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I gotta say, he's a pretty attractive sounding Jasmine xD His channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTK2RQ-kSdP2vf1WPRk26w Sorry about the captions. Youtube's really pissing me off with how they're chopping off the bottoms of videos. Watching in 480p+ makes it a little better.

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A little compilation of the most savage, shady and diva moments exhibited by the DISNEY PRINCESSES! I didn't thought this idea would actually work since the disney princesses are mostly prim, proper, perfect role models - but looking through their films again, I certainly found many a shady moments that I thought MUST be shared lol.... #disneyprincess #shady #divamoments (C) Disney

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A second compilation of the most shady, savage and diva moments of the Disney Princesses is here! Planned this out after I realized the previous video had gotten over 600k views and I was SHOOKETHED!!! Thanks a million times for watching these yo! Merry Xmas to all of you btw, hope you enjoyed the holiday! #disneyprincess #shady #divamoments #shadiest #savage #shadymoments

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Heya! Here's a compilation of singers and voice artists who voiced more than one disney princess, thus giving multiple Disney Princesses a common voice in their language. This list was way too long btw, so consider this a 'PART 1'; I'm well aware that many voice actresses still aren't here, they're slated to be released with PART 2 of this video. A BIG help came from my friend and fellow YouTuber charguigou's dubbing blog which had all the information in it. Feel free to check it out via this link http://disneyinternationaldubbings.weebly.com (C) Walt Disney Records. Hope you enjoy #disneyprincess #disneysongs #behindthevoices #princesssongs #disneyinternational #disneychannel #disneycompilation #dubbing #voiceacting #disneylegends #disneymusic #partofyourworld #letitgo #howfarillgo #Moana #disneychannel #disneyland

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A little song comparison between the classic Mary Poppins (1964) and its newly released sequel Mary Poppins Returns (2018). #marypoppinsreturns #marypoppins #disneysongs So, I came back from watching this sequel and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. However, I noticed most people had issues with the movie's soundtrack, saying that the songs were 'forgettable' and 'bland' compared to the original....which, inspired me to directly compare the songs of the two films and see if the quality of music has REALLY gone down or people are simply biased towards the original film out of nostalgia or smth.... I drew comparison in 6 rounds, with 6 songs from each film which had some kind of parallel connections to each other (ex - the songs were sung by the same character in a similar situation) Choose one song of the two in each round and let me know in the comments which film had better songs overall, and whether Mary Poppins Returns REALLY has as bad of songs as they are thought to be.

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This is the shit I do when I have NO idea for what video to make next XD (psst! I was on HARD DRUGS while editing this.....please bear with me..hihii) #disneyprincess #alphabetmeme #learnthealphabet #disneysongs #disneymeme #abcsong #abc

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A little comparison of the Aladdin songs between their 1992 animated versions opposed to their 2019 live-action versions. The soundtrack for Disney's latest live-action film ALADDIN came out a few days back, and I immediately knew I had to make this comparison since I could hear obvious changes in arrangement and vocal quality between the two films. The comparison is divided into 7 rounds featuring the following songs :- 1) Arabian Nights 2) One Jump Ahead 3) One Jump Ahead reprise 4) Friend Like Me 5) Prince Ali 6) A Whole New World 7) A Whole New World POP So, which set of songs do YOU prefer more? The 1992 animated ones or the 2019 live-action ones? Let me know in the comments below. #disneysongs #aladdin #disneyliveaction #awholenewworld #menamassoud #willsmith #robinwilliams #naomiscott #friendlikeme #unmundoideal #morissetteamon #disneymovies #disneyanimation #aladdin2019 #aladdinliveaction #thelionking #aladdinsoundtrack #disneysoundtrack #princeali #willsmithgenie #arabiannights

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Pocahontas celebrated its 24th anniversary a couple days ago on June 23rd. As a little tribute to that I decided to make this live performance compilation of COLORS OF THE WIND, one of the greatest Disney hits of all time which came from this film - as performed by 13 voices of Pocahontas worldwide! Featured singers :- Judy Kuhn - English voice of Pocahontas Anna Udvarias - Hungarian voice of Pocahontas Arja Koriseva - Finnish voice of Pocahontas Edyta Górniak - Polish voice of Pocahontas Gema Castaño - Spanish (Spain) voice of Pocahontas Helene Kaufman (née Lundström) - Swedish voice of Pocahontas Kika Tristão - Portuguese (Brazilian) voice of Pocahontas Pia Douwes - Dutch voice of Pocahontas Laura Mayne - French voice of Pocahontas Susana Félix - Portuguese voice of Pocahontas Susana Zabaleta - Spanish (Latin American) voice of Pocahontas Valgerður Guðnadóttir - Icelandic voice of Pocahontas Winnie Hsin (辛曉琪) - Mandarin (Taiwanese) voice of Pocahontas Teeranai Na Nongkhai (Thai voice of Pocahontas) also sang the song live but in English so I didn't include it in the video. Feel free to watch it here though. https://youtu.be/mVzT96U2bbY #disneysongs #pocahontas #disneyprincess #90sdisney #disneypocahontas #colorsofthewind #justaroundtheriverbend #EdytaGórniak #thelionking #lairduvent #farbenspieldeswinds #ezerszinnelszállszél #disneyclassics #disneymovies #disneyanimation #disneyfilms

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Third Disney SONG Battle up. This time, it's Asia's Phoenix MORISSETTE AMON from the Philippines, up against the Disney legends in a comparison of some Disney song renditions. The battle is divided into 13 rounds; featuring the following songs :- 1) A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Cinderella) 2) Someone's Waiting For You (The Rescuers) 3) Part Of Your World (The Little Mermaid) 4) Beauty And The Beast Duet [Beauty And The Beast] 5) A Whole New World (Aladdin) 6) Colors Of The Wind POP (Pocahontas) 7) Go The Distance POP (Hercules) 8) Reflection (Mulan) 9) Reflection POP (Mulan) 10) You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) 11) This Is Me (Camp Rock) 12) First Time In Forever (Frozen) 13) Let It Go (Frozen) So; who do you think sang better? Let me know in the comments below! #disneysongs #morissetteamon #awholenewworld #disneymusic #disneyclassics #aladdin #disneyanimation #disneyliveaction #thelittlemermaid #frozen #frozen2 #celinedion #beautyandthebeast #letitgo #cinderella #leasalonga #darrenespanto #gothedistance #disneymovies #disneyfilms #animatedmovies #rishabhrox1 #expectationvsreality #vocalbattle #disneylegend #demilovato #camprock

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An updated version of a video I previously made, with better editing and 4 new live versions added! :D Featuring :- Auli'i Cravalho - English Any Gabrielly - Brazilian Portuguese Mia Negovetić - Croatian Michaela Doubravová-Tomešová - Czech Vajèn van den Bosch - Dutch Cerise Calixte - French Faluvégi Fanni - Hungarian Chiara Grispo - Italian Yabiku ​Tomona / 屋比久知奈 - Japanese So-Hyang Kim / 김소향​ - Korean Sara Paula Gómez Arias - Latin American Spanish Zinaida Kupriyanovich / Зинаида Куприянович - Russian María Parrado - Spanish Wiktoria Johansson - Swedish Sabrina Laughlin - Tahitian Maneepat Molloy / มณีภัสสร มอลลอย - Thai​ Marharyta Meleshko / Маргарита Мелешко - Ukrainian Myra Tran / Trần Minh Như - Vietnamese Hope y'all enjoy! (C) Disney Records #moana #howfarillgo #vaiana #myratran #sohyang #minhnhu #disneysongs #moanasongs

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Here's a little comparison video of the original ENGLISH Disney Princess voices singing their iconic princess hits in the studio versus in a live performance. So; which singer do you think SLAYED it live? And who, do you think is more of a studio artist? Songs appearing :- 1) I'm Wishing/One Song 2) Someday My Prince Will Come 3) A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes 4) Part Of Your World Reprise 5) Belle 6) Something There 7) A Whole New World 8) Colors Of The Wind 9) Reflection 10) Almost There 11) I See The Light 12) First Time In Forever 13) Let It Go 14) Touch The Sky 15) How Far I'll Go Hope you enjoy #disneyprincess #expectationvsreality #studiovslive

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So, I finally made it! * Special Thanks to: ~~charguigou~~ (Arabic, Hungarian & Polish) ~~07Laranja07~~ (Portuguese BR & EU & Russian) ~~SlavicDubs~~ (Bulgarian, Croatian) ~~3124maison~~ (Hebrew) ~~SessK~~ (LA Spanish) ~~illusionndream~~ (Finnish, Swedish & Icelandic) And all others!! (I don't remember all because so many people gave me so many versions, please don't mind if your name isn't there!!) Oh! And I forgot Ukrainian, sorry! :( Hope You Still Enjoy Needed Versions: Albanian Chinese (Mandarin) Chinese (Cantonese) Chinese (Putonghua) Czech Korean Polish (1991) Slovak Thai (1991) Thai (2002) So, which duo creates the FIERCEST "conversation"??

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So, I got nearly 500 votes on my poll asking which singer should I make my next Disney Song Battle on and voila! It was Broadway superstar and the voice of VARIAN from Tangled's TV Series - JEREMY JORDAN who won by around 45% of the total votes! Well; your wish is my command.... Here's my second Disney Song Battle, divided into 8 rounds this time (And once again, I tried to include as many LIVE performances of the original singers since ALL of Jeremy's renditions were done LIVE). Featuring the following songs :- 1) Part Of Your World - The Little Mermaid 2) Beauty And The Beast (Duet) - Beauty And The Beast 3) One Jump Ahead (Reprise) - Aladdin 4) Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas 5) Out There - The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 6) Go The Distance - Hercules 7) Reflection - Mulan 8) Let It Go - Frozen So, who do you think won? Let me know in the comments below. #Disneysongs #JeremyJordan #SongComparison #DisneyPrincess #DisneyMales #DisneyHeroes #Disneyclassics #IdinaMenzel #Aladdin #Oscars #DisneyLegends #Frozen #TheLittleMermaid #Broadway #Disneymusical #disneymovies #disneymusic #ExpectationvsReality #rishabhrox1 #NotreDame #hunchbackofnotredame #notredamedeparis #tangledtvseries #tangled #supergirl #winnsupergirl

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Seriously, IDK Y I made this xd I followed rishabhrox1's Multilanguage collab video for the parts

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A little compilation of famous disney songs being performed by the original voice actors/singers after a decade or more since they first sung it live! The video is meant to showcase the timelessness of these voices, and how the spirit behind the songs remains intact in the singers' voices YEARS after they first sung it. Featured songs :- - Circle Of Life by Lebo M - Under The Sea by Samuel E. Wright - Reflection by Lea Salonga - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (POP) by Elton John - I Won't Say I'm In Love by Susan Egan - A Whole New World by Brad Kane and Lea Salonga - Colors Of The Wind by Judy Kuhn - Colors Of The Wind (POP) by Vanessa Williams - Beauty And The Beast by Angela Lansbury - Beauty And The Beast (POP) by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by Julie Andrews - Belle by Paige O'Hara - Part Of Your World by Jodi Benson #thenvsnow #disneysongs #beforevsafter

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Here's a compilation of all the Disney and Pixar songs that were performed at the Oscars (aka the Academy Awards) between 1990 and 2018. While most of the performances feature the original singers/voice artistes involved with the film, a few of the performances are pulled off by other singers too because of the inability of the original person to perform for various reasons (schedule conflict, lack of confidence etc.) Performances featured :- 1) Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid) - Geoffrey Holder (1990) 2) Belle (Beauty And The Beast) - Paige O'Hara (1992) 3) Be Our Guest (") - Jerry Orbach (1992) 4) Beauty And The Beast (") - Angela Lansbury, Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson (1992) 5) A Whole New World (Aladdin) - Lea Salonga and Brad Kane (1993) 6) Friend Like Me (") - Nell Carter (1993) 7) Can You Feel The Love Tonight (The Lion King) - Elton John (1995) 8) Circle Of Life (") - Hinton Battle (1995) 9) Hakuna Matata (") - David Alan Grier and Ernie Sabella (1995) 10) Colors Of The Wind (Pocahontas) - Vanessa Williams (1996) 11) Go The Distance (Hercules) - Michael Bolton (1998) 12) When She Loved Me (Toy Story 2) - Sarah McLachlan (2000) 13) You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) - Phil Collins (2000) 14) My Funny Friend And Me (The Emperor's New Groove) - Sting (2001) 15) If I Didn't Have You (Monsters, Inc) - John Goodman and Randy Newman (2002) 16) Our Town (Cars) - James Taylor (2007) 17) Happy Working Song (Enchanted) - Amy Adams (2008) 18) That's How You Know (Enchanted) - Kristin Chenoweth (2008) 19) I See The Light (Tangled) - Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi (2011) 20) Let It Go (Frozen) - Idina Menzel (2014) 21) How Far I'll Go (Moana) - Auli'i Cravalho (2017) 22) Remember Me (Coco) - Gael Garcia Bernal (2018) 23) Remember Me (Duo) (") - Miguel and Natalia Lafourcade (2018) #Disneysongs #Oscars #Frozen #Oscars2019 #AcademyAwards #OscarNominations #Oscarwinners #Disneymovies

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It's the 48th birthday of Disney legend Lea Salonga, who is not just the official singing voice of two Disney Princesses but has also covered many a Disney songs since time immemorial. On this special day I decided to make this little 'Disney Song Battle' (another video series) in which I just compared her covers to the original singers of those particular songs. In order to make the battle more fair, I added as many LIVE performances of the original singers as I could find (since ALL of Lea's covers are done LIVE) The battle is divided into 11 rounds, which feature the following songs :- 1) When You Wish Upon A Star - Pinocchio 2) A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes - Cinderella 3) Someone's Waiting For You - The Rescuers 4) Part Of Your World - The Little Mermaid 5) Can You Feel The Love Tonight - The Lion King 6) Colors Of The Wind - Pocahontas 7) Go The Distance - Hercules 8) Journey To The Past - Anastasia 9) You'll Be In My Heart - Tarzan 10) The Climb - Hannah Montana The Movie 11) Let It Go - Frozen My props to Lea for singing such a variety of songs and that too LIVE, she already has my respect. However, we're all still free to have preferences, and I'd love to know whom do you prefer in the following songs? #Disneysongs #LeaSalonga #SongComparison #DisneyPrincess #DisneyQueen #Disneyclassics #IdinaMenzel #MileyCyrus #Oscars #DisneyLegends #Frozen #TheLittleMermaid #filipina #disneymovies #disneymusic #hannahmontana #ExpectationvsReality #rishabhrox1

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A little comparison video of various Disney Princess classic hits as performed by the singers in the respective films versus singers playing the same role in musical theatre. When I say 'musical' it encompasses Broadway, West End and pre-Broadway/Disney Cruise line theatre productions - i.e., any theatre production which was personally handled by the Walt Disney Theatrical company or had its executives supervising it. The comparison consists of 11 rounds, featuring the following songs :- - Someday My Prince Will Come - Snow White - Feed The Birds - Mary Poppins - Part Of Your World - The Little Mermaid - Belle - Beauty And The Beast - A Whole New World - Aladdin - Can You Feel The Love Tonight - The Lion King - God Help The Outcasts - The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - Journey To The Past - Anastasia - When Will My Life Begin Reprise - Tangled - First Time In Forever - Frozen - Let It Go - Frozen I also tried to include as many live performances of the original movie singers as I could find, so as to make the comparison even (since all the musical theatre versions are sung LIVE) So, which version did you like more? the movie or the musical one? Let me know in the comments below. #disney #disneyprincess #disneymusical #musicaltheatre #broadway #thelionkingmusical #Aladdinmusical #SierraBoggess #Partofyourworld #disneysongs #disneyclassics #letitgo #caissielevy #christyaltomare #anastasia #journeytothepast #snowwhite #tangledthemusical #rishabhrox1 #leasalonga #hunchbackofnotredame #disneyanimation #animatedmovies #BeautyAndTheBeast

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Greetings YouTube!! Here's my next, and quite possibly; one of the hardest ranks I have ever made: the beloved red-head ARIEL from 'The Little Mermaid'! Now I personally am not a fan of Ariel at all; but her songs are so iconic & the voices she has received are one of the most interesting bunch of voices as you shall notice in the video. After ranking Belle' monotonous bunch, ranking Ariel was like a sigh of relief & a really engaging task. Since it is my PERSONAL opinion; kindly don't abuse or troll me or anyone else in the comments section; your comments shall not be tolerated! Have a great time! & Thanks For Watching!

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So, my previous STUDIO vs LIVE performance video got quite a number of viewers (over 50k within 2 weeks!). Overwhelmed by its progress I decided to make another video of the same concept BUT, this time instead of ENGLISH, the INTERNATIONAL Disney Princess voices shall be featured in the video. The question remains the same - Who SLAYED the live performance, and who seemed more like a studio creation? Songs appearing (in order) :- - Someday My Prince Will Come | Il mio amore un dì verrà - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes | soñar es desear - Once Upon A Dream | Ik ken jou - Part Of Your World | Shel Bney Ha’Adam - Something There | Alguma Coisa Acontecer - A Whole New World | Egy új élmény - Just Around The Riverbend | Río abajo - Colors Of The Wind | Kolorowy Wiatr - Where Do I Go From Here | Wo führt mein Weg mich hin - God Help The Outcasts | Que dieu aide les exclus - Reflection | 倒影 - Once Upon A December | Eitt sinn rétt fyrir jólin - Almost There | Μιά Στιγμή - When Will My Life Begin | kdy začnu žít se ptám - Healing Incantation | 花は煌めく - I See The Light | Je Veux Y Croire - Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? | 想不想要做個雪人 - For The First Time In Forever | आया है पहली बार यह लम्हा - Let It Go | hãy bước đi - How Far I’ll Go | 언젠가 떠날거야 #studiovslive #expectationvsreality #disneyprincess #sohyang #Moana #Disneysongs #Disneyfilms #LaraFabian #LetItGo #Frozen #Tangled #Moana #Aladdin Enjoy.

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Requested by Lunijma I was really SURPRISED when I found that this Song Wasn't uploaded in Hindi already! But then, I uploaded it! This is the song "Savages" in Hindi From "Pocahontas" The Hindi Title is "जंगली! जंगली!" (Jungli! Jungli!) Copyright Disney

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Dedicated to denkleinrider ;) Thanks to rishabhrox1 for the download link :) This video was no longer available on YT, so I decided to upload it !

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Just a video showcasing my choices of voice actors from across the world who FIT the Disney Heroes the MOST. Not all of these voices are necessarily my favorites, but when I have to admit when I hear them, I can immediately picture the face of the character they sing for. They're the 'voices by the book'...so to say, for the Disney Heroes. Featuring the following heroes :- - The Prince (aka Prince Florian) from Snow White - Pinocchio - Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty - The Beast (Prince Adam) from both adaptations of Beauty And The Beast - Aladdin - John Smith from Pocahontas - Quasimodo from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - Hercules - Shang from Mulan - Prince Naveen from The Princess And The Frog - Eugene Fitzherbert (aka Flynn Rider) from Tangled - Kristoff from Frozen - Maui from Moana - Miguel from Coco So, what do you think? Are these voices the most fitting according to you? Which voices would YOU consider the most fitting? Let me know in the comments down below! #DisneyHeroes #Disneysongs #Cartoons #Frozen #Tangled #Mulan #Illmakeamanoutofyou #TheRock #Coco #ProudCorazon #Disneymovies #BeautyAndTheBeast #rishabhrox1 #GoTheDistance #MarcusMenna #Evermore #DisneyPrinces #PrinceCharming

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The first part of my "Who sings it BEST?" video series. I start with a comparison of the climax of the POP version of Reflection from Mulan soundtrack (originally performed by Christina Aguilera), as performed by various singers across the world. Singers featured :- 1. Christina Aguilera 2. Charice Pempengco 3. Ayla Brown 4. Aleksandra Brković 5. Coco Lee 6. Jordin Sparks 7. Malú (Spanish) 8. Jessica Sanchez 9. Ariana Grande 10. Kelly Chen (Cantonese) 11. Regine Velasquez 12. Cassandra Steen 13. Jeremy Jordan 14. Morissette Amon 15. Willemijn Verkaik 16. Jessie J Who do YOU think sang this portion BEST? Let me know in the comments down below! #Disneysong #Reflection #Mulan #MiReflejo #ArianaGrande #WhoSangItBest #DisneyClassics #ChristinaAguilera #JessieJ

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This is one of my more basic editing videos lol; but I was too inspired to make this so I gave in. I love this movie, I love this song, and I love all the dark, raspy and deep voices that Imelda has; a nice change from all the chinky sweet Disney Princess voices I usually am around with. This is one line of Mama Imelda singing 'La Llorona' (a song she later in the movie performs with Ernesto De La Cruz) which she sings as a lament to a running Miguel in the scene "FAMILIES ARE SUPPOSED TO SUPPORT YOU". I express my sheer gratitude to my friends Anna for providing the Polish audio and Aria for providing most of the audio clips as well as the video clip.

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INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/jeancyprienchenberg/ ARTISTIC DIRECTION : Marie Atger VIDEO EDITING : Guillaume Zabou - Charguigou : https://www.youtube.com/user/charguigou Rishabh Rox - Rishabhrox1 : https://www.youtube.com/user/rishabhrox1 —————————————————————————— Music by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman. From the Walt Disney movie The Little Mermaid. ORIGINAL VERSIONS : Italian - Sonia Scotti : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh9L9_0tqNk Hebrew - Rachel Attas / רחל אטאס : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amZBmDM2cxU Norwegian - Anne Grete Preus : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSYSE6paOLE Russian - Anastasia Mintskovskaja / Анастасия Минцковская : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgU_6BNDOgo German - Beate Hasenau : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-e141nJHH8 French - Micheline Dax : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svp2OpItVac Swedish - Evabritt Strandberg : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHP8m5d8Wd4 Latin Spanish - Serena Olvído : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKc3c4XfXa0 Finnish - Ulla Tapaninen : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWuW1OO7aoQ Romanian - Corina Chiriac : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4USaHQ2RROY Japanese - Mori Kumiko / 森公美子 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHaGpu0Axqo English - Pat Carroll : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi58pN8W3hY

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A ranking video in quite a long while now!! I was missing making these; and had actually planned to release them in the sequence in which the Princess movies were released [Snow White first, then Cinderella and so on...] but then I grew SUPER lazy and decided to go for the easiest ranking to make.... Hence, I created my Jasmine ranking; since she has only one song in the entire movie! Editing is hugely influenced from my friend and fellow YouTuber Zoi [YT: Let My Heart Free]; thanks girl!! Lastly; difference in my opinion and yours may exist; but kindly don't abuse or troll in the comments section; be polite & understand that it's just a fan-made video and has no intention of hurting you or anything! [PS: Kindly ignore all grammatical mistakes of this video; I was literally half asleep while editing most of the part lol; because I used to edit at night & it's sooooo tiring!] Copyright Disney!

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A compilation of all the voice-artists and singers who dubbed for some of the most iconic Disney VILLAINS in Hindi! While most people love the all-good jolly protagonists in Disney films, the not-so-goody villain characters are an equally important part of these films. Having grown up listening to some of these villains in Hindi, I feel extremely elated and glad to have found out all these talented voice-artists and their work, and with extreme patience of a week entirely dedicated to finding out information and content, and another week entirely put to editing….I finally complete this project that I always wanted to make! I'd like to specially thank all the people who helped me out in completing this video; all the dubbing directors, voice-actors and YouTube mates of course! This video wouldn’t have been possibly made without your constant help and support. Featured characters and their voice-actors 1) Evil Queen – Abha Parmar 2) Lady Tremaine – Abha Parmar 3) Drizella – Meena Ramraj Nahta 4) Cruela De Vil – Madhuri Bhatia 5) Cruela De Vil (live-action) – Shobhini Singh 6) Shere Khan – Rajesh Jolly 7) Shere Khan (live-action) – Nana Patekar 8) Ursula (speaking) – Shobhini Singh 9) Ursula (singing) – Madhuri Bhatia 10) Gaston (speaking) – Gireesh Sahdev 11) Gaston (singing) – Suraj Jagan 12) Gaston (live action – speaking) – Sanket Mhatre 13) Gaston (live action – singing) – Shamit Tyagi 14) Jafar (speaking) – Vishnu Sharma 15) Jafar (singing) – Ranjit Barot 16) Scar (speaking) – Salim Ghouse 17) Governor Ratcliffe – Vinod Kulkarni 18) Hades – Vinod Kulkarni 19) Clayton – Shailendra Pandey 20) Yzma – Madhuri Bhatia 21) Dr. Facilier – Shahriyar Atai 22) Mother Gothel (speaking) – Pratibha Tiku 23) Mother Gothel (singing) – Sunayana Sarkar 24) Hans (speaking) – Rajesh Shukla 25) Hans (singing) – Ryan Dias 26) Robert Callaghan – Shahnawaz Pradhan 27) Dawn Bellwether – Toshi Sinha 28) Tamatoa – Bappi Lahiri #disneyindia #hindidubbing #disneyinhindi #disneysongs #disneymovieshindi #disneysonghindi #animationhindi #dubbing #hindivoiceover #disneyvillains (C) Disney. Hope you enjoy the video

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rishabhrox1's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rishabhrox1/about LYRICS: किया मैने जो, बुरा ही था वो पर जो भी किया सही था मै बुरा ही सही, मेरी गलती नहीं जो किया उसी का फल तुम्हें दिया अब आगे है बढ़ना पीछे नहीं मुड़ना अंजाम उसका होगा जो भी अब रुकूँगा नहीं क्योंकि मै हूँ सही है तैयारी तैयारी तैयारी तैयारी लड़ने की अब ऊपर है चढ़ना नीचे ना उतरना चली जाए चाहे जान भी क़सम है मुझे छोड़ेंगे ना उसे मै लड़ूँगी हाँ! मै भी! हमारी तैयारी लड़ने की तैयारी पर क्या हम यह कर पाएँगे? हम मिलकर करेंगे सभी तुम में दम नहीं! क़सम है खाई उसका भ्रम मै तोड़ूँगी अब वो पछतायेगा! मुँह की वो खाएगा! है तैयारी! लड़ूँगी! लड़ने की! लड़ूँगी! लड़ने की! पूरी की है तैयारी!

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#wreckitralph2 #ralphbreakstheinternet #merida #meridameme #disneymeme #ralph2 #shesfromtheotherstudio So, the new trailer for Ralph Breaks The Internet (Wreck It Ralph 2) was released a couple weeks ago which introduced us to this HILARIOUS Scottish dialogue of Merida, which wasn't just funny but instantly became a meme all across social media! Since the only languages in which the dialogue is officially available yet was English, Russian and Spanish....I decided to create a FANDUB COLLAB on it with some of my most talented YouTuber friends! So, here's Merida's funny dialogue from the Ralph 2 trailer in 20 languages as fandubbed brilliantly by the following YouTubers: 1) English (Scottish accent) – Elsie Lovelock 2) Arabic (Algerian accent) – Khawkha Helali 3) Cantonese – xRebirthofRosax 4) Danish – Setsu-The-Yena 5) Dutch (Friesian accent) – Priscilla Roukema 6) Finnish – Henna (Suklaalaku) 7) Flemish (West Wallonian accent) – Ariane (MissessAriane) 8) French (Quebecois slang) – Ranee MacIntosh 9) German – Ellena (Ellytastic) 10) Icelandic – Rakel (rrifandubs) 11) Italian (Neapolitan) – Noemi Luciani (JustMyVoice) 12) Japanese – Felicia Bronzebird (not her first language) 13) Mandarin – Raphie(歌い手) 14) Marathi – Priyadarshini Indalkar 15) Polish – Wiktoria (Akuma) 16) Portuguese – Melissa Ferreira 17) Russian – Alpina 18) Slovene – Valentina (xxLadyVale93) (not her first language) 19) Spanish – 90Suki 20) Swedish – Tove Micaelsson And while most of the voice-actresses managed their own adaptations, few of them were managed with extremely good comic timing by other YouTubers as mentioned hereby: 1) French – Jean-Cyprien Chenberg 2) Polish – Kasia (burberry debby) 3) Portuguese – Raquel (Laranja Channel) The English, Russian and Spanish adaptations were the official ones from the trailer. Hope y'all enjoy! Which adaptation and whose voice did YOU feel was the best?

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Like the title says, the video shows a compilation of all the famous playback singers in Bollywood who were at some point part of a Disney film's Hindi dubbing. The list features the following singers :- - Shankar Mahadevan (Singer: Arabian Nights) - Aladdin (1992) - Sonu Nigam (Voice: Aladdin) - Aladdin (1992) - Kavita Krishnamurthy (Singer: A Whole New World POP) - Aladdin (1992) - Mohit Chauhan (Singer: I Thought I Lost You) - Bolt (2008) - Shaan (Voice: Blu) - Rio (2011) (Singer: Ducktales Theme Song) - Ducktales (2017) - Sunidhi Chauhan (Voice: Jewel) - Rio (2011) (Voice: Elsa) - Frozen (2013) Frozen Fever (2015) - Vishal Dadlani (Singing Voice: Baloo) - The Jungle Book (2016) - Bappi Lahiri (Voice: Tamatoa) - Moana (2016) - Neeti Mohan (Voice: Rapunzel) - Tangled Before Ever After (2017) - Monali Thakur (Singing Voice: Jasmine) - Aladdin (2019) - Armaan Malik (Voice: Aladdin) - Aladdin (2019) #disneysongs #disneyindia #disneybollywood #disneyinhindi #behindthevoices #bollywood #sunidhichauhan #sonunigam #armaanmalik #aladdinhindi #disneyanimation #disneymovies #hindidubbing #hindisongs #bollywoodsingers #monalithakur #letitgo #awholenewworld #moana #bappilahiri #tseries

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A thanks to user "Rishabhrox1" (https://www.youtube.com/user/rishabhrox1/about?disable_polymer=1) for helping me with the lyrics and translation^^/ Movie: Coco | कोको Imelda: Marianne D'Cruz Aiman (Singing) | मैरियन डी'क्रूज़ Ernesto: Edwin Joseph (Singing) LYRICS: मुझे कहो ना कहो ना मेरी जान मुझे हाँ! एक बार कहो ना कहो ना मेरी जान मुझे अब मेरी जान चाहे जा ही रहे ना जीना नहीं बिन तेरे x2 दर्द-ए-जुदाई जाए मुझसे सही ना है ग़म का आलम यारा! मेरे दिल में चाह कोई और रही ना! चाहूँ दीदार तुम्हारा हाय! मुझे कहो ना! कहो ना! कहो ना मेरी जान मुझे हाँ! एक बार कहो ना! कहो ना! कहो ना मेरी जान मुझे अब मेरी जान चाहे जा ही रहे ना जीना नहीं बिन तेरे अब मेरी जान चाहे जा ही रहे ना जीना नहीं बिन तेरे x3

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Hindi version of 'Speechless (Part 2)' from Aladdin (2019) Singer - Monali Thakur Lyricist - Irshad Kamil Subtitled and Translated by - Harsh Chauhan and rishabhrox1 Uploaded by - Harsh Chauhan लिखा है जो, क्यों मानूँ मैं सब वो? सदियों से जो ना बदला क्यों ना ज़ुबान मैं खोलूँ? बताओ! मेरा तो हक़ है यह पहला सच्चाई कहनी है इस पल सौ क़समें हैं खाई चाहे अब मैं सदमें पाऊँ होगी रिहाई! तूफ़ान की मैं आहट! मैं तुमको ना दूँ राहत खोल आई हूँ, तोड़ आई हूँ सब पहरे पहरे! ना सहूँ मैं! ना ही चुप रहूँगी जो है वो सब कहूँगी खोल आई हूँ, तोड़ आई हूँ सब पहरे मुझको रखना ना सहेज पा लूँ इनसे तो मैं रिहाई और अब लेके बिखरे पल लिखूँ मैं बस तेरी रुसवाई है यह आवाज़ दिल से आई - "चुप ना रहना!" और यूँ तेरे ज़ुल्मों को मैंने ना सहना खोल आई हूँ, तोड़ आई हूँ सब पहरे! पहरे! नाकामी होगी घोंटो जो तुम दम भी ना हूँ अब किसी से कम भी अरमानों को रोके ना पहरे खोल आई हूँ, तोड़ आई हूँ सब पहरे पहरे!

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Finally you can complete this fun challenge. And don't forget to check their channel, they are amazing ! To rishabhrox1's Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/rishabhrox1 To Alaa Mohsen's Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWbW_J4rHLXzJUDJViPwCIg © Disney

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rishabhrox1's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rishabhrox1/about LYRICS: होगा आपको नाज़ जब मिल जाएगी आज़ादी रास्ता मै ढूँढ़कर ही रहूँगा वो मिल ही जाएगा है क़सम यह मुझे चाहे मुझे हो जाए कुछ भी जो भी मेरे रास्ते में आएगा पछताएगा पछताएगा

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rishabhrox1's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rishabhrox1/about LYRICS: माना कि मै हूँ बुरा और माना कि मै क़ाबिल भी नहीं फिर भी एक बार ज़रा भरोसा करो तो सही! मौक़ा दो कि मै कुछ कर सकूँ इतना क़ाबिल बनूँ कि हो आपको नाज़ अब रूकूँगा ना मै कभी करना होगा आपको यक़ीन ना मानूँगा मै हार और मै लौटूँगा पूरा काम अब कर के ही शायद तब आप मानोगे कि मै नहीं हूँ इतना भी बेकार ग़लतियाँ की हैं बड़ी दिल आपका भी दुखाया है चट्टानें भी हों खड़ी गिरा दूँगा मै उन्हें अभी जीत लूँगा मै तो दिल आपका चाहे हो जाऊँ मै फ़ना होगा आपको नाज़ और होगा ऐतबार भी दिखा दूँगा मै पहले सा नहीं हूँ बदल गया नया जोश है लौटूँगा मै तो जीतकर ही आप हैरान आँखों से देखोगे अपने बेटे का यह रूप नया चमकेंगी आँखें जब देखोगे मेरा रूप नया

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So, here's my video about the 'Most FITTING voices of Disney Princesses'. I had made this kind of video before but my opinion changed quite a lot since then, and recently my friend and fellow youtuber denkleinrider uploaded his version which inspired me to do the same. :) The choices of 'fitting' are entirely based on my own perception of what kind of a voice TONE sounds suitable coming out of that particular princess' mouth. These voices aren't necessarily my favorite voices of these characters, since I choose my favorites on a combination of the voice tone and the singing style. The latter isn't a criteria for the choices in this video. Let me know if you agree with my choices or not, and who else would you suggest in place of my choices. ;) #disneysongs #disneyprincess #disneyvoices #behindthevoices #frozensongs #disneyindia #disneyinternational #letitgo #partofyourworld (C) Disney

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#Frozen2 #HindiTrailer #fandub Our fandub of Frozen 2's trailer in Hindi! Voices - Pabbie - rishabhrox1 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTK2RQ-kSdP2vf1WPRk26w) Anna - Hradini I know, i know!! I've been super busy with school stuff. This was the least I could do. Didn't even have enough time for good mixing. This is the fastest we've ever done a fandub. I'm really thankful because the actors had their lines ready within mere hours of me asking them. Very professional! Subs will be up soon. Enjoy! :D Cheers! Varoon

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*Rishabh's username is rishabhrox1 and not rishabhrox01. Like the video says, I was tagged by my good friend Lumi Tiikeri to do Rishabhrox1's song challenge. This tag idea originally came from Rishabhrox1 as a celebration of reaching 11K subscribers on his channel. Firstly : congratulations to you !! :) Second : you can find his original video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGQvwAbnZyM Finding a pop song was hard since I don’t know much about pop, but I finally found a song. xD The other categories were pretty easy though; I tried to be original as possible. :) Watch in 1080p HD No copyright intended All films shown are © Walt Disney Pictures. Pop song © ABBA

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Hindi version of the song FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER from my 2015 Hindi fandub. :) Cast - Anna - Priyadarshini Indalkar (Speaking) & Srishti Rai (Singing) Elsa - Varoon Indalkar Lyrics - rishabhrox1 and arctichare1 Disclaimer! I don't own anything from this video. All this is for non-profit purposes only. All rights belong to their respective owners. -arctichare1

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[EDIT - 2018] Smita Malhotra Rosemeyer is the original Hindi voice of Belle and Mulan, so apologies for the miscrediting. Also; the original Hindi voice of Ariel is Chandreyee Bhattacharya. Since, I made an English version; I OBVIOUSLY had to make a video for my language too! It was really so much fun to decide these alternative voices....although to edit and upload this video was a hell long task! :D For those of you who don't know it, the 'alternative voices' videos are just HYPOTHETICAL, I don't actually intend to change the pre-existing voices of the Disney Princesses no matter what; it is just fun to think WHAT IF, we had the chance to choose the singers for the Disney Princesses . :D Next important thing; Disney Princesses have been getting their movies from as old of a time as 1937 when Snow White released; so the style of voices and music has changed quite a lot since then. Hence, I decided to put TWO alternatives for all princesses released BEFORE 1999. - The FIRST alternative is chosen according to the status quo of the year the movie was actually released. - The SECOND alternative is more contemporary and chosen on the status quo of the present day. Original concept was derived by my friend MissessAriane; who made a Flemish version of this video herself! PS: MERIDA from Brave is not included because she doesn't sing her own songs. Any soloist could sing her songs. So; do you like my choices? Do you think they fit the princesses I assigned them? Let me know in the comments section below Thanks for watching Peeps! See you! #DisneyPrincess #DisneyIndia #Disneysongs #DisneyBollywood #Bollywoodsingers #DisneyHindi #ShirleySetia #LataMangeshkar #SunidhiChauhan #FrozenHindi #LetItGo #FanaaHo #JonitaGandhi #AshaBhosle

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Singer - Mano (as Genie) and chorus Uploaded by Rishabhrox1

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Published Date : 2013-03-03T03:26:13.000Z

This is the real Castilian/European Spanish soundtrack, thanks to rishabhrox1 for sending me this! :3 Singer: Virginia Martínez My opinion on Virginia Martínez: She sounds better and more real in the soundtrack although she's fun to listen to in the movie too. A sweet, magical and young sounding voice. What can I say other than that? I really like her~! Lyrics (thanks to Miguel Winterdream): Dulce voz, ven a mí; haz que el alma recuerde. Oigo aún cuanto oí una vez en diciembre. ¿Quién me abraza con amor? Veo prados alrededor. Esa gente tan feliz son sombras para mí. (INSTRUMENTAL) ¿Quién me abraza con amor? Veo prados alrededor. Esa gente tan feliz son sombras para mí. Cuanto fue no murió, como fuego que prende. Volverá esa voz cuando llegue diciembre... Oigo aún cuanto oí una vez en diciembre Coming Next: Latin Spanish, then the original Swedish pitch and speed :]

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Dedicated to Diosney Nerd! I hope I did a good job at choosing versions you love or at least enjoy :P Big thanks to rishabhrox1, Let My Heart Free and poison ivy for their help! Credits for the design: poison ivy; she suggested this editing and I gladly did it x) Enjoy! ^-^

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Singer - Mano Uploaded by Rishabhrox1


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