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After A Long Come Back With Two Superhit Love & Romantic Songs🎵🎵🎸🎸🎼🎼 #Mujhkobarsaatbanaalo #Shreaamapni #Armaanmalik #Dilpreetdhillon #lovesongs #hindipunjabimashup #romanticsongs #superhitsongs #guitarversion #coversongs #yamahaF310 #Acousticversion #bollywoodsong #pollywoodsong

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#SinGeR:- PrasHanT ChuGh...its Me 😊 #Lyrics:- HarrY DhiLLoN 👌👌😘🖊 Je ChannGa Lgge Tan Plz Subscribe,Like & ShaRe Jroor KreYo🙏❤ Lvv u ALL❤😘

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With a flaminco taste... Thiss tym a punjabi songgg for lost lovee💔...... Likeee👍,Share⤴️ and Subscribe✍✍... Show your support...

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Motivational SonG Hope You Will LikE iT GroW MoRe nD MoRe TreeS🌲🌲🌳🌳 SaVe EarTh 🌎🌏

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Don'T ForGeT To LikE 👍, SuBscRiBe✍ & ShaRe⤴️

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Yaar Anmulle & College Waali GT Road Mashup || Sharry Maan Special || Cover By Prashant Chugh || Ft.Inderpal Singh Nagi Plz Like👍,Share⤴️ & Subscribe✍

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A Romantically Prepared Sad Song.. Play On Guitar

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Published Date : 2018-09-01T03:04:27.000Z

We catch up with Prashant Pandey, MD & CEO, ENIL to understand the timeline for operationalization of the new stations acquired in the second batch of phase 3 auctions for FM Radio.

Channel Title : Inderpal Nagi RJ13

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Cover By Prashant Chugh || Ft.Inderpal Singh Nagi Plz Like👍, Subscribe✍& Share⤴️ #Punjabitalent #PunjabiSongs #Loving #BeatMix #Romantic #Heartbroken #Acoustic #Unplugged #Bewafa #Gurnazar #Millindgaba #Heartbeat #Sixstrings #Sadsong

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Tera Zikr || Darshan Raval || Loving || Romantic Song || Cover By Prashant Chugh Ft.Inderpal Singh Nagi Plz Like , Subscribe & Share #Guitar #Unplugged #Loving #Lyrics #Strings #Yamaha #C70 #Beat #Spanish #Scales

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Interview with Ms. Anisha Arora (Batch 2006-08) and Mr. Prashant Singh (Batch 2006-08) Corporate Citizen Conclave and Alumni & Family - Meet & Greet of Sri Balaji Society in Delhi NCR on 22nd Sept. 2018 Sri Balaji Society, Pune

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Rajendra Chugh needs no introduction. Many may definitely recall that he was the voice of radio, decades before the advent of TV, and later, the entry of round the clock private television channels. When radio ruled the waves, it was Rajendra Chugh’s familiar voice that disseminated the news of national celebrations and also of uncertainties and upheavals and he read it with a mission and controlled emotions.Rajendra Chugh belongs to Shahkot village of Jalandhar district in Punjab. Chugh is still quite emotionally attached to his village and talks about it with utmost passion. He did his schooling till 14 years in village and then went to Jalandhar for further studies from where he did his graduation and then post-graduation later. As a young boy Chugh’s dream was to join army and serve the nation. But destiny had already chalked out different plans for him and he found his calling at Radio. Thus after graduation he joined All India Radio, Jalandhar. He worked there as Programme Announcer where he also used to write scripts for some programmes and even participated in them. He then was transferred to Delhi where he worked as Hindi newscaster. Here he wore many hats. As Editor-in-Charge, he handled the newsfall, as News Anchor, he planned and presented special news programmes, as News Reader, he read news bulletins on air and as an Editor, he compiled news bulletins for Home and External broadcast. He retired as Chief Newsreader (Hindi). Presently, Rajendra Chugh is working as Head of Programming, Apna Radio 96.9 FM. He jokes, “I may have retired from All India Radio but I have not taken my retirement from Radio.” Remembering some exciting incidents during his career, Chugh recalls special bulletins during commonwealth games where he was responsible for newswriting to presentation. He was also editor of special bulletin when Osama was eliminated. AIR does this kind of a bulletin very rarely. For his outstanding service to All India Radio, he got Akashwani award for best newscaster, again a rare feat! Rajendra Chugh is well versed with Punjabi and Hindi literature. He is a not only a versatile writer but has penned many poems. His short stories and poetry has been published in many magazines. He has also written a book on Radio Broadcasting which is used as a manual for aspiring newsreader.To name a few of his achievements, he was the role model for a generation of news readers and as programming head of 96.9 FM, continues to guide future generation. He is invited by different universities and colleges for guest lectures and conducting workshops. His long career as a radio news caster, presenter, editor and programmer took him around the globe, linked him up with famous personalities and nearly catapulted him to a celebrity status. But, none of this glamour and hype had any enduring effects on Mr Chugh. At heart, he is still the same old school boy from village.

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This is an unplugged video by Anand Chugh. Bin tere song was a major demand from the audience and he made possible to be uploaded. Stay tuned for more . Keep supporting us😊❤️ Like Subscribe and Share the Channel.

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Civil Engineer Prashant Mogha Singing Tera Zikr by Darshan Raval

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It's just the beginning...

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Presenting the brand new video song of 'Where'd You Go' in the voice of DRG & Alisha Chugh. Exclusively on Raw Ice Production. Subscribe Now - Track - Where'd You Go Rap / Lyrics - DRG Female Vocals - Alisha Chugh Music - Jaykay Directed by Shivam Vohra Edited By BIG BROS VFX D.O.P - Ashish Pasrija Follow Us - Alisha's Instagram - godheadalisha DRG's Instagram - Prashant.jaggi Original Song -

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Bulleya - Dum Maro Dum - Live Performance by Prashant Dubey & Surendra at Confluence 2017 Vocals : Prashant Dubey, Surendra Bisht Guitar : Jagminder Chugh Drums : Mahesh

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आजकल की भाग दौड़ भरी जिंदगी में अपने लिए समय निकाल पाना एक चुनौती के समान मालूम पड़ता है. उसी को देखते हुए इस वीडियो में हमने कुछ ऐसे अभ्यास दिखाए है जिसे आप मात्र आधे घंटे में कर सकते है और शारीरिक रूप से स्वास्थ्य व मानसिक रूप से शांति प्राप्त कर सकते है. DAILY YOGA PRACTICE FOR STAY HEALTHY / दैनिक योग अभ्यास ONKAR CHUGH I YOGA Weight Loss Easy Way & 12 Exercise l वजन घटाने के सरल तरीके और 12 व्यायाम l Onkar Chugh All Eyes diseases l आँखों के रोग l Cure Without Operation l Onkar Chugh Cervical Spondylosis Cure Natural Treatment l Onkar Chugh Diarrhea l दस्त l घरेलू उपचार l FAST RELIEF l तुरंत आराम l ONKAR CHUGH

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#Agaaz By Khushboo Chugh Curated by #EventsRoyale Digitised by #SocialFly Cinemetography : #FaizAhmedPhotography

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Iss video ko dekhkar aap hansi se rok ni page / Prashant baba by funny latest video (2018)

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Published Date : 2016-06-20T09:35:34.000Z



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Happy thakur

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Aapke pesh e khidmat meri ek aur album- aapke comments ka betabi se intzaar rahega

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The Economic Times is India's No.1 Print English Business Daily with as the No. 1 Business News website in the country. To keep up with the latest news & updates, follow Economic Times on the following social media accounts: Economic Times main Facebook page ET's main Twitter account ET's Markets on Facebook ET Markets on Twitter ET Opinion on Facebook ET Opinion on Twitter

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#yaari #yaarbelli #friendship

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Register on - Hey guys, I'm Vrinda Chugh, I'll be teaching you Business Economics of CA Foundation for free. Keep sharing genuine feedback for the videos. Stay Connected for more videos. #cafoundationclasses #vrindachugh #businesseconomics Connect with me on Social Media Instagram - @vrinda1606 Facebook - Twitter - @vrindachugh

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CONDUCTOR Genre: Action – Thriller Language: Hindi Duration: 120 Minutes Date: 15th June 2018 Time: 7:30 PM Venue: LTG AUDITORIUM, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, ND110001 About the Play: Santwadi, Maharashtra, a village, where girls are being kidnapped, trafficked & sold beyond international borders. This Live Theatrical Presentation is based on the lives of the people of Village Santwadi & the man who fought for them, who became their messiah, their Saviour, Dev Vilaasrao Dandekar urf Conductor, a 34 Year old man, with his family & friends, fighting battles in their lives, against the fear created, revealing the lies and evils of their society, unfolding the real faces of hidden betrayers, breaking the faiths & beliefs, which are just superstitious and hollow. Describing the presentation more in words, could minimize the thrill you're gonna have, while watching the show. Conductor has immense level of background Score, which is a add on to the play just like a cherry to the cake. So, get your friends, family, Children (Above the age of 8 Years) to the Hall and enjoy this masterpiece. CAST & CREW: Abhiejeet Verma as Dev (Conductor) Avinash Tiwari as Bansi Garima Pathak as Durga Pratibha Sharma as Birwa Naveen as Vijay Robin as Panna Sameer as Mangat Anshu as Pooja Writer: Abhiejeet Verma Design & Direction: Abhiejeet Verma Music: AVMCo. Lights: Pankaj Chugh Produced by: Prashant Kumar & Abhiejeet Verma Production: The Operose Theatre Company Presented by: Operose Studio Pvt. Ltd.

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#cafoundation #economics #businesscyclepart1 Economics For CA Foundation Lecture 1 of Business Cycle | Part 1 Business cycle Register on - For notes, join us on telegram- Hey guys, I'm Vrinda Chugh, I'll be teaching you Business Economics of CA Foundation for free. Keep sharing genuine feedback for the videos. Stay Connected for more videos. #cafoundationclasses #vrindachugh #businesseconomics #cafoundation #ca #icai Connect with me on Social Media Instagram - @vrinda1606 Facebook - Twitter - @vrindachugh

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Register on- Hey guys, I'm Vrinda Chugh, I'll be teaching you Business Economics- Theory of Demand. I really enjoy uploading videos for you guys. Keep sharing genuine feedback for the videos. #cafoundation #businesseconomics #icai #vrindachugh Connect with me on Social Media Instagram - @vrinda1606 Facebook - Twitter - @vrindachugh

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Tum hi ho -Aashiqui 2 Cover by Prashant Gogna

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Published Date : 2017-08-18T01:16:57.000Z

Giri baba

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Dr. Rajesh Chaudhary, Dr Neelu Chugh speak about: Doctors on Mass Casual Leave at CIVIL Hospital Sirsa. Part1

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Desi Desi Na Bolya Kar Chhori Re Official video Ek Desi ko log bohot dominate karte hai but shayyd unhe nahi pta ki ek DESI jo kaam kar sakta hai Vo koi or nahi kar sakta Chahe baat English bolne ki ho ya yaari nibhane ki ya pyaar nibhane ki. Same happens in this video,Girl uses a desi boy for his money and she thinks he is illitrate but the end of this video will shock you, Actors- AGAM SHARMAA,BHARAT BHASKAR,CHIRAG LAMBA,SURYA RANA,CHANAKYA SAYAL,PRASHANT THAKUR ANANDITA MITTAL,SHRADHA LAMBA VIDEO BY- VISIONYASH CHUGH Thanks for supporting FOLLOW US HERE AGAM SHARMAA ~ INSTAGRAM- SNAPCHAT-agamsharma66 FACEBOOK-AGAM SHARMAA BHARAT BHASKAR- YASH CHUGH-

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Inderbir Chugh - Director Ayurvedic Studies, National Institute By Javid Banday for Mediamark International Corp. National Institute -- a School of Beauty & Health Sciences is a registered Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005 based in Brampton, Canada. National Institute helps qualified beauty artisans perfect their craft with a variety of diploma and certificate programs designed to prepare students for high - profile positions in billion dollar beauty and health professions.

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