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Chosen by Sidhu Moose Wala Punjabi Song, Saga Music presents new Punjabi songs 2019 "Chosen" by Sidhu Moosewala featuring Sonakshi Sharma and Sunny Malton. Music given by The kidd & lyrics penned down by Sidhu Moose Wala. On this valentine’s day, Saga Music brings the biggest Punjabi love song of the year by Sidhu Moose Wala titled Chosen/ I love you. Listen to more latest Punjabi songs 2019 on our channel A Film by Sukaran Pathak and Rupen Bhardwaj Listen exclusively on JioSaavn: Like | Share | comment #SidhuMooseWala #Chosen #SagaMusic Watch best of Punjabi songs here in one playlist: Stay connected for biggest trending Punjabi songs ! Subscribe SagaHits: Follow us on : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter: Song Credits: Title: Chosen Singer: Sidhu Moose Wala Ft. Sunny Malton Female Artist: Sonakshi Sharma Music: The Kidd Lyrics: Sidhu Moose Wala Director/Concept: Sukaran Pathak Produced by: Sumeet Singh Dop/Editor: Rupen Bhardwaj Publicity Design: Luckee Bains Mixed & Mastered by: B-Sanj Label: Saga Music Digitally Managed By: Unisys Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Chosen Lyrics - Sidhu Moosewala - New Punjabi Song Ve tu dunia to vakh tenu taa chuneya Meri tere utte akh tenu taa chuneya Step back krdi ni dhee jatta di Ve tu chadd di beshaq main taa haa chuneya Ve tu dunia to vakh tenu taa chuneya Meri tere utte akh tenu taa chuneya Step back krdi ni dhee jatta di Ve tu chad di beshak main taa haa chuneya Tenu manne ustaad ae mandeer ajj di Jatti rabb mann beithi ohtho pucch taa sahi Baki on the track sab kar deungi Muho pyaar wale bol bol kuchh taa sahi Haaye mar ju je tere muho naa suneya Meri tere utte akh tenu taan chuneya Step back krdi ni dhee jatta di Ve tu chhad di beshaq main taa haa chuneya Ve tu dunia to vakh tenu taa chuneya Meri tere utte akh tenu taa chuneya Step back krdi ni dhee jatta di Ve tu chadd di beshaq me taa haa chuneya Sunny Malton Rap: It’s like I told you from the start, that this ride was going to be bumpy I wondered if you survive the lies, and still love me But its funny baby girl, ‘coz you’re right here by my side We're like the hardest math equation, that the world cannot divide It’s ironic as in love, It’s like bird box challenge, ‘coz love is truly blind I should’ve paid attention to instead of follow order signs Now I’m waiting you were later just.. Just to make you mine I told the world it was lies, it is what it seems You were busy making money, they were busy making memes For none it is who stop me from for following my dreams Me and you, you and I, that’s.. that's my only team. Ve tu rude jeha jattan bann habbit gya Jedi kade vi na honi metho chij meri vi Mera gora rang roop tenu fabda ei na Kaash hundi ve main kaali kaali range teri ve Enu Sambh Sambh Rakhe Thaan Thaan Suneya Meri Tere Utte Ankh Tenu Tan Chuneya Step Back Kardi Ni Dhi Jattan Di Ve Tu Chadd Di Beshak Main Tan Haan Chuneya Ve Tu Duniya Toh Wakh Tenu Tan Chuneya Meri Tere Utte Ankh Tenu Tan Chuneya Step Back Kardi Ni Dhi Jattan Di Ve Tu Chadd Di Beshak Main Tan Haan Chuneya Ve Main 22 Te Tu 25 Koi Jayada Gap Na Das Dila Vich kaato ehna Gap Rakhda Je Main Born Brought up aa Surrey vicho ve Tera Moosa vi Torranto Jini Hype Rakhda Ve main pind tere aaju jeh tu na suneya Meri Tere Utte Ankh Tenu Tan Chuneya Step Back Kardi Ni Dhi Jattan Di Ve Tu Chadd Di Beshak Main Taan Haan Chuneya Ve Tu Duniya Toh Wakh Tenu Tan Chuneya Meri Tere Utte Ankh Tenu Tan Chuneya Step Back Kardi Ni Dhi Jattan Di Ve Tu Chadd Di Beshak Main Tan Haan Chuneya Sunny Malton.. The Kidd.. Sidhu Moose wala.. Tenu pata hi aa, main vi dil da ni maada

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Starting the new year vibes with new Punjabi song 2019 #Purje in the powerful voice of Mankirt Aulakh Feat. DJ Flow. Video directed by Sukh Sanghera. Enjoy the latest sensational Punjabi hit song 2018-2019 Purje by #MankirtAulakh starring DJ Goddess presented by #SagaMusic in which music given by Ikwinder Singh & Spin Singh and lyrics penned down by #Singga. Listen more Mankirt Aulakh Songs on Sagahits. Jehde Sohniye Brand Hunde Aa Oh Kade Vi Na Aam Milde Vekhi Akh Na Malaji Baliye Munda Purje Haladu Dil De ➤Subscribe SagaHits: ➤Watch best of Punjabi songs here in one playlist: ☛ Hear it on: ►Gaana: ►JioSaavn: ►Wynk: ►Listen on Apple Music: ►Buy from iTunes: ►GooglePlay Music: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➧Follow SagaHits on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Saga Music Official (@sagamusichits) ➧Follow Mankirt Aulakh on: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: Mankirtaulakh Song Credits: Title: Purje Album: Purje Singer: Mankirt Aulakh Feat. DJ Flow Starring: DJ Goddess Music: Ikwinder Singh & Spin Singh Director: Sukh Sanghera Lyricist: Singga Producer: Sumeet Singh Edit/VFX: Diljot Garcha Mix/Master: Naweed At Whitfield Mastering(London) Publicity Designs: The Town Media Label: Saga Music Digitally Managed By: Unisys

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One of my favourite Canadian groups - Saga - performing their smash 80's hit "On The Loose."

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-Despues de la larga espera, Aqui les traigo el capitulo 6 de Mi serie alterna !! - El Próximo capitulo sera emitido cuando Toei se tome otro descanso y nos deje sin el episodio semanal :( -Si no puede esperar mas, puedes ver este video : Adelanto Dragon Ball Super Capitulo 82 : " Goku vs Toppo " l La Batalla Decisiva l Torneo de Poder Como hoy nos dejaron sin el capitulo 82 de Dragon ball super. Hoy nuevo capitulo :D FACEBOOK : SUSCRIBETE ES GRATIS !!!

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Muffin Time vs Hit or Miss | Zombieland Saga - Anime Rap Battle INSTAGRAM: Don't Click This► Anime Rap Battle featuring famous tik tok songs Hit or Miss and The Muffin Song Anime: Zombieland Saga (ゾンビランドサガ) Song 1: iLOVEFRiDAY - Mia Khalifa (TIK TOK ANTHEM) [Hit or Miss] Sauce: Song 2: Tomska - THE MUFFIN SONG (asdfmovie feat. Schmoyoho) Sauce: #hitormiss #muffintime #zombielandsagarap #themuffinsong Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Facebook Page: Twitter: Youtube Channel: DISCORD SERVER:

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anime Zombieland Saga episode 1 funny hit by a Truck moment. -[Subscribe for more Awesome videos like this]- Don't see any Ads? Support my channel in other ways. (Affiliates) ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ ➤ OVERLORD Merch - ➤Become a Patreon OF man of culture ➤USA/Global ➤UK/Europe ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃

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Alternate Universe 6 Vs Universe 7 Final Match Xenoverse 2! WHAT IF? Hit Awakened Into His Final Form Vs Goku The Legendary Warrior Gameplay! This is my playthrough / mod gameplay of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for the PC / PS4, in this part we try out the NEW Legendary Warriors DLC Pack Mod Gameplay, ENJOY!!! NEW Mod Pack Showcase and Gameplay of Final Form Hit Vs Legendary Warrior Goku! This DLC Mod Pack Includes NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTERS IN THE ALTERNATE TIMELINE OF THE UNIVERSE 6 VS 7 SAGA: Final Form Hit Transformation (Hit's NEW FORM) - Final Form Transformation (Perfect Hit) Legendary Warrior Goku - Super Saiyan (Legendary SSJ) - Super Saiyan 2 (Legendary SSJ2) - Super Saiyan 3 (Legendary SSJ3) - Super Saiyan 4 (Legendary SSJ4) - Super Saiyan God (Legendary SSG) - Super Saiyan Blue (Legendary SSGSS) - Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken (Legendary SSBKK) Modders: Falcon - Sebo - Download - xenoverse 2 hit customization dragon ball xenoverse 2 custom mods dragon ball xenoverse 2 final form hit final form hit final form hit gameplay perfect hit hit new form hits new form xenoverse 2 hit final form dragon ball xenoverse 2 legendary warrior goku dragon ball xenoverse 2 alternate hit vs goku xenoverse 2 alternate goku vs hit xenoverse 2 custom mods xenoverse 2 custom goku mod xenoverse 2 custom hit mod Mod Tutorials: The Mad Titan - XV2 Patcher: My Equipment & Gaming Gear: • Social Media Links: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Twitch: Join my official Discord Server: Like me on Facebook: Sign-Up For GameFly: Use My Discount Code! - "SLOPLAYS" JapanCodeSupply -

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Voici pour vous les amis un OAV de Dragon Ball Super avec les OST DBZ. Réalisé par DBZCUT. ... Mon pack d'effets sonores disponible à tous: ... N'hésitez pas à laisser un commentaire! ... Film OAV Dragonball super! Cet OAV DBS est une alternative à l'anime DBS pour cette année 2017. Montage de cet OAV Dragon Ball Super dans le style de Dragon Ball Z. Audio et étalonnage ajustés en conséquence. DBZ OST Dbz Oav film. ... Dragon Ball Super OAV(ドラゴンボール超スーパー, Doragon bōru sūpā?) est une série télévisée d'animation japonaise produite par le studio Toei Animation, diffusée depuis le 5 juillet 2015 sur la chaîne Fuji TV. Akira Toriyama, auteur du manga original, est crédité en tant que scénariste et responsable du concept art des personnages1 de cette série, qui fait office de suite directe à son œuvre. En France, la série est diffusée depuis le 17 janvier 2017 sur Toonami en version censurée, depuis le 23 février 2017 sur la même chaîne en version intégrale non-censurée et depuis le 10 septembre 2017 sur NT18. Le doublage de la version française est réalisé par l'équipe habituelle de la saga (active depuis 1988) et par les nouveaux comédiens intégrés depuis Dragon Ball Z Kai en 2011. L'action se déroule quelque temps après la défaite de Boo, faisant suite à Dragon Ball Z. Le début de l'histoire est une réécriture de l'intrigue des films Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods et Dragon Ball Z : La Résurrection de ‘F’, puis la série se poursuit avec des arcs inédits. Une adaptation en manga, dessinée par Toyotarō, est prépubliée dans le magazine V Jump depuis le 20 juin 2015 et compilée en trois tomes au 2 juin 2017 au Japon. La version française du manga est éditée par Glénat depuis le 5 avril 2017. L'histoire de Dragon Ball Super est une suite directe du manga d'Akira Toriyama et de la série Dragon Ball Z. Elle se situe entre la fin de l'arc Boo et le début du 28e Championnat du Monde d'arts martiaux. Elle ne reprend donc pas le scénario de la série Dragon Ball GT.

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Hello dosto Aaj mai apke liye ye video lekar aya hun sachin saga cricket champion me aap akaise timing karen sixes agayen aur sath ji bataunga ki 7 set kaise open karen to is video ki demand aap sabhi ne kafi dino se ki thy aur mai isper video lekar aap ake samne hun bas is video ko poora dekhiye sath hi share karna na bhoolen Thanks Download Sachin saga cricket champions How to hit sixes in sachin saga game, How to do batting in sachin saga game, how to download sachin saga game, how to download sachin saga game for android, sachin saga gameplay, sachin saga release date, sachin saga game, sachin saga cricket game, sachin saga game release date, sachin saga song, sachin saga game download, sachin saga warm up, sachin saga trailer, sachin saga android game,

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Twitch streamer The Happy Hob beat all three Dark Souls games back-to-back without taking a single hit. Starting with Dark Souls 3, he continued with Dark Souls 2 and eventually ended on Dark Souls 1. This run was finally done on March 9th 2018 after more than a year of trying. This video is the complete run, originally streamed on Twitch. For this challenge you have to beat all three Dark Souls games without taking a single hit from an enemy. The rules for the run are as follows: - You can't die - You can't be hit by any enemy - You can't be hit by any boss - You can't be hit by objects causing damage (like arrows in Sen's Fortress) - Magic is not allowed (no spells, buffs or magic attacks) - Blocking hits with a shield is not allowed (as it counts as a hit), parrying is allowed. - Taking fall damage is allowed, so falling off cliffs or stairs is okay, dying because of the fall is not - Taking poison damage from the environment is allowed (Swamp or Blighttown) - After filling up the meter, getting frostbitten counts as a hit - Reducing your health bar because of the jailers in Irithyll Dungeon In DS3 counts as a hit - Getting staggered by an enemy or boss counts as a hit - To follow the story and gameplay, the scripted 'death' at Seath in The Archives is allowed. If you want to see The Happy Hob live in action, be sure to check out his Twitch page and join the Followship at Jump directly to the boss fights with these links below: DS3 Iudex Gundyr: 01:42 Vordt of the Boreal Valley: 06:35 Abyss Watchers: 32:16 High Lord Wolnir: 51:44 Dancer of the Boreal Valley: 55:45 Dragonslayer Armour: 1:08:13 Crystal Sage: 1:13:07 Deacons of the Deep: 1:21:23 Yhorm the Giant: 1:44:54 Pontiff Sulyvahn: 1:52:39 Aldrich, Devourer of Gods: 2:22:06 Twin Princes: 2:46:11 Soul of Cinder: 2:52:06 DS2 Start of the game: 2:59:42 Dragonrider: 3:15:43 The Last Giant: 3:26:03 The Pursuer: 3:30:15 Scorpioness Najka: 3:50:00 Congregation: 3:53:42 Flexile Sentry: 4:04:42 The Rotten (4x): 4:19:05 Dragonriders: 4:51:17 Looking Glass Knight: 4:59:16 Demon of Song: 5:12:18 Velstadt, the Royal Aegis: 5:22:37 Guardian Dragon: 5:28:56 Giant Lord: 5:42:49 Throne Watcher and Defender: 5:52:57 Nashandra: 6:04:04 DS1 Start of the game: 6:13:46 Asylum Demon: 6:16:45 Quelaag: 6:35:58 Ceaseless Discharge: 6:40:16 Bell Gargoyles: 6:50:59 Iron Golum: 7:21:20 Ornstein & Smough: 7:53:34 Pinwheel: 8:13:39 Gravelord Nito: 8:24:40 Sif: 8:34:01 Seath: 9:06:22 Bed of Chaos: 9:28:10 Four Kings: 9:54:15 Gwyn, Lord of Cynder: 10:06:34

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Junko has been locked up in her room for days and the date of their big performance approaches. Finally the time has come, the girls load into the van thinking they'll have to go it without their last member, but she emerges as the last moment to come along. Crunchyroll Collection brings you the latest clips, OPs and more from your favorite anime! Don't have time for a full episode but want to catch up on the best scenes? We've got them! CHECK OUT OUR OTHER SERIES! Learn about your favorite anime studios! 👉 Need new anime recommendations? 👉 Watch FULL anime episodes 👉 SUBSCRIBE 🌟 FREE 14-DAY CRUNCHYROLL TRIAL 🌟 Crunchyroll is the destination for the world's largest and latest lineup of anime and manga. Crunchyroll brings hit anime each season, straight from Japanese studios to millions of viewers globally, translated professionally in multiple languages. Watch free or go Premium to enjoy in HD or without ads.! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR:

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R.I.P lol xD

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Pretty Metal.........Humor is fantastic.......A must see Click this link to Subscribe - Make sure to hit that bell icon to receive notifications on any new video uploads

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Dragon Ball Super Power Levels, Hit Saga UPDATED! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for weekly power levels for the latest DBS episodes. If you have any questions about power levels, then comment on this video. My power levels are inspired by Vegito1089. I'll be waiting for him to make Vegito1089 Power Levels Future Trunks Saga and Vegito1089 Power Levels Hit Saga. This list includes: Goku Super Saiyan Blue Super Saiyan God multiplier Saiyan beyond God mutliplier Super Saiyan Blue multiplier Dragon Ball Super Power Levels Super Saiyan God Power Level Beerus Power Level Whis Power Level Arale Power Level Gohan Power Level in Dragon Ball Super Piccolo Power Level in Dragon Ball Super Latest and upcoming episodes of dragon ball super are: Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 English Sub Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 English Sub Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 English Sub Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 English Sub

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Dragon Ball Super (Hit - Master Roshi's Training Saga) Power Levels HD Dragon Ball Super (Hit - Master Roshi's Training Saga) Power Levels HD Hey DB, and DBZ fan's I made this video to showcase my own Power Level's for Dragon Ball... I hope you guy's enjoy and there is more to come so plz subscribe and leave a like :) Subscribe & More Videos: Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #dbs, #gokupowerlevels

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Downlow Link : Play Cricket as Sachin Tendulkar in the World’s Premier 3D Mobile Cricket Game, by the Legend himself! This is as Real as it Gets! Get ready to play as the Legendary Master Blaster in the fastest growing mobile cricket game with over 3 MILLION Players! Hit over 28 cricket shots the way he did, including his famous Straight drive, Square cut, Uppercut, Paddle sweep and Cover drive. Unleash your champions in the all new star-studded offline T20 cricket premier league to become the ultimate cricket champion. Tour across iconic cricket stadiums and compete in historic international Test, One-Day, World Cup, T20, and Ranji Trophy matches to beat global teams and become the Legend himself. Build your dream team with over 120 international cricketers from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, South Africa and compete online in leaderboard events for exciting daily rewards. Enjoy T20 matches in night mode with your favorite Cricket Premier League teams this season and play both Offline and Online. Channel link : channel/UC5dCVAZIKym8kRd339WJC2w Facebook link : Instagram link :

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Avance capítulo 71 DBS (Saga de Hit 2017): Capítulo 70 DBS:


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Guys,ajj es video me apko es video me apko Sachin saga me six kese lagaye aur kese khele eske bare me thoda bataunga must watch.......

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Hit sixes on every ball , Sachin sega Sega new game, How to hit six, Hw to get more runs. Download here👇 fσℓℓσω σи fα¢євσσк- Thanks for watching.

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Espero que le guste mucho dentro de nada otro video mas sobre dragon ball

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✭I MIEI SOCIAL NETWORK✭ ■ Link alla mia pagina Facebook: ■ Il mio profilo Instagram: ■ Il mio canale Twitch: ■ Il mio canale Telegram: Pagina del progetto: ■ Segui i miei video dedicati a Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: ■ Segui i miei video dedicati a Dragonball Xenoverse: ■ Segui i miei video dedicati a Dragon Ball Super: ■ Grafica del canale: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Tutti i diritti appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari. All rights reserved to legal owner.

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HOLA a todos hoy les traigo el opening nuevo de la serie dragon ball super espero que les guste lo subi con mucho gusto amigos bueno difruten y suscribanse XD y delen like si el video gusto ok amigos a a darle Mi pagina de facebook:

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LIKE*COMMENT*SUBSCRIBE! Follow Me on Twitter: Follow Me on Instagram: Discord: Intro Music: Nahncenz – Jinxtro Welcome to the lab for another session. For this video, we will be testing the 100% Potential of the Extreme STR Hit on the Universe Survival Saga team. *footage from private server was provided for video. Extreme STR Hit Max Stats: HP 13705, ATK 13414, DEF 9480 Leader Skill: Extreme STR Type Ki +3 and HP, ATK & DEF +50% Super Attack: Causes supreme damage with a rare chance to stun the enemy Passive Skill: STR Type Ki +3; Extreme STR icon Type ATK & DEF +40% in addition Links: Supreme Warrior - Experienced Fighters - Cold Judgment - Infighter - Warriors of Universe 6 - Shocking Speed - Tournament of Power Category: Universe Survival Saga 12 Ki Multiplier is 135% Credit: #dokkanbattle #dokkan

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Barangkali ada yang masih main Ninja Saga di Facebook haha...

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Hit Reveal Trailer in the new Dragon ball Super game 2016. Super Saiyan God Blue also included SSJB. Subscribe for more! Patreon: Join a community of gamers: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitch: Follow me on Twitter: Lootcrate 10% Off: (Enter Code: bridge10)

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Hi friends !! today i will tell how to batting in sachin saga and hit six and fours . we so in this video i will give you full detail in about batting in sachin saga so watch this video till end thanks

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Cheat Ninja Saga 1 Hit Kill Work 2018 ¶Link : ---------- Cara ini cocok bagi kalian yang ingin sekali keluar 1 skill langsung knock tu musuh hehe. Kuy langsung aja di comot gan NOTE: RESIKO DITANGGUNG SENDIRI!! Link : Cheat Engine: Cheat 1Hit: --------------- Setelah nonton jangan lupa tinggal Jempol like dan Comment nya ya :) dan jangan lupa untuk ¶SUBCRIBE : --------------- Bagi yang ingin tau tentang saya bisa langsung saja ke sosmed di bawah : . ¶Facebook : ¶Instagram :

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HIT ASESINA A GOKU? | MISIÓN CUMPLIDA?| GOKU VS HIT? | COMIENZO DE LA NUEVA HISTORIA? | DRAGON BALL SUPER | ANÁLISIS | EXPLICACIÓN | POSIBLES TEORÍAS Sígueme en mis redes sociales para estar más enterado de más contenido que posiblemente sea de tu interés. SÍGUEME Y HÁBLAME POR: TWITTER: PAGINA DE FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: INTRODUCCIÓN PRINCIPAL DEL CANAL | INTRO | CONOCE ESTE CANAL Y CONOCE SU CONTENIDO | BIENVENIDOS Muchas gracias por su apoyo. ESPECIAL MIS PRIMEROS 1000 SUSCRIPTORES - MUCHAS GRACIAS: Comenta que es lo que opinas tu. GRACIAS POR VER LOS VÍDEOS. Por favor suscríbete si te gustaría ver más contenido en el canal. Creditos por la tercera canción de fondo: Time Passing By de Audionautix está sujeta a una licencia de Creative Commons Attribution ( Artista:


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Dragon Ball hiện vẫn đang trong thời gian bận rộn với bộ phim Dragon Ball Super : Broly đang được công chiếu trên thế giới . Và rất tiếc Việt Nam chưa có thông tin gì về việc bao giờ sẽ đưa bộ phim về , đồng thời trên mạng cũng chưa có bản đẹp của bộ phim nên chúng ta sẽ chờ một thời gian nữa mới có thể xem được . Tuy nhiên ngoài Dragon Ball Super BRoly thì chúng ta vẫn đang có một bộ phim thương mại quảng cáo được tiếp tục sản xuất , đó là Super Dragon Ball Heroes vẫn sẽ tiếp tục vào năm 2019, và những tin tức đầu tiên cho phần mới đã được tiết lộ. ► Liên hệ hợp tác và quảng cáo : ► Cùng tham gia trở lại đại gia đình Shounen nhé: ► Facebook chính thức : ► Đừng quên like và subscribe Shounen Action channel để xem ngay những video mới nhất ! ► Facebook admin :

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Batting tricks in Sachin Saga I hope you like this video so please don't forget to subscribe my channel Subscribe my channel Facebook Thanks for watching Don't forget to subscribe SUBSCRIBE NOW

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Cheat Engeni 6.4 Link Download : Kode 4BYTE CHANGE TO ARRAY OF BYTE First scan: A2 25 E8 07 A3 A2 46 Value changed: A2 25 E8 07 A9 A2 46

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Thanks! Like,Comment And Subscribe ^_^ Tutorial! 1. Buka Ninja Saga Anda 2. Pilih Karakter, jangan di play dulu 3. Buka Cheat Engine 4. Klik Icon Komputer (pojok kiri atas) 5. Pilih browser yang Anda gunakan 6. Ganti Value Type dari 4 Bytes menjadi Array of Bytes 7. Scan kode berikut A2 25 E8 07 A3 A2 46 8. Akan muncul 2 Address, pindahkan kebawah 9. Lalu ganti 2 Address tersebut dengan kode ini A2 25 E8 07 A0 A2 46 10. Selesai Follow FB Me: Cheat Engine Download: Music By: Thanks For Waitching !

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Let us know in the comments below on what shot tutorials you want us to make and we'll do it.

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Tutorial cheat engine cheat ninja saga 1 hit kill! Update Oktober - November 2018 Worked! Hex : A2 25 E8 07 A3 A2 46 Just follow the video for the instructions! Happy play!

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Sagaa Audio Album is written, composed and produced by independent music artist Shabir. Shabir has released 3 independent albums up to date to much regional acclaim. Shabir has written the lyrics for all 7 songs in Sagaa. He has sung, composed and produced the songs, exploring a variety of genres. Song: Yaayum Singers: Naresh Iyer, Rita Thyagarajan Lyrics: Shabir All songs written, composed, arranged and programmed by Shabir Keyboard: Shabir Piano: Shabir Guitars: Shabir Percussions: Tome Montenegro Nadaswaram: Thirumoorthy Dilraba: Saroja Strings: Madras String Quartet Additional Violin: Chris Chia Vocal Arrangement: Shabir Recorded at Shabir Music (Singapore), 32 Bit (Singapore) & Akshara Soundforge (Chennai) Recording Engineers: Kenneth Yong, Ross & Wesley Nesakumar Mixed & Mastered at Splat! Soundlabs (Mumbai) by Anup Pereira Movie: #Sagaa Starcast : Saran, Kishore, Sreeram, Pandi, Prithvi, Ayra, Neeraja Banner: Selly Cinemas Producers: R. Selvakumar & Ramprasath Director: Murugesh Music Director: Shabir Cinematographer: Niran Chander Editor: R.E. Hariharan Art Director: Raju Stunt: kottee Sound Efx: C. Sethu Sound Design: M. Geetha Kurappa Designs: Gautham Kumar Subtitles: Gokulakrishnan DB PRO: Nikkil Associate Producers: Mahadevan & Karunakaran Executive producer: Jayakumar Audio Label : Think Music For All Latest Updates : Subscribe to us on: Follow us on: Like us on: Follow us on: Follow us on:

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CHEAT!! :v


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