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Pollution in delhi ncr, O shaped Ring floated in Air & what is this, which type of smoke is this.Saw this in Gurgaon reason, mene aise shape ka smoke kabhi nahi dekha hai.Mujhe nahi pata ye kya hai or kaha se aya hai? Ager aapko pata ho to ya kisi ne kabhi aisa smoke dekha ho to jarur btaiyega. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Stream + download RACKS IN THE MIDDLE Directed by Sergio Film Scored by AVAA Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd Follow Nipsey Hussle on socials: #RacksInTheMiddle #NipseyHussle #RoddyRicch


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This device will test and heal all Nixie Tubes you know. Universal PRO Nixie Tube Tester will test all Nixie Tubes you know. Additional tester functionality is the ability to regenerate/heal nixie tubes. The tester allows you to connect 22 different sockets for several dozen nixie tubes and nixie tube drivers. Features & Specifications Healing nixie tubes - cathode poisoning reversal Testing nixie tubes - manual/auto option Testing nixie drivers e.g. 74141, K155ID1 etc... Autodetection 13 & 15 segment nixie tubes Diagnostic and measurements outputs (current, voltages) Outputs for external tubes connections (anode, 15 cathodes) 21 PCB testing points (A...U) for assembly troubleshooting Dimensions: 55 x 90 x 170 mm Perfect quality housing (color: red, blue, black), laser-cut and engraved 22 tube sockets compatible Power on/off switch & LED indicator Current adjustment: 1-20mA Voltage adjustment: 140-200V Frequency adjustment: 1-10Hz External power supply: 12V; 1A DC; plug diameter 2.5 x 5.5 mm; center pin positive+ Perfect Quality Components Laser cutted and engraved housing components Gold plated pcb board Solid electronic components Dedicated carton packaging for sockets Why Self Assembly Kit Easy to assemble (without smd components) Well-prepared documentation Educational value - you can always learn something new Because it's fun to build Individual support Exchangeable Tube Sockets 22 sockets available for dozen different tubes and nixie drivers Each socket have the same form-factor Acrylic housing Easy to assemble and use Dedicated carton packaging

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Stream + download VICTORY LAP: Directed by Film Scored by AVAA Video Commissioners: Joseph Boyd & Emmanuelle Cuny Follow Nipsey Hussle on socials:

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Heute modellieren wir Nixie Röhren :) Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß mit dem Tutorial und hoffe, es ist etwas hilfreiches für Euch dabei. // Today we model Nixie Tubes :) I wish you much fun with this tutorial and hope it is helpful for you. More of my works and some free downloads you will find on my website... If you find time, I would appreciate when you visit my Facebook and maybe like it ;) .:: PLEASE DONATE ;) ::. Wenn Euch meine Downloads und Tutorials gefallen, würde ich mich über eine freiwillige Spende freuen. // If you like my download and tutorials, I would appreciate a voluntary donation. .:: LINKS ::. Buy "Nikomedias Scene Rig Pro" for only 10€ (All future updates for free): Buy "Nikomedias Scene Rig Ultimate" for only 15€ (All future updates for free): Buy "Nikomedias OCTANE Rig Pro" for only 10€ (All future updates for free): .:: DOWNLAODS ::. Project File: "Nikomedias Scene Rig Lite": HDRI Test Layout: Just copy the two files in from the archive to the follwoing folder... "C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D YOUR VERSION\library\layout" .:: PLUGINS & SCRIPTS ::. Maxon Labs: Backup Folder Script: Edit-Optimize Script: Disable SDS Globally: Points to Circle: sIBL Loader: MagicCenter: MagicSolo: Thrausi: Sélections Supplétives: Drop to floor (original from but website does not exist anymore): DualGraph: JPG 8bit to HDRI 32 bit: NIK Collection (Photoshop):

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This is the End... To the Beginning of something Jobless. We End this season of sitting for 10 minutes but it may begin with something new if you saw it now. Special thanks to Lahiru R Also Special thanks to Creative Technologies And Special Thanks for you folks who kept up with it and already figured it out...

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One of the beautiful & most Romantic song of Kishore kumar g from the movie Sharmeelee 1971, performed by Shashi Kapoor & Raakhi. i tried in my voice hope you all like this .Don't forget to Like,Share & Subscribe All credit goes to copyright of music & lyrics of this video belongs to respective companies/music labels/artists/publishers. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Published Date : 2016-11-22T20:35:35.000Z Pocket nixie clock with maritime design. According to the legend - premium watches for senior officers of the naval armed forces. Presented here watch - a watch for officers with the rank of "Commodore / Rear Admiral" The watch has a full format "24 hours" to display the time - 4 nixie tube. The hours are 4 small nixie lights Z-5900. At the bottom of the back of the lid - mounted magnetic quick-disconnect couplings for charging hours. Main material: brass and anodized copper. In these watch - found a strong protective glass to protect the glass nixie tubes. Over time, the clock will be covered - a natural patina. Right - button (with initials) to view time. Left - two small buttons to set the hours and minutes. Diameter hours - 60 millimeters. Thickness hours - 22 millimeters. Included - wooden stand with quick-disconnect couplings for charging (will be presented later). Warning - not protected against water. Inside - a dangerous voltage of 170 volts. Avoid ingestion - moisture and water !!! ... This design may differ slightly from the picture. I want that to each of my product - was individual difference. And please understand - it is made with love and respect. Maybe something where there is a small little problem - it is handmade.

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Stream + download VICTORY LAP: Directed by: Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd Follow Nipsey Hussle on socials:

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My journey into building something that I am constantly nervous will eventually blow up. I’ve always liked the look of a Nixie Tube Clock. They are Cold War Era clocks that are now seen as steampunk with metal coils in glass casings. I decided I wanted to build one, but the whole process was a lot harder than I anticipated. With some help from plenty of people at SparkFun who actually know how to work with electronics and lots of moral support from my puppy Nel, it sorta works. See the full blog here:

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Stream + download VICTORY LAP: Directed by : Film Scored by AVAA Video Commissioner: Emmanuelle Cuny Follow Nipsey Hussle on socials:

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ENJOY this latest song of Guru Randhawa with Neha Kakkar MORNI BANKE Video from the movie BADHAAI HO. Music give by Tanishk Bagchi, lyrics by Mellow D. Badhaai ho movie release on 19 October 2018. Song - Morni Banke Movie - Badhaai Ho Release date- 19 October 2018 Star cast - Ayushmaan Khurrana Musician - Tanishk Bagchi Singer - Guru Randhawa, Neha Kakkar Lyrics - Mellow D Music labels - T series Kithe chali ae morni ban ke Whatsapp Status video song. Kithe chali hai morni ban ke lyrics: Badhaai ho Cathwalk wali baby hai teri chaal Backless suit vich lagdi kamal Ho kithe chali jaandi ae, aaha Ho kithe chali jaandi ae, oho Tainu puchna hai ikko hi sawaal Ho dass de kanwari ae Ya kise de tu naal Kyun dooren dooren jaandi ae, aha Jaan kadd jaani ae, oho Enne vi nakhre tu kar na sohniye Dil mera terr layi dhadke Ni aaj phir kithe, aaj phir kithe Aaj phir kithe chali aa Morni banke morni banke Sunday to laike saturday tak Karde wait teri khat ke Ni aaj phir kithe chali ae Morni banke morni banke, Jado nachdi kudi tu badi hot lagdi Uff husna di rani by God lagdi,oho -2 Jado kole aake kardi ae smile kudiye Kise shayar da viral jeha thought lagdi Lakku nu anna lean kera ke Tight wali jean chdha ke Ho gaye ne sab challe Ni aaj phir kithe chali ae Morni banke morni banke Lagda tu vi hat ke sohneya Dil tu lai gaya kadd ke sohneya Aayi tere layi saj dhaj ke Ni aaj phir kithe chali, aaj phir kithe Aaj phir kithe chali aen Morni banke morni banke Teri ore main chali aan Morni banke morni banke-2 Balle balle balle balle -2 👉This video is only for Entertainment purpose, all copyright is belongs to respective owners, Directors, musicians, singer, producer, music labels of the movie & Song. If any issue with this video then please mail me on - ( I will delete this video immediately.

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Check out our website and follow us on facebook Music by JewelBeat (Lady Cool Breeze)

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For the last few years I've being trying to find a ready-made nixie clock that I could recommend. This video shows what I've found - and the links below will take you to the ebay stores that both make and sell these clocks. ---------------BUY----------------------- MILLCLOCK - (The smaller clock with no alarm) (if this model is sold out, see what else the seller has in their store - as they make a few different designs) Click your Country: UK US CA DE AU NL CHRONIX - (The bigger clock with an alarm) (They make a number of designs, so this link goes to the store). Click your Country: UK US CA DE AU NL UPDATE: November 2017 - The Milliclock guys have a Kickstarter for a Nixie Watch you might be interested in -------------SUPPORT--------------- This channel can be supported through Patreon Patreon Supporters often get to see videos early. ---------------SUBSCRIBE------------------ A MESSAGE TO PATREON SUPPORTERS A massive thanks to everyone who supports this channel through Patreon - many of these videos would not be possible without your donations. From this video onwards you'll see the end of the video includes the names of everyone who's donated $5 a month or more. I thought I should really do something to recognise this amazing generosity. I really would have liked to show the names of everyone who has contributed, regardless of the amount pledged. Unfortunately there are way too many people to thank on screen, however every donation counts and contributes immensely towards making these videos better, so thank you for your help. ------AFFLIATED LINKS/ADVERTISING NOTICE------- All links are Affiliated where possible. When you click on links to various merchants posted here and make a purchase, this can result in me earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network & Amazon. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to AMAZON Sites (including, but not limited to Amazon US/UK/DE/ES/FR/NL/IT/CAN)

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Uth Ja Apni Rakh Se Tu Uth Ja Ab Talaash Me aaega Apna Time Aaega, aaega Tu nanga hi to aya tha kya ghanta lekar jaega aaega apna time aaaega, is very ENERGETIC Song from the movie GULLY BOY, starer Ranveer Singh & Alia Bhutt. Gully boys movie release on 14 February 2019 on Valentine's day. Movie is dedicated to all street Rap singers & their struggle. Song - Apna Time Aaega Movie - Gully Boy Starcast - Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhutt Singer - Ranveer Singh Music Labels - Zee music company lyrics - Divine and Ankur Tewari Movie release date - 14 February 2019. Apna Time aaega lyrics best lines of gully boy uth ja apni raakh se tu uth ja ab talaash mein parwaaj dekh parwaane ki aasmaan bhi sar uthaega aaega, apna time aaega mere jesa shana lala tujhe na mil paega ye sabdo ka jwala meri bediya pighlaega jitna tune boya hai tu utna hi to khaega aisa mera khwaab hai jo dar ko bhi sataaega zinda mera khwaab ab tu kese ye dafnaaega aub Hausle se jine de ab khauf nhi hai seene mein har raaste ko cheerenge hum kaamyaabi cheenenge sab kuch mila paseene se matalab bana ab jeene mein kyun kyoki apana time aaega kyoki apana time aaega kyoki apna time aayega tu nanga hi to aya tha kya ghanta lekar jaaega kisi ka hath nahi tha sir per aaega apna time aaega tere bhai jesa koi hardich nahi hai

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Listen this beautiful Beat Music of Akh Lad Jave new song of Loveratri movie. AKH LAD JAAVE Whatsapp Status video song. Performed by Ayush Sharma & Warina Hussain & BADSHAH, Enjoy this Song. Don't forget to Like 👍 SHARE 🤝SUBSCRIBE 🔔 Song - Akh Lad Jaave Movie - Loveratri Singer- Badshah, Asees Kaur, Jubin Nautiyal Directed by Lyrics - Tanishk Bagchi & Badshah Produced by SALMAN KHAN This video is only for entertainment purpose i am not earning any revenue from this video. All Copyrights of this video is belongs to respected owners of this film director, star cast, producers, & music label. i am not owning any content of this video. If any issue with this video then please contact me on - ( I will Remove this video immediately. thanks Akh Lad Jaave Lyrics: Shuru Akh lad jaave saari raat nind na aave Menu bada tadpaave Dil chain kahi na paave paave paave.-2 Khann khann khann choodi Teri khann khann khann khanke re Khann khann khann khann khann Aaah Vekh vekh k chehra mera dil ye dhak dhak dhadke re Dil ye dhak dhak dhadke. Tarsaave tere bin yeh reh na paave paave paave. Mahi jo tu na aave aave aave. Jo akh lad jaave BADSHAH RAP E e e Le gayi meri jaan,haan teri ek look Badshah k gaane ki jaise koi hook Dekh k chaanda bhi gaya tujhe chup Baat meri sunn baby bilkul chupp-2 Main bawli hu teri tu jaan hai na meri Bus pyaar hi maga kis baat ki hai deri -2 Aaja chal tu mere saath yaara chal tu Yeh raat kabhi na aave aave aave Akh lad jaave saari raat nind na aave Menu bada tadpave, Dil chain kahi na paave paave paave.... Loveratri new song, Akh lad jaave new song, akh lad jaave video song, akh lad jave Lyrics, akh lad jaave full song, akh lad jaave music, akh lad jaave Whatsapp Status video, akh lad jave, Loveratri new song akh lad jave,

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Offering myself to do mixing & mastering and music production: Nixie Audio: Ghost Production: FLP Download: Instrumental: Donate here: Please subscribe! :) Follow me on Soundcloud: Follow me on Twitter: Like my Facebook page: Zendaya Offcial Website: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook:

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Almost 20 years ago I was doing some experimentation with making decorative flowers out of neon lamps. I did two versions. One with a resistor per neon so they all lit, and one with a bit of circuitry to try and create a random effect where the light moved between the flowers petals. It requires all matching neon lamps from the same batch for the best results. In this video I put them into a repurposed glass dome base to protect them from dust and damage, and also to protect inquisitive fingers, since they operate at mains voltage. Note that this circuit is running at 240V so if you want to try the same thing with 110V you will need to swap the 470K resistor for something much lower like 100K. The circuit is very sensitive to ambient light and electrical fields. When first powered up a single neon may light, but when left running continually it will gradually evolve. Power consumption for several flowers is a fraction of a watt. If you like my videos you can toss me a dollar for coffee and cookies at

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JLCPCB Prototype for $2 (Any Color): I was contacted by JLCPCB a few months ago about their interest in potentially sponsoring some of my projects and providing pcbs to speed things along. So I thought to myself what I could do as a first sponsored project that I've always wanted to do but kept putting off ... NIXIES!!! So after watching Dave Jones over at the EEVBLOG build something similar I decided to take my own jab at designing and programming a nixie clock from scratch (well mostly other than a few power supply modules bought off ebay). In this video I go through the general design, construction and lessons learned while taking on this project. The biggest takeaway is I need to more carefully consider power supply dissipation and order obsolete, critical parts well in advance. This clock would've been complete over a month ago if it weren't for the slow shipping and the seller sending the wrong tubes the first time around. I'd like to give a huge thanks for JLCPCB for supporting me through the process and giving me a reason to complete a project that I honestly should have done years ago. If you want super fast turn around time on quality circuit boards for a ridiculously low price. PCB, Schematic, and PIC Software Files: More technical info and pics: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've posted a link for Ebay purchase referrals. If you use the link below then I get a small kickback from your purchase (it will cost you nothing, I just get paid for referring customers). Special thanks to Eric Skiff for freely providing the music used in this video off his album Resistor Anthems. His music can be found at Visit my site: My RGB Gameboy Backlight Controller is now available at!!! Use the code SJM (all caps) to receive 10% off of your order! ICStation Affiliate Link: Code: sjmics Discount Amount: 15% off Max Use: 1 (one for per user) Amount Limit: 300 Consider supporting me on Patreon:

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I decided to take some time and build a casing for my Nixie tube clock. I went with a steam punk look as I like that look and you can throw something together quickly with spare parts from around the shop. If you haven't seen Nixie tubes before I suggest checking them out. They look really tech and steam punk. They were used back in the 70s and as far as I know, they don't make them anymore. So the ones that are left are being refurbished or coming from old stock leftover from way back when. I hope you enjoy. A Subscribe and Like would be appreciated as well. Cheers.

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♥️ Dhadak ♥️ Best love Dialogues, ( I LOVE YOU, aub tu bhi bol Manne sharam aawe hai,Sharam awe hai,ek Lappar lagaungi, I LOVE YOU TOO.)♥️ dhadak movie best scenes. Dhadak movie best Romantic Dialogues & best scene of Dhadak Movie - DHADAK Release date 20 july 2018. Music - zee music Production - Dharma production dhadak whatsapp satus, dhadak movie song.dhadak whatsapp status female version. Indian Bollywood Songs,indian Bollywood film ,

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Watch the official music video of “Nikki Sixx" Produced by Doobie Shot by DreamVision Doobie on Tour: Lyrics: See Doobie on Tour: Stream/Download Doobie's "Nikki Sixx " now: Listen to Doobie on Soundcloud: Follow Doobie:

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Heart touching bidaai song.i tried in my voice , plz LISTEN & (SUBSCRIBE) for more songs .if you like then SHARE. Cover Song by me Nivedita All credit goes to - Original Singer - Harshdeep kaur,Shankar mahadevan,Vibha saraf. Label -Zeemusic company. Director- Meghna gulzar, Production- Dharma production. , Thank you. Stay happy & fit. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Recycle your used Corrugated Boxes.Hello friends ye channel mene aaplogo k liye bnaya hai jisme me apni kuch creativity aap tak pohcha saku or aap bhi uska use kare, hmaare ghar me bahot se waste materials hote hai jese Packing Boxes, Bottles, Bear Bottles, Dairy Cover, Cards or hume pta nh chlta ki hum kya kare & finally we throw it out so use your creativity and you make them Usefull. So plz subscribe and share corrugated recycling boxes, cardboard trash receptacles corrugated cardboard, cardboard recycling, recycled shipping boxes how to use waste wall clock corrugated boxes. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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In this video we will take a look at the Nixie Tube Clock kit that I bought off Ebay. After wanting a nixie clock for a couple of months I finally gave in while I was on my Christmas break. The first time I had ever seen a Nixie clock was while I was watching Tomorrowland, it was only shown for a few minutes, but that was I all needed to become obsessed. I scrambled to the internet entering in awkward search terms like "vacuum tube clock", "orange number clock", and "Tomorrowland clock" until I finally ran into a Google forum informing me about what it actually was. Soon after I headed straight to Amazon to look for one, I was extremely disappointed when I was met with price tags that exceeded $300. Ebay was a little bit better but I was still seeing kits that were $100+ and that was way above my budget. The 4-digit clocks were in my price range but I just had to have the constant motion of a 6-digit Nixie equipped with second digits. After keeping my eye out for a couple months I was ecstatic when I finally came across a 6-digit clock within my budget. I hit the "buy it now option" and nine days later I had the kit in my hands. Assembling the kit was challenging for me. There were a tone of surface mounted resistors and diodes which took FOREVER to solder to the board. The LED's which mount behind the tubes were incredibly small and also a pain to handle. Besides that, everything else was pretty straight forward. The seller sent me a very helpful manual which contained detailed diagrams, pictures, and a schematic. I am very happy with this clock! It looks awesome and I had an absolute blast assembling it. After using it for a little I have noticed that the programming is a little buggy, sometimes the clock will not set properly. Though, so far this is the only issue I have had with it and really this is a very small flaw. The clock is absolutely beautiful and something that I am very proud to display on my desk. HD images and article on my website: PDF: Ebay Seller:

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Student Of The Year 2 official Trailer is out now. Have a short look of this New Upcoming Bollywood Movie 2019 with New Bollywood Stars like Ananya Pandey, Tara Sutaria & Enjoy Student Of The Year part 2 Full Movie in Theatre on 10 May 2019. Movie : Student Of The Year 2 Director : Karan Johar Production : Dharma Production Star Cast : Ananya pandey, Tiger Shroff & Tara sutaria. Singer : Neha Kakkar Movie Release on 10 May 2019.

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Romantic ♥️ song of DHADAK movie, beautiful performed by ishaan Khattar & janhvi kapoor, please suniyega its my cover song so if you like then don't forget to Like 👍& Share, Please Subscribe too for more songs. Song - Dhadak Title Track, new song 2018 Movie release on 20 july 2018, Star cast- Ishaan khattar & Janhvi Kapoor Music-Ajay- Atul Zeemusiccompany. all credit goes to Respected Original singer Cast & related comapnys/Labels. Dhadak Lyrics : Jo meri manjilo ko jaati hai, Tere naam ki koi sadak hai na.... Jo mere dil ko dil bnaati hai, tere naam ki koi dhadak hai na -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Indian Bollywood Songs,music,hindi songs,hindi audio songs, Bollywood music, Bollywood songs

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Steve Jobs movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Woz (Seth Rogen) confronts Steve (Michael Fassbender) over their changing relationship and the impending failure of the NeXT Computer. FILM DESCRIPTION: This incisive biographical drama written by Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing) explores the genius and shortcomings of computing guru Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) through the lens of three product launches. CREDITS: TM & © Universal (2015) Cast: Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogen Director: Danny Boyle Producers: Mark Gordon, Guymon Casady, Christian Colson, Bernard Bellew, Scott Rudin, Jason Sack, Danny Boyle, Lauren Lohman Screenwriters: Aaron Sorkin, Walter Isaacson WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: ComingSoon: Indie & Film Festivals: Hero Central: Extras: Classic Trailers: Pop-Up Trailers: Movie News: Movie Games: Fandango: Fandango FrontRunners: HIT US UP: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr:

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Jugglers Pointe is a family owned business where people of all walks of life can come together to learn how to play Juggling and skill building toys of all kinds. Traveling from renaissance festivals to music festivals across our country, Lance, Nixi and Elan are ready to teach you something new and beneficial for your system.

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We're on Facebook & Twitter :D Find us at - Twitter: @NixieinThePond


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Watch the official music video for "Grinding All My Life / Stucc In The Grind" by Nipsey Hussle. Pre-order VICTORY LAP out 2/16: Follow Nipsey Hussle on socials: SUBSCRIBE for more: More WorldstarHipHop: Shop WorldStar: WorldstarHipHop is home to everything entertainment & hip hop. The #1 urban outlet responsible for breaking the latest premiere music videos, exclusive artist content, entertainment stories, celebrity rumors, sports highlights, interviews, comedy skits, rap freestyles, crazy fights, eye candy models, the best viral videos & more. Since 2005, WorldstarHipHop has worked with some of our generation's most groundbreaking artists, athletes & musicians - all who have helped continue to define our unique identity and attitude. We plan on continuing to work with only the best, so keep an eye out for all the exciting new projects / collaborations we plan on dropping in the very near future.

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Listen this very 💓 touching Sad song from TUM BIN movie. If you like then please 👍 Subscribe and Share. Trubute to Sridevi & my dad too because i m her fan too like others. Song - Tum Bin Title song Movie - Tum Bin -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Please Listen this Beautiful & Meaningful Song Chokh puraao maati Rangaao, aaj mere piyaa ghar aavenge. Originally sung by Our Favourite kailash Kher. I tried this song in my voice hope you enjoy this song. Please Like 👍 Share & Subscribe. Your Support is my inspiration so please Support. Song - piya Ghar Aavenge Original Singer - Kailash Kher Female Cover Version by me. Piya Ghar Aavenge kailsh Kher Lyrics chokh puraao, maati rangaao aaj mere piya ghar aavenge aaj mere piyaa ghar aavenge khabar sunaau jo, khushi re btaau jo aaj mere piyaa ghar aavenge, aaj mere piya ghar aavenge, ho ri koi kaajal laao ri mohe kala tika lagaao ri unki chhab se dikhu me to pyaari

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So Melodious Music.Listen this tu jo nahi hai to.bollywood music Don't forget to 👍, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE. Song - tu jo nahi hai Instrumental ,only music Movie - Wo lamhe.

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"you ain't nothing but a troublemaker..." I've been waiting so long for uploading this! I love this show and I'm really happy I could make a video of my favourite ship from this series - Cam and Nixie. I'm planning to do more videos of these two and also of Zac and Lyla... I hope you like it :) I OWN ANYTHING! • clips: mako mermaids (season 1) • music: olly murs - troublemaker • editing by me (ASLIRI) Sorry for the mistakes.

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I use a NodeMCU (ESP8266) device to drive B7971 nixie tubes using 8 x 74HC595 shift registers and 8 x SN75468 high voltage transistor arrays. I talk about the code that makes this work, including using a Lua table to create a lookup table mapping characters to hex values that are sent to the shift registers to light the correct segments on the Nixie display. The Lua code is available here: See also:

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Listen this Beautiful Romantic Song 🎶 Pal ♥️from Jalebi Movie. This Soulful Melodious song is originally sung by Arjit Singh & Shreya Ghoshal. I tried this song in my voice hope you all like this. Your Support is my Inspiration so please Like 👍 Share & Subscribe. Song - Pal jalebi movie Movie - Jalebi 2018 Singer - Arjit singh Pal female cover version by me. Pal lyrics - Kunal Vermaa, Prashant ingole . Composer - Javed mohsin Lyrics of Pal jalebi Song Pal ek pal mein hi tham sa gya, Tu hath me hath jo de gaya Chalun me jahaan jaye tu, daaye me tere baayein tu Hu rut mein hawaaein tu, Saathiya. hansu main jab gaaye tu roun mai murjhaaye tu bheegun main barsaaye tu saathiya Saaya mera hai teri shakal haal hai aisa kuch aajkal subah main hoon tu dhoop hai main aaina hoon tu roop hai ye tera sath khoob hai Humsafar.. pal ek pal

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I like them better together. And I love this trio! I've really missed editing Mako Mermaids, and I can't wait to edit more of it soon. I'm very proud of this edit so I hope you guys like it! Thank you so much for watching ♥︎ Want me to edit something out of your wish? Submit your requests here: ❅ video details coloring: mine program used: final cut pro, sony vegas pro - If the video says that it's not available to watch, try watch it on a computer instead. I don't know why but sometimes that issue shows up on phones, iPads, etc. So the best solution is to watch it with a computer. ❅ contact me ➝ email: ➝ direct message on Instagram: @crystalmaiid my second editing channel: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Steal my videos and I’ll hunt you down. ----------------------------------------------------------------- All rights go to Jonathan M. Shiff Productions. ----------------------------------------------------------------- tags: [ #h2ojustaddwater #makomermaids ] Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Child Safety Tips In Hindi, GOOD TOUCH OR BAD TOUCH .Everything is important for our kids but self safty is MORE IMPORTANT ,No one can take care our children's better then us, plz himmat kariye or bina jijhke apne chote baccho se baat karie taaki unhe sab pehle se pata ho,kya bad touch or kya good touch,baccho ko har situation k liye ready karna hmara hi kaam hai or koi nahi aaega btane. Boy ho ya girl sabko pata hona chahiye. plz SHARE. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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💔Heartless💔 Badshah New song its So melodious song with Beautyful Music.This song is from Badshah album O.n.e - Original never ends. Story behind this song is a little girl & her last wish to meet badshah & badshah meets her secretly. But media said badshah is heartless because he don't care about that dying fan. Song - Heartless Album - O.n.e (Original Never Ends) Singer - Badshah & Aastha Gill Lyrics - Badshah Music - Badshah Music label - Sony Music Its Female Cover Version in my voice hope you all like this. As Support please Like, Share & Subscribe. Heartless Badshah rap. 👉This video is only for Entertainment purpose i am not earning any revenue from this video. All Copyright is belongs to Respected owners of this video badshah & Aastha gill. i am not the owner of the video, i use this music just because of showing my singing. but still if you any problem with this video then please Mail me for deleting this. Mail me - ( Heartless Lyrics - Badshah mainu tu le ja kitthe door mereya haniya menu tu le ja kitthe door, jitthe pyar diya raawan, jitthe thandiyan hawaan jitthe ambro barasda noor mere haaniya menu tu lai ja kitthe door, mereya haaniya menu tu le ja kitthe door Badshah Rap heartless mujhe maloom hai mera chehra tere dil ka sukoon hai kehne ko door hai, dil k kareeb hai paise ka nasha bhi jaane jaana ek junoon hai, tujhe kese me bataau, tu kitni masoom hai mujhe pata hai tu hai pareshan kyonki meri pehli album, pichle do saalo se coming soon hai, per tu himmat na haar dil chota mat kar sath mere chal mera haath pakar kar aakho me aashu leke soya na kar, badshah ki jaan hai tu roya na kar.... menu tu lai jaa kitthe door mreya haaniya menu tu le ja kitthe door gaane they sunte hum earphone ki ek taar tere kaan me,ek mere kaan me, seene pr rakh k sar, sitaaro ko ungli se jod jod k banaati thi tasveere aasman me, yaad hai mujhe sab, bhula nahi main, tere se reh k door, pura nahi hu main maana hu majboor, bura nahi hu main, naa chod aise aas, aau me ter paas, jaise registan me kisi pyaase ko paaani jaise, marne k baad koi aakhiri nishaani jaise, saanse miley ussey jiska nikalne walaho dum, aise milenge hum. menu tu lai ja kitthe door.

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Zindagi yu Gale Aa Lagi Hai - Sajde from Kill Dill movie, Originally Sung by all favorite ARJIT SINGH. Performed by Ranveer Singh & Parineeti Chopra. Like, Share & SUBSCRIBE for more songs. I tried this beautiful song in my voice so hope you all like it. Feel the song lyrics & Enjoy. Song - Sajde (zindagi u gale aa lagi hai) Singer - Arjit Singh Stars - Ranveer Singh & Parineeti Chopra Movie - Kill Dill Female cover version- Nivedita Lyrics- Gulzar zindagi u gale aa lagi hai lyrics sajde : O zindagi u gale aa lagi hai,aa lagi hai, koi khoya hua barso k baad aa gaya, O pheeke phike they din raat mere, sath mere Chhua tune to jeene ka swaad aa gya, Ek tarah k awara thhey ek tarah ki awaragee Diwane to pehle bhi they ab aur tarah ki deewangi, Sajde bichawa ve, O gali gali, o gali gali, o gali gali, jis sehar vich mera yaar vasda, kamana painda hai, o khadke, o khadke, o itthey rab na koi udhaar labhda, Ek khwaab ne aakhe kholi hai, kya mod aya hai kahaani mein, wo bheeg rahi hai baarish mein, or aag lagi hai pani mein, khwaabi khwaabi si lagti hai duniya aakho me ye kya bhar raha hai marne ki aadat lagi thi or jeene ko jee kar raha hai, pehle to begaani nagri mein, humko kisi ne poocha na thaa, Sara sehar jab maan gaya to lagta hai kyo koi rutha na thaa, sajde vichhawan ve o gali gali, o gali gali, gali gali jis sehar vich mera yaar vasda kama painda hai o khadke, o khadke o itthey rab a koi udhaar labhda.

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Me Tenu Samjhawan Ki Reprise, this beautyful song sung by many singers but i tried in my voice too, hope you all like this song, please Like ,Share & Subscribe. Thank you. Song - Main Tenu Samjhawan ki movie - Humpty Sharma ki dulhaniya Star cast - Varun Dhawan & Alia bhatt -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Listen this New version of AAKH MAARE From SIMBA movie. Full of masti in this new PARTY Song. I tried Female part of this song hope you all like it. Beautifully performed by RANVEER SINGH & SARA ALI KHAN, If you like then please 👍 SHARE & Subscribe. Your one like or Share is my Inspiration. Song - Aakh maare Movie - Simba Singer - Mikka Singh & Neha Kakkar Music - T series Female cover version by me . This video is only for Entertainment purpose. If any issues with this video & audio song then please mail me. I will remove this.

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Listen this beautiful song Ye Mera Dil Pyar Ka Diwana from DON movie. One of the best song of Asha Taai from the movie DON, performed by Helan, starer Amitabh Bachchan & Zeenat Amaan. I tried this song in my voice hope you like this. Need your Support so Don't Forget to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE. Song - Ye mera Dil Movie - Don old movie Singer - Asha Bhonsle Star cast - Amitabh Bacchan, Zeenat Aman & Helan All copyright belongs to the Respected Companies/record labels/or artists/publishers as featured.we dont wish to use video for any commercial activity. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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hello kids, in this video you can find a easy way to make paper flower at home. Its a Simple craft ideas for every one. Make paper flower by yourself at home & decorate your home, school craft, office. in this video you can find tutorial for paper flower making in hindi. how to make paper flower at home in hindi, handmade flowers, handmade paper flowers, home decor through paper flower. please SHARE & SUBSCRIBE. Thank you -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pehli Baar Hai Ji Song- Dhadak | Ajay -Atul | ishaan Khattar & Janhvi Kapoor | Cover" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-


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