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Raftaar Listening BOHEMIA 420 | DESI HIP HOP | Latest Video 2018 Raftaar Singing BOHEMIA Song 420 BOHEMIA Mein Jaddo Daa Aaaya Meinu Rokan Challe 420 ● BOHEMIA The Punjabi Rapper BOHEMIA ARMY Like || SHARE || COMMENT Keep Support Your Bhai • #Bablu_Indora Aa Jaao Social Media Par Kuch Baate Karni Ho To Aur Aapko Aane Waali Video Ki Update Bhi Milti Rahegi Add Me On Facebook || https://www.facebook.com/sky.indora Follow Me On Instagram || Instagram.com/Babluindora Tweeter || @Asli_Bablu_Indora Keep Love And Keep Support Your Bhai

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Published on Jun 28, 2018 Raftaar Listening BOHEMIA 420 | DESI HIP HOP | Latest Video 2018 Raftaar Singing BOHEMIA Song 420 BOHEMIA Mein Jaddo Daa Aaaya Meinu Rokan Challe 420 ● BOHEMIA The Punjabi Rapper BOHEMIA ARMY Like || SHARE || COMMENT

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Hi! My name is Shahzaib Shahjahan and you are watching ''All About Raps!'' Thanks for watching this video. Share, like and comment please. Don't forget to subscribe us. Visit my fb page. https://www.facebook.com/AllAboutRaps Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/shahzaib_shahjahan Watch my more videos on my channel.


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BOHEMIA - Charso Bess (Official Video) Viral Hit More videos of Bohemia ► http://bit.ly/BOHEMIAvideos Facebook ► http://facebook.com/Iamboh Twitter ► http://twitter.com/iambohemia Instagram ► http://www.instagram.com/iambohemia ThePunjabiRapper.com ► http://thepunjabirapper.com iTunes Thousand Thoughts ► http://bit.ly/ThousandThoughts Da Rap Star ► http://bit.ly/DaRapStar Pesa Nasha Pyar ► http://bit.ly/PesaNashaPyar

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BOHEMIA (DISS TRACK) For RAFTAAR & EMIWAY | Finally Raja Responds | DESI HIP HOP | 2018

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This is a new video of Raftaar which he put on his Instagram singing bohemia song.

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Raftaar Raps Bohemia's One Of The Popular Song - Charso Bess. ~Like & Share And Don't Forget To Subscribe~ For Any Information/Problem/Request Please Contact Us At - contact.roarofmusic@gmail.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stay Connected With US By Pressing the SUBSCRIBE Icon And also Hit the bell icon so, you never miss a video. https://www.youtube.com/c/RoarOfMusic

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Gumrah -Bohemia (official video) | (Hindi Remix) ft. Ak | latest desi hip hop song 2018 | Hip Hop Song. Ak is performing (Hindi Remix) of gumrah song originally sung By "The legend Bohemia". Credits: Singer- Ak Lyrics- Bohemia. Rap lyrics - Ak. Music- Ak.(Venom Music) - (Astitv, Ishant). Mix & Master by: Astitv. (Venom Music). Recorded at : Ak's Studio. Released by: AiM Records. Video credits : Director: Adarsh Sharma. Story and screenplay : Neeraj Mehta Video Editing : Rishabh Vishwa. Color Grading : Aryan singh. Actors : Neeraj Mehta as(smuggler) Lokinder Sharma as (smuggler) Shubhum Mandala as (Dealer) Kamlesh bhake as (Dealer) Adarsh Sharma as (Business man) Kamlesh bhake as (dealer) Atul brother(dealer) Orginal credits : Singer - Bohemia. Lyrics - Bohemia. Music - Bohemia. Note: we just wanna show that ..How these boys at early age doing these things .They are the real #gumrah people's from their Society and "Believe that" The activities are just going and going in our society... and At such early age these boys are going on the wrong path.which could be their end. If you like this hit a like, and share this with your friends and please subscribe..we need your support😊..

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#BOHEMIAN RAFTAAR listening to Charso Bees (420) by BOHEMIA BOHEMIA'N

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. . http://www.KaliDenaliMusic.com http://www.twitter.com/kalidenalimusic http://www.facebook.com/kalidenalimusic More videos of Bohemia ► http://bit.ly/BOHEMIAvideos ThePunjabiRapper.com ► http://thepunjabirapper.com Facebook ► http://facebook.com/Iamboh Twitter ► http://twitter.com/iambohemia iTunes: Thousand Thoughts ► http://bit.ly/ThousandThoughts Da Rap Star ► http://bit.ly/DaRapStar Pesa Nasha Pyar ► http://bit.ly/PesaNashaPyar

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Desihiphop Bohemia Jhind Freestyle


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Rajja head pardhaan

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Raja 420

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About this Video :Rap Battle - Raftaar Vs Bohemia ★ Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/irapworld1 ★ Instagram :https://instagram.com/irapworld1 ★ Twitter :https://twitter.com/irapworld1 ★ Some Playlists that you have to see : ►Desi HipHop: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lI8Cb4c6iKu8Q3VwB78A6Pd ►About iRap World: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lJ355mIdhncqHgzM_RAdYy3 ►How to become Rapper: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lJ088C_XWaOwGaclhxGwqDh ►Top 5 Rappers: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lKvYGRf5J8MZ-2a8zvmgUAe ►About Honey Singh vs Raftaar vs Badshah vs Bohemia: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lIa1E1GBbEtQYIDVQ6NfMhw ►About Underground Rappers: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lK4Px4GaKD-6LMeGEfVGJIc ►About Ikka: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lK5SYqbpaOHRGIg7Q8h3U6q ►About Bohemia: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lKf0_LhiLJ29xBcJ-9VEkgv ►About Raftaar: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lK62631AxFbn1HaeGDynguA ►About Yo Yo Honey Singh: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lJpK-a5K9cA4hgjKrsSgJTl ►About Badshah: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLCLhxht75lI-q4vjWB-83ybIXRgJFrZN ►Disclaimer : Please don't spread hate against anyone. This channel is only for purpose of provide news and make you up to date with indian Rappers and Punjabi Singers. ★Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. ★ All the Images/Pictures Shown in the video belongs to the respected owners and not me. I am not the owner of any picture that showed in video. ★ Thanks YouTube to Provide the world's largest Platform to show our talent. ‌

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Bohemia Instrumental beat with hook by Rawaab Del Rey . Bohemia's Greatest Hits Being a fan of Bohemia I'm trying to put each instrumental music of Bohemia songs for all you Bohemians. Subscribe This channel For more instrumentals and my music. Check out my new Official Video Full Song Straight Outta BC https://youtu.be/PcyUiCbKhKg © T Series , Bohemia . No Copyrights Just for Entertainment Purpose. #Fanlove Bohemia Punjabi Rapper Punjabi Rapstar divine gully gang divine gully gang lyrics divine gully gang mp3 divine gully gang mp3 download divine gully gang song download divine gully gang song divine gully gang t shirt divine gully gang song mp3 download divine gully gang full song divine gully gang boy divine gully gang remix mp3 download divine gully gang download divine gully gang full song download divine gully gang gucci gang remix lyrics divine gully gang mp3 songindian rapper indian rapper girl indian rapper funny indian rapper female indian rapper nav indian rapper names indian rapper espn indian rappers in usa indian rapper 90s indian rapper raftaar indian rapper divine indian rapper badshah indian rapper audition Bohemia Charso bees 420 Bohemia diwana purana Wala Bohemia eitbaar Bohemia kali Denali Bohemia da Rapstar dil music Bohemia music Bohemia songs beat Bohemia beat songs Bohemia Punjabi indian rapper artist indian rapper anaconda parody ashoka indian rapper indian rappers america's got talent indian american rapper indian australian rapper indian all rapper name list british indian rapper and hip hop singer an indian rapper an indian rapper flipped nicki minaj’s ‘anaconda’ an indian rapper anaconda how to become a indian rapper indian rapper bohemia indian rapper badshah songs indian rapper blaaze indian rapper baba indian rapper bay area indian best rapper indian blue rapper indian british purana Wala Bohemia Bohemia hip hop. ndian rapper indian rapper commercial indian rapper calls out unilever indian rapper.com indian canadian rapper indian child rapper indian rapper anaconda cover indian in the cupboard rapper indian rapper dhananjay indian rapper does anaconda indian rapper does nicki minaj indian dwarf rapper indian dancer rapper indian rapper song download indian rapper mp3 download indian female rapper does nicki minaj indian female rapper does her own d'evil indian rapper indian english rapper east indian rapper indian song with english rapper enkore indian rapper indian rapper from new york indian rapper from canada indian rapper female anaconda indian rapper facebook indian rapper from pitch perfect indian rapper flipped anaconda indian rapper from uk indian rapper fb indian rapper goodbye indian rapper group indian rapper goes viral indian gangster rapper first indian gangster rapper gary indiana rapper parry g india's rapper indian hindi rapper indian hyphy rapper indian rapper yo yo honey singh fastest indian hindi rapper terrible indian rapper indian rapper in america indian rapper in pitch perfect indian rapper in usa indian rapper in uk indian rapper it's my life indian rapper ikka indian rapper is taking on a multinational company indian rapper image indian rappers in us indian rappers in english indian idol junior rapper j star indian rapper indian rapper king indian rapper killed krsna indian rapper indian rapper list indian rapper lyrics indian lady rapper indian local rapper indian female rapper list indian fastest rapper list indian hindi rappers list little indian rapper little indian rapper wiki indian rapper mp3 songs indian rapper mp3 indian rapper male indian rapper meme indian rapper music indian rapper mindy project indian rapper mtv indian rapper nicki minaj indian rapper nicki minaj anaconda indian rapper nba commercial indian rapper nicki indian rapper nicki minaj youtube indian rapper npr indian rapper naezy indian female rapper nicki minaj indian rapper on pitch perfect indian origin rapper funny indian rapper on facebook best indian rapper of 2015 indian rapper overwhelmed by success of protest song list of indian rappers jokes on indian rappers indian rapper pitch perfect indian rapper pics indian rapper protest indian rapper plain indian punjabi rapper indian political rapper indian most popular rapper pardhaan hindi rapper pacifik indian rapper indian rapper ranking indian rapper reverbnation raftaar hindi rapper songs indian rapper rank 2015 indian richest rapper red indian rapper raftaar indian rapper wiki top 10 indian richest rapper raftaar indian rapper wikipedia indian rapper song indian rapper sings anaconda indian rapper songs free download indian rapper song mp3 indian rapper sofia indian rapper smooth indian rapper say my name indian rapper soundcloud indian rapper singh bohemia insulting honey singh Bohemia in coke studio Bohemia in Kapil Sharma Bohemia In Jammu Bohemia Performing live Bohemia taps Bohemia lifestyle Bohemia with j hind

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Punjabi Rapper Biggest Fan Of 'Bohemia' Contect +918381961503 Plz Like Share & Subscribe

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rapping performance of bijlee song of BOHEMIA by RAX THAKRAL #new song #desi_hip_hop #new #rap song


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Original by bohemia #iambohemia #purebohemian #kalidenalimusic

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Real Sikh just dropped 2 exclusive projects in 1. With the music video of EXHALE, we're launching Real Sikh's Official EP & bonus Mixtape - 'Rebel With A Cause'. Desi Hip Hop presents: Exhale by Real Sikh STREAM / DOWNLOAD #RebelWithACause - https://desihiphop.lnk.to/realsikh EXTENDED MIXTAPE - https://soundcloud.com/realsikhofficial/sets/rebel-with-a-cause-2018 SUPPORT THE ARTIST: https://twitter.com/RealSikh99 https://www.instagram.com/sikh27/ ℗ 2018 Desi Hip Hop Inc Globally distributed by Desi Hip Hop Inc DesiHipHop Inc, the #1 Lifestyle Brand & Digital Media Co empowering South Asian Hip-Hop globally. http://desihiphop.com/about-us Subscribe: http://bit.ly/DHH_YT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DesiHipHop Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/DesiHipHop Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Desihiphop #IndianHipHop #DesiHipHop #BollywoodHipHop #DesiTrap #BanglaHipHop #PunjabiRap EXTENDED MIXTAPE - https://soundcloud.com/realsikhofficial/sets/rebel-with-a-cause-2018

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RAFTAAR Talking About #GUMRAH...

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pardhaan rap from Rooh rimix,End,Tiara,Rataan,kaint look,Afwaah.

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Bohemia unbeatable fan Sammy 420

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Respect All Bohemia Fans Please Like Share And Subscribe

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Hi Asslam-o-Alaikum ? Hi Guys! My this channel is related to Hip Hop Music. Please share this channel with your friends. Like our facebook page. www.facebook.com/hip.hop.bohemia.2pac420

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Artist-Rockex Music-Rockex Mixing mastering-rockex Facebook page-https://m.facebook.com/Rockexeyes/ Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/rockexmusic/ Like-comments-share

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Top 5 fastest rapper Who is your favorite #raftaar, #emiway, #bohemia, #gullygang, #gullyboy, #brodhav, #desihiphop, #aslihiphop

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Rapp hit rap live rapp Bohemian Bohemia ka rap Live bohemia Bohemia Live punjabi rap Live Rap God

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Bohemia 420

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Bohemia new song (pedhian taria)panjabi song king of desi hip hop

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HIT LIKE ❤ & SHARE VIDEO Comment karke batna 💯 Bohemia da Rapper Jammu da rapstar Jammu da badshah Freestyle Rapper Jammu Rapper Bunty Rapper Bus Driver Rapper Bus Conductor Rapper Bohemia fan Purebohemians SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEO LINK ⏩ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8mR55OHg0igsz_o7sKywow LINK ⏩ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8mR55OHg0igsz_o7sKywow TAGS bohemia, bohemia songs, bohemian, bohemia all songs, bohemia 420, bohemia new songs, bohemia interview, bohemia live, bohemia new song, bohemia rap, bohemia ke gane, bohemia all rap, bohemia and pradhan, bohemia all video, bohemia angry, bohemia all new song, bohemia album, bohemia all video song, bohemia aaj kal zamana jali, bohemia all songs 2018, a bohemian musician documentary, a bohemian musician, a bohemian air, a bohemian, a bohemian like you, a bohemian like you lyrics, bohemia best rap, bohemia best songs, bohemia bijli, bohemia bohemia, bohemia bandook, bohemia biography, bohemia b, b 4 bohemian, bohemia comedy, bohemia concert, bohemia chordo, bohemia challa, bohemia coke studio, bohemia car, bohemia copy, bohemia cadillac, bohemia car collection, bohemia channel, bohemia diwana, bohemia dil, bohemia desi hip hop, bohemia dubbing, bohemia dada, bohemia da rap, bohemia dadagiri, bohemia dj song, bohemia desi, bohemia eitbaar, bohemia english song, bohemia entry, bohemia emotional, bohemia eminem, bohemia everyday, bohemia english interview bohemia copy, bohemia copy voice, bohemia copy song, bohemia copy prank, bohemia copy music, bohemia copy 2pac, bohemia copy tupac, bohemia copy boy, bohemia ki copy, copy of bohemia, bohemia copy rap, bohemia copy rapper, bohemia copy sardar, bohemia to copy, bohemia copy video bohemia copy fan, bohemia fans copy bohemia song bijli fan mad, bohemia meets fan, bohemia fan new song, bohemia fan new, bohemia fan on dj, bohemia fan on stage, fan of bohemia, fan following of bohemia, bohemia fan performance, bohemia fan pakistan, bohemia fan pathankot, bohemia fan prince, bohemia fan part 1, bohemia fan parody, bohemia fan punjabi rap, bohemia fan punjabi, bohemia fan parmish, bohemia fan reply to almas jacob, bohemia fan reaction, bohemia fan rapper, bohemia fan rap zamana jali, when u r bohemia fan, bohemia fan singer, bohemia fan sardar, bohemia fan show, bohemia fan same voice, bohemia fan spoof, bohemia fan sahil, bohemia da fan song, bohemia surprise fan, bohemia fan tattoo, bohemia fan troll, bohemia fan tag, rinku the bohemia fan, tag all bohemia fan, bohemia reply to fan, bohemia fan vine, bohemia fan vs raftaar, parmish verma bohemia fan, bohemia fan made video, bohemia fan comedy video, bohemia fan 1k views, bohemia with fan, bohemia crazy fan song zamana jali, bohemia fan 2, bohemia rap 2017 fan, bohemia fan, bohemia fan song, bohemia fan dance, bohemia fan rap, bohemia fans video, bohemia fan club, bohemia fan funny, bohemia fan following, bohemia fan part 2, bohemia fan reply, bohemia fan video, bohemia fan singing, bohemia fan army, bohemia fan aardee air, bohemia fan angry, bohemia fan at home, bohemia fan ashish kumar, bohemia fan acting, bohemia fan in audition, bohemia fan be like, bohemia fan baramulla, bohemia fan boy, bohemia fan bollywood, bohemia biggest fan, bohemia big fan, bohemia rap by fan, bohemia fan rap battle, bohemia best fan, bohemia fan in big boss, bohemia fans b like, bohemia fan comedy, bohemia fan crying, bohemia fan copy, bohemia crazy fan, bohemia child fan, bohemia fan day, bohemia de fan, bohemia da fan, bohemia die hard fan, bohemia da fan mai, deep punjabi bohemia fan, bohemia da fan vj kainth, diwana bohemia fan akay star, bohemia fan ever, every bohemia fan ever, everyday bohemia fan, bohemia fan fight, bohemia fan fest, bohemia fan funny clip, bohemia fan fun, bohemia fan facebook, bohemia female fan, bohemia fan rap funny, bohemia ka fan funny video, bohemia fan girls, bohemia fan group, bohemia fan girl rap, bohemia fan gaurav rathi, bohemia little girl fan, bohemia ke fan ke gane, bohemia fan house, bohemia fan honey singh, bohemia fan vs honey singh fan, bohemia hato bacho fan, bohemia with his fan, bohemia fan insult honey singh, harshdeep ahuja bohemia fan, bohemia fan in pakistan, bohemia fan in bollywood, bohemia fan in party, bohemia fan in home, bohemia fan in real life, bohemia big fan in mumbai, i am bohemia fan, bohemia fan jammu, bohemia fan zamana jali, zahreeli jhappi bohemia fan, bohemia fan kid, bohemia ka fan, bohemia ka fan song, bohemia ke fan, bohemia k fan, bohemia kidney fan, bohemia ka fan sanwal, bohemia kattad fan, bohemia fan life, bohemia fan live, bohemia fan little girl, bohemia fan like, bohemia fan love, bohemia fan live performance, bohemia live fan song, bohemia listening to fan, bohemia fan made, bohemia de fan mp3 song download matodor wala rapper jmmu da bohemia bohemia copy jammu bohemia in jammu jammu de bohemia all bohemia jammu fan jammu bohemia fan bohemia 2018, bohemia 2018 video, bohemia

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