Stress Analysis Of A Car Chassis Using Autodesk Inventor....!

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A quick tutorial to demonstrate stress analysis steps for a car chassis. I hope you will found it helpful!

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Review of Basic Stress Analysis in Autodesk Inventor 2017.

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Welcome to Built by Design, a series of videos created to teach FIRST students how to effectively use Autodesk Inventor. Created by FIRST students, this series was made to be very helpful to teams who want to improve the efficiency, completion speed, and accuracy of their designs. This video demonstrates how create object sketches, or 3D wire frames. Using the tools already shown in Video 3, Basic Modeling, we create an outline of our robot's frame. Until next time, good luck out there. Screen capture by: Ian Walters

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So you wanna make some frames, got Autodesk Inventor, no idea what the hell is going on? Learn Frame Generator literally as fast I can possibly teach it with this tutorial. I even cover how to install the content centre libraries, briefly! Because, this is supposed to be quick. ———————————— TFI TEACHING ON PLURALSIGHT! Free trial here: ———————————— Help me make more videos, support me on Patreon: ———————————— FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ———————————— Need personal help? Please don't send me a message requesting 1 to 1 support, I'm unable to sustain that across thousands of people, instead please post questions on: ———————————— Outro design by TGODdesigns: #Autodesk #Inventor #Tutorial #3DCAD #Design #Engineering #CAD #Autodesk #Inventor #Tutorial #3DCAD #Design #Engineering #CAD

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Have you ever used Inventor Stress Analysis? Do you know what it’s really calculating, and what the results mean? This presentation aims to give a overview of the basics of structural FEA, in the context of the Inventor Professional Stress Analysis Environment. It will be new to some, review for others, and fun for all!

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Another excellent video from out simulation expert Wasim Younis, in this video discussing using Frame Analysis inside of Autodesk Inventor

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2 SEAT DESERT BUGGY FRAME -Skeleteon Sktech (Boceto esqueleto) -ISO/ANSI Frame members

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This one is a little long but I packed as much info into this video as I could. Hopefully it is interesting to those of you who are interested in design and fabrication.

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in this tutorial video we will learn how to make 3D sketch, how to insert Square tube in Assembly. 3D Sketch in inventor Steel frame in Autodesk Inventor 1)Autodesk inventor Tutorial for beginners Exercise 1 2)Autodesk inventor Tutorial for beginners Exercise 2 3)Autodesk inventor Tutorial for beginners Exercise 3 4)Autodesk inventor Tutorial for beginners Exercise 4 5)Autodesk inventor Tutorial Design of Fidget Spinner 6)Autodesk inventor Tutorial Emboss and engrave 7)Autodesk inventor Tutorial How to make 3D Pipe like Facebook page. Subscribe our YouTube Channel.

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How to take a quick sketch from a document and model it in Inventor

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In today’s highly competitive market designers are challenged with launching their products before the competition and ensuring they outperform the competitions’ through a battery of tests. However, testing physical prototypes are very costly and time consuming to produce. Utilizing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) reduces costs and time required to ensure the design will perform as expected. Autodesk® Inventor® Professional put FEA in the hands of the designers for a “sanity check” of the materials, thicknesses, design features and operating conditions of the product. FEA allows designs to be analyzed virtually in a fraction of the time of physical prototypes. During this presentation we will showcase the capabilities of Inventor® Professional to analyze your product in real world conditions. Attendees will learn how to: •Setup material conditions for parts & assemblies •Apply constraint conditions to prevent component movement •Utilize real world loading conditions to setup loads/forces/pressures/etc. •Generate results to view in real time within Inventor Professional •Create reports for review by the design team

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Tutorial lesson on how to use Flow Design to simulate a wind tunnel with an autodesk inventor model

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How to use stress analysis on Autodesk Inventor 2013 - Using a wooden table as a demo More videos on Autodesk Inventor, Revit and AutoCAD and more Adobe software videos uploading soon Will have website being published soon make sure to check it out! Any tutorial recomendation on any graphics software please message or comment, hope you enjoy and subscribe!

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designing of vehicle chassis using inventor and msc visual nastran integration i'm wating your rating

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This is a video showing you how to create an FEA study within Autodesk Inventor. Covers adding constraints, loads, animations and reports. This is a single study (not parametric). Let me know what you think. Also request a video :)

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Stress Analysis With Autodesk Inventor Simple Basic Tutorial ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Sorry, this is not a really tutorial to generate a definite report. For a more definite result of a ready-to-produce report, you must create and analyze where it should be to place or select a spot on the part that actually gets force, gravity, and other factors, where all of those variables can affect the results of the stress analyis. Sorry 🙏 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ UPDATE : Ini hanyalah keisengan belaka yang dulu pada waktu mumet mikir job 🙏 Cara Untuk Melakukan Stress Analysis Dengan Autodesk Inventor. ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩ Don't Forget To Share And Subscribe ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩ ✩ Tutorial Autodesk Inventor | How To Make | Clutch/ Koppeling/ Kopling ✩ Tutorial Autodesk Inventor PART ISOMETRIC DRAWING ✩ Tutorial Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014 ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩ Jasa Desain Reverse Engineering CAD Development ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩ Jasa Pembuatan Gambar Desain Untuk Perancangan Mesin, Skripsi, Tugas Akhir, Dan Proyek-Proyek Yang Lainnya. Harga : Fleksibel (Menyesuaikan dengan Tingkat Kesulitan dan Waktu Pengerjaan) Contact Us : ✩ Whatsapp - 0852-2377-NolSatuDuaTiga ✩ Facebook - ✩ Google+ - ✩ Twitter - ✩ YouTube - ✩ Website - Sponsored By : ✩ ASUS Zenfone ✩ ASUS N46VZ Turut Didukung Oleh : ✩ Autodesk Inventor Professional ✩ Adobe Premier ✩ Bigasoft Total Video Conventer ✩ Bandicam

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Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in Inventor for a Cantilever Beam.

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Autodesk Inventor 2010 Simulation Chassis Tipping Analysis

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Do you want to learn the Inventor? full guide+video tutorials: ANALYSIS OF THE STRESS OF THE PART Inventor allows carrying out the stress analysis for a particular part. The calculation is done through the finite elements method. Let us draw a circle with diameter of 20 millimeters, with the center on the origin. Finish sketch. Perform the “Extrude” operation. Enter the distance of 300 millimeters, press OK. Name this part “Shaft” and save it. The material is “Steel, Carbon”. Right click on the name of the part and open “iProperties”. On the tab “Physical” ensure that selected material is “Steel, Carbon”. Close the window. On the “Environments” tab select “Stress Analysis”. You should have an available Stress Analysis menu. Press “Create simulation”, rename it to “Calculation of bending”. For now, leave the other settings unchanged. Press OK. First, check whether the software assigned the correct material for calculation. Open the “Assign materials” window. Here we see that the field contains correct value: Steel, Carbon. Here we can override the material and choose one of available materials. Press OK. Next we specify the constraint for our calculations. Select “Fixed constraint” and specify the end planes of the shaft. Apply. On the “Loads” panel select “Force”. Set the location of the force on the body of the shaft. Check “Use vector components”. Enter the exact force value of 1000 точное значение силы – 1000 newtons on the Y axis. Enter -1000 to choose the opposite direction of the force. Apply. In the browser area, you can see the corresponding folders with loads and constraints, you can edit them at any time. Now when you have specified the loads and fixed constraints, let us deal with the ways to separate a part into the finite elements. The finite elements method is a method when a whole body is divided into the finite number of figures, tetrahedrons. On the “Mesh” panel there is an item “Mesh view”. To get more detailed results, you need to set up the mesh. Click on the “Mesh settings”. Here you can specify the average element size. Enter 0,05, the maximum element size is 0,1, leave grading factor unchanged, maximum turn angle is 20°. Depending on the parameters of your hardware, you can specify larger or smaller values. This will directly impact the accuracy of calculations. To perform calculations press “Simulate”. Than press “Run”. Three-dimensional constraints and loads are created in several directions. These multi-direction loads are added to get the equivalent load, which is also knows as “von Mises stress”. The result of calculation is displayed as the exact von Mises stress. You see the result as coloring of the part into several colors. Each color has its own load. Blue means the smallest load, while red is the maximum one. On the left part of the screen, you may see a graph, where you can compare a color to its value. Double click in browser area to select other obtained results. You can view the first principal stress, the third principal stress, displacement, and safety factor. In addition, you may view Stress, Displacement, and Strain in every direction. If you click on the “Mesh view”, you can see that the part is divided into the smaller elements. On the “Result” panel, you can view the load animation. You can specify the place for the probe and view the results of calculation for every point on the surface of your part. On the “Display” panel you can enable the display of the minimum and maximum results of calculation. With the adjustment option, you can select a multiplier to view more detailed results. The “Report” panel is used to create reports on all the results of calculation. It is saved in the HTML format and contain all calculation data. Here you see all loads, constrains, materials, and the results of calculations. Finish stress analysis and save the part. 07. ANALYSIS OF THE STRESS OF THE PART (Autodesk Inventor tutorials): #autodeskinventor #autocadinventor #autodeskinventorprofessional #inventorcad #inventortutorial #autodeskinventortutorial #inventorprofessional #inventor3d #inventorautodesk #inventordesign #cadinventor #autodeskinventortraining #inventorprogram #3dinventor #inventorautocad

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This video from Autodesk provides simulation tips for Inventor 2014. Autodesk® Inventor® and Autodesk® Inventor® Professional 3D CAD software provides functionality for advanced mechanical engineering design, finite element analysis, motion simulation, data management, routed system and mold design, as well as enhanced CAD productivity solutions. Here at Majenta Solutions our team of software experts are constantly sourcing or coming up with useful, bite size tips and tricks to help you maximise productivity and software usage. For more information and to keep up to date with the latest Autodesk news please visit:

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Dynamic Simulation to Stress Analysis

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Chassis Tipping Analysis using Autodesk Inventor 2010 Simulation.

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✋Autodesk Inventor 2017 Professional✋ 🌟Inventor Stress Analysis tutorial video🌟 🙌Welcome everyone, in this tutorial video i will show you how to create a simple stress analysis using Autodesk Inventor 2017. I hope you like this video. ✍If you have any question please contact me via Facebook, i might answer there faster. ✔Follow us on instagram: ✔Follow us on Facebook:

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Published Date : 2017-03-13T09:15:24.000Z


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When you can use simulation to evaluate decisions as you make them, you create opportunities to improve performance and reduce product cost. With the stress analysis capabilities built into Autodesk Inventor, you can run quick checks on individual components – or in-depth analyses of your entire product – at any stage in your design process…let’s take a look.

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Comparación entre Frame Analysis y Stress Analysis

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Project 2 - Introduction to Weldments and their analysis. In this project we first look at the basic tools when designing with weldments, the second half is devoted to analyzing the structural frame using SolidWorks Simulation.

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Published Date : 2010-03-24T18:52:01.000Z

Autodesk Technical Evangelist Rob Cohee demonstrates the new Frame Analysis tools inside of Autodesk Inventor. Simulate the performance of load bearing frame models quickly and efficiently with Frame Analysis. Fully integrated with Frame Generator, Frame Analysis offers a complete end-to-end Digital Prototyping environment. Users can sketch out their framed structure, create the detailed design with frame members from our extensive library and then quickly simulate the response of the frames to gravity and other loads in an easy-to-use environment that automatically brings over the material properties and member cross-sections from Frame Generator.

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In this first part of the chassis build, we cover the design of the chassis space-frame and build the chassis forward of the firewall. How to Build a Racing Car follows the design and construction of the FVT05, a car built for the Australian Formula Vee racing series. The introduction can be found at Support this project on Patreon: Partners: Intercad ( who provided Solidworks for this project. JKF Aero ( who assisted on the design of the bodywork and undertray. Also follow the project at: Music: Licenced from Epidemic Sound (

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This video is owned by Autodesk Inc.

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Structure Finite Element Analysis for the rigidity of pipe welded chassis of an Off-Road car. Husam Barham

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Published Date : 2012-01-16T08:10:50.000Z Simulating low speed speed crash of a formula car chassis.

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Published Date : 2009-11-15T06:00:16.000Z

Dynamic Symulation of Car Suspension Using Autodesk Inventor

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Published Date : 2016-01-29T21:41:14.000Z

Team Forze is creating a racecar that runs on hydrogen fuel cells to compete in the Supercar Challenge. They're creating a new, better chassis using Autodesk Inventor.

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Published Date : 2017-12-28T13:06:05.000Z

With the new Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, Autodesk has given you some very powerful tools to help you design smarter. This one is Comparing Frame Analysis in Inventor and NASTRAN In CAD. Check out the SynergisCAD Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing playlist to learn more.

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Weld Analysis Autodesk Inventor Professional

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Published Date : 2009-07-01T05:22:06.000Z

This presentation explains a couple of techniques to optimize your assembly designs when using the Stress Analysis module that can be found in the Inventor Simulation 2010 and Inventor Professional 2010 products.

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Creating a sweep and the intersecting arm, then use some basic stress analysis to see if the part will work based on the materials chosen.

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Both real and virtual cars were designed by myself (chassis ,body everything). I didn't buy any kitcar or something.


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