The Rusty Spoon Monsters Revenge....!

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guess whos back

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The name says it all......

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This is a video project I did for a class.

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The epic story of one man's encounter with the most relentless murderer of all time. Real movie in the works! Details: Subscribe! See the entire HSM series: Exclusive content on Facebook! Rate The Horribly Slow Murderer on the imdb! Spoon us on Twitter! T-Shirts! Mini-Series: Check out SPOON WARS! ----o GINOSAJIFEST AWARDS! ----o Tweet! Facebook! Watch the newest Videos! SPOON WARS Ask Jack 1: SPAGHETTI DINNER OF THE DAMNED SPOON vs. SPOON SAVE JACK - THE INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE EPIC SPOONKILLER CONTEST! SPOONKILLER CONTEST WINNERS! Coming Soon to DVD: The relentlessly entertaining Horribly Slow Murderer Collector's Edition!!! Named Best Short Film of 2009 by Rue Morgue Magazine! Winner of 15 Film Festival Awards! Featured on G4TV's Attack Of The Show! YouTube Honors: #1 - Top Rated (This Month) - Film & Animation #1 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Film & Animation #4 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Film & Animation #8 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Film & Animation #5 - Top Favorited (ALL TIME!) - Film & Animation #11 Top Rated (ALL TIME!) - Film & Animation Produced, Written and Directed by Richard Gale Cast: Jack Cucchiaio........Paul Clemens The Murderer...........Brian Rohan The Mystic................Fay Kato The Girlfriend...........Melissa Paladino The Doctor...............Mike Kacey Narrator....................Richard Gale Music by Christopher Brady Jack's Ass-kicking theme: "C'mon Score" Composed by Niels Bye Nielsen Special Makeup FX by Dean Jones and Paul Clemens Seal of the Ginosaji designed by Fay Kato Details at Vietnamese title : Con ma kiên trì nhất thế giới ________________________________________

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Zelda themed battle over a spoon

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SUBSCRIBE: MIND CONTROL!!! FUNnel Vision Family turns against Max!!! Family Fun Kids Animation! Max & Midnight Episode 4 Thumbs up for more Max & Midnight weekly cartoons w/ FUNnel Vision! Episode 4 Text Version: “Say goodbye to your precious family, Max!” Midnight says with an evil laugh. “Guys?!” Max says nervously. “Stop! You don’t know what you’re doing!” 5 mins ago “I am so good at this game!” Shouts Max’s brother. “WooHoo” Yells Lex, Max’s sister. “Oh ya! Look at that jump baby!” Says Max’s dad. Level Complete the TV screen reads. “I have actually done that in real life but I needed a little help from my jetskate” Says Max. In Midnight’s Evil Lair, Midnight is adjusting his glasses. “How do I look?” Midnight asks Scratch, his cat. “Ridiculous.” Answers Scratch. “Go fetch the button.” Midnight demands. “I don’t fetch” Grunts Scratch. Midnight presses a button on his glasses. Scratches eyes glow red. “GO.” Demands Midnight and Scratch runs off. Scratch comes back with the button. At Max’s house, the family plays video games together. A dark shadow passes the living room window. Buster’s ears go up as he grows taking notice of the shadows. Max notices and walks to the living room windows. Max looks out and doesn’t see anything. “Shawn, save my seat” Max says to his baby brother, Shawn. Max and Buster walk out. Suddenly Midnight enters and is eye to eye with Max’s baby brother Shawn. The family is so involved in their video games they don’t notice Midnight and Scratch behind the couch staring at the family. Midnight laughs and presses the button on his glasses again. The family’s eyes glow red. The whole family now has a blank look on their face. Midnight walks around to the front of the couch. “Everyone stand up.” Midnight demands. Everyone is standing, even Max’s baby brother Shawn is trying to stand. “From here on out, you’re not Max’s family, you’re my family and uh, LeX you’re my girlfriend. You think I’m the coolest hottest guy ever.” Says Midnight as Scratches is being him rolling his eyes. “Coolest hottest guy ever…” Lex repeats with a dazed look and bright red eyes. “He’s so dreamy” Max walks back into the room. “How’s it goin?” Max asks his family as they stare back with red eyes, not saying a word to Max. “Are we done playing..or?” Asks Max. Max spots Scratch at his family’s feet and then hears an evil laugh coming from behind him. “They think video games are for babies, don’t you guys?” Says Midnight. “Video games are for babies.” Says the family all at the same time. “WHAT?!” Says Max. “…And?...” Asks Scratch. “Cats are way better than dogs” The family says all at the same time again. “You monsters! What have you done to them?!” Asks Buster. “Step away from my family!” Demands Max “Oh, they’re not your family! They’re my family, and my family doesn’t like you…in fact family, I need you to make Max disappear” Says Midnight as he takes a bite of a Rot Pocket. “Say goodbye to your precious family, Max!” Midnight says with an evil laugh. Max’s family starts walking like zombies toward Max and Buster cornering them. “Guys?!” Exclaims Max “Stop! You don’t know what you’re doing!” Midnight is laughing in the back. Max then sees the camera on Midnight’s glasses and knows he has to get control of that camera. Max shoots slime from his watch to the ceiling. The slime sticks to the ceiling and Max and Buster grab on. “Now Buster!” Shouts Max to Buster. Max and Buster are launching into the air and flying overhead. “On three! One….two…..three!” Max shouts. Buster is launched right onto Midnights face and Buster grabs ahold of Midnights glasses and starts to destroy them. Buster is shaking his head back and forth with Midnights glasses in his mouth. The glasses are destroyed and the family is coming to. Max sees Midnight run away through the window. “mhm, you better run.” Says Max. “What did you just say?” Asks Max’s mom. “And why are we standing?” Asks Max’s dad. “Ahhh, stretch break..remember?” Responds Max and he puts his hands overhead stretching. “You’re going down!” Says Max’s brother as he is pointing at his dad. Everyone but Lex walks back over to the couch and sits down. “Uh… Lex you okay?” Asks Max. “Midnight is” Says Lex with a blank stare on her face. Max nudges Lex. “What was I saying?” Asks Lex. “That I am your favorite brother.” Says Max. THIS ISN’T OVER! Screams Midnight. Cast: Family - The FUNnel Vision family Max - Nicolas Roye Midnight - Matt Schneck Scratch - Leigh Lahav Buster - Alex Clark Mission Control - Megan Kane Directed by: Todd Grossman Written by: Elissa Vallano Produced by: Jake Krengel Executive Produced by: Mike Bienstock & Nate Higgins Created by: Todd Grossman A Bluerock Creative Production Animation by: Cartoon Conrad Original Score by: Paul Fraser Sound Design & Mix by: Atlas Oceanic Sound & Picture Edited by: Graham Higgins & Jake Krengel Audio Recording by: Tom Hooper Max & the Secret Life of Pets

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Download - CD - Itunes -

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SUBSCRIBE: ATTACK OF THE CLONES!! No More Family Fun with Max? || Kids Animation - Max & Midnight Episode 8 For Kids! (Max and Buster are in backyard surrounded by many clones of Midnight) Midnight: “Time to die Max. Say goodbye to your precious world!” Max: “Uh oh...” (Clones rush at Max. One clone jumps up and seems about to karate kick Max) FIVE MINUTES AGO (Max’s family is sitting in living room. Mom and Dad are drawing on tablets.) Mike: “Go Ma, go Ma, go Ma.” (other kids cheer too) Dad: “My Master King Pen rules!” Mom: “ Don’t distract me! You’re messing me up.” Kid’s voices: “What are you drawing over there?” Dad: “I should be a professional artist. Look at this.” Mom: “You’re terrible. Look at mine. Mine is awesome.” (Max’s watch beeps and he pulls down goggles.) Mission Control: “Max, the system’s acting strange. It’s detecting two Midnights across the street.” Max: “I’m on it Ma’am.” Mike: “It doesn’t look like a penguin.” (As Max sneaks out...) Shawn: “Max.” (Scratch stares back and forth at 2 Midnights) Midnight: “Hello.” Scratch; “I don’t like this.” Midnights 1 and 2 (alternating speaking): “Hello. Think about it Scratch. More me. More Midnight. And no more Max. Now press the button again...Check.” (Button is pushed and a third Midnight separates from one of the Midnights) Midnight #3: “Hi” (Screen behind them alerts them to image of Max and Buster in backyard) Midnight: “Right on time. Midnight #3: “That’s what I was gonna say.” (Max and Buster sneak across yard while Buster sniffs the air.) Max: “Eyes open Buster.” (Midnight appears facing Max.) Midnight: “You must be Max.” Max: “What have you done Midnight?” Midnight #1: “Me?” (Another Midnight steps out from behind Midnight #1) Midnight #2: “Hi there” (another Midnight steps out) Midnight #3: “Hello” (This continues until there are 10 Midnights) Midnight #1: “Time to...” Clone Midnight: “Howdy” Midnight #1: “Time to...” Clone Midnight: “Bon jour” Midnight #1: “Time to...” Clone Midnight: “Hola” (Midnight #1 is aggravated as clones keep interrupting him, is about to speak when...) Clone Midnight: “Salutations.” Midnight #1: “Really?...Time to die Max. Say goodbye to your precious world!” Max: “Uh oh” (Lots of clones (50-100), rush at Max. Center clone jumps up to karate kick Max. Fight scene occurs as Max fights off all the clones with karate moves. Finally all the clones, except one who stands to the side laughing, pile on top of Max. Max farts and all clones jump off of him.) Max: “Ha ha ha” Midnight: “Really?” (Midnight grabs Max from behind and fight begins again. Scratch is sitting in tree watching, holding button) Buster: “Drop the button Scratch.” (Growls) Scratch: “I think I’ll drop you instead.” (Scratch sets button down and leaps out of tree toward Buster. She jumps “right through” Buster. Image of Buster flickers and disappears and real Buster is in tree with button) Buster: “Ha ha ha” Max: “Now Buster!” (Buster pushes button and all the clones explode) Midnight clones: “Noooooo!” (As Midnight and Scratch run away)... Midnight: “This isn’t over Max!” (Back in Max’s living room, Mom and Dad are holding up their finished drawings) Dad: “All righty everyone. Take a look at our drawings. Who do you think won?” Chase: “Dad.” Mike: “Mom” Lex:”Dad” Shawn: “Momma” (Max and Buster return, breathing heavily) Dad: “Max?” Mom: “Max?” Dad: “Max, who do you think won?” Unknown voice: “Mommy won, right?” (Max thinks for a moment) Max: “I think we should go again. Who’s up for one more?” Chase, Mike, Lex and Shawn: “Rematch....!!!” Cast: Family - The FUNnel Vision family Max - Nicolas Roye Midnight - Matt Schneck Scratch - Leigh Lahav Buster - Alex Clark Mission Control - Megan Kane Written & Directed by: Todd Grossman Produced by: Jake Krengel Executive Produced by: Mike Bienstock & Nate Higgins Created by: Todd Grossman A Bluerock Creative Production Animation by: Cartoon Conrad Original Score by: Paul Fraser Sound Design & Mix by: Atlas Oceanic Sound & Picture Edited by: Graham Higgins & Jake Krengel Audio Recording by: Tom Hooper

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From Season One's "I Dream Of Jeannie Cusamano" (Originally aired April 4th, 1999). Memorable Quote: "You smell like Paco Rebanne crawled up your ass and died." After witnessing Jimmy's (Joe Budalucco Jr.) peculiar behavior firsthand in a meeting, Junior (Dominic Chianese) gives Tony (James Gandolfini) the O.K. to order Jimmy's execution. Christopher (Michael Imperioli) lures Jimmy into a motel room where Silvio (Steven Van Zandt) makes him pay for his betrayal -- with a gunshot to the back of the head. Jimmy's dead body is discovered by a passerby. Also Featuring. . . Al Sapienza as Mikey Palmice Tony Darrow as Larry Barese George Loros as Raymond Curto Militza Ivanova as Russian Woman © Copyright HBO. For entertainment and educational purposes only.

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SUB PLEASE ♥ Here's the original - Enjoy ;D

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WARNING: Animation gets very very poorly done at the end! plus Spoilers if you lazy people didn't read Darkest Hour....anyways Enjoy it cause I tried xD and yes I take video request now so message me! cats used: Scourge, Firestar, Tigerstar, and Whitestorm Edit: 1000 VIEWS?!?! But this one is so cheesy!! D; Thanks though~! Edit 2: WHY DO YOU PEOPLE LIKE THIS SO MUCH?!?!

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Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on Alpha, or Twitch at Vox Machina, having made their final preparations, make their way to the top of the tower of Entropis. With special guest Joe Manganiello Thanks to our friends at Wyrmwood Gaming for sponsoring Critical Role! Check out their handcrafted goods at You can pick up Critical Role merch at For more RPGs we love, go to Music and Sound by Syrinscape. Visit us on Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: Join our community at: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Google+:

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►►► Enjoyed The Video? Subscribe! ◄◄◄ Ryan: Ghost: Twitter - Livestreaming - Blog - Steam Group - Music by Reyzon! Reyzon Channel: Reyzon Soundcloud: Music courtesy of Kevin Macleod Website: Music by Audionautix: Sound Effects from and Intro By MongoEdits: Outro Music From: TheFatRat Song Link: Page Link:

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Shocking but incredible video of an angry elephant attacking and killing a buffalo using his tusks. Kruger accommodation specials here: Taken near Mopani in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Video by: Ros Send in your wildlife video here, and earn money: To get to see sightings like this on your own, BOOK A SAFARI: Snapchat: LatestSightings Twitter & Instagram: @LatestKruger For live wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park: And like our Facebook page for great sightings and photos: Subscribe to us on YouTube:

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Why is Sherlock so bad? Harris Bomberguy is on the case! This version of the video has been slightly edited to get around the BBC's automatic video-blocking stuff. My Twitter: My Patreon: CREDITS: Written by Harris Bomberguy and Sara Ghaleb Voiced + Edited by Harris Bomberguy Music: The Usual Incompetech The Final Fantasy Mystic Quest OST (it's a good game, shut up, I will destroy you) Passions Hi-Fi

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Hey hope you enjoyed the video be sure to subscribe like and comment If your interested in more rust go check out my other videos on my channel social media- twitter- Twitch- instagram- tags- rusty cage, rust hq, rust solo, rust base, rust update, rust raid, rusty sky, rust ep 1, rust pvp, rust trolling, rust, rust base designs, rust game, rust and bone, rust admin, rust action, rust academy, rust ak, rust aimware, rust australia, rust admin troll, rust army, rust admin abuse, a rust fantasy version, a rust documentary, a rustling of leaves inside the philippine revolution, a rust love story, a rustling in the trees, a rusty spoon, a rusty knife, a rustle of morning stars, a rust story, a rusty old halo, rust base build, rust build, rusty bradley, rust base raid, rust blueprints, rust best start, rust bp, rust best base, b rustin, coconutb rust, rustic b, b&e rust, b chills rust, rusty b, bchillz rust, ruth b lost boy, rust b&e raid, rustom b, rust cars, rust clan, rust cohle, rust clan base, rust co op survival, rust converter, rust cave base, rust cinematic, rust cheats, rust counter raid, ray c rust, rustic overtones c'mon, rusty c, rust vs c, rustom c, c z rust, rust c 0, rust (c) 1, rust duo, rust duo base, rust driving, rust drivable, rust devblog, rust duo survival, rust dunkey, rust driving cars, rust drivable cars, rust dual survival, rustic romance crafts by tanya chawla, yessi d rustandi, d&d rust monster, h.o.o.d rust, nasty d rust, ileana d'cruz in rustom, rust d day, rustom d, rustom full h d movie, rustam full h d movie, rust episode, rust epic raid, rust exploit, rust epic loot, rust early game raiding, rust ep, rust eco raid, rust easy start, rust editor, smoov e rusty, naqsh-e rustam, kenga e rust kabashit, d double e rustie, martesa e rustemit, rust e, rustam e hind, rustam e sohrab songs, rustam e pakistan 2016, rust funny, rust fantasy, rust frost, rust funny gameplay, rust footage, rust facepunch, rust funny raid, rust fantasy game, rust funny gameplay 2017, rust faceless, first time sapna live on media, carnival of rust, songs of rustom,

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NEW INTRO and im back, sorry for the wait but i only have two words "Computer Virus" yep my computer somehow got 6 of them so Ya basically im back

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UberHaxorNova: SSoHPKC Full Video: Enjoy!

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better verion

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In honor of Super Tuesday the NFL presents Super Bowl 37, "The Jon Gruden Bowl". 2:14 Charles Woodson Picks Off B. Johnson 5:38 Rich Gannon Sacked by S. Rice on Third Down 6:13 Janikowski Makes 40-yard Field Goal 14:33 Gramatica Makes 31-yard Field Goal 16:42 Gannon Sacked by Spires on Third Down 19:38 Dexter Jackson Intercepts Gannon 36:52 Gramatica Makes 43-yard Field Goal 38:15 D. Jackson Intercepts Gannon Again 46:34 Mike Alstott 2-yard TD Run 1:00:23 B. Johnson 5-yard TD Pass to McCardell 1:14:43 B. Johnson 33-yard Pass to J. Jurevicius 1:18:51 B. Johnson 8-yard TD Pass to McCardell 1:20:35 Dwight Smith Pick Six 1:29:37 Gannon to Jerry Porter 39-yard TD 1:40:26 Raiders Block Punt, Recovered for TD 1:51:06 Buccaneers Fumble Field Goal Attempt 1:58:06 Jerry Rice 48-yard TD Catch from Gannon 2:10:12 Warren Sapp Sacks Gannon 2:11:01 Derrick Brooks Pick Six 2:16:56 Dwight Smith Second Pick Six of Game 2:18:50 Buccaneers Celebration Super Bowl 37 was a revenge story for Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden. After being hired in 1995, Gruden helped build up the Raiders into championship contention by the early 2000s, but owner Al Davis traded him to the Buccaneers after a salary dispute. Gruden took his football expertise to Tampa Bay, where he guided the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl against his former team. Tampa Bay was not too interested in continuing the Shakespearian story, as they tore the Raiders apart en route to a 48-21 victory. Subscribe to NFL: The NFL YouTube channel is your home for immediate in-game highlights from your favorite teams and players, full NFL games, behind the scenes access, up-to-the-minute analysis and more! Check out our other channels: NFL Network NFL Films For all things NFL, visit the league's official website at Start your free trial of NFL Game Pass: Fantasy Football: Watch NFL Now: Listen to NFL podcasts: Watch the NFL network: Download the NFL mobile app: 2016 NFL Schedule: Buy tickets to watch your favorite team: Shop NFL: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:

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Donate to The Trevor Project: Donate to PFLAG: So many people are hurt in the name of love. Here's to another way. iTunes link: Directed by Michael Serrato SHOP THE VIDEO Tom's Vest: Tom's Bowtie: Tom's Shirt: Vintage Pyrex: Lyrics: Billy Ray was a preacher's son and when his daddy would visit he'd come along. And when they started talkin’, that's when Billy would take me walkin’. Out through the back yard we'd go walkin’. Then he'd look into my eyes, Lord knows it was my surprise. The only one who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man. The only one who could ever teach me was the son of a preacher man. Yes he was, he was, yes he was. Bein' good isn't always easy, no matter how hard I try. When he’d start sweet-talkin' to me, he'd kiss and tell me "Everything is all right”. Kiss and tell me "Everything is all right”. Can I get away again tonight? The only one who could ever reach me, was the son of a preacher man. The only boy who could ever teach me, was the son of a preacher man. Yes he was, he was, yes he was. Ooh, how I remember that look in his eyes. Stealin' kisses from me on the sly. Takin' time to make time. Tellin' me he's all mine. Learnin' from each other's knowin’, look at us here how much we’re growing. The only one who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man. The only one who could ever teach me was the son of a preacher man. The only one who could ever reach me was the son of a preacher man. The only one who could ever teach me was the son of a preacher man. The only one... Subscribe for more Tom Goss: CREDITS: SON OF A PREACHER MAN Tom Goss BOYS Devin Freeman Kevin Norman PREACHER'S FAMILY Josh Zar Emma Bates Duke Zar Clayton Olin YOUNG TOM'S FAMILY Julia Buiss Skip Pipo DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Mike McMillin ASSISTANT CAMERA Bradley Wilder John Calabrese ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Michael Briggs Christopher Patrino Jenna Tovey Mark Strano CREW Ilya Gittelson Gabriel Lucido Jorchual Gregory Vargas Hao Wang Rene Yescas MAKEUP HEAD Haylee Detroit MAKEUP Victoria Arias Lauren Bencomo OLDER PASTOR'S SON Jeb Havens EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Tom Goss Joey Hirsh EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Michael Briggs Christopher Patrino PRODUCERS Alan Beckstead Thomas Bilbo Curley Bonds Martin Dean Michael Paul Dodson Drew Huffman Robin G. LaBelle Rand Richard Tim Root Gary Villatran Michael Warwick CHURCH GOERS Camila Barrientos Michael Briggs Colleen Mulhall-Briski Cooper Briski John W. Calder III Andrea Clemons Sarah Clune McKenna Coleman Payton Cross Jr. Sean Donahue Carol Elaine Cyr Allyson Floyd Shawnta Frazier Deven Green Taylor Havck Jessica Herthel Naomi Herthel Presley Herthel Sasha Herthel Chelsea Hnat Bonnie Jean Jacob Johnson Arlette Jones Emma Klages Olabisi Kovabel Dave Lara Khira Layton Jessica Lenz Ryan Long Cici McElroy Cylia McElroy Niki McElroy Kara McLaughlin Michael Needham C.J. Duron Chase Duron Matt Duron Christopher Patrino Dave Rossi Douglas Watson Rusty Wiggs Azra Zabi Laura Zeroni SPECIAL THANKS! LITTLE WHITE CHAPEL BURBANK, CA OPEN, AFFIRMING AND AMAZING! ESPECIALLY ANETTE AND BILL ERIC AND KAREN WROBEL DAVE RUPEL JOSH ZAR & EMMA BATES MCRA SON OF A PREACHER MAN ORIGINALLY SUNG BY DUSTY SPRINGFIELD RE-IMAGINED BY TOM GOSS STRING ARRANGEMENT: NICHOLAS PAVKOVIC STRINGS: KEITH LAWRENCE, MATTHEW LINAMAN, ANDRES VERA MIXING BASS & DRUMS: MARR ZIMM

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Please remember to leave a like if you enjoyed :D! ► Subscribe for more videos! ◄ Full/updated playlist here - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Other fun videos below Ardy Gets a Life Size Big Daddy Statue - SSoHPKC Calculated Montage - ImmortalHD Damn Dude Montage - Ardy on Creature Talk - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ● I livestream! - ● Follow me on Twitter - ● Ask stupid stuff - ● If you enjoyed, maybe you'll enjoy other playlists! -

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I Don't Camouflage hung out with Shinobi Ninja, this time with the full band, to talk about their childhood, cultural background, misconception, extra curricular activities and more. Check out the secret behind Baby G's style, how DJ Axis Power started body building and his family influences, message to the kids and more. Shot, Directed & Edited by: Aiko Tanaka Shinobi Ninja Official Website Shinobi Nnja "Power Strangers" *Video: * *Download:*

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►►► Enjoyed The Video? Subscribe! ◄◄◄ Parrot: Raider: Sofia: Twitter - Livestreaming - Steam Group - Music by Reyzon! Reyzon Channel: Reyzon Soundcloud: Intro By MongoEdits: Outro Music From: TheFatRat Song Link: Page Link:

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Find "Girls Chase Boys" on iTunes: Official Music Video for Ingrid's Single "Girls Chase Boys" from the album "Lights Out" Available Everywhere! Catch Ingrid on Tour! Dates & Tix Here: "Girls Chase Boys" Written by Ingrid Michaelson, Barry Dean and Trent Dabbs Directed by Andrew Elvis Miller Producer: Amy Elvis Kiehl Miller Director of Photography: Dylan Steinberg Choreographer: Natasha Hugger Watch the original Robert Palmer "Simply Irresistible" video that inspired Ingrid's version here: Original Director: Terence Donovan Original Choreographer: Jeff Thacker All The Broken Hearts In The World Still Beat/Let's Not Make It Harder Than It Has To Be/It's All The Same Thing/Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls All The Broken Hearts In The World Still Beat/Let's Not Make It Harder Than It Has To Be/It's All The Same Thing/Girls Chase Boys Chase Girls I'm A Little Bit Down But I'm Not Dead/There's A Little Bit More That Has To Be Said/You Played Me Now I Play You Too/Let's Just Call It Over Chorus Chase Girls Chase Boys Chase Boys Chase Girls I'm A Little Bit Home But I'm Not There Yet/It's One To Forgive But It's Hard To Forget/Don't Call Me I Won't Call You Too/Let's Just Call It Over Chorus Chase Girls Chase Boys Chase Boys Chase Girls I Got Two Hands One Beating Heart And I'll Be Alright/I'm Going To Be Alright/Yeah I Got Two Hands One Beating Heart And I'll Be Alright/I'm Going To Be Alright Chorus (Oh Everything Is Going To Be Fine/Oh Everybody Loves You Baby/Oh Everything Is Going To Be Fine) Find "Girls Chase Boys" on iTunes: A note from Ingrid on the video: Girls Chase Boys started out as a break up song but took on a deeper meaning as I continued writing. More than just being about my experience, its focus shifted to include the idea that, no matter who or how we love, we are all the same. The video takes that idea one step further, and attempts to turn stereotypical gender roles on their head. Girls don't exclusively chase boys. We all know this! We all chase each other and in the end we are all chasing after the same thing: love.

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salad fingers

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We can end extreme poverty. In our lifetimes. Learn how: SHINOBI NINJA performs the song "FUN DAY" for BalconyTV. Subscribe to us right now at 'Like' us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - PRESENTED BY LIZ WOOD Shinobi Ninja is an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The band is known for high-energy performances and eclectic sound, blending music genres. They have two lead singers, male and female who use various singing techniques. Prior to joining the band, Baby G was a professional dancer, performing for such artists as Rihanna, Santigold, Jason Derulo, Ricky Martin, Mylène Farmer, Cassie, P. Diddy, LL Cool J, Nelly, and Daddy Yankee.[1][2] In 2006, she made an appearance in the video "Long Way To Go" by Cassie.[3] Meanwhile, Axis, Mike, and Dave were in a band called Stalley & The Wax Machine,[citation needed] which broke up in early 2008. Shinobi Ninja formed shortly afterward. Several members of the band met at a rehearsal and recording studio called Progressive Music in the Film Center Building in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. Duke Sims, Jonny, and Mike worked at the studio, and Baby G took vocal classes there.[citation needed] In 2010, their original bass player Jonny left the band, and Alien Lex replaced him.[citation needed] Of the six members of the band only Duke Sims and Alien Lex are originally from Brooklyn, both being born and raised in Bensonhurst. Lead singer Baby G is from Lawrence, Massachusetts. The twins, Mike and Dave are from Piermont, New York. Axis Powers is originally from Toronto, Canada CREDITS / SPONSORS Audio and video production by Capital Media Corp. Austin, TX Producer - Joe Lynch Location - Cheers Shot Bar Tune in again to BalconyTV //

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NEW Mr FijiWiji Merch: ▼ Follow Mr.FijiWiji: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud:

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This video explains the 4 criteria that create Stockholm Syndrome (trauma bonding) and how this applies to narcissistic abuse. It explains why it's so hard to leave and break free from the abuser and the denial even when you're aware of what's happening. I also show you how they hook you and how to avoid that. If you know someone going through this, please share this video with them! It could be life-saving. ***** NEW BOOK DECEMBER 2017 — THE JOURNEY is a roadmap out of the suffering and struggle after narcissistic abuse. It is a comprehensive, holistic outline of the recovery process so you can measure where you are and where you want to go in the journey of self-healing. If you want to change anything in life, you’re going to need to measure it somehow. This structure will help you get to the next level and keep moving forward out of the gravity of the past so you can create a life of peace, joy, meaning and purpose. Available on Amazon: When you enter your name and email on Meredith's homepage you'll get access to her FREE Fundamentals of SANA course. This is the most basic course she offers to help you start from the ground up. It's also helpful to review the fundamentals now and then no matter where you are on the healing journey! Meredith's intermediate training is the 12-Week SANA Audio Series. This is a 12-week journey of Self-healing After Narcissistic Abuse (SANA). Each episode unfolds another layer of the self-healing process of body-mind-spirit and contains a lesson, a meditation for that topic, and exercises or suggestions to practice the lesson. The Self-Care Mastery Course is Meredith's advanced training. This is a powerful course for recovering codependents (people-pleasers) where you'll explore the 5 Domains of Self-Care Mastery so you can generate next level self-love. It comes with 8 BONUS exercises/guided visualizations on some of the most common practices she recommends for self-healing after narcissistic abuse. These are supplements to the core work of the SCMC and also available separately. To ask a personal question and receive an email response from Meredith within 48h please click here for Personal Email Support: Or book a Strategy Session via Skype with Meredith to help you start to transform your life with actual steps that you can take now to move forward and self-heal after narcissistic abuse. Save money when you purchase 3 or 5 session packages! NOTE: Meredith Miller is not a therapist or counselor — She is a holistic integration coach, helping you to self-heal after abuse and transform your life. She works with a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness that is a valuable complement to traditional psychotherapy. She recommends that you also seek out a therapist who has experience with narcissistic abuse and understands these dynamics extensively in order to help you with the PTSD/C-PTSD, especially in the early stages of recovery. Thank you for taking responsibility for yourself! Thank you so much for your support and for tuning into this message. If you find this content helpful, PLEASE LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! I am grateful that you help me share my message with those who can benefit from it. Big hug! Meredith

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Download this new house music hit: Buy on Beatport: Has! - The Electro World (Original Mix) Has! - The Electro World (Original Mix) Has! - The Electro World (Original Mix)

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Acclaimed cartoonist Jim Woodring's newest book Poochytown takes his main character Frank on a wild journey, and the tale is told with images only.

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I made a track consisting almost entirely of sounds taken from "The Room" as a tribute to both the movie and my favorite youtube sensation, Pogo.

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“The Ethical Engineer” also known as “Deathworld II” finds our hero Jason dinAlt captured to face justice for his crimes, but the ever-wily gambler crashes his transport on a primitive planet populated by clans that hoard knowledge. It’s a difficult situation for a guy who just wants to get back to Pyrrus. This is the second book in the Deathworld trilogy. Chapter 01 - 00:00 Chapter 02 - 24:45 Chapter 03 - 41:11 Chapter 04 - 50:41 Chapter 05 - 1:24:05 Chapter 06 - 1:38:37 Chapter 07 - 1:56:28 Chapter 08 - 2:26:39 Chapter 09 - 2:53:48 Chapter 10 - 3:28:27 Chapter 11 - 3:44:19 Chapter 12 - 4:01:31 This is preceded by "Deathworld":

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In a madcap future era, Neil Stryker is a hardened Elite Forces agent made famous for hunting down and capturing his former mentor and villainous time-traveler, The Mad Scientist. After a magnificent asylum escape, The Mad Scientist rains chaos down on the city in a quest for revenge against Neil Stryker, the man that put him away. Neil Stryker must now race through time, battle goblins, bumping robots, Nazis and a ten-foot killer penguin in order to save the world and rescue his son from the clutches of his infamous former mentor. Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time is a sci-fi/comedy feature shot entirely in Oregon and parts of Washington over the course of ten years. The production is a 1980s throwback where every set, every effect, every puppet was crafted by Portland, Oregon artists. The film guest stars David Ogden Stiers (“M.A.S.H.”/”Stargate Atlantis”/”Beauty and the Beast”) and Walter Koenig (“StarTrek”/”Babylon Five”).

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Quest for Rust Demo

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Click the "Caption" button to activate subtitle! ------------------------------------------------ Subscribe KBS World Official YouTube: ------------------------------------------------ KBS World is a TV channel for international audiences provided by KBS, the flagship public service broadcaster in Korea. Enjoy Korea's latest and the most popular K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Entertainment & K-Documentary with multilingual subtitles by subscribing KBS World official YouTube. ------------------------------------------------ 대한민국 대표 해외채널 KBS World를 유튜브에서 만나세요. KBS World는 전세계 시청자에게 재미있고 유익한 한류 콘텐츠를 멀티 자막과 함께 제공하는 No.1 한류 채널입니다. KBS World 유튜브 채널을 구독하고 최신 드라마, K-Pop, 예능, 다큐멘터리 정보를 받아보세요. ------------------------------------------------ [Visit KBS World Official Pages] Homepage: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @kbsworldtv Line: @kbsworld_asia KakaoTalk: @kbs_world ( Google+: [Download KBS World Application] ■ IOS Download : ■ Android Download :

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Apradhi is a story Satyaprakash is an honest security officer who works at the docks in a small town in India, and lives with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vishambernath; wife, Janki, a blind daughter, Munni; and an unmarried sister, Juhi. He hopes to make enough money to get Munni's vision back and ensure that Juhi gets married and the rest of the family are looked after well. Before that could happen, he is killed. When the Police come to his house looking for his killer, Janki, unknowingly shields the killer, but when she finds out the truth, she tells them about his location, but the killer flees. This death leaves the family devastated, on the verge of homelessness and ultimate destitution, however, they are saved by the timely intervention of a compassionate young man, Shiva, who assists them financially, gets medical treatment for Munni, and even agrees to find Juhi's elusive boyfriend, Chander, so that they can get married. What the Naths do not know is that Shiva is a killer, who has spent time in juvenile prison for killing his very own mom, and who has a secret and hidden agenda for coming to their aid. The Naths also do not know that Chander is being elusive for he is afraid of being identified by Janki as her husband's killer. For Latest Updates, follow us on Facebook G + Twitter

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GREAT EXPECTATIONS[1867 Edition] by Charles Dickens: Stage2: This classic tale tells of an orphan, Pip, who through a series of strange circumstances first finds a trade as a blacksmith's apprentice and then learns that he has "great expectations" of a future inheritance from an anonymous benefactor. He soon learns to live the profligate life of a gentleman as he gradually sheds his associations with the gentle souls of his past, Joe (the blacksmith) and Biddy (a level-headed young lady). He throws his money at improving the prospects of his roommate and friend Herbert and his heart at an "ice princess" whose heart will never respond. But then an escaped convict from his distant past comes calling, and all Pip's hopes dissolve. Download our Channel App Here To Watch Directly From your Android Device Visit our Website to see a collection Like us on Facebook here Keep updated here

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (published 1876) is a very well-known and popular story concerning American youth. Mark Twain's lively tale of the scrapes and adventures of boyhood is set in St. Petersburg, Missouri, where Tom Sawyer and his friend Huckleberry Finn have the kinds of adventures many boys can imagine: racing bugs during class, impressing girls, especially Becky Thatcher, with fights and stunts in the schoolyard, getting lost in a cave, and playing pirates on the Mississippi River. One of the most famous incidents in the book describes how Tom persuades his friends to do a boring, hateful chore for him: whitewashing (i.e., painting) a fence. This was the first novel to be written on a typewriter. (Summary from Wikipedia) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark TWAIN Our Custom URL : Subscribe To Our Channel: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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A Study in Scarlet is an 1887 detective novel by British author Arthur Conan Doyle. Written in 1886, the story marks the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, who would become among the most famous characters in literature. The book's title derives from a speech given by Holmes, an amateur detective, to his friend and chronicler Watson on the nature of his work, in which he describes the story's murder investigation as his "study in scarlet": "There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it." Part One: Chapter 1. Mr Sherlock Holmes - 00:00 Chapter 2. The Science of Deduction - 17:32 Chapter 3. The Lauriston Garden Mystery - 39:40 Chapter 4. What John Rance Had to Tell - 1:03:26 Chapter 5. Our Advertisement Brings a Visitor - 1:18:33 Chapter 6. Tobias Gregson Shows What He Can Do - 1:33:59 Chapter 7. Light in the Darkness - 1:54:32 Part Two: Chapter 1. On the Great Alkali Plain - 2:15:04 Chapter 2. The Flower of Utah - 2:39:37 Chapter 3. John Ferrier Talks with the Prophet - 2:55:59 Chapter 4. A Flight for Life - 3:08:18 Chapter 5. The Avenging Angels - 3:29:37 Chapter 6. A Continuation of the Reminiscences of John Watson, M.D. - 3:52:26 Chapter 7. The Conclusion - 4:19:41 Read by David Clarke ( Check out the "Sherlock Holmes Audiobooks" playlist for the rest of the collection:


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