This Man Flew To Japan To Sing Abba In A Big Cold River....!

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see Austin Weber live! tickets and dates: Austin Weber on Spotify -- Austin Weber on Facebook -- just a man and his sneakers — in loving memory of my beige New Balance 574s vocals recorded live in the Kamo River and on top of a freakin' tall mountain freakin' sweet freak yeah man that's where it's at Austin Weber — synth, kit, vox, mix, and edit John Weber — camera Nick Zampiello — mastering

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This video was made by a fan of Just Dance and Abba... Me! Curiously I discovered the version of Mamma Mia by Austin Weber recently and I fell in love with.

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Thank you simpleflips

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My parents are divorced. Ben Wang – synth, vox, mix, and edit Mallika Sinha – camera The mic I used:

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Listen to ABBA: Follow ABBA Facebook: Instagram: Read More About ABBA: (Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Stig Anderson) © 1974 Polar Music International AB Published by: Universal/Union Songs AB Video produced by: Lasse Hallström

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Took a break from studying because I was losing my damn MIND so here you go: live footage of me trying to scrape the last shred of my sanity. Some quality goofin', and if you don't like it then...sorry ! Truly. Also, just a note, ill probably delete this at a later time. I don't know what's more embarrassing, my sad old man grooves, or the fact that I don't know the words to Mamma Mia. Sorry I haven't posted in a hot sec, fall semester junior year is, so far, VERY offensive to both me and my free time, so just hold on tight for that spicy content boyz. I especially apologize for the tragic ! lighting. oh well Song: Mamma Mia by Austin Weber

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One of the things I love about ABBA is that with every release, they always had new songs and Bjorn and Benny (and sometimes Stig) would work hard to create new hits. They rarely if ever sang songs that weren't written by Bjorn and Benny . But this video is about all the times that ABBA did sing non B&B compositions. :) Knowing me, I probably forgot some clips, so if here's anything I forgot, please feel free to let me know. I wasn't sure if I would include the Olivia Show performances since ABBA aren't heard very well in them and seem to be more backup vocalists than actually singing lead (I have a lot of issues with the Olivia Show despite it being the first ABBA video I ever saw, but I won't go into that), but I decided to keep them in the end. If you have any suggestions for more videos like this, please feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

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Japanese cover version of "Voulez-Vous" by ABBA

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Published Date : 2013-12-01T20:41:20.000Z Mamma mia!!!! XD Me recordó a Mario Bros. JAJAJAJAJA No, ya, esta canción está en japones, cantada por mi y la letra hecha por Martinete-kun. °w° Espero que les guste mucho. ^-^ Link de descarga:

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Be one of 500 people to get 2 months of Skillshare Premium for free: Support the channel on Patreon: Come talk about music with me: Twitter: Instagram: Discover something great in my Spotify Playlists: Written, voiced & edited by Frank Furtado #thekillers #mrbrightside #middle8 ------------------------------- Sometime within the last 15 years you’ve probably found yourself belting out The Killer’s Mr. Brightside. The adored indie-anthem assisted The Killers in becoming one of the most successful rock bands of the 21st century all the while still managing to hold its own in 2018. It only ever peaked at number ten on the UK singles chart, but get this, since it’s reissue in 2004 it’s rarely ever left those very same charts -- appearing in the top 100 singles every year since. In fact the track is spending it’s 204th week on the chart as I speak. In 2005, it was the sixth most downloaded song on iTunes. It’s now the 12th most downloaded rock track in the UK ever. revealed that it was the most listened to track since the launch of their online music service with more than 12 million plays and counting. Mr. Brightside is the most streamed song of any track released before 2010. Averaging nearly a million plays per week across all major streaming platforms. Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, VH1 and countless others have called it one of the best songs of the decade. Not bad for a band’s first song. The Killers have never not played that song live. That’s not a hyperbole, it’s the truth. They’ve literally never played a gig without playing Mr. Brightside. Flowers himself isn’t bored of singing it. And somehow it has stood the test of time while it’s popularity is showing no signs of dwindling. So what is it about Mr. Brightside that has listeners returning a decade and a half later? Let’s take a look at THE LEGACY OF MR. BRIGHTSIDE ------------------------------- Who wrote/sings Mr. Brightside? The Killers How old is Mr. Brightside? Approximately 15 years old now. When did Mr. Brightside come out? Mr. Brightside premiered on BBC Radio 1 in 2003 and was re-released in 2004 by Island Def Jam Records. Which album is Mr. Brightside on? The KIller’s debut Hot Fuss. What does Mr. Brightside mean? What is Mr. Brightside about? The track is focuses on an unfaithful lover and ultimately moving on from the failed relationship. How long has Mr. Brightside been in the charts? Mr. Brightside is spending its 15th year on the UK Top 100 Singles Chart. While it has left the charts, it manages to find its way back year after year. ------------------------------- Disclaimer: I do not own any of the videos or music used in this video. They are used for education and discussion purposes.

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i love the first 4-5 vid but the rest is kind of okay. i had no idea what to do with the ending. hope you guys like it :) i appreciate your support song source : THIS MAN FLEW TO JAPAN TO SING ABBA IN A BIG COLD RIVER

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This was the first half of our trip to Japan. Music by and by

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twitter : @karoumyday ps : a música original é do abba, então achei interessante fazer a tradução da versão dele.

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All songs featured in the first 'Mamma Mia' movie from 2008, in the original versions by ABBA, ordered chronologically as they appear in the film.

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I Lived It - Blake Shelton (Karaoke Cover)

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Subscribe!: Visit our website to learn more: Follow us on Facebook: [NEWS DESCRIPTION] --------------------- For broadcasting: ROME REPORTS,, is an independent international TV News Agency based in Rome covering the activity of the Pope, the life of the Vatican and current social, cultural and religious debates. Reporting on the Catholic Church requires proximity to the source, in-depth knowledge of the Institution, and a high standard of creativity and technical excellence. As few broadcasters have a permanent correspondent in Rome, ROME REPORTS is geared to inform the public and meet the needs of television broadcasting companies around the world through daily news packages, weekly newsprograms and documentaries. --------------------- Follow us... Our website Facebook Twitter

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These are ABBA songs that deserve recognition

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sorry Edgar wright but I just improved your film I dont own hot fuzz or abba but honestly I should because look what I'll do with them

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Victoria & sister Elizabeth enjoying their summer vacation singing (and dancing) Mama Mia.

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hello friends!! sorry its been a lil bit ive been dealin with some stuff and taking a lil time to regroup im v sleepy have a good day heres my social media stuff!!! Instagram: Twitter: Tumblr: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Amazon Wishlist: Paypal: (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WISHLIST AND PAYPAL ARE ONLY HERE BECAUSE PEOPLE ASKED ME TO MAKE THEM I WILL NEVER ASK PEOPLE TO BUY ME THINGS OR DONATE MONEY TO ME BUT IF YOU DO IT IS ALWAYS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!)

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ABBA Dancing Queen Japan

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ABBA Mamma Mia


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Provided to YouTube by DistroKid True Love · Austin Weber D-42 ℗ Weber Records Released on: 2017-05-23 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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like & subscribe for more quality content evolution of humming in songs: song list: bird is the word - peter griffin papa-oom-mow-mow - the rivingtons barbara ann - the beach boys my generation - the who bennie and the jets - elton john bad to the bone - george thorogood and the destroyers changes - david bowie you ain't seen nothing yet - bachman turner overdrive psycho killer - talking heads moving out - billy joel take a chance on me - abba the reflex - duran duran welcome to the jungle - guns n' roses ch- check it out - the beastie boys oops i did it again - britney spears stacy's mom - the fountains of wayne fidelity - regina spektor fergalicious - ferie stuttering - jazmine sullivan womanizer - britney spears see you again - miley cyrus forever - chris brown iyiyi - cody simpson ft. flo rida whatcha say - jason derulo replay - iyaz poker face - lady gaga birthday sex - jeremih break your heart -taio cruz bedrock - young money like a g6 - the cataracts ft. dev imma be - black eyed peas untouched - the veronicas i love you like a long song - selena gomez what makes you beautiful - one direction as long as you love me - justin bieber kiss you - one direction where have you been - rihanna best day of my life - american authors focus - ariana grande woman - harry styles dance to this - ariana grande & troye sivan no brainer - dj khaled, justin bieber, chance the rapper, quavo the light is coming - ariana grande, nicki minaj stay - rihanna (branchez remix) Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. It is illegal to make a false copyright claim. not meant to be offensive in any way just pointing out a trend in music xo

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Detroit swindle and Japanese guy at the club = Best show I do not own any rights in this video.

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Maddie and I sing "My love, My Life" By Abba from Mamma Mia Here We Go Again. I had a rough start....Maddie killed it!!!! Enjoy!

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Austin Weber on Spotify -- Austin Weber on Facebook -- Austin Weber /// Together [Bathtub Version] music and lyrics by Austin Weber video by Lance Oppenheim design by Austin Weber featuring Tucker Flodman and Belen Mella ©Austin Weber 2017

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Provided to YouTube by DistroKid Together (Bathtub Version) · Austin Weber D-42 ℗ Weber Records Released on: 2017-05-23 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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My final destination for this trip was Osaka, the water city! Surrounded by a bay area and famous for having the biggest aquarium in the world, there is clearly a water thematic going on here! For some reason, I always end up there during my last day in Japan! Unlike last year though, I had the time to visit new parts of the city! The first thing you see as you exit Osaka Station is the Osaka Grand Front building. It's one of the city's biggest shopping center and it has many cafés and shops. The one tourist area that is popular and close to the station is the Umeda Sky Building, famous for its long sky walk and huge hole in the middle of its top structure. Sadly, because of the recent typhoon, they've closed the observatory tour, but that didn't stop me from finding something even more interesting to see: PlatinumGames Inc. is literally inside that building! I had to visit the entrance of the studio at least! They put on display all of their biggest accomplishments and they even have replicas of Bayonetta's guns! Stylish! Another place worth visiting in Osaka is the Kaiyukan Aquarium. It is the biggest in the world and they have the biggest amount of species in there! Outside of the building area, there is a grand ferris wheel that lights up at night. I was amazed by the size of it! Once you get inside, you start from the top and go all the way to the bottom of the deep sea... Well, kind of! In the middle of it all is the most impressive aquarium display I've seen with some really huge fishes in it! Oh yeah, I even touched a ray! Sugoi! Finally, there is no better way to finish the night than going to Dotonbori street to go eat everything (I almost mean that literally)! In my previous video, I've highlighted a few places that you should absolutely go to like Kamakura and Ichiran! Last year, I couldn't try the original Kamakura ramen, but this time I did! Yay me! Other highlights are obviously takoyaki octopus balls and okonomiyaki. The lights and the famous Glico screen with the victory pose makes this place the perfect spot for photos! So yeah, that's it! I've had a lot of fun visiting Japan again this year and I've accomplished my goal of visiting all of the places I've wanted to go. Not bad, considering it was only a one week trip this time around! Thanks A LOT once again for watching my videos. I hope you had as much fun watching them as I had making them! Oh, before I forget, if you're interested, here's a link to last year's video I made about Osaka ▶️ Also, now that the adventure is over, if you want to read what happened during my whole trip to Japan this year, I've compiled everything on my blog here ➡️ I'll be back next year, I still have a lot to see in this beautiful country! Matanee~! 🇯🇵 - Nico --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me at: Site: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Osaka #Japan #JapanTrip2018

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shawn mendes: 1 - edmao: 0 i'm sorry Shawn, i tried, don't sue me, blame it on my dreams ♪ do you got plans tonight? ♪ no? well me neither, so in the meantime i pretend like i can sing. Follow me everywhere! Spotify: Instagram: @iamedmao Snap: iamedmao shawn mendes: 1 - edmao: 0 #lostinjapan #shawnmendes #ukulelecover

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Yo! In deze video laat ik zien hoe ik de ABBA cover inzing, samen met Yvar de Groot. Abonneer je gratis hier ♥️ Check hier de volledige ABBA cover! Check hier Yvar zijn video, waarin hij uitlegt hoe je een cover precies mixt! TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | SNAPCHAT | Carrealbers ♥️-FANMAIL- AGE Network tav Carré Albers Postbus 57226 1040 BC Amsterdam ---------------------------------- Hi, ik ben Carré: een 23-jarig meisje dat fashion en lifestyle video's maakt op dit kanaal. Elke dinsdag een nieuwe video, elke zondag een nieuwe weekvlog! ♥️

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Kohomada aka

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Deuxième et dernière partie de mon voyage au Japon !

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Highlights from a 3 week trip around Japan. Climbing to the summit of Mt Fuji was definitely a highlight of the trip! The food was fantastic, I highly recommend visiting if you've been thinking about it. Any questions leave a comment below. Follow me on Instagram @lostmonkeyadventures Trip route: Tokyo Mt Fuji Kanazawa Kyoto Hiroshima Osaka Nara Yokohama Tokyo

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Provided to YouTube by DistroKid The Ballad of Hamantha · Jack Stauber's Micropop The Ballad of Hamantha / Today Today / Al Dente ℗ Plopscotch Records Released on: 2018-11-05 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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