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Published Date : 2017-11-17T21:00:00.000Z

Today we are going to look at beta easter eggs, secrets, mysteries, features, modes, levels, maps, areas, models, zones, enemies, bosses and objects from sonic mania for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This game is part of the whole sonic franchise which features games like sonic forces, sonic boom, sonic colors, sonic generations and many others. And this game has a ton of unused/early build/ beta content! We get to these hidden gems by using glitches, hacks, cheats and looking through the files. In this game we see all the classic sonic characters again for example knuckles, tails, dr.eggman, sonic the hedgehog and there are even hints that metal sonic and amy were supposed to be in the game. We are gonna look at areas like green hill zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Titanic Monarch Zone, Press Garden Zone and many more. MORE awesome videos!: ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­--- Thiefbugs Stream - Dr.Wily's yt Channel - Source - or thiefbug himself ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­-----

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◤Subscribe to JOIN the Armada!◢: Sonic Mania Lost and Cut Content and Unused Secrets | HiddenBlocks - Tallest Flash (Debug Mode) Sonic Mania HiddenBlocks! Hey everybody and welcome back to a series where we play out the entirety of a game and see some of the cool cut, lost, and unused content that can be found along the way. This episode, we're gonna be playing Sonic Mania for the PC using Debug mode and just seeing all the cool cut content and lost and unused secrets we can find using debug mode! If you enjoy, feedback is appreciated :) Sonic Mania Sonic Mania Debug Mode Sonic Mania Unused Content Sonic Mania Beta Sonic Mania Cut Content _________________________________________________________________ Next Video :D Check out some more videos of Tallest Flash Season 2! ◤Mega Maker, Make Your Own Mega Man Levels! - Tallest Flash (Mega Man Mario Maker Fangame Review)◢: Social Media ◤Twitter◢: @TallestFlash - Chat or give me some feedback :D Credits: GreffMASTER Science Amy Glitch Love tester beta: ◤Music from◢: CosmicGem m9m Loeder Sonic 3, and Mania. All rights go to their respective holders _________________________________________________________________ If you're reading this, type in the comments, "I'm too lazy to think of anything clever here lol" and I'll pin the first one I see. -Tallest Flash

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Thank you for 750 subs! :D With a couple of tricks, I got the enemy from Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 2 Retro working in game. Doesn't need any extra coding tricks, just edits palettes, the scene, the StageConfig, and the GameConfig.bin. Enjoy!

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Sonic Mania is here!! And with all the great review scores dropping in, why not celebrate its release by learning how it all came together, thanks to a group of hackers and modders. Enjoy! I have a Twitter! And a Discord server (i.e. chat room) Want to learn more about Sonic Mania? Check out my friend's videos too! * Off Camera Secrets (Shesez): * Glitches (A+Start): * Our Review (Game Club Podcast): Sources: Sonic X-Treme Footage: Sonic CD Demonstration: Sonic Mania Reveal Trailer:

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Yes, I basically changed Sonic's animation to Tails' and switched out their bins (which makes his tails go a bit wonky since they're not there in some sprites). It does look cool ingame, though.

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Today we are going to take a look super mario maker, a level building super mario bros game by nintendo for the wii u. In this game you can create the hardest levels and do all kinds of challenges like 10 Mario Challenge, Course World and more. There are 4 2d styles you can choose from like Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. U, sadly enough no 3d titles like super mario galaxy, super mario 3d land or any others. However that might be added in a new version of the game, can you even imagine the new super mario odyssey from the nintendo switch in a super mario maker game? Would be epic. But today we are look at the games beta/unused mysteries, secrets, graphics, enemies, items and more. We get to these files and stuff using glitches, cheats, hacks and looking through the files. Now let's see what's hidden there! ALL FOOTAGE IS FROM TCRF SO GO THERE FOR THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS AND I ALSO USED FOOTAGE OF CEAVEGAMING. MORE awesome videos!: ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­--- Thiefbugs Stream - Dr.Wily's yt Channel - Source - or thiefbug himself ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­-----

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Published Date : 2018-03-05T01:31:11.000Z

Another leftover from Hidden Palace. Got a request to put it in a level. I used the same files as my last video for Redz ( but with edits. Mania Modding Discord - My Steam - My GameBanana -

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Ok, so lots of people saying in the comments "This should have been reused as a knuckles only boss." so besides it having the S on him for Sonic, here is what the boss looks like at what I think is the proper spawning height and location. a different method was used to spawn in the boss this time not unrestricted debug but a method I call object hijacking.i had wanted to replace the Egg TV with another unused TV but sadly because of how the game layers things it was in front of the boss. so it had to be scrapped.

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Published Date : 2017-11-30T22:37:51.000Z

Added the Flame.wav to the StageConfig so it plays properly. Enjoy the unused enemy. I'll be sending the files on the Sonic Mania Modding Discord.

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Today we are going to look at beta easter eggs, secrets, mysteries, features, enemies, areas, map, characters, bosses, stages, designs and objects from super smash bros wii u for the nintendo wii u. There are a ton of games in this series like super smash bros melee, super smash bros brawl, super smash bros 3ds and more. It's characters are taken from a ton of nintendo games like super mario bros, the legend of zelda pokemon, fire emblem, kirby and a lot more. Think of characters like link, zelda, mario, peach, luigi, pikachu, bowser, bowser jr, captain falcon and more. We get to these hidden gems by using glitches, hacks, cheats and looking through the files. And this game has a ton of unused/early build/ beta content that would have a huge impact on everyone, some of these might even be seen in the new super smash bros for the nintendo switch, we might even see that at e3! MORE awesome videos!: ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­--- Thiefbugs Stream - Dr.Wily's yt Channel - Source - or thiefbug himself ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­-----

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Published Date : 2018-02-28T02:42:06.000Z

Since this unused enemy doesn’t get much attention (codenamegamma is the only other person to add this back and make a video), I decided to make a test of it in Quartz Quadrant. There's a ton of unused content in Mania and most people don't even report them; some don't even know it's in there. This specific enemy is the Wisp, a leftover from Sonic 2's Aquatic Ruins. It behaves much like the camera enemy from Studiopolis and that may be why it's in the game. Shoutout to my friend SuperSonic16 for making an entity renaming tool which lets me add this into the stage. Quartz Quadrant Download - (does not include the Wisp) Mania Modding Discord - My Steam - My GameBanana -

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Today I showed you guys some unused Sonic Mania content, stuff that didn't make it to the final game. I know i didn't find as much, but this is all i can find, at least for now. I hope you enjoy / enjoyed the video! More videos by me: Join Discord: Follow me on Twitter: Footage: - Egg Janken "Janken Gapsule": - Love Tester:

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I love you Sega :)

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Today we look at the unused and hidden content of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game and Sonic CD. Sonic, a character created to rival the Mario series, has been going fast since 1991, first appearing on the 16-bit Sega Genesis, also known as the Mega Drive outside of North America. Sources:,_Game_Gear) Songs: Hyper Potions - Tropical Resort (Sonic Colors Remix) Hyper Potions - Time Trials (Sonic Mania Pre-Order Trailer Song) Hyper Potions - Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic The Hedgehog Remix) Follow me on social media: Content from 'The Cutting Room Floor' is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( ( Also, if you'd like to help the show continue, you can pledge a little on Patreon, too! It would be greatly appreciated!

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So i got it in the game with a bit if tinkering i could have done it weeks ago, but I didn't think about it again till now. Sadly it crashed when hitting it. probably because i cannot set the stuff it needs up to work or, it calls some other object that isn't loaded in the stage. so will try a few more things but this is probably going to be it till we can load as many more objects as we want from the game.

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WARNING! THIS IS BETA VERSION! -------------------------------------------- Hi everyone, my mod change pallete color (later sprites too) of Green Hill Zone to Palmtree Panic Zone Bad Future. This is just first version and, of course, include bugs and mistakes (wrong colors of Death Egg Robo and wrong music loop. Later I fix this. -------------------------------------------- What I wanna do later: •Fix colors •Fix music loop •Change name of zone •Change cutscene palletes •Change sprites -------------------------------------------- Download Link: -------------------------------------------- Used mods in this video: •Sonic CD Sound Effects (by Jonathan Biondi) •Sonic CD Walking Animation (by Luria) •Sonic Before & After the Sequel Music (by Fabo) -------------------------------------------- /sorry for my bad language, England is not my city/

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Credits: Luck_ Download: Sonic Mania mods PC mods twitter if you want to donate

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its a challenge since were basically writing new code based on the old code to get this done, theres no good way to go about it. i think it was scrapped because they had these issues and probably decided it would be easier to just copy and paste the player 2 code in there for tails as a fix.

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Sorry for the later upload guys, the editing software started to screw up, meaning i had to sacrifice the outro. This mod changes mania's sprites to the original sonic 2 BETAS ones. DOWNLOAD: I hope you enjoy this video and if you did leave a like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!!

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Sonic Megamix is one of the most famous romhacks of Sonic the Hedgehog 1, created by Team Megamix. This game completely overhauls the game, adding four new playable characters and even getting ported to the Sega CD. Team Megamix was an all star team of hackers, with the most famous of them being Stealth, aka Simon Thomley, who would later go on to help create Sonic Mania. A lot of what ultimately went into Sonic Mania can be seen in Megamix, and thus, for the final Hacktoberfest video, we're looking at beta versions 3.0, 4.0b, and the unofficial 5.0 release of Megamix, and showing how it ultimately is a forebear to Sonic Mania. Check out Megamix's soundtrack composer! Subscribe for more great content! Support us on Patreon! Join us on Discord! Check out our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter! See us on Instagram! We promote our videos with help from research tools such as TubeBuddy. Download Tubebuddy for FREE today, or one of their paid upgrade plans through our affiliate link: Also check out our series "Let's Taco 'Bout Games" right here on this channel! Music From: 4-Eyes 'Ocean Flame Groove' David Saks 'Both Sides Now', 'Tuesday' Additional Music from 'Sonic the Hedgehog 3', 'Sonic 3D Blast', 'Ristar', 'Sega CD 2 Startup', 'Sonic Megamix 4.0', 'Sonic Megamix Unofficial 5.0', and 'Sonic Mania'. #sonicthehedgehog #sonic #sonicmania #sonicforces #sonicmegamix #stealth #hacktoberfest #stuffweplay #review #sonicmaniaplus "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." Thank you for watching!

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Today we are going to look at beta easter eggs, secrets, mysteries, features, enemies, areas, map, dungeons, bosses, shrines, levels and objects from the legend of zelda breath of the wild for the nintendo wii u and switch. This is one of the zelda games with many others in the series like the legend of zelda twilight princess, the legend of zelda ocarina of time, the legend of zelda majora's mask, the legend of zelda a link to the past, the legend of zelda a link between worlds, the legend of zelda the wind waker, the legend of zelda skyward sword and many others. These games have been released on a ton of consoles like the wii, 3ds, nintendo switch, gameboy, gamecube, n64 and a lot more We get to these hidden gems by using glitches, hacks, cheats and looking through the files. And this game has a ton of unused/early build/ beta content that would have a huge impact on link, ganondorf and everyone else! MORE awesome videos!: ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­--- Thiefbugs Stream - Dr.Wily's yt Channel - Source - or thiefbug himself ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­-----

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Today we are going to look at beta easter eggs, secrets, mysteries, features, modes, levels, enemies, rooms, sprites, clothes, gear, weapons and objects from splatoon which was made by nintendo for the wii u. We thought this would be the best time to cover this since the new splatoon 2 for the nintendo switch is finally here. There are a lot of clothing pieces and headgear that wasn't used in the full game and the same goes for the octolings in the games campaign and weapons. So let's see what didn't make the final cut! Summer in the city! - MORE awesome videos!: ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­--- Thiefbugs Stream - Dr.Wily's yt Channel - Source - or thiefbug himself ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­-----

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Today we are going to look at beta easter eggs, secrets, mysteries, test things, beta stuff, levels, items and sound effects of yoshi's woolly world which was made by nintendo for the wii u. Many games came before this one like Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World, Yoshi's Island DS and many more. This little fellow originally came from the super mario bros series and is seen in games like super mario galaxy, super mario 64, super mario maker, new super mario bros u and many more maybe they will even appear in the new super mario odyssey for the nintendo switch. We get to these beta things through hacks, glitches, cheats, exploits and looking through the files. Let's see what's in the files! MORE awesome videos!: ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­--- Thiefbugs Stream - Dr.Wily's yt Channel - Source - or thiefbug himself ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­-----

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Recorded this in a rush on the day of upload since some people are starting to get interested in Heroes. Time to get some of the old stuff I can remember out for the public eye. Marking this as old as this is something I've done/found 7 months ago, this upload is very, very rushed. So hmm... you dig one proto, and another, and another, and another and another and you see that one proto has an object layout for the Test Level... and guess what... it's a 'base' layout for nothing other than Bingo Highway instead, hope lost and one day... I stumbled across something called the Sonic Heroes XBOX Review Copy, is it interesting? Not really, not much new in there but... I found... an object layout for the Test Level in that copy - what an unexpected pleasant surprise! Here's some info: *The one ring that is present in the level was actually NOT part of the object layout, there was another object in its place which DOESN'T EXIST even in the E3 prototype (or this is from what I remember of finding this 7 months ago). About these enemies in the middle of the level, these are the enemies I found, unused in this prototype and resurrected them 7 months ago into the game, I added them into the level manually and they are not part of the object layout. Our big hammer guy also known as 'THE WALL' (literally en_wall) is quite literally invincible and can flash if jumped on, he has some basic AI although for some reason it didn't appear to work in this recording - what it basically does is that he hits super fast, and spins and hits and spins and doesn't topple or even do that animation and hits, and spins and has no time between his animation switches making them unsmooth, you get the idea etc. Ah and I didn't tornado jump on the pole :P, I forgot to, it works normally.

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Unused voice clip again! Early Egg Gate Object Layout by Brandon Jones - - I'm going to showcase more mods very soon, stay tuned ! Be sure to subscribe for Sonic Forces content ! Sonic Forces (PC)

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Title literally says everything that is needed to be said. 💰 Feel free to donate, every penny helps! 🕊️ Follow me on Twitter: 🎮 Discord Server: 📺 Twitch: 📹 Youtube Gaming: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE and hit that NOTIFICATION button! 👍 LIKE the video if you enjoyed it! 🔀 SHARE the video with your friends!

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this is all about sonic mania glitches and i have to say that because or else no one will find this video on youtube. patreon if you want to help: twitch with me: twitter snapchat instagram @any_austin maybe facebook someday too my other channel: If you like the music in these videos and want to hire me to make you some, contact me however you want and let me know. We'll talk.

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Published Date : 2016-04-10T00:02:50.000Z

The E3 build of Sonic Heroes was recently dumped online for all to see and hopefully play. With the help of my soft-modded Wii (which I needed to do to play NTSC games on my PAL Wii), I was able to play the beta and compared it to it's final release. Most of it remains the same but there are major differences in design, item and obstacle placement. I know that I didn't fully explore the levels, I played them how I normally would. Get the beta here: If you enjoyed the video, please hit the LIKE button. Want to support the channel? Become my patron on Patreon.: Subscribe today for even more great videos: SG Merch: UK: US: Follow me socially: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Twitch: Google+:

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Sonic Mania brings back the classic style of the Genesis days, but how much has been left in the files from the beta? The Cut Content Of is back (now in 4K, might I add) and today we'll be having a look at what you don't normally see in Sonic Mania! Sources: EggJanken and Love Tester gameplay by CodenameGamma Sonic model from 'Sonic Jam' ripped by 'SANik' and textured by 'Andrew75' MonarchBG model from 'Sonic Mania' ripped by 'Wedrail' from the TCCO DISCORD! Songs: Hyper Potions - Friends Join the official Discord! Follow us on social media: Content from 'The Cutting Room Floor' is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( ( Also, if you'd like to help the show continue, you can pledge a little on Patreon, too! It would be greatly appreciated!

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Speedy Blue Hogs The Mod Will Include: -Modern Sonic replaced with his generations counterpart. -Generations versions of enemies and objects (Only dashpads done so far) Featured Mods: -Tweaked Modern Sonic Physics by CornflakeRush & PTKickass Music: -Green Hill- Act 2 (Fast Version) (Sonic Generations Ost) -Sand Hill (Sonic Adventure Ost) -Crisis City- Act 2 (Sonic Generations Ost) -Chemical Plant- Act 2 (Sonic Generations Ost) -Chemical Plant Act 2 (Sonic Mania Ost) -Chemical Plant- Act 1 (Sonic Generations Ost) -Grand Metropolis (Sonic Heroes Ost) -Crank the Heat Up for Final Egg (Sonic Adventure Ost) My Links: *Twitter: *Discord Server: *DeviantArt:

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Published Date : 2016-02-28T00:44:51.000Z

It's a well known fact that Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles were supposed to be one single game, but ultimately split apart. In this video I show what's left of Sonic & Knuckles' zones in Sonic 3. Well...not exactly. You see, most of the zones' data seems to have been removed before Sonic 3 was released. Currently all of the zones crash when accessing using the one single code. Flying Battery is the only one that's accessible and it needs 2 more codes in order to work. Granted, it seems like it has more data than the other zones (it even has a title card), but not much. Half of the graphics used in Flying Battery Zone are from Icecap, while the other half doesn't overwrite any data (it'll use whatever was last loaded there, so it can have about any graphic data). The palette and the sprite list are from Icecap. The objects, enemies and ring layout data are the same and the former two contain elements from the actual Flying Battery Zone, such as the presence of bosses. (one paragraph removed because I'm a derp, like always) GAME GENIE CODES: AA6T-AAXC: Level Select, hold A+Start while selecting the "1 Player" option on the title screen. Debug Mode can also be enabled by pressing A+Start while selecting a level, which is what I use in the video. ABZA-ARFL: Mushroom Hill Zone Act 1 AFZA-ARFN: Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2 ABZA-ATFR: Sandopolis Zone Act 1 AFZA-ATFT: Sandopolis Zone Act 2 ABZA-AWFW: Lava Reef Zone Act 1 AFZA-AWFY: Lava Reef Zone Act 2 ABZA-AYF0: Sky Sanctuary Zone Act 1 AFZA-AYF2: Sky Sanctuary Zone Act 2 ABZA-A0F4: Death Egg Zone Act 1 AFZA-A0F6: Death Egg Zone Act 2 ABZA-A2GG: The Doomsday Zone You access Lava Reef Zone, Sky Sanctuary Zone, Death Egg Zone by selecting the first, second and third 2P VS options respectively, as seen in the video. The Doomsday Zone is accessed through the Sound Test option. Flying Battery Act 1: ABZA-AJE8 + W4ZT-LE0R + 3CZT-LJ8W Flying Battery Act 2: AFZA-AJFA + W4ZT-LE1G + 3CZT-LJ9L I did not discover these codes and I have no idea who discovered them. You can see more stuff like this from The Cutting Room Floor, a wiki that covers this type of thing:

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Null Space is a short section of a stage in Sonic Forces. But, was there more to it? Thanks to codenamegamma for his cheat table (what made this video possible) and inspiring me to make this video! (He discovered the voice lines.) ► CODENAMEGAMMA'S CHANNEL - ► MY STEAM PROFILE - (My friendslist is usually full) ► MY TWITTER - (I tweet about whatever, whenever) ► MY STEAM GROUP - (I post announcements regarding new addons / mods there) ► MY DISCORD SERVER - (You can chat with me here, I'll always respond)

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The Sonic the Hedgehog 2 "Simon Wai" prototype is a prototype build of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive. It is a relatively early build of the game, thought to have been created around the middle of 1992. This particular prototype is named after Simon Wai, who found the ROM on a Chinese website and subsequently brought it to the attention of the Western Sonic the Hedgehog fan community. It was the first prototype to be found of Sonic 2, and for many years was simply referred to as "Sonic 2 Beta". The Simon Wai prototype is more advanced than the earlier "Nick Arcade" prototype, though is still very much incomplete. Only four levels can be played during normal gameplay; Aquatic Ruin Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Hill Top Zone and Emerald Hill Zone (in that order). A further nine can be accessed through a level select code, though none of these levels can be finished, and three are entirely empty stages. 00:15 Wood Zone - Stage 0 02:03 Wood Zone - Stage 1 02:58 Hidden Palace Zone - Stage 0 09:24 Hidden Palace Zone - Stage 1 10:14 Genocide City Zone - Stage 0 10:32 Genocide City Zone - Stage 1

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mod made by Balibali Download: If you like this video, please leave a like and comment, and share this video, as it really does help a lot. Thanks for all your support! Follow me on twitter:

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Yoshi’s Island is a game that I hold very near and dear to my heart. The art style, great platforming, challenging level design, and nicely hidden collectables, culminates into one of my favorite games ever. And even though developmental information is hard to come by, as it is for many SNES titles, the vast amount of unused objects left in the game show us many scrapped ideas, modified enemies, and some very strange unused sprites. Enjoy! Link to more info: Official Apparel Shop: Editor: Andrew V.

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Today we are going to look at beta easter eggs, secrets, mysteries, features, modes, levels, maps, areas, models, enemies, bosses, characters and objects from mario and luigi superstar saga which was released on the gameboy advance and 3ds by nintendo. This game is part of the mario franchise which features games like super mario sunshine, super mario 64, super mario world, super mario 3d world, super mario galaxy, mario and luigi partners in time, paper mario, mario and luigi superstar saga + bowser's minions and even the new super mario odyssey for the nintendo switch. And this game has a ton of unused/early build/ beta content! We get to these hidden gems by using glitches, hacks, cheats and looking through the files. Now let's see what kind of hidden secrets this game has! MORE awesome videos!: ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­--- Thiefbugs Stream - Dr.Wily's yt Channel - Source - or thiefbug himself ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­-----

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Today we are going to look a beta easter eggs, secrets and mysteries from pikmin 1 by nintendo for the gamecube. We are going to look at some of the maps, enemies, characters and models they removed from the game. We get to these hidden gems by using glitches, hacks, cheats and looking through the files. There is even some mario related stuff to the games super mario sunshine and the fabled mario 128. MORE awsome videos!: ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­--- Thiefbugs Stream - Dr.Wily's yt Channel - Source - or thiefbug himself ------------------------------­---------­---------------------­------------------­------------­-----

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Fuck TAS. Adding this to my list of completed challenges: -Omochao -All Rings -No Running -No Jumping Cypher123's vid: ------------------------------------------------------------- Intro Template: Intro Music: Thomas Vx - Snow In July Outro Music: Dub Hub - YouTube Audio Library -------------------------------------------------------------- Social media: Instagram: therealhenke Twitter: therealhenke --------------------------------------------------------------- Made with Elgato HD60 capture card Recorded with Blue Snowball mic Edited using Screenflow 6

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This game has quite a bunch of unused and unfinished content, and bosses and enemies appear to be most functional. This also features some enemies not seen during the normal play. As a sidenote, I know there are also unused guns and items aswell, but in the current version of the game, there is no way to spawn them. If you want to check them out, see this video: Timestamps: 0:05 - Spectre 1:15 - Dynamite Kin 3:00 - Various Humans (Rebels) 4:56 - Black Skusket 6:14 - Critters 8:03 - Caterpillar 8:44 - CHICKENS 9:50 - Mine Flayer's bells. 10:55 - Friendly Gattling Gull (Caught me off guard!) 13:36 - Psychoman 15:08 - Bullet Bishop 18:20 - Bunker 20:18 - Resourceful Rat Additional notes -Psychoman appears on one of the paintings in the Abbey. - Bullet Bishop appears in some pre-realease screenshots and one of the trailers: -Mine Flayer's Bells are, of course, spawned by Mine Flayer.

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Before the Adventure came Before the Sequel Sonic BTA by Dweebus: Hilltop Heights by kjtails12: ♦ SUBSCRIBE: ♦FACEBOOK: ♦TWITTER: ♦PATREON: LUCKYCOIN: ♦ Beyond Timeless: Channel: Twitter: Instagram: ♦ Garrulous64: Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Thank you so much for reading the description! :D Hope you have a nice day, and don't forget to always keep on smiling! :) Things will be alright within time! :) Credit for Sonic Mania HUD Font: Outro Music:

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I AM NOT WEAK Credits for Hortinus, the sprites are his here's your channel: Like ^^


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