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After A Long Come Back With Two Superhit Love & Romantic Songs🎵🎵🎸🎸🎼🎼 #Mujhkobarsaatbanaalo #Shreaamapni #Armaanmalik #Dilpreetdhillon #lovesongs #hindipunjabimashup #romanticsongs #superhitsongs #guitarversion #coversongs #yamahaF310 #Acousticversion #bollywoodsong #pollywoodsong

Channel Title : Inderpal Nagi RJ13

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With a flaminco taste... Thiss tym a punjabi songgg for lost lovee💔...... Likeee👍,Share⤴️ and Subscribe✍✍... Show your support...

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Don'T ForGeT To LikE 👍, SuBscRiBe✍ & ShaRe⤴️

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Share and Support Yaar Belli Punjabi Song A great Collab With Prashant Chugh

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Tera Zikr || Darshan Raval || Loving || Romantic Song || Cover By Prashant Chugh Ft.Inderpal Singh Nagi Plz Like , Subscribe & Share #Guitar #Unplugged #Loving #Lyrics #Strings #Yamaha #C70 #Beat #Spanish #Scales

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Cover By Prashant Chugh || Ft.Inderpal Singh Nagi Plz Like👍, Subscribe✍& Share⤴️ #Punjabitalent #PunjabiSongs #Loving #BeatMix #Romantic #Heartbroken #Acoustic #Unplugged #Bewafa #Gurnazar #Millindgaba #Heartbeat #Sixstrings #Sadsong

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Yaar Anmulle & College Waali GT Road Mashup || Sharry Maan Special || Cover By Prashant Chugh || Ft.Inderpal Singh Nagi Plz Like👍,Share⤴️ & Subscribe✍

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Hindi Poetry Video by Prashant at Nojoto Open IIITM Gwalior | Hindi Storytelling | Nojoto App. Do watch this Hindi Love Storytelling and don't forget to share this heart touching love poetry with your friends. Subscribe to Nojoto Youtube Channel to watch more Storytelling Video in Hindi. ∎ Download Nojoto App : & write on photos , also could help you to improve your writing skils. In Nojoto app you could write poetry on pics, write shayari on images, also could share poetry with your friends ∎ To Get Featured on Nojoto Channel, Share your Videos on Nojoto App: Note: Any views and opinions expressed in the videos on this channel are solely the performers', not of Nojoto. Video Tag Suggestions: hindi poem, poem, hindi poem video, poems in hindi, best short poetry, hindi poems short, short hindi poem,short hindi poetry, sad poem, sad poem in hindi, sad poem, poems, short poetry hindi, hindi poetry, heart touching poetry, hindi poetry, sad hindi poetry heart touching, sad hindi poem, sad hindi poetry, hindi sad shayari, hindi sad poem, new poem, latest poems, love poetry, hindi love poetry, poetry slam, hindi poetry slam, delhi open mic, open mic, poetry open mic, single poetry, poem on love, poetry, poetry open mic,poetry slam,poetry open mic delhi, delhi open mic, delhi poetry open mic, storytelling, poems in hindi, poetry english, poetry song, poetry recitation, ghalib ghazals, poetry about life, poetry about life in hindi, sad hindi poetry ∎ Nojoto Social Channels Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: Instagram: Note: Nojoto is one of the best apps to write on photo which answers how to write shayari on photo app,write on photo app android,write on photo app,record poem app,record poetry on mobile,best short poems,best short poetry,how to write on pics in android like questions, Best android shayari app, writing apps for android, writing apps for android 2017, android, writing apps, writing tips Download Nojoto App now. ∎Do Subscribe the Nojoto Youtube Channel to listen to the Best Romantic Poetry, best Love poems, hindi love poems, Sad Poetry, best Love Poetry, Emotional Poetry & Sad storytelling, best love poems, best Urdu poetry, best Punjabi poetry & best StandUp comedy videos, nice love shayari, good love shayari videos, best love shayari in Hindi best sad shayari videos in hindi, nice love poem, nice love poetry, good love poem, new hindi poem 2018, good love poetry, gajab hindi shayari videos, best hindi shayari videos, sad shayari videos, sad love shayari video, nice shayari videos, good shayari videos, ishq shayari videos, latest hindi poems, cute poems, break up poems breakup poetry, best love shayari videos, sad shayari videos, best hindi poems, best hindi poetry Heart Touching Hindi Poem, Heart Touching poem in Hindi, amazing hindi poems 2018, hindi comedy videos, hindi shayari videos etc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "SHORT FILM - KHWASHISHON KA BOJH | HINDI SHORT FILMS 2018 | NOJOTO FILMS " -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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My cover version of the title track "Khamoshiyan". Beautifully sung by the great Arijit Singh. Please do provide your genuine feedback. Please like and share :) Take care & Keep Smiling Original Credits: Vocals: Arijit Singh, Music: Jeet Ganguli Lyrics: Rashmi Singh Cover Credits: Vocals & Guitar - Nitin Chugh

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This is an unplugged video by Anand Chugh. Bin tere song was a major demand from the audience and he made possible to be uploaded. Stay tuned for more . Keep supporting us😊❤️ Like Subscribe and Share the Channel.

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It's just the beginning...

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A personality interview based programme "Vakhri Pachhan" telecasted on DE TV.

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Rajendra Chugh needs no introduction. Many may definitely recall that he was the voice of radio, decades before the advent of TV, and later, the entry of round the clock private television channels. When radio ruled the waves, it was Rajendra Chugh’s familiar voice that disseminated the news of national celebrations and also of uncertainties and upheavals and he read it with a mission and controlled emotions.Rajendra Chugh belongs to Shahkot village of Jalandhar district in Punjab. Chugh is still quite emotionally attached to his village and talks about it with utmost passion. He did his schooling till 14 years in village and then went to Jalandhar for further studies from where he did his graduation and then post-graduation later. As a young boy Chugh’s dream was to join army and serve the nation. But destiny had already chalked out different plans for him and he found his calling at Radio. Thus after graduation he joined All India Radio, Jalandhar. He worked there as Programme Announcer where he also used to write scripts for some programmes and even participated in them. He then was transferred to Delhi where he worked as Hindi newscaster. Here he wore many hats. As Editor-in-Charge, he handled the newsfall, as News Anchor, he planned and presented special news programmes, as News Reader, he read news bulletins on air and as an Editor, he compiled news bulletins for Home and External broadcast. He retired as Chief Newsreader (Hindi). Presently, Rajendra Chugh is working as Head of Programming, Apna Radio 96.9 FM. He jokes, “I may have retired from All India Radio but I have not taken my retirement from Radio.” Remembering some exciting incidents during his career, Chugh recalls special bulletins during commonwealth games where he was responsible for newswriting to presentation. He was also editor of special bulletin when Osama was eliminated. AIR does this kind of a bulletin very rarely. For his outstanding service to All India Radio, he got Akashwani award for best newscaster, again a rare feat! Rajendra Chugh is well versed with Punjabi and Hindi literature. He is a not only a versatile writer but has penned many poems. His short stories and poetry has been published in many magazines. He has also written a book on Radio Broadcasting which is used as a manual for aspiring newsreader.To name a few of his achievements, he was the role model for a generation of news readers and as programming head of 96.9 FM, continues to guide future generation. He is invited by different universities and colleges for guest lectures and conducting workshops. His long career as a radio news caster, presenter, editor and programmer took him around the globe, linked him up with famous personalities and nearly catapulted him to a celebrity status. But, none of this glamour and hype had any enduring effects on Mr Chugh. At heart, he is still the same old school boy from village.

Channel Title : Tejbir chugh

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This is our first attempt of a funny skid hope you all like it. Content,script and direction- Tejbir Chugh Videography and editing-Akash deep LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE💪🏻🙏❤️

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bhai pote

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DKT Sunday Success Story | JEE एडवांस्ड में 10th रैंक हासिल करने वाले नील आर्यन गुप्ता को बारहवीं की बोर्ड परीक्षा, JEE मेंस और JEE एडवांस्ड से पहले एक और मुश्किल इम्तिहान से गुजरना पड़ा था, और ये बिना बताये आया था, इस मुश्किल इम्तिहान से निकलकर नील आर्यन कैसे JEE एडवांस्ड के टॉपर बने और उनकी तैयारी की क्या स्ट्रेटेजी थी देखिये इस वीडियो में.

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Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to this channel For Collabs / Business Promotions Invite us in your city, college, school Attend our live events Perform at The Social House Stay connected with us: TSH's Poetry, Storytelling aur Chai is Delhi's most popular poetry event and thank you for making TSH the fastest growing poetry channel in India. The Social House, The Social House Poetry, Love Poetry, Love Ghazals, The Social House Videos

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होंठ जैसे सुन्न से पड़ जाते हों जैसे घरवाले ताने मारकर हड़ जाते हों Like, Share & Support Comment plz. I love to read and reply them. #december #sadpoetry ◆Playlist- | Sad shayari | Romantic shayari | Breakup shayari | One sided love shayari | Love shayari | Sad Poetry | love poetry | romantic poetry | Breakup poetry | One sided love poetry || Please Subscribe the Channel for More Videos || Follow Me on Social Media: ◆Instagram- ◆Facebook- ●Page : ●Profile: ©️ Copyright Copying & Recreation of the Poetic Work of PrashantSanjeev in Any Manner or Format is Strictly not Allowed

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Share this Video: Seventeen-year-old Varshil Shah, who scored 99.99% in the class 12th examination in Gujarat. Now he is set to become a Jain monk. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Show: In this Show Punya Prasoon Bajpai gives you an in-depth analysis of the top news stories of the day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Channel: Aaj Tak is a 24-hour Hindi news television channel run by TV Today Network. Aaj Tak news channel covers breaking news, latest news, entertainment, bollywood business and sports. India's No. 1 Hindi news channel Aaj Tak TV was launched in 2000 as a 24-hour Hindi News Channel, covering India with insight, courage and plenty of local flavour. Aaj Tak provides latest Hindi news, breaking news and much more. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to our other network channels: India Today: Tez: Dilli Aajtak: SoSorry: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also visit us at Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

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OMG Exams are here ... is a funny comedy video on types of students before exams. It is exam time, and this is when types of students during an exam come out. Some students are stressed while others take it in their stride. This video is a comical insight on how students react before exam night. The best part about exams is that they help you figure out what people actually are like!. Watch the video till the end to know your type. Sit back & enjoy this online comedy show. This web comedy show will sure leave you with a smile on your face. Do watch till the end!! In case you missed out… “Entertainment” (Playlist- Collection of Short Films) “Most Beautiful Brother Sister Bond” (Comedy Web Series) “Dilli Walli Maid” (Web Series) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Cast- Anshuman Mahajan, Nupur Mahajan, Yashika Bhatia, Swastik Bobal, Nischay Chugh, Govind Bansal, Prashant Produced by: Nuteq Entertainment Pvt Ltd Conceived, written and Directed by: Anuj & Namita Mahajan Assistant Director, Non-Linear Edit & Montage- Vipin Mehra Voice Over- Ashish Bhandari Production Assistant-Harikesh Singh, Janardhan Joshi Spot- Sonu Music Credit- “Fluffing Duck” by Kevin MacLeod. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. “The Cat ate my homework” by TeknoAXE's Royalty Free Music “Queen Selfie” by Dunkie “Jaunty Gumption” by Kevin MacLeod Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist: “Pacific Sun” by Nicolai Heidlas “Easy Stroll” by Jay Man - OurMusicBox Special Effects- Visit our Website: Facebook: Twiter: Linkedin: Google+ : Instagram: Click on below link to go to other playlist and watch Videos on Youtube Kheti Ki Bateen (Awareness) ….. People, Art & Culture ….. Healthy Living …. Muthi Mein Hai Aasman (DD Kisan) …. ================================= Thank you for watching Our videos ================================= Copyright (c) 2017 NUTEQ ENTERTAINMENT PVT. LTD.


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Happy thakur

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Lovely views of girl after having breakup

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Pcnl on Olympus camera system

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We catch up with Prashant Pandey, MD & CEO, ENIL to understand the timeline for operationalization of the new stations acquired in the second batch of phase 3 auctions for FM Radio.

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Portal to a Successful and Satisfying Career Book your DVD today! Call us at: 020 24207193 or send E-mail at:

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Executive chef-Mr.Sushil Chugh from country inn & suites, Sahibabad in Great Chefs of India.He have prepared 3 dishes from the west Bengal region. For more :

Channel Title : प्रयाग आरोग्यम केन्द्र

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सभी लोगों को सूचना दी जाती है लोगों की योग के प्रति रुचि और व्यस्तता को देखते हुये शांत वातावरण मे रविवार को सुबह 7 am se 9am योगाभ्यास योग मुद्रा सेन्टर पे निःशुल्क होगा समय से पहले 7am pe सेन्टर पे उपस्थित हो 10 minute सुक्ष्म व्यायाम के बाद य़ोगाभ्यास होगा ।जो भी योगाभ्यास प्रतिदिन करना चाहते हो जल्द से जल्द Registration कराये और अपने अन्दर की शक्ति ,शान्ति ,उर्जा को महसूस करे स्वास्थ्य के प्रति जागरूक हो। शरीर मस्तिष्क और चक्रों के उर्जा को समझने का प्रयास करें और कर्मयोग से अपना भविष्य निर्माण करे। योगाभ्यास के लिए आसन (mat) ले आये।🙏💐 5 मिनट योगाभ्यास के बाद प्रश्न एवं उत्तर का समय होगा 🙏💐🌏🌞 समय के मूल्य को ध्यान मे रखते हूए🙏 धन्यवाद। Toolika Jauhari, Nurturing lives, 1st floor, B-1/77, Sector J, Nr.Aliganj Plaza, Aliganj, Lucknow Pin code : 226024 #8960567410 @9795427526(w) पहला सुख निरोगी काया ।🙏😇🌻🌏

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Dear Students, We all believe that nothing is difficult, if we put our honest and sincere efforts in it. But for the subject "Accounting" and "Advanced Accounting" in CA-IPCC, the examiner can test the very basic and core concepts of accounting as well as can put the lengthiest question in comparison to any other subject. So, I have put all my experience of teaching Accountancy of CA-IPCC (erstwhile CA-PCC/PE-II) for the past 10 years, in preparing the Assignments which can help CA students in getting the maximum marks in their very first attempt. I am also uploading time by time any changes/updation in the book from previous edition on the internet (, Facebook), specially Banking Companies rates for CRR, SLR, Provisioning for advances and any revisions in SH-VI of Co. Act 1956 and Accounting Standards, so as to benefit as many students as I can. Your comments are highly appreciated. "TeAcHiNg ACcOuNtS Is NoT JuSt My PrOfEsSiOn, Its My PaSsIoN" Thanks CA. Ravi Chugh (FCA, Visiting Faculty ICAI & Top Institutes for CA-Studies) For classes & more information contact: Institute of Finance & Accounts: 989982600, 01147014601 or visit

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CONDUCTOR Genre: Action – Thriller Language: Hindi Duration: 120 Minutes Date: 15th June 2018 Time: 7:30 PM Venue: LTG AUDITORIUM, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House, ND110001 About the Play: Santwadi, Maharashtra, a village, where girls are being kidnapped, trafficked & sold beyond international borders. This Live Theatrical Presentation is based on the lives of the people of Village Santwadi & the man who fought for them, who became their messiah, their Saviour, Dev Vilaasrao Dandekar urf Conductor, a 34 Year old man, with his family & friends, fighting battles in their lives, against the fear created, revealing the lies and evils of their society, unfolding the real faces of hidden betrayers, breaking the faiths & beliefs, which are just superstitious and hollow. Describing the presentation more in words, could minimize the thrill you're gonna have, while watching the show. Conductor has immense level of background Score, which is a add on to the play just like a cherry to the cake. So, get your friends, family, Children (Above the age of 8 Years) to the Hall and enjoy this masterpiece. CAST & CREW: Abhiejeet Verma as Dev (Conductor) Avinash Tiwari as Bansi Garima Pathak as Durga Pratibha Sharma as Birwa Naveen as Vijay Robin as Panna Sameer as Mangat Anshu as Pooja Writer: Abhiejeet Verma Design & Direction: Abhiejeet Verma Music: AVMCo. Lights: Pankaj Chugh Produced by: Prashant Kumar & Abhiejeet Verma Production: The Operose Theatre Company Presented by: Operose Studio Pvt. Ltd.

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Hello guys, all the videos of subject Business Economics are available on our App - EDU91 which is available for both Android & Apple devices. Edu91 App on Google Playstore - Edu91 App on Apple App Store - Hey guys, I'm Vrinda Chugh, I'll be teaching you Business Economics of CA Foundation for free. Keep sharing genuine feedback for the videos. Stay Connected for more videos. #cafoundationclasses #vrindachugh #businesseconomics Connect with me on Social Media Instagram - @vrinda1606 Facebook - Twitter - @vrindachugh

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Big Risk of Cyber Crime/Talking with Mr. Pawan Duggal , Cyber Law Expert & Rahul Tyagi, VP Traing, Lucideus


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