Paranormal Rocktivity Doctor Zombieos Freakin Creepy Band....!

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A haunting that disturbs a child playing call of duty.

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If you want to support this series, then don't forget to like the video, it really helps out for me, and as always, thank you for watching. Original Video: Songs featured in the response: Scary Kids Scaring Kids - "Faces" Coheed And Cambria - "Welcome Home" Sleeping With Sirens - "If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn" Guns N Roses - "Welcome To The Jungle" Ludwig Von Beethoven - "Für Elise"

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i don,t own any of this materials

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U-RUN presents: @ ТЕМНЫЙ ХЭЛЛОУИН от U-RUN (FGFC820) (27.10.2012) - [Filmed by MXN] 20121027215428 Tracklist: 1. Are You Ready 2. Childish Story 3. Dance With Me 4. Collider 5. What is True Love 6. Satisfaction 7. Highwayman 8. Rock-n-Roll 9. F.U.C.K.

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We had such an amazing time at HHN, I am so proud of this video! Just editing it made me feel like I was really there again. I miss it already. Part one of this vlog: MY HHN BLOG POST: 🌎 Greetings, friends! We are a family of 5 from Orlando, Florida vlogging life's adventures! We often go to Universal, as we are annual passholders! However on occasion we venture into other things! 🌎 Allow us to introduce ourselves: ☼ Anita (Mom): The cool mom of us 4 kids, who allows us to go to fun places and be ourselves. Cannot stress enough that she's the coolest mom to ever live. Slytherin/Ravenclaw, we're not sure, but she goes by both, though mostly Slytherin. ☠ Kara: The eldest of the kids, who likes food, classic, rad bands, and aliens. Doesn't know how to describe herself. She likes quesadillas. Especially talented in the art of drawing on one's own eyebrows. She's aware they're not real. Slytherin. ϟ Hannah (Me): The second oldest, who runs this YouTube, goes by the name 'H.R. Massacr' online (for some reason). Ilvermorny exchange student to Hogwarts. Fond of pumpkin juice. Butterbeer connoisseur. Enjoys theme parks, Harry Potter, and all things nerdy. Slytherin/Ravenclaw, or Slytherclaw if you wanna be fancy about it. 🎮 Shawn: The third child, likes minecraft, video games, is self-described as 'cool, awesome, and amazing', loves pizza and lasagna, loves DanTDM, and his favorite ride is The Hulk. Also has pet pygmy puff (purple) named Spike. Slytherin. ❀ Amber: The youngest kid, likes 'to float' on coasters, enjoys watching YouTube videos and playing minecraft, has a pet pygmy puff (pink) named Fluffy, her favorite ride is The Mummy (because she likes to float). Is quite fond of turkey legs. Gryffindor. We're always doing something fun, so... Come join our adventures! We also have a Facebook page here! Check it out: If you care to check me out anywhere else, here are the links. I love meeting new people! 👓 Instagram: or @hrmassacr 👓 Twitter: If you read all the way down here, comment, "THAT'S MY GOOOLD!"


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