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I try not to sing to Ariana, Selena, and Maroon 5. Check out the Try Not To Sing Along Challenge by Shaden Styles : 😃  𝗦𝗨𝗕𝗦𝗖𝗥𝗜𝗕𝗘 ► | ★ PREVIOUS GAMEPLAY! ► [LINK TO VIDEO] ★ PREVIOUS REACTION! ► [LINK TO VIDEO] TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS BY CLICKING THE “BELL” AFTER SUBSCRIBING! — MORE REACTION VIDEOS! — Please Notice Me Senpai - iHasCupquake Reaction - A Yandere Simulator Musical (Random Encounters Reaction) - Who's Your Daddy (iHasCupquake Reaction) - AyChristene Reacts - Teddy Has An Operation - From Cute To Sick - AyChristene Reacts -   — FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA — » Twitter ➜ » Instagram ➜ » Facebook ➜ ★ Join the same network I’m with and earn money! - ★ For brand deals / business inquiries, email my agent: Thank you so much for watching, it means the world to me! Please don’t forget to like this video if you enjoyed, and subscribe to this channel for more videos (and turn on notifications too)!

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Published Date : 2013-12-23T11:37:09.000Z Leco van Zadelhoff laat zien hoe je op een juiste manier moet shapen en shaden.

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Channel-Design ~~~~~~ +Design für :Shaden SmashDennisBros / +Musik : Kitty - Miss U (Jai Wolf Remix) +Programme : -Skin Animation : Cinema 4D R16 -Banner etc. : Photoshop CS6 +Skype: EmuxArtworks

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Learn more: Photography wunderkinds Lindsay Adler and Brooke Shaden demonstrate their different styles. Lindsay shows how she directs a model for a fashion portrait, and then Brooke jumps in and gets "classically weird." Learn more from these two during creativeLIVE Photo Week:

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Shared :-)

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This is where it all started Always remember that come from and what made me who I am today sometimes you just have to go back to it

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Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: Directed by Emil Nava Subscribe to Ed's channel: Follow Ed on... Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Official Website: ** The best artists, the best albums, the best price ** Get the FREE app now & be the first to discover TOP MUSIC DEALS

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Doing New style move..

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Original Video ~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shaden Styles (The creator of the video) ~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snapchat = pwalderbach Instagram = Twitter = FaceBook = Twitch = ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't forget to leave a LIKE. A comment & Subscribe!

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NEWS LINK DONAZIONI Iscriviti al mio canale youtube: Visita il mio nuovo sito web: ► Visita la mia pagina Facebook ► ►Sito : ►FB Page : ►Instagram : ►Twitter : ►email: ►500px : ►Behance : ►Corsi : ►modelle : COMMENTA/CONDIVIDI E SE IL VIDEO TI È PIACIUTO LASCIA UN BEL LIKE. *Se il video non ti è piaciuto, scrivimi la motivazione, la tua opinione è importante per migliorare il canale e la qualità dei prossimi tutorial ! ************************************************** #model #female #girl #retouch #retouching #retouch #highendretouch #wacom #adobephotoshop #photoshop #photomanipulation #digitalart #art #artist #digitalaretouch #amazing #light #effect #photoshopitalia #photoshopitaliano #tutorial #videotutorial #reviews #videoreviews #pen #intuos #wacomintuos #graphic #art #wowart #skinretouch #photoshop2015 #photoshopdownload #photoshopfree #freedownload #photoshopbrushes #lelehotography #leledigitalartist #leleretouch #instagram #facebook #twitter #socialmedia #socialnetwork

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Shawn Mendes - Stitches (Official Video) Best of Shawn Mendes: Subscribe here:

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From the Sony Stage at Photo Plus 2017, Sony Artisan Brooke Shaden shows how she works as a fine-art photographer and how she creates her signature elaborate settings for just a few dollars.

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In this clip from Master Your Craft (, fine art photographer Brooke Shaden explains how to eliminate your fears about taking creative risks — and why you won't be successful until you do so.

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Shawn Mendes; “Treat You Better" Get "Treat You Better” here now: Best of Shawn Mendes: Subscribe here:

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видео, добавленное с мобильного телефона

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Behind the scenes for Brooke Shaden's photo shoot for "The Art of Wondering" Model: Olivia Clemens So glad that you can now hear how messed up my auto focus is ;-)

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Forget flashy studios and expensive props. Join award-winning photographer Brooke Shaden to learn inexpensive ways to create elaborate, gallery-style works of art from scratch. This 3-day course is dedicated to teaching you how to add that fine art sensibility to your portfolio. Through the use of her creative techniques, Brooke is going to show you how to transform mundane images into dramatic, eye-catching works of art. Intended for motivated beginners and experienced pros alike, this course will walk you through everything you need to know to create jaw-dropping images and have them hanging on gallery walls in no time. after 3 days with Brooke, you will have mastered new, innovative lighting techniques, Photoshop editing, pitching your images to a gallery rep, and much more.

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Steve Shaden /Italo Business/ From an early age of 11 years he's developed a strong passion for techno music. Since that moment starts to listening and following the pioneers of techno-progressive Italian music since the early 2000s. Over the years he approaches to different kinds of music, always in the context of electronic music. This will allow him to have a greater eclecticism in its productions and set. Now he produces and sounds a musical genre Techno very rythmic, full of re-starts, that recall the style of the old techno-progressive music, enriched by sounds gloomy and dark that creating a special atmosphere in every his production. Facebook : Twitter : Mixcloud : Beatport : Email : //////////////////////////////////////////// Art Style: Techno Web : Youtube : Soundcloud : Mixcloud : Facebook :

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Episode 3: The Brooke Shaden Challenge. We sent a worldwide casting call to find four photographers who would accept the "Brooke Shaden Challenge". She didn't want them to copy her style, she just wanted to encourage them to think outside the box. And to do that, we climbed the hills of sunny Malibu to find the ruins of a burnt mansion for photographers to create the ultimate story. Brooke Shaden ( is a fine art photographer living and working in the Los Angeles area. Her passion lies in creating new worlds through photographs. Her vision extends beyond the realm of the camera, creating images that resemble paintings and speak of an era that is not our own. Each image is a story. Featured Photographers: Ed McGowan ( started in graphic design and decided to pick up the camera 3 years ago. Using the rules of design and editing skills, he has already attracted many to his beautiful and strong portfolio. Anna Skahill ( is a young artist. And when we say young...we mean 15. Her work and artistic nature is already leaps beyond her age. Andrew Kufahl ( is a fabulous story teller and it's truly shown in his 365 project. He might be quiet in person but his creative character speaks loud in his portfolio. Samantha Fielding ( has a great arrangement of portrait work and is fantastic at creating unique stylized shots. With the privilege of working with major photographers such as Annie Liebowitz, Sam brings a magnificent story to today's episode. Models: Katie Johnson ( Sonalii Castillo ( SPECIAL THANKS: Bay Photo Lab ( B&H Photo Video ( Triple Scoop Music (

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Published Date : 2013-11-09T03:01:57.000Z Ladies Salon, Ladies styles, Beauty care, Brides care Makeup, Hairstyles, Skin care (+962) 79799-1064 (Amman, Jubaiha, Al-Manhal, Building 99, First floor)

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Learn how to create fine art photographs and how to sell and market them. This video takes a closer look at the CreativeLive course, Master Your Craft. Brooke Shaden takes photographers through the process of shooting photos that reflect their own style, passion, and vision as artists. In this video you get a behind the scenes look at shoots as Brooke is shooting them and hear how she turned her art into a business. Find out more: CreativeLive unleashes your creative potential by connecting you directly with the world's most inspiring visionaries. Access courses on Photo & Video, Art & Design, Business & Life, Music & Audio, and Craft & Maker at

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Published Date : 2015-08-01T14:11:15.000Z


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Learn how to incorporate fine art principles into your photography. Award-winning photographer Brook Shaden previews here course on what you need to know to create dramatic, eye-catching works of art from scratch. In Fine Art Portraits Brooke covers new and innovative lighting techniques, Photoshop editing, pitching your work to gallery owners, and more. Access the complete course here:

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Make your own mist for a dreamy, hazy photoshoot. Brooke Shaden is teaching cheap tricks for adding interest to your fine art photoshoots in this clip from CreativeLive Photo Week. Brooke uses assistants and baby powder to surround her model in a light mist. Get more ideas for transforming your photoshoot for $10 or less: CreativeLive unleashes your creative potential by connecting you directly with the world's most inspiring visionaries. Access courses on Photo & Video, Art & Design, Business & Life, Music & Audio, and Craft & Maker at

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The Importance of Learning Proper Table Manners - To learn even more about etiquette click here: SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Madder Print Silk Tie in Yellow with Red, Blue, and Orange Diamond Pattern - 2. Wine Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange Silk Wool Medallion Pocket Square - 3. Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Light Brown and Blue - #tablemanners #diningetiquette #notsponsored Table manners are actually something your parents taught you but are actually far more important as an adult. First of all, your table manners speak volumes about your refinement and it's often interpreted as a sign of character. It's not at all about being snobby or showing off but much rather show respect, your host and your dining partners will greatly appreciate your manners. It's very important to keep in mind, proper table manners aways help you and never hurt you. The good thing is they can be learned and its never too late to do so. So what are table manners? I suggest you turn your cell phone ringer off when you enter someone else's home and put your phone in your pocket when you're with the guests. Don't leave your phone on the table because you are much more likely to pick it up and look at it which is impolite In the presence of other people. If the table is all set, you don't just walk in and sit down. Wait to be seated or wait for the queue of the host, or if they sit, you can sit as well. Ideally, want to sit up straight but comfortably, don't slouch, or cross your arms, or sit as you would on your couch while watching a football game. Don't expect to sit next to your partner and follow the lead of the hosts. Traditionally, couples were always mixed up to sit with different people. If there's a napkin on the plate or next to a plate, put it on your lap right away. If the host or hostess wants to say grace, accept the gesture for what it is and move along. Two, let's take a look at the place setting. In the Western world, an informal place will always have at least a plate, a knife, and a fork. If dessert will be served, you'll find either a little fork or a spoon on the top side of the plate. If soup is served or anything else that requires a spoon, you will also have a spoon. On the top right of the plate, you'll likely find a water glass which is always filled and a wine glass which is empty, to begin with. Sometimes you also find beer glasses; if you prefer that, if that's what's served with a meal. If you see little plate with an extra knife on a top left to your plate, that's for bread and butter. When you're done with the course, you place the fork and a knife at a four to five o'clock angle that means you're done. Three, now it's time to serve the food. Most informal dinners are family-style meaning there are bowls or platters where food is served from. For formal dinners, courses are usually plated but we talk about the intricacies of that in our formal dining etiquette video here. With bowls and anything at the table, the cardinal rule is, don't reach over anybody else and don't touch them. To start, pass the bowl around the table from the left to the right when you get the bowl you hold it and you serve yourself then you pass it on to your neighbor on the right. Always use the serving utensils and never your silverware that's on your place setting. Of course, if the host or hostess has a different idea, go with what they do. Four, finally it's time to eat. You should only start eating when everyone else has been served and a host or hostess starts to take their fork and take the lead. It is very impolite and sometimes even rude to just dig into your plate of food while the others are still empty-handed. #tablemanners #diningetiquette #notsponsored --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette Facebook: FREE EBOOK:

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Lindsay and I are very close "photography friends" who love to go on photo adventures with each other. She does fashion photography and I do fine art, but our worlds collide on several different topics. Lindsay recently visited me in Los Angeles where we taught a collaborative workshop and spent all of our free time out shooting together in different locations. For this shoot we had a makeup artist/hair stylist and model with a gorgeous dress to have fun with. We shot this near Lancaster, California in an expansive field. We both took a different approach to our shots, the results of which can be seen here. Thanks to the model, Sonalii Castillo, and the hair/makeup/assistant Mariah Wright. Music by: Jess Penner, "Blue Bird" - licensed from Song Freedom To contact Brooke:!/brookeshaden To contact Lindsay:!/lindsayadler

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Watch more! Photographer and artist Brooke Shaden shows how she uses the clone tool in Photoshop to create a background forest layer for a fantastical image. Learn more from Brooke here:

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My Try not to sing challenge EXTREME PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST FUN VIDEOS I'VE DONE This is all done in fun, so feel free to laugh. Shout out to Shaden Styles Link to original video: THANKS For Giving this a watch, if you LIKED it, hit the LIKE button, COMMENT below, go SHARE it, and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos to come...YEAHHH If you have video suggestions just comment below Click Here To Subscribe to ME: Interact with me On Social Media -SnapChat: Havoc1914 -Twitter: -Facebook: -Instagram: Links also above in the Channel Banner *Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS*

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Published Date : 2018-12-06T15:00:08.000Z

Photographer, Brooke Shaden, is the master of turning ideas into works of art, hung in galleries and appreciated by enthusiasts around the world. This is a lesson from Brooke's CreativeLive class 'Fine Art Photography: The Complete Guide'. Continue watching the free preview or get full on-demand access plus bonus materials here 👉 Short Cuts: :23 - The importance of shooting many angles 3:30 - Shooting white clothes in front of a white backdrop 5:30 - How to blend your studio background into your composite 7:30 - How to shoot the correct background perceptive 8:40 - The distance of the subject to the background Watch the free preview or get full on-demand access plus bonus materials here! 👉 Visit us online or via our mobile app to access classes on our tailored channels including • Photo & Video • Art & Design • Business & Life • Music & Audio • Craft & Maker 👉 ------- ABOUT US ------- CreativeLive is about providing the tools that help creators make the most of their innate talents through online access to quality educational classes & resources. We blaze paths and tailor content for the creative in you, encourage independent thinking and exploration - join the conversation & be sure to follow us on social: ✔ ✔ http://Instagram/CreativeLive ✔ ✔ ➕Watch on the go on our App! Get it here 👉

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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( here is the link to Shaden styles diamond eagle playz and H-MOneys

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Felicidades hija te queremos mucho

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New videos on Mondays. Go behind the scenes on my photo shoots, into the editing room, and chat with me about being an entrepreneur, creativity, and more. See my online photography & editing classes! Image Gallery: Purchase a Print: Come to an Event: Get in Touch: Read my Blog: Follow me online: Music: "Beyond the Skyline 1" by Sven Karisson, "Beyond the Skyline 3" by Sven Karisson, "Devils Canyon 3" by Hakan Eriksson, "Open Air 1" by Anders Goransson

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Published Date : 2018-09-30T15:31:42.000Z

Hey there! I want to share with you who are my three favorite photographers! (Richard Avedon, Brooke Shaden & Emily Soto). Everyone with a unique style that I love. Thanks for watching and I hope you like it. Don’t forget to subscribe & share! Webpage: IG: FB: email: with love, #KimGarza

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Shaden: Liptov Orient festival 2012, Raqs sharki - profi

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Published Date : 2011-05-17T23:57:57.000Z


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Published Date : 2018-04-12T08:51:19.000Z

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What's going on guys Itzmane or ManeHD and welcome back to another video... Thank you guys for watching as always you've been awesome. Don't forget to leave feedback on the video if you enjoyed it, leave a like and tell me why in the comment section but if you did not like the video dislike it and tell me in the comment section and as always there is room for improvement. Check out Fatal Grips for cheap,quality and reliable XBOX and PLAYSATION Games & Accessories: Use 'Mane 10' for a discount. Previous Video: Don't forget to tear, conquer and destroy that like button Subscribe and peace!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stay connected!!! Follow me on : My Snapchat: emanuell69 My Instagram: itzmane_hd Link: Make sure to get that addin!!! And yeah... Thanks you guys for watching, stay tuned, stay connected and peace TRY NOT TO SING ALONG CHALLENGE (IMPOSSIBLE!!!) ADULTS REACT TO TRY NOT TO SING ALONG CHALLENGE TRY NOT TO SING ALONG CHALLENGE IF YOU SING YOU LOSE TRY NOT TO SING ALONG IMPOSSIBLE TRY NOT TO SING ALONG!! FBE MORGZ SHADEN STYLES DEREK KILDALL MRTLEXIFY KOSH TEKKERZ KID DURV BABY RYRY CHRISTIAN DEL GROSSO DOM TRACY REACT BROS MOMO TWIN TOWN JINX REBEL D KINGNANAHD

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Published Date : 2013-05-15T12:03:13.000Z

Article link: In the final part of her interview with SLR Lounge, fine art photographer Brooke Shaden talks about one of her toughest shoots to date, on post-processing workflow, posing, and her workshops. Finally, she gives some helpful advice for photographers looking to follow in her footsteps. Don't forget to subscribe and give us a "thumbs up" if you like this! And be sure to watch part 1 of the interview here: And part 2 of the interview here:

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Published Date : 2013-09-18T18:32:11.000Z

Watch more: Visual artist Brooke Shaden emphasizes the importance of believing in your imagination in this clip from creativeLIVE Photo Week. Watch the rest of Brooke's moving segment here:

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Iraqi dance(Qawleeya) by Shaden, Let´s dance Festival Competition 2012, Prague,Czech republic

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Clash Royale deutsch Kanonenkarre Level 7 Unglaublicher Schaden Die neue Epische Karte ist draußen und die ersten Spieler realisieren wie krass diese Karte sein kann. Zuerst spiele ich das Deck von Surgical Goblin/Flobby, danach eine Brücken-Spam Variation! Was haltet ihr von der Karte? Schreibt eure Meinung in die Kommentare! :) Viel Spaß! ► Livestream fast täglich ab 18/19 Uhr • ► Instagram: Trymacs_YT ►Trymacs Community Shop! T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tassen, Caps, etc! ►Warum mache ich Youtube? ►Mein meist geschautes Video: ► Soziale Netzwerke: • Snapchat: Trymacs • Twitter: Trymacs_YT • Instagram: Trymacs_YT • Für wichtige Anliegen LINE ID - Max19894 ► Mein Designer • ► Hintergrund Musik: -Spotify Playlist: "Trymacs NCS" ► Meine Ausstattung (Amazon Links für mehr Details): • Elgato HD S, Bildschirmübertragung von iPad auf PC - • IPad - • Mikrofon Auna 900B - • Mikrofon Stativ - • Bildschirm - • Video-Kamera - • Ps4 - • Green Screen - • Maus - • Tastatur - • Webcam - • Fritz-Kola - ► Lieblings-Protein Riegel: Amazon und MMOGA: Wenn du über meinen Amazon oder MMOGA - Link einkaufst, bekomme ich eine kleine Vergütung. Für dich wird der Einkauf aber NICHT teurer! Alle Preise bleiben gleich! :) ► Viel Spaß beim Anschauen! Ich freue mich über Bewertungen und Kommentare!

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Festival Broadway de Evolution Gym diciembre de 2013

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HAI GUYS HALO SEMUANYAAAA H-3 ANNIVERSARRY 7 TAHUN ONE DIRECTION YAAAAAA HERE YOU GO, I PRESENT TO ALL OF YOU MY 1ST #ACTION1D VIDEO BTW MAAF, EDITANNYA SALAH, IT SUPPOSED TO BE #CHALLENG4 NOT #CHALLENG5 I’m trying not to sing all this 1D Songs. dan apakah aku berhasil? wkwkwk buat kalian yang gabut, sok yuk ikutan main wkwk remember if you sing, you lose! Hahaha selain nyanyi, bergumam, joget2 sama goyang2in kepala juga nggak boleh yaaa wkwkwk technically kalian cuma liat me reacting on this video by Shaden styles (link on the description below) because aku juga nggak terlalu jago ngedit videonya huhuhu.. maaf juga kalo tiba-tiba suaranya kecil terus jadi kenceng banget wkwkwkwk my suggestion, put your headset on. wkwkwkwk. thankyou udah mampir yaaaa jangan lupa tinggalin hastag #DIRECTSOLID and again i'm still sorry for the bad resolution, bad sounds, and bad quality of the video.. cameranya belom pro.. #GapapaJelekYangPentingSombong right? iya buat yang mau Subscribe silahkan buat yang gamau, yaudah gapapa.. SERAH.. don't forget to LIKE, Comment and SUBS SUBS SUBS Subscribe.. (itu juga kalo mau) Camera : Handphone Camera – XIAOMI RedMi 2, 14 MegaPixels Aplikasi Edit : - Viva Video – For Android (cara ngilangin watermark dan memperpanjang durasinya, aku beli ke Google Pay) Credit Song : - Night Changes by One Direction ( thanks to : - Shaden styles : If you sing you lose challenge (One Direction edition) ( One Direction VEVO ( The Boys : - Zayn VEVO ( - NiallHoran VEVO ( - LouisTomlinson VEVO ( - LiamPayne VEVO( - HarryStyles VEVO ( My Channel Content : #CHALLENG (Challenge Nyeleweng) #NACOS (Nada Cover Song) NADA-ADA AJA : #MyOpinionAbout, Prank, Makeup, Unboxing, Review, React. My Social Media Accounts : Instagram, Twitter : @nadarumpuspita Snapchat, : nadaacaa Facebook, SoundCloud, Path : Nada Arumpuspita e-mail : TERIMAKASIH!


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