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Published Date : 2012-09-03T19:17:30.000Z

Erica Bjork, one of our fans, traveled with us for a couple of shows during the "In Your Hands" tour. A few of her adventures are documented here! Experience a little bit of the tour through the eyes and ears of a fan.

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Published Date : 2013-05-20T16:03:30.000Z

Please subscribe to my channel for all things Sugarland :) Sugarland performing a cover of Life in a Northern Town with a few friends.

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Published Date : 2017-07-13T04:43:23.000Z


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Published Date : 2008-08-31T20:47:55.000Z

little girl (kyrsten) dances to all i wanna do and hits her brother (max) when he sings

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Published Date : 2009-08-22T21:31:36.000Z

Keith Urban and Sugarland sing Seven Bridges Road by The Eagles in Cleveland, OH on 8/21/09 To purchase Keith's music, click here: For more info and videos, visit:

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Published Date : 2009-11-23T04:48:25.000Z

Music video by Sugarland performing All I Want To Do. (C) 2008 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Published Date : 2011-04-14T19:46:23.000Z

Music video by Sugarland performing Tonight. (C) 2011 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Published Date : 2018-04-10T02:26:43.000Z

#Full Segment | American Idol on ABC | Season 1 | Top 24 Week #talentshows For more HD videos, news, analysis and recaps of American Idol – please subscribe & follow Talent Recap: AMERICAN IDOL ON SOCIAL Like American Idol on Facebook: Follow American Idol on Twitter: Follow American Idol on Instagram: TALENT RECAP ON SOCIAL: YouTube: Like: Follow: Google+: Instagram: ABC ON SOCIAL Like ABC on Facebook: Follow ABC on Twitter: ‪ ‬‬ Follow ABC on Instagram: ‪ ‬‬ ABOUT AMERICAN IDOL AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, will return to airwaves on SUNDAY, MARCH 11 at 8|7c, at its new home on ABC. The nationwide search for the next superstar kicked off in August 2017, as the Idol Bus traveled from Portland, Oregon, to Orlando, Florida, in its pursuit for talent, covering 23 cities across the country. Auditioning was made easier than ever as hopefuls also had the opportunity to submit audition videos online, as well as via select social media platforms using an official tag, #TheNextIdol, cultivating over 300,000 posts. Also, for the first time in “American Idol” history, hopefuls had the opportunity to audition through a livestream platform. Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation, are music industry forces and superstar judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest will return as host of the beloved series. ABOUT TALENT RECAP Talent Recap is the #1 independent website which is exclusively dedicated to the fans of the most popular talent shows around the world. As passionate fans of these shows, we provide news, analysis and fan engagement on America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice, The X Factor, American Idol, The Four and its contestants. Talent Recap

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Published Date : 2010-11-08T19:49:13.000Z

Part 1 of 5. For the full interview go to:

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Published Date : 2009-06-03T21:00:06.000Z

The little boy I nanny for LOVES Sugarland & makes me play "Rhyme or Reason (It happens)" Over & over again ALL DAY LONG!! So I had to record him. I couldn't get the whole song because his little brother wants to steal the show & start screaming but here is a snippet.

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Published Date : 2018-05-17T18:00:51.000Z

Hi Everyone!!! This is me singing Very Last Country Song by Sugarland, If you like what you heard make sure you like and subscribe and comment down below what song you would like me to do next.

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Published Date : 2011-03-24T22:07:33.000Z

Join Sugarland in Vegas for the first ever ACM Fan Jam, the party within the party at the 46th ACM Awards. Tickets for the ACM Fan Jam are priced at $35 and $55 and are available now at April 3, 2011 at the Mandalay Events Center.

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Published Date : 2012-06-18T23:52:56.000Z

Sugarland's video for Wide Open Please subscribe to my channel for all things Sugarland :)

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Published Date : 2011-11-08T19:33:19.000Z

Hmm...i wasn't a huge fan of this one, although the reggae part was very good and i feel like they had a good groove with this one but it relied less on the beatboxers this time and you hear more of the actual singing. I guess they did good but i felt kind of bored with this song. Although it's the first song they sang that wasn't fast but a slow song. i think that's their weakness, in slow ballad type songs. B

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Published Date : 2011-01-21T22:51:03.000Z

We're headlining the first-ever ACM Fan Jam, and we're inviting YOU to join us! It's a fans-only live concert event taking place in Las Vegas during and after the 46th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, broadcast Sunday, April 3, 2011 on CBS. Tickets on sale now at! (More info here:

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Published Date : 2010-09-05T02:55:12.000Z

My daughter at a Sugarland concert for her 7th birthday, singing along with Jennifer Nettles on Baby Girl.

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Published Date : 2011-07-24T03:13:08.000Z

Indy started going crazy randomly in the car one day and we couldn't figure it why. Then we figured out it was this song, only this song. We have played a bunch of other Sugarland songs, but "Stuck like Glue" is the only one that bothers him. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Published Date : 2011-11-12T05:08:21.000Z

my 4 year old sister loves Sugarland

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Published Date : 2010-11-10T02:53:34.000Z

This is four year old Kaitlyn Wilson singing "Stuck like glue" by Sugarland...

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Published Date : 2009-06-01T22:49:14.000Z

Congrats to Sarah (Serryjanegrace) for being choosen as Sugarland's very 1st fan of the week. Sarah is one of the co-owners of the sorority, and we are very happy for her. She was chose on She will be fan of the week from June 1-8 Jennifer And Kristian will be sending her: A mini poster, a temporary tattoo & a Sugarland pen!

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Published Date : 2007-08-10T21:42:09.000Z

Our 15 month old daughter gettin down to her favorite band!

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Published Date : 2007-07-02T21:02:03.000Z

My 4th of July greeting to the Sugarland fan club.

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Published Date : 2012-04-16T03:59:12.000Z

Sugarland Concert - Louisville KY 04/14/12

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Published Date : 2013-01-25T21:19:15.000Z


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Published Date : 2011-12-18T17:45:24.000Z

While at the Michigan Sugarcubes Holiday Soirée, we called Brandon Bush of Sugarland to wish him Happy Holidays. Jessica mistakes noises from the phone for Brandon Burping.

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Published Date : 2011-01-22T16:56:28.000Z


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Published Date : 2012-03-09T01:51:37.000Z

My four year old is SUGARLAND's #1 fan. Love it

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Published Date : 2007-09-08T21:13:01.000Z

My video submitted to Sugarland for their "Change" tour

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Published Date : 2011-01-21T19:56:30.000Z

Country superduo Sugarland give fans the firsthand scoop on their headlining gig at the first ever ACM Fan Jam, set for April 3rd in Las Vegas!

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Published Date : 2011-12-18T16:17:56.000Z

W sing

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Published Date : 2012-07-19T01:44:38.000Z

Carson singing

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Published Date : 2011-12-23T18:11:48.000Z

Jammin in the car

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Published Date : 2010-07-28T19:01:11.000Z

I learned this song in 2 days for a deadline for the WQYK Ultimate Sugarland Fan contest. I know it's rough - I spend typically 2 weeks to months practicing a new song. I am currently aiming for an updated video after the holidays - I have continued to practice this. I do, however, welcome CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. UPDATE, August 2nd: WQYK also believes I am the Ultimate Sugarland Fan and just won 2 tickets for the Tampa Show! Thanks everyone for your support.

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Published Date : 2011-04-06T21:48:04.000Z

Sugarland sing Like a Prayer with Little Big Town

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Published Date : 2011-05-31T20:56:15.000Z

Drunk guy singing and dancing to "stuck like glue"

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Published Date : 2007-10-16T23:31:31.000Z

Los Angeles Sugarland change conccert

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Published Date : 2014-11-20T00:17:36.000Z

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Published Date : 2012-08-20T20:41:25.000Z

Crocodile Rock's got nothing on our tour, according to young fan Colin! The "In Your Hands" Tour has been jiving & thriving, leaving its mark all over the US for the past few months. Get a glimpse of our most recent journey here including some behind-the-scenes footage!

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Published Date : 2007-09-09T02:33:04.000Z

video for Change for Change Tour Weeding school garden

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Published Date : 2007-11-16T00:10:16.000Z

My best friend and I decided to coach a 3rd and 4th grade parks and rec girls soccer team named Columbus Crew

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Published Date : 2011-06-18T00:11:12.000Z

(Song-Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue )

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Published Date : 2012-12-01T06:42:06.000Z

of coarse this was my personal favourite part of the performance since I am a Sugarland fan. Huge Sugarland fan.

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Published Date : 2018-11-02T22:03:40.000Z

Sugar Land

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Published Date : 2011-04-06T20:37:59.000Z

Sugarland singing Stuck Like Glue at the ACM Fan Jam 2011

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Published Date : 2011-04-27T21:24:10.000Z

ACM: Fan Jam at Mandalay Bay hosted by Sugarland April 3, 2011 ... A little duet with Kristian Bush and Laura Bell Bundy (who technically played host during the Fan Jam)


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