Steven Freakin Universe A Steven Universe Hamilton Parody....!

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Mashed up my two favorite fandoms for this crazy parody. Lyrics are below! Hamilton logo photoshop by ClassicPaul64 **LYRICS** How does a human hybrid son of a rock and a rock star caught in the middle of a forgotten war involving aliens with two planets attacking one another live on as his reincarnated mother? The pink bubble-weilding buddy without a trouble That we all love'll be growin no face stubble Aging is a slow struggle Got a lion to cuddle By age twelve He flew to outer space just like the Hubble And every day while Pearls were being servants to Diamonds so far across the stars His dad practiced to keep guitar up Inside he was longing for something to be a part of The brother was ready to make together breakfast tomorrow Then homeworld gems came and Yellow Diamond reigned Our man saw Garnet split- splittin so insane Didn't run inside the temple he wanted to use his brain Then his shield is what he claimed, protecting himself from pain Well the word got around, they said this kid is from space, man Had to save the planet from a giant flying space-hand Find a purple girl, a ballerina, and Estelle And the world's gonna know you well... What's your name man? Steven freakin' Universe My name is Steven freakin' Universe And I think everything is getting worse But just you wait just you wait When he was young he met some folks by the coast Big Donut Two years later see Sadie tryn'a cater to the haters, like Lars and mother dresses her up to spit bars And Sadie wouldn't sing it but Steven went hard Had to witness Lapis and Jasper turn into Malachite Saw a Holopearl stab the real one right in front of his eyes the gems say "Steven" you gotta fend for yourself But at first they wouldn't let him fight without any help There would've been nothing left to do for someone not this cute He woulda been dead and destitute after he saw the cluster fusion He starting working, even though the hiatus is too long Playing ukulele wrote the Crystal Gems a theme song Scannin' all the channels to watch Percy and Pierre Planning For the future see him now as he stands on the shore of the beach as he holds his head up On homeworld things are really messed up Steven Freaking Universe People don't what to make of you But there's noone on earth who's ever been quite this kind Oh Steven Freaking Universe Your three guardians know what to do But will everything be ok or as tacky as Jaime's play? You wear the same thing every day His show is on the TV now, see if you can watch it Involving lesbians so parents just want to stop it This show so amazing Cartoon Network couldn't drop it (The Crystal Gems) We fought with him! (Connie) Me, I fused with him! (Peridot) Me, I learned from him! (Jasper) Me, I hate him! (Rose) and me... I'm the damn mom that made him! There's a million things I haven't done but just you wait... what's your name, kid? STEVEN FREAKING UNIVERSE!!!!

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After 4 days is finaly done! Song: Hamilton in 7 minuts by RANGE a accapela The characters belong to Rebecca Sugar. The drawings belong to me 👉😏👈 Edit: I just noticed I wrote minuts instead of minutes XD thank u so much for the support! You guys are amazing! ^-^ ♡ #StevenUniverse #Hamilton #Crossover

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This was requested a lot leave more requests with characters and songs and I'll do them!!

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so anyways just fling my useless carcass into the sun

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Anothes SU mashup bc.... idk ---------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Instagram at: @mashedupaudios ---------------------------------------------------- Songs Used: - What`s The Use Of Feeling Blue - Steven Universe - Alexander Hamilton - Hamilton DISCLAIMER: I do not own any song / video used for this mashup, every right goes to their respective creators listed avobe.

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Song from the play Hamilton: I really hoped you enjoyed this amv :)

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Song: Steven Freakin' Universe (Akward Marina)

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dont ask why i made Bismuth Charles Lee i couldnt think of anything else again there's barely any angry rose clips so i had to settle for concerned rose instead Hamilton belongs to Lin-Manuel Miranda Steven Universe belongs to rebecca sugar & Cartoon network plz dont sue me

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wanted to do some kinda tribute in honor of how far the show and characters have come, so here it is song: The Hamilton Polka by "Weird Al" Yankovic

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Please leave some requests of what Hamilton song I should do next!! Edit: THIS WAS FEATURED ON BEACH CITY BUGLE

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nobody asked for this but i did it anyways lmao. uh this is my first amv?? ever?? it's kinda rushed n kinda sloppy but take it anyways

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I LOVE Hamilton and Steven Universe so lets have both at the same time! This is a parody of a song from the musical Hamilton with lyrics written by based off the original lyrics. To see my Lyrics follow me on Twitter! (Only for singing along! DO NOT copy/reuse and pretend they are yours!) -Follow me on twitter: @drama_gogirl -I am open to video idea suggestions comment bellow.

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Hope you guys enjoy!

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Hey you guys so I decided that I'd make a steven universe parody for a Hamilton song. I enjoyed making this so much and I hope you guys enjoyed watching it. I do not own the instrumental or any of the art just the edits, lyrics, and my voice. You guys can always make covers of my parody just make sure to credit me. Instrumental-

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Rose Quartz on your sideee

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i cant stop making hamilton/su vids lmao anyways. here u go

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When I first heard the cut song "One Last Ride" from Hamilton, it made me think of something else I'd seen... This video is a parody, all rights to their respective owners. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Gaming Channel: Twitter:

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Tomorrow they'll be more of us..... telling the story of tonight. - Featured on Beach City Buggle:

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Featured on Beach City Buggle:

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#StevenUniverse #HamiltonSU #SUSatisfied

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I have the honor to be, your obedient servant A.methyst P.earl

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More Hamilton!

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#WhiteDiamond #IKnowThem #Hamilton

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ONLY A TRUE, AMAZING, HUMAN CAN MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS. My sister played Peri and AquaMarine in the first comic and I was Eliza In the second comic I was AquaMarine and she was Peri

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I made this waste of time weeks ago and forgot about it.

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So this is my first go at something like this. In reality this was done a month ago I just forgot about it for a while. I'm thinking of doing more, if you got any constructive criticism I'd love to hear it down in the comments! Enjoy~~ ----------------- Song: Aaron Burr from Hamilton SU characters belong to CN & Rebecca Sugar Art work all drawn by me Video app: VideoStar

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Who doesn't love HAMILTON!!????!!!?!?!??! Hamilton is like the most popular musical, still running today! Now it's MY TURN for a Hamilton crossover special Should i keep continue the crossover, LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS Song: Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton: An American Musical - Cover by Musicality Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda Cast: Alexander Hamilton- Jamie Aaron Burr- Eugene Fitzerbert John Laurens- Kevin Thomas Jefferson- Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir James Madison- Tom Lucitor Eliza Schuyler Hamilton- Pearl George Washington- Mayor Bill Dewey Philipp Hamilton- Varian Angelica Schuyler- Garnet Peggy Schuyler- Amethyst Maria Reynolds- Lapis Lazuli Company- Background Characters I really want to continue this series, let me know in the comments.. Enjoy!!

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Back at it again with the lame SU trailer parodies. (Trailer clips and audio do not belong to me neither does Steven Universe). Hope you enjoyed! (This is only for entertainment purposes only).

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i made a MV for ya I do not own the music content belongs to Hamilton and Steven universe

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Part 2

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This is my second AMV I hope you like it. Garnet= Angelica, Pearl = Eliza, Amethyst = Peggy. I no longer have that watermark on the videos. This for entertainment purposes only. Artists: Phillipa Soo, Renée Elise Goldsberry, Leslie Odom Jr., Jasmine Cephas Jones Play: Hamilton Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network *HUGE THANKS TO universelover313. Subscribe to his channel he does reactions and is super awesome!

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The characters are from Steven universe and belongs to Cartoon network/Rebecca Sugar. The song ´My shot´ is from the musical Hamilton.

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Original by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr Greg: Pearl: ___________________________________________________________ You can buy Hamilton Musical here** Purchase Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) on Amazon: Purchase Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) on Target: Purchase Hamilton: [Edited Lyrics] (Original Broadway Cast Recording) _________________________________________________________ This video is for entertainment purposes only. All rights go to Hamilton Musical. This video does not include monetization. You can freely monetize my video as you like. I hope you will give me permission not to shoot this video.

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i made Jamie peggy for the lols Hamilton belongs to Lin-Manuel Miranda Steven Universe belongs to rebecca sugar & Cartoon network plz dont sue me

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Hope you like it! Full Image : Tumblr : -----------o----------- I have seen 2 videos like "The Schuyler (crystal) Sister" so i wanna try it too! So ...: Angelica : Pink Chalcedony Elizabeth (Eiza): Aqua Chalcedony Margarita (Peggy): Lemon Chalcedony I didn't read the informations about the gems , so i just choose them cuz' the colors , sorry if gems personality's not fits with the Schuyler Sisters Personality's heheh ;v;. ALL OF THE SONGS USED BELONGS TO LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA. Songs used : The Schuyler Sisters A Winter's Ball Helpless

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Just a short part to test out the process, as I plan on making more! Thanks for watching ^^ (drawings by me, pearl as hamilton & peridot as burr) Please watch in HD! twitter: tumblr:

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Hello! Please go here for the actual video: This took sooo long, but yes! Finally!


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