Salad Fingers Rusty Spoons....!

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This is probably the weirdest vid on the planet so i wont blame you if you don't watch the whole thing - keirnan

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Salad Fingers has a few friends over for a fish supper that he's preparing. OFFICIAL SALAD FINGERS STORE: Smell me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Music: Boards of Canada and Locust Toybox

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Hey! please support me. OFFICIAL SALAD FINGERS STORE: SALAD FINGERS 1-10: ALL TEN EPISODES SO FAR. AN HOUR OF SALADY GOODNESS. Subscribe to this madness: Twit my bitch up: Hello. My name is Mr. Fingers and I welcome you all to peer into my world. I hope you find it most comforting and would be delighted if you come and visit some time. There's always a kettle of ruby tea on the stove and plenty of cakes and treats in the cupboards. I must apologize in advance if Hubert Cumberdale has the monk on. He's a nuisance cooker-boy sometimes when we have visitors. I'm sure you're all lovely little people and I await further correspondence. #saladfingers #animation #creepy Spoons 0:00 Friends 2:00 Nettles 6:02 Cage 9:22 Picnic 14:46 Present 19:13 Brother 23:29 Cupboard 28:53 Letter 34:46 Birthday 43:03 I live here: I piss here: I sleep here: I occasionally Tumbl If you didn't subscribe to me yet, I will probably stand outside your house until you do.

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Salad Fingers is back for the first time in 5 years in this nightmarish new episode. Salad Fingers decides it’s time for Hubert Cumberdale to become a real boy……... SALAD FINGERS STORE: SUBSCRIBE PATREON TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM REDDIT FAT-PIE DVD This episode was funded by my lovely Patreon supporters: Thanks especially to the POWER-Patroids. You will see their names in the credits. Please join us for more wonderful content. Music by Locust Toybox and Flying Lotus Sound Design by Rob Wingfield Buy a DVD of my Feature Length animation Umbilical World #saladfingers #animation SUPER-PATROIDS: Alex Kramer John Paul Potesta Harry Cloud Brandon Eggleston Michael Single Madeleine Toland Odin Jurray Steven Walker Stevie Hryciw Renee Carter Jean-david Gadina Steven Rauchberg Brian Neumann Alex Williams Jesse Walker Knut Olsen Brian Schroeder Austin Butcher Cem Kocu Joe Cugini Cara Hups Edward Pailing Saku Talvela Smokey Alexander Pavlyak Jeffrey Brett Coleman The Crow Butler Karl Page Grunkle T. Tiro Marie Manifest Pain Alex Makridakis Gabriella Marlisa Zamora Eric Crump Shane Mckenna Stephen Kraus Lalo Rrorro I Heiriku López Sashida Jack Nicholls Christopher Askin Helen Dyer Qua Couron Hang Boy Greg Knox Michael Monteiro Kattin Labrosse Aaron Roberts Michael Boharsik Robin Fernandes Ennibal Michael Graf Bloodpusandrust Zan Miller Sam Wiseman Che Patterson Rob Hill Christian Battista Fabian Eisl Ryan Lloyd Jeremiah Washburn Kaleb Hickerson Wilmothebear Mollie Heckerling Mf Cappiello Ville Suomalainen Ian Jurica Emily Crim Oney Nomar Otruc Edliw Plushine Mack Kyle Mendes

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OFFICIAL SALAD FINGERS STORE: Salad Fingers finds great pleasure in a magical plant. Eat me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Music: Boards of Canada and Brian Eno

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Salad Fingers 1 - Spoons (In High Quality 1080p) The very first episode of Salad Fingers for the first time in HD. Salad Fingers goes on the lookout for the perfect spoon. (David Firth 2004)

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Published Date : 2009-04-17T16:48:12.000Z Please patreon me Salad Fingers receives a gift from an old friend. Smash me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Music: Boards of Canada, Locust Toybox, Chris Gladwin

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PATREON ME :) Salad Fingers receives some unpleasant frequencies from his radio, and so takes shelter in the safety-cupboard. Music by: Boards Of Canada, Lustmord, Locust Toybox and Dyzv0r: Bone me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook:

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Subscribe To Not Miss A Spoopy Thing! ► Don't Hug Me I'm Scared DECODED! ►► Is Daenerys Going MAD in GoT? ►► "Fancy seeing you here." If you thought "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared!" was the most disturbing stuff on YouTube, think again. I've been REKT for a week trying to uncover the truth behind one of the darkest series on YouTube - Salad Fingers! And today, my countless sleepless nights pays off, as we expose the truth behind this disturbing collector of rusty spoons. MORE FILM THEORIES: Zootopia's DRUG TIES? ►► Rick's TRUE Crime! (Rick and Morty) ► Harry Potter ISN'T The Chosen One! ►► How to KILL X-Men's Magneto ►► The Star Trek Federation is FASCIST ► How To Kill DeadPool! ►► SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @MatPatGT Facebook: Instagram: Like the theme song? Thanks to CARF!

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Salad Fingers Bonus: NEW Vids Sun, Tues & Thurs! Subscribe: Watch all main React episodes (Kids/Teens/Elders/YouTubers): Subscribe to the REACT channel for MORE shows: Special thanks to our guest star, Jake Short! Subscribe to FAT-PIE/Salad Fingers Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers) Follow FBE: MAIN CHANNEL: SECOND CHANNEL: REACT CHANNEL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT: finebros VINE: TUMBLR: GOOGLE+: SEND US STUFF: TheFineBros P.O. BOX 4324 Valley Village, CA 91617-4324 ---------------------------- VIDEO FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: "Salad fingers : 1 - Spoons'" "Salad fingers : 2 - Friends" --------------------------------- This episode featured the following cool teenagers! GUEST STAR: Jake Short, 15 Eric, age 15 Lia, age 15 Victor, age 15 Jasmine, age 16 Kostas, age 16 Rachel, age 16 Isaac, age 17 Jade, age 17 Madison, age 17 Devin, age 18 ------------------ Music by Cormac Bluestone Graphics by Will Hyler ------------------------------------- Teens React #19 - Salad Fingers © FBE, Inc

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Hey! please support me. New Salad Fingers Tshirts for 2017 !! Slag me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Salad Fingers has a secret admirer. Music: Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Locust Toybox

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A lot of people say I sound exactly like Salad Fingers, the animation by David Firth. Leave a comment and tell me if I do or not. Here I am saying the first few lines of script from Salad Fingers, I like rusty spoons. I have exaggerated my voice a little to sound even more like Salad Fingers. If you don't know what Salad Fingers is search it or click on this link.

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UPDATE: Hannah stars in Macy's new Christmas commercial! My friend and her daughter Hannah came to place to watch Salad Fingers! Check out Hannah's channel at

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trippin fucking shit

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TO WATCH EPISODE 10 - The Salad Fingers Store is now open!! Salad Fingers receives a letter from the great war and uses his boiler to communicate morse code. Finger me on Twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Watch on Newgrounds: Marcus Fjellstrom:

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If you're unfamiliar with Salad Fingers... This video is dedicated to the lovely Seafoam Kitten. I hope you all have some rusty spoons. Find me: Twitter/IG: @Crinkleluvin Facebook: Email:

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Salad Fingers Episode 7 (2006): Brother From The Great War. (Re-upload since the last one got a content ID strike). Don't forget to subscribe. OFFICIAL SALAD FINGERS STORE: PATREON: DAVID FIRTH TWITTER: SALAD FACEBOOKS TOYS! : Salad FIngers' brother returns from The Great War. Episode 11 is coming soon. Be prepared.

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Please support me on Patreon New Salad Fingers Tshirts for 2017 !! Salad Fingers Episode 5: Picnic. Salad Fingers holds a grand picnic and invites all his friends. Buy SALAD FINGERS TSHIRTS!! Smoke me on twitter: Salad Fingers On Facebook: Music: Boards Of Canada, Aphex Twin, Locust Toybox

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salad fingers go on a search for rusty spoons to touch.

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Miss Part 1? Click here! ►► Subscribe To Not Miss A Spoopy Thing! ►► Just in time for Halloween, get ready for the SPOOPY conclusion of Salad Fingers! Last time we already covered a lot of ground, but I was just getting started, and this story was FAR from over. This episode uncovers who Salad Fingers is, what the heck all his finger puppet friends are doing and WHAT THE HECK is up with that horse?? MORE FILM THEORIES: Zootopia's DRUG TIES? ►► Rick's TRUE Crime! (Rick and Morty) ► Harry Potter ISN'T The Chosen One! ►► How to KILL X-Men's Magneto ►► The Star Trek Federation is FASCIST ► How To Kill DeadPool! ►► SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @MatPatGT Facebook: Instagram: Like the theme song? Thanks to CARF!

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Back in 2004, before YouTube and other social media even existed, animator David Firth unknowingly made one of the first viral videos on the internet. It was all about a creepy green dude who loved rusty spoons and he was simply known as Salad Fingers. 10 episodes and hundreds of millions of views later he's remained a viral sensation. In UNILAD's new series Insight, we speak to David about how Salad Fingers came to exist and what it was like to create one of Britain's strangest cartoons of all time. For more amazing videos, watch more here: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: COMMUNITY:

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Learn more about the Channel Frederator Network here: Subscribe to David Firth if you liked this video! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Salad Fingers throws a birthday party when a mysterious pole shows up as an uninvited guest. TWITTER ME: TSHIRT YOURSELF: SALAD FACEBOOKS TOYS! : All the music in this one was made by me. I release some of my music (for free) as Locust Toybox, you can hear a bit of it here: The main theme is "Birthweek" by Locust Toybox: Thanks to Crust and Jim for inspiration and thanks to Carla and Tori for helping with some of the sound effects. Original Video Link: Subscribe to Channel Frederator for more ToonsDay: ----------------------------------- Channel Frederator Links ----------------------------------- Tumblr: Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Buy T-Shirts: Follow on Instagram: Google+: Behance: Graphics and edited by: Ambar del Moral and Jonah Feingold Channel Frederator is cartoon central on the Internet. Remember: Frederator loves you.

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time lapse of graffiti with the Salad Fingers Character and his imaginary friend Hubert Cumberdale. in Krow's blackbook Salad Fingers is a youtube hit from the creator David Firth who's channel can be found here Be sure to check out his videos and give him a follow. Salad Fingers is a green man with long fingers. He lives with his puppets in a little shack in the middle of nowhere. He likes to taste rust, most believe he is from a post apocalyptic world. Either way it was internet gold, that has a almost cult following.

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video uploaded from my mobile phone

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Reacting To Salad Fingers Rusty Spoons! / Funny Salad Fingers Reaction video Commentary! Hey Coleson Comedy here! And If You Love Funny Videos + Reaction Videos! Then Subscribe For More Content! ✧WATCH MY VIDEOS 7 DAYS EARLY HERE!! SIGN UP FOR FREE HERE! ✧ SOCIAL LINKS - Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Instagram Original Video - Take A Moment To DESTROY The LIKE Button! New Funny Reaction Videos Every Day! -\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Follow me on google+… For Business Inquiries ONLY:

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Also When he touches rusty things the Roblox death sound plays I DON'T OWN SALAD FINGERS DAVID FIRTH IS THE MASTERMIND BEHIND THIS AMAZING ANIMATION!!

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I Like Rusty Spoons Salad Fingers I Like Rusty Spoons Salad Fingers I Like Rusty Spoons Salad Fingers I Like Rusty Spoons Tribute I Like Rusty Spoons Salad Fingers I Like Rusty Spoons Salad Fingers Loop Loop Loop Loop Loop Loop Loop

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In today's Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Salad Fingers and he seems to have a lust for rust ;) Follow us on Instagram ..............► Follow us on Twitter ................► Snap us on Snapchat ................► Like us on Facebook ................► Original Video Link :

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"Salad Fingers" is today's reaction video and I am never using a spoon again! This one is just SO completely odd! I love it!... However, every time I see a spoon, I'm gonna have a flashback to this, so it looks like I better go out and stock up on sporks! :-D SALAD FINGERS: OUR FUN GAMING CHANNEL: HANG OUT LIVE WITH US ON PERISCOPE: Just search for "Spaz Boys Comedy". TWITTER: FACEBOOK: SKYPE: ASK US ANYTHING! TWITCH: VINE: Search for "Curtis Candy" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Our First Reaction Vid ! We React To The Awesome Grapefruit Lady!" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Calling a restaurant branch in Leeds pretending to be Salad Fingers from the cartoon created by David Firth. Roooosty Speeeewnnsss

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Published Date : 2016-01-31T15:10:44.000Z


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This was genius! Like, Comment, Share & Subscribe Merch: Original Video: Main Channel: My Social Media: Snapchat: deveauxhayden

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Link to Original Video: Business Email: MyAnimeList:

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Rusty spoons

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Inspired by Salad Fingers

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salad fingers 1-10, salad fingers rusty spoons, salad fingers 1, salad fingers explained, salad fingers reaction, salad fingers 2, salad fingers 10, salad fingers nettles, salad fingers game, salad fingers 11, salad fingers, salad fingers theory

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Salad Fingers creepy video

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Published Date : 2008-06-14T09:40:55.000Z

Rusty Spoons So Funny

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Published Date : 2013-10-27T03:16:30.000Z

Well guys, I'm not dead. I decided to take a small hiatus, and I've been working on tons of remixes and covers. This is one that has been finished but sitting around for a long time. It was one of those projects I had to listen to a million times to get perfect. And even at that I feel like some more could be done to it. The remix is MOSTLY made up of samples from David Firth's amazing "Salad Fingers" series. I first started work on this in early 2011 (Holy crap it's been this long?!). The magical-sounding chords were sampled from Aphex Twins' "Rhubarb". There is a small vocal sample of David Tomlinson that I thought sounded interesting. Finally there is a flute sound sampled and used from 12 Angry Men (due to the fact the only workable musical material is that Aphex Twin song). I hope you guys enjoy... I have a zillion other half finished remixes and covers... The weird bass-drum sound that plays on the first beat of each 2 measure phrase is the sound of "Kenneth" smacking against the table, if you want to be more disturbed.

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Here is a sick banga from Saladfingers

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Watch this kick a** reinactment of Salad Fingers! !

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Dre & I remake salad fingers:the rusty spoon

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i just dont know what went wrong with this video... just watch


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