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Freestyle on what I am been or this world been and took pardhaan songs. And beats taken from Thai beats

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Kangari rapper FaQeer's 1st Rap song ..... #Cover of PARDHAAN'S raatan rap song On Drake's beat Subscribe for more videos Need your huge support Like, subscribe and share

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My new video with lyrics Pls support me Keep watching Keep share #Crocz

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instagram: twitter: SNAPCHAT: ecanick63

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FOLLOW ME ON HERE: IG - Soundcloud - Twitter - Peep these songs for me after your done with this one please 🙏🏾 What You Thought - Go - #WeWillNotShutUpAndDribble - Rockstars - https://youtu

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🔥INSTAGRAM🔥 Wild Zupra: @wildzupra izzle Thai: @reachi_nado

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Faceboook- Junior oliveira Whatsapp pra contato (096) 991254086

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Engineered. MMoney - Edit by : - #xxxtentacion #lilpeep #macmiller

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The Official Video for AYCE's single "Different". Listen on your favorite Music Platform: Directed by: TruLight Films Creative Director: AYCE, Michael D'Assaro Produced by: Thai Beats Engineered: Rene Dez Buddha (Platinum Sound Recording Studios) Written by: AYCE Extras: Whitney Olofin, Vicky Estivene & YAHSquad Makeup in YAHSquad Scene: Keisha Yurrell Follow AYCE Below Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Facebook: Official Website: Follow YAHSquad on Instagram: Special thanks to everyone who helped make this song & video possible. Thank you ThaiBeats for this amazing beat & to all my supporters, I have soo much more on the way. Enjoy! LYRICS: Verse 1: Every single morning I wake up, I go grind for it Never see me with my hand out, rather starve for it Never needed nobody to tell me what I’m good for Apply that pressure, now I’m better - I thank YAH for it See the powers up against me never ease up Use to feel defeated now glory - I’m feeling better Nobody can tell on my story, I tell it better Long as I got YHWH beside me go through whatever Hook: Whatever, whatever Knock me down, no no never, no never Imma walk on my own two, my own two Now, what the devil gone do, he gone do AYE Chorus: Cause I’m different The way I walk and talk said I’m different The way I style, my swag is so different Can’t none compare to me, cause I’m different Look at it, Look at it x2 Verse 2: Walk different, talk different All them places you done seen me at, I don’t ever visit All them people you done seen me with Ain’t gone catch me with them They was never on my team, they were enemies Creepin' tryna catch me slippin' But then one day YHWH, gave me grace and he blessed me with a new day And now I’m smiling when I’m walking in my valley Cause I’m free - I’m free to be me Hook: Whatever, whatever Knock me down, no no never, no never Imma walk on my own two, my own two Now, what the devil gone do, he gone do AYE Chorus: Cause I’m different The way I walk and talk said I’m different The way I style, my swag is so different Can’t none compare to me, cause I’m different Look at it, Look at it x2

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just a song about being out of juul pods. Outta Pods by Off Brand Beat produced by Ocean Beats

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Published Date : 2018-02-25T06:08:14.000Z Please subscribe to my channel Help bring indie music to the Majors

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Instrumental: Spaceships Ocean Beats LYRICS I’ll be your guardian angel I’ll protect your heart and soul I’ll be your revelation, your epiphany I can be your disciple For I have accepted the challenge You have me gripped in your talons While inhaling gallons of halogen But surviving is my best talent I’m suffocating I’m unable to manage I’m losing balance Battling isolated sadness A madman conflicted with madness Understand that I can’t live without you I’m slowly deteriorating I’m in need of a blank canvas I’m willing to fight your battles At attention I stand I would bravely face oblivion As long as we stood hand in hand I try to hold on even as you slip Through my fingers like grains of sand And when you’re lost at sea I can be your dry land Committed towards the pursuit of happiness Despite all your imperfections My love for you remains unconditional Regardless, I live for the moment For tomorrow is never promised Countless efforts have left me breathless Surrendering to the misery, I’m drowning In sorrow, melting from existence I’d do anything for her But she’s gone forever Piles of unsent love letters But to her it doesn’t matter I put my head in the guillotine And let it get severed My heart is withered and weathered I wish I could go back to the life That we had together, in fact I wish I could forget those memories And never remember Never ever remember I’ve been rendered useless Letters marked return to sender My severed heart cold as December As I’m slowly dismembered Dipping my hand into the forbidden cauldron A troglodyte with a cavalry and a squadron Ridden with lawless progress without solace I saw less as sawdust filled my topless lungs A modest diorama harvests crops of drama Dropping non-stop anacondas out the pot in a Problematic sauna, too hot, sweating sludge My eyes toxic with a grudge as I plunge the sun A caustic nudge to crush those that don’t budge Don’t judge, no budget, no sunset, trust rusted No day or light, just darkness and night I’m wearing a busted talisman and I love it Sucking the souls of those who can’t cope And composing them into a tragic prose Or a symphony of woes that gradually grows Into the image of a dead rose I take the weak when they doze And stow them away in the dungeon Guarded by verbose crows shielded And wielding bows of sorrow in a field Never yield, Tomes and bones lay hidden Deep within the chifferobe Narnia for the comatose The women I fall for come into my life And my heart ends up getting raided And every single time I feel like I’ve been baited A fool who wasted time and waited So that’s why I just stay faded All I want to do is get jaded Like I’m some kind of treasure And the quality of my heart Is something that could never be measured You could open up my ribcage And see a diamond from all the pressure I’m always out on some kind of venture Because at home all I hear are lectures I feel like I’ll never be anything But a constant failure

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Published on Oct 19, 2018 Kisses · Airos Kisses ℗ Airos Released on: 2018-10-19 Artist: Airos Writer: Airos Producer: Ocean Beats Music Publisher: Copyright Control

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No Skales Official Mixtape from Keve thaLibra Download links below

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A song for the relatives like some have good bonds and some don’t it’s all about then at the end people will say they want to say so do what you want at last. My own song and beats is very random from YouTube great beats by cxdy.

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Nouveau Freestyle dispo ! Lâche un like et partage si ta kiffer sa m'aiderais beaucoup ! Snap: Mil's officiel Mail pro:

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hello guys if you injoy this video please subscribe follow me on instagram mastering by me mixing by me singed by me video edited by me all creaded to me 😊😊

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Onga Ponga Chonga Pardhaan | Latest New Song 2018


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