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Hey! please support me. New Salad Fingers Tshirts for 2017 !! Slag me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Salad Fingers has a secret admirer. Music: Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Locust Toybox

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In today's Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Salad Fingers 4: Cage and this time salad fingers is finally creeped out by somebody else lol Follow us on Instagram ..............► Follow us on Twitter ................► Snap us on Snapchat ................► Like us on Facebook ................► Original Video Link :

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Please support me on Patreon New Salad Fingers Tshirts for 2017 !! Salad Fingers Episode 5: Picnic. Salad Fingers holds a grand picnic and invites all his friends. Buy SALAD FINGERS TSHIRTS!! Smoke me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Music: Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Locust Toybox

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Hey! please support me. OFFICIAL SALAD FINGERS STORE: SALAD FINGERS 1-10: ALL TEN EPISODES SO FAR. AN HOUR OF SALADY GOODNESS. Subscribe to this madness: Twit my bitch up: Hello. My name is Mr. Fingers and I welcome you all to peer into my world. I hope you find it most comforting and would be delighted if you come and visit some time. There's always a kettle of ruby tea on the stove and plenty of cakes and treats in the cupboards. I must apologize in advance if Hubert Cumberdale has the monk on. He's a nuisance cooker-boy sometimes when we have visitors. I'm sure you're all lovely little people and I await further correspondence. Spoons 0:00 Friends 2:00 Nettles 6:02 Cage 9:22 Picnic 14:46 Present 19:13 Brother 23:29 Cupboard 28:53 Letter 34:46 Birthday 43:03 I live here: I piss here: I sleep here: I occasionally Tumbl If you didn't subscribe to me yet, I will probably stand outside your house until you do.

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Published Date : 2009-04-17T16:48:12.000Z Please patreon me Salad Fingers receives a gift from an old friend. Smash me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Music: Boards of Canada, Locust Toybox, Chris Gladwin

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OFFICIAL SALAD FINGERS STORE: Salad Fingers finds great pleasure in a magical plant. Eat me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Music: Boards of Canada and Brian Eno

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Salad Fingers © David Firth Playlist:

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Salad Fingers has a few friends over for a fish supper that he's preparing. OFFICIAL SALAD FINGERS STORE: Smell me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Music: Boards of Canada and Locust Toybox

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link to the video

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Salad Fingers Reaction | Episode 3: Nettles and Episode 4: Cage | AyChristene Reacts IN THIS VIDEO... WARNING!!!!! Do not eat, be hungry, want or think of food while watching this video. No lie just eating my lunch while entering the info for this vid has got me all yucky inside. Check out Salad Fingers 3: Nettles Salad Fingers 4: Cage ~PREVIOUS VIDEO~ Happy Wheels ~PREVIOUS VIDEO~ Batman in the Office First off I want to say thank you so much for stopping by my channel and checking out my videos. My one and only goal is to make you smile. I love to make people laugh and bring joy to their hearts. So I hope that you are positively impacted by this video. If you would like to check out any of my social media accounts you can find a link to them all down below, along with my Patreon account and the links to some very important people that you should also follow, subscribe, support. Thank you for being a part of this awesome and amazing journey! ~Check out my Patreon~ \\DON'T FORGET TO... - - - Like - - - - - - Comment - - - - - - - - - - - - - Share - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - & - - - - - - - - - - - -- - JOIN THE BUDDY NATION - - @@@--You Can Find Me On--@@@ Subscribe: Twitter- - Instagram- - Facebook- - - ///////////FOLLOW\\\\\\\\ ##The HashTag Gang## BGgaminPro Youtube Channel xHeyCharliex Youtube Channel Robo's Twitch

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Sinopsis Una extraño niño se enamora de Salad Fingers. Director David Firth Año 2004 País Reino Unido Soundtrack Beware The Friendly Stranger - Board of Canada Rhubarb - Aphex Twin Avril 14th - Aphex Twin Dark Bass Music (as "Woiokfeea") - David Firth Género Terror. Fantasía

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Original von David Firth

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I am not copyrighting

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Please support me on PATREON OFFICIAL SALAD FINGERS STORE: Grab me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook:

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This week we're reacting to Salad Fingers 4: Cage! What do you guys think of these videos? More videos of us reacting to Salad Fingers will be uploaded soon! Stay tuned :D Let us know what you want to see :) Video: ✨ SUBSCRIBE ✨ ⬇️️ Check out our Main Channel ⬇️️ ✨ SUBSCRIBE 🦄 ✨ ⬇️️ 👾 Let's be friends on social media 👾 💜 INSTAGRAM: 💙 TWITTER: 💚 VINE: 🖤 FACEBOOK: ⬇️️ 🦄 Personal Channels 🦄 🐰 Alexandra: 🎀 🐼 Kenya: 🎀 🎀 ⬇️️ ❤️️ Thank you for watching! :D ❤️️

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Salad Fingers Episode 7 (2006): Brother From The Great War. (Re-upload since the last one got a content ID strike). Don't forget to subscribe. OFFICIAL SALAD FINGERS STORE: PATREON: DAVID FIRTH TWITTER: SALAD FACEBOOKS TOYS! : Salad FIngers' brother returns from The Great War. Episode 11 is coming soon. Be prepared.

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💀Estos episodios se llaman Cage (caja) y Picnic , Introducen a Mable y al niño secuestrador💀 Unite al nuevo grupo! o Seguime en Twitter Primera Parte

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This is my reaction to episode 4 of Salad Fingers. Enjoy!!

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PATREON ME :) Salad Fingers receives some unpleasant frequencies from his radio, and so takes shelter in the safety-cupboard. Music by: Boards Of Canada, Lustmord, Locust Toybox and Dyzv0r: Bone me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook:

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I hope u enjoy it XD

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A Készítője: David Firth Ez 1 animációs sorozat aminek 10 része van, ha továbbiakban nem tudni hogy David Szeretne-e 11 rész Külföldieknek: Producer: David Firth The 1 animation series, which has 10 parts, will no longer know if David would like 11 parts Ha tetszett ez a rész/animáció akkor dobj 1 like-t estleg iratkozz fel a további tartalmakért :)

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Salad Fingers Reaction Episode 4 (Cage) Salad Fingers Reaction 2016 Salad Fingers Episode 4 (cage) Reaction Video

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Origional Video: Like this video, if you want 2 see more, press the bell icon 2 receive notification, and subscribe to become a game warrior, and help my channel to grow. My social sites...somewhat:

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a tribute for salad fingers.. music by Arcade Fire - My body is a cage

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Reaction video time again! We finally get back to "Salad Fingers". I enjoyed the first 3 of these, but I gotta say, after watching 4&5, I'm more into it than ever. This story definitely took some STRANGE twists and turns! :-D SALAD FINGERS 4 & 5: THE JINGLES & JOE CHANNEL: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: SKYPE: ASK US ANYTHING! TWITCH: HANG OUT LIVE WITH US ON PERISCOPE: Just search for "Spaz Boys Comedy". OUR FUN GAMING CHANNEL: VINE: Search for "Curtis Candy" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Our First Reaction Vid ! We React To The Awesome Grapefruit Lady!" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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inuyashaghydj's webcam recorded Video - July 19, 2009, i dont own saldad fingers cuz im not disturbed lolz enjoy

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TO WATCH EPISODE 10 - The Salad Fingers Store is now open!! Salad Fingers receives a letter from the great war and uses his boiler to communicate morse code. Finger me on Twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Watch on Newgrounds: Marcus Fjellstrom:

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Salad Fingers eposide 4-7. This is getting dark David Firth channel: FOLLOW ME ON: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TWITCH: FACEBOOK:

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I do not own Salad Fingers. I just find it funny. my friends find him scary.. Stupid people, SF rocks **heart**

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Aphex Twin - Rhubarb This is a piece of music that i heard from 'Salad Fingers - Episode 4' and thought it was such an amazing piece of music. It's the kind of music i love which helps you to think and understand and is just so mellow. It almost maks you see in a different way whilst listening to it or makes falling asleep easy and amazing lol. This song to me gives that kind of feeling that you are in a dream or just complete happiness or happy memories even the effect of drugs. The images i have used for this video are places i love to be that help me think and stay with me aswell as images the mind produces that fits with the music. I have just taken it from the episode and looped the first bar of the piece because every other bar has either voice or background sounds so this is not as good quality as on the actual Salad Fingers episode but it's still good enough i have made it 10 minutes because it's the kind of track you want to lay down and to just listen to for ages. It does sound like it's just repeating but i think this sound is just so lovely that it doesn't seem like it's repeating itself because you can't get bored of it atleast that's what i think. I suppose it is quite a simple tune put together with a synth but i just think it's ace This music to me would fit perfectly in a woods in the pooring rain that sounds strange but that's how it'd touch me. Salad Fingers seems to be drug related or atleast thought of whilst the person was on drugs mabe not but it seems which i think is why it seems so random and doesn't make not a lot of sense but after the effect of some drugs you would understand and drugs are what change the mind and affects it in the form of a dream and this music descreibes that feeling for me i feel. There is a simliar peice in the teen Drama 'Skins' Episode 2 where Cassie is on the bus home I think the song alsosounds like two people falling in love - awww lol hope you like this everyone as much as i did any bad comments i will just delete For other good instrumental - Feeling songs as i'v decided to call them without sounding or being emo look for In my videos - Placebo - Secret song - first album Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts And - The innocence of sleep - Placebo all found on youtube soundtrack of my life x

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Salad Fingers is a Flash cartoon series (created by David Firth) 24 luglio 2005

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This is my reaction to episode 3 of Salad Fingers. Enjoy!!

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Reacting To Salad Fingers Rusty Spoons! / Funny Salad Fingers Reaction video Commentary! Hey Coleson Comedy here! And If You Love Funny Videos + Reaction Videos! Then Subscribe For More Content! ✧WATCH MY VIDEOS 7 DAYS EARLY HERE!! SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE! ✧ SOCIAL LINKS - Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Instagram Original Video - Take A Moment To DESTROY The LIKE Button! New Funny Reaction Videos Every Day! -\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Follow me on google+… For Business Inquiries ONLY:

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Salad Fingers 1 - Spoons (In High Quality 1080p) The very first episode of Salad Fingers for the first time in HD. Salad Fingers goes on the lookout for the perfect spoon. (David Firth 2004)

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Salad Fingers Ep. 1-3 Reaction. This got dark real quick David Firth channel: AseandBacon reaction: FOLLOW ME ON: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TWITCH: FACEBOOK:

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Thanks for the million chaps.

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This episode shows Salad Fingers having a secret admirer who looks to marry him. Salad Fingers then hallucinates about loving taps after seeing one outside of the little house and goes after it, only to step on a bear trap and end up in a cage where the admirer shows up and shows Salad Fingers a ring. Salad Fingers then escapes from the cage, leaving the admirer wondering where he went.

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Salad Fingers 3 Reaction Mashup Salad Fingers finds great pleasure in a magical plant. Salad Fingers 3: Nettles Reactions Dwayne N Jazz Assistindo AyChristeneGames PolyDev Spaz Boys Comedy RunDJRun_TV Sam Lord Aconn101XAnime

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Published Date : 2018-12-02T11:30:00.000Z

Back in 2004, before YouTube and other social media even existed, animator David Firth unknowingly made one of the first viral videos on the internet. It was all about a creepy green dude who loved rusty spoons and he was simply known as Salad Fingers. 10 episodes and hundreds of millions of views later he's remained a viral sensation. In UNILAD's new series Insight, we speak to David about how Salad Fingers came to exist and what it was like to create one of Britain's strangest cartoons of all time. For more amazing videos, watch more here: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: COMMUNITY:

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You are my wife now.


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