let’s be for real, the numbers don’t lie. Or do what I’d do, take the lump sum, and don’t touch the principal and live off whatever the principal makes! 8 - Hire a Team Mo money mo problems. Biggie wasn’t lying! You definitely will want to hire a team of professionals to help you manage that money. You’ll basically want an accountant, a fiduciary, and an attorney. A fiduciary is obligated to give you objective advice about how to go about managing your new fortune. They can also be the “bad guy” along with your attorney. As Jason Kurland, an attorney who specializes in helping lotto winners explained to Vice News, people will come out of the woodwork to give all sorts of quote, “great investments” for you. A series of bad investments can drain your winnings pretty quickly and it’s hard to know when to say “no.” You can simply let one person on your team be the bad guy who decides when or when not to invest and be the one who says no. Your attorney and tax accountant will help you set up and navigate all the legal hurdles to protect your nest egg and minimize your taxes, because let’s face it, who wants to do that on their own with that type of fortune when time is more valuable than money at that point? Every state has different lottery rules and tax laws, so you’ll definitely want to talk to someone who can specifically analyze your situation and give you the best advice possible. Hire that team, and make sure it’s not just your uncle Ted without any qualifications! 7 - Stay Anonymous The easiest way to save yourself from a lot of trouble after winning a giant lottery is to stay as anonymous as possible. Don’t tell anyone that you won the lottery! First thing you’ll want to do is to set up a trust. It’s a way to remain anonymous that way when people look up who won x lottery, they just see the trust.

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Join us for our FIRST livestream ever! We'll be talking about life hacks, and we're looking for YOUR best life hacks! Add your life hack with #livestream for your chance at a 50 dollar Amazon gift card! We'll see where this discussion goes and have some fun! There will also be a Q&A about almost anything you guys want to ask! See you guys on Sunday, June 10 at 7pm EST! Follow me on Instagram HERE: Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather!

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What are some of the fakest things that have been exposed? Would it be kung fu or tai chi experts who claim to be practicing real martial arts? Or would it be rappers not actually owning the house they claimed on MTV cribs? Find out some of the fakest things exposed in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are some of the fakest things exposed! 8 - Genius Bar Too? Trying to sell a fake iPhone is one thing. Those guys are all over the place. But setting up an ENTIRE fake Apple store? That’s on a whole other level! Yup – every now and then, a fake Apple store pops up somewhere in China! And some of them look so real, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference – even if you work there! That’s right, some of the owners go as far as convincing the staff that they’re working in an actual Apple store! Fake Apple Stores are a thing in China. However, China is beginning to crack down on copyright breaches. In February 2018, chinese authorities shut down another elaborate fake Apple store right in the middle of Beijing. The store was shut down, fined a total of $43,000, and had all of their fake products seized. It’s easy to see why the stores can be misleading, because they do look like the real deal. At this particular store, all of the employees wore the same shirts real Apple employees wear! In a country that often seems uninterested in protecting brands and copyrights from counterfeits, the apparent clampdown is somewhat surprising. The Chinese government actually wouldn’t give Apple the exclusive use of the iPhone trademark name in China, when they found out a local company was branding leather goods with the name iPhone back in 2016! 7 - Tastes Like Chicken Food safety in China has been a major problem for a long time. In recent years, there have been reports of chemical-tainted milk and baby formula, lead- and cadmium-laced rice, fake eggs, fruit soaked in pesticide, and carcinogenic cooking oil… just to name a few. But don’t think meats get left out of getting tampered with! Back in 2013, authorities arrested 904 people during their crack down on fake meat operations. One group of guys made over $1.6 million dollars by selling rat, fox, and mink meat, and passing it off as lamb! These guys would first buy the fake meat on the black market, and treat the meat with gelatin, carmine and nitrate in order to spice it up. They would then sell the meat in farmers’ markets as lamb! Once the police raided Wei's base, they arrested a total of 63 workers and seized over 10 tons of fake meat! In just the first few months of 2013, Chinese authorities seized over 22 tons of fake meat products all across China. Authorities closed two factories for soaking chicken feet in hydrogen peroxide before shipping them to markets! According to the Chinese authorities, the E. coli levels found in the meat were “seriously above the proposed standard”. Yeah….sometimes regulation IS a good thing. 6 - Raining Cats and Dogs We get it, with a 24 hour news cycle, reporters have to keep things interesting for the viewers. But come on, there’s no need to blow things out of proportion on a slow news day! With all the fake news around, who knew the weather guys would get in on it?! For some reason, The Weather Channel guys like to keep up the drama, especially when there’s a hurricane or two on the radar! It all started when reporter Mike Seidel was broadcasting live from Wilmington, North Carolina about hurricane Florence, where he was shown hunched over and appearing to brace against a strong wind. In the video, he has one hand cupped to his ear and he’s swaying back and forth while reporting on the conditions. It looks as if the strong winds are blowing him away and he’s having trouble holding his ground. But while Seidel is explaining how nasty the storm is, the camera zooms out and in the background, you can see two guys in shorts, casually walking right behind him, not struggling to walk in the wind at all. Then the camera zooms back onto Seidel and quickly cuts to a map. Busteeeedddddddd! The Weather Channel defended Seidel by saying the grass was slippery at the time. Seriously, is a hurricane not exciting enough for these guys?!

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What are some of the weirdest tricks animals can do?! Why do snakes sometimes bite themselves on the tails? How are Flamingos able to eat upside down?! Find out about the weirdest and craziest tricks animals can do in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! Follow me on Instagram here: New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are the weirdest things animals do! 12 - Freezing to survive Ever heard of cryogenics? It turns out it's not something discovered by human researchers, but it actually comes from the animal world. Some species use it as a survival method. Case in point: the Alaskan Wood frog. During winter, these amphibians freeze so they don't lie! Wait, what? Ok, they basically freeze their bodies solid to lower their heart rate and to stop breathing. They do all of this so they can survive the harsh weather conditions that can sometimes reach all the way down to minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit! To reach this point, the frogs build up ten times the normal concentration of glucose in their bloodstreams. This creates a cryogenic state, in which they aren’t a functioning, living and breathing animal, but it keeps their organs safe, preventing any shrinkage or damaging of their cells. By spring, they 'melt out' of this state, and go back to being a normal animal. If this isn’t a real life magic trick, I don’t know what is! 11 - Collective intelligence One of the tiniest creatures in the world, ants are considered to be some of the most annoying animals ever. Their ability to sneak everywhere can be a literal pain in the butt for some people. However, ants are some of the most fascinating creatures on earth. They’re known for being efficient builders, as they create strong and almost indestructible colonies that can survive through pretty much anything. On an independent level, ants don’t seem all that impressive. They seem to be lost and vulnerable. But collectively, ants are actually extremely intelligent. The features they uncover as a group can go from controlling their temperature to deciding where to settle and live. Another detail we should never forget is how powerful they can be: organized raids by a colony of ants can weaken their prey in a matter of seconds. The ways that ants can communicate rapidly are through pheromones, sound, and touch. Many animals can learn behaviors by imitation, but ants may be the only group apart from mammals where interactive teaching has been observed. Pretty smart for something so tiny! 10 - Mud as a cooling off technique We've seen it all over the animal kingdom: pigs wallowing relentlessly, elephants splashing it everywhere, hippos rolling in the deep mud like there’s no tomorrow. But why on Earth would animals want to bath in mud? Well, apparently there's a scientific reasoning behind this glorification of dirt. When temperatures rise to unbearable levels, many animals find that a good ol' bath in mud will help them keep cool. The mud helps to decrease body temperature and maintain the cooler temperature for much longer. You would think all that's required to keep cool is dipping in some water, so why specifically mud? The water molecules present in the mud evaporate much slower, and animals have figured out they can stay cooler for longer. However, animals keep cool in mud EXCEPT for pigs! They're actually just hanging out in mud for fun! Research from Wageningen University in the Netherlands have found that this tendency is prevalent in pigs because their ancestors used to do it. It even suggests that pigs have no sweat glands because they wallow in the mud, and not the other way around. 9 - Favorite colors Sight is the sense that turtles depend on the most – they basically rely on their vision for survival. Some researchers have proven how dependent turtles truly are on their vision. In an experiment, they blindfolded some sea turtles and discovered they were unable to get back into the water, as they became completely disoriented. One of the main reasons they rely so heavily on their vision is because given their anatomy, it’s basically what they have to rely on to identify other turtles and any potential dangerous predators. What's even more fascinating is that not only do they respond more to visual stimulation, but they even have colors they're actually more attracted to.

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Here are people who couldn't care less what other people think of them! Have you heard about the Russian powerlifter girl? Or the guy who made love to over 1000 cars?! Find out about more crazy people who do whatever they want in this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! Follow me on Instagram here: New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are the 10 people who couldn’t care less what other people think of them! 10 – Edward Smith Edward Smith, 63, is a mecaphile - which means he’s sexually interested in cars and believes he’s in a relationship with one. Whew, they’ll just let anyone do anything these days don’t they?! How do we know how the car really feels though? As a teenager, Smith supposedly began to look at car magazines in the same way dudes look at pl@yboy, before finally losing his virginity to his neighbour’s Volkswagen Beetle at age 14. Seriously? Smith has said that although he’s made love to over 1000 cars in his lifetime, he’s now settled down with the ‘love of his life’ - a Volkswagen Beetle he calls ‘Vanilla’. When he laid eyes on Vanilla in 1982, apparently it was love at first sight. I’m not sure I can continue this entry. This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. But you know what. I’m gonna continue JUST for you guys. When asked how he makes love to a car, he clarified that he’s not attracted to any kind of actual p3n3tration. He said that it’s mostly hugging and holding the shape of the car close to him and talking to it a little bit. He added that he always kept his clothes on and just uhh… unzipped to do the rest. Oh yea, he’s only had one human partner. Sigh. 9 – Yoshiro Nakamatsu Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, is a Japanese inventor who’s become somewhat of a celebrity for his inventions. Over 3500 of them to be a bit more specific. Dr. NakaMats, if you prefer, or, as he prefers, SIR Dr. NakaMats—is a prolific inventor whose biggest invention is the floppy disk, an invention he claims he came up with. Well, the key word is claims, as IBM would like to say otherwise. His other inventions include what he calls, “spectacles in the shape of eyes”, which he claims makes whoever wearing the glasses look like they’re NOT wearing glasses. He also invented a wig for self defense, which is basically a weight attached to a wig by a string. The wearer swings the wig to hit an attacker. You guys see a theme here? In interviews, Nakamatsu has described his "creativity process", which starts with him listening to music and concludes with him diving underwater, where he says he comes up with his best ideas. Nakamatsu claims to benefit from lack of oxygen to the brain during his dives. Yeahhhh…… In 2010, Nakamatsu claimed he had been granted a honorary title by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Since then, he’s introduced himself as Sir Dr. NakaMats, although his claim has been denied by a representative of the order. Maybe one day I’ll be as extra as Dr. Nakamats, because it’s clear he gives zero f*cks about what other people think. He’s gonna come up with as many crazy inventions as he can and live life the exact way he wants to live, and you know what? We can all learn a little bit to live life with as much vigor as Dr. Nakamats! 8 – Amar Bharati Amar Bharati is an Indian holy man who claims he’s kept his right hand raised in the air since 1973!! Say whuuuut?! In 1970, Bharati abandoned his traditional comfortable lifestyle and decided to completely devote himself to his Hindu Shiva religious beliefs. After 3 years, he decided to raise his arm to the heavens in a permanent salute to his belief and also doing it for world peace. To be honest, not sure how it’d help for world peace, but hey, that’s just me. Ever since that day Bharati raised his right arm, his arm slowly deteriorated. Despite the initial extremely painful degenerating effects on his limb and circulation, he’s continued raising his arm, which has become, withered and useless. His arm muscles in the right arm have clearly atrophied to a point where it’s just stuck in that position. Bharati himself says he went through excruciating pain for a long time, but not anymore. His arm is basically a useless bony structure ending in thick, twisted nails that he never clips. He’s inspired other to follow in his footsteps, as others in his religion have chosen to raise their arms for peace and harmony.

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What are going to be the inventions of the future? Underwater cities? Giant robots where you get to sit inside and control what it does?! Learn all about futuristic inventions that are in development! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday, Tuesday, and Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are the newest inventions coming soon! 9 - Human Head Transplants Scientists have said that in the near future, they plan on cutting off the head of one body to transplant to another. Let’s just let that sink in for a second…... The doctor crazy enough to attempt such a surgery would be Italian Neuroscientist, Sergio Canavero, and his sidekick Chinese doctor, Xiaoping Ren. As irresponsible as this all sounds, they actually have a volunteer patient who will allow his head to be cut off and placed on another body! Now, as you can imagine, this person, Valery Spiridonov, is suffering from an awful and potentially deadly condition known as Werdnig-Hoffman Disease. This disorder, which is both rare and genetic, kills all the useful muscle tissue and cells in the brain and spinal cord. Right now he’s confined to a wheelchair, unable to do pretty much anything for himself, but if something doesn’t happen soon, he could die. To their credit, the doctors have already successfully experimented on mice. Now they just need a donor They’ll also need 80 surgeons, some really advanced equipment and tens of millions of dollars. After severing both heads, they’ll be able to fuse Spiridonov’s head to the dead body’s spinal cord. They predict that they have a 90 percent chance of succeeding should they go through with it. If it’s a success, it will be one of the biggest advances in medical history ever. That and definitely the weirdest. 8 - Underwater Cities and Resorts We’ve conquered the land. We’ve explored the sky. We’ve walked on the moon, orbited the earth, and even have plans to visit Mars. So human ambition has few limits, which is why one day we may have underwater resorts and cities, because we’re definitely gonna try. In a way it’s already started to happen. If you have some extra dough to spend, you can stay at luxury underwater hotels, such as Atlantis, The palm in Dubai, or Pemba Island in Tanzania, just to name two. Plus they already have made a few underwater research facilities. So making buildings underwater is totally a real thing that can be, and has been done. All that’s left is for us is to colonize the ocean. Easier said than done though, I’m sure. Japan supposedly has plans for an underwater city by 2030. Backed by private investors and government subsidies, the city, assuming it’s actually built, will feature a giant sphere that’s about 500 meters wide, or three tenths of a mile. It’ll have space for office buildings, apartments, and hotels that can accommodate around 5,000 people. The push for underwater cities is in part, a reaction to climate change fears. Which makes sense, because the science is clear that the planet is warming and sea levels are rising. And while we can already build underwater environments to accommodate maybe 100 or so people for brief periods of time, the idea of building entire cities to host thousands of people for long periods of time, or even permanently, seems a bit daunting. But hey, catch up with us in 2030, and let’s see what Japan has come up with!

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Who are the people that are making the world a better place?! Have you guys heard about the Secret Santa who goes around giving out money to unsuspecting strangers? Or what about the tattoo artist who surprised a 12 year boy with one last wish? Find out who are some of the people who make the world a much better place with this video! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday through Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are some of the people who make the world a better place! 9 - The Secret Santa In 2011, a woman named Whitney was planning to pawn her television to pay for a ride home for Christmas. However, all of a sudden, she found some cash. Whitney was among a couple of dozen commuters who got on a local bus and were greeted by a man in a Santa suit handing out $100 bills. The Secret Santa, a Portland-area businessman who won’t reveal his identity, has been giving away cash around Christmas many years now. He hands out bills in envelopes to unsuspecting strangers, usually in places where he’s likely to find people who needed money the most. He gave out what people estimate to at least around $10,000 dollars that day alone. Secret Santa went out of state for the first time In 2012. He took a stack of cash to a Goodwill store in Aberdeen, New Jersey hoping to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. By that time, he had given out an estimated total of $80,000. Apparently, many of the recipients forwarded the money to someone who actually needed it more than they did. The secret Santa said he was inspired by the late Larry Stewart, who handed out $100 bills for more than 25 years in Kansas City. He wanted to continue Stewart’s selfless tradition with the hope that it would inspire other people to do the same. 8 - First Day When a young Birmingham college student's car broke down the night before he was supposed to start a new job, he didn't panic. At least not for long. Instead, Walter Carr decided that he had to do what it takes to make it to his job on time for the first day! Carr was supposed to begin his new job as a mover at a home 20 miles from his apartment near Birmingham, Ala. However, none of his friends were able to help him out. Carr really needed the job. He googled the route from his apartment to the house and google said it would take eight hours on foot. However, he knew he could do it in less since he used to run cross-country! How many of us would have just called in sick at this point?! At midnight he started out on his journey. Hours into his trek to work, a police car pulled up. Carr explained his situation to officer Mark Knighten. Officer Knighten decided to take Carr to get something to eat since he had been walking all night. Officer Knighten told Carr that the meal was on him since Carr had no cash. However, that wasn’t the end of the good things that happened for Carr! The story of Walter Carr spread from the police officers to the homeowner, to Carr’s boss, Luke Marklin. He was the CEO of the moving company, Bellhops. Marklin drove in from Tennessee to personally meet Carr for coffee and thank him. He was amazed by Carr’s determination and dedication and he wanted to show his appreciation. That meeting ended with Marklin surprising Carr by giving him his own barely-driven 2014 Ford Escape. An emotional Carr had just one word when Marklin handed him the keys – "Seriously?" Did we mention that a GoFundMe was started for Carr, and it’s raised more than 44,000 dollars for him?! It’s amazing how far a little hard work and dedication can go for someone! 7 - McDonald's Connection Meet Eric Haralson, a 28-year-old man from Indiana who recently made one elderly woman’s day. Or maybe, it was the other way around! One November morning in 2018, Haralson headed to his local McDonald’s to eat breakfast. A 70-year-old woman, who goes by the name Jan, had the same plan. Jan saw Haralson sitting by himself so she asked if he was interested in sharing their meal together. Haralson’s reaction? OF COURSE! Jan grabbed her tray, he pushed a chair out for her and a new friendship was born. They talked about how Jan goes to church every Sunday and how she used to be an artist. In return, Haralson told Jan all about his girlfriend and their young son.


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