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MAYAMAN KAMI NI YALU_OK! DI KAMI NAG BABAYAD! KASI KAIBIGAN NAMIN YUN! hahaha Joke... BTW Guys Dual Content to sha.. PC Adventure + Chicken Dinner Content ✌ Help me! to reach 50k Subs Guys  (Share this video to your friends na mahilig mag ROS) Kean.Gaming [TOGETHER] ▼ ▸ Answer nyo lang ung Group Question ng maayos ▸ FREE TO ALL ➧GroupLink: Kean.Gaming [DISCORD] ▼ ▸ FREE TO ALL ➧Discord: Facebook Page▼ ➧ Kean.Gaming : Facebook Account▼ ➧ Kean Medina : Note: (Di napo ako nag aaccept without a Good message (message me first bago kita e accept thanks) Instagram ▼ ▸ @Keangamingx1 Music Used : ▸ Wii Shop Channel Music Link : ▸ Joakim Karud - Dreams Link : PC ▼ ▸ CPU: Interl ®core ™ i5-3340 @CPU 3.10GHz ▸ Video Ram : NVidia GTx660 (Sponsor by Mr.HP) Phone ▼ ▸ Phone : (Not Promoting any Brand) ( Octa-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53) ▸ Bluestacks N Emulator ▸ Controller Recording Software ▼ ▸ AirServer ▸ OBS STUDIO + Bandicam ▸ ADOBE + VEGAS PRO

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TEAM PH FB PAGE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPONSORSHIP/BUSINESS Facebook link: -TEAM PH- Worrybear: Hambles: MoiraYT: JervYT: GIVEAWAY] Dont forget to comment below for chance to win the prize! ●LIKE ●SUBSCRIBE ●DROP IGN ●ASIA SERVER ONLY TeamPH #ZoroNinjaYt

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FRIENDS CHANNELS: Nobius Creates Channel: Unineko_43 Channel: Quiehber Channel: LilKianie Channel: Support my channel guys by donating for future content :) Join my discord channel! Follow me on twitch! MY SOCIAL ACCOUNTS (STALK ME HERE ;) INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: I/We play for fun. Don't bother telling me and my team that we're not good at the games we play because we never said we were. OKAY!

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Make sure that u smash dat subscribe button! Please like my page at Facebook ! :

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galing ni kuya sa ROS legit skill binuhat nya kami tatlo taga PSN GAMING, kahit my mga cheaters. KUDOS kuya laro tayo ulit. sorry po kasi delay video namin dahil nag lalag si KENNETH, at sa ngayon xa lang my microphone. LIKE at SUBSCRIBE naman Tayo dyan Rules of Survival #1 ASIA SERVER

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TeamPH - WorryBear : - ZoroninjaYT : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ● "SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE COOL VIDEOS "HAMBLES" ➡ [GIVEAWAY] Dont forget to comment below for chance to win the prize! ●LIKE ●PUT #STAYHAMBLE ●SUBSCRIBE ●SHARE ●DROP IGN ●ASIA SERVER ONLY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Facebook Page : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ►Dont forget to send your Funny/EPIC/WTF moments Videos to be featured in this Channel ►Send your video *HERE* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ❤️My other social media accounts : ● Facebook page : ● Instagram : ● My Other channel : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IGN : HamblesYT Server : ASIA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My other channel : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you Guys for watching :D Have a nice day!

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Panibagong Video ulit guys!! ft. KuykuyYT, Zoroninja, Badoods & Manoy! Enjoy watching guys! ADD ME IF YOU WANT AND PLAY WITH ME! DON`T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! TEAM PH FB GROUP: GIVEAWAY!!! 1500 TOTAL DIAMONDS Ends at 2.5K Subscribers How to join? ●LIKE ●#Kerax ●SUBSCRIBE ●DROP IGN & ID Number ●PC-ASIA

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NAKA RANDOM PLAY NAMIN SI ALODIA SAYANG HINDI NA RECORD YUNG BOSES NAG CHICKEN DINNER PA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Funny Moments 8 - Funny Moments 7 - funny and fail moments 6 - funny and fail moments 5 - funny and fail moments 4 - funny and fail moments 3 - funny and fail moments 2 - funny and fail moments 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- donate me: discord: facebook: twitter: YouTube Channel Please support mga Lodi natin: Bobbie : nestlecafe : Dodi Gaming: badoods: Jrv Gaming: Baktin Gaming: Alpha24:

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This video is about SMSJ 81 - Kami Prihatin (Ros)

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Follow on Twitter for updates etika- etika reacts to dramaalert

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Hi Guys! This is my 3RD Episode sa Fast edits funny moments content! (Watch til end and im sure matatawa kayo SA Prank namin ni sheng) (mag uupload ako ng ganitong video every 2-3days) And HOPE mag Enjoy din kayo sa video nato and make sure to Give it a Big thumbs up also subscribe for more Videos! :D PARA GANAHAN AKO MAG EDIT NG MARAMI :D Help me! to reach 40k Subs Guys  (Share this video to your friends na mahilig mag ROS) 500 LIKES for EP4 Para SHOUT OUTS ▼ ▸ USE hashtag #KeanEP4 ▸ Ur message (ung magandang Message huh) para may chance kitang makalaro :) Kean.Gaming [TOGETHER] ▼ ▸ Answer nyo lang ung Group Question ng maayos ▸ FREE TO ALL ➧GroupLike: Kean.Gaming [DISCORD] ▼ ▸ FREE TO ALL ➧Discord: Facebook Page▼ ➧ Kean.Gaming : Facebook Account▼ ➧ Kean Medina : Note: (Di napo ako nag aaccept without a Good message (message me first bago kita e accept thanks) Instagram ▼ ▸ @Keangamingx1 Music Used : ▸ Wii Shop Theme: ▸ Wii Channel Music : ▸Cartoon - Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) [NCS Release] : FOR DONATION ▼ ➧ Donation (Paypal) ▸ Link: ➧ Donation (Gcash or Paymaya ) ▸ Link: ( PM me on Facebook) ▸ Note: (Pangbili bagong PC para mas madaling ka edit ng Vids :D ) ➧ Or PM me on Facebook (Private donate) ▸Link: Phone ▼ ▸ Phone: Vivo v7( Octa-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53) ▸ Controller PC ▼ ▸ CPU: Interl ®core ™ i5-3340 @CPU 3.10GHz ▸ Video Ram : NVidia GTx660 (Sponsor by Mr.HP)

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Hello mga ka Ferox! May bagong recruit ang Ferox Gaming na si Nouwa. Panoorin ang laughtrip na video with the tropa! Hello guys,I uploaded videos about other games too such as RAGNAROK M: ETERNAL LOVE, MOBILE LEGENDS, GRANNY, RULES OF SURVIVAL,TOMB RAIDER and FAR CRY 4. The VIDEO LINKS are located Below! Please support me by sharing this video and dont forget to click SUBSCRIBE. Thank you!!!!! Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Video Links: 1. HOW TO LEVEL UP FAST - 2. HOW TO EARN EASY ZENY - 3. WHAT DOES A GUILD DO? - 4. WHERE TO FIND GOBLIN ★ - 5. HOW TO CHANGE CHANNEL - 6. HOW TO GET EASY FIGHTER COINS - 7. SOHEE★ AND HORONG★ - 8. WHERE TO FIND CHOWEE - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang​ Video Links: 1. FUNNY ZILONG MAIN DAW - RULES OF SURVIVAL​ Video Links: 1. NEW RECRUIT NOUWA 10 YEARS OLD! - 2. ROS CHICKEN DINNER PT. 1 - 3. ROS CHICKEN DINNER PT. 2 - FUNNY Granny​ HORROR GAME Video Links: 1. GRANNY PART 1 - 2. GRANNY PART 2 - 3. GRANNY PART 3 - COMING SOON 4. GRANNY PART 4 - COMING SOON 5. GRANNY PART 5 - COMING SOON TOMB RAIDER Video Links: 1. TOMB RAIDER PART 1 - COMING SOON 2. TOMB RAIDER PART 2 - COMING SOON 3. TOMB RAIDER PART 3 - COMING SOON FAR CRY 4 Video Links: 1. FAR CRY 4 PART 1 - COMING SOON 2. FAR CRY 4 PART 2 - COMING SOON 3. FAR CRY 4 PART 3 - COMING SOON Social: FB:

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James Yap and Caloy Garcia's relationship with Rain or Shine is well... interesting. Yap's nagging injuries and his occasional fourth-quarter benchings have been the subject of fans' ire every time James' name is associated with his new head coach. But now, after Rain or Shine advanced to its first semifinals in its new era, all seems to be good between player and head coach. "Edi love love love kami ni coach Caloy dahil first time pala naming dalawa," Yap said after he found out that his first semis trip with ROS is also Garcia's first semis stint since taking over the team from Yeng Guiao. "I'm sure happy din si coach Caloy. Ako happy talaga kasi naka-pasok sa semis kasi noong dumating ako dito, talagang nasa quarterfinals lang kami lagi and last conference, hindi pa ako nakalaro dahil na-injure ako. Lagi lang kaming quarterfinals, at least ngayon, baka time namin," he added. Now in his second season with Rain or Shine, it appears that Yap's role with the team is getting more defined by the day. Yap is no longer the exclusive no. 1 option just like he was back when he was at his peak with Purefoods. But on nights like Thursday, Big Game James is able to turn back the clock and it's always a sight to behold. In the do-or-die game against Globalport, Yap fired 27 points, his personal best in four seasons. He also drilled a career-high tying seven triples. "Well kung ano yung binibigay ni coach na role sa akin, tatanggapin ko kasi syempre, sistema niya yun e. Ayaw ko naman sirain yung sistema niya dahil lang sa akin so ako maga-adjust kasi ako yung player. Yun ang laging nasa isip ko as a player," Yap said. "Syempre dati, iba naman dati, iba naman ngayon. Dati 21 years old lang tayo. Actually ngayon, mayroon pa naman pero wag naman ganoon. Ready lang, ready lang lagi," he added.

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So tuwang tuwa po ako sa video nayan kasi ang dami daming kalaban plus pag ka hinto namin nasetan kami for ambush HAHAHA. Hi Guyssss! Naayos kona mic! HAHAHA Pero di naman marinig boses ng mga kaibigan ko a rec ;(( Hahanap pako ng solution ng marinig yon HAHAHA. Made-delete nadaw kasi yung “Rules of Survival” kaya sinusulit na namin yung laro HAHAHA, pero sa video nayan may pinakita akongpicture na nag post ang ros ng di daw made-delete, ewan kolang kung legit kasi nakita kolang sa comment section yun HAHAHA. Salamat sa panunuod! Sa susunod ulit! Like nyo chaka Subscribe kung nagustuhan nyo. Maging Ka-bOBo kana! (Mga Bobo-o ng buhay ko) 💙 #PINOY #TEAMPH #TAGALOG

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Rancabelut Of Strong*029

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SO WAZZUUUPP MGA KWITISS!! SO PERSTAYM KO MAG UPLOAD NG ROS GAMING, NAKAPAG CD NG WALANG KILL HAHAHA. BINUHAT KAMI NI REAPERS BIG SHOUT OUT SAYO BRO. OKS LANG WALANG KILL HAHAHA PERS GAME PALANG NAMAN NATIN TO. SO COMMENT LANG KAYO GUYS KUNG GUSTO NIYO PA NG ROS GAMING AT LALARO TAYO SA NEXT GAME. I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS GAMING VIDEO, DON'T FORGET TO WASAK THE LAYK BUTTON TO SAYA SAYA US. LAVLOTS. ----------------------------------------------------------- SQUAD TEAM: CLARKY TV OWKAMEKISHIKA REAPERS ANNA ADD NIYO NALANG KAMI SA ROS KUNG TRIP NIYO HIHIHI. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔥Subscribe to my channel: 🔥Also Follow me on my Facebook/Fan Page: Clarky TV Page: 🔥Follow me on my all Social media acc. Insta/@clarkbbb Twitter/@clarkbbb YtAcc/@ClarkyTV Facebook/@ClarkBurdeos||| Tiktok/@clarkytoki Gmail/ 🔥FAQ: Name: Clark Ian Burdeos Nationality: Pure Filipino Bornday: August 30 2003 Gender: Male Language: Filipino/slight english Relationship: Single 🔥Camera: Huawei Y7 Prime/Canon eos M10 Editing App: PowerDirector Bundle-Version Thumbnail: Picsart 🔥SUPPORT FILIPINO VLOGGERS!!🔥 🔥LIKE//COMMENT//SHARE//SUBSCRIBE to be part of HASHTAG/CLARISTICS🔥 🔥Always Know that vlogging isn't just a job, It's a LIFESTYLE.🔥 BACKGROUND MUSIC: THINKIN ----------------------------------------------------------- OUTRO MUSIC: DJ POKEMON #RosGaming #0Kill #PirsGeym

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hye guys , korang dah rasa Regalien Durian Butter Spread yang pertama di dunia ? kalau belom boleh tengok video ni bagi korang terliur .. Facebook: Regalien Malaysia Instagram: Regalienmy Jom Beli Regalien Durian Butter sekarang: Untuk 1 tub : Untuk Bundle : #regalien #durianbutterspread

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ROS Boiz, team practice. need may mic lahat para swabe

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(Rules of Survival #1) Please Support Me Im In Davao Philippines Add me on facebook

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Published Date : 2018-07-23T10:32:06.000Z


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Published Date : 2018-11-02T02:46:18.000Z


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Like&Subcribe For more Video #rulesofsruvival facebook: instagram: -DROP IGN -PC ASIA

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ROS Philippines gamer Please Subcribe Thanks FUNNY GAME EVER Click it to download ROS

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I hope they bring this back soon, it was awesome! What do you guys think about it? Ros Mobile Subscribe To My Second Channel - Hey guys hope you enjoyed todays video, it was a ton of fun to make!! CAN WE SMASH OVER 1000 LIKES?! --------------------------------------------------------- Twitter - ----------- Instagram - --------- Discord - ------------ Business Email - ------------ Thumbnails by - #RulesOfSurvival #ROS #ROSMobile

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======================================== SPECIAL THANKS FOR RULES OF SURVIVAL ======================================== DONT FORGET : SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SHARE. THANKS FOR U'R SUPPORT & THANKS FOR READING. ======================================== Check this link for more information : ===================================================== free fire : ===================================================== channel aku : ===================================================== Mobile legends : ===================================================== Pubg mobile : Bantu kami untuk meningkatkan channel baru kami... SUBSCRIBE OKE

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Mga braaaaaaaaaaaad!! HAHAHA We are baaaaack! Here's another video and these are some of the highlights of all the fun we had yesterday's stream. BIG SHOUTOUT to MadHatter for the stream. He streams everyday from 7:00AM - 2:30PM guys! Follow his facebook page below! Di po kami magaling sa laro, we play to have fun. ^_^ Gusto ko din mag shoutout sa lahat nang nag comment at nag like sa mga vids ko. It means a lot guys. It makes me want to upload more HAHAHAHA.. Shoutout kay JayMikes - Gaming, CapzLock CapzLock, Marven Lee Lasib, Kimi Kim Kim Kim, Davisourr, Sheen, KyleFromYt 1, trankx Garcesa, Gon Bricks ,Geraldine Raras, NoliSumanting Selle, Masrmello, Madelien Espeno Parmis, Zion Hemphill, Rhea Delatorre, Emperor Rhods and many more.. Wa ko ga expect btaw na maganahan mo sa akong mga videos. Thank you guys! We play ROS everyday! Check out my other vids! Please also comment any feedback,suggestions, or anything that you want me to add on the videos. Check me out on facebook! Join my discord channel! Add me UP in game! IGN: JazonGamingYT Sever: Asia PEACE!

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Perbicaraan Kes 5 Aktivis HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI Yang Ditahan Ketika Konvoi Kereta Untuk Mengharamkan Buku INTERLOK.Peguam Kepada HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI,P.Uthayakumar Mmpersoalkan Kes Ini mengatakan Bahawa kes Ini Di Tuduh Atas HINDRAF.Pertubuhan HINDRAF Adalah Pertubuhan Haram Pada 2007.5 Aktivis Adalah Di Bawah HINDRAF MAKKAL SAKTHI.Kes Di Tangguh Pada 18 0ktober 2011 Kerana Salah Seorang Aktivis Tidak Dapat Hadir Kerana Sakit Maklumat Lanjut Sila Layari

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