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In this installment of DBSA's Bipolar Educational Video Library, Robert Haggard from The Living Room at Turning Point in Skokie, IL and DBSA President Allen Doederlein discuss the impact of stigma and deciding to disclose a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. For more information, contact the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance at or 1-800-826-3632. We've been there. We can help.

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Rob interviews Ted in 2013 Part 1 of 3 - Love, Grace, and Restoration

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Rob interviews Ted in 2013 Part 2 of 3 - Responding to the Sins of Others Reveals Much

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Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center staff and supporters share their mental health self-care tips for feeling more peaceful, or changing perspective on a difficult situation.

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Published Date : 2011-12-21T18:17:15.000Z


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Faith, God, And Modern Science The Clash between Creationism and a Theological Compromise with Atheism Robert Haggard Christian Faith Publishing

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Robert Bouchard - I Don't Hear Merle Haggard Anymore

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Surely Ted's "problem" is reasonably compelling anecdotal evidence that being attracted to the same sex is not a life style choice...that is he didn't choose it, he chose evangelical Christianity...but none the less he was chosen...genetically? The message of the documentary is also a concise indictment of the distinct lack of care for the "unrighteous" demonstrated by Ted's brand of Christianity and should be broadcast in fundamentalist evangelical churches as a moral lesson their bible apparently fails to teach them. The point I guess is not necessarily the failure of fundamentalist Christians to walk their is that the walk itself is fundamentally flawed - the literal acceptance of implausible and unnatural moral standards fill otherwise rational minds with a twisted legacy of ancient prejudice and conceit, the only consolation being the relativists dream of escaping such an "objective morality" via grace. The situation is ludicrous. Of course you require grace to be saved ( from something??) because if the standards you set for yourself were not broken everyone would be absolutely miserable, which also explains why they are so frequently broken.

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Subscribe David Allan Coe- If that ain't country

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Listen to this audiobook in full for free with a 30-day trial: Allan Quatermain, a professional big game hunter, is approached by English aristocrat Sir Henry Curtis and his friend, Captain John Good, late of the Royal Navy. They need his help finding Sir Henry's brother, who was last seen traveling north into the unexplored interior in search of the fabled King Solomon's Mines. On their perilous journey, they encounter such characters as the evil witch-woman, Gagool, and the terrifying King Twala and his mighty army. The award winning Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air brings this classic tale to life with a full cast, music score, and thousands of sound effects. Contact:

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A song sung by Waylon Jennings about a great Civil War battle. From the album "The Journey: Six Strings Away" Composed by Billy Ray Reynolds , Ben Keith Linda Eades Blackburn is the artist of the painting of General Lee which is used as the cover image of this video... you can find her work at She is an absolutely amazingly talented artist!

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Rob interviews Ted in 2013 Part 3 of 3 - New Testament Church

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COLORADO SPRINGS - For more than two years, Grant kept a secret from those he considered his family. "It's a lot of pain, a lot of mistrust with that church," reveals the former New Life volunteer. Back in the summer of 2006, Grant was invited to go to Cripple Creek by the man he trusted and looked up to as a mentor. "He asked me if we were going to be godly or bad that night," Grant says, recalling their trip. The former volunteer says that meant either hanging out as friends, or buying Haggard porn and masturbate.

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Published Date : 2017-06-17T04:25:37.000Z Merle Haggard ~ "Workin' Man" (Full Concert 1998) Special Presentation TNN; A Tribute to Merle Haggard. With Merle Haggard, George Jones, Alan Jackson, Emmy Lou Harris, Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Wynonna, Lee Roy Parnell, Gary Bennet & Jay Mcdowell, Little Jimmy Dickens, Joe Diffie, Robert Duvall, Sara Evans.

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I love singing Merle

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Merle Haggard Will Live On | Robert Henry Music

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Back in the DAY Highlight: 2:00 - 2:18 hahahahah 4:46 - 5:19 5:41-6:04

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From "Chicago Wind" 2005.. Reggie Young - Electric Guitar.. Billy Joe Walker - Acoustic Guitar.. Merle Haggard - Guitar.. Leland Sklar - Bass.. John Robinson - Drums.. Herb Pederson - Backing Vocals.. Produced by Jimmy Bowen and Mike Post.. Capital Records Nashville/Hag Records 7243-8-74929-2-9 Written by James Moore and Robert Blinn (1987)

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In the exactly 10 years since Twilight premiered, on November 21, 2008, the film and its three sequels went on to gross more than $1.3billion at the box office.Though each installment received largely rave reviews from audiences, none earned higher than a 50 percent positive rating from critics, per review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes .Perhaps most vocal among these detractors were none other than the franchise's stars themselves, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart , who put only minimal effort into hiding just how much disdain they held for the vampire- and werewolf-centric story, despite the fact that it launched them both into superstardom.Here, in honor of the first film's 10th anniversary, are all the anti- Twilight remarks the pair have made in the last decade.On crazed Twihards In a 2011 interview with Vanity Fair , Pattinson mused on the "crazy" behavior of the series' fans."I can't really understand it even now," he said."It does have an angle which is attached to something quite primal in girls.I guess people want it to define them, like 'I'm a Twilight fan.'That's crazy to me.I think people really just like being part of a crowd.There's something just tremendously exciting about hyping yourself up to that level."Stewart, too, was somewhat baffled by all the attention she received after stepping into Bella's shoes."Something personal became not the most personal thing, which is awesome because to share that is great, but at the same time I was 17 or 18 when it all kind of went down, and that's the most uncomfortable, terrible, weird [time]," she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2016—during which she also reflected on the "really uncomfortable hair extensions" she had to wear in the films.On plot holes Stewart took issue with certain aspects of her character's behavior in the final film, after Bella has finally been transformed into a vampire."As soon as she becomes a vampire they kind of ignore their duties.Instantly, they just wanna bone.It's the most ridiculous situation," she said in a 2012 appearance on The Graham Norton Show ."Really? You just had a child.Really?!" A few months later, in an interview with Cleveland's WOIO news station, Pattinson echoed these sentiments."A lot of stuff in the Twilight world doesn't make any sense," he quipped.He expounded further on that unexplained "stuff" to W in 2017."If it hadn't been so successful, I think people would have thought it was really weird.It's a really weird story.But I think once it becomes mainstream, it's difficult for people to see how strange the story is," he said, specifically referencing the fourth and fifth films' content."It's nuts.Ihad to give her a caesarian by chewing through a placenta.I don't know the medical—how it works.But there was definitely chewing through something.No, it's wild.Once you got it in your head you're like, oh, this is just the thing for little girls.And then, like, it's kind of—it's difficult to get past."On post- Twilight life Both Pattinson

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Singin with the birds!

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[GÉNERO]: Terror. Thriller | Siglo XVII. [AUDIO]: Español. [SUBTITULOS]: No. [TÍTULO OR.]: Blood on Satan's Claw. Siglo XVII. Unos niños juegan en los campos que rodean su pueblo y se encuentran con unos extraños restos que se asemejan a una garra. El juez local se hace cargo de investigar su procedencia. Al poco de iniciar la investigación la garra desaparece y ..... sólo el juez podra salvar a la comunidad. (FILMAFFINITY) Título en inglés: Blood on Satan's Claw. Título en español: La garra de Satán. Año: 1971. Duración: 93 min. País: Reino Unido. Director: Piers Haggard Guion: Piers Haggard, Robert Wynne-Simmons. Música: Mark Wilkinson. Fotografía: Dick Bush. Reparto: Patrick Wymark, Linda Hayden, Barry Andrews, Michele Dotrice, Wendy Padbury, Anthony Ainley, Simon Williams. Productora: Tigon British Film Productions / Chilton Films ----- #Langosto #canallangosto #langostonoticias #langostodocumentales #langostopeliculas #canaldelangosto ----- faceboock: google+: twiter: pinterest: 500px: fotonatura: DOCUMENTALES: - NOTICIAS 2017 - - PELICULAS: -

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Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Little Ole Wine Drinker Me · Robert Mitchum That Man Robert Mitchum... Sings ℗ Originally released 1967. All rights reserved by Sony Music Entertainment Arranger: Bill Justis Composer, Lyricist: Dick Jennings Producer: Fred Foster Composer, Lyricist: Hank Mills Auto-generated by YouTube.

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This is a great Merle Haggard concert from 1978. He was in great voice and had top notch musicians. Gordon Terry is on fiddle, and along with Merle and Paul Anastasio they do a three fiddle ensemble on San Antonio Rose to kick off the show. It's great. 1. San Antonio Rose 2. Cherokee Maiden 3. Brain Cloudy Blues 4. Old Fashioned Love 5. Orange Blossom Special - Hit fiddle Instrumental 6. Misery NOTE: The DVD had a bad mix. You could barely hear the Steel Guitar, so I substituted the CD audio which is much better.

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Published Date : 2007-04-15T10:26:33.000Z Meredith Willson's "The Music Man" Robert Preston & Shirley Jones

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Country Music

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Scott does Merle Haggard's Okie From Muskogee Live 4/1/2012 with the Lonesome Fugitive band

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First Appalachian Robotics Team 7090 wishes you a Happy Holidays! Music: "Au Joli Bois" composed by Charles Tessier, arranged by Ergo Phizmiz, creative commons license. Our team is sponsored by: Best Buy Twin Roses Designs PTC Creo Cubify Home Depot Med Express William Haggard Blackbird Bakery Bridgeforth Design Studio Christine Barger. Greg and Betty Kramer Robert Haggard. Dr. Joe H. Farrar, DMD. Joe's Braces in Hendersonville and Brevard, NC. Special thanks to: Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing. Bluff City United Methodist Church UVA Wise Michelle Page Like us on Facebook: Check out our Weebly page:

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AIP crime film with Robert Walker Jr., Dick Clark and Diane Varsi.

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Lawman Merle Haggard tries to talk some sense into moonshine runner Robert Walker, Jr. Unfortunately, Robert's crazy drunken pal played by Dick Clark (yes, that Dick Clark) has a plan that will blow things sky high. This was the longest of Merle's two scenes in the movie.

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Robert Earl Keen bass player, Bill Whitbeck, does his best Merle Haggard impersonation during the 12/30/16 Christmas show at Bass Hall in Ft. Worth, TX.

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Scott Haggard, son of Merle, and the Lonesome Fugitive Band sings "Okie From Muskogee" at Robert's Western World in Nashville on April 1, 2012.

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With my new Gibson on the Ganges Spirit, Gibson J-165 EC

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This is my tribute to Merle Haggard who is one of my heroes. This is one of my favorite songs. RIP Merle #livelifelovemusic #merlehaggard #legend #bakersfield #ripmerle #countryforever #merlehaggardtribute #merle #merlehaggardforever

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Hereafter, Founders' Day will be held at Johnie's on Britton Road from 11am - 2pm every February 12th. Attending this year: Ike Bennett, Kent Carlin, John J Coates, Tom Davis, Robert Haggard, Phil Hodges, Jimmy Holmboe, Harrison Levy, Bud Mangum, Mickey McVay, Jack Mills, Mike Nichols, Mike Proctor, Jon Spence

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Kevin Robert Thomson (Enablers) solo tour. Recorded live in Mons, Belgium. April 10, 2015. Noise 2015

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Published Date : 2018-12-12T18:09:56.000Z

An activist, writer, and speaker, Henry Haggard is a man of action, and he wants to share how he achieves change. After being reported by his peers and having his Facebook page shut down, he took matters into his own hands and created various activist events and websites to continue spreading the word. In this talk, Henry shares his fundamentals of activism and explains how everyone can create change. Oh, and he’s only 14. Henry Haggard is a civil liberties advocate and a host of two ACLU events and one fundraiser. He is a freelance journalist for RVA Magazine and the ACLU of Virginia, as well as being the owner of a personal and political blog. He is a political leader through numbers and the written word, Henry Haggard encourages activism in both his peers and in adults. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Surely Ted's "problem" is reasonably compelling anecdotal evidence that being attracted to the same sex is not a life style choice...that is he didn't choose it, he chose evangelical Christianity...but none the less he was chosen...genetically? The message of the documentary is also a concise indictment of the distinct lack of care for the "unrighteous" demonstrated by Ted's brand of Christianity and should be broadcast in fundamentalist evangelical churches as a moral lesson their bible apparently fails to teach them. The point I guess is not necessarily the failure of fundamentalist Christians to walk their is that the walk itself is fundamentally flawed - the literal acceptance of implausible and unnatural moral standards fill otherwise rational minds with a twisted legacy of ancient prejudice and conceit, the only consolation being the relativists dream of escaping such an "objective morality" via grace. The situation is ludicrous. Of course you require grace to be saved ( from something??) because if the standards you set for yourself were not broken everyone would be absolutely miserable, which also explains why they are so frequently broken.

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Merle Haggard - Swing Low Sweet Chariot ================================== Merle Ronald Haggard (April 6, 1937 – April 6, 2016) R.I.P

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This scene in route from Ramseur, NC, The Killers Three, Two backwoods North Carolinians (Robert Walker, Jr. ,Merle Haggard and Dick Clark, who also produced), stop off at the Snow White Drive-In Asheboro, NC and meet up with the State Patrol.

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SUBSCRIBE HERE TO OUR CHANNEL. FRESH CONTENT UPLOADED DAILY. Allan Quatermain H. Rider HAGGARD (1856 - 1925) Allan Quatermain was the quintessential Victorian English gentleman cum African big-game hunter. In this book, the second in the series, Quaterman and his two good friends from KSM have tired of their dull and unfulfilling lives in England, and decide to search for the truth of an old tale about the existence of an isolated white kingdom deep in darkest Africa. Their journey and subsequent adventures are sure to satisfy those who enjoy tales of dangerous quests and heroic just-in-time derring-do. Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction Language: English This book is in public domain. Thank you for listening. Here are links to other books for your enjoyment: Children's Fiction Audiobooks Action & Adventure Fiction Audiobooks Classics (Antiquity) Audiobooks Culture & Heritage Audiobooks Dramatic Readings Audiobooks Fantastic Fiction Audiobooks General Fiction Audiobooks Historical Fiction Audiobooks Nautical & Marine Fiction Audiobooks Poetry Audiobooks Religious Fiction Audiobooks Romance Audiobooks Short Stories Audiobooks Suspense, Espionage, Political & Thrillers Audiobooks Non-fiction Audiobooks Other search terms: free audio books, audiobook full, audiobook full length, audiobook playlist, audiobook channel, audiobooks for free, full audiobook, full audiobooks, full audio book, full audio books, audio book full, audio books full, audio book full length, audio books full length, audio books free, audio books for children, audiobooks for children, audio book self help, audio book self improvement, ★Channel link -- ★SUBSCRIBE - ★Facebook -- ★Twitter -- ★Google+ -- Video URL :

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Celebrity Wife Swap.\n\nCelebrity Wife Swap. Visit and Subscribe for latest TV shows. Infamous former mega-church pastor Ted Haggard and actor Gary Busey will be 'swapping wives' on.\n\nGary Busey/Ted Haggard Gary, Steffanie and their 19-month old son, Luke, live in their Hollywood Hills home. Gary, born into Christianity and Steffanie, born.\n\nInfamous former mega-church pastor Ted Haggard and actor Gary Busey will be 'swapping wives' on Celebrity Wife Swap. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on .\n\n

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Vidéos fait par le Ti-Bout, lors du Festival de Steeve Desmarais 2018 à Notre-Dame de Pierreville ... Ne pas oublier de vous abonner à ma chaine YouTube gratuite, en cliquant sur ma petite photo en bas à droite, merci d'avance ... ou encore un clic ici pour ma chaine personnelle YouTube Country Western Québécois … merci de vous abonner gratuitement au

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Published Date : 2019-01-18T11:30:01.000Z

Kristen Stewart made another trek out into the rain to do some errands.Only this time, the 28-year old actress headed out into the stormy weather with new girlfriend Sara Dinkin, who opted to stay in the dry car.Like her afternoon jaunt on Wednesday, the Twilight star kept it casual when she stopped for some juice in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.With her trusted phone in her hand, Kristen hopped out of her black SUV wearing black denim jeans that had holes in the knees.For added flare, she rolled up the bottom of her pants to reveal her bright yellow socks.She rounded out the outfit with black sneakers, a black hoodie over a white t-shirt and a baseball cap that covered her spiky short platinum-dyed hair.Kristen and Sara have been spending a lot of time together over the last few weeks, which has included errand runs, lunch dates, hikes and trips to the spa.The Panic Room star broke up with her supermodel girlfriend Stella Maxwell in December after being together since 2016.Maxwell is reportedly furious that her former partner went public with her new relationship so soon after their split.Aside from the big changes in her personal life, Kristen has been busy working on three upcoming films that are now in post-production, which include: the adventure-thriller Underwater, the political-thriller Against All Enemies and Charlie's Angels.The reboot of the action comedy co-stars Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska as the three Angels.In an early promo move, Sony Pictures tweeted out a picture in November that shows a woman's hands holding up two cards: one has the agency's logo and phone number, and the other has a list of cities on it, which include Beijing, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Nairobi and Sao Paulo.In the new plot line, the Townsend Agency will now be a worldwide operation, and there are now at least three Bosleys.'It’s kind of like a woke version,' Kristen said about the reboot in an interview with Variety.'There’s a kitsch nature to the last ones (2001 and 2003 Charlies Angels films) that was super fun.But nowadays, if you see a woman in combat, everything should be completely and utterly within their ability.' And it turns out, there will a whole network of Angels around the world in the new version.'It’s not just three.Women across the entire globe are connected and helping each other,' she said.Actress Elizabeth Banks, best known for her roles in The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect, co-wrote and directed the film, which is slated to premiere in November 2019.

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Published Date : 2016-05-03T18:46:53.000Z

My Tribute to Merle... One thing a man can't do is fault Merle about ever forgetting his roots and JUST where he and his family came from...Every chance he had he boasted of his Okie/Arkie heritage, and the struggles of the families that moved to "The Garden Of Eden"...AKA The San Joaquin Valley..... And I want to salute that grit he showed when it wasn't cool. At one time 'OKIE' was as bad as the 'N' word...Trust me, we NEVER called them that in the 60's at school in Bakersfield...And if I did there was gonna be a fight after school... I credit Merle with changing that persona. OKIE is Okay today because of him... (in my opinion) I thought about all his songs that he had done, about family and the dust bowl, like Mama Tried, Tulare Dust, Okie From Muskogee, Daddy Frank The Guitar Man, They're Tearing The Labor Camps Down, California Cottonfields And ON-n-On... I chose this song as my choice for what I think put all those subjects together. HISTORY: Martha "Zona" Villines Harp was the grandmother of Merle Haggard. She was born October 24, 1876 in Beechwood, Newton Co, AR to Hosea & Harriet Burnetta Pattee Villines. This is about Merle's 3rd great grandfather in Newtyon County Arkansas:: From: These Hills, My Home - A Buffalo River Story: Abraham Villines BIRTH 14 JUN 1777 • Nansemond County, Virginia, USA DEATH DEC 1860 • Newton County, Arkansas, USA 3rd great-grandfather During the Civil War, Old Abraham, now feeble and senile, lived off the land, dodging bushwhackers. He ate berries in season and fished the Buffalo and roasted his fish over a tiny fire. Independent to the end, he would not live with any of the children or grandchildren after Martha died in 1862. He often slept in caves or wherever night found him. Only during severe weather would he consent to coming into one of their homes. He must have been terribly confused and discouraged at the war and its resulting deprivation. Then one day at sundown, as he walked toward the river, he heard horsemen and hurried his ancient legs to hide out but not before some bushwhackers topped the hill. They saw the old man scurrying along and thinking him up to no good or that he had money or food, rushed him and ran a bayonet through him. Some of the womenfolk and Aunt Piety were out looking for old Abraham and found him lying in a pool of blood. They buried him where he lay and covered his frail body with dry leaves, rocks and tears. Death has claimed all those who knew where he was buried and his gravesite has been lost to another time. Only God knows from where the old Patriarch will resurrect. I DO NOT own the rights, I made this as a historical representation.

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Living In The Shadow Of Merle Scott Haggard, Darrell Qualls, T-Bird Huck, Robert Ferraris


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