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In the snow ORIGINAL VIDEO LINKS: (0:20) '「RARE」XXXTENTACION - Ghost' By RiceGum Radio- (0:54) 'XXXTENTACION - VALENTINE (Official Music Video)' By LUIS DEUS GOD PRO BEST- (1:39) 'XXXTENTACION - WingRiddenAngel' By 水Fiji Zay- (2:17) 'xxxtentacion - skin' By .sensei 六- (2:56) 'XXXTENTACION - KILL ME' By HIDDEN MIST ANBU- (3:34) 'Xxxtentacion - Vice City' By Khalid GM- (4:07) 'XXXTENTACION - LETS PRETEND WE'RE NUMB' By Ape Trvp Visuals 猿- (4:37) 'XXXTENTACION - SNOW' By Blood Mist Visuals- (5:05) 'XXXTENTACION - I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore' By デーモンAstari- (5:38) 'XXXTENTACION - I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine' By Blood Mist Visuals- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDIT FOR THE BACCKGROUND ART IN THE THUMBNAIL GOES TO JEDIAH. SUPPORT HIS ART: Twitter- IG- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hip hop/Trap Metal based channel with new videos every week! :) Send track submissions to my IG @nobxndz Subscribe, turn on notifications, and follow me on Twitter/IG! @NoBxndz

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Top 10 XXXTentacion Songs Subscribe: and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! Say what you will about XXXTentacion, but his music touched millions of people. Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the Top 10 XXXTentacion Songs. With only a handful of releases to his name, the Florida rapper possessed a diverse range of talents, pulling off furious and aggressive rap while also showing his taste for lyricism and softer and more melodic styles. With tracks like “Look at Me!”, “changes”, “Moonlight” and “Fuck Love”, “Sad!” and “Jocelyn Flores”, XXXTentacion was truly a one of a kind artist. Did your favorite XXXTentacion Song make the list? Let us know in the comments below! Find out more about the controversy surrounding X’s life and past here - #10: “I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore”  #9: “NUMB”  #8: “the remedy for a broken heart (why I am so in love)” #7: “Moonlight” #6: “changes” #5: “Fuck Love”  #4: “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares” #3, #2 & #1: ? Special thanks to our user EmJay for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at Check our our other channels! WatchMojo's Social Media Pages Get WatchMojo merchandise at WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.

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Saddest XXXTENTACION Songs This is a compilation of the saddest most emotional XXXTENTACION songs. Track List: 1. Never - 00:00 2. Ghost - 3:01 3. Skin - 05:28 4. I Spoke to the Devil in Miami He Said Everything Would Be Fine - 07:33 5. Kill Me - 10:32 6. WingRiddenAngel - 12:49 7. Snow ft. Killstation - 15:39 8. R U N - 17:28 9. Teeth (Interlude) - 19:21 10. The Fall - 21:45 11. A Message to Tina Belcher - 24:24 ►

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ALL proceeds from this video will be donated to his charity at #LLJ

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Provided to YouTube by EMPIRE Distribution Jocelyn Flores · XXXTENTACION 17 ℗ 2017 Bad Vibes Forever / EMPIRE Released on: 2017-08-25 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Best of XXXTENTACION - sad chill mix RIP (2018) Subscribe and turn on the 🔔for more weekly mixes. Playlist: 00:00 XXXTentacion - Don't Wanna Do This Anymore 01:27 XXXTentacion -I Spoke To The Devil In Miami, He Said Everything Would Be Fine 03:09 XXXTentacion -Ice Hotel 05:37 XXXTentacion - Let's Pretend We're Numb 06:16 XXXTentacion -The Fall 07:02 XXXTentacion -Never 08:57 XXXTentacion -WingRiddenAngel 11:18 XXXTentacion -Skin 13:14 XXXTentacion -I Spoke To The Devil In Miami, He Said Everything Would Be Fine 15:28 XXXTentacion -Run 17:12 XXXTentacion -Teeth 19:33XXXTentacion - Snow ♫ Support Paradigm For copyright issues, please mail us here: ➥ All Credit goes to the Above Artist/Label for the Audio Used. There is no copyright infringement intended, this is merely a platform for artist promotion and sharing great music with the an audience. If there is an issue with content, do not hesitate to contact me and a solution can be met. Thank you. Attention: Some songs may give copyright in channels without any partnership with youtube or network, test before using.

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XXXTENTACION & LiL PEEP Saddest Songs Mix. REST IN PARADISE 0:00 lil peep - nothing to u 2:28 XXXTENTACION - skin 4:40 lil peep - i crash, u crash ft. Lil Tracy 7:18 XXXTENTACION - tightrope ft. scott james 11:18 lil peep - crybaby 15:27 XXXTENTACION - never 19:07 lil peep - walk away as the door slams ft. Lil Tracy 21:48 XXXTENTACION - wingriddenangel 24:34 lil peep - the way i see things 26:50 XXXTENTACION - snow ft. killstation 28:40 lil peep - let me bleed 32:50 XXXTentacion - in the end 34:23 lil peep - nineteen 37:19 XXXTENTACION - king of the dead 41:03 lil peep - high school 43:50 XXXTENTACION - lets pretend were numb 45:11 lil peep - angeldust 47:03 XXXTENTACION - amy winehouse 49:05 lil peep - praying to the sky 53:05 XXXTENTACION - xxx 54:40 lil peep - about u 57:49 XXXTENTACION - r u n 59:43 lil peep - right here ft. horsehead 1:02:40 XXXTENTACION - ice hotel ft. sza 1:06:12 lil peep - wanna be 1:08:30 XXXTENTACION - youre thinking to much, stop it 1:10:05 lil peep - life 1:13:07 XXXTENTACION - i spoke to the devil in miami 1:16:09 lil peep - star shopping 1:18:31 XXXTENTACION - i dont wanna do this anymore NOT MONETIZED

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Today we are looking at the saddest Xxxtentacion songs. Most of these are old x songs and are fairly underground and unknown. Don't spread hate, and don't start with the fake fan real fan stuff. This video is purely to enjoy xxx's music and remember him as a person. If you have any video ideas comment them and if I use them i'll give you a shoutout. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe and join the fresh fam. Caleb's Channel - Xxxtentacion Playlist - twitter - #rap #sad #xxxtentacion

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This took a little while you make. But thank you for all the support SOCIAL MEDIAS Anyways  follow my IGs @ Ladyheroin.v4 (👆😤👆) And (follow this one for deppresing shit) (👇😎👇) Ladyheroinpersonal Twitter:(@Ladyheroinv4): THANKS TO ALL THESE PEOPLE FOR HELPING ME WITH THE VIDEO AND ALL OF YOU GUYS WHO POSTED COMMENTS OF LYRICS I COULD USE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT ME YOU COULD PAY PAL ME. JUST HIT ME UP IN THE DMS And Yes Shiloh Will Be Back

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Today: XXXTENTACION Best Moments (Funny & Inspirational) Artist info for XXXTENTACION Best Moments (Funny & Inspirational) #FREEX Join our discord! Support Luna Radio! Twitter: Subscribe: There is no copyright infringement intended for the media used in the video above. If you own the rights to the media used in the video and you have a problem with it being uploaded on Luna Radio, please contact us through YouTube or the e-mail stated above. #RIPX

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Rest in peace. FREE TO USE FOR EVERY NON-COMMERCIAL PROJECT AS LONG AS YOU PUT: (prod. Exzenzia) IN THE TITLE. (Don't reupload it as your own, give credit!) Please let me know if you use it, I'll watch/listen :) SoundCloud + Mp3 Download in HQ: Wallpaper: Instagram (personal): Instagram (Memepage): Twitter: Kik: Xbox: Exzenzia *Ad* Planning on getting a new game soon? Buy it on Kinguin and save up to 90%! *This is an affiliate link, it will give you a 3% discount on your next purchase and I'll get some cash as well, win-win situation :)

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Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group NUMB · XXXTENTACION ? ℗ 2018 Bad Vibes Forever Released on: 2018-03-16 Producer, Studio Personnel, Mixer, Associated Performer, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Programmer: John Cunningham Producer, Co- Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer, Associated Performer, Drums: Robert Soukiasyan Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Dave Kutch Unknown, Other: Kevin Peterson Composer Lyricist: Jahseh Onfroy Composer Lyricist: John Cunningham Composer Lyricist: Robert Soukiasyan Composer Lyricist: Oren Yoel Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Hardest XXXTENTACION Songs This is a compilation of the hardest most cranking XXXTENTACION songs. Something to wake you up in the morning... Track List: 1. IGOTPLENTYDICKTOSHARE - 00:00 2. GNARLY BASTARD - 01:06 3. BUY GARETTE'S CLOTHING OR I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU - 02:21 4. I AM! - 04:01 5. Hit The Dirt - 05:44 6. RUN UP ON ME - 07:34 7. Suicide Pit - 09:43 8. I LUv My CLiQuE LiKe KaNyE WeSt - 12:08 9. Caution - 15:08 10. YuNg BrAtZ- 16:05 11. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION - 17:47 12. Don't Test Me - 18:31 13. WitDemDicks - 20:18 14. Save Me - 21:54 15. SHUT UP - 22:36 16. FukEmWeBall - 23:34 ►

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▸ XXXTentacion - Jocelyn Flores (8D Audio) (Slowed) 🔔 Subscribe & turn ON notifications for daily 8D Audio! ✘ 8D Music Spotify Playlist // Trillion - 8D Music » Subscribe : » Instagram: » Soundcloud: » Facebook: XXXTENTACION _ ©: Please email us regarding any copyright infringement if present, cooperation is our mission and we will deal with it immediately! Trillion is one of the fastest growing independent music outlets showcasing various genres of music ranging from R&B Soul to Hip Hop or Pop, by major and upcoming artists such as Elhae, Blackbear, Ed Sheeran, Chris Brown and many more. 📋 Tags : #Pop #Music #RnB #HipHop #Trending #Trillion #Soul #Breakup #Vibes #Dope

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TOP 10 XXXTENTACION SONGS SHARE, LIKE AND COMMENT SOCIAL MEDIA ----- SNAPCHAT: javiedaman INSTA: list of songs - "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

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XXXtentacion - NEVER (Lyrics) ►

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**𝙁𝙍𝙀𝙀 𝙁𝙊𝙍 𝙉𝙊𝙉 𝙋𝙍𝙊𝙁𝙄𝙏 𝙐𝙎𝙀 (𝙊𝙉𝙇𝙔). 𝙋𝙐𝙍𝘾𝙃𝘼𝙎𝙀 𝘽𝙀𝙇𝙊𝙒 𝙏𝙊 𝙍𝙀𝘾𝙀𝙄𝙑𝙀 𝙐𝙉𝙏𝘼𝙂𝙂𝙀𝘿 𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙎𝙄𝙊𝙉** ●💰 Download / Buy this beat: ●🌎 Website: ●📀 My Drum Kits: ●🔥 Let's hit 100k, Subscribe Here ☛ ●📧 Email: *FREE FOR NON PROFIT ONLY* If you want to be able to monetize on youtube or make profit using this beat, you will have to get a lease. You must also credit (Prod. Misery) in the title of the song. *The free version of this beat is not eligible for posting to Spotify, Apple Music or any other streaming services.* ● LEASING DEALS: - Buy 2 get 1 free - Buy 3 get 2 free My Social Media: ➤☁️ ➤🐦 ➤📸 I do not own or claim ownership of this video and animation, all rights go to the original creator, FOX. ▶Extra tags (please ignore) 2019, cloud, sad, beat, trap, rap, yung lean, smooth, wavy, dream, cloud rap, suicideboys, dark trap, dark, dark rap, instrumental, free, non profit, untagged, producer, emotional, cry, depression, crying, tears, soundcloud, migos, kanye west,, famous dex, fl studio, tutorial, lil peep, vaporwave, beatstars, beatstore, beats for sale, xxxtentacion, xxtentacion type beat, omnisphere, drum kit, beat producer, cloud rap beat 2019, cloud beat, sadtrap, saddest beat, sad trap 2019, sad trap tutorial, sad lil peep type beat, sad xxxtentacion type beat, sad beats, sad lil peep, sad xxxtentacion, depressing, depressed, depressing lil peep type beat, sad depressing beat, numb, fl studio 12, sad ambient beat, ambient instrumental, sad rap beat, sad trap beat, depressing rap beat, lilpeep, emotional instrumental, sad emotional rap beat, emotional trap, emotional rap beat, holy rap beat, beat to make you cry, sad beat that makes you cry, sad instrumental, wave type beat, sad wave, sad wave beat, free rap beat, free sad trap beat, free sad rap beat, free xxxtentacion beat, free xxxtentacion instrumental, free sad xxxtentacion rap beat, free lil peep type beat, free xxxtentacion type beat, free lil peep beat, free sad xxxtentacion type beat, free sad xxxtentacion beat, depressing xxxtentacion type beat, depression, depression type beat, depression type instrumental, cinematic beat, cinematic beats, slow sad rap beat, slow beat, slow sad beat, slow trap beat, sad type beat, free sad beat, sad xxxtentacion beat free, xxxtentacion new album, sad emotional beat, depressing beat, depression beat, depressing instrumental, free depressing beat, free sad xxtentacion type beat, free lil peep type beat 2019, love, sad piano type beat, sad piano beat, emotional trap beat, sad type beat, sad trap 2019, xxxtentacion beat free, sad beat free, xxxtentacion 17 type beat, xxxtentacion sad beat, suicide, xxxtentacion beat free, sad xxx type beat, xxxtype beat, x type beat, prod misery, simpsonwave, simpsons suicide, sad simpson edit, simpsons vaporwave, vaporwave edit, vaporwave edits, simpsons edit, simpsons edit, simpsonswave, sadwave, simpsons lofi, simpsons lo-fi, sad lofi music, sad lofi beat, lo-fi beat, joji type beat, sad lofi beat, lofi, lofi chill beat, sad chill lofi beat, sad chill rap beat, sad chill beat, relaxing beat, memories, desire, endless

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We lost a legend this past Monday. May he rest in peace.

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My Top 10 List of XXXTentacion Songs. 10. 00:00 - SpaceGhostPussy 9. 01:55 - Kill Me 8. 04:10 - ILOVEITWHENTHEYRUN 7. 07:58 - King Of The Dead 6. 11:41 - Young Bratz 5. 13:31 - Take A Step Back 4. 17:01 - King 3. 19:01 - Don't Test Me 2. 20:49 - #I'mSippingTeaInYoHood 1. 23:51 - Look At Me

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Best Rap Songs Of 2018 September, Most Iconic Songs (Lucky You). At this point, hip-hop has officially become the most dominant genre in popular music. It's a genre so robust at the moment it's hard to keep up with the prolific output of rappers who can become the next big name seemingly moments after uploading a single to SoundCloud. No one can blame you for not being able to keep up, so check back with Hip-Hop Universe throughout the year as we run down the best rap songs of 2018 The most popular rap songs are in most cases considered iconic because of their influence in the genre. Which songs are able to remind you of a year? Hip-hop has arguably been the best genre of music in the past two decades. As hip-hop maintains its title, a lot has changed about the genre, such as the lyrics. Hip-hop has two phases, old school and new school each of which give off a different vibe. These phases can be divided into Mumble Rap and Lyrical Rap. Old School “Hip-Hop” has music based prevalently on African American culture. Artists such as Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Eazy-E often rap about the struggles of growing up in a racialized environment and the work they put in to get where they are today. In popular songs such as “Changes” by Tupac and “Juicy” by Biggie Smalls, the artists explain how they went from “negative to positive” as Biggie put it. Old school hip-hop is still popular today and is regarded as “classic” by many hip-hop fans. “New school” hip-hop has different types of lyrics. Rappers from today’s generation sing typically about girls, money, and cars they have. Some even sing about how they do drgs, drink alchl, and party which sets a bad example for some listeners. Some of these rappers today did not have it as hard as rappers back in the old days. Also Hip-hop artists now are racially diverse, so African American culture is not necessarily found in music today. People who grew up listening to Tupac, Biggie, Eazy-E, and so on typically do not enjoy hip-hop in today’s era. Songs written when rap was introduced were lyrically better because rappers were able to tell a story using words that rhyme and flow. Some songs are also more appealing to fans because they can relate to the struggles their favorite rappers faced. People of this generation are used to listening to new school hip-hop which is the most played genre on the radio. These same fans reject old school Hip-Hop as a part of the music genre. There are even rappers who know nothing about the most influential Hip-Hop artists. Growing up listening to Eminem has caused me to fall in love with him as an artist. He introduced me to Hip-Hop. But I noticed a change in the music industry. Artists wanted to be part of the mainstream industry and they had to change their music to fit into the mainstream category. Because of new artists in hip-hop, many lessen known artists are rarely noticed. These artists are said to be “underground.” Underground rappers usually do not make it big because they have music related to the messages embodied by old school hip-hop artists would say. #hiphopuniverse #hiphoprankings Hip-Hop Countdowns Playlist: ___________________________ Official Hip-Hop Universe Merchandise: Outro (prod. by Phat Crispy): Support us on Patreon: ___________________________ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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Top 10 Calmest LiL PEEP Songs this one was hard to make enjoy :) #10 - the pull off - 0:05 #9 - i crash, u crash ft. lil tracy - 2:29 #8 - praying to the sky - 5:04 #7 - ghost boy 9:03 #6 - angel dust - 11:15 #5 - lose my mind 13:06 #4 - life - 15:46 #3 - the way i see things - 18:17 #2 - gym class - 20:35 #1 - star shopping - 24:09 NOT MONETIZED

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Directed by Christian Weber SWIMMING is available now. Get it here:

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I tried ASMR for the first time. I whisper the lyrics from highly intelligent Soundcloud Rappers to bring you EXTREME tingles and satisfaction. I eat, crunch, chew, suck, and destroy all different types of foods for your viewing pleasure. IN THIS VIDEO WE DO THE ASMR VERSION OF: Bhad Bhabie - Hi Bich Kanye West & Lil Pump - I Love It XXXTENTACION - Look At Me! Comethazine - Demi Bhad Bhabie - Gucci Flip Flops ft. Lil Yachty Lil Uzi Vert - Sauce It Up Drake - In My Feelings Comethazine - Bands Iggy Azalea - KREAM ft. Tyga Drake - Nonstop Valee - Womp Womp ft. Jeremih Tay-K & Blocboy JB - Hard Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake - King's Dead YBN Nahmir - Bounce Out With That Tay-K - The Race ✷MERCH ✷FOLLOW ME ✷FOLLOW SHAM (My Videographer) ✷BUSINESS EMAIL

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HOUSTON @ HOUSE OF BLUES 5.29.17 follow my instagram @ devthgrin

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thank you guys for more than one million views! songs: xxxtentacion - sad! spongebob - gary's song even though this was uploaded in April, I changed the title to show my respects for Jahseh Onfroy and Stephen Hillenburg. I didn't predict the future soundcloud version: download:

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🎶 DOWNLOAD 🎶 💕 SECOND CHANNEL 💕 ✖️ Downtime ✖️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ 💎 Quality Out Records 💎 ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ 🌐 NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC PLAYLIST 🌐 ❤️ A surprising combination of audio and visual effects makes it a great video! In order not to miss such an event, and they go with us every day, you just need to subscribe and Like this video if of course you liked it! 📢 XXXTENTACION - Jocelyn Flores (Downtime Remix) 📨

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Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group SAD! · XXXTENTACION ? ℗ 2018 Bad Vibes Forever Released on: 2018-03-16 Producer, Associated Performer, Keyboards, Programmer: John Cunningham Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Jahseh Onfroy Studio Personnel, Mixer: Koen Heldens Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Dave Kutch Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Kevin Peterson Composer Lyricist: Jahseh Onfroy Composer Lyricist: John Cunningham Auto-generated by YouTube.

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top 10 of peeps love songs enjoy :D~ #10 0:05 teen romance #9 2:53 worlds away #8 4:54 kiss #7 9:04 love letter #6 11:22 about u #5 14:30 u said #4 18:15 right here ft. horsehead #3 21:12 tears #2 23:35 give u the moon #1 25:55 sex [ last nite ] NOT MONETIZED

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Best of Lil Peep sad songs I do not own the rights to these songs If you enjoy the channel please subscribe and check out the other videos💙 if you would like to be featured on our channel? email me at 0:00 - the way i see things 2:12 - star shopping 4:31 - gym class 8:08 - i crash u crash 10:46 - lil jeep 14:08 - love letter 16:40 - cry baby 20:44 - witchblades 23:13 - skyscrapers 25:15 - big city blues 27:50 - about u 30:50 - driveway 33:24 - giving girls cocaine 36:01 - dying out west 38:31 - nineteen

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A livestream consisting of handpicked lofi hip hop/chill songs featuring Shiloh inspired tracks - the mysterious voice behind "Jocelyn Flores" (potsu - im closing my eyes) + many more tracks on XXXTENTACION's 17 album. Follow Shiloh Dynasty: Instagram ➟ Soundcloud ➟ Twitter ➟ Music playing → lofi hip hop / beats feat. Shiloh 환영! 당신이 여기서 즐거운 시간을 보내고 매끄러운 비트를 즐기시기 바랍니다! Subscribing (with notifications 🔔 turned on) & liking the stream helps so much 💙 + if the stream goes down you'll get notified the new link immediately! 🔈Got Spotify? Get the playlist here (재생 목록) 🎶 Shiloh Playlist: Lofi Playlist: Help us keep this stream running 🔌 - Paypal: Discord ✅ - ▶️ YouTube Lofi Playlist - ↪︎ Twitter » ↪︎ Soundcloud » ↪︎ Spotify » ↪︎ Snapchat » ↪︎ Facebook » - USEFUL NIGHTBOT COMMANDS (봇 명령어) - ​!talk "Whatever you wanna say" » Nightbot will talk back to you! !song » Displays the current song playing !prev » Displays the previous song name !donate » Help us keep the stream going! !weather "London" » Tells you the weather at the location specified !share » Generates a Twitter link to share !social » Shows College Music social media links !subscribe » Gives you a link to subscribe to our channel !contact » Stream not working? Let us know !rules » Help familiarize yourself with our chat rules !hug » Feeling lonely? !funny » Our bot's funniest quote of the day #shiloh #jocelynflores #XXXTENTACION #jocelyn #shilohdynasty #lofi potsu - im closing my eyes (feat. shiloh) XXXTENTACION - Jocelyn Flores sagun - I'll Keep You Safe (feat. Shiloh) jocelyn flores instrumental

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● Purchase beat/free download: ● Website: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: ● SoundCloud: ● Email: Sample: Winter Aid - The Wisp Sings All tags are removed on purchase. Beat is delivered to you instantly. Please contact me for information on exclusives, bulk purchases, mixing and mastering. [FREE] XXXTENTACION Type Beat 'Love Me' Sad Instrumental 2018 17 Type beat XXXTentacion 17 Jocelyn Flores Jocelyn Flores Type beat Shiloh Dynasty Lo Fi hip hop beat

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» Download Juice Wrld - Lucid Dreams (Lyrics): 🎵 Spotify Playlist: ⚡ Instagram: » Support SyrebralVibes: » Support Juice Wrld: 🎧 My Gear: Headphones (Low/High-End) - / Speakers (Low/High-End) - / » Visuals by UniqueVibes: Buy his art: » Wallpaper - Submission Form: Buisness Inquires:

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Today I'm doing something a little different. I wanted to make a top 5 of my favorite songs by XXXTentacion in memory of his music. This is a tribute kind of video, where I showcase a mix of his best songs. Let me know what your favorite X songs are! ► Follow me! ● Twitter - @sxllaD ( ● Instagram - @sxllaD ( ● Snapchat - dallasctaylor ● Twitch - sxllaD (

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It takes a lot of effort and time to make these clean versions of songs. Any donations would be appreciated since i don't get paid (copyright issues): Thank you guys so much. [BEST VERSION RIGHT NOW] If you use this in a video, please give me credits & link in description so I can watch it! Original Version Produced by Nick Mira. Featuring Juice WRLD. I do not own the rights to this beat and song, all rights go to Juice WRLD, Nick Mira, and all others involved. No Copyright Infringement Intended, Non-Profit Use Only.

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DOWNLOAD LINK: 💰 Purchase | Instant Delivery (Untagged): ● Lease 1 Beat, Get 2 FREE ● Prod. by Rojas & Jimmy Duval ● Re-Prod. By B.O Beatz ● Artwork By Jediah XXXTENTACION - Look At Me (Instrumental) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Instagram: ● SoundCloud: XXXTENTACION XXXTENTACION Look At Me XXXTENTACION Look At Me Instrumental

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A mix of lofi/chill songs featuring Shiloh 🎧 Lofi/Chill Beats🎧 "Shiloh Dynasty, The Beautiful Voice All Over XXXTENTACION's '17'" Tracklist: Lo'Fi Boy - Trust buster - in these arms tonight feat shiloh sagun - I'm Drunk And Confused (Feat. Shiloh) Saint Romain - [i was all you needed] (feat. Shiloh) Saint Romain - we hide from the rain (feat. shiloh) sagun - I Know You So Well (feat. Shiloh) vaud - keep you safe (ft. shiloh) cucu [回顧] - i don't trust nobody (feat. shiloh) Jordan Maxwell - is it too much to ask for (ft. shiloh) ahoy - come thru 💜 bootleg💜 soundcloud - twitter - instagram - discord - *NEW MERCH* - 💕Subscribe for more vibes like this💕


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Watch the official music video for "Gotti" by 6IX9INE. Listen to 6ix9ine’s debut mixtape, Day69: Follow 6ix9ine Filmed & Edited by TrifeDrew & Cole Bennett Mixed and mastered by Wizard Lee SUBSCRIBE for more: More WorldstarHipHop: Shop WorldStar: WorldstarHipHop is home to everything entertainment & hip hop. The #1 urban outlet responsible for breaking the latest premiere music videos, exclusive artist content, entertainment stories, celebrity rumors, sports highlights, interviews, comedy skits, rap freestyles, crazy fights, eye candy models, the best viral videos & more. Since 2005, WorldstarHipHop has worked with some of our generation's most groundbreaking artists, athletes & musicians - all who have helped continue to define our unique identity and attitude. We plan on continuing to work with only the best, so keep an eye out for all the exciting new projects / collaborations we plan on dropping in the very near future.

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Chill / Shiloh Remix Song: Support the artist: AV Apparel: Discord Server: Wallpapers: Music Submissions: Music Submissions: Music Submissions: Spotify Playlist: SoundCloud Profile: AV Records (Music Label): AV Collective (Second Channel): ikigai: Social media: Aden’s Twitter: Aden’s Insta: DK's Twitter: Twitch: Disclaimer* if you have a problem with our way of promotion, shoot us an email and we will take the video down if needed.

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For commercial offers: I recently saw the video "AMERICAN RAP VS K-POP/RAP" and "AMERICAN vs GERMAN RAP | The Ultimate Comparison" and thought why not compare the American rap with the Russian, because in Russia there are also a lot of good artists Links to clips of Russian artists: 01. OFFMi - Дом Периньон ( 02. Пика - Живое ( 03. BUMBLE BEEZY - Дайджест ( 04. Сидоджи Дубоshit и Грязный Рамирес - Джин Grey ( 05. Mozee Montana - Hayastan Boomin ( 06. THOMAS MRAZ ft. Glebasta Spal — ULTRAVIOLET ( 07. Miyagi & Эндшпиль feat. Amigo - Райзап ( 08. Oxxxymiron - Город под подошвой ( 09. Rocket - Bound Thug ( 10. T-Fest - Одно я знал ( 11. OBLADAET – CHAINS ( 12. Скриптонит, Jillzay ft. KolyaOlya – Бар - Две лесбухи ( 13. Booker & Gokilla - Первый в игре ( 14. FLESH - INTERNAL ( 15. PHARAOH & Boulevard Depo - 5 Минут Назад ( 16. Тати - Шар (ft. Баста / Смоки Мо) ( 17. Макс Корж - Малый повзрослел ( 18.. Loqiemean - На Фоксе ( 19. FACE - Я РОНЯЮ ЗАПАД ( 20. LIZER & FLESH - FALSE MIRROR ( 21. Жак-Энтони - Падший ( 22. MNOGOZNAAL - ТЫ ТУПОЙ ( 23. Illumate – Топ-спин ( Clips of American artists: 01. Ayo & Teo - Rolex 02. Lil Xan - Betrayed 03. Machine Gun Kelly - Breaking News 04. 6IX9INE - Billy 05. Snow Tha Product - I Dont Wanna Leave Remix 06. Post Malone - Boy Bandz 07. Snoop Lion - Lighters Up ft. Mavado, Popcaan 08. Eminem - Lose Yourself 09. Lil Pump - D Rose 10. Tory Lanez - Shooters 11. YBN Nahmir - Bounce Out With That 12. Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake - King's Dead 13. Danielle Bregoli is BHAD BHABIE “Hi Bich" 14. KILLY - Killamonjaro 15. Ski Mask The Slump God - BabyWipe (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_) 16. JAY-Z - 99 Problems 17. Drake - Energy 18. Kanye West - BLKKK SKKKN HEAD 19. Playboi Carti - Magnolia 20. MATT OX - YEAH YEAH 21. ScHoolboy Q - Man Of The Year 22. Rich Brian - Glow Like Dat 23. Childish Gambino - Sweatpants ft. Problem Паблик VK: Twitter: Telegram:

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DAMN. available now Video Director: Dave Meyers and the little homies Video Producer: Anthony 'Top Dawg' Tiffith Video Producer: Dave Free Video Producer: Nathan K. Scherrer Video Producer: Jason Baum Video Producer: Jamie Rabineau for TDE Films / FREENJOY INC Music video by Kendrick Lamar performing LOVE.. (C) 2017 Aftermath/Interscope (Top Dawg Entertainment)


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