Sad X Gary Come Home Rip Xxxtentacion....!

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thank you guys for more than one million views! songs: xxxtentacion - sad! spongebob - gary's song even though this was uploaded in April, I changed the title to show my respects for Jahseh Onfroy and Stephen Hillenburg. I didn't predict the future soundcloud version: download:

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Rest in peace man My discord come join

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I know it's in 360p but it's the only "Gary Come Home" video I could find.I didn't make the mashup. Original Song Link- Original Video- Join My Discord Server-

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Disclaimer: If you get easily butthurt, don't watch this video. Soundcloud - One of my most popular songs - Hey what is up guys it is your boy Xavier... Yuh. Just so guys know a little bit about the nature of my channel - I bring content that is meant to be taken lightly and jokingly. Of course I'm just starting out so I can't really say that I will stick to this forever, buuuuuut I do believe that this will be how it is going forward. All my tutorials are extremely stupid, but if you learn something good for you lol. Honestly, I don't give a fuck and I'm just trying to have a good time. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my content and make sure to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE.

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Credit To:JackHoeating 909

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💜Follow Me💜 💜On IG💜 💜I Post Three Daily💜 👉👈 💜(I Try To)💜 👌⬇(Ignore)⬇👌 #spongebob #gary #come #home #sad #meme #dank #sponge #xxxtentacion #mix #remix

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Feel free to suggest songs for me to try in the comments below

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this is 50% actual music and 50% a meme song. enjoy it homies. new mc parody coming soon. Q and A will be worked on this weekend as well. I just got a super tired yesterday that I didn't work on it. GRINDING 24/7 #AllHomoGang producer: ☞FAQ☜: Male or Female (ridiculous question that I get a lot) I'm a female How old are you?: I am 15 Do you have a merchandise store?: Yep! Check it out: Who created your channel art?: Check him out: ☞Social Medias☜: ►Discord Server: ►Twitter: ►Snapchat: reptile_warrior ►Instagram: @reptilelegit if you made it this far in the description, comment "what is lana backwards" to make everyone confused in the comment section.

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Beat "Sad by xxxtentacion"

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I hope your life wasent for granted and nobody says it was why x fuck why x love you x when you said i hope you make something for your sacrafice i will i love you alot x

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Legends never die I wrote the first verse of this song before X was gone Lyrics: I don’t really know why my mind be feeling this way Try to calm down but I can’t I don’t really understand why my mind be feeling insane Going insane From the heartbreak From the heartache Made my heart shake Now I can’t stand my heart’s state Everybody telling me I’ll be okay But my heart too afraid to let go of the pain And let go of the shame And let go of the feelings of being betrayed And let go of the demons that try to invade My mind Know that I’m one of a kind Know that I’m gonna get signed But at the same time Sometimes I feel like I’m all on my on my own And I got nobody I could call on the phone I’m stuck on this planet just feeling alone Man Dang My heart broke and the pieces are all that remain I try to glue em back but they fall apart Cuz I can’t get it the same As it once was So innocent No exposure to heartbreak Bunch of broken pieces I guess that’s just my heart’s state That’s my heart's state And it hurts in the worst way Feeling heartless like Kanye Fall apart just like Pompeii My heart can't handle All the scandal Love burns Like candles I ramble On and on about all my issues Only when you die is when these people miss you And they telling me I need to slow down At the rate I’m going Ima go down Like Kid Cudi in a ghost town I feel alone and I broke down Aye Yuh I feel like no one can relate I feel like I’m broken I feel like I’m dying I’m feeling like I’m not okay I’m feeling alone Feeling alone in all of my troubles Feel the pain in my bones Pain in my bones through all of this struggle (spoken) You know X got it right when he said They never care about you until your gone So why don’t we change that narrative? Ain’t you think that’s what he’d want? Sad Instrumental used in this video:

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THIS VIDEO IS MADE TO BE CRINGEY AND A MEME, NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. before any gets tRIGGERED because it's supposed to be a song about people going through tough times, just know that this is just a parody and I actually do like the original song. pls leave some support ya'll. thank you mamis and papis for watching ;) Original Song: Instrumental: ☞FAQ☜: Male or Female (a ridiculous question that I get a lot) I'm a female How old are you?: I am currently 14 ☞Social Medias☜: ►Twitter: ►Snapchat: reptile_warrior ►Instagram: @reptilelegit (dm me to let me know who you are) if you made it this far in the description, comment "what is lana backwards" to make everyone confused in the comment section.

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Lowkey cried at this episode of spongebob, RIP X (spammed tags) This video belong to me and if you wish to use it ask for permission. Original song: Lyrics: Gary, now I know I was wrong I messed up, and now you're gone Gary, I'm sorry I neglected you Oh, I never expected you to run away and leave me Feeling this empty Your meow right now would sound like music to me Please come home, 'cause I miss you, Gary (Gary come home...) Gary come home (Gary come home...) Gary, can't you see I was blind I'll do anything to change your mind More than a pet, you're my best friend Too cool to forget, come back 'Cause we are family And forgive me for making you wanna roam And now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome Somewhere I hope you're reading my latest three-word poem: Gary come home Gary come home...) Gary come home (Gary come home...) Gary come home (Gary come home...) Gary come home (Gary come home) Ahh... Gary, come home Gary, come home Gary, won't you come home Please, won't you come home

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songs: xxxtentacion - sad! spongebob - gary's song soundcloud version: download: Creator: I did not make this, rest in piece X

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1st Mood Edit

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Gary please come home please oh god gary. this is a fucking fine bros video, look it up if you give a shit about who they are because I honestly don't. This isn't stolen it's fair use, please stop acting stupid for a minute.

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xo comment feedback

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XXXTentacion or known as Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy Was Shot and killed in a Motercycle dealership in Pompano Beach FL. He was shot by 2 suspects in a Dark-Colored SUV. He was taken to Broward Health Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Although known as a controversial person. His Music Inspired Millions of people around the world with his style of music. Although gone his Legacy will leave a mark to those people that he touched with his music... RIP XXXTentacion or Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy 1998-2018 Link to the Youtube Video Download Creator of the Remix XXXTENTACION

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This Is For My Pet Dog Lucki. R.i.P Lil Lucky, i'll miss you lil one. FOLLOW: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Spotify: Youtube : Lyrics thanks to CLINTSTEVENSABITCH for typing this freestyle (Yuh, yuh!) (Yuh, yuh! ou!) [Verse 1] Gary, now I know (Yuh!) I was wrong (Yuh!)I messed up (Yuh!) and now you're gone (Okay, okay yuh, okay yuh okay, swag) Gary, I'm sorry I neglected you (Okay)Oh, I never expected you to run awayAnd leave me feeling this empty (This empty oh no no no no no) Your meow right now would sound like music to me (no no no)Please come home 'cause I miss you, Gary (Gary Gary) [Chorus] Gary, come home (Huh?)Gary, come home (Yuh) 4x Gary, come home (Yuh aye aye yuh yuh) Gary, Gary, Gary come home 4x I’m sad n’ low I’m lost (???) I’m smokin’ the dope Can’t help me though Gary, Gary, Gary come home Gary, Gary, Gary come homeeeeee (Gary Gary Gary) Gary come home (Gary Yuh Gary) Gary come home (This shit sad bruh 😢) [Verse 2] Gary, now I know I was wrong (Uh)I messed up and now you're gone (Okay, okay, okay, okay) Gary, I'm sorry I neglected youOh, I never expected you to run awayAnd leave me feeling this empty (This empty oh no no no no) Your meow right now would sound like music to me (Yeah yeah yeah yeah)Please come home 'cause I miss you, Gary [Chorus] Gary, come home 7x Gary, Gary, Gary, come home 4x I’m sad n’ lone I’m lost and gone I’m smokin’ the dope Can’t help me though Gary, Gary, Gary, come home Gary, Gary, Gary, come home

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Gary Come Home Plz original song:

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Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Also share this video! I love you all :) Find Me on Social Media Instagram: Twitter: Credits B-Roll: Clips: (Last clip was mine :D ) Overlay: Music:

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Rip Jahseh (XXXTentacion) and Stephen Hillenburg

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READ DESCRIPTION _____________________________________ Song: Imagination (feat. XXXTENTACTION) Im not 100% sure who actually made the song so here's the video of if, check it out. As you can probably tell, this is a new channel. Make sure to subscribe for more grade A quality content like this. Give me an idea for the next video, and if I like it I'll do it and your comment will be featured in it. Old channel: Clips taken from this video: All trademarks and rights of Spongebob Squarepants and any of the other Spongebob characters go to Nickelodeon Inc.

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Original Song: This took me way too long to make my dudes. If you enjoy this video and want me to make more, let me know in the comments.

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Song : Fuck Love By xxxTentacion

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songs: xxxtentacion - sad! spongebob - gary's song Don't worry I had permission to post this Link to original

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tags: dantdm roblox minecraft free free gems clash royale minecraft mine craft funny moments pewdiepie guns shoot camo cool fun toy video copyright dhx media also copyright nickelodeon pls don't take this down - old subtitle maker - discord server

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Your daily dose of meme.

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R.I.P XXXTENTACION. May god be with you forever. Go subscribe to my other YouTube channel. Ill leave a link. Other channel: My Instagram: chicken_nuggets_1818 Thank you fir getting me to 50 subscribers. Thank you to everyone.

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Life's Sad, Unfair And Just Crazy But You Always Need To Remember That It's Your Life Your Living. Be Yourself. I love you for you.

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Rip Stephen Hillenburg You made a huge impact to my childhood, and many others.

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Gary come home hope you enjoyed

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very sad rip x music-

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Rest In Peace X😭😭😭 Credit: Sad XXXTENTAACION Credit: Gary Come home Spongebob

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The Lyrics Of Spongebob Squarepants - Gary Come Home Lyrics

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Small clip

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He finally DROPPED THE GARY COME HOME SONG LINK HERE Also on YOUTUBE 💙 PLEASE SUPPORT BOOM BY BUYING OR STREAMING HIS FIRST TAPE Hentai Haven Full Out Now On iTunes, GO BUY AND SUPPORT YOUR BOY Itunes/Apple Music Album Link Spotify Album Link All other platforms Find Lil Boom HERE This video was captured by a Q Gang member at Lil Boom's first ever concert in Orlando,Florida... 1/20/18.... sad hours. We miss you gary Can someone get this on a popular reddit page for the QGang and sir Lil Boom 😓 The person performing is my god Lil Boom Find him below FOLLOW: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Soundcloud: Spotify:

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Gimana nasib spongebob???? Apakah spongebob tidak ada lagi???? ;(


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